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Nancy and Sophie part 2

That morning

Sophie woke up still in Nancy's arms. She could feel her bulky cloth diapers. They were waterlogged and they were cold. Not only that but also but also she again very badly needed to go to the bathroom. Sophie started pulling away from her older lover's arms.

"What's the matter honeybunch?"

Sophie had not realized that Nancy was awake.

"Me want potty!"

She said giggling. Nancy was not having any of this.

"Sophie's too lickle to tinkle in the potty. I wonder how our napkins are now."

Sophie got into the act.

"Sophie vewy wet. Sophie not want to mess `jammies."

Nancy eased her lover out of bed.

"Lets get ready to change baby."

Nancy announced. She then put a couple of plastic covered crib mattresses on top of the plastic sheet on their bed.

"This will be a lovely place for nappy time."

Sophie got onto the `changing mat'. She could see herself in the mirror. Her pink footed pajamas looked cute. They had a white rabbit sewn to front. It was very visible that she had bulky baby diapers under the pajamas.

Nancy rolled her lover onto her side. She carefully unzipped the back of Sophie's babyish night wear. She eased it off `the child'. She and Sophie both looked at Sophie's diapers. It was very clear through the plastic panties that the diapers were very wet indeed.

"Come on - little Miss waterworks-"

Nancy cajoled as she pulled down the plastic panties. Then she pulled them over Sophie's ankles and put them in a bowl of warm water.

"We're very wet aren't we?"

Nancy commented as she skillfully unpinned the bulky diapers. Then she picked them up between her finger and thumb. Sophie could see the heavy wetness as Nancy dropped her nappies into the diaper pail.

Then Nancy lovingly washed around Sophie's special area with damp cotton wool. Sophie's pubic hair was very waterlogged.

"Baba's not supposed to have so much hair. We'll change that at bath-time."

Sophie nodded in agreement. Even before they had started this particular game she had wondered about that.

"Time for baby's clean nap naps."

Sophie lifted her ass. Nancy pushed the diapers that she had already folded. Then she pinned them in place. Sophie was feeling really desperate to get to the bathroom.

The clear plastic panties went over the young woman's feet. Nancy pulled them up. Again Sophie lifted her butt up so that the panties could cover the diapers. Nancy carefully checked to make sure that no nappy was outside the panties. She then picked up the `jamies.

Nancy saw Sophie's face. Then she looked lower down.

"Baby NEEDS nappies doesn't she."

Sophie nodded as she felt a great relief and relieved herself into the bulky diapers. Nancy continued:

"I think baba can wear her jamies 'till after breakfast then it will be bath-time."

Sophie was not at all sure that the footed pajamas did not seem even more babyish than the diapers. She knew of her grandmother needing diapers at 77. She thought that she would probably have resented such childish night wear.

Nancy prepared their drinks. Two bottles of baby formula for Sophie. A large mug of coffee for herself. She put eggs on to boil and spread butter and marmite onto the bread. Then she cut the bread into thin strips she called `soldiers'.

Before she gave Sophie her baby bottles Nancy put the bib round her to protect the outside of her pajamas. She felt fairly confident that the nappies and plastic panties were protecting the inside.

When the eggs were ready Nancy took them into the next room. She sliced off the top of the first egg. She dipped the `soldier' into the egg and fed her `baby'. Then she dipped the next `soldier' into the same egg and ate it. This continued until all the yolk was used. Then she spoon fed the white of the egg to her lover.

The soldiers and the yolk of the next egg were shared in the same way but this time Nancy fed herself the white. The two lovers shared four eggs.

Nancy noticed egg stains on her nightie.

"Maybe Nanny Nancy needs a bib too."

This thought pleased both women.

Bath time

On Nancy's instructions Sophie crawled to the bathroom. It was possible for the young woman to crawl up the stairs. It would have been harder for her to crawl downstairs.

Nancy started running the bath. Then she saw to changing the baby. Off came the pink footed pajamas with the rabbit. Off came the plastic panties. Off came the very wet nappies.

Then Nancy again washed that special area. She gave it some other attention. The pubic bush was very carefully, but very considerably pruned.

When Sophie had bought the home she chose to have a bathroom with a big bath. She had indeed thought of sharing a bath with a lover.

In the past Sophie and Nancy had shared the bath as lovers. They had tickled each other and washed each other.

On this occasion it was different. Nancy was not being a lover- she was being a nanny or mommy. Sophie was not being a lover, she was being baby.

Therefore Sophie allowed the older woman to take total charge. She enjoyed it when Nancy carefully washed her from head to foot. She liked having her hair washed. She enjoyed all the washing of the rest of her body. It was specially nice when Nancy tickled as she washed, which happened quite often.

Nancy then washed herself. She gave `baby' a plastic duck to play with. Sophie was getting into the spirit of the thing. However after an hour or so the bath water was starting to get a little cold. It was time to get out.

Nancy dried Sophie before she dried herself. She remained naked whilst she got `her child' into nappies and plastic panties.

Sophie crawled into the bedroom. Nancy dressed herself. Then she dressed Sophie. Sophie was put into childish sandals and white ankle socks. Her dress was green corderory. It was styled for a toddler but sized for Sophie.

Sophie's now very clean hair was arranged into childish pig tails with ribbons.

Children's television

"Sophie's too little to walk down the stairs. She could go down one step at a time on her bottom. It won't hurt- she's got lots of padding."

Nancy's last comment amused her more than it did Sophie. However `the child' obeyed.

Nancy had really liked a television show for kids called `Ivor the Engine". It had been made when she was a child but was now available on video. She decided that she could watch this with her toddler.

The video had just started when Sophie said:

"I really want the potty."

Nancy gagged Sophie with the huge pacifier. She then taped it in place.

Sophie was very worried. She needed the bathroom but not because she was going to tinkle. She felt very embarrassed about this and had not wanted to explain it directly to her `nanny'. Still she supposed she could wait until Nancy wanted to give her a feed. The video can not last all that long.

Nancy had managed to get a video that lasted two hours. Time went very slowly for Sophie. She was trying desperately to control her muscles.

Near the end of the show she failed. Nancy heard Sophie start to cry. Then she smelt what had happened.

"This is taking it too far. You can clean yourself. Then you can take a cold shower then we'll think about your punishment."

Sophie untaped the dummy. She tried to explain.

"I didn't know what to do. I mean what did you expect..."

Nancy felt a bit guilty but she liked being in control.

"I should have thought it was obvious. But in case you have any doubts I do not want to deal with DIRTY nappies. Baba is to say:

`Me need potty to go poo.'"

As she dealt with her horrible dirty diapers and took a cold shower Sophie reflected on her situation. She was the person who should be in control. She was the better educated. She was the landlady Nancy was the lodger. She was the richer. She had no need to submit to `punishment'.

But Sophie knew something else. She quite liked pleasing Nancy. And there was another thing. In her work she was in control. She needed to be and it was important work. But still she felt very stressed. It was good sometimes NOT to be in control.


Nancy was waiting for Sophie outside the bathroom as she emerged naked. `The child' was led into the bedroom. She allowed herself again to be diapered.

"Sophie's been a naughty little girl. She can't wear a pretty dress anymore."

Sophie allowed her caretaker to dress her in a rather drab grey dress. It went down to her knees. The skirt was fairly full. It easily accommodated her bulky diapers.

For lunch Nancy fed quite a number of baby bottles of formula to Sophie. Sophie guessed that Nancy was trying to make sure that she would wet the diapers. She did not know why.

"We're going out to the park."

Announced Sophie. Nancy was surprised. Still she obeyed.

As luck would have it in the park they met Amy and her mother Alice and also Edmund and his mom Rosemary. Amy's disposable diaper was visible under her dress. Edmund's also crept out from under his pants. Nancy commented on this

"I know it probably sounds like a lot of work but old fashioned nappies are best. You see it will take you forever to potty train those two. They will not even know when they have wet themselves."

Alice was a little annoyed:

"And I suppose you would know."

Nancy remembered the so called mother and baby home.

"Well I remember hand washing dirty nappies. It was not nice but nowadays..."

Rose joined the conversation.

"I know that terry nappies are best for the environment. But really looking after Edmund on my own and doing my studies are both full time."

Nancy then addressed her baby. The other women did not know about Sophie's particular underwear.

"Well what do YOU think. Could a baby not notice being wet in a disposable. Could a baby not notice wet terry nappies?"

Nancy looked Sophie in the face. She realized that at that very moment Sophie was using her napkins.

"Oh I think that a baby in cloth diapers will know when she has wet herself. I am sure that helps toilet training. My Mom said I was out of diapers at 18 months- but you know that Moms boast."

They sat on a park bench. Nancy managed to get Alice and Rose to talk about aspects of baby care for over an hour. Every so often she forced Sophie into the conversation.

Sophie was terrified that somehow either one of the other women would guess about her underwear or that she might actually accidentally show off her diapers. She could see that Nancy was enjoying the situation. Talk about NOT being in control.

Sophie was very relieved when the two other mothers left. Nancy very pointedly patted her butt and remarked

"I think its time to go home. I think someone needs clean nappies."

It was out of earshot of anyone else but it was a very public place. Sophie felt very worried.

Then too Sophie found it hard to walk normally with all that bulk. But she did her very best. She did not want anyone guessing.

During her next nappy change Nancy remarked:

"From now on baby is going to be better behaved."

Sophie nodded. She was conceding control.

Life during the Week

From the time Sophie left for work on a Monday until the Friday evening she had a very different relationship with Nancy. It was rather conventionally suburban.

"We're a typical suburban lesbian couple. All we're missing is 2.2 cats."

Sophie had remarked to some work colleagues she was entertaining. A good thing about her employment was that she could be `out' at work. Or at least she could be out about Nancy being her lover. She was NOT about to share the way she spent her weekend.

When Sophie was being a baby there was, or course, no sex as such. On other nights the two women enjoyed each other's bodies. Sophie tended to take charge. Indeed with a dildo she did quite a good impresion of Patrick- as far as Nancy could remember. Nancy was very happy to take her turn of NOT being in control.