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If you have read my Yahoo! Profile recently, you would know that I am currently writing a hentai. I want to get it produced, but I do not have the means to do so. All I have are ideas, minimal ability to illustrate, and a voice that could possibly be used for voice acting. I need more people, including voice actors, illustrators, animators, etc. to get the hentai produced. If you can offer any assistance or have any information about anime production, please email me at and inform me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Even if you do not know anything about anime production, I would appreciate feedback about the story. This is my first attempt at erotic fanfiction based on mainstream anime. I have written 2 stories based on Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! but I think that maybe a mainstream anime like Kiddy Grade would be more appropriate to base an erotic fanfiction off of. lol. Hopefully someone is as much of a Kiddy Grade fan as I am. If not, maybe this story will get you interested enough in the anime to watch the series. This story is supposed to take place just before the series starts, so it will probably be an effective way to get people interested in the series. If anything about the story is unclear to you, there is a lot of information on the official website about the characters and the story.

Eclair's Partner
by Nathan Warford


Star Century 0328. Eclair was a receptionist for the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs. Although 16 years old, she tended to act less like an adult and more like a child, the exact opposite of her 10-year-old partner, Lumiere. Although 6 years younger than Eclair, Lumiere acted more mature than her older partner.

As well as receptionists, Eclair and Lumiere were ES Members, people with special abilities used by the GOTT to handle economic disputes that normal agencies could not settle. Whenever they were needed for a mission, they traded in their positions as receptionists for positions as ES Members. Although only C-class in rank, with Eclair's "Power" ability and Lumiere's "Puppet" ability, the two were exceedingly efficient in their duty as ES Members.

"Whew, that's much better," Eclair said to herself as she stepped out of the shower. She and Lumiere had just returned from a mission and the warm shower had soothed Eclair. Even with her "Power" ability, the mission still still took a lot out of her. After drying herself off, the 16-year-old slipped into a pair of white panties and a large, blue-and-white T-shirt and got into bed, hoping for a good night's sleep to regain her strength for the next day's receptionist duties.

Eclair touched the bedside lamp and the lights in her apartment went out. She lied down and closed her eyes. However, she could not sleep. The auburn-haired teen opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. "Why do I feel this way?" Eclair asked herself. "She's my partner." Eclair had known Lumiere for almost 2 years. Since that day, Eclair's feelings for Lumiere had grown to the point of attraction. Eclair could not understand how she could fall for a girl as young as Lumiere. It might have been acceptable in a few years, but at the time, Lumiere was only 10 years old.

Eclair could not get the image of Lumiere out of her mind. She could not stop thinking about Lumiere's large, lavender eyes and cute, frilly outfit that hugged her petite frame. Eclair admired her partner for her beauty and inexplicable maturity. The 16-year-old could only imagine what it would be like to kiss Lumiere's lips, feel her young body, make sweet love to her. The mere thought of touching Lumiere's soft skin was making Eclair wet. She could feel the warm wetness between her legs, creating a wet spot on her panties that would probably be clearly visible if the lights were on.

The brunette pulled the covers from her body and lifted the hem of her T-shirt, exposing her D-cup breasts and pink nipples to the air. She brought her hands to her chest and kneaded the flesh of her large breasts, sighing in pleasure. She pinched her hard nipples, causing loud moans to escape from her mouth. "How I wish I could have you, Lumiere," Eclair said, hoping that her partner could somehow hear her speak.

Eclair's panties were completely soaked and her clit was throbbing for attention. Eclair quickly grabbed the hem of her panties and pulled them down her legs, exposing her perfectly shaved pubic mound. The 16-year-old shuddered as she felt her erect clitty come in contact with the cool air. Having adapted to the darkness of the room, Eclair was able to see her lipstick sitting on her bedside dresser. Eclair's lipstick served many purposes. It could short-circuit controls, mimic fingerprints, even be used as a lasso if needed. However, only Eclair knew that built into the stick was a small vibrator. Eclair grabbed her lipstick and turned on the built-in vibrator. Holding the lipstick in her right hand, Eclair continued to squeeze and fondle her breasts with her left hand. She brought the vibrator between her legs and touched it to her hard clitty. Eclair moaned loudly as she felt the small object sending vibrations into her hard button.

As Eclair pleasured herself with her secret toy, her thoughts drifted back to Lumiere. However, the 10-year-old was no longer in her frilly outfit, but was now naked. The brunette envisioned her young partner as having bright pink nipples, which jutted straight out from her chest due to her complete lack of breasts. Lumiere was completely bare between her legs, having not started growing pubic hair yet. The image of Lumiere's naked, preteen body turned Eclair on even more and she rubbed the vibrator against her clit faster. Eclair moaned even louder, her hips beginning to rock to her ministrations.

"Oh, Lumiere," Eclair moaned. "Please be with me. Let me make you feel good. Love me as I love you." Her body squirmed on the bed as her head rocked from side to side, throwing tufts of reddish-brown hair into Eclair's face. The brunette was getting close to orgasm. The 16-year-old cried in bliss as her orgasm approached, juices dripping from her wet pussy, flowing down her crack and onto the sheets below her. Her hips rocked powerfully, forcing the vibrator into her clitoris.

Eclair's back arched as she reached her peak. Her eyes were closed shut and her teeth were clenched as she held off her orgasm. "Lumiere!" the brunette cried as her orgasm hit. Her hips thrusted high into the air and she screamed in orgasmic bliss. Her body spasmed violently, juices gushing from her pussy in small squirts as she came. Eclair usually fantasized about Armblast, the auditor of the Global Union. However, her orgasm was much more powerful thinking about Lumiere.

Even after her massive orgasm died down, Eclair still wanted more. Only one orgasm was not enough to quench her desire to make love to Lumiere. Eclair wrote her name on the wall with her lipstick. She then quickly pulled the stick away, the writing coming off the wall as a long ribbon. Eclair twirled the ribbon around several times, creating a short cylinder out of her lipstick. Getting onto her hands and knees, Eclair shoved the rod into her dripping cunt with her right hand, using her left hand to support her torso. The brunette was soon moaning in pleasure again as she fucked herself with her makeshift dildo.

"Let me make you feel good," Eclair fantasized Lumiere saying to her. The 16-year old imagined her partner as the one holding the lipstick dildo.

"Oh, yes," moaned Eclair. "It feels so good. Oh!" The idea of Lumiere making love to her only heightened the sensations that Eclair was giving herself. She inadvertently activated her "Power" ability and her hand became a blur between her legs. Eclair cried out in ecstasy as the dildo moved at blinding speed in and out of her soaked cunt. Eclair's left arm gave out and her torso fell to the ground, giving herself even better access to her dripping hole. Eclair tore the cylinder from the stick and used the vibrator to stimulate her clit as she continued ramming the cylinder into her pussy with superhuman force.

With both the dildo thrusting lightning fast into her pussy and the vibrator buzzing against her throbbing clit, Eclair knew that her second orgasm of the night would be even more powerful than her first. She moaned Lumiere's name over and over again as she felt her orgasm approach. "Lumiere! Lumiere! I'm coming!" Eclair screamed in ecstasy as she started coming again. Her entire body convulsed as cum-juices squirted from her cunt, dripping down her legs and soaking the bed.

After what felt like hours of indescribable bliss, Eclair collapsed on the bed, panting heavily in the aftermath. The brunette slowly opened her eyes and turned off the vibrator. "I wish I could make you feel what I just felt, Lumiere," Eclair said weakly. "Maybe I'll be able to tell you how I feel some day." Eclair set her lipstick back onto her drawer and pulled the covers back over her body. Completely spent from her orgasm, Eclair found sleep easily.


By only watching the anime, it is unclear whether or not Eclair and Lumiere really are lesbians. However, there are sources that have told me about the existence of a graphic novel based on Kiddy Grade called Secret Affair. I do not know what it is about. And even if I did, it is only in Japanese, so I would not be able to read it. Maybe some day I will find Secret Affair, learn Japanese, and know whether or not it sheds any light on Eclair and Lumiere's true relationship. Please email me at and tell me what you thought of the story.

I am also planning to write a story based on the anime called Stellvia. If you have seen Stellvia, please tell me and I will get to work on writing it.