Sapphic Nocturne

by Serene Cherry

This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females.

"The moon has set, and the Pleiades; it is midnight, and time passes, I sleep alone..." -Sappho

"...For now..."


Her abode was a work of unadorned beauty and magnificence, an unparalleled garden of humanities and classics, perfectly suited to her tastes in every way. i smiled to myself, the newest resident in a palace of literature and knowledge, as i entered the room along with my fellow votary. Our hands were locked together in giddy admiration of our new surroundings, though our stay would be much too ephemeral for any concupiscent arrangements. Still, i felt so drowned in such a new and alluring lineage that my happiness had become perpetual.

i spun around in a circle playfully as the dark figure entered the room. A broidered piece of beautiful Lydian work covered her feet. Her shining ankles, clad in fairest fashion, carried her forth with godlike elegance. So came Selina Jade.

"Such an unrivaled culmination of...perfection, mistress Jade, I love it."

Compliments were a minor part of my maintained temperaments. i was still an individual, of course, but a meliorated one thanks to her. My vocabulary had certainly increased in such a brief period of time as well, i had definitely noticed it in my thought. Now, watching her before me, she brought forth soothing words from her red glazed lips.

"Why, thank you, Alice. I'm pleased that you enjoy our temporary accommodations."

Selina had the ability to make even the most simple of words become full of sensuality, i could only imagine how wonderful her singing voice would be.

"Why such a frivolous stay in your luxurious home, Selina?" i asked, turning to her.

Selina stepped forward and placed her hand on my shoulder, i loved her hand on my shoulder...

"We'll be away for a short time," she stated. "Just until our supposed transgression fades away."

Margo finally turned to speak. She was more a listener, but i loved her so.

"Que voulez-tu dire, maîtresse?"

"Alice is a part of our family now, Margo. Her mother will most likely try to deny her children this new life in a short time so we're going to take a little vacation."

"Why would she deny me of you, my mistress, this is where I want to be."

Selina placed her other hand on my shoulder and pulled my jacket off, hanging it up nearby.

"Of course it is, my child. You and Margo can stay here in the library for now, I'll be back in a while. Have fun." she said, winking at us.

Margo and i smiled and answered her collectively, though in different languages.

"Yes, mistress Jade."

Selina turned for a moment, still smiling at us...her red lips. She then winked once more and retreated into the shadows of the hallway, leaving Margo and i to ourselves. My gaze quickly moved to the body of my companion. Margo was wearing a colorful sports jacket and a pair of sneakers over top her single, silk layer of clothing. i giggled to myself, finding my attire on her body amusing. i had always imagined Margo's preferred style to be something a little more formal, perhaps fur or maybe leather. My eyes had never seen her in anything else but our collective gown, which was still definitely beautiful on her as well as on myself.

i lied down on the soft carpet near the un-lit fireplace and kicked off my shoes, immediately pulling my previously stained silk above my waist.

Touch me...fuck me...

"Take me Margo, I want you inside me."

Margo fell to her knees and pushed her black hair out of her face, giggling quietly until she was upon me.


The dead of night had traditionally been a time of rest, but it was not so within the ranks of my new existence. Selina's vast home was filled with energy and it seemed to flourish in the darkness. My encounter with Margo was definitely an aid in the temporary fulfillment of my sexual urges, for the time being anyway. We made a note to keep our little area clean as we ventured together, it would have been rude to mess mistress Jade's library on my first stay. Instead of remaining on the soft carpet as Margo did, i rose to my feet and stepped over to her vast shelves. Some were books on psychology and various studies of the human psyche, and others were classic literature from various periods in history. My hand reached out and plucked a large book from the rack which had been slightly protruding from the rest, looking as if it had recently been read.

"Greek mythology." i read aloud.

Margo gave me her usual smile and remained silent at my feet, writhing just a bit. The only light in the room came from a small lamp in the corner, though i would have preferred a candle myself but, alas, they were all snuffed. i opened the book with my tired hands and peered at some of the passages which had been emphasized with creases in each page. My eyes searched for a chair to rest in, finding one near the lamp. A presence filled the room, i didn't even have to look, Selina was standing in the door frame.

"You've been busy I see." she said, softly.

It was the first time i had seen my mistress dressed in anything else but black attire. Her dark blue robe flowed gently in the air with it's seemingly weightless material; she was in bare feet. Selina made a soft gesture with her face, lowering her gaze to Margo who was now at her feet.

Let me help too, my mistress...

Margo's tongue slowly ran up and down mistress Jade's shin, stopping at the knee only to run back down to her toes again and again. i felt my own knees become weak at the mere sight of Selina being gave me pleasure.

"Book..." i said, rather clumsily.

"My current selection in fact," she answered. "Do you know the poet Sappho, Alice?"

i shook my head, attacking my own stupidity on the subject, but one could quickly learn.

"No." i said.

"She is my favorite of all. So simple, so beautiful."

i opened the book to a selected page and began to read out a set of stanzas that had been underlined.

"Awed by her brightness, stars near the beautiful moon cover..."

"Cover their own shining faces when she lights earth with her silver brilliance of love." Selina continued, building upon my words.

"That is beautiful, mistress." i answered.

"A woman with so much influence and beauty, a lover of women, one to learn from Alice."

"I wish to learn, my mistress."

Between her legs, Margo breathed Selina's aroma, lost in it's almost hypnotic fragrance. i felt the heat from my pussy increase with each full inhalation she made.

"You see, Sappho was one of the first women in Greece who received renowned admiration for her wisdom," Selina began. "In a world dominated by males where we didn't even have the right to vote she was able to begin her own school in a way. A school with followers who loved and revered her."

Margo rose to her feet, leaving Selina's leg partially covered in saliva. Her actions were met with calm approval as Selina smiled her perfect smile and dismissed her to my side. Even in the absence of her usual makeup Selina's body was glorious to observe. i guessed her age to be around 30 or perhaps younger. While Margo and i were naturally a bit clumsy on our feet, Selina stood perfectly still with her feet together, not even swaying her body slightly in the calm air. Her eyes glowed in the lamp light with a power and a wisdom never seen before, she looked as if she didn't have any pupils at all. The whites of her eyes were difficult to observe at times, if they were indeed present at all. It was

i felt myself getting a little tired...staring a little too...long.

i came to my knees involuntarily, giggling and letting my hair fall in front of my vision. Selina rested her gaze away from direct contact with my eyes, smiling softly. My recollection gradually passed on to her with each second i gazed fully into the darkness. In it's place came more passion, more desire for her sensual touch upon my flesh.

"Perhaps you two should rest now, tomorrow is a very important day for us."

"Nous dormirons bien, maîtresse Jade."

Selina stepped forward and lowered her face, kissing me on the forehead tenderly. i lifted my arms and embraced my mistress in return, so perfectly content with all my life had become and with what the future was sure to bring. She took my hand and beckoned Margo to follow as well as she led us into the black hallway. Even through torrential darkness her path was flawless. We came upon an open door near the end and Margo and i entered ahead of her. A large bed for us both, i thanked Selina and smiled for her.

"Sleep well, Alice," she whispered. "And perhaps I might teach you more tomorrow."

Selina closed the door and left Margo and i alone. Had we not been drained of the majority of our energy we would have embraced, instead we lied down together.

i love this...i love me...

"Sweet dreams, my child."


i awoke to the loud patter of raindrops against the curtained windows of our chambers. It was still dark out, the night was not yet over. A small storm had encircled the house, pelting it with rain and the faint sound of thunder. A single layer of sheet pressed lightly against my bare skin as i stared at the slow moving fan hanging from the ceiling. It's sound served to soothe my ears along with the rhythmic sound of Margo's breath nearby. i raised my head from the pillow and leaned over her rising chest to gaze at her pleasing expression; one of blissful stupor. Her lips were dark, nearly void of any bright color and very pale, as was her skin. The heat emanating from her being was undeniable.

Courtesy would not permit me the charge of waking Margo from her tranquil silence, i let her be. My lips, only inches from hers, did not disturb her in the least, as i gave her a gentle kiss. My tongue gently parted her dark lips, moistening them with my warm saliva.

She remained at rest when i rose from the sheets.

The absence of the sheets from my own skin left a calm chill in the air. i searched for an article of clothing to cover myself with but my efforts were ultimately fruitless. i left my room, unclothed. The light which faintly poured in through the curtains of my chambers was absent in the dark hallway. Along the walls hung a row of achievements including an award for excellence in the field of child psychology and a plaque which read, "We congratulate Dr. Selina Jade for her humanitarian lifestyle and selfless contributions to countless charities throughout the country."

Along with the remaining awards and plaques there were also many paintings and tapestries which lined the hallway creating a small gallery even. However, there was one frame which was not clearly recognizable. Behind the frame's glass covering hung a small necklace with a dark blue sapphire along with a large parchment written in a language to which i had no comprehension. The rather large deposits of dust beneath the glass indicated that the display had not been disturbed for some time.

i continued down the hallway, peering at a number of other awards before the gallery's contents reverted to that of medieval tapestries; most of them ancient Greek renderings from what i could tell in the partial darkness. The small gallery soon came to an end with a number of doors on each side of the hall. All of them stood open except one. i came to the door and placed my hand on it, savoring the sensations which radiated from within.

Warm...foreboding...a great number of descriptions came to mind.

i gently tapped on the door. No answer. My curiosity quickly got the better of me. My hand slowly turned the knob, opening the door. The chamber was dark, lit only by a number of vermilion candles set in a circle around the room's only inhabitant. Selina sat silently amidst the candles with her eyes closed as she recited words from what sounded like a ritual. Her words were of a different language, one which i was unable to understand.

My presence quickly interrupted her whispers. i let only my head appear visible, hiding my body behind the door as she stopped to open her eyes.

"Alice." she said, smiling politely though speaking much softer than usual.

"I...apoligize for my intrusion, mistress."

"It's quite all right," she answered. "Do come in, child."

Selina wore a dark blue robe, the same which she had dawned earlier. It showed much more age than any of her regular wardrobe in the candlelight.

"What is this?" i asked.

"Questions...questions that do not need answers, child." she said. Her voice was very weak.

The candles surrounding her flickered with my slight movements. Selina leaned over to snuff the three candles to her front and sides, leaving the final three lit. She rose to her feet, pushing her beautiful hair out of her face. My eyes stood just in line with Selina's shoulders when she and i stood at full height.

"You left Margo undisturbed?" she asked. Her voice remained strangely soft, almost as if she were exhausted.

"She's asleep," i replied. "I missed you as I slept."

Selina smiled tenderly, opening her arms to me. "Embrace me, child."

Upon entering Selina's ring of candles the two nearest me flickered out. i wrapped my arms around her and held tight, embracing the warmth and the power which she possessed. Her body was so soft and fragile, and yet, it would not even phase her firm stance as i pushed myself into her comforting breast.

"Are we leaving, mistress Jade?" i asked.

She gently pushed some hair out of my face with her fingers. "Yes, child."

"And what is to become of my sister?"

"Her new life awaits," she began. "It is not to be with us. She is my gift to another."

"Gift?" i asked.

"A reconciliation of sorts, but from long ago, pay it no mind." Selina continued.

i paused for a moment, longing to gaze into the darkness of her eyes which remained closed as she cradled me in her arms

"Are there others?" i asked.

My query was left unanswered. Selina finally opened her eyes and peered at me.

"So full of questions aren't you, Alice?"

i nodded. It had been quite some time since Selina and i had actually talked as we used to, or at least it felt that way. She gently released her hold on me and we both stepped out of the circle of candles. "Come, child, we'll talk. I know that's what you want."


Before we left the room, Selina looked back at the one remaining lit candle. She closed her eyes for a moment...the candle went out.

>From the hallway gallery i was led to another doorway in the vast hallway. It's interior was shrouded in darkness, it seemed completely empty. Selina placed her hand on my shoulder for a moment; i turned to her. When i turned back, the darkness had changed to a dimly lit study of sorts. The chamber was decorated with a single window, two large chairs, a small table, books...the room of my first discovery. i took a deep breath, breaking off from Selina's lead to explore the familiar sight in absolute awe. The chairs, the table...they all still were fragrant with my scent.

"Are you comfortable, Alice?" Selina asked. i looked down and noticed that i was still without clothing. A surge of heat ran quickly through my body, my inner thighs felt moist...excited.


"Would you like a blanket?"

i shook my head, politely, never bothering to hide the arousal which was definitely noticeable from between my legs. Selina was pleased.

"Take a seat then, Alice." she said softly, finding a comfortable place in her own chair.

The leather felt cold at first but quickly warmed to my skin. Selina stared calmly at my feet, still tired from her previous engagements, while i sat restlessly. My hands slowly rubbed against my skin, passing very close to the wet lips of my pussy but never directly....yet. i yearned for Selina's touch...her voice to give me pleasure.

"Selina..." i moaned.

"Come to me then, child. Sit." she whispered.

Selina ran the backside of her hand slowly across her lap, across the dark blue material of her robe. i rose from my chair and stumbled to her legs, falling to my knees. With her hand in mine, i stood once more and sat in her warm lap. My back rested against her chest which rose and fell slowly. Her breath was like the utterance of a silent music, so peaceful to the ears one could lose herself forever in it's rhythm or surrender to it by giving in to the pleasure it brought forth.

Selina began to run her hand through my hair. It felt warm...calming...

My knees trembled a bit as i was still aching from the night before. i raised my hand and caressed Selina's fingers as she ran them through my long black hair. She peered at my scathed wrists, smiling.

"So loyal, so perfect."

Selina and i stared into each other's eyes as she held my naked body in her arms. My wrist was raised slowly to her face. Her breath upon my small, nearly healed wound began to boil my blood. i licked my pale lips as i looked down.


"Do you feel like touching yourself, my child?" she asked softly.

"...yes..." i whispered.

She guided my hand to my stomach, still holding on to it. i turned my head to look into her eyes, comforting...

My head slouched onto her shoulder, my hand was now between my legs. Selina guided my fingers to my wet slit, letting one of mine and one of hers slip inside my tender folds. A warm, tranquil dampness engulfed our fingers and triggered a small wash of pleasure over my trembling body.

"Good girl, softly now..." she whispered.


Selina made sure to keep the rhythm slow and calm, teasing compared to what Margo and i had done hours earlier. She blew against my hair softly, pushing it aside so that she could whisper into my ear as she caressed me. The squishing sound of our wet fingers playing together was faintly audible over her soft voice. I looked down to see the beginnings of my wetness drip onto her robe.

"Listen well, child, and I shall teach you." she whispered.

Her finger slipped deeper inside, so did mine. My jaw drooped open as my breathing increased. I let my hips move in a rhythm close to our combined movements. My chest began to rise and fall quickly, my eyes began to tear.

Fuck me...more...


Selina let her mouth come directly up to my ear as she whispered, "My delight is the exquisite; yes, for me glitter and sunlight and love are one society."


My juices began to lubricate our fingers as they both moved slowly in and out of my dripping pussy. Selina's eyes were ardent, welcoming to my memories as they passed into them...

"Life's precious fluid is one of our many delights, savor it every single time..."

Her voice in my ears was wonderful. Every one of her words soaked in, while more of my juices poured out. The craving was great, but it would be satisfied in time.


My moaning remained quiet as Selina withdrew her finger to allow another of my own to take it's place instead. My breath was humid, i began to perspire. And yet, the fire between my legs overpowered any sense of heat that was present above my waist. Selina gripped my free wrist with her hand, her fingers still dripping with my fluids. Her hand then began to stroke my scathed skin, causing me to moan uncontrollably.


My body slowly began to slide down from Selina's lap as i writhed upon her, not restricting the sound of my voice anymore. i let my fingers explore deep inside my pussy, remaining gentle though the incredible surge of pleasure just below my palm was beckoning me to thrust deeper. Consumed with ravenous aphrodisia, i pulled my wrist away from Selina's firm grip, tearing my skin at it's weakest point. A quick, uncontrolled flow began, starting small but quickly growing. My head spun as Selina's words echoed in it.

"And if she flees, soon she will follow..."

My free hand ran across my skin, soaking it. My pussy drooled with my wonderful juices, shaking my body with an unsatiable arousal.

"...And if she does not accept gifts, she will give..."

The room closed in, i felt myself seemingly light up as though i were one of the six vermilion candles. My body convulsed in violent exasperation and pleasure. My fingers pushed deeper, no longer in the restraints of gentleness. Selina's lesson would reach it's great climax with a powerful orgasm from my dripping pussy.

"...If she does not love, she will love despite herself."

Selina pressed my wrist against my lips, holding tightly to prevent my moans from finding the farthest reaches of her home. My mouth closed on the calm gushing, losing it's pale color in favor of a brighter hue. i yelled a final cry of sexual gratification through closed lips as my fingers slipped out of my body to make one final embrace of my swollen clit.

My mouth swallowed fresh sustenance as a sultry flow of my fluids burst forth, streaming onto Selina's robe from my throbbing pussy. A sigh of relief washed over my mistress as the liquid's heat met with her own skin beneath the garment. My hand dropped from my mouth to my side. Selina gripped it once more, stifling the scarlet liquid's course. Soon my thoughts calmed as a feeling of lethargy engulfed my body. My urges subsided once again. Selina allowed my body to rest deeper into her body, cradling me as i lost myself in her arms.


My awakening came not to the sound of raindrops, but a quiet whisper in my ear. A single white candle stood lit on the night stand next to my bed. No longer in the study, i was lying in the exact same place that i had awoken from hours earlier. A fan hanging from the ceiling slowly rotated, echoing it's sound in my head quietly. A dark figure came into view, holding an object in her hand.

i strained to focus my eyes on Selina as she stood over me. A white colored apron covered her black dress suit. My head turned to the side, feeling the warm bed sheets press against my face. Selina gently lifted my arm from the bed, straightening it as her other hand brought forward a small syringe.

A sharp feeling near my forearm, followed quickly by a soothing relaxation...then weariness...

My consciousness drifted in and if in a dream perhaps...

i watched, motionless, as Selina lifted my wrist and breathed softly on it's dried surface. The absence of any feeling or response was apparent to her quickly. Her needlework was quick and effortless. The whispers soothed my mind as she stitched. Questions to whether i was all right came from her every few seconds regardless of the fact that i couldn't answer. She cared for my well-being more than any other.

"...In darkness, the anguish of a thousand wounds will never overcome one's devotion to her mistress." Selina whispered, seemingly continuing her lesson...or beginning one perhaps...

I attempted speech but was drained of any strength which would allow me to answer her. With my occupancy placed on her beautiful words rather than her actions, the rigors were much easier to bear. Knowing that she would always be there for me was the driving force. Both wrists were completed by the time i awoke fully.


Selina had placed a blanket overtop my body to keep me warm. Margo sat happily in a nearby chair, keeping watch. i raised myself up slowly and smiled, lifting my arms into the air to stretch.

"Did you sleep well, child?" Selina asked.

"Very well," i replied. "My session was wonderful, mistress."

There was a pause. "Your session?"

"In your study," i stated. "The one of my first discovery, don't you remember?"

Selina smiled, turning to Margo who giggled quietly.

"Veut-elle dire votre bureau, maîtresse Jade?"

She nodded. "Yes, Margo."

"Le bâtiment est-il loin d'ici, n'est-il pas?"

"I know." Selina answered. She then turned back to me, narrowing her eyes to ensure that i did not look into her eyes directly. "Patients like to see what They want, child. You'll learn this in time as Margo has, and you'll enjoy it all that much more."

i peered at my hands, confused, and then turned my gaze to Margo who continued to giggle. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, a rather peculiar attire for her yet again. A similar outfit was laid out for me at the foot of the bed. Selina stepped back, nodding to Margo who quickly stood from her chair to help me out of bed.

After dressing, Margo and i left our room and entered the long hallway. As we walked towards front of the house i looked back. The scenery remained intact from my memory, except for the one frame which contained the necklace and parchment; the exhibit was no longer on the wall as it had been earlier.

Margo and i made our way into the vast library, hoping to greet Selina who sat in a chair nearby. She was no longer wearing the apron and had returned to her comfortable black attire. A modest skirt and black heels clothed her long, beautiful legs as she sat crossed legged with a cup of tea in her hands. i failed to notice her guest as she sat across from her with her own tea. Selina paused in her speech to sip from her beverage but the visitor did not, rather she had accepted it out of courtesy though she had no plans to drink it's contents. The stranger was a young woman, near Selina's age, but with shorter much fairer hair. Her attire was similar to Selina's as well. A small petticoat protruded from her mauve skirt and a white veil covered the top of her head but gave a clear view of her face.

Selina turned her gaze to us and smiled whereas the visitor looked upon us with sharp eyes.

"You may enter, my children." Selina said softly.

"Thank you, mistress." i answered.

She turned her attention back to the fair haired woman.

"Are these the ones?" the visitor asked.

"No," Selina replied. "My benefaction lies asleep in the next room. This one is Margo, and this one is Alice."

The visitor acknowledged our presence, minimally. "Servants, I am Liandra. I trust you serve your prioress well."

Selina placed her tea on a nearby table. "My relationship with these two is somewhat different than our ways would insist, Liandra. I do not consider them so far below me nor do I dictate what their self-worth is to be."

Liandra seemed dissatisfied. She looked down on us as if we were of a lower class.

"There is much they should learn about there role as servants to a prioress," she said. "I can see now the differences between us, Dissident Jade."

"My loyalties still lie with our abbess though our methods have come to differ."

"Your power is worth more than these two...scullions. There is so much more you could accomplish with us."

"I understand that, Liandra, but I am quite happy with what I have already." Selina said.

"Always the aesthete, just as before your departure." Liandra replied, shaking her head for a moment. Her eyes were much different from Selina's, they were strong and piercing. She made it a point not to look at Margo and i for the most part. "Until your return, your gifts will bring your name reverence under the Convent." she said.

"Thank you, Liandra." Selina answered. She then made a small gesture with her gaze causing Margo to part from my side and leave into the next room. She returned with my sister, still quiet from her sleep and completely unaware of the life which awaited her.

"This is the benefaction?" she asked.

"Yes, she is my offering to our abbess."

"She will be pleased, Dissident Jade."

Every time Selina's guest referred to her by this name it seemed to phase her being. i sensed that my mistress did not care for it all that much, but had accepted it out of courtesy.

"And how is your sibling, Liandra?" Selina asked.

"She waits for you," she answered. "She would have come in my stead, but our abbess forbid it."

"I would have loved to see her once more."

"As would she, I believe."

Margo stepped towards the strange woman as she sat in her chair. With her arms outstretched, holding my sister, Liandra did not reach for her. Instead, her expression turned to one of aversion.

"Place the child before her, Margo." Selina instructed. Liandra continued to look down upon her as she complied with Selina's request and backed away. Only then did she stand from her chair and take my sister into her possession.

"You have much to learn, servant. I pity your vulgar display of impudence."

She turned her gaze back to Selina, the only one who she considered to be her equal of us. She stood from her chair, piously.

"Your presence in my home is always welcome, Liandra, I thank you for coming."

"Hopefully, upon any future travels to this place you will have educated your servants somewhat. I bid you farewell, Dissident Jade."

Liandra approached Selina and they made somewhat of a formal parting gesture with a small kiss though Liandra did not seem at all affectionate with her hostess. Then, with my sister in her arms, she began to walk towards the door. Margo stood still, partially blocking her path through no fault of her own. A small gesture from Liandra, similar to one of Selina's, was enough to force Margo to the floor and out of her way. She smiled for the first time as she left.

With Liandra gone, Selina lent her hand to Margo who took her assistance and stood. She then turned to me, smiling tenderly as she spoke.

"An answer to a question, Alice, but one that raises many more in itself."

Selina opened her arms to me and waited until i embraced her for the longest time, glad to be with my loving mistress though i would never again see my sister.


The remainder of the morning was spent organizing our small personal belongings and preparing for our departure. Selina cautioned me to use the mittens one last time, preventing my fingerprints from transferring to any of her belongings in her home. Margo and i packed our things into a single suitcase, we required little material possessions between us. Selina packed her clothes and important articles into two matching bags, each with a lock and key.

Upon completion of our task, Margo and i waited in the library together for Selina. The dark curtains were no longer drawn, allowing the morning light to flood the room. It seemed foreign to such a place. After a short period of time had passed, Selina returned to the room holding the necessary papers and identification for our departure. Her formal, yet elegant black suit held firmly above her waist and comfortably loose from her legs. Along with her bright red lipstick and enchanting gaze, Margo and i both felt the urge to please her.

"We are all ready I gather?" We nodded to her. "Well, we might have a little time for...something I suppose."

She sat in her chair across from us. Margo proceeded to pant in anticipation, as her and I both smiled at Selina collectively.


Margo stood from her seat, walking over to me slowly. Selina watched attentively as she sat with her legs outstretched across the sides of the chair, facing me while resting in my lap. Our clothing made it difficult for us to embrace our flesh directly; Margo relied purely on my face and hands as attention points.

"Do you enjoy music, Alice?" Selina asked, watching us with narrowed eyes and a bright smile.

Margo began to drool on my forehead as she licked it, blocking my direct view of Selina though i heard her every word perfectly.

"Very much so, mistress." i answered, giggling between breaths. I reached under Margo's t-shirt with my hands. She moaned in approval.

"Music has the power to enchant, empower, even seduce. I would love to hear your interpretation of my work."

"You compose, mistress?"

"I have tried," she said softly. "My efforts have yet to produce a completed piece. Until then I quite enjoy contemporary classics." Margo looked down at my jeans, unbuttoning them restlessly. We were both incredibly wet. Selina reached inside her black blazer and pulled out a pair of glasses. "When the time comes, your talent will be illustrated." She proceeded to write a letter on a piece of paper with a gold plated pen.

"Ohhhh, thank you, mmmmistress." i moaned, feeling Margo's hands rub against the bare flesh of my mound inside my pants.

My body bathed in the pleasures of the darkness, brought on by our loving mistress. Every touch from Margo brought us closer together in thought. The passion...the attention...everything promised with my new life of perfection.

Our session would be long and wonderful; a pleasant relief before a long journey. The purpose was yet unknown but it would be realized in time. The remainder of our embrace was met by a wonderful recitation of poetry from our mistress, some written by ancient poets and some created by her own thought, encouraging us to continue. The endless frenzy of lust and arousal would last for nearly an hour, after our pleasure had raised us to the point of indescribable bliss many times over. This was what it meant to be with Dr. Selina Jade.

Her words pierced the settlement of passion within my heart as she wrote her message nearby. "Long and strenuous is the road to perfection, a path which can be met much more easily with a teacher. Once found, it's promise of love and affection will be met...Never enslavement, but acceptance, education and not control, thus is perfection for although they are only breath, words which I command are immortal..."



The onset of dusk brought on a calm sigh from my tired, clapped out body as I gazed out toward the pale light in the distance. With nightfall came the promise quiet and peace compared to the hurried fluster and drowning rain of most every day. The second storey balcony of my home had become my favorite place of reclusion each evening. On rare occasions the blessing of a full, bright sky of wondrous stars and constellations on which to stare at quietly were apparent. This, fortunately, was one of those occasions and I had made haste to the balcony railing earlier than usual.

Tess, the head maid and housekeeper of my home during the frequent absence of the master, had been kind enough in her good graces to carry the burden of supplying the balcony with a single piece of furniture from the library opposite the hinged windows and brick walls of the estate. It's remaining presence had dependance on my assurance to cloak it each evening with a large tarp, preventing the morning showers from damaging it's delicate fabric; an easy enough task to remember on my part.

Tess could be observed as a very fine and proper young woman, one that even the likes of myself could look up to. Her heart showed a compassion which brought lush brightness to days in which I would converse minimally with schoolmates and the occasional friendly face on a busy street or road; though my answers would customarily be short and frank, but never disparaging. Tess had a strict way about her; my actions were often scolded to the near point of punishment, but in such cases the severity of the consequences were far less compared to chastisement in the presence of the owner. She was kind at heart, regardless of the small but harsh corrections she imposed, and was a genuinely caring person.

Deep in thought, with my mind fixated on Tess' habitual inclinations, I stared down from the balcony's handrail, standing on tip toes in my modest heels. Formality had become as much a part of my dress habits as politely acknowledging my peers and elders. My dark blue frock flailed in the twilight, as did my long auburn hair.

I lifted my feet ever so slightly from the concrete surface of the balcony, leaning over to catch a better glimpse of the red bricked base of the estate. The quick opening of the glass window and a frightful gasp immediately followed my rather dangerous actions.

"Gracious, Miss Ann, come down from there this instant!"

I set back down from the railing and spun around to see Tess as she stood with one hand at her breast and the other reached out as if ready to retrieve a falling infant.

"I apologize, Tess," I pronounced softly. "I was just looking."

Her plain black frock, covered in a white apron which carried the stains of a maid's cleaning and housework, blew lightly in the wind along with mine.

"Just lookin' were ya now," she said in her soft, but prominent voice. "The only thing to observe down there is all the other young girls who fell off because of their curiosity, I think."

Tess addressed me as 'Miss Ann' rather than calling me by my full first or surname. To most others I was 'The Opella girl' or heaven knows what else.

"If I were to fall, Tess, you would catch me wouldn't you?"

"I'm sorry, Miss Ann, but ya can't always count on me to be out 'ere wi' ya in the witchin' hour of the night." said she.

"This would indeed be the time when I would need you the most." I uttered.

"I do not favor the darkness much I'm afraid. There will always be times when ya are alone."

I pondered if her words held true merit. After a moment, my answer came in the form of a tender smile, a passing expression well received by all who's civilities affected my often salubrious thoughts; and much was the case in Tess' disposition.

"Your smile is well, Miss Ann, but it does not compete well wi' this 'ere breeze, do come in."

"My memory vaguely recalls the last time the stars have shone in such beauty, Tess. Do allow me to stay out and gaze this night, won't you?"

Tess puzzled for a moment, her expression failed to show any change of discourse in her mind though I bid it to do so with all my heart. She looked upon me as I did her, into my eyes. My mind raced for a moment, seemingly hard at work to come to my aid. My desire shortly followed the striking display of Tess' cession. Her brow lowered as her eyes attempted to display severity and consequence but, with her kind heart, I imagined, she could not bring herself to do so.

"As ya wish, but not so long a time as to doze on this 'ere balcony. Conduct yourself, Mary Ann."

"Oh, thank you! I shall, Tess, I shall!" said I, looking up into the vibrant sparkle of the sky in virtuous awe. "Do you know what star that is, Tess?"

My finger pointed to a star which now shone more brightly than it had in previous engagements, I often noticed such trivial things.

"I am no more an astronomer than ya are a normal girl, Miss Ann." she noted, looking only for an instant above her head.

"Thank you, Tess." I answered, choosing to take her observation as a compliment rather than it's counterpart which I imagined was it's intention.

I disregarded the twilight sky for a moment as I walked away from the railing and stood before Tess. She leaned down slightly and gave me a tender hug, allowing me to return with a gentle kiss on her forehead before she straightened. It felt nice...

"I shall see ya in the mornin' then, Miss Ann."

As she turned to leave I uttered, "Tess, will I always be alone?"

She made one last turn and looked into my eyes.

"You'll find companionship, Miss Ann, one day."

After her words she turned and departed quietly.

"Good night, Tess." I whispered, following her leave from the balcony.

I lied back on the limber material of the couch, returning to the stars. I held a subtle wish in my heart that Tess would one day take an interest in the same sight, or at least become more familiar with it so as to keep up pleasant conversation. With my hand I traced circles from my stomach down to my knees, it was relaxing to say the least. My mind settled, focusing on the new dawn and what many mysteries were bound to await an innocent soul.


The next day, as I settled in the sanctity of the library to immerse myself in one of my favorite novels, a rather strange package came addressed to me in the mail. Considering the abundance of mail the absent master received each evening, Tess was rather surprised to find an envelope addressed to me.

She approached the small ottoman on which I sat, carrying a heap of clothing and papers among other things. Tess noted that I hadn't taken seat in any of the numerous chairs which lined the rather chilled library. I often felt overwhelmed by the size and content of most chambers in the estate, most notably the dining room and the library. The tinge of choice seemed to be a dark crimson as it draped each windows curtains and the several high chairs which the room housed. In elegant contrast, the remainder of the chamber held somewhat of a brown hue due mostly to the walls of bookshelves and lofty ceiling. Still, with even the most exorbitant of spaces to rest, my sanctity was best found on the small red ottoman near the un-lit grand fireplace and the streaked ebony piano.

"Parcel for a 'Miss Mary Ann Opella'." Tess exclaimed, acting as would a messenger.

I politely picked myself up from my seat and set my book in it's place. My current selection held focus on music as well as various forms of poetry, slightly less detailed than one would expect from two very prominent things. Tess placed the envelope in my hand and smiled her proper smile, leaving her hand reached out in jest.

"Thank you, messenger." said I.


She peered around the library, nonchalantly, performing her part quite well. I smiled back at her display.

"Yes, have I forgotten something?" I asked, comedically.

"Perhaps a tip for the young messenger, M'lady?"

We both let our teeth show through our smiles, a notable indication for when Tess and I were having an amusing conversation.

"Ah yes, pardon my incompetence," I declared in the voice of a hostess. "A tip you say..." I reached into my pockets as if to retrieve a pound or some other form of currency. Upon my failure to come up with any material possessions I looked back up at my waiting messenger. "Do not eat yellow snow."

We both began to laugh at my small display, allowing a sense of youth and happiness to enter the weary atmosphere of the library.

"Oh, what terrible manners, Miss Ann." Tess objected, still caught up in a giggle.

"Why, thank you ever so much madame, I do pride myself after all."

Tess retrieved her pile and turned to the exit, not forgetting to smile at me once more before her departure. Alone, I peered at the large white envelope which read my full name on it's cover. Scarcely a person knew my entire name, a fact that made me curious of it's author. I gently removed the black seal on the envelope and opened it to find a message written with very elegant penmanship. My giggle quickly came to a halt at the sight of it's content...

Dearest Mary Ann,

How do you do on this fine English morning, or night be it the circumstances of when you're reading this, Hmm? A spoken reply may not well reach me but perhaps if you apply your thoughts to cogitate an answer, it may find it's way to this humble recipient.

I would consider it dreadfully disrespectful to introduce myself formally through words rather than in person, you will be patient won't you? I only ask that, when the time comes, you will not let any preconceived notions of me dispel any feelings you might have. With hope, one as eloquent as yourself would never succumb to irreverent disdain. Though, I imagine such a belligerence would be present in your being at the present time.

Surely the same beauty found in your European exile has transferred to your fair figure over the years, yes? Does the elegance found in your family, your "flock of doves" which you gaze at each recent night transfer to you, my Lost Pleiad? I can certainly imagine this to be so. Still, do you weep for your mother; the woman who laboured for nothing more than your love and protection, your innocence from a life of supposed virulence? Can one appropriate that to your apparent humility, perhaps? May you one day tell me, truthfully, Miss Ann...

A caring companion

I tossed my book from the ottoman with my free hand, hastily clearing my seat so that I could rest once more. What a state mere words can cause the heart, I thought. My head began to ache with an uneasy temperament of close relation to the fear of standing alone, without love in the world. The notion of crying quickly crossed my mind but was set aside quickly. Tess, returning most likely from her embroideries, entered the library, possibly expecting to find a joyful response from my letter. I dared commit no emotion to my expression, quickly masking my disposition with false harmony. My locks fell before my face as she approached the ottoman.

"What did the letter say, Miss Ann? From a fond lad perhaps?"

My expression remained sullied.

"Though such would be a blessing, Tess, there is no special merit to this message. Merely litter rather than a letter, I think."

Tess reached out her hand. "May I see this litter mail, Miss Ann?"

I quickly moved the letter to the seats surface, sitting down once more. Her intrusion was apparent in my eyes, but even more so in my action which showed her query to be a definite harassment.

"Please don't." I beckoned.

Tess pulled away, shaken by her apparent oppression. Her smile faded just as mine; more evidence as to mere words' influence on a human being.

"Are ya ill, Miss Ann?" she inquired, looking upon me with eyes of concern.

"Not so much ill as jaded, perhaps."

A pause.

"I excuse ya, Miss Ann," Tess answered. "I understand and respect your apparent desire for privacy. Your letter, or litter be it, is yours just that. I will take no interest in it."

The good housekeeper rested my concerns as she had done countless times before. I managed a polite nod to show acceptance but remained quite wary of my personal affects which dwelled beneath my frock.

"Thank you, Tess."

She soon acknowledged and gathered herself once more. "Stand up, Mary Ann." she then stated.

In the case of my first name used in her vocabulary it had usually meant a command. Still, if my fear rested only on the possibility of another reading my somewhat enigmatic message, there was no charitable reason not to comply. I rose and, though my thoughts browsed the most undesirable of outcomes, Tess honored her word. My letter and book were gathered into my hands as I turned to meet her now soft expression.

"Come sit over 'ere instead. There's plenty of good arm chairs in this room and ya pick the lowest piece of furniture, lest ya lie on the stone hearth of the fireplace."

With my novel and letter in hand, Tess directed me to a very grand arm chair which seemed to brood over the entire chamber with it's immense frame. I thought it more worthy of a queen than one such as myself. Tess regarded my nature with a quiet tolerance though, at times, an emotion near pity could be observed in her expression. I thought not of it for the most part. It was just a chair after all, who should complain if I desired seat upon the most inexpensive of furniture? "Sit, Miss Ann. Ya may sit 'ere, this is your home." said she.

"This is no more my home than it is these works'." I stated, addressing the vast shelves of literature; most of which had never been gazed upon at all. "I am merely here, as they are, Tess. An extended guest I would say."

"Ya do not like it at the estate then?"

I shook my head, still before the larger arm chair but not in it. "No, I am endlessly grateful to be here though I have never chosen to show it by imposing as you suggest."

Tess shrugged off my remark, lightly. "Imposin'? I do not believe sittin' in a chair no one ever uses constitutes as imposin', Miss Ann. Sit." Her hands motioned for me to sit, I yielded to her demands without opposition. "Isn't that much better now?" she asked.

I reluctantly nodded and stayed myself from becoming any more comfortable in the chair, hoping to show slight contempt but I could not bring myself to do so. My vision, still shrouded with locks of my hair, looked to Tess as she stood herself fully upright. Considering her desire to please me at the moment, the notion to ask for something more quickly crossed my mind. Without speaking, similar to how one deducts every option to themselves in thought, I imagined what it was that I desired; a glass of water or maybe some tea perhaps.

Tess lingered upon her usually graceful feet, momentarily lost in herself.

"I'll fetch ya some tea if you'd like, Miss Ann."

I quickly brightened myself up, intrigued and quite surprised by her proposal so quickly after I had wished for it.

"I would love that, Tess." said I, peering at her softly now.

Such pondering on my the small but fair items in my material appetite had never been known to cause their fruition. I dismissed the idea, instead deciding that I appeared very undernourished for that time of the day perhaps and it was merely noticed by Tess who thought it appropriate to feed my rather thin figure. Feeding... Soon after Tess' departure from the room I quickly thought of how hungry I was as well. I recalled our eyes locked together; not so much a common glance but a communicative one, similar to how I knew lovers to do without involving themselves in speech. Tess was Not a lover, of course. How silly it was for me to even step through those bounds in my imagination.

"Definitely not." I said aloud, as if to affirm the status of our relationship to any unseen onlookers.

Tess soon returned with a tray in hand which carried tea as well as fresh cakes. I had taken seat on the carpet adjacent the arm chair, offering the position to my favorite housekeeper and friend who decided to take her place on the floor next to me rather than in the looming furniture.


My intuition had served me well when I had chosen to remain indoors for the evening rather than venture out onto the balcony to gaze at the night sky once more. After Tess and I had finished our edibles she returned to her evening duties for a time. She returned soon after I had dozed and directed me to my bed for the night.

An ominous storm had risen over the estate, aided by a piercing rain which beat down hard on the roof of my chambers as I attempted retirement. A vague utterance of laughter and giggling from near my closed door brought me to full attention. It began as a quiet noise, hardly noticeable as anything more than a creak in the vast hallway beyond, but it quickly grew to decibels near human speech. I had hoped it to be perhaps a resident who had remained lively as the house slept. The clock near my bed showed just after three, much too late or even early for any to have been awake.

"Tess?" I asked. "Is that you?" There was no direct answer. Upon the utterance of my words the suppressed voice quickly hushed. At once I wished that the supposed figure on the other side of the door would enter and disclose itself, but I felt my words only served to entice the skulking presence.

My nightgown nearly reached the floor as I stood from the sheets, fully stirring and quite apprehensive. At the moment my feet touched the frigid carpet an instrument could faintly be heard in the hallway, a piano. I recalled the black piano in the library, thinking perhaps that the interloper's melody came from thence, but such was quite impossible as the tune rose up from the hallway itself and not nearly so far away as that room. The harmony continued on, as if to call it's desired listener to the performer's presence. I followed the sound, curiously.

I established the tune to be Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, basing the impression on my limited knowledge of classical music. The song was slow, clever, and accomplished; it was definitely being played from memory rather than from the direction of any written notes. It seemed to drown out the sound of the harrowing storm outside, yet still remaining at a constant volume even as I thought myself to be approaching it's origin. Staying from any alacritous movements, though I thought a sharp dive for the door would perhaps surprise the hidden apparition, I turned the knob and slid the door open without sound.

The rather ill-omened hallway glowed with a faint light from each flash of lightning from the windows at either end. The sharp burst of sound which would traditionally come after each burst was now absent, leaving the air silent except for the gentle overture. It's sound transfixed my mind as I openly held myself before the doorway to my chambers and followed it down the carpeted hallway. Each step made a small padded thump as I stalked the origin of my dismay, listening to the music and becoming transfixed on it's rhythm with my feet. It sounded...


My foot met with a small temperate puddle of liquid, no bigger than spilt tea but of nowhere near the same viscosity. The cool plush carpet had not yet absorbed the stain, leading me to observe that it was only recently produced. Another flash of lightning revealed a trail of similar exiguous puddles in a path which lead to a nearby room. I knelt and let my fingers soak in the fluid, relying on sense rather than sight as the hallway again became shrouded in darkness. My fingers came near my face, hoping to decipher the liquid with it's smell, then taste.

I immediately rejected the horrific substance, making my first loud sound in the echoing hallway. An appalling display of gore to unseeing eyes. I spat several times over, disregarding the already fouled cleanliness of the stained carpet. My fright quickly re-established itself as I jumped to my feet. My path continued towards the library, where the trail ended and the sound began perhaps.

Now a quiet susurration could be heard beyond the doors. A small crack of light shone through as I approached, as if anticipating my entrance. The large portal's doors remained closed when I finally came before them. The whispers continued, oblivious to my movements outside the large den. A familiar voice came to my ears as the music grew more clear. Tess was nearby, but sounding considerably more felicific than usual. Her voice showed a lascivious pleasure as she spoke to someone; her manner had been lowered to that of a libidinous cyprian.

I opened the door; the voices became clear.

"Is this how I do it, wi' my fingers?"

"Yes, you are doing quite well, madam." a voice replied.


My vision drew nearer the culprit, hoping to discover the player's identity. Though shrouded in a darkness untouched by the windows' reach, I noticed the newcomer's frame to be very soft and effeminate. Her ebony hair reached but her neck, blending into the shadows as did her attire, which comfortably wrapped her sound figure. I stepped forward to perhaps catch a glimpse of the face which spoke so softly to Tess, who sat only feet away before the fireplace. The charmer's back faced me as she sat at the piano, oblivious to my presence though an eerie feeling of her looking upon me filled my head. She did not have to physically turn to acknowledge my presence.

"How do you do, my rather quiet Merope?" the soft voice pronounced, barely above the melody of her keys. Her accent was of a foreigner, not one from England most definitely. I shied from answering at first, acknowledging my suspicions of myth and fantasy to the situation.

"What is your name, you who ventures to my home on this eve?"

The foreigner smiled, it was very soft and enduring. "Was it not you who said this is not your home?"

Her answer was impossible as I knew she had not been present when I had uttered such words.

"I am in a dream, Miss..."

"On what terms do you appropriate this conclusion, child? Merely on the present actions of your dear housekeeper perhaps?" said she.

I looked to Tess. Her glance was blank as she gazed in the direction of the flashing windows. I dared not focus on what her hands came to do, beneath her dress they were, at play in her own sexual amusement, under the spell of the dark matron no doubt.

"I daresay you enjoy what you are doing to Tess, Miss..."

"I will say that she is rather enjoying it, I think."

My hand struggled for a place to support my weakened frame. The room grew dark, as in a dream, as in my head I held strong the belief that such was so at the moment, that reality was far from this dark scene before me. I placed my hand on a nearby stand, sharing its top with a nearby a bloodied stiletto. Upon my realization of the object I gasped and pulled away, sending the dagger to the carpet. It slowed in mid-air, as if I were under an influence to believe so, or perhaps caught in pre-eminent delusion.

Tess began to whimper her excitement aloud, and still the charmer at the piano did not reveal herself from the darkness, as if my mind had not yet any preconceived notions of her identity though she was still known to my being.

"Release her, sorceress." I commanded.

"You act as if she is under my power at this time, my Merope."

"That she is, I do know." I answered.

"You concluded yourself that this is in fact a dream, therefore I am not in control of what your apparitions do." the charmer stated.

"Then I wish for her to stop, and I wish to wake."

Her tune halted. I waited for her to turn though my vision again grew hazy as it had at the moment of the dagger's fall to the carpet.

"You care for your housekeeper?" she asked, softly.

Her question pierced an area of my heart rarely dwelled upon consciously. I tightened my stance.

"More than one ever could for yourself, sorceress."

"You love her then?" she continued.

I paused for a moment. "As a daughter loves her aunt, I suppose. You must hold no importance to the word, obviously."

"Love, you say? Love is a cunning weaver of fantasy and fables..." said she, gallantly.

"I wish for this to end, I wish to awaken from this suffering." I affirmed.

"You have a strange distinction between torture and imagination, my dear, but do as you wish. Go to your housekeeper."

For a faint instant the figure rose and her features stood in full view. I watched them retreat into the darkness next to the piano and fade away. I hurried to Tess and held her as she looked beyond my figure, or rather through my figure.

"Tess, wake, wake!" I cried, closing my eyes and letting tears form at each corner.

I embraced her with care, hoping that her lustful stupor would be disposed of in my tender arms. >From the piano the first notes of a nocturne were slowly played out. It's sound drowned my strength almost immediately, I struggled to remain standing as Tess giggled, hoping for my descent along with her from the tranquil gaze in her eyes. I fell before her, in weakness, as she now sat over me upon the ottoman. My head quickly reached the hard surface of the hearth before the fireplace. The room fell into darkness almost immediately as I slipped along with it.

A change in countenace...quickly established in my head...A melody commenced from the notes, not the same as before, but different. It aided in my departure from reality, a tune to set my body afire with passion but yet unwritten on paper...My mind would aid in Her creation of it's final appearance. My eyes strained to focus completely but my efforts were useless. A distant calling in my head beckoned me to proceed further into the sensations which drowned out the pain and brought on happiness and comfort.

i stared up to the ceiling. A face hovered over mine...

My breath was hard as i looked upon Tess, her features, her body, with a blissful arousal. Her hand reached for me, past my locks to the hearth where it gathered itself in florid liquid; Her's mostly but ours both for the enjoyment. It painted my cheek, then brought itself to my lips where Tess soothingly nursed me with her fingers. i giggled as did she, watching her expression as my hands pulled my frock to my stomach, sharing her thoughts of ecstasy in my mind as would a nymph with her companions...


My being was thrust into the depths of a forbidden passion, be it only in mind, though still desirable over the suffering of unimaginative existence in non-dreams. It would end, but i wished it never to do so. The touch, the heat...the desire for pleasure as i beheld her soft touch upon my body. i whimpered as she had, unchaining my mouth from bringing forth sounds of lust and amorous dilection. The tune mirrored this feeling with it's notes, as if it wrote itself on my sexual desires as they played out before me.

My head lifted from the floor, leaving my hair to dabble into the fluid which gently trickled almost to a halt, but without any discomfort to my countenance. The ease of my manner brought me to Tess' face as she smiled happily and kept her eyes nearly closed. My lips became moist from my tongue which protruded for her. Tess leaned forward and allowed me to lick the lower part of her chin while feeling her humid breath upon my face. Her lower lip came into my mouth and i gently suckled at it, bringing my hands to her sides, tasting the flowing meed which had surrounded her mouth. Tess let out an inviting moan as the sorceress returned from the shadows, allowing the Music to continue on the piano without her physical efforts. She held the stiletto in her beautiful hands, revealing her white nail polish to be almost the only color other than black which was predominant on her attire.

"Let's just get these uncomfortable clothes off of your lovely maid, shall we, my dear?"

"Indeed, we must, if she is to be pleased further."

The dark matron brought her stiletto to Tess' back, and with great care, cut the length of her frock down from her neck until she reached the seat of the ottoman. With ease i pulled the subverted clothing down from her shoulders. Tess clapped her hands playfully upon my revealing of her shapely breasts to the charmer's and my eyes.

"The nurturing appearance that we all possess; a wonderful gift is it not, my lovely Merope?" the sorceress uttered.

"A beauty worth being sought after." i whispered, locked upon Tess who held her breast with one hand as if to examine it for the first time.

"Always." the matron returned, softly.

Tess slowly spread her legs apart, running her fingers down her sides as if they were a lover's upon her body. i gazed down below her waist, where the greatest gift of pleasure ever to be received could be found.

"My body aches for yours." Tess answered, lost in herself.

The sorceress stepped forward and reached for my hair, slowly. i allowed her to touch the back, which now had been colored a deep maroon hue. She caressed it softly, looking happily into my eyes which fixated on her though my gaze remained blurred from weakness.

Her hand returned...dripping. i thought it to be meant for her enjoyment, but the sorceress preferred not to relish in it as Tess and i did. Instead she offered it to Tess who took the index finger into her mouth, slowly. Her eyes closed as the enjoyment washed over her, showing a very soft and genial expression to the taste which i hoped for.

"Would you like some, my dear?" she asked, running her fingers through Tess' hair with her other hand.

Without waiting for my answer, which was apparent even without my reply, she removed her finger from Tess' mouth and brought it to her neck and then to her breast, which was still held with a caressing hand. The sorceress then rubbed the liquid around her chest, spreading it as one would icing on a cake soon to be enjoyed by company. Tess' legs trembled as they spread wider from the feather-like touch.

"Enjoy." she whispered, smiling once more as she wiped the remaining fluid onto Tess' ruptured dress.

The sorceress rested her hands on Tess' shoulders as i brought myself before her. A single crack of thunder sounded at the moment my lips made contact with her nipple, almost as if to nurse the liquid from it as i had from her fingers. Tess raised her head and looked to the ceiling, exclaiming the pleasure that my flaccid touch brought forth on her body. The dark woman took Tess' damaged wrist and guided her fingers to where her now moistened vagina laid bare. She continued her lesson on pleasing Tess through direct stimulation from her fingers as i ran my tongue across the length of her nipple, lost in a carnal desire much despised by my formal self. i thrived upon such forbidden embrace, disregarding my natural thought in favor of a new found instinct to which i could not escape nor deny. Another stroke with the sorceress' help and Tess' opening grew more wet and slippery, slowly lubricating her trembling fingers which now probed inside for the first time. i felt a strange, hot feeling begin between my own legs, warm and damp just as Tess' body. Her nipple became erect in my mouth as i nursed from it, softly.

"Do you wish to wake now, my dear?" the matron asked.

"Never," i replied. "May this night never end, as I have been enlightened and empowered."

"Of course, my dear. And there is so much more that you shall be able to accomplish in time with that power."

Tess now brought forth whimpers of progressing bliss, as her figure tensed with excitement to a forthcoming conclusion to her arousal. i gazed upon her actions, feeling a similar ecstasy as i hoped and thought of her climax desperately. Her fingers bathed in the moist surroundings of her delicate opening as the charmer leaned over her shoulder to gaze as well, watching with her cheerful smile and red lips. We both inhaled her strong, feminine scent which now filled the air and seemed to please the sorceress greatly. A single finger grew close to Tess' tender folds, which now drooled with arousal, causing her to gasp loudly.

"She is close, my dear." she whispered, just above Tess' voice.

"I wish for her to reach a climax then." i stated, staring at her rhythmic motions with blurred eyes.

"Then allow her to, my Merope," the sorceress said. "She waits for you to allow her that gift. Will it to be so, concentrate as you have done earlier."

Tess returned her eyes from the ceiling and looked to mine. They no longer looked through me as they had, they looked for direction. i looked into her being, leering upon her thoughts which now waited for the command to fulfill the final blissful gratification which awaited her from her trembling fingers upon her dripping flesh. The sorceress' hold over my being was released to allow my previously latent control to become uninhibited. I smiled upon my housekeeper...

"Miss Ann..."

"Bring yourself to a wondrous orgasm Tess, I wish it upon you with all of my being"

A momentary high pitched sound followed the initiation of Tess' most glorious point of arousal before the sorceress and I. From my thoughts I could sense her excitement and love for what I had given her. Her body shook as she cried out, letting her hand cup her swollen folds which seemingly vibrated with an energy beyond description. The moist liquid dripped from her fingers onto the hearth, mixing with the small crimson pool. Tess fell back into the matron's outspread arms which gently caught her and held strong. Her contractions then gradually calmed as her body lied limp in a nurturing care. She fell into unconsciousness.

"This has been a wonderful dream, Miss..."

Still she would not give her name. She gently let Tess lie on the stained hearth before she stood fully and looked at the piano and then back at me.

"Are you so certain this is a dream, Mary Ann?"

She, the majestic sorceress stood next to me now, smiling as I gazed upon her with a look of confusion. The music faded but did not stop as the room now became intensely bright rather than dark. The sorceress watched me leave, allowing me the privilege of free thought as an endearment of the importance I held in her heart.


My recollection of the hours spent experiencing or dreaming my labour of lust grew dim, torn into sections warily available to memory. Tess stood over my bed, smiling with a concerned look, but an agreeable one. She stayed at my side, considering me for some time before she took my palm and brought me to a fully awakened state.

"Ya look rather fleshless and lethargic on this mornin', Miss Ann, is all well?" she asked.

"I did not dream well, Tess."

She looked at my closed curtains and then back to my sheets.

"It is a feat that ya were able to dream at all I would think, wi' that dreadful storm last night."

After a brief pause, Tess released my hand and opened my closet to set out an outfit for my use. Her actions seemed hasty, as if other matters weighed heavily on her thoughts. I sought to discover what that could have been in her eyes when she next turned them on me.


"There are guests here, Tess?" I inquired.

"Indeed, Miss Ann, I was just about to make mention," she replied. "They are in the drawin' room at this moment."

"Who are 'they', Tess."

"The Missis seeks the master of the house, who isn't 'ere, and her children appear to be wi' her." Tess noted. She set my morning clothes at the foot of my bed. "She's been asking for ya since her arrival as well."

I rose and began to dress as I spoke with Tess. I was reminded of when I had received the letter, and when Tess has spoke with me on the balcony, again with a limited knowledge of the full situation. I supposed it to be her natural way, though I also thought that small advancements in knowledge would be quite useful at times for her.

"Are you in the habit of inviting in strangers who call on this estate without giving their names, Tess?"

"No, Miss Ann, the lady who awaits ya in the drawin' room is a Mrs...Orion I believe. Ya know her perhaps?"

"I do not." said I, rather absolutely. I had been staring into her eyes closely as she spoke her words; I now softened my expression.

"Well, she seems to know a fair bit about ya from what she said."

"And what was that?"

"She addressed you as a one 'Miss Mary Ann Opella', the orphan who now resides 'ere at the estate. It's not in my habit to pry so I concluded that she was one of your school mistresses perhaps."

"I have no mistress by that name." I stated.

"Regardless, Miss Ann, I suggest ya lend her the courtesy of your presence since the master cannot do the same. Come down when ya are ready." said she. I half expected to hear a 'Mary Ann' attached to her words to signify a command, but Tess seemed chipper for the moment. One would question why a guest who come calling to a prestigious estate only to wish to speak with the only member who held little or no importance within it's walls. Even the name 'Orion' had a certain oddity to it, an intriguing one at that; one which left me truly caught up in curiosity as I finished dressing and opened the door to my chambers.

Down the stairs a faint sound of cheerful banter had commenced, though without Tess included I heard. Once at the bottom of the staircase I noticed a number of suitcases and luggage near the front door. I immediately thought how much I did not want to carry it if the guests were indeed clients of the master.

"I am Not going to lift those." I stated, again to perhaps an unseen inhabitant of the estate. My words were frank and precise, I would stick to them permanently even if asked.

I then turned and took stance at the entrance to the drawing room, to first overlook it's inhabitants before joining in any communication. Tess stood a few feet in the room, undoubtedly introducing me to the three occupants who sat in various chairs in the interior. The two 'children' Tess had mentioned sat together on a couch, looking around and talking amongst themselves. Though their attire and appearances were nearly identical, I questioned whether they were indeed siblings. They both had long very dark hair, rather pale complexions and ordinary jeans and t-shirts on. They gazed upon my entrance into the drawing room with a genial levity. One spoke in French, but the other did not. Again, more questions arose from their presence.

Upon reaching the middle of the room I was startled with an utterance of salutation from one who had been sitting in the shaded portion of the room.

"Good morning." a soft voice said; The sound sent chills through my being.

An elegant figure rose from the largest arm chair in the room and stepped into the light from the open windows.

"Good morning." I answered.

Tess stepped back so that she was not in our way. I wished for her to stay immensely, fearing being alone with people I had just met. The guest reached out her hand, happily.

"You must be Mary Ann." she stated, taking my hand into hers.

"Yes, and you must be Mrs. Orion." said I.

I expected her to at least acknowledge her name by nodding. She did not, as if it were an inaccurate representation.

"Miss, actually." she returned, rather quickly. I thought I caught a quick wink from her eye. Her hand was very warm and comforting in mine as I assessed her appearance with care.

Miss Orion wore a black dress suit, complete with loose fitting pants and black heels. Her double-breasted jacket mixed with the darkness, leaving only her white lapels and matching nail polish as the only bright color on her attire. She also wore a pair of extravagant, but modest diamond ear-rings and thin framed glasses with her short ebony hair which was tied back behind her head in a small bun. Her smile was flawless; she did not show her teeth but instead let her deep red lipstick shine in the morning light along with her jewelry. It was her eyes which were definitely the most fascinating addition to her elegant figure. They were dark and a very fine black, but not just colored that way so to speak. They showed a feeling and lively emotion of a woman but in such an astounding way. The light reflected a single small white bead in each eye's corner as if they were made from a shining metal or precious stone. She appeared to have no pupils as they were lost in a haze of darkness which merely shone and engulfed every other color which attempted to show itself in the reflection. The whites of her eyes were nearly non-existent, almost entirely like a shark's, I thought. As I gazed she no longer continued to blink, allowing my uninhibited staring to continue without interruption. I began to smile, casually resting my eyes which now drowned in hers...almost entirely like a shark's...

"Well, Miss Ann, are ya just goin' to stand there now?" a voice asked.

I shook my head and closed my eyes for a spell, shaking of the returning sense of lethargy that Tess had noticed when I had awakened. I looked up at the person who now held my hand in hers.

"Hello." she said, softly, lowering her head to my height.

"...You must be Mrs. Orion." I said, strangely wearied.

Tess furrowed her brow for a moment but quickly brightened once more.

"Well, I'll let ya converse wi' your guests while I get back to work."

As Tess turned to leave the room, I turned in her direction with her. "Please don't leave me here, Tess." I thought to myself. Upon my quick cogitation, she stopped in her place and looked as if she were going to turn and come back. A moment passed and she did not move. I turned back to Mrs. Orion; she now gazed upon Tess, still holding on to my hand. She narrowed her eyes, and when I looked to the entrance of the drawing room once more, Tess had left.

"Strange woman, don't you think?" Mrs. Orion asked.


"Leaving you here alone with three people who she hardly knows. I'm sorry about that, Mary Ann." said she.

"I'm quite all right, but it is a little awkward I'll admit."

She released my hand and smiled. "Well, perhaps we can remedy that. Here, let me introduce you to my children."

She led me over to the couch where the two girls sat, smiling as usual and looking at me very closely.

"This is Alice." she said, addressing the one who sat on the left. She nodded and smiled.

"Good morning, Mary Ann, and a very beautiful morning it is."

Alice and Mrs. Orion spoke in the same accent, one from North America I gathered. She then turned to the other girl who sat next to Alice.

"And this is Margo."

"Bonjour, Mary Ann, vous êtes beau."

I nodded once more, not entirely sure of her words but conscious of her polite 'Bonjour'.

"Margo is from France, my dear. She doesn't speak English but understands it quite well." Mrs. Orion said.

"They are both your children?" I inquired.

"In a way, but not biologically if that is what you mean."

"So you and your husband do not have children of your own then?"

Her smile grew upon utterance of my words.

"I am unmarried, my dear. Does that surprise you?"

I paused for a second. "No...Miss Orion, it does not I suppose. You are quite lovely though, I would think many men would strive for your hand in marriage."

She concealed a faint hum between her lips. It appeared that my descriptions of men finding her beautiful was almost irrelevant to her. A similar response was produced from both Alice and Margo.

"Why, thank you, I'm glad you find me so attractive. Call me Selina, dear."

"Okay, Selina." I pronounced.

"There, now we are no longer strangers to each other." she stated.

"Selina, why have you come calling for me then."

"Mmm...getting right down to things are we? Well then, let's sit." she answered, cheerfully. We made our way back to the large arm chair where she took her place and waited for me to position my own chair before her. "You do have a garden at the estate, don't you, Mary Ann?"

"Ummm...yes, a very grand one in the back I believe."

Miss Orion spoke to her children while keeping her eyes on my figure. "Why don't you go have a look at it while we talk, Alice. Margo, perhaps you should go too."

Without hesitation, the two stood and scuttled out of the room. Miss Orion crossed her legs and placed one hand in her dark hair, ruffling her glasses for a moment.

I felt anxious, and even a little thirsty.

"Would you like some tea, my dear?"

"Ummm...yes, I suppose that would be nice. I could fetch Tess to..."

"How nice," she interrupted, peering at the entrance in which Tess now stood with a tray of fresh tea. "it seems she has read our minds." Tess approached and set it on a coffee table near us after giving us each a warm cup. She left abruptly, without speaking. "Wonderful housekeeper you have, Mary Ann. You must love her dearly."

I refrained from answering at all, sipping my beverage instead. I conceived her notions of love to be eternally distant from what I held to be true for the word.

"Now," said she. "I suppose you are wondering why I have come all of this way to speak to you."

"Yes, I am."

"Have you received any mail lately, my dear?"

I stayed from answering her immediately, concluding that she was obviously the person who wrote it if she knew of it's existence.

"Of course it would be intolerable for me to deny that I was the one who penned it, but, as in the letter, I said it would be preferable to introduce myself to you in person rather than words." said she.

"Indeed!" I retorted. "I am at a loss for words, Miss Orion."

She uncrossed her legs and switched them to the other side. I thought it rather vulgar and useless as she was wearing trousers regardless of what she was trying to display or prove. She took another sip of her tea, never once removing her eyes from my figure.

"Have you ever wondered in your years at this estate why you were orphaned as a child?" she asked.

"I have given it minor thought I suppose. I was told my mother died shortly after my birth."

Miss Orion smiled, rather strangely given that I had not stated anything especially humourous.

"I knew her, and you, when you were very young. She was very beautiful, just as you are, Mary Ann."

I did not answer her words, instead letting my eyes wander over her figure curiously.

"You enjoy examining me, my dear, am I attractive in your eyes?" she inquired, narrowing her gaze slyly. My memory grasped her words.

I looked to her side. "I noted that many men would find you so..."

She quickly returned, "But what do You see? Do you find beauty in my physical appearance, affectionately so to speak?"

"Of course not, how silly of you to ask such a thing."

"I think you're quite beautiful, Mary Ann. Is that silly?"

I began to feel uncomfortable, but strangely calmer than before as I sat with her.

"You said you knew my mother." I returned, hoping to revert the topic to a less sexual oriented one. It felt almost impossible as ever word she spoke seemed to drip with a hidden sensuality.

She took more tea into her mouth.

"Do you know of Greek Mythology, Mary Ann? I could draw a very close parallel with our current situation and one of myth."

"I have limited knowledge of mythology, Miss Orion, but..."

"Well, perhaps I could enlighten you some time in the future, if the weather should permit."

"That would be quite nice but quite impossible, Miss Orion, given the short time we have together in this room."

Her smile returned as she straightened her spectacles and finished her cup.

"As a matter of fact, your very polite housekeeper was nice enough to offer us shelter in this lovely estate for the next few nights. The renowned courtesy of this manor definitely precedes her offer."

"You will be staying then?"

"Unless that is a burden for you, my dear. Would you rather I did not?"

As much as my reason ordered to deny her of any residency in the estate, my manners could not overlook such a pertinent decision. I thought no harm would come from a mere visitor in a fairly well populated estate.

"I would not mind at all, Miss Orion." said I, not entirely true with my words.

"Wonderful," she replied. "I do not have much in the way of luggage so do not worry. I'm sure you will enjoy my stay very much, my dear."

Miss Orion rose from her chair, as did I. My expectance of her to engage in another handshake was shattered when instead she leaned forward and gave me a small hug. I felt as if I wanted to move away but her touch was so soft, so soothing, almost as a feather from a bird as it gently embraced my body. The fragrance of her silky skin was so incredibly pleasant, far beyond the most elegant of perfumes which could be bought in stores. I inhaled without attempting to disguise the sound and I could imagine her smiling as I did so. I waited for her to step back from her embrace, though I hoped it would continue for much longer, and once she did I gazed upon her attire once more and found it more beautiful than it had been following my first impression. Almost affectionately, as she had asked moments earlier where I had quickly denied it. I felt like saying she was indeed attractive, but remained silent.

"When...when shall we speak again?" I asked, not entirely sure why my words were so incredibly blatant as to express my desire to see her again so quickly.

"Mmm...after I have brought in all of my things perhaps." she said, softly as she had with her introduction. The chills were replaced with a soothing relaxation.

"I will help if you'd like, Selina..."


The newly arrived houseguests were to be sheltered in two of the various guestrooms which lied next to my chambers on the second floor of the estate. After I had assisted Alice and Margo with her bags, which we carried into the room across the hall from mine, I sat to rest with the two girls in Selina's temporary accommodations.

Alice could be easily seen as a cheerful and energetic girl, near my age if not a year or so younger, and with a very strange look in her eye. I stood setting Miss Orion's luggage against the wall as she and Margo sat on the bed together. Alice seemed content on tugging at her attire which appeared to irritate her somehow, while Margo looked down into her lap and then back at me, repeatedly.

"You are very lucky." Alice stated, untucking her t-shirt from her jeans casually.

"I am?" said I.

"Yes, Selina is a wonderful woman and I love her with all of my heart."

"How did you come to meet her, may I ask?"

Alice ran a hand through her long, black locks. "She found me, she rescued me, and is teaching me of a new way of existence. It is the most beautiful gift one could ever receive."

I watched as Alice made her way closer to Margo on the bed.

"And did Margo share this same beautiful deliverance with you?" I inquired, trying not to gaze upon the one I spoke of as she stared at me with a mischievous smile.

"No," she answered. "But I imagine that her's was just as wonderful, it could be no other way."

I stood looking directly at Alice, distancing my perception from her partner who now looked to be fidgeting with the button on her jeans.

"I suppose it would not be of much use to tell your mother that I am not interested in what she has to offer." I uttered, maintaining a fair dignity.

Alice puzzled. "Why would you want to do that?"

She then turned her attention to Margo, placing her hand in her lap to assist with the task which was now revealed to be the removal of her jeans. Quite overwhelmed with the compromising sight, I felt along the wall casually until I reached the portal and left the chamber abruptly.

I noticed a number of the other maids and housekeepers leaving down the stairs and abandoning their daily tasks. I quickly thought to ask them of their motives but was interrupted by Tess who came from the library into my view.

"Tess, why are the other housekeepers leaving the estate?" I asked.

"Ahh, I have given them a small repose from their duties for the next few days, Miss Ann. I will be stayin' though so don't worry."

"Worry...of course not, what reason would I have to worry?" I stated, concealing my uneasiness which now pulsed through my thoughts. I thought to inform Tess of the actions which were surely taking place within the closed doors at my back, but strayed away in fear of how much further they might have gone with their engagements. The feeling of sanctity that I felt within the estate was quickly fading away in favour of a new dark, foreboding sense in the quiet halls. "Where does Miss Orion reside at this time, Tess?"

"She sits in the library, Miss Ann, perhaps you should go to her."

"Perhaps I should not." said I, rather harshly.

I looked hard upon Tess as I spoke, again absolute with my words. I felt her expression in my thoughts answer to my demands, though I could not fully explain the feeling that I received from her. It felt as if I had affirmed my words without speaking, and without objection Tess had capitulated.

"Very well, Miss Ann." she said, cheerfully, though the mood did not seem appropriate for her to do so.

I waited for Tess to return to her task, patiently. After a long moment passed she still had not moved but instead looked upon me, as I was still deep in thought. I shook my head, as if to clear it for meditation, leaving behind any thoughts which dwelled around Tess' present actions. She, almost simultaneously, imitated my actions for an instant and quickly returned to her duties without hesitation. It seemed that I could not talk to Tess even simply now without something unnatural or strange occurring. I began to feel frustrated as I retreated to my own chambers.

I sat on the bed and waited, exploring my thoughts and hoping to discover some legitimate answers to the multitude of questions which had now been raised as a result of a single newcomer to the estate. How did she have such an influence over the housekeepers, enough to spur their departure within an hours time of her arrival? What was her intention for coming such a great distance only to meet my humble, unimportant acquaintance? Why did she seem so soft and inviting as we embraced, when it was clear that she was one not to be trusted so quickly and readily? So many questions left unanswered. I held my head with both hands and lied back, hoping to rid myself of the frustrating riddle of Selina Orion's presence. After a short time I successfully fell into a shallow sleep.


After hours had passed, I rose from my bed and gazed around the room. The light which had shone through the windows from the morning sun no longer existed and the room was shrouded nearly in complete darkness. One would think that the stage was set for the dark unknown to invade the doors of the estate, if it were not already to be found within the walls. I sought for a light, leaning from the bed to open the curtains. As they parted I looked to see the stars which shone flawlessly in the sky, bright as they had been on previous nights if not more defined.

As I gazed, there came a calm knock upon my chamber door. I turned, hoping to discover a soul to whisper and converse with about the stars. I felt strange in my attire, as if I were at rest though still lively. The door remained closed.

"Who knocks at my door?" I asked.

"It is Selina, my dear. May I enter?" she spoke, very calmly.

I waited for a moment. "If I were to decline, would you accept my decision?"

"Of course I would, my dear, if that is what you wished."

Again her tone seemed very soothing and inviting, making it nearly impossible to disrespect her polite request to enter my chambers.

"You may enter." I stated, not regretful of my words strangely. It was not common for many to enter my chambers at night, not even Tess, who would usually retire to her own quarters each night long after I was asleep.

The door slowly opened, with almost no sound, and Selina stood there with her hands at her sides, smiling. She stood with her feet together, as would the statue of a guardian or goddess at the entrance to a temple, maintaining a meticulous balance on the wooden floor. Without the presence of any true lighting, her eyes seemed as voids, empty darkness until she stepped into the faint twilight of the stars.

"Did you dream well, my dear?" she asked.

"It is difficult now to distinguish, I'm afraid. My questions rival any possibility of peace while I am at rest." said I.

"For some, such would be a blessing not to distinguish between fantasy and reality."

"I have yet to share such a blessing." I returned, looking into her eyes for a moment, but only a moment.

She approached my bed, silent with her steps in her elegant black heels.

"May I sit?" she asked, politely.

It seemed that Selina held a deep admiration and respect for me, showing it with her requests before moving closer to me. It contrasted with the strange leave of the housekeepers and decision to stay without my approval first. I felt a quiet balance between the two sides somehow.

"You may." I stated, returning to the stars.

She sat down beside me, within my reach but slightly away so that we did not contact each other. My previous personal boundaries had been shattered with our conversation in the drawing room so such an action was not uncommon to me when she did so again.

"You do this often," she said. "watching the night sky, yes?"

"It is relaxing." I replied.

"To gaze upon beauty has always been the greatest method of relaxation, I agree. And I feel very relaxed in your presence, my dear."

I felt like shifting my position on the bed to move farther away, but decided not to, letting my apathy get the best of me.

"Why do you say such things to me? I don't understand." I stated, looking at my feet.

"Is it wrong to be pleased by one's beauty? Are you not used to compliments, Mary Ann?" she inquired.

"I have never been pursued so strenuously, by neither man nor woman, and it is strange to be experiencing it at your hands. From one so..."

"Do you remember your dream, Mary Ann, the one you had last night?" she asked, running her hand across her lap with soothing care.

"Yes, I do. You were in it, as was Tess. I remember now. You found pleasure in both her's and my malaise."

"Is that why you believe I have come, to enslave you?"

"What else would you require me for, I have seen what you have done to your supposed 'children', sorceress."

"Sorceress...the gratification of a sadist, predatory enslavements, bimboization so to speak." she said, smiling tenderly. She spoke each word with a subtle sense of contempt, as if such descriptions could only serve to shallow her and define her incorrectly. "Is that why I have come, do you wonder?"

"I believe it to be so." said I, looking up at her now.

"Such could be remedied if I saw it fit to do so."

I moved myself partially away, hoping to further increase the distance between us. Whether her words were intended to be a threat or perhaps an insight into her true intentions was a mystery

"How do you justify your actions towards those you control? How do you live with yourself, sorceress?"

Her smile was not phased.

"Justification...we need not live by such shackling words. My intentions are meant for nothing more than to aid those in my service, to allow them true happiness and not a life of suffering in any way. Do good deeds require justification?"

"You see the depersonalization of others to be a good deed?" I asked, sharply.

"You have spoken to Alice, and you have heard from Margo. Do they seem as two beings who have been deprived of individual identities, my dear?"

"I suppose...I...mean to say that they both possess an unnatural desire to be at your side, or rather at your feet."

"To live in misery and discontent would be your preference then, Mary Ann?" Selina inquired.

"To live with one's own consensual decisions, in the absence of such a controlling torture, is more valuable than one's contentedness, I believe." said I.

"Many would have you believe the reality of such a control is indeed one of passive agony, pathic manipulation, and humiliation. It could not be more far from the truth, my dear. For those under our care there is only passion, affection and endless happiness, never torture." Selina said. She stared directly at me for a moment, so very soft with her words. "There can be no light without the darkness.

"I do not agree." I retorted.

Selina smiled, still soft with her words.

"You are quite belligerent, my dear."

"When my intentions are carried by morality, I do not give up, sorceress."

"But you have yet to experience what I have to offer, my dear." Selina stated, regaining her position near me. "To grow beyond morality, justification, all the definitions which would be placed on those such as us who are gifted."

"I cannot foresee such a conclusion."

"Then perhaps I can aid your sight in this matter." said she.


She turned to the window once more. "You said you enjoyed gazing at the night sky, Mary Ann. Do you know what I see out there?"

"No, I do not." I replied.

"There is a special constellation in the sky which has a quaint tale attached to it..."

I looked to where Selina directed, at a star which shone dimly among the others around it; the same star which I had focused on nights earlier.

"Her name is Merope, the last of the stars in the Pleiades constellation." Selina said, softly. I was amazed at how much knowledge she seemed to derive from my interests when none had been interested or intelligent enough to wish to gaze with me. "Merope, as well as the other stars were once said to be beautiful Greek nymphs in ancient Greece. She was exiled away from home in order to protect her from one who supposedly lusted after see that constellation near them?"

She pointed to a single star, the same star which I had asked of Tess.

"Orion..." I answered, in a whisper.

"Precisely, my dear."

"Then you are..."

The door began to creak as Selina intruded upon my words, softly. "To gaze upon the twilight sky brings you joy, as in a dream. Have you ever dreamt so well that you did not wish to wake, Mary Ann? Do you remember the feeling...the absolute joy of the experience? What if you were offered this existence for all eternity?"

I turned to the door which casually opened, allowing a figure to enter. The room's dark shroud made it difficult to see who it was, but the long frock was a enough for an accurate inference.

"Why, look who has come to see you, Mary Ann; Your lovely housekeeper." Selina stated, closing her eyes now.

I gazed back and forth between the two, watching their expressions become the same, and then hearing them speak the same words simultaneously as if one were dictating a speech through the other.

"Mary Ann, you look wonderful this evening." they both said, though Tess' voice held much more volume in the large chamber.

Selina turned towards Tess and opened her eyes, sliding her hand across the white bed sheets as a snake would if it were slowly stalking it's prey.

"She is very excited to see you, Mary Ann. Would you like her to show you how excited she is?" she asked, calmly.

I felt the soothing darkness tempt each pore of my thoughts, urging my surrender to it's outlandish seduction, as a heavy narcotic would with it's victim. I beheld Tess before me, approaching, lascivious, incoherent and ravenous. Would it have been a dream I would have wished to wake with all of my heart, but it would be a fruitless effort as too much time had been muddled away unknowingly lulling the predator further into my being. I cursed myself for not denying her access when I could have even moments earlier. I felt my breathing slowly increasing with fright, and a contempt for the unknown that the snake in woman's clothing was sure to offer.

Selina withdrew a syringe from her breast pocket.

"I can aid your further relaxation, my dear." she whispered, testing it's pressure slightly.

I jumped from the bed, and fell back against the glass of the window, hoping for it to open. Tess sat on the other side of the bed and laid herself out, softly. To run would have been impossible as I would either have had to pass the temptress with her armament or cross the bed which held a quiet but severely energetic helot.

"Don't do this, let us go and leave, I want you to leave." I said, swiftly. My heart pulsed quickly, almost too quickly.

"That wouldn't be very polite I think. Why, Mary Ann, was it not only moments ago that you gladly beheld my presence at your side? You even were kind enough to carry my things up the stairs following my arrival if I recall. You don't wish to deny that wish you have always wished for inwardly, do you, my dear?"

"I..." I could not answer intelligently.

"It must be very dark in here for you, my dear," she said. "Perhaps the light of a candle would better suit our collocution so to speak."

The door opened once more, allowing two figures clothed in matching silk garments to enter. One carried a candle in her pale fingers. The darkness made the two seem as one, as twins. I could not distinguish them until one spoke in English.

"Would you like some assistance with your new patient this evening, mistress Jade?" the voice stated. It was distant, just as Tess sounded though seemingly under no influence. I hoped that she had not yet reached that point.

"Perhaps, child, it is all up to our beautiful Mary Ann here. Place the candle near the bed and light it for us."

"You are not Orion," I stated. "You deceived me, sorceress."

"No, my dear, I did not deceive you." she replied, letting her smile grow as she placed the syringe at her side. "I never told you that my name was Orion, nor did I ever tell you to address me by that name. Your housekeeper introduced me by that name and I merely went along with her words. It is strange that you don't remember telling her to do so. You do remember that star you noticed but were disappointed to learn that your housekeeper was not familiar with it, yes? Perhaps you were looking to educate her by putting such astronomical information on her mind. It is within our power to educate, my dear."

"Don't attempt to confuse me, it will not bring you what you desire, sorceress."

"And what do I desire? Hmm? Define me once more, Mary Ann, if that will ease your wonderful mind."

I did not answer her words. She waited for a moment until after it was clear I had no intention of speaking.

"You cannot deny your gift, my dear. It calls to you, it grows, and you have merely begun to experience all it has to offer. I wish only for you to become all that is within your reach. I can aid you, and in doing so you will save your beloved housekeeper if that is the reason you digress."

"What do you offer?" I inquired, quietly.

Selina did not look at her servants but made a small gesture. The one who had spoken English raised the lit candle with one hand and held out the other with her palm open just over Tess who lied back, oblivious. She gently tipped the candle, allowing a small drop of searing wax to land in her palm. Alice cringed for a moment from the sensation, then moaned in approval as if the feeling were beyond pleasure to her being.

"All that you have ever dreamed of. To find pleasure in the most sacred of places, to live with the wonderful gift you have been given, to protect others and bring happiness to their lives as well as be at my side."

I finally allowed a small leeway of the sorceress' offer to fill my thoughts, only for my loving Tess' protection, remembering how she cared for me even when I was not yet dangerously near the edge of the cliff which I was sure to plummet into now without her companionship. To save her I would endure the sorceress charms in hopes that they could be overcome with courage and perseverance. I knew though that such was to be an unattainable outcome; too many had fallen and too many had doubted the power which now hung over me, waiting to be embraced. If it meant the safety of the one who I loved, I would travel to the darkness and remain, but I would never be known as one who willingly fell before the dark matron.

"I will not run, sorceress, if you release Tess from her captivity and stay from bringing her into your service." said I.

"Such was never my intention from the beginning, my dear. I am so happy for you." she whispered, gesturing for the candle to be placed back on it's stand. The two vassals retreated to the door and curtseyed politely. "Wait for us in the library, child. I believe I saw a very nice piano which you might enjoy practicing on."

The two silently removed themselves from my chambers and closed the door, leaving Tess lying on my sheets.

"And what of Tess," I asked. "Did you not say she would be free of your authority, sorceress?"

Selina smiled her sly smile. "She will rest for now, until we require her services I suppose."

"Do not harm her...please." I conceded.

"Of course not, my dear." she whispered, placing her hand on the bed to draw me to it's place.

I felt a heightened sense of anxiety attack my senses, warning of the edge I was approaching and preparing to look into. Where I had been rescued before, I realized that without the same protection I granted for Tess, I would face the fall alone. It called to me. Tess, the oblivious helot, called to me in an all too familiar voice from my dream. A dream which now revived itself in my memory, reminding me of the exquisite pleasures of an existence at Selina's side. I strained to remove myself from the sensations, though they continued to close in on me as would a collapsing room.

" not want what you have to offer." I pronounced, almost without volume.

Her smile returned to a soft one, the same smile which had felt so soothing along with her first touch so close to my skin; the divine exhilaration from merely a tender hug from Selina which had felt so tempting and overwhelming to one who had lived without the love of a true family since her birth.

"Sit, my dear, it is very soft...very comfortable. I'm sure you must be exhausted..."

Upon her words I struggled to maintain balance, placing one hand on the bed near her but not falling to the covers. I imagined myself at her knees, what would become of me if I fell before her.

"No." I thought to myself, disregarding the notion that even my thoughts could not be masked from Selina's intuition. To have one's thoughts invaded would seemingly be an undesirable act, but her presence was even more soothing in mind than it was in physical form. The calmness of her being in person was reflected many times over in thought, showing her precision, her calm happiness and seductive tendencies which she utilized on her prey.

"Sit, Mary Ann. You no longer have to place yourself at the lowest table in society. Do not deny yourself of that special gift you possess, do not confine yourself to the ottoman when you deserve nothing less than a throne."

"A throne..." I recited, easing my expression partially.

"Yes, my dear, now rest next to me." she breathed, faintly.

I sat next to Selina, hesitantly at first until the soft feeling of her presence so close to my body returned, just as it had in my dream but at much greater magnification. Her inviting scent filled my nostrils as would the most culminating feast or enticing perfume, soothing my body which she had weakened with mere words. It allowed my thoughts to become free, to roam as hers could throughout a grand area. I quickly felt the presence of the other two beings as they sat together in the darkened library, giggling and happy and perfect, their thoughts as unique as the stars though both dwelling upon the same absolute affection for one. Then, as easily as I read Alice and Margo, I understood Tess. A grip had been temporarily placed on her being, but my wish that she had not yet fully transformed into one of Selina's children was still apparent.

My thoughts continued to search through Tess' as Selina watched on, still able to maintain her hold but also able to browse freely as I could. Her mastery of what she called our gift was astonishing. Where I could not even speak or perform physically while in such concentration, Selina was free to move, speak and act as would a common human being. That word in itself seemed not to accurately describe what she was.

I struggled to maintain my concentration, lost in the intrigue of a new found ability so foreign and astonishing it could not be denied. I questioned what would become of a person's morals and life if she were to have had such an ability at a younger age. But, who could have the strength to abandon something so significant as a limb on one's body when first ascertained it's use?

Selina's presence inched closer, as I imagined it slightly. My ears waited for the sound of the bed sheets, signifying her movement closer to me as I sat motionless. Her hand met my side, soft and quiet so as not to disturb my concentration. I thought it at first to be a violation, something to which I would normally of objected, but instead her touch was pleasant and made with the most tender of care. Every sound in the room including the breathing of Selina, Tess, and myself had become intensified in my new state of concentration. Selina opened her mouth to speak, as I heard her lips part very clearly.

"You are doing wonderful, my darling, focus on your housekeeper while I assist you." she said aloud, choosing a more conventional means of communication from what could be established now. I thought it a part of her being to have at least some natural formalities remain as they were. Selina showed with her actions that she did not fully consider herself superior to those she disciplined.

A faint poke, but one much met with sensation from my heightened awareness...I gasped at once, losing Tess as she lied open to examination. I looked to Selina as she withdrew her syringe, now empty of it's contents.

"What have I..."

"Something to aid in your lessons, and to ease your body further into relaxation. It also contains a substance which can aid you with your concentration. Most would be nursed on this formula until their strength could be established. Do not worry, my dear." she said, soothing with her words.

Her other hand remained upon my side, neither moving nor retreating. It seemed as if she were taking an imaginary pulse, though I knew nothing of the sort could be determined from that point.

"It feels...pleasant." I pronounced, narrowing my eyes.

Selina noticed that I had become shaky, wobbling to and fro slightly as a tree caught in the changing winds. She held out her other hand as if to offer it.

"Lie your head in my lap, my dear."

I felt for a sense of force to follow her words. None was present. It was my decision, and I let a faint smile appear on my lips as I lowered my head slowly.

I expected an eerie coldness to her being, but instead her body radiated an indulging heat. I turned to look up at the one who held me so gently, with so much care that I had never known before her entrance into my life. Her head became tilted softly, as if to admire the sight of a newborn child resting in her tempered embrace.

I let my eyes rest partially open, reflecting on her past words.

"You enjoy examining me, Selina, am I attractive in your eyes?"

She held her hand next to my ear, tenderly.

"Much to my delight, you are angelic in appearance just as I imagined you to be so, Mary Ann."

"And you to me, as it was first discovered in my dreams." said I.

"Thank you, my darling, your words are soft upon my heart, which has always held a special place for you."

I waited, smiling my smile, not the one of a drone's.

"Indeed." I whispered.

Selina moved her hand from my ear to the base of my chin, then my neck. I had anticipated her actions readily until this point.

"Selina, wait..." I said, faintly. "I cannot."

"Oh, my darling, do not fear what your body desires. It is the most beautiful and mutual endearment between two who care for each other so much. You will enjoy it more than you can possibly imagine, if you give yourself into it, my dear." she spoke, soft with her words.

"You would never do me any harm, Selina?" I whispered.

"With the most tender of care, no." she replied.

I mouthed silent words, trying to answer but remained quiet upon her. Selina reached out her free hand and took mine into it, comforting her further movements which followed from the hand which now held itself over my chest.


Upon realization of her touch upon my clothes, I sighed, caught in the bewilderment that such a physical action had on my body. To delve so quickly into a deeper intimacy with another being, especially another woman, was a dazzling experience to behold. I questioned what the appropriate response to her touch would be, having never been regarded with such affectionate feelings in my lifetime.

"You don't have to speak, darling, just relax and enjoy this new experience." Selina stated, looking upon me with her bewildering eyes.

Her hand withdrew from mine for a moment and reached behind my hair, unclasping a button which had held my attire firmly against my neck. I felt the growing intensity pulse through my body, unsure if my actions were of shock or arousal towards Selina's touch.

After a moment her hand reached my bare neck, seizing any thoughts of retreat from her approach as the sensations coursed through my shaking body.

"So soft, so pure..." Selina whispered.

Upon her words, Selina shifted her hands to my shoulders, ready to disrobe my frock further. As when I had first encountered her intentions earlier, I began to breathe quickly.

"No more...I...I cannot."

" dear, just rest and embrace this wonderful experience." Selina answered, softly. Her hands pulled the frock down to my clavicle. Selina gazed with wonder at my soft, clear skin, enthralled to continue. "Let yourself become free...With each touch...the sensation, the anticipation, the wonder of the darkness and the unknown..."

At long last, the moment Selina had anticipated upon her first arrival in my life had been granted. My bare breasts laid before her, moving quick and rhythmically with each passing breath which began to change from an erratic pace to one much calmer. I sighed as the cool air of my chambers poured over my bare skin, aided only by the heat of the single candle which stood lit across the sheets. It's light resulted in a dark silhouette upon my breasts, shining one in the light and the other in darkness.

Selina brought her hand to the small extension of my nipple, running a single finger across my flesh which encircled it with the slightest touch. Between my legs, a sensation which I had, until now, only dreamed up became wonderfully apparent. I thought at first that I had perhaps wet myself, though I knew it not to be true. The feeling was beyond comprehension and it seemed to grow with Selina's continued touch upon my chest. I lifted my fingers to meet hers.

"I feel...strange, Selina." I sighed, unaware of why such a feeling had come over me. With her actions I thought to aid their effects with my own, but was frightened to do so.

"It is your first experience of physical pleasure, my dear, embrace it so. You do not have to inhibit your desires in my presence, darling."

"Between my legs...I..."

"Yes, my dear. The epicenter of the greatest passion we can endure. It calls to us, do you feel it?"

" never before." I whispered.

"Let us both see and learn, darling." Selina returned, running her hand through my flowing hair which seemed darker in the shimmering light. My hand reached for the bed's edge to gain support. "Stand for a moment and let us get these clothes from your warm body."

My head raised from her lap, looking out the window which still allowed the twilight to shine into the darkened room. Of all the constellations in the sky I believed one to be the most beautiful of all at that time; the moon. I knew it had always been there, though it would sometimes hide itself from view. It had watched over me as I grew, silent and attentive, and it seemed that only now it had been so noticeable in the sky. Just like Selina...

I turned to see her sitting silently in place, hands in her lap where my head had lied, smiling at me through eyes which could easily have pierced the heart but instead had chosen to teach and comfort. I enjoyed her eyes upon me as I reached with my hands to the top of my frock which rested just below my breast and began to slide it down my stomach, slowly. At my navel I hesitated, looking down at my own figure which was described as angelic. To be averse to one's own physical appearance was natural, as it ensured a sense of humility and self-abasement. I now looked upon myself and saw the body of one who was indeed perfect, disregarding any of society's views that such would be an act of arrogance, of pride. "Society did not hold Selina down," I thought to myself. "so why should it do so for me?"

"You are perfect, Mary Ann." Selina exclaimed, aware of my reflection.

"I believe you...Selina."

My grip released from the frock, allowing it to fall to my feet as a final shedding of any past meekness which I had been taught to live by. At my inner thigh a wetness had developed, warm and trickling. The last of my undergarments was the barrier between the blissful seduction of the dark and wonderful matron and the throbbing flesh of my vagina. Selina never gazed upon the area which swelled with a damp heat, showing the patience of a true lover and companion. I was the first to look down, lost in awe as I beheld how wet I had become.

"Oh, my darling, you are beyond words." Selina whispered.

It seemed we were both caught up in an endless barrage of compliments and affections for each other, as it added so much more pleasure to the moment which continued at such a perfect pace. My hand slid from my stomach, down past my glistening skin which shone in the candlelight on one side and the moonlight in the other, until it reached the top of my undergarment. It slipped inside slowly, as if for the first time and met with the source of all my pleasure and heat. I felt as if I had been set alight with the fires of bliss. My knees trembled and seemingly melted as I exclaimed the passion which being touched brought upon me.


I fell forwards into her arms, which caught me with the tenderness of a pillow. She and I both stood, allowing a space to be made on the bed for me to rest. I sat on the edge of the bed and rested my head back, allowing my legs to dangle from the bed before her. Selina reached for my stomach, placing her hands upon me and tracing them down my body. I raised my hands above my head and whimpered softly, feeling her fingers slip inside my undergarments and grip them. As they came off I closed my eyes to concentrate on the absolute ecstasy of the warm air upon my vagina as it soon became bare before her. The aroma which had been concealed beneath my attire was allowed to bloom fully, reaching both Selina's and my senses within an instant, and reminding us both of the purity of my being.

Completely bare before her, I writhed as a moaning creature would do, begging for her touch upon my chaste body as never before. Selina's hand returned from the floor where she had left my undergarment and placed in upon my knee, placing the other upon her own breast as if to behold something startling. My body perspired for her, dampening my skin which lied so inviting for her further embrace. Her hand slithered from my knee to my thigh, with a fragile pace enough to draw a quiet moan from my lips. Soon, the wetness which I had seen and described met with her fingers which bathed in the liquid and drew ever closer to it's origin.

"A mere glimpse at the pleasure which can be yours eternally, shall come with this touch." she said, so softly.

As softly as her first touch upon my vagina, as she met it with her gentle fingers and turned to soak in more of the wondrous fluids which poured from my opening as an invitation to her entrance inside my body. My hips moved from side to side, hoping to inch her fingers deeper into my flesh, yearning for more of Selina's touch.

She slid her fingers higher, past my opening until she reached an area just past my labia, near what could be seen as a small hood at the anterior of my vulva. As her finger crossed over it I felt a huge pressure ignite within my hips, pulsating with each passing second of her touch. Selina allowed her fingers to pass in circles around my small orifice until my clitoris became swelled with the excitement of her angelic movements. Her fingers slid around my small bud as it quickly became erect and wet along with the rest of my body. Selina pushed against it with each pass, increasing my secretions which now slid from my inner thighs to the sheets before her. I felt as if I were going to pass out from the unimaginable pleasure, as it grew larger.

"Please...I...yearn for more..." I whimpered, restraining my hands from moving towards the pulsating flesh of my vagina.

"And you shall receive, my darling." Selina imparted, resting her mind solely on the attainment of my sexual desires.

To have thought rationally at such a moment of intense pleasure would have been a daunting task to any, as it was apparent for me as I continued to moan for Selina. I thought that perhaps a hasty penetration into my being both physically and mentally had been her goal, though both were spared in her actions. A gesture of her genuine caring perhaps, and of a gentleness not thought to be present in the darkness of her spirit.

I held myself with both hands, embracing my breasts with one and my stomach with the other. Selina's actions remained constant, tracing a sensual motion from the very focus of my delight to the base of my opening. As one's hips would shake while astride a horse, mine did so to further elevate the matron's impact on my growing desire. Selina seemed delighted that one so inexperienced could learn so quickly. Delighted but not surprised, as she had seen the same results with my gift.

"I cannot endure much...more, Sel...Selina. Ohhhhhhh..."

Selina raised her other hand above me, offering it to hold. I embraced it quickly and gripped it very tightly, letting my loudest cries remain inward as her fingers slid back and forth across my clitoris as the focal point now. My legs remained pointed as did my toes, clenching the blissful feeling for the longest moment. With each breath I wished to express in words the emotions that were borne as a result of Selina's movements across my vagina. A sense of vulnerability approached, knowing that I would undeniably allow her access to the highest levels of pleasure my body could achieve. Having not held the expectancy that my virtue would be offered to anyone else but my true love, I managed a final gaze upon Selina, hoping to prove that such was to be.

"Can I love you?" I thought to myself.

"With more than words can express, just as with the passion you feel, you can love. I care for you with all of my being and I have loved you since the moment we met, my darling." Selina whispered.

It seemed a kindred understanding of our affections was shared by us both, though in high contrast. The dark could love the light, as none could exist without the other. So it would be with Selina and I, I thought.

Such a feeling felt more overpowering than any of sexuality's greatest gifts, though they had become combined into one. The word continued beating in my head, as frequently as my pulse, and it was heard by the one who I now shared it with.

With my body empowered by this new happiness, I released all doubts that I once had concerning the intentions of my kindred. I held Selina's hand with a crushing grip as she ran her fingers across the slick surface of my vagina one last time. Across my labia, which bathed in my flowing lubrication, then up as far as the beginning of where my pubic hair began, wetting it further. I lifted my back from the soaked bed sheets, resting my weight entirely on my shoulders now while struggling to position my feet firmly. With a final inhalation which took in the musk which all feminine desire had to offer, Selina spoke a final sentence as she returned her fingers to the small hood which housed my swelled clitoris and fulfilled her promise of experiencing the greatest physical bliss possible by a woman.

"Embrace the darkness, my darling."

With the passing of Selina's final touch, an eruption began which sprouted from the very heart of my being to the whole of my body. I held onto my kindred to the point that one could have drawn had my nails been long enough. My legs shook with an uncontrollable speed, hoping to overcome the feeling of what Selina's touch provided. I beheld my orgasm with such bewilderment that I could not help but wail, releasing my passion in the form of earth-shattering breaths of excitement which echoed through the vast interior of the estate. I rued the previous thoughts I had held for what my kindred had to offer, and how I thought it to be undesirable in the stead of a quiet, humble existence. If such that Selina offered was to be called perfection, no other word suited the marvelous existence which was set forth before me. And, with my body completely bare and open to her, I accepted her life.


Minutes passed, perhaps hours, and all remained silent. The sound of my quickened breathing remained dominant over both Selina's and Tess', who I had forgotten to be lying so near me entirely. Selina withdrew her hand from my weakened grip and slid it across my perspiring skin, passing onto my stomach as well as my legs. Her other hand lied between my legs still, soaking in my thick fluids as if to be cleansing. Indeed, in Selina's mind the liquid was precious enough for her actions to be considered so. And the sound of her fingers sliding against each other was as soothing as the tides of the ocean.

The word continued to pound deep within my spirit, affirming itself many times over regardless of the promise made. It's importance was far beyond what other's would hold for it's meaning. I felt only one other who understood it as I did. And, as I thought about it, the word became the first I spoke after so long a period of silence before her.

"Love..." I pronounced, helplessly.

Selina smiled her perfect smile, showing her same flawless beauty though I easily recognized it now.

"Love," she repeated, softly. "Love...bittersweet, irrepressible...loosens my limbs and I tremble."


"Yes, my darling, that is wonderful of you." she replied, enthralled with my knowledge as a newborn equal in her eyes. Selina sat just next to my legs, which rested near the edge of the bed. The blue twilight shone elegantly on her ebony hair, shimmering as did the stars on the clear and fair night.

"Why do your eyes remain in darkness, Selina? They seem so empty and yet full of life upon second glance."

I focused on them for a moment. As calm as staring out over the endless shoreline of the ocean was, to gaze into Selina's eyes was indescribable. Her flowing black lashes surrounded the darkness and seemingly blended with her pupils in one absolute hue. Gazing, leering, it felt almost as an aphrodisiac. My eye lids faltered, near the point of a blissful paralysis.

Selina softened her gaze, looking near my chest and away from my eyes.

"I suppose they are an inherited gift from birth; both a blessing and an impedition." she answered.

"How, Selina?" I inquired.

"Someone once said that my eyes were created from the waters of Lethe, a mythological river." she explained.

"They are very beautiful, Selina. They make you who you are." said I.

"Thank you, my dear," she replied, softly. "Having not gazed upon another for so much longer than a few moments, your words are a soft comfort to behold."

"And with my eyes I see the true Selina, an elegant and loving being who cares for those at her side and those in her service."

"You see with a clarity more distinct than almost any I have known, Mary Ann." she responded.

"And I wish to see as you do, Selina, if you are willing to teach."

To see Selina smile fully was the most radiant sight one could behold as it held so much insight and emotion. Beneath her expression a subtle gesture of many feelings could be observed; caring, affection, mystery, seduction, and so much more. It seemed that the more I learned of Selina's features, the more ways one could lose herself in their sublimity were revealed.

After a time spent in silence, Selina rose from the bed and waited.

"Come then, my dear, there is much that I have to show you."

She drew her hand forth as an aid, as a symbolic gesture of my rise into a new existence by her side. I took her fingers and rose, oblivious to my appearance as it was before her at the moment.

"Where shall we go, Selina?"

"To the library, my dear, our two children await. Would you prefer to dress first?"

"The air is pleasant on my bare skin, it reminds me of the balcony in many ways. I will dress in my nightgown though." said I.

"As you wish, my dear," she replied. "And what of your housekeeper? I impart her fate into your hands as was your desire."

I attempted a recollection of my reasons for wishing to deny Tess of any contact with Selina. I felt that my previous decision had been made in a blind haste, based on preconceived notions and fears that Selina had hoped would not arise. To reinforce what she did not wish for would have been more than discourteous, I thought. And as I looked upon the unconscious figure of my housekeeper, I revised what I had now established to be a foolish wish.

"She will attend as well, under my safety." I stated.

My words were firm, linked with the identical thought in my head, and my wish was granted. Tess opened her eyes, blinked twice, and stood from the bed before brushing her plain apron of any dust and filth as she would very commonly.

"As you wish, my dear." Selina uttered.

I paused for a moment.

"I have done this?" I asked, unknown to my own achievements.

"Yes, Mary Ann, you have. Your gift is very expeditious."

I turned to Tess, walking around the bed until I stood before her. She peered at me, calmly, happily.

"Hello, Tess." I pronounced, softly.

Her expression softened to a small smile and her stance became eased.

"Why, hello to ya too, Miss Ann."

Tess' voice was as pleasant as I had remembered it to be. As in my mind I hoped for her actions to be those of approval to my appearance, so they were. Had I not willed it, it would never have been possible to stand before Tess bare without intense discomfort. I embraced her tightly, gripped by a happiness that was non-existent in my previous life.

"Oh, I'm ever so happy, Tess, and I'm glad to see you're okay."

"And I am glad too, Miss Ann," she answered. "It is quite dark 'ere in your chambers though, I can barely see ya at all."

I quickly noticed that she spoke of the truth. The single candle which had been lit shone dimly and only the stars constituted as the only remaining light of the room. It seemed so natural now to be in the darkness, almost soothing. I blended well with the faded light now, but Tess did not.

"Indeed, it is I suppose. Accompany me to the library then, Tess?" I asked.

"Of course, Miss Ann, I do believe that your houseguests still wait for ya there if I'm not mistakin'."

I puzzled for a moment, turning to Selina who stood in full view of Tess, but seemingly was not regarded at all.

"She only sees what you wish her to see at this moment, my dear; your elegant figure. If you did not want her to see that, it could also be accomplished."

"I suppose I do have much to learn." I exclaimed.

"Shall we to the library now, my dear?" Selina asked.

"Let us go then."

Tess smiled politely and took my hand after I had dressed in my nightgown. We exited my chambers along with Selina who followed behind, slowly and patiently as if to examine us both further. The calm, soothing feel of her presence so near me was as a pillow at the base of my head, cradling my expanding consciousness.


Down the hallway, deeper in the unknown as it was called, and it did call. It called to me, to Selina, to us, almost as a voice. It's feeling seemed reminiscent of a past fantasy, a re-enactment of sorts, though the particulars had already undergone change from what had previously occurred in my dreams.

The same darkness, the same carpet, and soon the same song; Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. My ears grasped the tune quickly, penetrating my memory further. I turned to gaze upon the one who had previously been the musician in my dreams. She continued down the hallway behind us silently, smiling to herself, eyes returned to voids in the darkness without light.

"Familiar, my dear?" she inquired.

Her steps were placed with care, as in a pattern almost, though she did not need to look down to avoid what was at her feet.

Tess seemed to notice something as she walked as well. She remained stranding in a state of natural calmness at my hands. I read her findings quickly, moments before I was subject to them personally. The quiet splash was all too familiar, only this time it held no fright, no disdain, only further curiosity and the will to continue further. Selina allowed herself to abstain from the gore with ease, maintaining a meticulous balance simultaneously. Tess and I continued on, randomly discovering small deposits until we reached the portal to the library.

Selina reached it as I lingered, waiting for my companion to enter at my side. The door opened slowly and at once the new player could be seen seated at the piano with her own companion nearby, listening attentively. A warm fire crackled in the fireplace, only recently lit and full of energy. No other lights shone in the room as the window curtains had been drawn, blacking out the shining stars and the entrance to the balcony, my balcony.

"You may sit over there, Tess." I stated, releasing her hand from mine.

Without hesitation it was so. Tess made her way to a chair near the fireplace, next to the lovely Margo who sat on the ottoman, humming to herself, her back turned to us.

Selina stepped closer, running her hand through my auburn hair, admiring it as it was. I felt that she held an affection for it as it was. She felt no intention of modifying that which she already felt to be perfect, and such was a wonderful flattery upon my spirit.

We approached the piano as it softly played out it's quiet melody from Alice's fingers. She turned to us, smiling as she always would, ever so pleased with the attention it seemed. Alice was all about attention, I read; love and attention from those closest to her. She held great feelings for Selina as well as her companion, Margo. I bathed in the warmth that emanated from her thoughts, open to Selina and I as if they were a novel still being written with each passing moment. The choice to write in it ourselves was apparent, if it were our desire to do so.

"You play very well, my child," Selina noted, taking her hand from my hair and placing it on Alice's shoulder. "Just as I knew you would."

"Thank you, mistress Jade."

I approached Alice myself now, standing next to her as she played. I leaned forward, lowering myself towards her face slowly. With her thoughts came a glorious sense of anticipation which I read so easily, enthralled by the sensuality which swelled in her imagination as a result of mere touch. To feel the sensations of another when such a passion burned in both hearts was an incredible discovery. I allowed my lips to kiss Alice tenderly on the forehead, smiling afterwards as I rose to speak.

"You are beautifully skilled, Alice. All eyes deserve to be on you at this moment." I said, softly, taking on a tone similar to Selina's now.

My compliment met Alice with a striking blow, almost unbearable to her as she seemed to relish it emphatically. Her melody came to a halt as she lowered her head, caught up in a joy which I had awakened so easily.

Selina leaned forward to gaze at Alice's actions.

"You seem to have excited her, my dear, and with mere words. Do you see wonderful your gift is, what it can bring to others?"

"I never dreamed such a gift would be so great to behold. To embrace it for the first time is nearly overwhelming." said I.

"In time you will bring happiness to all you encounter, just as you wished, and your first patients await this happiness here in this very room." Selina answered.

"Then we shall bring them happiness, Selina."

I placed my hand on Alice's shoulder as Selina had.

"Ohhhhh, please fuck me, Mmm..." she moaned.

I smiled. I imagined my smile to be similar to Selina's as Alice met it much as I would have.

"Play this song for me, Alice. It will bring you the pleasure you yearn for." I whispered into her ear.

As before, the book I had made mention of was now penned with a new chapter for Alice, one containing the knowledge of the song which I had heard in my dreams as it was now etched in the fabric of my own memory. It was a collaboration of both mine and Selina's creation, as the fantasy had been conceived by her but populated with elements of my thought as it played out. The song was one of wonder, one of lust even. It brought a soothing sense of relaxation but also an energy for it's listeners. From Alice's fingers it would be played and enjoyed by all, I thought.

"Yes, Mary Ann." Alice answered, quietly.

"Let us further set the stage for our patients, my dear." Selina said, stepping next to me as we turned to the remaining two.

"Margo..." I stated, looking upon her.

"Oui, Mary Ann? Quels sont vos souhaits?" (Yes, Mary Ann? What are your wishes?)

Her thoughts were much simpler than Alice's, and a much more established sense of happiness was present as a result of Selina's aid. I now understood her speech as easily as if it had been spoken in English. I spoke to her thoughts quietly, establishing the stage as Selina called it for our session.

Margo rose from the ottoman, turning first to me and then to Selina, who stood silently. As she acknowledged us both, the deep crimson stain at the sleeves of her garment became apparent in the glow of the fireplace. At once, one who appropriate such a sight to be strange and of concern though Selina seemed pleased somehow. An incoherent method of protecting, I thought, though Selina was indeed fluent in medical practices. The limits were well known, I concluded. It seemed to further project her role as a guardian of her children, never wishing them harm though in the blatant sense one who assume the exact opposite was taking place.

"You seem confused, my dear," Selina noted. "Come to us, Margo. Show us your delight."

She obeyed, coming before us and raising her hands, one of which held an object.

"Does it not bring you pain, Margo?" I inquired.

"Il m'apporte le grand plaisir, Mary Ann. Est-ce que je puis vous en offrir?" (It brings me incredible pleasure, Mary Ann. May I offer you some?)

"Thank you, no." I answered.

"It is a gesture," Selina stated. "With your gift you could remove one's suffering eternally, and replace it with bliss as I have done with my children. A practice of mine, so that you might further learn the extent of our abilities."

"I understand, Selina, but I choose to do so with a song." said I.

"Always the gentle you wish." she answered, seemingly waiting for me to further explore her methods. What was one further curtain into her being? One could always turn back, I thought. Yes, turn back...

Alice began my song, our song. The vast space of the library was filled with the sound of it's notes which played rhythmically as the beating heart of it's performer. In an instant Margo fell before Selina and I, writhing happily as she reached for herself. I looked down upon her and saw myself as I had appeared in my dream. I bent to my knees and held Margo's wrist in my hands, tightly, happy for her but also protective as I had always known myself to be inwardly. The fluid was warm against my hands, soothing and inviting as all in Selina's world seemed to be. To resist it when so deep into the grasp of the calling darkness seemed as impossible as a refusal to further explore the gift which Selina offered to develop.

"You see? It cannot be denied, it is even more seductive than another's touch upon your body." Selina whispered. "One cannot turn back..."

Indeed it was true, I now realized. With each further curtain pulled to reveal the level's of Selina's existence, the less one could truly turn away from journeying deeper. Once invited, the darkness could not be dismissed, once experienced, the bliss could not be concluded, and once tasted, the power could not be thrown away ever. Such was to live in a world where reality would seemingly interchange with fantasy, as in a dream. My eyes were opened.

"Go to your companion, Margo, and bring her that same bliss which you now feel." I said, narrowing my gaze slyly.

"You set the stage well, my darling, but what of us?" Selina inquired.

"We'll to the balcony, where our place awaits, our place and the twilight sky."

"And what of your housekeeper?"

My sly expression remained. If one were to have seen my eyes at that point and merely hours ago there would have been no relation. Near the fireplace laid the instrument Margo had used to please herself. I grasped it, allowing her deep fluid to drip on my nightgown slowly.

"We shall offer it to her, to begin her own pleasure with the aid of our nocturne as well. And when your children are completed, they will bring her the physical gratification she so deserves for having cared for me since my arrival to this place."

Selina smiled, placing her hand at her breast as if to gesture her shock. As we approached the window I stood before Tess with the stiletto, smiling for her myself as she listened to our nocturne. It's effects would allow Selina's and my thoughts to be free of instructing our patients for a time enough to consummate our eternal bond which we now seemed to share. At the piano, Margo had rested herself between the legs of her companion who still performed our music, open to receive Margo's touch upon her heated body. And I, with the stiletto cleaned, I began to pleasure Tess as it would seem. She leaned forward slightly, allowing me to part her frock from behind as had been done in my dreams, though I now wielded the instrument which once had been used by Selina in my fantasies. I remembered my ignorance, my defiance against the one I loved, blinded with a countenance still unaware of it's true desires as I removed Tess' clothing from her shoulders.

"A pleasant fantasy turned reality, yes, my dear?"

I did not answer, instead remaining fixed on Tess as I had done so in my dreams. The line between the two existences seemed forever blurred as my life had become more favorable than the most extravagant dream.

Tess hand came into my grasp and, as Selina had promised with my action towards it using her stiletto, her body was released into a pleasant ecstasy. Tess closed her eyes, at first tensed by the piercing feeling but soon realizing it's more propitious consequences. She whimpered to herself, smiling as the sensation arose within her and her body was awakened with bliss.

"I see now the benefits of your practice, Selina, and I feel them through Tess." I said, quietly, still smiling slyly.

I then gazed upon my reflection in the bloodied stiletto as Selina watched. It showed someone who I had never seen before, one of immaculate beauty and cunning, borne into a life befitting the skills she possessed.

"Do you see who is in that reflection, how beautiful and powerful she is, my dear?"

"Indeed I do, and I am very pleased. I see what was always meant to be my true appearance now in the same blood of one which I once wished to protect from you, Selina."

"And what shall become of this new being when we reach the balcony, my darling?" Selina asked, lost in the awe of my new countenance.

"She will bring you further into her life, Selina, as it has been her desire since the moment you entered her existence."

With the growing moans of gratification from our patients, so came the beginnings of my own delight as I walked with Selina to my outdoor haven. The stage was set, the finale awaited.


The return to my most cherished of places in the estate was a wonder to behold, as if to augment an overwhelming sense of happiness with an environment that was already able to bring a sullied occupant relief and sanctity. The same winds which brushed against my skin before my realization moved just as they once did, humming a quiet note against the frame of the estate behind us. And the faint sound of our nocturne remained through the window which Selina closed behind her before taking her place at my side near the railing.

"This is a very peaceful place, my darling, I can see why you love it so."

"As much as I care for this balcony, it could never approach the love which I feel for you, Selina." I pronounced.

She smiled tenderly, as did I. Then we both turned to the sky.

"The moon has always seemed so alone where I come from, it stands alone in the night sky as I did. But here it seems the moon is never alone." Selina said, softly.

"And thus is the same for you here, Selina?" I asked.

She turned to me, her eyes partially closed, her hair shining magnificently in the light.

"The ancient Greeks once believed there to be a great goddess of the moon, my dear. Her name was Artemis, but some called her by a different name; one which I was named after..."

"Selene..." I whispered.

"Yes, my dear."

"I have always considered the moon to be the most beautiful of the stars, and I believe it to be so now with you before me, Selina." said I.

We both stared at each other now, just long enough in each other's eyes that I did not become wearied. Selina lowered her gaze, softly removing them from my own as we approached each other in mutual adoration. Our lips met for the very first time, embracing with a kiss more sensual than I ever could have imagined. As her words and touch seemed warm and soothing, Selina's kiss was so much more inviting to behold. Her taste was beyond heavenly, and the heat of her lips lulled my body further into relaxation. As with her eyes, the sky seemed to grow darker and my consciousness slowly drifted away. I wished for it never to end, as to touch Selina was almost more blissful than being touched myself. Her sensitivity shone through the strength which seemed to encircle her being, and her embrace revealed her truly feminine tenderness for the first time as well. When we parted the stars lit up once more and the darkness surrounding the state seemed more comfortable than before.

When we parted, Selina kept her eyes closed as she let the sensation of my touch course through her wondrous body. My knees began to tremble as I saw her lick her deep red lips slowly, before opening her eyes.

"Dreams hold nothing to the reality of your touch, my darling." she whispered.

"Let's make love, Selina. I have wished for it since I first met you."

My words were soft, loving, just as Selina's would have been had she said the same thing. There was a quiet silence. I felt the heat of my body emanating more powerfully than ever before, and the same from Selina who turned to the furniture which had remained on the balcony since I had first wished for it from my housekeeper. Between my legs the searing desire for Selina's touch, her body, burned as never before. I felt the physical inclinations of my passion form at the moistened opening of my vagina.

We stepped towards the furniture, I in my bare feet and Selina in her silent heels. When we reached the delicate material, Selina placed her hand on my shoulder, smiling softly with a lip colour now matched on my own face.

"Lie down, my darling."

As I did so, Selina reached behind her head, untying the bun which held her hair firmly in place. Her ebony hair fell unhindered almost to her shoulders, just below the length of her lips. It now blew in the calm breeze as mine did, shining in the twilight just as it had in my chambers. I began to remove my nightgown as I lied before her, closing my eyes for moments at a time to see her hands moving to a different position on her body.

Her fingers slid down the white lapels of her attire, slowly coming to where the buttons held her black suit fastened. As the first came loose, so did the material of my nightgown as it slid down from my shoulders. The cool draft of the winds quickly met my bare chest, causing a small gasp to escape from my lips. And between my legs, my flesh awaited the embrace which had been the final sensation before my descent into the darkness. I felt my opening, felt the moist skin surrounding it and the feeling deep within my body which drove me further as I watched Selina disrobe.

Her buttons unfastened, Selina opened her dress suit for the first time. Under it, her white bra appeared, as did her stomach which seemed to glimmer in the twilight. Selina withdrew her arms from her blazer and set it at the edge of the furniture so as not to dirty it on the balcony's vast walkway. Her hands raised to her throat where they stayed for a moment. Selina inhaled, taking in an incredible breath and letting it out just as slowly. Then, with the most gradual pace she ran her fingers down her chest and stomach as if they were another's hands upon her body. I felt as if I were nearly close to an orgasm already, watching her with her eyes closed and her hands upon herself as never before. After an eternity, her hands finally reached the beginning of her breeches.

A soft sigh came from my mouth as Selina opened the single button which held the remainder of her suit at her hips. The loose material which moved in the winds nearly as easily as her locks now slid down her thighs to reveal the last of her matching undergarments. For one who forever appeared authoritative in her formal dress suit Selina could now be seen as the fragile and sensitive woman she truly was. Beneath her dark exterior lied the enchanting reality of her being.

"Your body is more elegant than any goddess." I whispered.

She took in my words with a silent gratitude, choosing instead to answer by approaching to aid in the removal of my nightgown. Selina rested her hands on my arms, just below my shoulders, her eyes narrowed just enough to gaze upon me. Her fingers slid from my arms to my sides where I met her touch with a deep breath. As a result of her embrace and the cool winds I began to tremble slightly, faintly beginning to see my very breath in the night air as Selina held my nightgown and pulled it past my knees and finally to the arm of the furniture. Her body so close to mine was enough to heat us both, and her natural fragrance seemed as a delicate flower's.

My arms opened themselves to her as she lowered herself gently on top of me. It felt as if a cloud had fallen from the sky and met with my skin, Selina felt so light regardless of the fair height difference between us both. Selina rested herself upon me, my legs calmly spread for her, and let her face hover only centimeters from my own. Her skin felt as silk against mine, completely fair and unblemished, exactly as I had imagined. The warm breath which came from her lips met my face at once.

I felt the urge to speak, to voice the affections which burst forth so readily in my thoughts as I beheld her figure so close to me, touching me just as before, but I could not. Selina could feel those same words in my thoughts as easily as if I had already spoken them, and she smiled as she always had. After our moment of silent communication, I freed my hand from under Selina's breast and rested it on her back, just below the clasp of her bra. As I did so, Selina moved her other hand from my arm and lifted herself from my body so that it could rest between my legs. I clenched my fingers as they rested on her posterior, closing my eyes to meet the returning sensation of her fingers upon my vaginal opening for a second time.

"Slowly, Selina...please." I pronounced between breaths.

As much as the sound of her voice would have entranced my body further, Selina remained silent all except for the sound of her breath which remained calm. Her fingers slid back and forth as before, gently massaging both my labia and clitoris which now glistened with my fluids as a result of my growing excitement. I struggled with my own fingers, clenching them with every passing moment then releasing as Selina brought forth the sensations of sexual gratification in my body as only she could. My hand worked at the clasp of her bra slowly, only able to release it after Selina had already begun to awaken the preceding emotions of an oncoming orgasm.

With it's release, Selina's bra loosened at last, and the strap nearest my hand slid off her shoulder easily. Stopped for a moment, she then rose to allow her top to drop from her arms onto my chest where she gently propped it up on the furniture's arm just above my head. Her breasts, now released from any restraint, shone dimly with the night sky's light, perfectly full and nurturing just as she had described of a woman's body.

"Do you like my appearance, my darling?" she asked, speaking finally after what seemed like the longest time.

"You are...perfect, Selina..."

As I gazed upon her beautiful features, Selina rose from her place upon me, appearing to let her head rest among the stars as I looked up at her from the comfort of the furniture. I sat up to momentarily watch her actions, letting my fingers run between my legs at times, uninhibited to bring my body pleasure from my own touch. Selina stood, smiling at me with her breaths now slightly faster.

"Take off my panties, dear, I know that is what you want." she gestured softly.

Knowing that I was unable to mask my most intimate desires from her, I leaned forward and placed my hands on her hips which remained perfectly still, not shaking, not trembling as mine surely would have been. My hands slipped inside the last of her undergarments, pulling them down slowly as if they were a curtain made to reveal the most mysterious of Selina's traits. The material came to her thighs, her knees, them finally her ankles where I kept my eyes, returning them to what lied beneath the last of her clothing.

Indeed it was a sight to behold. Selina's vagina lied completely bare before my eyes, beautiful in every sense of the word, perhaps beyond description. Her absence of pubic hair seemed unusual, but vividly enduring to her already heavenly visage. Almost immediately her warm scent became infinitely more puissant than before, and the same moisture of her excitement could be seen glistening on her inner thighs and previously masked flesh.

I gazed with silent bewilderment, lost in the beauty of her unconfined frame in it's entirety.

"May I..."

Before my words could be completed, Selina answered, "Yes, my dear."

I lifted my hands from my lap where they had rested and placed one on her thigh, just above the knee of her left leg. Selina stood with the same meticulous grace as she always had, inhaling deeply with each breath and shivering with a soothing tenderness. My fingers danced upon her skin, lifting themselves higher, to her thigh and then to the moistened area between her legs. With my first touch upon her flushed vagina, Selina whimpered softly, looking as if she were ready to collapse. Her legs trembled for the first time. My fingers became bathed in her fervent liquids as they seemed to pour endlessly with my mere touch. With my other hand I repeated the actions of my fingers on my own body, already heaving with each breath.

Selina grasped my wrist gently, pulling my fingers away from between her legs as if the sensation were too much to bear or she were waiting still. She knelt before me, bringing my dripping fingers back to my own stomach and then to my face. I did not wait for her to speak. I brought my fingers into my mouth, tasting the fluid which Selina had brought forth from her vagina. My actions caused a small spasm from between my legs, one which I was not expecting.

My hand became covered in a hot liquid as I beheld a sudden orgasm, slow and soft from my previous actions. Selina's fluids returned from my mouth to my chin as I whimpered loudly, caught up in a miscalculated delight.

Selina looked down to see my sexual climax, placing her hands on my legs gently. They became spread for her once more, allowing her face to rest just above my vulva as it had been with my face. As she lowered herself, the locks of her ebony hair met my skin with a feather-like titillation. I felt another orgasm coming on.

Just as Selina's actions in the beginning could not be predicted, I did not realize her true intentions until I felt the warm embrace of her tongue meet the aroused flesh of my labia. My hands became thrust against the furniture, digging tightly into it as a support to endure the unimaginable pleasure of her mouth upon me. Selina's tongue parted my vaginal lips, slipping inside my body to the direct origin of my fluids which still flowed calmly. I thought to scream, to express my unbearable bliss in the form of words but I could not. My moans filled the air instead, visible in the cool air with each breath. Her tongue travelled it's limits, returning to the surface of my vagina, covered in the thickest of my fluids.

The edge of a great sexual climax was inevitable, I thought. It was all one could think of at all having endured such an intense sensation; having someone's tongue dive into the area of greatest pleasure in any one human being. Selina breathed softly through her nose upon the moistened area of my vagina, staying for one moment before commencing the actions to raise my excitement to the levels of a wonderful orgasm once more. And it came as her lips took my throbbing clitoris into her mouth and drew it's moisture into her throat.


To have heard my ecstatic wail would only relay the slightest realization of the bliss which washed over my body. It came as hastily and powerful as an ocean wave, coursing through my body from it's origin until all feeling seemed to numb in my limbs for a time. Selina withdrew her tongue from my vaginal opening only to return it to my inner thigh which she rhythmically licked softly in a continuous motion. What remained of the fluid I had produced poured from my skin onto the surface of the furniture.

Selina removed her face from between my legs and finally allowed them to rest together again. After a time she rose to her feet, still looking upon me as I lied shivering, heaving, and more weakened than I could imagine. My eyelids struggled to remain open but I was able to see Selina's soft expression as she gazed down at me. Her head seemed to be set amongst the stars as my vision combined the backdrop with her features in a blurred haze. I had hoped to pleasure her the same way but it seemed less likely now that I would have the opportunity to allow Selina the same blissful experience I had been given many times already.

"Can you stand, my dear?" Selina whispered, softly.

I attempted to perk up, feeling the impossible weight of my weakened limbs holding me down. I willed myself to rise, hoping that such an inevitable failure would not be disappointing in her eyes.

I rose, very quickly, bringing myself to full height. My eyes remained closed so as to concentrate on my stance. My legs began to tremble as if they were wooden supports holding an immense mass up high. I envisioned myself at the balcony's edge, beginning to tip towards a daunting fall, with no one to catch me. As I opened my eyes I fell into Selina, who quickly caught me with the gentleness of a warm quilt in her arms. I still could not open my eyes, as the darkness seemed ready to lull me into a gentle sleep. As I rested in her arms, Selina spoke a set of words which would forever remain in my thoughts to ease my mind whenever it would require even the most trivial of opitulation.

"If you were to fall, my darling, I would always be here to catch you."

I struggled to speak.

"I am not alone then?"

"There will never be a moment in your life where you will be alone, Mary Ann, I promise." Selina whispered.

Her words were more comforting than any touch, a final realization of my security in her presence. Never to be merely scolded and ignored, or falsely convinced of my seclusion, was perhaps the greatest blessing the darkness offered. Indeed as it offered all that one could ever wish for, how could any deny it had they had the chance to experience it's seraphic lure?

Selina turned with me in her arms and lowered herself to the furniture. In the serenity of her lap I left myself drift away, knowing that even in my dreams I would never be alone, always be loved and always be cared for. And, in time, I would learn to do the same in return as the beginnings of my gift remained more enticing than ever. I fell asleep complete...

CHAPTER XV -Conclusion-

As said, Selina and I were complete from that day forth. We left England to Selina's home where we still reside after nearly two years time. Alice and Margo returned with us of course, and it seemed that my presence in their lives after my realization was a wonderful blessing to them both.

And Tess, the last remnant of my previous life, remained at the estate as were my wishes though at times I had wished that I had brought the same joy to her life which I had received. A last promise kept to the only one who I had cared for once. After my departure, Tess abandoned her life at the estate but later found work for herself in a well-populated hospital in a quiet town. After many months with Selina I wrote a letter which was well received by my loving Tess:


I want to thank you for always being there, for caring for me, for loving me as you did. The companionship you once spoke of has finally made it's way into my life, and I could not be more happy.

Do not weep for me, and do not attempt a reply. Your memory is all I require now to receive your words, and I will always have a home with you there as well. If ever you take the time to think of me, I will do the same. You will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Mary Ann

After sending off my words I did weep for a time, but only a short time as the happiness of my companionship was more than enough to rebound my countenance. When I did require care, Selina would always be there, just as promised.

As for myself, after our return to Selina's home I began my study of psychology under the aid of my loving Dr. Jade. I still have much to learn indeed, but with my companion at my side the journey shall prove to be short and secure. Perhaps in time I might pass this same happiness onto patients of my own. I truly understand now what a wonderful and loving woman meant with the words, "There can be no light without the darkness..."


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