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This is a fictional story based on the movie, Coyote Ugly. In no way does this story reveal the true sexuality of Tyra Banks (Zoe), Piper Perabo (Violet/Jersey), Maria Bello (Lil), Izabella Miko (Cammie), and Bridget Moynahan (Rachel). Paramount Pictures retains all rights to this movie and its story.

Coyote Ugly -- Water Dance

This story takes place after the scene in the where Zoe has returned, as the girls of Coyote Ugly do the Water Dance, for lack of a better name. Anyone who has seen the movie knows how hot and sexy it is, and this story is after the bar has closed, and the girls are reminiscing about old times...

"Wow! That was some show we put on, hey girls?" Zoe asked her former co-workers. Zoe had left the bar only a week ago to pursue a career in Law. She was standing, leaning on one of the poles. She had returned tonight as a customer, but ended up put on one of the sexiest dances they had ever done.

"You got that right," Rachel replied, "I think I must have made over $500 dollars tonight because of that dance." Rachel was lying on her back on the bar, sipping a beer.

"We missed you Zo, it was good to have you back, even if it is for just tonight." Added Cammie. She had been behind the bar cleaning, but now stood, staring at her friend.

"Thanks. I promise I'll try to stop by more often."

"I think we can manage without you Zo."

"Rachel, do you always have to be so bitchy?" Cammie asked her.

"Yes, it's my nature." And then she howled, trying to imitate a Coyote. The rest of the girls joined her. They all laughed afterwards.

"So, Jersey, do you like it here at Coyote Ugly?" Zoe questioned her.

She smiled, "Of course. Would I be here if I didn't?"

"Good point." After a moment Zoe sighed. "It is good to be back. Just like old times." She smiled at all her old friends.

"Not quite yet," Lil, the bar's owner, said in a sly voice. She walked over towards where Zoe was standing, the rest of the girls watching on.

"Wadda ya mean Lil?" Lil just smiled slyly at her. The girls were still wet from the dance, and Zoe's shoulder straps had come down past her shoulders. Lil stopped in front of Zoe, and smiled seductively. Zoe stood straight up and smiled back. Then, without warning, Lil reached over to Zoe's right arm and pulled the strap off, revealing Zoe's small right breast. Lil, without losing eye contact, bent down and began to lick Zoe's nipple. Zoe put her hand on the back of Lil's head, encouraging her to continue.

Violet could only watch on, as these two beautiful women made love to each other. For the time being, she was stunned.

Over at the bar Cammie and Rachel were grinning evilly at each other. Rachel put down her beer, and sat up on the bar. Cammie walked over towards her and they embraced in a long, passionate kiss. Violet felt herself beginning to moisten between her legs, and subconsciously, started massaging her left breast. She watched as the two entwined their tongues, and began to feel each other's bodies.

Glancing back at Zoe, Violet could see that Lil was now removing Zoe's top completely. Zoe glanced over at her lustfully. "You just gonna watch Jersey? I think you should come over here by me." Almost as if she was possessed, Violet just smiled at her wryly. She then pealed off her skirt, exposing a damp pair of purple cotton panties. She slowly started to make her way over towards Zoe. Zoe smiled seductively at her and licked her lips. Violet found her way to the right side of Zoe, and with Lil still sucking on Zoe's tits, the two embraced in a deep, passionate kiss. Violet slowly started to make her way behind Zoe. She broke the kiss and began kiss her neck and shoulders, running her hands over them at the same time. Zoe let out a soft moan. She made her way down Zoe's back, continuing to kiss and feel her way down. When she was about midway down, she leaned forward a bit and gave Lil's tits a good squeeze. Lil's breasts were bigger than everyone's except Cammie's, who had the biggest rack. But her tits were very perky and round. Violet could feel Lil's nipples harden at her touch. She then continued her way down until she got to Zoe's ass, which was, to say the least, one of the best asses Violet had ever seen. She slowly undid her belt, throwing it by her top. She then slowly unbuttoned her pants, pausing on each button to feel out her ass. As she undid the last button, she pulled down her pants, exposing a blue thong. After, she stood up and stepped back to admire the view. Zoe turned her head to smile at her.

"And what are you doing?"

"Admiring your perfect ass Zo."

"It is nice isn't," she said trying to peer down at it. Violet laughed and made her way back over towards Zoe to kiss her.

At the bar, Cammie and Rachel were in a fury of passion. They were kissing each other madly. They stopped only long enough to strip off their clothes. Rachel then pounced on Cammie. Kissing her insanely and hard. The heat between the two was intense. Rachel slid behind the bar for a second, and brought back up with her an empty bottle of tequila.

"What's that for?" Cammie asked. Rachel smiled at her evilly. She then straddled Cammie's hips.

"Now be good," she purred. She took both of Cammie's wrists in one hand and placed them over her head and slammed them down on the bar, holding them tightly.

"Rach, what are you doing?"

"Shhhh." And with that, Rachel slid the neck of the wine bottle into Cammie's pussy. Slowly at first, but it didn't take long for her to quicken the pace. The fake dildo pressed harder and harder into Cammie's pussy, sending waves of pleasure through her. Cammie could only moan and bite her lip. It didn't take long for Cammie to cum all over the wine bottle and Rachel's hand. Rachel removed the wine bottle from Cammie, she then moved it around on Cammie's firm, and voluptuous tits, spreading Cammie's own cum on them. She then sucked all the cum off the wine bottle before throwing it away and shattering it to pieces. Still holding onto Cammie's wrists, she bent over and began to lick Cammie's own cum off her tits. Rachel swung Cammie around, and dragged her across the bar to the pole at the far right end. She exited the room briefly, but returned with a long rope. She quickly tied Cammie's hands behind her and onto the pole. Cammie was now totally at Rachel's mercy. Rachel again slid behind the bar, and this she brought up a full bottle of Tequila. She took a quick swig, then gave a quick one to Cammie. She then poured the tequila all over Cammie's breasts. Rachel laid down the bottle, and began to devour Cammie's marvellous tits. She clawed at them, licked them, sucked them, groped them and bit them. Cammie was moaning uncontrollably, and just as she was about to orgasm, Rachel stopped. She grinned at her and picked up the bottle and poured the rest onto Cammie's thighs and pussy. She threw that bottle away too, and then dived in between Cammie's legs, licking up as much of the tequila as possible, all the while sending wave after wave of pleasure through Cammie. The taste of the tequila mixed with Cammie's womanhood was driving Rachel crazy. She dove right into Cammie's pussy, lapping at it. She then bit and nibbled on her clitoris and stuck a finger up Cammie's ass. Cammie, who had been teased long enough, went over the edge as soon as Rachel's finger penetrated her ass hole. Rachel let Cammie recover, then undid the rope that bound her wrists together. She only looked at Cammie seductively and then laid down on her back on the bar.

"Come here." She said lustfully, and Cammie obeyed. Cammie crawled over to her and when she got there, crawled up to her face, letting her boobs slide along Rachel's body. This time, they kissed slowly and lovingly. Cammie broke the kiss and moved down to Rachel's breasts. They were fair sized and when laid back against her chest, formed a perfectly round hill. Cammie slowly teased each of Rachel's breasts until her nipples were swollen. She then positioned her right tit in front of Rachel's pussy and began to fuck her with her tit. She started slowly, rubbing her breast around Rachel's womanhood, but then picked up the pace, fucking Rachel as hard as she could. Rachel couldn't take it anymore. She released her powerful orgasm, which had been building for so long, and covered Cammie's breast with her cum. Cammie then put her tit to her mouth and slowly licked off some of Rachel's delicious cum, before Rachel grabbed her and finished the job for her. The two then embraced in a long, deep, passionate kiss, that seemed to last for the whole night.

Zoe and Violet were kissing each other as if they had loved each other for years. Lil, suddenly, stopped teasing Zoe's small tits and moved down to her pussy. She ran a finger over her slit once, which made a straight line down the front of Zoe's thong. She then licked her pussy down the same line, this sent a shudder through Zoe's whole body. Violet broke the Kiss between her and Zoe and leaned over and took Zoe's breasts in her hands and pulled them up to her mouth. She began to suck on Zoe's nipple, rotating each breast equally. Later the rotation became sucking, groping, nibbling, and kissing Zoe. After almost 10 minutes of teasing Zoe, Lil finally pulled down Zoe's thong and started the fuck her with her tongue. She also wrapped her arms around Zoe's body, which proved access to Violets pussy. She easily moved aside the cotton fabric and began to finger fuck Violet while licking Zoe's pussy. The 3 were embraced in great sex. Violet was licking, sucking, nibbling, and kissing Zoe and her breasts, Lil was finger-fucking Violet while sucking off Zoe, and Zoe was enjoying it all. About a minute later, unable to bear it anymore, Zoe released a shockingly powerful orgasm, yelling and screaming while she came. Hearing her friend and lover yelp, and feeling her shake and quaver sent Violet over the edge as well, spraying cum onto Zoe's ass and Lil's hand. Once Violet had recovered she licked her cum out of Zoe's ass crack and started to lick her asshole when she heard a noise.

"Ahhum, doesn't the boss get any service around here?" Violet stood up next to Zoe, who was now removing her shoes, socks pants and panties from her ankles. Violet took off her cum-soaked panties and stripped off her shirt and bra as well. Zoe and Violet now stood side by side, stark naked, looking down and the gorgeous body of their boss. The two looked at each other then silently moved over towards their boss. Violet moved on top of Lil, straddling her tits, and bent over. Lil automatically sat up a bit and started ravaging Violets tits. Almost in the same craze as Rachel, Lil was biting, sucking, licking, nibbling, scratching, and groping her tits. Zoe found herself positioning her pussy in front of Lil's and the two of them started to pussy-fuck each other. Violet began to hump Lil's tits, receiving much pleasure from them. Violet was the first to come, and she sprayed her cum all over Lil's breasts. Lil and Zoe continued to fuck for a few more seconds before Lil shot her orgasm into Zoe pussy, which was enough to send Zoe over the edge, and both of their cums mixed together. While they were still recovering, Violet hungrily lapped up the mixed cum, tasting both Zoe and Lil, and it was a sensation not to be forgotten. Feeling sympathetic for Lil, since she had only came once, Violet teased her breasts until her nipples were rock hard. Then along with Zoe's help, the two finger-fucked Lil's ass and pussy until she had came twice more. Lil lay on the floor, exhausted. Zoe glanced over at Violet who was staring at her ass. So, she positioned her ass in front of Violets face and said, "Fuck my asshole you dirty lesbian bitch." Taking the incentive, Violet plunged her tongue into Zoe's ass. Zoe moaned in pleasure, never having done this before it hurt a little, but the pleasure of it was much greater. Violet then removed her tongue and licked and felt all of Zoe's perfect ass. She then moved her tits all around Zoe ass, letting them do the feeling for her hands. S he then reinserted her tongue, and placed her hands on Zoe's tits, which were pointing towards the floor. The sensation of be ass-fucked and tit-massaged was too much, and Zoe came once more, luckily, Lil was there to clean up the mess.

The five women sat around, exhausted from the night's activities. Finally the silence was broke. "Just like old times. Hey guys?" Lil said.

"Uh-huh" replied Zoe, and with that, they all burst out laughing.


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