Ken Curtis

(f/f, dom, enema, inf.)
(There are some squicky parts in this story. You have been warned.)

All characters are copyright 2002 Ken Curtis. Like anyone would want to steal them...

"No." Jeri typed into the computer, upset at her friend's analysis of her erstwhile boyfriend's letter. True enough, John had given her the standard "Let's be friends" line. It was far too much for her to comprehend, as she began to tremble violently, her body overcome with psychosomatic spasms. John was the apple of her eye, her object of affection, her sole obsession. And now he had thwarted her advances for a zaftig Goth named Debbie.

Dating over the Internet had always been tough for Jeri. She recalled her first boyfriend ever, who lived over 400 miles away. It was this same ex-boyfriend who had analyzed John's letter and broke the bad news to her. Since her ex had often intimated that John was hiding something from her and not true to her, she could not bear to face up to what had happened.

Every time she had tried to send an e-mail to John, it was often returned with a harsh and invective reply, since Debbie was reading John's e-mail in some sort of codependent relationship. And considering that John rarely signed onto the instant messenger service, it was next to impossible to contact him.

One night, John was able to sign on and Jeri happened to be there. Immediately, she messaged him with "Please say it's not over! It can't be! I need you, I want to be with you! Please don't leave me for Debbie!" John calmly explained to her that Debbie was his one and only, and that Jeri was essentially an unwelcome interloper. An unwelcome interloper that was still more than welcome to work on his website.

Jeri figured that was better than nothing, and John gave her the usual set of empty platitudes before signing off for the night. Still, there was something about being jilted that just got to the poor, tortured girl.

About a week later, Jeri decided to go for broke and call John. She was able to squeeze enough money out of her parents for a Greyhound ticket to Columbus, Ohio - where John lived. She figured that once John saw her, he would immediately warm to her and dump Debbie, hopefully remembering how selfless she was to him.

Eventually, John picked up the phone, evidently out of breath as he gasped huskily into the receiver. "Hello? Who is this?"

"John? It's me, Jeri!"

"I told you not to call me in the middle of the week! You know how Debbie gets!"

"John, I'm coming to Columbus. We will have so much fun!"

"No, You must not come here. I don't have time for you."

Debra overheard the conversation as she lay supine across the bed. "Who are you talking to, my slave?"

"Oh, it's just Jeri. She wants to come here to meet me. She wants me badly."

"This could prove very interesting, my dear. Let her come. I will take you to the bus station on the day of her arrival. Do not tell her I will be there."

John sighed and resumed speaking to Jeri.

"Allright, I've changed my mind, you can come. What day will you arrive?"

"I bought the ticket for tonight! So I'll be there tomorrow morning, it says."

"Allright, I hope to see you then and I like you very much."

Jeri was immediately elated, and immediately began packing some articles of clothing, her pacifier and a few towels. She bid her parents goodbye, and trudged down the hill to the bus stop. She then was quickly transported to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan where she had an uneasy wait of about two hours, in an unfamiliar location with thousands of strange people.

Finally, her bus was called and she boarded. She had never taken an intercity bus and found it to be very uncomfortable, there was no TV and the seats did not recline. Nevertheless, she would have to cope with it.

Ten hours and a bad back later, she arrived at the modestly appointed Columbus bus terminal. Jeri stepped out of the bus and immediately started to look for John. And she found him within seconds, standing next to a portly blonde woman. She immediately recognized the woman from a photo John made her put on his website; it was Debbie.

Cautiously, she stepped forward, her head down. Finally, she stopped at what she felt was a comfortable distance, meekly saying hi.

"Well, Jeri, Debbie said that she would only let you come if she came along. Now let's go to lunch!" John said, in a half-hearted attempt to cheer her up.

Jeri meekly complied and followed the couple to their car. It didn't help that Debbie would occasionally glance back at her and lick her lips.

John and Debbie settled on a nearby TGI Fridays, they figured the food was good, and the portions were plentiful for Debbie. John made sure he sat next to Debbie, and Jeri was forced to sit across from them.

"So, Jeri... is this your first time away from home?" John asked, trying to break the ice somewhat.

"Umm, yes.. it's so far away." Jeri replied.

"Don't worry my dear, I don't bite... yet. Relax." said Debbie, winking at Jeri seductively. This naturally had the opposite effect on Jeri, as she began to get into a cold sweat.

"Are you okay?" John asked.

"I have to go to the bathroom," replied Jeri as she briskly made her way from the table.

Jeri splashed some water into her face, trying to calm herself down and wash the sweat off. She was feeling so confused and scared. Not only was she over 1,000 km from home and in an unfamiliar place, she was barely getting any attention from John... and far too much from Debbie. Yet, it was a weird feeling inside her. She did admit to herself that Debbie's Goth makeup made her a bit attractive, in fact giving her a tiny resemblance to John. And Debbie's low-cut blouse gave just a delicious hint of cleavage. Still, she thought lesbians were disgusting, even inhuman. And the last thing the homophobic girl wanted to become was a lesbian. Once she felt her mind was properly primed, she left the bathroom and went back to the table.

"Are you sure you're okay?" John again asked.

"Sure, I'm fine." Jeri replied, as the server came over to get their orders.

Eventually, the three were chatting, Jeri replying pensively as usual. And Jeri kept sneaking a glance at Debbie's bosom, watching it heave as the woman talked. Suddenly, Debbie placed an arm underneath her bodice, and with an upward motion exposed more of her cleavage. Jeri immediately flushed, and then wondered if Debbie could tell she was looking. John prattled on, oblivious to the subtle seduction going on about him.

The food arrived—Jeri's favorite part—and the trio began eating. While eating, Debbie removed one shoe with her other foot, and started to caress one of Jeri's legs with it. Jeri flinched, which Debbie noticed.

"I'm sorry... is that you?" Jeri nodded meekly, turning ninety degrees so her legs were in the aisle. This only allowed both John and Debbie to notice that she was beet red. Fortunately for her, they could not tell whether it was arousal or embarassment, and chose the latter.

"Don't worry, I get this way sometimes when I travel on long trips," John said. "You have nothing to fear." John reached over and patted Jeri on the back, which relaxed her greatly. The trio finished their meal, paid the tab and left.

"So, John... shall we go to my place? Or do you need to be delivered to a motel, Jeri?" Debbie asked, her voice oddly sultry. Jeri remembered that she did not bring enough money for a motel, she had just asked for enough money to cover the ticket plus $10 for food on the way, which she had already exhausted in Pennsylvania. She had no choice but to accompany John and Debbie.

"I... I don't have a motel, guys." Jeri said meekly, almost feeling another cold sweat coming on. Debbie still hadn't adjusted her blouse, and it almost seemed that her bosom was about to slip out of the top. She inwardly gave thanks that John let her sit in the front seat.

Jeri sniffed the air, catching a whiff of a very familiar scent. It smelled... musky, almost a kind of damp scent. She glanced in the rearview mirror, and saw that one of Debbie's hands was between her thick legs. And she could see much more than that... Debbie was wearing nothing under her skirt. John as usual was oblivious, as he was contending with traffic on Interstate 71.

Jeri watched as Debbie lifted the hem of the skirt higher to expose her hairy mound, and allowing Jeri (or any passerbys) to watch her index finger dip in and out of her folds with great alacrity. And this sight was causing Jeri to become moistened in her womanly regions, and she reflexively squirmed in her seat. John noticed the squirming, saying "Don't worry, Jeri. There's a bathroom at Debbie's house."

Jeri simply nodded noncommittally as she kept looking at the rearview mirror. At this point she didn't care if Debbie saw her, it was simply too erotic of a scene to pass up. And it was erotic even considering the inward battle she was having, where her mind was telling her that she was a "disgusting lez," and her loins were then telling her to give into the passion and indulge herself in it.

Debbie began moving her finger in a circular motion, pressing it flat against her mons so Jeri would be able to clearly see the details of the zaftig woman's pudenda. She could even hear the audible squish as clear fluid seeped out of the lips, running to locations unseen, and the engorged clitoris being rocked back and forth by Debbie's fingers. Finally, Debbie felt the spasms overcome her, and she bit her lips orgasming. Jeri could even notice Debbie's legs attempting to wiggle, which normally would have resulted in the woman bucking wildly in orgasm. And Jeri even noticed the flush now rising up from Debbie's décolletage like she had spilled red wine.

Suddenly, her concentration was jarred by John announcing that they had arrived. Jeri quickly composed herself, and exited the car as Debbie patted down her skirt and stepped out too.

Debbie's apartment was rather spacious for an efficiency. Debbie also seemed to spare no expense with Goth paraphenelia, like studded bracelets, pictures of vampires, and posters of Marilyn Manson and the Cure. Once everyone was inside, Debbie locked the door and sat down with John and Jeri on the couch.

"Well, umm... you have a nice place here, Debbie." Jeri said, somewhat uncomfortable. She wanted to be in John's apartment and seduce him into leaving Debbie, but that certainly wouldn't happen at her apartment. "So where are we going to go next, John?"

"I figured we would stay here for a while. Weather might start getting rough, don't you know." Debbie quickly answered.

"Hey, I wasn't talking to you!" Jeri uncharacteristically snapped. She quickly realized what she had done and immediately quieted up.

"Feisty, I like that attitude." Debbie said, licking her lips. She then moved closer to John, nibbling on his ear and whispering something. John immediately got up from the couch and went elsewhere.

"Uhh, where's he going?" Jeri asked, a bit worried.

"He's just going to go take care of some business. We can use this time to... get to know each other a little better." Debbie placed a hand on Jeri's thigh.

Jeri tried to move away, but was already at the edge of the couch. "Please... please don't touch me..." She was wracked with confusion, being alternately attracted to and repulsed by this woman.

"What's the matter, honey? I know all about you. I know the desire within you... I've read all your poetry; how you want another woman to touch your pussy. I know you want it, and I will do that for you. You like it, don't you? You are getting nice and horny. Look at your skin getting red!" Debbie ran her long-nailed fingers up and down Jeri's cheek, watching the girl become short of breath.

Jeri began to tremble and shake just a tiny bit. That bastard Jonathan had divulged the secret location of her poetry cache. Now all of her basest fantasies were out there... and worse still, they were now known to Jonathan's disgusting whore of a girlfriend! And she knew she would never be able to deny that the fantasies were real. There were well in excess of 400 poems, roughly 200 of which described her own fantasies of being spanked, having various implements rubbed against her sex, or her own sexual organs being ground against and rubbed on other persons, places or things.

Jeri just froze there as Debbie gave her a full French kiss. She was surprised that Debbie had tasted so good, she expected a tongue kiss to be nasty. She almost responded by licking back, but she instead tried to cuff Debbie. Debbie caught Jeri's hand however.

"I can give you all your fantasies. I can also give it to you rough too, if that's how you like it," she whispered huskily as she bit Jeri's ear. Jeri felt herself become intoxicated by Debbie's perfume and felt like she had fallen asleep for a few seconds^×because Debbie had already shed her blouse, revealing her one-size-too-small push up bra, cramming her breasts together to attempt to form very deep cleavage.

"Give into the passion..." Debbie whispered as she leaned over Jeri, rubbing her cleavage vertically along Jeri's nose.

"I... I'm... I'm... not a lez... not a lez..." Jeri repeated in a barely audible mantra, trying to deny what was going on in front of her, as Debbie used one hand to steady herself and the other to paw Jeri.

"Yes you are, honey... you just haven't realized yet." Debbie saucily replied, coaxing one of her breasts out of its confine in the bra, and pressing the wrinkled nipple to Jeri's mouth. Jeri reflexively suckled, drawing the pink nub into her mouth.

"That's it baby, suck my titty, suck it good..." Debbie said, running her fingers through Jeri's short hair. She then pulled loose, and sat down next to Jeri... pulling the girl close to her.

"You'll like this position better," she said, pushing Jeri's head into her breast. She unloaded the other breast, gently running her fingers over the nipple, making it erect. Debbie moaned as Jeri sucked and sucked^×she wished she had milk to give. Fortunately she didn't, for Jeri hated milk.

Debbie ran her hands along Jeri's back, taking in the warmth of the pliant flesh and eventually reaching the strap of her sports bra. With one hand, she unfastened the bra, allowing Jeri's breasts to be released from their confines. Then she slipped her hand around to the front, massaging Jeri's abdomen and eventually reaching her breasts. But she could feel no discernible nipple^×that was sure odd! As soon as Jeri took a break from suckling, Debbie moved the girl to an upright position and removed her shirt, letting the bra fall off. She noticed that Jeri's nipples were inverted, which explained why she could not feel anything. She immediately began to tongue the nipples, feeling Jeri writhe in ecstasy. Debbie even moved Jeri's hands from her back and onto her breasts, encouraging her to play with them.

When Debbie sensed that Jeri was sufficiently warmed up from the foreplay, she helped the girl to her feet and took her by the hand.

"Come on over here, we're going to have some fun." Debbie led Jeri into her bedroom, where she saw handcuffs, pipes, and all sorts of sadomasochistic apparatus.

Once inside, Debbie shut the door and immediately began slipping Jeri's sweatpants and panties off, making sure to give both plump buttocks a squeeze. She then reached above an armoire, retrieving a small jar which she then opened. "Recognize that smell?" she asked as she held it under Jeri's nose. Jeri nodded as Debbie coated two fingers generously with the eucalyptus cream.

Debbie helped Jeri onto the bed, laying her flat and then spreading her doughy little legs. On went the eucalyptus cream, slowly yet quickly, gently yet roughly just as Jeri's poem had asked. Jeri moaned and writhed as the cream's burning sensation pervaded her genitals and rectum. Debbie made sure to coat her fingers generously, so they easily slid around the region, further aided by the lubricatory fluids issuing from Jeri's vagina. Debbie went in for another dab, using her other hand to manipulate the other girl's folds. Once she had a suitable amount of the cream on her fingers, she started to dip one finger into Jeri's anus. Jeri protested, attempting to clench her sphincter shut. "Relax, honey... I won't hurt you. This is your fantasy."

Jeri was still pensive. "I... I need it against. Just go against!" "But you won't feel the immense pleasure, my dear." Debbie pressed one coated finger against Jeri's clitoris, causing the girl to relax her sphincter and allow the finger entrance.

It was such a new feeling to Jeri, she had never let anything penetrate her, not even the various and sundry items she had expirimented with over the years. The burning sensation of the cream was driving her to greater heights of pleasure as well. Inside, she couldn't believe she was being granted her fantasy... even though it was being given to her by a woman. And at least it wasn't a penis. Even though Jeri was attracted to "feminine men" by all accounts, she harbored intense resentment for the penis, often referring to it as the "male brain." Whenever one of her opposite-sex relationships would fail, she chalked it up to the male possessing a "defective middle leg." Her ideal man, it would seem, would be a woman without breasts and a penis. No one knew the reason for this very odd fear, a sort of phallophobia.

Debbie slowly added another finger, giving the muscles time to relax. Once she felt Jeri was suitably lubricated and relaxed, she moved in and out, also making sure to use her free hand to caress the girl's buttocks and thighs.

It was too much for Jeri and she began bucking wildly, grinding her posterior against Debbie's skilled hands. Debbie caressed her back and helped her come down from her orgasmic high. The air was filled with the scent of feminine musk and sex (and eucalyptus cream) as Jeri finally relaxed.

"We'll clean you up in a second, honey..." Debbie said, as she gave Jeri's posterior a kiss and then helped the girl to her feet. She was having some difficulty standing, so Debbie helped her walk to the bathrooom. Once inside, Debbie sat Jeri down on the toilet seat, and pulled her enema kit from the medicine cabinet. "Ready for a cleaning, honey? Just spread your legs." Jeri weakly did as she was told, and Debbie filled the bottle with water. Finally, Debbie inserted the nozzle inside Jeri's anus, squeezing the bottle and let the hot water squirt inside. It felt to Jeri like her interior was being detailed with a hose.

Finally, the bottle was exhausted and Debbie directed Jeri to squat over the toilet. As she did, Debbie stuck her tongue into the stream that squirted back out of Jeri's anus, still rich with the aroma of eucalyptus.

Once she was clean, Debbie helped Jeri back to the bedroom, the girl was having much more difficulty walking. She laid her erstwhile companion down on the bed, legs spread, and then removed the remainder of her own clothing.

"Now it's time for your ultimate fantasy, my dear," Debbie said as she climbed onto the bed, positioning her wide rump above Jeri's face and her face between Jeri's legs. Once in position, she began licking her up and down. Jeri grunted and moaned as she felt the immense pleasure emanating from her nether regions. Looking forward, she could see Debbie's thick, bushy pelt surrounding her engorged labia, seemingly beckoning her to lick. A drop of musky fluid even seeped out, to seal the deal. Jeri pushed her face into the soft, swollen flesh and began licking. All inhibition left her as she finally came to terms with what she had been longing for... getting a taste of succulent womanhood.

Jeri seemingly licked like a pro, Debbie coaxing her on. "Lick it, that's right... mmmm... that's the spot! You're a good girl... mmmmm!" Jeri, being less experienced with this, did not have the ability to hold back orgasm, and came right there on the spot, also wetting Debbie's face with her secretions by bucking up and down. This was highly erotic for Debbie too, who was able to lick a few more strokes before climaxing herself, mashing her pudenda against Jeri's face.

Debbie climbed off of Jeri, sitting next to her and pulling the girl to her chest, letting her suck a nipple in post-orgasmic bliss.

"I've got a little suprise for you..." Debbie said, as she reached into a drawer. Jeri stopped sucking long enough to see a baby's bottle filled with lemon Gatorade... one of her objects of desire. And then she also was greeted with the sight of a diaper and baby powder.

"Ready for your change, Baby Jeri?" Jeri just nodded as Debbie moved Jeri to the side, and helped her lift her rear. Debbie slipped the diaper underneath, and then patted the powder onto the girl's groin. The sticky fluids there actually helped hold the powder in place, and there were remnants of eucalyptus cream, giving Jeri an oddly pleasant feeling. Finally, the diaper was closed, and Debbie cradled Jeri in her arms, giving her the bottle.

"Ahh, isn't our little baby cute, John?" Debbie said, as John revealed himself from his hiding place, not having had time to wash his hands after witnessing the erotic sights about him.

"And when she's done with the bottle she can have some more of these." Debbie added, gesturing to her breasts.

"You're going to love being my second little slave, dearie..." she said sweetly, as Jeri just suckled contentedly.

-to be continued-