Thieving Mother and Daughter.

This is a first time work of fiction involving lesbian sex and bondage.
Please do not read if offended by such subject matter.
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Part 1:

I am a widow in my 50th year of life, my husband died in a car accident five years ago, leaving me financially stable and sexless. I own a medium sized store that, for the most part, is run by my staff. This story is about one of my staff members, her theft, her mother and my most secret fantasies being realised. I will start with when I employed Jennifer as my secretary. 20yrs of age, she was pretty, though overweight giving her a plump, round appearance. Jennifer had a sweet smile and was quite friendly and she carried out her job well. So well that over time I needed to be at the store less and less. Jennifer was quite a private and shy girl, there was never any tales of boyfriends, she lived with her Mother who although looked a slightly older version of Jennifer, was clearly very different in nature though at the time I did not really know much about either of them. It has to be said that Jennifer was a very good employee and I was considering making her my store manager so I could spend even less time at the store than I did at present.

I was at a stage in my life where I needed change, without knowing what change I needed. Sex was on my mind often, which I found odd as I never really thought about it whilst my husband was alive. I had never had sex with another woman though the idea was increasingly coming into my mind. To say I was becoming frustrated would be an understatement. I would pass a woman on the street and instantly have fantasies about her, imagining her undressing or just being naked. More often than not these fantasies involved having a woman serve me as some sort of slave. My fantasies were becoming uncontrollable and worrying. I could never imagine my sexual urges ever becoming reality and so tried to suppress them. I outwardly maintained the image of a “mind on the job” business woman. Though inwardly was a very different world indeed.

Now, security for any business is important, security for staff and security for goods. Though we had never suffered serious loss through theft, petty pilfering was an ongoing problem. I had arranged some meetings with a rep from a company offering CCTV services. The rep demonstrated different systems and one system that impressed me where I could monitor the store remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. I signed up for the system to be installed and scheduled the work to be carried out over the shut down period when all staff are on holiday. I thought I would tell my trusted secretary about the system once it was up and running. She would need to know of the existence and location of the hidden cameras and ancillary equipment as she largely ran the day to day business.

On the day when the work was installation work was completed, I got called away to attend a funeral of an elderly aunt. I phoned Jennifer to tell her to run things till I got back and that I had every confidence in her to just deal with any problems that may arise. I also told her that we will have a chat about her future role in the business when I return, though I thought that I would leave some surprise and didn't depart what that role would be.

As I didn't want to stay at my departed aunts house and the fact that I didn't really feel much for the rest of the family, I booked into a local hotel which was quite comfortable and I had the free time wander into my thoughts. I thought about the direction that my life and my business were taking. All things considered, I should be happy with my lot. Should be, but wasn't. I thought about Jennifer and how to tell her of her promotion, what it would mean for me and what it would mean for her. I knew she would be hesitant about the additional responsibilities that would come with the promotion, though I thought she would also be pleased with the recognition of her abilities as well as the extra pay package.

My thoughts of Jennifer continued and I imagined her sitting at her desk, her ample breasts gently heaving under her oh so sensible blouse. The times I have dreamed of removing that blouse and playing with those heavy breasts, my thoughts of Jennifer undressing made my mouth water as well as making my pussy ache. I shrugged, chasing the thoughts away and went to my room. I decided to do some work on the laptop to get my mind off those dirty thoughts that constantly befell me lately. When I thought I would try out the remote access function to the store security system. I got out the manual and started to log in to the system. I was surprised that I could log in so easily with just the user name and password. The entire system could be run from my laptop, my screen showed what cameras were live, how much had been recorded and the option to delete recordings to free up space. It also allowed me to view any camera at any time and to download any recordings to my laptop. I was very impressed with the system and had fun watching my employees going about their work. I was increasingly aware that there was a definite voyeuristic element to my browsing the store security cam system. The little slut at the checkout was flirting with the customers again with her blouse open low enough to afford a good view of her tits to any who looked. Unbeknown to her, it was I who was looking now. I felt my face blush as I watched her and my heart pounded.

I switched cameras to look at Jennifer at her desk, but there was no Jennifer to be seen, must be off somewhere I thought. I then clicked on the view for my office, which should be empty but I was surprised to see Jennifer there, standing in front of my desk. I was curious as to why she would have entered my private office; there was nothing that she would need in there. I was also curious of the way she was just standing there in front of my desk. I watched as she then walked around the desk and sat in my office chair. I smiled as I thought “you cheeky bitch”. I sat back and watched what she was doing and my eyes went wide when I saw her unbuttoning her blouse and start to play with her tits. Though the picture was far from perfect or large enough to see much detail I could see well enough to know that her tits were every bit perfect as I had imagined them to be. I watched the show unfold before me as my shy Jennifer hitched up her skirt and was now playing with her pussy whilst I secretly watched from many miles away. I watched as she brought herself to climax then scurry off to clean up. I hit the download button and made some coffee. Jennifer was not as shy as she appeared to be after all, I thought.

Once the video files had downloaded, I watched the recording again. The image quality was now far superior than the live view and I could watch the little minx abusing herself in more detail now. As I watched I wondered if she was just finding a quiet place to masturbate or if I was featured in her dirty little thoughts. I decided to download all the video files to see what else the little madam was up to behind my back. Skipping over seemingly endless drudgery, I noticed on one file Jennifer's Mother in the store, the time stamp read 17.50hrs which was odd as the store closes at 17.00hrs and all staff are usually out by 17.30hrs and Jennifer's Mother wasn't employed staff, so should not be there at all. I watched as Jennifer and her Mother went around the store helping themselves and finally going out of the store bypassing the tills. The bitches are stealing from me! I would have to carry out a stock check on my return to be absolutely sure, but from what I have seen so far. I think that a report to the Police would be in order.

The Monday morning of my return had me breeze into the office before anyone else and as soon as Jennifer arrived I called her into my office. As she stood before my desk, I told her about the new security system being in place and briefly described what it is capable of. Jennifer's face reddened slightly. While keeping my controlled manner, I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell me. I turned the viewing system on and turned the screen to allow Jennifer to see what I had seen. Firstly of her little masturbation session and then of her and her Mother stealing goods from the store. She was now crying, apologising for everything, including a lot of thefts that I didn't know about. I told her that I was considering reporting them both to the Police as I found their behavior to be despicable. I then told her that I was suspending her contract until I decided what course of action to take though I added, dismissal will be the least of your worries.

I called in a company of auditors to carry out a stock check and to go through the company accounts. Fearing the worst, there is no telling the damage a trusted though crooked employee can do to a company. Fortunately, all that seemed to have been stolen was goods, most of which could mostly be put down to petty theft by customers. The company accounts were intact so there was no evidence of rampant fraud which was a relief, though the thought of my Jennifer and her Mother stealing from me hurt and angered me deeply. However, the vision of my Jennifer masturbating on the security camera excited me, just as deeply. After a week had passed, I phoned Jennifer at home and told her that I had come to possible decisions about what to do about her and her Mother. I told her to bring her Mother with her to a meeting at my office at 17.30hrs to discuss their future.

Mother and daughter dully arrived promptly at the appointed time and came straight to my office. Although I had met Jennifer's mother before, this was the first time I had really looked at her. Her name was Alice; she was about early 40s of moderate build, but with rather large breasts just like her daughter. Alice was just as attractive as her daughter with all of the softness and ample curves of her daughter. As the sat opposite me, I calmly reviewed what I had seen on the video recordings. Both of them were looking shamefully at the floor. I informed them both that although the masturbation session may very well be regarded as merely an indiscretion, and could be disciplined internally, though there was no doubt that the theft was a serious criminal offence and should be dealt with through criminal law, which could include imprisonment of them both.

I pointedly asked them to supply me with alternatives to going to the police. It was Jennifer's mother who spoke first. She admitted that the theft was her idea and she had pressurised her daughter into helping her. She explained that they had financial problems and she would do anything to pay me back for the goods stolen and for the destruction of the trust bond between her daughter and I. I thought for a few minutes and told them that it had been my intention before this to promote Jennifer to store manager with a greatly increased salary. I now couldn't consider such a role for her now, though I added that I may be willing to find them both a more suitable position that may solve their financial problems if they both could convince me of their sincerity and their willingness to serve me in a personal capacity. It was Alice who looked piercingly into my eyes; I allowed my eyes to drop and looked directly at her breasts, then back to meet her gaze. I felt like a cat that has just cornered a mouse.

Alice and Jennifer were trapped and Alice knew it. Alice asked if she could speak to me alone and I agreed. Jennifer went out to the outer office, her former office. I activated the security system viewer for her terminal, if she wasn't sitting at her desk, she soon would be and have a full view of what is about to transpire in her absence. As soon as the door closed, Alice suggested that I take my revenge, as she called it, out on her and to leave Jennifer out of it. She said she would do anything I wanted, but to leave her daughter alone. I was starting to get really into this and was enjoying seeing Alice squirm. “Take of your clothes Alice”. Alice looked at me for a few seconds and realising she had no real alternative, stood up and started to remove her clothing while her eyes showed open contempt. I sat back in my chair and just watched each item of clothing fall to the floor.

When Alice was fully naked, I looked at her closely and was quite impressed with her physical attributes. Her breasts were large and sagged a little with the nipples almost pointing to the floor, there was a slight bulge to her belly that told of the advancing years while her legs looked quite firm and slightly muscular. She was an attractive woman, though I felt her lofty attitude was somewhat misplaced. I walked round to face her and told her to kneel, with Alice on her knees I lifted my skirt up and told her to remove my panties. She was still scowling when she took hold of the elastic and pulled them down and off. “Now Alice dear, you are going to eat my pussy and you had better eat it good”. I spread my legs and leaned against the desk as Alice moved her head towards me. At the first touch of her tongue I felt as if I would cum there and then, it was like someone had just connected a live electrical wire to my most sensitive of areas. Alice did as she was instructed and ate my pussy well. This was ever bit as good as my fantasies had promised it would be. Alice was licking and sucking my pussy my legs were shaking and my head was spinning but I kept grinding my pussy to her face and Alice met my pussy with equal force, till I felt my self about to cum. I had a tight hold of her head as I looked down at Alice and felt myself cum into her mouth. Alice didn't let up and kept lapping at my pussy till I pushed her head away and I looked down at her triumphantly.

I allowed my skirt to fall back into place and told Alice to stand up and bend over the desk with her legs open. I composed myself by straightening my clothing and went to a desk drawer and brought out a leather strap that I brought for just this sort of possible alternative. Alice looked at the strap and to me with fear and resignation. I told her that she was now to be spanked, the spanking would be severe with no mercy shown, the spanking would continue until I am sure I have her devotion.

How long have I dreamed of this; as I let the first swat land on her cheeks. Alice stifled a cry as I swatted her again and again. After a few minutes Alice was whimpering and her bottom was aflame red. I ran my hands over the flesh and could actually feel the heat in my hands. I could also see that Alice's pussy was dripping wet. I held her by the hair and pulled her face of the desk and softly whispered into her ear “are you ready to obey me” to which Alice softly replied “Yes Mistress”. I kissed her cheek and ran my fingers over her moist swollen mound and felt Alice shudder at my touch. Turning to face the hidden security camera I said in a firm voice for Jennifer to get back in here.

As Jennifer entered the office, she was greeted by the sight of her Mother, Alice bent over the desk with her beaten bottom clearly displayed before her. She was looking directly at her Mothers exposed and abused body. I then spoke to Jennifer to break her gaze and whilst allowing my hand to rest on Alice's exposed bottom. “Jennifer, your Mother and I have had a good long chat and I have decided that subject to you both signing the proper paper work, that you may both escape criminal prosecution by working for me in the capacity of my personal assistants. Your complete obedience is required and expected”. Jennifer, quite unexpectedly curtsied slightly and replied “Yes Mistress”, I smiled when I heard those words. I stepped closer to Jennifer and stroked her face then allowed my hand trace the swell of her breasts before sending Jennifer to fetch my car from the garage and told Alice that she may get dressed.

When Alice was dressed she stood before me looking shame faced, I asked her if she had learned anything from her punishment and she replied that she had learned not to question her Mistress. I told her that she and Jennifer would be returning to my home with me and we will discuss what and why she and her daughter were stealing from me and to discuss their new duties as my personal assistants. I then took hold of Alice’s face and kissed her gently on the lips. On Jennifer’s return I had Jennifer drive us to my home with Alice and I in the back. I felt Alice’s hand gently stoke my leg as I intently watched Jennifer throughout the journey home and I knew that my life was now changing for the better and my frustrations were nearing an end.

To be continued: