Moment of Truth, Volume 1


I had been at club near my apartment.  This girl had started talking to me.  She looked familiar; I thought she might have been in the bar and I had seen her before.  Her name was Arianna.

She was very nice at first.  She complimented me on my hair and my outfit. She started buying me drinks that were very strong.  She asked me to dance with her several times and I did.  When a slow song started, I started to walk to my seat, but she grabbed me and kept me there with her. 

She was putting her arms around me.  She was pressing hard against my breasts. Her lips were nuzzling my neck.  I had never had a girl do this to me so aggressively, I was a little startled.  At the end of the song, i started to pull away, but she held me and kissed me on the lips. 

I rushed back to my seat.  I told her I had to leave.  She could see I was flustered.  She tried to stop me, but I left in a hurry.  I was very upset. I had played a bit with some of my girl friends.  When there was a group of us, we would kiss and hold each other.  We were just teasing the guys who were watching us, but sometimes it was a little arousing for me.

But I had never, ever thought of being with a girl for real.  And that is what Arianna wanted.  She wanted to take me home with her.  She wanted me. I don't know why she picked me out of the crowd. 

I was relieved when I finally got home and put the key in my lock to go inside. I jumped when a hand with long, beautiful nails touched my hand as I turned the handle to go in.  I couldn't see who it was.  Another hand pushed the door wide open and then I was pushed inside.  As I turned around, the person slammed the door and locked it.

It was Arianna.  She must have followed me.  She started towards me.  She was saying that I should not have teased her.  She said when she buys drinks for someone, she expects them to play along.  She made it clear, she wanted me and she wanted me right now.

I tried to apologize to her.  I told her I wasn't teasing her.  But she grabbed my arms.  I tried to pull free, but she shoved my arms behind me.  I was a little drunk and was having trouble resisting. 

With my arms behind me, I couldn't stop her when she began kissing my face and my neck.  I was begging her to let me go.  But when she began to tear at my top, I knew she would not.  I struggled as I watched my top as it was torn and thrown to the floor. 

I reared back and tried to twist as her hand pushed under my bra, but I could not break free.  As her hand groped at my breasts I felt an unusual warmth in my stomach that I had never felt before.  It grew stronger as my bra was torn from me and my breasts were naked for her.

She wasted no time.  Her mouth sucked in one of my nipples as her tongue swirled and licked at me.  I was still trying to free myself, but the liquor and her mouth were making me more and more helpless by the moment. 

She held me tightly as her mouth suckled at one breast and then the other.  I could feel her saliva running down the lower curve of my breasts and then down my bare stomach.  I squirmed as best I could, but I could not pull my breasts from her.

She sucked at me as if she were a small, hungry child.  I watched as her tongue would lick at my breasts and her teeth nibbled at me.  My breasts!  She had my breasts.....sucking me......licking me.....and it was beginning to overwhelm me.

Then I felt my skirt slide down my legs to the floor.  Then my small panties were stretched harshly to one side.  I felt a pop as the thin strings broke and they were thrown to the floor. 

I was horrified!  She had stripped me!   She slid behind me, her arms holding me tightly.  Her hands fondled my breasts, down my smooth stomach, between my legs. I was begging her to stop, but she said nothing, and she did not stop. 

I felt her fingers stroke very gently on my pussy.  I was wet...Omigod....I was wet!   What was she doing to me?   I was not like this.  I had a boyfriend! 

She was pushing me to the floor.  Her hands stroking me, controlling me.  She was going to take me.  I could not stop her.  I sank to the floor in her arms.  I knew I was helpless.   I looked down and watched her hands slowly fondle my breasts. Her fingers pinched and pulled at my now aching nipples making them even more sensitive. 

I couldn't turn my eyes away as her hands slowly massaged at my breasts, holding them, gently squeezing them.  I tried to squirm and pull from her, but she held me tighter and became even more aroused as my naked body rubbed against her.

She leaned close to me. Her voice was a whisper.   She said I was hers for the night and that she was going to take me however she wanted.  She told me that before the night was over, I would belong to her. She almost laughed when I moaned and tried to protest.  But it was hopeless.  She had stripped me right in my own apartment. Her hands and her mouth had controlled me....seduced me.

Her finger slid inside me and then she brought it to my lips.  I tasted myself. And I knew she was right.  I would be hers.