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Miss B and Latitia -- Part 2

Whereas the next few days crawled by for Latitia, they flew for B. She had so much to do. There were the cameras to set up, the computer to program and, of course, there was Jane O'Malley.

Jane O'Malley, the beautiful, snobbish, haughty, over confident woman who had annoyed B since the day they met 15 years ago. Jane, with her blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect figure. Jane, who had come from down south somewhere and married into to "old money" in the small US town in which B had lived since she moved to the USA after marrying an American businessman at the tender age of 20. Jane, who although 5 years younger than B, had established herself as an important person in the little town. Jane, with her demure appearance, her "sweet" disposition and her obvious air of superiority over anyone who wasn't as wealthy as she was or who wasn't pure "white".

At their first meeting B had suffered Jane's thinly disguised contempt. On the board of the charity on which they both served (of which Jane was the chairperson due entirely to the amount of money her rich husband donated every year) Jane had dismissed her input and ideas with an off-handedness which was both embarrassing and humiliating.

As a beautiful Eurasian, B had fought to establish her credibility in the small north eastern town where hardly anyone had ever seen a person who was not of straight European descent, except in the movies. Men saw her as desirable but easy meat whilst women saw her as a threat. For the first time in her life B, who had been a model, a beauty queen and the daughter of a prominent diplomat in her home country of Singapore, had had to struggle for respect and recognition. Just as she was getting somewhere, along had come Jane, lording it over not just her, but everyone.

But B had seen something that few, if any, others had noticed. Several times, B had caught Jane gazing at her with what could only be described as lust. B was used to men looking at her that way but she had never seen such obvious sexual interest in a woman. To test her theory B had worn a revealing top to a few functions they had both attended and, to her delight, caught Jane eyeing her cleavage furtively but avidly. Jane secretly fancied either women, dark skinned people, or both.

Then, by pure chance, B discovered Jane's nasty little secret. After completing her psychology degree, B, who did not need to work, had offered her services to the local high school as a counsellor. Her very first client was an attractive but very shy young black woman who was quitting school. Her father had sold up and moved his entire family, including four children from the south just over a year ago looking for a better life. He had come to work in a local business which went bust within 12 months. As he could only manage to gain part time employment, the only way for the family to survive was for the eldest daughter, Becky 16, to work. Her first employer was Jane O'Malley.

A few weeks after leaving school to work for Jane Becky had asked to come and see B again. She was very nervous and evasive at first but B's amazing ability to bring people out of themselves soon had her talking. After several sessions and a lot of coaxing, B found Becky in a very troubled but talkative mood one afternoon. Jane wanted to talk about her job and her employer.

"What is it that you feel so strange about Becky? Isn't Miss Jane good to you?"

"Well ma'am I guess she is -- in some ways."

"In some ways -- not in others?"

"Well she is very superior like. Likes to talk down to black folks -- make `em do whatever she wants."

"You know you don't have to put up with that Becky -- she can't do that around here."

"She says she can Miss B. She says no one would believe me because she is a very important person around here and I am just a ... a poor black girl."

"Believe you about what Becky?"

"About the sort of work she gets me to do and how I have to dress." Becky looked at B with fear in her eyes as if she was about to be scolded for even suggesting that Jane would do anything inappropriate.

"Becky, you should know that I don't particularly like Miss Jane." B said softly, sensing Becky's reluctance. "I feel she treats me differently because I am Eurasian. I am on your side Becky. How does she make you dress?"

"Well, Miss B she makes me wear a uniform. A very small uniform."

B swallowed hard, imagining the well built girl before her in a revealing outfit. Her interest was becoming very strong. On the one hand she wanted to get some "dirt" on Jane and on the other she found Becky's story very arousing.

"How do you mean...small?"

"When her husband is not around -- which is most of the time -- she makes me wear a maid's uniform which is much too small for me. My boobies stick out and you can see my ass...and I'm not allowed to wear panties." At this Becky blushed and looked down, obviously embarrassed.

B felt a twinge between her legs and her heart began to flutter. She looked again at Becky with a new appreciation. She had an average to pretty face but a wonderful body. Her firm young breasts were quite large -- B guessed a C cup -- and her flat tummy and waste flared out to beautifully rounded hips and a delightfully rounded bottom. Her legs, most of which B could see as she wore a short skirt - were long and shapely.

"No panties?" B croaked, and then, composing herself, "How does that make you feel?"

"Well..." Becky looked down again "at first it felt really strange and wrong..."she looked directly into B's eyes "but now it feels kinda nice."


"The way Miss Jane looks at me ... and touches me ...I sort of like it. Now you'll think I'm awful."

"No, no" B protested a little too quickly, "there's nothing wrong with these feelings Becky. But there is something very wrong about Jane exploiting you. How did this all begin?"

"Well about two weeks after I started workin' for her Miss Jane gave me a maid's uniform and told me to put it on. I went to change in the bathroom but she told me to change right there in front of her. I was very embarrassed but she insisted -- she always makes me feel as if I have to do whatever she says. She looked at me very funny when I took my clothes off -- like a guy does...made me feel kinda strange."

"She saw you naked?" B's heart was pounding.

"For a few seconds I guess. Then I put the uniform on but it was way too small. My boobies were spillin' out and my ass was showin'. I said it didn't fit but she told me not to be silly and that it was just right. Then she helped me tuck my boobies in to the top. She touched them a lot even after they were covered up ok. Then after I had put the little white lace panties on she said I had nothin' to worry about because I was all covered up."

"So you had panties on...?"

"Only for a few more days. Then one morning, after Mr O'Malley left for work, she said they spoiled the line of my uniform and that I should take them off."

"And did you?" B momentarily imagined this lovely girl without panties in her short uniform.

"I tried to tell her I didn't feel right about that but she said she could get me into serious trouble if I didn't do as she said... me bein' just a poor black girl and all and her bein' so important and respected like. So I took them off. I know it sounds kinda weird Miss B but I kinda liked the way she looked at me...made me feel funny between my legs."

"And she touched you...?" B fought to keep her voice even.

"She made me stand right close to her and she ran her hands up and down my legs -- and my ass. I felt real funny like. I thought it was wrong but it felt kinda nice -- real nice."

"Is that the only time she has touched you?"

"Well that was only two weeks ago and now she seems to want me to touch her more."

"She makes you touch her?" B was trembling now -- she didn't quite know why, but her heart was racing and her pussy tingled.

"One day I was vacuumin' the living room floor and she came in and sat on the sofa and watched me for ages. By then it felt good to know she was watching me and I even bent over more often than I needed to. Then she told me to turn off the vacuum cleaner and sit beside her. She said she had sore shoulders from aerobics and gym and she needed me to rub them for her."

"That's OK Becky everyone needs a rub now and then".

"She was wearing a dress zipped up at the back and she told me to unzip it so I could rub her shoulders and back. I was rubbing her back for a while -- she has such soft, smooth skin Miss B -- when she reached back and took me by the wrists and put my hands on her boobies. She told me to rub them -- especially the nipples - real gentle and that I must never tell anyone what we did together. Then she leaned her back against me and put one of her hands down her panties. After a while she got real carried away like and moved around a lot - especially her hips. I wasn't sure what to do `coz she was moanin' and groanin' a lot and I thought she was in pain."

B tried to cross her legs under the desk to ease the tingle in her pussy.

"Go on," her voice was hardly audible.

"Well she stopped kinda sudden like and turned around to face me. Then she knelt on the sofa and told me to do likewise, facing her. She said we were goin' to do something very special and that I should never tell anyone. Then she took my hand and put it ..." Becky dropped her eyes again.

"Go on Becky -- I promise I won't judge you -- I'm here to help you -- I'm on your side remember."

"She put my hand between her legs and told me to touch herself like I touch myself when I'm alone. I told her I didn't know what she meant -- honest Miss B, I never touched myself there until that day. She seemed kinda surprised and put her hand on my... my..."

"Your pussy, Becky? Excuse the slang but I think that word is rather nice really." B was secretly rubbing her upper thighs together now and managing to extract some barely calming thrills from her overheated crotch.

"Yes Miss B. She put her hand right on me and told me to touch her just the way she touched me."

"And how did that feel Becky?"

"It felt real nice Miss B, real nice." Becky blushed anew. "'Bout the nicest thing I've ever felt I reckon. I tried to do as she said but she got real impatient like after a while and grabbed my wrist. Then she told me to kneel on the floor. I was disappointed because she was makin' me feel real nice with her fingers but she was so bossy I had to do what she said.' Becky shifted in her chair uncomfortably.

"So you knelt on the floor? What did Jane do?" B asked in delicious anticipation trying to keep a concerned look on her face.

"She sat with her ass on the edge of the sofa and her legs either side of me and told me to look where she had her hand -- on her ... pussy. She told me to look real close and she would show me where she wanted me to touch her. Her ...pussy was all red and wet -- kinda bright pink. She pulled open her ...her..."

"Her pussy lips?"

"Yeah that what they look like -- lips. She pulled them apart and pointed to the top -- she said it was her ...clit?"

"Well its proper name is the clitoris Becky and it is what gives most women wonderful feelings when it is touched properly."

"Or licked."

"Licked? She got you to lick her?" B almost choked.

"After showing me her ...her clit, she got me to touch it with my fingers. Made me put my fingers in down lower at first and make `em all wet. I thought she was liking it fine but then she got all impatient again and grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head. She pulled me closer and told me to put the tip of my tongue on her clit."

"And did you?" B was breathing hard now and she could feel her crotch soaking. She was going to have to satisfy the need in her soon.

"I didn't want to Miss B but she insisted. She said she would tell everyone that I tried to have sex with her and that they would believe her not me. I had to Miss B."

"It's ok Becky, you haven't done anything wrong. What happened next? You must tell me every detail so I can help you. So I know what you've been through you poor child."

"I did as I was told Miss B. I stuck my tongue out and just touched the tip. She was getting all restless like and told me to lick her clit harder. It was ok I guess -- didn't taste too bad really. But then she started to pull me to her harder and yelled at me to lick harder. Soon she was jumpin' about like all over the place and holding me real hard and saying awful things to me."

"Like what Becky?"

"Things like `lick me you little black slut' and `I'm gonna come all over your big fat lips'. I didn't like her talking to me like that Miss B. It was mean."

"Of course it was Becky. What happened then?"

"Well she moaned real loud Miss B and went all stiff like for a few seconds and then started pushing herself hard against my tongue, pushing up and down and moaning so loud I was frightened."

"Did she cum for long Becky?"


"That's what it's called when a woman has an orgasm Becky, a climax." And then seeing Becky's puzzled look, "When someone does what you did to Jane, after a while the feelings get nicer and nicer until they come to a climax. Some people call it cumming."

"Oh I know about that now Miss B. Miss Jane was yelling out `I'm coming, I'm coming, for ages."


"At least a minute I reckon Miss B."

"Wow, lucky Jane. Don't you know what it's like to cum Becky?"

"Oh I do now Miss B. After she calmed down Miss Jane pushed me away and turned away from me. I didn't know what to do so I just stayed there but my ...pussy was feeling real strange like and I wanted her to touch me again like she did before."

"And did she?" B had managed to slip her hand down the front of her slacks and panties without Becky noticing - she hoped.

"No Miss B. After a while she turned around and looked at me. She called me a filthy little slut and said `I suppose you want to come too do you?' I felt bad but she laughed and said she could tell I needed to come. She told me to sit on the sofa with my legs apart. I was hopin' she was going to touch me again but she just took me by the wrist and guided my fingers to my pussy. Then she stood up and told me to rub myself so she could watch. I was so embarrassed Miss B but she kept telling me I had to do it felt really nice. Before I knew it I couldn't stop. This wonderful feeling started comin' from my pussy just like when Miss Jane touched me. I guess I kind of exploded or something Miss B and Miss Jane was standing there laughing at me and calling me a little black slut. It was so nice but then she made me feel so awful. She made me feel like such a bad girl. Now I can't stop doing it. Oh Miss B you'll think I'm awful but I do it in bed every night -- sometimes twice...and Miss Jane makes me do it in front of her and makes me lick her every day ... I don't know hat's happening to me."

Tears were now welling up and spilling down Becky's cheeks. Reluctantly, B pulled her hand out of her panties and stood and walked around her desk. Handing Becky a tissue she stroked her gently on the head and touched her shoulder.

"Now listen to me Becky. What Miss Jane is doing to you is very wrong. She has no right to treat you that way. But, and this is very important Becky, you have done nothing wrong. It is very normal to masturbate and to satisfy yourself. I do it all the time myself."

"Really?" Becky looked up at B doubtfully. "You touch yourself? Often?"

"Becky, I am going to tell you something very personal. Although what you told me is terrible in some ways it is also very arousing to listen to. I have been having those same feelings in my pussy that you have. I even touched myself a little while you were telling me. When you leave here I'm going to go straight home and make myself cum. Do you understand what I am saying? It is very normal and healthy behaviour. I am also going to make sure that Miss Jane doesn't mistreat you any more but it will take me some time to work something out. Can you wait for a few weeks?"

"Yes Miss B. To be honest I quite enjoy some of the things that happen at her house. I just wish she wouldn't treat me so mean."

"OK Becky, our time is up but remember you can talk to me any time. You have my number."

"Oh thank you Miss B. Wow, I feel so much better knowing that you touch yourself too. I mean, everybody says you are so beautiful. All the kids at school drool over you."

Becky stood and faced B. She was taller but with B's high heels they were about the same height. Becky threw her arms around B and hugged her, her large breasts interlocking with B's.

"Thank you so much Miss B -- how can I ever thank you?"

B placed her arms gently around the girl and rubbed her back trying to control the arousal that threatened to consume her completely. She had to maintain a professional distance -- especially here at the school. She noticed that Becky was pressing her mound against her thigh. It was a move which was almost certainly unconscious. Becky had become a very sensual young lady and her sexuality was beginning to emerge without her even realising it sometimes.

Becky leaned back and gazed directly into B's eyes, a look that was filled with lust. Using all her will power, B wrenched herself away and held Becky by the shoulders at arms length.

"Now, off you go back to work young lady. Don't worry about Miss Jane, I have plans for her."

Thirty seconds after Becky left, B was in sitting on the office toilet rapidly approaching her climax the vision of the lovely Becky licking Jane's pussy vividly in her mind. She came within 30 seconds and sat there for a moment, her plans for Jane O'Malley already forming.

Now, at last, several weeks later Jane was coming over for morning tea and a discussion about their latest fund raising effort. But Jane O'Malley's life was never going to be the same. Now she had Latitia to help her B was going to make sure that "Miss Jane" finally got what was coming to her.

This is the end of Part Two of Miss B and Latitia. Part Three is already on the way. If you liked it or you would like to give us some feedback please contact us on