Discovering Bliss

By Jane

Chapter 4

Rose sat back in her large leather chair and pointed the remote at the tele. The video whirred into action for a minute or two before coming to a jarring halt again.

"That can't be very good for the tape" Rose thought to herself, making a mental note to make sure she had a few copies made soon.

A soft moan escaped as she crossed her legs, and again when she crossed them back the other way. "Best invention ever. . . " she whispered to herself. The nipples on her 38D chest stood out clearly even through the thick security guard uniform she wore. Rose wasn't overweight, but her upbringing and attitude had made her a lady who enjoyed a good muscular workout, and it was only the men's uniforms that would fit - and they weren't designed to cope with any chests, let alone ones as large as hers. The buttons strained.

There was no such pressure below her waist. . . the flies lay open, a thin wire extending out from the top of her visible pants. It curled around the arm of her chair to a small, white, oblong controller which had an innocuous red dial on top. As the TV came back to life, Rose turned the dial a quarter turn clockwise. She slumped further back in the chair, uncrossing her legs and opening them slightly - just enough to slide her hand in between.

"Oh yeah. . . . mmmmmmmm"

The security suite had a bank of monitors, each showing the image from the cameras around the site. In the middle was a large 32 inch flatscreen monitor, and currently playing on that was a large breasted young lady sitting in front of a computer . . . stripping.

Rose turned the dial a little further.

"Oh. . . fuck. . . get em off, baby. . . "

She'd seen this video a hundred times and knew every movement, every action, intimately. She had taken this job for the opportunities to abuse it, but this was gold dust.

First, the blouse came off, exposing most of the naked flesh restrained by the lacy bra. Rose slid two fingers inside her every moistening panties and lightly teased her engorged clit. . .Damn she'd wanted to see those beauties since the day she first started this job. . .

"Hmmmmmm. . . don't stop there. . . "

She rubbed faster. . . rocking her hips on the chair.

"Show me what you've got. . . "

The bra came off. . .

"I'd eat those babies up for you. . . oh yeah. . . " So fucking long to see those. "Just you wait to see what a real woman would do to you. . . I'd make you scream my name!"

The skirt came off - revealing smooth toned legs - but Rose stared only at one place. Her breathing quickened even more. . . now her entire hand was in her knickers.

"Oh. .. Oh. . . Oh. . . " her fingers moved frantically.

Finally. . . the young lady was completely naked.

Rose knew exactly how long was left on the video, or the good bit at least. She timed it to perfection. . . The woman touched and teased herself as Rose continued her descriptive fucking. . .

"You'd like that, Jane. . . you'd love me down there. . .tonguing your fucking pussy. . . tasting your juices. . . " Rose sucked her damp fingers clean, moaning with pleasure

"But even more. . . yeah. . . you'd love eating me. . . my little sex slave. . . hmmmm. . . licking me!. . . oh. . . oh. . .oh. . . . OH!. . . " She stroked faster as the lady jumped, knowing what was coming soon.

Throwing her head back and closing her eyes. . . Rose fingered herself to within a whisker of orgasm, turning the dial on the box as far as it would go.

She leaned forward at the last second to see the bewildered naked young lady staring straight at the camera. . .

"Oh FUCK!" She screamed as the orgasm pulsed through her. She loved that look. Her entire body shook as she kept fucking herself - fingering and pushing the toy around. Juices stained her pants and uniform.

"Oh. . . you little tart. . . mmmmmm. . . you are so going to be my pussy slave."


Belle had no idea why she was still here. She'd put Jane to bed over an hour ago, and she seemed to be sleeping perfectly safely. But somehow she couldn't leave. She just sat on the chair in the corner of the room, watching. It was bloody hard.

All time she'd know her, all the time she'd been going out with her waster of a brother, she'd fancied Jane so much. The relationship had started by her flirting, but it had just completely gone over her head and been mistaken for simple friendliness. And once that had got to a certain point. . .well. . . it was impossible to undo really.

Belle sighed, and sat watching.

Jane rolled in her bed, and threw the covers aside, revealing she was sleeping in just her panties. Belle had undressed her earlier and barely managed to resist taking advantage then. Jane wasn't the kind of girlfriend who openly shared her body, and Belle had never seen her topless before.

Another sigh. They were exactly as she had always imagined. Firm, full. . . so damn fuckable, just like the rest of her. And all that talk of dreaming about sleeping together - pure torture. She tried to, maybe, suggest, you know, that perhaps it was a reciprocated feeling. . . and then all that bloody dancing and snogging. She'd waited so fucking long for that and some tarty bimbo she's never met before gets some proper deep kissing. Bitch!

Jane rolled onto her back again.

Belle stood up and walked over, intended to roll her back to her side again, it was a safer place to be when you still had a lot of alcohol your body might decide to expel at any time. Jane was stone cold out. . .

First her hand rested lightly on Jane's right breast. Perhaps she'd only intended a light stroke, almost as if to pretend it was by accident. It was harder to justify the kiss. . . the long slow kiss on her breast.

Belle climbed into bed next to her and began to undress. All logic was out the window. Jane didn't begin to rouse until her panties were almost completely off. The aroma of her exposed nakedness just served to further fuel Belle's excitement, the desire was burning inside her.

Jane spoke, and for a second Belle realised what was happening. She tried hard to remain calm and in control. This wasn't the time to abuse their friendship, this wasn't the right way to go about this. What if Jane woke up completely and realised Belle was naked in bed with her?

But it didn't work out like that. . .

Belle resisted the first kiss, but only with extreme self control. Why? Why, why, why control yourself repeated in her mind. . . and when Jane's lips approached again, she responded as she knew she wanted to.

The next hour was everything she'd ever dreamt of. Jane wanted her as much as she wanted Jane. The kiss was deep and passionate, their tongues playing and desiring, and soon their hands were exploring each other's bodies. Every fantasy Belle had ever had about the caress of her friends hands on her breasts, or the touch of her tongue on her nipples came true.

Their legs entwined, rubbing thighs against warm, damp pussies. Jane quickly decided to take control, and Belle was more than happy to allow her. She rolled onto her back and let Jane take over. . .


I couldn't resist the lure of her breasts, I had to touch and hold them, squeezed them softly and taste them.

"Bite me. . ." I heard her whisper. Sucking the flesh into my mouth, I closed my teeth softly. "Harder!"

"Oh. . . ."

Her hands ran though my hair, stroking my face. "More. . . "

I bit her again, and again on the other chest. She moaned as I gave her a powerful lovebites on her breastflesh. All the time I rubbed myself hard against her thigh, making it wet with my juices, but it was nothing compared to incredible sensation when she slid her hand there.


Her fingers were magic, teasing and pleasing in such a tight space. She flicked quickly and skillfully at my clit, damn, she was good. I wasn't able to concentrate with this incredible fingerfucking, I let my head rest next to her on the pillow, face-down.

She whispered in my ear. "You like that? You want more, hmmm. . .?"

I nodded, my twat had never felt like this before, it was amazing. Wave after wave was pulsing up from my pelvis round my whole body. Our hard nipples were pressing into each other under my weight, and every movement just made me want it more.

She ran her tongue around my ear, licking and biting softly.

"You like my fingers there, touching you?"

"mmmm. . . "

"Touch me too then. . . "

I felt her lift my hand that was just lying at my side, and position it on herself. She was so ready, I started rubbing gently, just using her own dampness. My whole body tingled as I felt her respond to my touch.

We lay together, mutually pleasing each other for goodness knows how long. I was still heavily drunk, and convinced I was dreaming, but this was like no dream I'd ever experienced before, so alive, so real. She drove me to heights I'd never reached before, such skill. . .

"I want to lick you. . . "

Oh yes. . . .

I turned onto my back and she climbed on top of me. The sheet was damp under where we'd been lying before. Lowering her head, she ran her hair over my body, gradually working downwards. . . swishing the tips lightly over the surface of my skin. I didn't think it was possible for me to become any more aroused, but my clit literally ached to be stimulated again while she teased me.

Finally, she got to my waist. I offered no resistance as she gently parted my legs. Then she lowered her head between my legs.

Oh. . . my. . . fucking. . . God!

Her tongue worked quickly on my clit; fast firm strokes. I had to bite the quilt to stop from screaming as she eagerly ate me. Kissing and tonguing, parting my lips and then pushing her tongue actually inside my body. . . I grasped the bedpost as she used her mouth to please me. Licking. . . .touching. .. then one, two fingers inside me. Frigging me and tasting again.

I rocked up and down on the bed as she worked. My clit screamed in delight as she sucked it, licked it and stroked it.

"Oh. . . MMMMMMM!" muffled by the quilt.

She buried her head deep into my pussy, plunging her tongue inside again, running it round.


Faster, harder, deeper she licked.

I took my own breast and squeezed hard as she sucked my clit again. . . cleaning my ever coming supply juices. "more. . ." but I didn't know how I could get more . . .

Then. . .OH!!!!! . . . first. . . . but she kept going. . . HMMMMM!!!!!!. . . second. . . rubbing her face against me, covering herself in my production. . . Oh. . . . wow. . . .

My whole body shook, pleasure spreading from top to toe, but mostly round my cunt. I closed my eyes, convinced the dream was over, and vaguely responded to the kissing, tasting and smelling the musky odour in her mouth before drifting off.


"And you thought you'd tell me with a fucking TEXT MESSAGE?!" I screamed.

"Calm down Jane, please!"

"I will not fucking calm down! We sleep together without me knowing that's how you tell me?!"

"Jane, please!" Belle stared at me, open eyed. Her gaze lifted to just over my shoulder.

"When were you going to tell me you'd fucked me?!"

"Ahem. . . "

Flick stood at the doorway to the room.

"I think I'll go out and leave you two to it. . . " she said, before disappearing again.

I put my head in my hands. What the hell was going on. Memories were actually beginning to return. I had thought it was a dream. . . but equally, really, I had know it was a dream about Belle, and hadn't tried to stop.

"Look, I need some time to think. . . Can you go please"

"Jane, I'm really sorry. . . "

"Just. . .give me some time please"

"I. . . I. . . don't regret it. . . "

I kept my head low but heard Belle and Flick talking in the hall, then leaving together.

Had I wanted it? Well. . . actually. . .yes. . . I had. I really had. And as it gradually returned to me, I knew that was true more and more. I made myself laugh even, poor Belle did all the hard work and got nothing in return, I owed her one! Maybe things were changing in my life and maybe, just maybe, I should go with the flow for once. . .


Rose tidied herself up a bit before Bill arrived. She wiped the balls clean and put them back in their special place in her bag. Returning the video to it's storage place, she slipped the personal copy into her bag as well, her and Kelly would enjoy that together later. Kelly had fancied Jane since she met her at her silly friend's party.

The door swung open and a man in late fifty, roughly unshaven and making the uniform look very shabby, came in. He looked at his watch before speaking.

"Morning Rose. . . time to go home lass. . . "

8am, nightshift over, another twelve long boring hours out the way.

"Bill. . . I was thinking. I've got some stuff coming up, can we change shifts next week?"

"Don't see why not. . . "

"Great, " Rose replied. "I'll take over from Henry this time on Monday then."

"Sure, have a good time!"

Rose only smiled and winked as she left. She intended too. . .

"Nice girl, that Rose" Bill thought to himself. Always good to keep her sweet, he knew she didn't have a boyfriend and well. . . you had to be hopeful, didn't you?


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