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Mia Becomes a Submissive



It was a hot humid summer. Mia was just twelve-years-old and she was home alone when a neighbor girl came over for a visit. The girl's name was Diana. She was a sixteen year old girl that lived down the street.

Mia was trying to keep cool by sitting on the shaded veranda on the north side of the house while making a hook rug. She was using strips of rags that she hooked with unusual skill for a girl her age. The needle was a rather large one made out of a blue plastic with a metal hook. The thing had a curved handle and was almost a one inch diameter.

Diana commented to Mia that it looked like a cock. She asked if she could see it and when Mia handed it to Diana she handled it by holding onto the metal hooked end and sliding her other hand up and down the plastic handle in an erotic gesture. Then she stuck it into her mouth and sucked on it as she pushed it in and out of her mouth very suggestively.

She slid over next to Mia and put her arm around her shoulders and stated rubbing her crotch through her old cotton shorts. Mia found her advances repulsive and pushed her away. She had never had anyone touch her like that.

Her mother had always told her to not let anyone touch her down there. She even thought about telling her mother what Diana had done to her but never acted on her feelings.

Diana stayed away for a couple of days as if she were afraid that Mia would tell on her. However she finally came over with a girlfriend of hers. Her name was Shirley. They were the same age. Diana asked to see the rug hook again.

Mia told her that her rug kit was in her room. Diana said that it was OK. The two of them followed Mia upstairs. Mia pulled her basket out of her closet and dug out her rug hook. She handed it to Diana again and watched in youthful amazement as she stroked it lovingly again before handing it to Shirley.

Shirley agreed that it did look like a crooked cock. She rubbed it through her hand like her hand was a vagina. Then she told Diana to hold Mia down on the bed while she used it on her.

Diana grabbed Mia by the hands and pulled her to the bed as she forced the struggling child to sit on the bed she moved around the foot of the bed and pulled her arms over her head so that she was laying across the bed. Diana was far too strong for Mia to successfully resist as she pulled her arms over her head. Shirley took her time pulling her shorts and panties down and over her feet.

Mia was understandably frightened and she held her legs together as best she could. Shirley proved much too strong for her and she was soon spreading Mia's labia open to inspect her cunt at which time she announced, "She is still a virgin Diana. Should we take her cherry?"

Diana said, "We better not. Some day she will beg us to do it for her. If we do it now she might tell on us."

Shirley pulled her own clothes off. When she was totally naked she got on top of Mia and rubbed her breasts all over Mia's chest. Mia had developed far too early for a girl her age. She was a 32-B cup already. Shirley also ground her pubic area all over her body.

Shirley was a dirty blonde that bleached streaks through her hair. Her pubic area was a dark brown. She must have trimmed it because it was all an even length and all of it was inside the tan line of her bikini. She ground that stubble against Mia's baby smooth vulva. At the same time she was kissing Mia on the face she was trying to force her tongue into her mouth.

She actually succeeded getting her tongue into Mia's mouth when she pinched Mia's little nipples. She used her tongue in Mia's mouth until the girl started getting sexually excited despite her resistance to the physical attention the two older girls were forcing on her. When Shirley felt Mia stop resisting her kiss she licked her way down her chin to her neck and down the middle of her chest. She started sucking on the orbs of her breasts until her little nipples perked up. Then she took her nipples into her mouth and sucked on them in turn and pulled her head away stretching the areolas into cones before letting them go so they would snap back into shape.

Mia was crying at the time. She hated that her body was enjoying the nasty assault even thought her mind was telling her that it was wrong. When Shirley licked her way down her body all the way to her vagina she was crying like a baby at the same time she opened her legs to allow the older girl to nibble on the soft meat of her inner thighs as much as she wanted. She thought Shirley was the nastiest girl she had ever met when she actually put her mouth right on her little pussy. Just the same she could not hold still when her tormentor started sucking on that little button at the top of her crack. Just when Mia was starting to enjoy it Shirley sat up and she had a lustful looks on her face that almost frighten Mia.

Shirley picked up the rug hook and stuck it into her mouth and she coated it with her saliva. Then she started rubbing Mia between her labia causing her little hooded clit to dance.

Mia started to resist that again because she feared that she was going to stick it into her pussy. Shirley said, "You really don't want to do that do you? I could accidentally hurt you if you keep fighting me."

Mia gave up and let her do what ever she wanted to her. Mia was just moments away from having her first climax at the hands of another person. She had played with herself before and climaxed but it was nothing like what it was like to have another girl make her cum.

When she climaxed there was no hiding it from her tormentors. Shirley held her legs down and Diane got up on the bed and straddled her head.

Diane was a dark haired girl that kept it long and pulled back into a ponytail. There were always a couple of locks of hair on either side of her face that would hang down in front of her face. She was always brushing it back with her hands. Her skin was so white that it looked like she never got out in the sun but her lips and areolas were dark chocolate colored. When Mia looked up at the vulva being lowered to her mouth she could see that she shaved her vulva clean and the labia were much darker too. It had a smoky look about them.

When Diana lowered her cunt to Mia's face Mia could not believe just how wet she was. She didn't want to open her mouth but the way Diana ground her cunt into her face and nose she could not breathe and she found that she had to open her lips to get some air into her lungs. Mia had to swallow the juice just to get her air passage clear. Shirley was playing with her pussy at the same time. Mia could not believe that when Diana climaxed she climaxed at the same time. It was such a beautifully naughty moment that she knew she would cherish it forever. When they were done with her they started getting dressed but Shirley stuck the rug hook into her pussy and got it very wet then she pulled it out of her cunt and held it under Mia's nose and stuck it into her mouth. Shirley warned her to never tell anyone what they did to her. They finished dressing and left her lying on the bed in her own sweat.

Mia struggled with herself about telling her mother about what they did to her but in a short time she was told that they were moving to Atlanta. She figured that there was no reason to tell anyone about what had happened. After all she was still a virgin. She had hidden that rug hook and bought a new one because she didn't wash it and it had the smell of Shirley's pussy juice on it for a long time. She would dig it out at night and hold it by the metal part and smell the plastic handle. That was enough to turn her on and she would play with her pussy until she would cum. In time the handle lost the smell and she broke her own hymen with the handle and added her own juice to the smell.

When they moved to Atlanta she found that she could not get the image of what Diana and Shirley had done to her out of her mind. She wanted to find someone older to teach her about sex but didn't know how to go about doing that..

She didn't know where she could find a woman that would take charge and make love to her. She thought about going into the city where there were X-rated movies and seeing if she could get in but knew she was too young and would never be sold a ticket, even if she had the nerve. She was about to resign herself to her fantasies when she took up tennis.

She just wanted to find a game to keep her weight down. It never dawned on her that it would be the perfect way to find someone to seduce her again. It was a country club that allowed local student to use their facilities. She didn't even notice the house pro watching her. She didn't even know what that meant.

One day after she had played a game with a girl a little older than her the woman asked her if she would like to enter a tournament. She didn't think she was good enough to do that but the woman insisted that she would do just fine playing in her age bracket. She agreed to sign up and get her parents permission on the form. They were happy to sign her up and they came to watch her compete. She didn't do too badly. She managed to get to the final four in her age bracket.

That was a thrill for her and her family. The woman that had talked her into signing up for the tournament talked to her parents during the match and convince them that she could be a pretty good player if she were tutored properly. They agreed to let her coach Mia.

After that she would go by bus to the club after school every day and spend hours practicing. She had to run until her legs felt like rubber every day. She had to swing a racket that created so much wind resistance that when she switched to a normal racket that it felt like an extension of her arm. After practice she would have to shower and change clothes before going home.

One night her coach asked if she minded if she showered with her. Just the thought of it caused a knot to form in the pit of her stomach. Was this the woman she had been looking for? She assured her that she didn't mind. They got undressed and walked into the shower room. The slapping sound of their shower shoes echoed off of the tiled walls. There was the dripping sound of water splashing on the floor from a shower that either leaked or had not been shut off properly.

The ladies locker room was empty except for them by this time. Even though she had also been told that she could call her coach Lisa she was afraid to do so. As they dropped their towels and prepared to step under the shower, Mia took a good look at her coach for the first time.

Lisa was tall for a woman and had strong arms from years of swinging a racket. Her sun bleached hair was pulled back into a ponytail because it was just easy to deal with. Her pubic hair was darker too. Lisa didn't save her crotch because she didn't like the way the stubble rubbed her flesh raw when she played tennis. She did shave her underarms because people would see her them when she played. Her breasts were small. It may have been that because she started playing so young that she suppressed her female hormones when other girls were developing breasts. Her breasts looked like fried eggs on her chest. The areolas were almost as large as her entire mound. The nipples were large though. They appeared to stick out much farther than most. Mia was very excited about showering with an adult like her.

Lisa offered to wash her back for her. The minute Mia felt her hands on her flesh she felt a tingle run though her body. Even Lisa felt her reaction. She ran her soupy hands all over her back and even her round butt. Mia almost peed when she felt the woman's fingers slip between the cheeks of her ass. "You don't mind if I clean you here as well do you?" she asked. Mia's knees went weak and she slumped backwards against Lisa's body.

Lisa instinctually reached around her body and cupped her breasts. When Mia let out a sigh she felt empowered and flipped both of her nipples with her fingers. Mia's nipples sprang to attention. She ground her butt against the adult's hairy pussy.

Lisa leaned over and kissed her on the neck. Mia turned around and clung to her neck and passionately kissed Lisa on the mouth. Lisa picked her up by the butt and Mia locked her legs around the woman's waist as she carried her to her office. They were both dripping wet as she laid the girl on the leatherette couch. She mounted the girl in a 69 with one of her leg resting on the floor and ground her wet pussy into the girl's mouth before she claimed Mia's little pussy. She was so sweet. The hairs were just starting to grow. She made love to her pussy with her mouth while she used her finger to press against her pudenda until the flesh gave way and her finger slipped into her asshole right up to the fist. Mia rewarded her efforts with a mouthful of juice. By the time they were both sated Mia knew that she would be so late getting home that it would arouse suspicions.

Lisa settled that by offering to drive her home. That was the start of her being subservient to older women. Lisa guarded her from other women until she became attached to an even younger girl. But Lisa also saw to it that Mia was taken over by a tournament official that was older and much more comfortable. The woman took great pleasure in forcing Mia to do degrading things. It was a perfect match.

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