B felt a strangely thrilling feeling of anticipation as she waited for the woman to answer the door. The apartment was in a nice block in a well-to-do part of town - not what she had expected. At last, the door sprung open and a tall dark figure appeared.

"Hi, I'm B - I called about your ad."

"Yes, I've been expecting you - come in B. My name's Latitia".

B watched closely as the beautiful black woman turned and led her into her apartment. She guessed her age at early to mid 30's – about 10 years younger than herself. From behind her body was a picture of sensual motion. As she walked her generous bottom rolled and undulated, largish but firm - very sexy. B followed her into the tastefully decorated apartment, enjoying the way her body seemed to flow gracefully. She was casually dressed. Tight fitting track pants which clung to every curve and a top which accentuated her large breasts and left a gap which showed the dark brown, almost black, colour of her skin. B thought she must be wearing a very thin bra as her eyes lingered over the faint outline of her nipples.

The younger woman stopped and turned to B, flashing a stunning smile. Full, dark pink lips parted to reveal straight white teeth. B noticed how her eyes travelled the full length of her slim 5’ 2” body lingering on her slightly disproportionately large breasts. As an ex model she knew how to enter a room. Although she was very nervous, she moved slowly and sensually. She knew that this younger woman found her attractive – everyone did.

"Please take a seat. Would you like a drink?"

B nodded and sank into the comfortable chair, watching the woman's every movement.

"Vodka and tonic with a twist of lemon OK?”

B nodded again and smiled to herself - the woman knew her taste in drinks. Would she know her other tastes?

This was the 8th woman B had met since embarking on her quest which had started 6 months ago – exactly 12 months after her marriage ended. Some of them had advertised their "services" in the local paper. Others, she had simply engaged in conversation at the mall. A few came close but none were exactly what she was looking for. She was glad she hadn't given up as she was tempted to do last week. There was something about this young woman which made her think she might be the one. She had advertised her availability as "a personal assistant to a generous, well established business woman providing all manner of services" and that had intrigued B immediately.

"Nice place you have here" B said. "What do you do for a living".

"I've just gone back to college actually" Latitia replied. "I got a good settlement from my divorce and I've always wanted to study psychology and anthropology. I am fascinated by human behaviour." With a sensual smile and one eyebrow raised she added, "I'm looking for some interesting part time work so I don't have to use too much of my savings."

"What do you call 'interesting'" B asked, her heart beginning to beat slightly faster. She felt as if something special could happen between them.

"Well, I think I would be very good at meeting someone's personal needs. I am  very eager to please, very compliant". She stared straight at B with those big, dark, intelligent eyes as if waiting to see if some hidden meaning had been understood.

B swallowed hard and watched Latitia as she walked towards her, drink in hand. As she bent to pass the glass of clear liquid, B noticed that her top was quite open at the neck. The tops of her large breasts hanging freely were quite visible. B felt a familiar tingle between her thighs and squeezed them together almost instinctively. A ripple of pleasure ran through her body and she noticed Latitia eyeing her shapely legs which were now revealed by the slit in her skirt.

"What sort of personal needs do you think you would be good at?" she asked, her voice slightly husky.

"What did you have in mind?" Latitia's voice had dropped to a low, somehow secretive level.

"Well, I need someone who will do anything I ask." B's heart was pounding now. If Latitia was the right person this was the moment of truth. "Some of my requests may be a little unusual. They might involve other people I know. They might involve services for some of my male and female friends - services of a very personal nature - under my strict direction.” There she had said it. Surely this intelligent young woman would be starting to get an idea of what she was after. The air was thick with tension and anticipation.

"How would you reward me if I was very good?" Latitia's voice was suddenly much smaller - almost meek. B's confidence grew. Was it possible that this young woman could be exactly what she was looking for?

"Well, I will pay you well of course - we can talk about that later." B's voice had become firm, authoritative. "And you would be well rewarded in other ways - your work would be very satisfying ..... but you would have to call me 'Miss B'". With this last statement B surprised even herself - the thought had just suddenly occurred to her. How would this beautiful young woman agree? Had she gone too far? B trembled as she waited for Latitia's response.

"I would love to work for you Miss B." Latitia's voice quavered. "Do you think I am suitable?"

B noticed that Latitia's nipples, barely noticeable before, had become quite prominent. Her lips were parted and she leaned forward in her chair. Now was the moment. Things had progressed much quicker than she had anticipated but that was understandable if Latitia was the right one. B maintained a calm authoritative exterior but her heart was pounding and her pussy pulsed. She could feel her own juices wetting her panties. It was interesting that she had decided to wear panties today of all days as she seldom did - had she sensed what was about to happen?

"Well that depends, Latitia. I will have to see if you have what I need. Take your clothes off."

This was it. The moment of truth. If there was any doubt about what the "working relationship" entailed there would be none now. Latitia stared at her. B held her breath, ready to apologise about a misunderstanding or something and make a hasty exit.

Latitia stood up facing B's chair. She seemed to be breathing hard. She reached down, took hold of her top and pulled it off in one fluid motion and shook her thick mane of jet black hair like a beautiful wild animal. Staring into B's eyes all the time, she undid the clasp between her breasts and slowly pulled the cups aside. Her large breasts sagged slightly as they were freed, their big, black nipples growing harder in the cool air. B gasped slightly at her beauty as she pushed at the waistband of her track pants and let them fall to her feet. Latitia hooked her fingers into her panties and paused as if this were the point of no return. Then she smiled sensually and pushed them downwards. B's eyes were fixed on her crotch and she noticed that her wetness caused them to stick to her momentarily as she pushed them lower. Latitia kicked her clothes aside and stood facing B, her legs slightly parted, hands on hips, proud of her beautiful body.

"Turn around slowly" B instructed and then watched Latitia's perfect body as she rotated. Her shape was voluptuous, her curves accentuating her sensuality. Her chin was proud and strong, her neck graceful and slender. Square shoulders supported, breasts which suited her shape perfectly. Her tummy bulged slightly descending to thick but closely trimmed pubic hair covering the provocative swell of her mound. Her hips were wide and womanly and her lovely bottom curved sensually to shapely legs. Her nearly flawless skin was almost black and seemed to glow.

"That would have to go" said B pointing to her pubic hair. "I want to see you properly."  

"Would you like me to get rid of it now Miss B?" Latitia said quickly in an almost little girl voice.

"Yes - now" B said, leaning back in her seat and feeling very much in control. As Latitia hurried from the room B could restrain herself no longer. She thrust her hand under her skirt and down her panties, cupping her aching vulva. She had to cum and quickly before Latitia returned - she wanted to appear in control at all times. Her cries were muffled as she sought to bring herself to a quick climax, her juices flooding her fingers as they worked feverishly inside her panties. But Latitia was too quick and as she heard her footsteps in the hall way, B pulled her hand out of her panties, hiding her sticky fingers under her just before Latitia re-entered the room. Her pussy throbbed. 

Latitia came into the room holding a bowl of warm soapy water, a towel and a thick handled razor. She looked quizzically at B’s flushed face and heaving breast.

"Will you help me Miss B?"

"No Latitia, I want you to do it yourself - right there on your chair in front of me" said B, fighting to prevent her voice from shaking.

Latitia sat on the edge of her chair and began to soap and then shave her pubic hair starting on the outside. B leaned forward and watched closely as Latitia carefully shaved closer and closer to her pussy lips which B noticed had become swollen and slightly parted revealing her pinkness inside.

"All of it Miss B?" Latitia asked as the last of the hair surrounding her pussy disappeared.

"All of it Latitia - and part your legs more".

Latitia now had to place the fingers of one hand inside her lips as she shaved them carefully and she was clearly becoming very aroused. She rinsed, dried and checked her handy work, soaping again and shaving the last remnants of hair, her fingers wet now as much with her own juices as the water. She sat with her legs spread wide, her lips swollen and wet and looked at B expectantly. "What now Miss B?"

"Part your lips for me. Show me where and how you like to touch yourself."

Latitia leaned back and put her hands either side of her pussy and spread her lips. They were black, almost purple on the edges but became a deep pink inside. She pulled upwards so that her hood peeled back revealing her swollen, pink button. It stood out like a tiny penis as she gently slid one forefinger over it - back and forth. Her voice was shaky now as she said, "I like to make my little clit stand out like this, get my fingers very wet and tickle it until I can't stand it any more".

"Then what do you do? Show me".

"Then I rub it with all my fingers ...." Latitia's breathing was erratic now and her words were coming in short gasps.

"Do you ever put something inside you?"


B picked up the discarded razor from the floor and placed the handle at the entrance to Latitia's vagina. Latitia gasped at the feel of the thick cold porcelain handle and spread her legs wider.

"Oh yes, please Miss B - fuck me with it".

It took only a few seconds. Latitia writhed on the chair as B worked the razor handle in and out of her and she rubbed herself wildly. Suddenly her entire body went rigid and she cried out loudly as her orgasm consumed her whole body. Then, as B continued to thrust the handle into her, Latitia’s hips rose to meet it, the intensity of her pleasure almost painful. On and on it went until she collapsed panting into her chair.

After the last spasms had subsided, B left the razor inside Latitia’s pussy and stood. She reached into her pocket and dropped her card on the table. 

"You'll do fine," she said. "Be at my house at 8am Saturday morning." Then she turned and walked out of the apartment without looking back and went quickly to her car. A few minutes later she pulled over to the side of the quiet country road and pushed her panties off. Thrusting two fingers inside herself and rubbing her clit with the heel of her hand, she came very quickly and intensely, her eyes closed and the magnificent vision of Latitia's writhing, climaxing body in her mind. She knew Latitia would be at her house in three days on Saturday and then the fun would really begin.

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