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Miss B and Latitia Part 3

Right on 8am on Saturday morning B's doorbell rang. She tried to compose herself and not to hurry to the door. When she did open it, Latitia stood there looking absolutely magnificent. She wore a skin-tight, two piece white outfit suitable for the warm weather. B, in a body hugging red dress and high heels, stood to one side and motioned her inside. She watched Latitia as she glided down her hallway and into the living room, her hips swaying and the cheeks of her generous firm ass undulating sensuously as they peeked out from the bottom of her shorts.

B stopped several feet from Latitia, her feet apart and her hands on her hips studying the younger woman closely. Her thin top came to just below her breasts and the outline of her large nipples was clearly visible. Her shorts clung to the curve of her hips and accentuated the bulge of her pubis. Latitia shifted nervously now, uncertain as to whether her appearance pleased her mistress or not. She had chosen the outfit to show off her best features but now she wasn't so sure. She stared at B with adoring eyes.

"You look like a horny little slut," said B in her sternest voice.

Latitia looked down and blushed, devastated. She had dreamt of this moment so many times, planning as to how she might turn her new mistress on. She had masturbated her self to sleep every night since she had met her and displayed herself so wantonly to her critical gaze reliving the moment over and over.

"Just the way I want you to look. However I have an outfit I want you to wear whenever you are here. Come with me."

Latitia's heart leapt and she followed B down a long corridor to a spare bedroom in the large sprawling house. It contained a bed, a dressing table and a large easy chair. On the walls hung several prints depicting women in revealing clothing and in various submissive situations. Latitia found them powerfully erotic. B smiled at the openness of her reaction.

"This will be your room whenever you are here. It will be locked whenever you are not here and I am the only person with a key. You will have no privacy from me -- I shall come and go as I please. Do you understand?"

"Yes B."

"Yes What?"

"Sorry Miss B."

"That's better. Now I want you to remove your clothes and put this on."

Latitia looked at the tiny black dress with its flared skirt and wondered if it would fit. Smiling to herself she reached under her arms and pulled her top off. Her bountiful breasts jiggled briefly as they were freed and her nipples reacted immediately to the open air. B caught her breath at their beauty and licked her lips at the thought of having those nipples in her mouth. As Latitia pushed her shorts off her hips and down her legs, B felt herself getting wet -- Latitia wore no panties. Latitia had also kept her mound hairless -- it seemed to be freshly shaved as there was no sign of stubble.

"I see you have kept yourself shaved."

"Yes Miss B - I shaved myself this morning - I thought you would be pleased."

"I am, but from now on you will do to your body only as I instruct. Did you touch yourself when you shaved?"

Latitia looked down again as if caught doing something naughty.

"I...sort of ...I..."

"Well did you or not? Did you satisfy yourself Latitia?"

"Yes Miss B." The reply came in a tiny voice. "I was remembering the other day. I couldn't help was so wonderful."

"From now on you will touch yourself when, and only when, I say -- is that clear?"

"Yes Miss B."

Latitia scooped up the outfit and pulled it on over her thick, black mane. It clung to and accentuated her every curve. The tops of her breasts swelled from the low neckline. She looked like sex personified -- beautiful and sensuous.

"We are having a guest today so you will wear these," B handed her a white thong. "Normally though, you will wear nothing underneath."

Fighting to control her mounting excitement, Latitia pulled the tiny garment over her thighs. She was already getting wet and it was difficult to keep it from sliding into her vulva completely. Eventually, she gave up and decided to revel in the covert stimulation she was receiving from the silky material.

"You look just perfect. Now we have a lot of work to do before our guest arrives." B said leading Latitia into the elaborate computer room with its four TV monitors. "Have you heard of a woman named Jane McNally?"


Nearly two hours later, at ten o'clock (half an hour late of course) Jane McNally stood at B's door. This gorgeous Eurasian woman, B, had invited her for morning tea and to discuss some aspects of their upcoming fund-raising campaign. She loved to keep her in her place but she had to admit she was damned sexy to look at. If only she had her in a different position, like Becky, she could do with her whatever she pleased.

When the door opened she caught her breath. A stunning young black woman stood there in an outfit which dramatically displayed her magnificent body. She smiled shyly with perfect teeth and stood back motioning towards the living room and looking down. Once she passed, Latitia looked at Jane with greater appreciation. She was very pretty in her own prissy way. Her expensive floral dress buttoned up the front and came to a few inches above her knee leaving a long enticing split which revealed long shapely legs. The top few buttons were undone giving a tantalising glimpse of the swell of her ample breasts. Her lustrous blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. She guessed her to be about the same age and height -- about 5'7" -- as herself.

"Welcome Miss Jane," Latitia said in her best poor black southern accent and enjoying her acting role immensely. "Miss B is waiting for you in the living room."

"Thank you"

"Latitia ma'am. My name's Latitia."

Jane was delighted. Not only was this girl beautiful to look at, it was obvious by her demeanour that she knew her place in society. If only more of them behaved this way.

"B, dear" she gushed as she walked into the room. "Wherever did you find your delightful Maid?"

B noticed Jane's eyes wandering over her curves of her body as usual -- a good sign.

"Oh I advertised in the papers. Apparently she is from a poor southern family. Came here looking for work six months ago and now she's getting desperate. I got her for a song. She works hard and seems to know what she's doing."

"Fantastic darling!" Jane said with a lack of conviction. She was jealous of B's find and was already wondering if she could lure the young woman to work for herself.

"Latitia, bring us some cold tea please. Or would you like a wine Jane?"

"Wine at this hour? Oh why not?" giggled Jane.

B watched Jane's eyes following Latitia's movements with obvious lust and her confidence that her plan would work grew. Latitia played her part perfectly, bending at the right moments and exhibiting a very submissive attitude at all times. She also ensured that B got the watered-down wine. Several minutes later, right on cue, B's telephone rang.

"It's for you Miss B," Latitia announced. "It's your lawyer -- it sounds real important like."

"Thank you Latitia -- look after Miss Jane's drink will you?"

After spending a few minutes on the phone B returned looking very distressed.

"I'm so sorry Jane. I have to sign some important papers urgently at my lawyer's office. I feel terrible having to go like this. Maybe we can make it another day."

"How long will you be gone?" asked Jane, hardly able to disguise the excitement in her voice.

"Oh just over an hour I guess -- maybe an hour and a half at the most. But I can't ask you to wait that long..."

"Nonsense B," Jane protested, sensing the possibilities associated with being alone with Latitia for an hour or so. The two glasses of wine had already made her a little tipsy and adventurous. "I can go through these documents myself and we can discuss them when you get back. Latitia will take care of me won't you dear?"

"Yes Miss Jane." Latitia replied staring at the floor.

"Oh that's wonderful Jane. I'll be as quick as I can."

"Don't rush B. I'm sure we'll be okay here alone." Jane stared meaningfully at Latitia.

"Okay then, I'll rush off. Latitia, you look after Miss Jane now you hear? Give her whatever she wants."

"Yes Miss B."

Jane almost laughed out loud at this last exchange -- this could be very interesting indeed.

B drove her car out of the garage and just far enough down the road to be out of sight of the house. Then she took off her shoes and ran back to the house the back way and let herself in through the bedroom window she had left open. She went quietly into the computer room and prepared to record the events of the next hour. She didn't have to wait long.

Latitia's answers to Jane's questions were perfect, reinforcing the myth that she was a poor, ignorant girl from down south who had no family and few friends in the area. B then watched as the same scenario that Becky had described to her unfolded again.

"That's a fine outfit that Miss B has bought you Latitia. Turn around for me a few times -- slowly."

Latitia hesitated a little and then slowly rotated her body. Jane walked over to her and inspected the back neckline.

"Hmmm...I can't see the label. I want to get Becky one of these. Push the top down so I can see if the label's inside."

"But Miss Jane...I..."

"Come on girl! I haven't got all day." Jane said gruffly. "You wouldn't want me telling Miss B that you were slack would you?"

"No Miss Jane -- please don't do that -- I need this job so bad..." Latitia started to whimper. B almost clapped at the performance.

Slowly, Latitia pushed the top of the dress over her shoulders. It wasn't long before her breasts sprang in to view. Jane made a pretence of looking for a label, turning the garment this way and that and making Latitia turn towards her. Latitia took a sharp intake of breath as Jane's hands "accidentally" brushed her nipples. Sensing her complete control of this trembling girl, Jane became bolder.

"I think this outfit might be slightly small for you Latitia." She said cupping the girl's breasts. "You seem to be a C cup and I believe this is a B."

Latitia kept her head down and stared at the floor. Inwardly, she was dying for Jane to touch her more but she had to maintain her act. At last Jane's thumbs wandered across her nipples. They hardened immediately.

"You like that don't you Latitia?"

"No ma''s wrong..."

"Nonsense Latitia. You're a horny little black slut aren't you? You like me touching you don't you?"

"No ma'am...I...don't think..."

"Be quiet. You know I could get you fired just like that." Jane snapped her fingers. "No one would believe you over me Latitia -- do you know my position in this town?"

Latitia nodded without making a sound except to whimper a little.

"Good. Now start behaving like a good servant and I might even be able to get Miss B to give you a raise. I need to look at that costume properly -- take it off." Jane's voice was full of menace and authority.

Latitia looked at her with big innocent eyes.

"Now dammit girl! I'm getting sick of your insolence."

Slowly Latitia pushed the dress off her hips and on to the floor. Deliberately, she bent to pick it up causing Jane to gasp quietly at the sight of her lovely ass accentuated by the tiny white thong she was wearing.

"Hmmmmm..." Jane ran her hand over the smooth, dark, brown buttocks. "Yes I think you could do with a size larger. What size cup do you think I am Latitia?"

Latitia looked at her blankly.

"Well you'll have to do what I did to make a proper guess -- undo my buttons."

Using all of her will power, Latitia pretended to horrified at the request but unable to refuse. She slowly undid the first undone button. Jane glanced at the clock and became impatient.

"Hurry up girl -- it'll take all day at this rate...and push the dress off my shoulders."

Latitia undid the rest of Jane's buttons and pushed the dress back as she was told.

From her vantage point in the computer room B could see everything that was happening -- from three different angles. Things were going much better than she had hoped. She decided it was time to change into her outfit. As she removed all her clothes, she was tempted to sooth the tingling need in her vulva but she needed to maintain control and monitor what was happening in the living room. She pulled on her knee high black leather boots as she watched one of the TV screens.

"The bra undoes at the front." Jane was saying.

Despite her desire to uncover Jane's breasts immediately, Latitia proceeded as slowly as she could. Jane pulled the cups to either side and proudly thrust her chest forward. Her breasts did not sag at all and their creamy whiteness was tipped with large pink nipples. Latitia fought the urge to dive on them but was delighted with Jane's next order.

Now hold them in your hands just like I did yours. That's right Latitia your thumbs...slide your thumbs across my nipples just like I did feel good didn't it? Mmmmmmm..."

Jane was losing her composure now. Her breathing was becoming faster and she had an urgent desire to touch herself. Perhaps she could get Latitia to satisfy her need. She figured that she probably had about 30 minutes before she would have to be prepared for B's return.

She took each of Latitia's hands in hers and backed towards the sofa. She sat back heavily and pulled Latitia with her, motioning her to kneel on the floor in front of her. Her dress was completely open and her bra nearly off. She spread her legs so that Latitia had no choice but to kneel between them. The crotch of her white cotton panties was soaked.

"Now look what your naughty behaviour has done Latitia." She looked down at herself. "Feel what you have done to my panties."

She had not let go of Latitia's hands and, taking her right wrist, she guided it so that the palm rested fully on the gusset of her panties. Latitia just wanted to rip them off and dive into that sweet pink pussy but she put on a great show of being shocked and confused.

"It's okay dear...just push your hand against me like that...that's right...let me move for you..." Jane was starting to grind her hips but she needed direct contact. She needed Latitia's fingers on her skin. She pulled the crotch of her panties to one side.

"Do you touch yourself Latitia dear?" Jane's voice was panting now. "I bet you do...just touch me like that... Come on be a good girl and I won't tell Miss B any bad things about you...just a little more......give me your fingers dear..."

"Well, well, well." B stood with her hands on her hips just feet away. As well as her knee high boots with its five inch heels, she was dressed in a short black leather dress split right to the hip on either side. Her hair was jet black and brushed out wild and free. Her black leather gloves extended to her elbows. In one hand she held a small whip, in the other a small round disc. Latitia was stunned -- B looked incredible.

"What?.....B...thank heavens you're back...this filthy little slut attacked me...what sort of people do you hire here...I...?"

"Well that's not what the cameras have seen for the last 40 minutes Jane. Looks to me like you've been seducing my maid."

B's heart was pounding. If this went wrong she was in deep shit.

"Cameras? What cameras? Have you been spying on me? You could go to jail for this you dirty Asian bitch...I'll..."

"Perhaps so Jane -- but by that time you'll be famous all over the world on the internet!"

"Oh, my God! What sort of person are you? Are you trying to blackmail me?" Jane realised her tactic of attacking as a form of defence was failing. She decided to try crying.

"Please B. For the love of God. We...we're friends." She sobbed. "How can you do this to me?"

"Friends Jane? Friends? Why you stuck up bitch. You've been treating me like garbage for years. No Jane from now on you are going to be my slave. You are going to do anything I tell you to do. You are going to be my Becky only more so."

"Becky? What has that filthy little black slut been telling you? She's lying...she attacked me...she...she..."

"It's too late Jane. I know everything. I have enough on tape to put you out of business forever. Why, fancy exploiting this innocent young woman here."

"But I didn' was her..."

"Would you like to see the tapes Jane? I have it from three angles you know. See the cameras?" B pointed to the three cameras pointed at the sofa. "Remote control -- very expensive but well worth it."

Jane held her head in her hands. She was done for and she knew it. What did this strikingly beautiful woman mean by "slave?"

B strode to the DVD player and popped a disc in the slot.

"I have you on DVD if you prefer."

Jane watched the crystal clear images of herself fondling a "reluctant" Latitia's breasts and dragging her to the sofa. She heard herself threatening the black girl with disgrace if she did not obey her lascivious demands - in perfect stereo. She looked up at B pleadingly and then lunged desperately at the DVD player. Latitia was ready for her and threw her arms around Jane's waist. After a brief struggle, the much stronger Latitia lay on top of Jane on the sofa. Their breasts were meshed together and they were panting. Latitia thrust her thigh between Jane's and pinned her down.

"Jane, you can have the DVD if you like. The images are already stored on a silent website I have set up. One more move like that and you'll be famous."

"What...what do you want from me...?" Jane cried over Latitia's broad shoulder.

"Just your complete servitude Jane. Whenever we are together you will do everything I tell you. I will take it easy on you in front of people we know of course but at all other times you will obey my every command, serve my every whim. You will address me as Miss B. You will come here whenever I demand it and you will be the lowest person in the pecking order -- whoever is here. Latitia will be your superior." Latitia smiled and pressed her aching crotch into Jane's upper thigh.

At this Jane winced. "Can I have time to think about it?"

"Of course you can Jane. And there is no going back on your decision. You have 30 seconds. Starting now."

"Thirty seconds... but I..."

"Twenty seconds." B looked up at the clock. I'm going into the computer room.


"Ten seconds...nine, eight..."

"Alright, alright, I'll do it. I'll be your fucking slave B..."

"Watch your language...and from now on it's Miss B." B glared at her.

Jane was completely crestfallen as it finally dawned on her that she was utterly defeated. She looked at B and then at the woman holding her down.

"Yes Miss B" There was a hint of relief in her voice as she gave up the fight.

"Good. Now for your first task. You have tormented my loyal servant Latitia quite enough this morning. It's time to put her out of her misery. You know what to do."

Latitia rose up from Jane and peeled off her saturated thong. She sat back on the sofa and spread her legs smiling. Jane stared at her, wide eyed.

"Come on Jane dear," Latitia said in her cultured New York accent, "Latitia needs to cum -- and real soon."

There was a long pause and B made a move towards Jane waving the whip menacingly. Whimpering, Jane rose and stood looking down at Latitia's voluptuous body with its painfully erect nipples and glistening pink pussy. Latitia placed a hand either side of her vulva and pulled her lips apart, grinding her hips suggestively.

Jane dropped to her knees.

"I can't..."

The sharp crack of the whip hitting her buttocks shocked her more than the pain itself. She gasped and placed her hands on Latitia's thighs..

"Start with her breasts Jane. I want you to lick them all over and then suck her nipples."

Hesitatingly, Jane leaned forward. As she did so she could feel the incredible heat coming from Latitia's crotch. She licked up along Latitia's breasts from the bottom and ran her tongue around the globe in a long sweep. Latitia groaned loudly and tried to push her pussy into Jane's chest.

"Do a good job now Jane." Cooed B. "The better you make it for Latitia the easier I will be on you later," she lied.

Jane continued licking all around Latitia's left breast slowly circling in on the nipple. As soon as she took it into her mouth Latitia's body trembled all over and she took Jane's head in her hands. By the time Jane had finished with the other breast, Latitia was a writhing mass of nerve endings. She desperately needed to cum and she looked at B pleadingly.

"Okay Jane, you know what to do. Lick your way down her tummy."

Jane did as she was told, her tongue eventually passing over Latitia's prominent, bald mound. She paused at the top of the swollen lips -- and looked down at the protruding hood covering Latitia's throbbing clitoris. Despite all the "favours" she had received from women since puberty, Jane had never licked a woman's genitals. On the one hand she was terribly excited and on the other repulsed.

B decided to prolong the agony briefly and intervened, reaching down and grabbing a hand full of blonde hair. Pulling her head back she whispered in Jane's ear.

"That's right, hold your breast in both hands. Now slide your nipple up and down. Keep holding yourself open Latitia."

The lightness of the touch and the texture of Jane's swollen nipple drove Latitia crazy with lust. After a few attempts, Jane was able to coat her nipple with Latitia's juices and then slide it up over her clit. The sight of the hard, wet nipple, shiny with pussy juice, sliding up and down Latitia's quivering flesh was getting to B. She realised that she was in need of relief herself. But for now Latitia's need seemed to be getting desperate so B took hold of Jane's hair again and directed her downwards.

Jane hesitated again, her mouth an inch from their goal.

"Just poke your tongue out Jane and you'll be there."

Jane closed her eyes and her trembling tongue slowly snaked towards its target. As soon as it made contact with Latitia's outer lips the writhing black woman let out a cry and pulled Jane's head to her, mashing her sopping vulva against Jane's face and mouth. Jane fought briefly and then, realising that it would be quicker to make Latitia cum than resist her, began to lick and suck blindly. B bent and directed her efforts towards Latitia's clitoris and the effect was immediate. Latitia cried out again and her whole body went rigid. Then she collapsed into a series of sobbing spasms as the orgasm pulsed through her. She pushed Jane away from her sensitive sex and fell back on the sofa. Jane, her face shiny with Latitia's wetness sat back dazed but pleased with herself.

B was beside herself with lust now and simply had to cum. She placed one foot on the sofa, spreading her thighs.

"Latitia, come here. Your mistress needs to cum"

A still shaking Latitia looked up at her mistress dreamily. What she saw was the most strikingly sexy sight she had ever witnessed. B stood there in her black leather outfit. Her closely trimmed pussy was visible, swollen and wet under her dress. Latitia crawled across to B and planted her mouth directly on her quivering wet pussy lips. She sucked the erect clitoris and its hood into her mouth and strummed them with her tongue. Within a minute B stared at Jane with unseeing eyes as the intensity of her orgasm overwhelmed her. Latitia's strong arms held her steady as her knees buckled briefly and she moaned softly.

After the spasms subsided B was able to focus on Jane again. Latitia stayed kneeling at B's feet and turned to look at her too. The pale woman sat on her haunches staring at them. Her skin was flushed and her nipples hard. After a brief pause she looked at them expectantly.

"I feel...I feel...I need to..."

"You need to cum too sweetie?" B asked sympathetically.

Jane half smiled and blushed looking down. Her need was obvious but her pride wouldn't let her ask. She had been tremendously aroused by making Latitia cum and then watching B's release. Now she needed them to see to her needs.

"Get on the coffee table Jane."

Jane did as she was told, anticipating the pleasure these two women were about to give her.

"Now spread your legs. Show us your prissy pink little cunt."

The words shocked Jane a little and she was very embarrassed to be exposed like this but she knew she had to obey -- especially if her need to be satisfied was ever going to be met. She opened her legs.

"Wider. Now show us how you play with yourself alone at night. We want to watch you cum."

Jane looked up at B in shock. This was humiliating. Masturbating in front of two women, one of whom she'd only just met? Surely one of them would relieve her soon.

"Do it now Jane." B waved the whip at her.

Glowing with embarrassment and humiliation, Jane placed her fingers at the tip of her sex. She started a slow circular motion and closed her eyes.

"Look at me Jane, don't close your eyes. Now reach behind you with the other hand and put two fingers in your cunt."

The obscene word both shocked and excited Jane as did having an audience. She inserted two fingers as instructed and was surprised to find how wet she was. Staring at B she quickly started to get into the feelings emanating from her crotch. Her juices flowed freely now and she could feel them running down the crack of her ass.

B and Latitia came closer staring down at her with disdain.

"What are you Jane?"

"I'm your slave Miss B."

"What else are you Jane?"

Jane looked up at her puzzled. Crack went the whip on her ass.

"You're a horny little slut Jane -- what are you?"

Jane hesitated. B raised the whip.

"I'm a horny little slut."

"You will fuck and suck anyone I tell you to because you're my horny little slut."

"I will fuck and suck anyone you tell me to `coz I'm your horny little slut."

"What are you doing now Jane?"

Jane blushed an even deeper shade of red but she was getting the gist of the game. She was also nearing her orgasm.

"I'm playing with myself Miss B."

"Playing with your what?"

"I'm playing with"

"That's better. Getting close are we you little slut? Now pull your legs up and put your other two fingers in your asshole."

Jane was really mortified now. No one had ever touched her bottom hole least of all her. The whip cracked against her ass. She found her tight little sphincter to be very wet with her pussy juice. She eased her ring finger in. It was very uncomfortable.

"Just relax Jane. It will be easier if you relax."

B was right. She was able to squeeze both fingers into her bottom now and the two in her pussy went deeper.

"Now fuck yourself my little slut. What are you doing?"

Jane's orgasm was very close now. She desperately needed to cum. Despite her humiliation she was incredibly turned on.

"I'm fucking myself" She was almost there. Her free hand was a blur as she rubbed her clit frantically.

"Fucking your what?" B grabbed her wrist and held her fingers away from her clit. Jane sobbed and cried out in protest.

"I'm fucking my cunt and my ass. I'm your horny little slut. Oh my God please let me cum Miss B." Jane's humiliation was almost complete -- she was begging to be allowed to masturbate in front of two women she had always felt were beneath her.

B released her wrist and she continued the desperate rubbing of her clit whilst her fingers plunged in and out of both her orifices. Then, without further prompting she screamed. "I'm fucking myself with my fingers. I'm fucking my cunt and my ass because I'm your horny little slut...I'm...fucking...I'm...oh fuck...I'm coming!"

Jane seemed to cum for minutes. At last she went limp and lay shaking on the coffee table, her legs apart and her chest heaving.

"Not bad Jane and all on tape. Now get dressed and go home. Be here at two on Sunday afternoon - tomorrow. Wear a short skirt, no bra and don't bother with panties. We're going somewhere special."

This is the end of Part 3.

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