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Flight of the Ganesha, Part 2
by Nathan Warford


Over the next few months, Athena managed to adapt to her new life in the real world. Her hair had started growing back and was back to a good two inches, allowing her to style her hair at least a little bit. Chikara had found quarters for her, but the brunette did not want to leave Chikara's side. Ever since the Asian woman had saved her life, Athena worshipped Chikara and did not want to be separated from her. Chikara was the only person that made Athena feel truly safe. So, Chikara made room for Athena in her home.

However, Athena was greatly bewildered one day when Chikara came back from a briefing. Chikara was walking very unsteadily and looked as if she had seen a ghost. "Chikara?" asked Athena. "What is it?"

"The Osiris has been destroyed. Jue, my sister, was aboard that ship."

"Oh, my God." Chikara lay down on the bed, curled up into a ball, and started crying like Athena had never seen anyone cry before. It was very frightening to see a person as strong as Chikara cry. Athena lay down beside Chikara and wrapped her arms around the older woman, trying to comfort her.

Several days later, all of the crews were sent into the Matrix to meet with the crew of the Logos, which had discovered a transmission from the Osiris before it was destroyed. Mercutio came to Chikara and Athena's door and Athena answered. "Captain Mercutio," Athena said.

"Hello, Athena," said Mercutio. "We've just received orders from Commander Lock. We are to find a broadcast location and meet with the other crew members in the Matrix. We need Chikara with us."

Athena looked back at the bed where Chikara was plugged into some simulation that she had created for herself. "I don't think that Chikara will be willing to go on any missions for some time. Jue of the Osiris was Chikara's sister."

"That's right," said Mercutio. "I remember working with her to free Chikara from the Matrix." The captain of the Ganesha looked at Chikara and realized how much pain the twenty-one-year-old woman must have been in. "Well, I suppose that under the circumstances, we should leave Chikara behind for this mission. We'll let her mourn."

"Thank you, Captain." Mercutio left with Dorado and Dextera on the Ganesha along with the Icarus and the Hammer. It was several more days before Chikara was willing to get out of bed. All eleven of the hovercrafts were to return to Zion to commemorate the crew of the Osiris and to inform the humans of the truth behind the rumors that were going around about the machines planning to launch a direct attack on Zion. All of the ships returned, except for the Caduceus, captained by a man called Ballard.

The ceremony was held in the Temple of Zion. All of the inhabitants of Zion gathered to hear the commemorative speech to be given by Councilor Hamann. It was the first time in almost two weeks that Chikara had left her room. Athena accompanied Chikara to the ceremony, which convinced Chikara to come out of the room. "I'm glad you finally decided to come out of the room," Athena said, holding Chikara's elbow.

"Yeah," said Chikara. After saying that one word, Chikara turned away from Athena and looked up at the ledge where Hamann would give his speech. Athena's gaze lingered on Chikara for a moment as she worried about the woman's emotional state. The brunette then looked at the ledge.

Hamann had walked onto the ledge and the inhabitants of Zion cheered for him, except for several of them that were mourning the death of the crew of the Osiris. "Thank you," Hamann said to the inhabitants. "Thank you very much." After several more seconds, the applause died down. "We are gathered here to commemorate the crew of the Osiris. These brave souls risked and sacrificed their lives for the wellbeing of Zion, and for the freedom of all humans beings. They accepted their positions aboard the Osiris, knowing the risks involved, knowing that they were protecting our city. First, I would like to say a few words about Thaddeus, captain of the Osiris. I did not know Captain Thaddeus very well, but there is one thing that I can say about him. He was one of the bravest people I had ever heard of. He had fought in more battles against the machines than I could count, and his bravery was put to the ultimate test during his final flight on the Osiris. He sacrificed himself and his ship to send vital information to us. Jue, Thaddeus' first mate."

Chikara's body stiffened when she heard her departed sister's name.

Hamann continued. "From what we retrieved from the Osiris' last transmission, Jue was the crew member that entered the Matrix to send us this vital information. Like Thaddeus, Jue showed extraordinary courage in the face of danger, entering the Matrix when the ship was in flight. She had no way of knowing whether the connection was stable, but she went in just the same to save our city."

Tears formed in Chikara's eyes at the touching words that Hamann spoke of her sister.

Hamann continued talking about the brave feats of the crew of the Osiris and about how their lives had had an impact on the lives of human-kind. "Tonight, let us honor these men and women. These are our soldiers, our warriors. These are our husbands and wives. Our brothers and sisters. Our children. Let us remember those that have been lost. And let us give thanks for those that have been found, and who stand here beside us. Now, I would like someone else to close this prayer, someone who hasn't spoken here in a long time but who I believe has something to say that we all need to hear. I give you Morpheus."

Many of the inhabitants of Zion cheered as Hamann walked away from the ledge and Morpheus, Captain of the Nebuchadnezzar, took the ledge to speak to the people of Zion. "Zion," he said, "hear me." The applause and cheering died down. "It is true what many of you have heard. The machines have gathered an army and as I speak, that army is drawing nearer to our home."

The crowd gathered in the Temple murmured in fear and incredulity at Morpheus' statement. "So it's true!" Athena said, having not before believed that the rumors going around Zion were true.

"Believe me when I say," Morpheus continued, "we have a difficult time ahead of us. But if we are to be prepared for it, we must first shed out fear of it. I stand here before you now truthfully, unafraid. Why? Because I believe something you do not? No. I stand here without fear because I remember. I remember that I am here not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lies behind me. I remember that for one-hundred years, we have fought these machines. I remember that for one-hundred years, they have sent their armies to destroy us. And after a century of war, I remember that which matters most, we are still here!"

Zion went went up in cheers and applause that was greater than any praise Athena had seen. Even Chikara, the one woman that had been hit harder than anyone else over the past several weeks, joined in the cheering. Athena smiled when she saw that Morpheus' encouraging words had lightened Chikara's spirits.

"Tonight," Morpheus continued, "let us send a message to that army! Tonight, let us shake this cave! Tonight, let us tremble these halls of earth, steel, and stone! Let us be heard from red core to black sky! Tonight, let us make them remember, this is Zion and we are not afraid!"

The people of Zion went up in one more burst of loud cheering before a band started drumming. The people of Zion started dancing to the beat that the band was producing. Athena, and even Chikara joined in. Morpheus' speech had lightened their spirits, and they were going to celebrate humanity for all it was worth. "Glad to have you back," said Athena.

"Glad to be back," Chikara replied, smiling.

"I love seeing you smile. I haven't seen one of those from you in two weeks."

"Well, you're gonna see me smiling a lot more. I can promise you that."

The smaller girl turned around and danced with her back to Chikara. Both women started grinding their bodies against one another. Chikara put her hands on Athena's waist and moved with her body, pressing her breasts against the eighteen-year-old's back. The feeling was exhilarating for Athena and she felt herself becoming aroused. However, because she was dancing so hard, she figured that Chikara would mistake the hard breathing and sweatiness for a good workout.

When the synthesized sounds jumped into the drum beat, people started throwing off their shirts, getting deeper into the dancing. Athena decided to throw her shirt off as well, just for the hell of it. All that was underneath was a semi-transparent, sleeveless T-shirt, which made her nipples quite visible when wet. Chikara, too, threw off her shirt, exposing a similar semi-transparent T-shirt. Athena turned back toward Chikara and wrapped her right leg around Chikara's waist, using her left leg to keep herself balanced. She ground her hips against Chikara's and Chikara ground back, moving Athena's hips with her right hand on her waist and her left hand cupping Athena's right ass cheek, which was covered only with a sparse piece of fabric. The Asian woman's breasts pressed against Athena's, and the feeling was truly amazing. Her breasts were at least a 33D.

Athena did not know how long she and the other Zion inhabitants danced. She and Chikara were having so much fun celebrating their freedom that they did not bother to check the time. It was probably two or three hours before they finally started to wear out from all of the dancing. They decided to go back to their room, not caring that they were half-naked. When they got back, they just collapsed side-by-side on the bed, panting heavily from the hard dancing.

After relaxing for a moment and letting their heart-rate go down, they turned to each other and smiled. "You okay?" Athena asked.

"Yeah," Chikara said. "For the most part. I just can't believe that Jue is gone."

"How close were you?"

"Our relationship was not that of normal siblings. I never saw my sister except when we left the house for school. It was nine years ago. I was twelve, she was sixteen. One day, Jue just disappeared."

"Oh wow. Why?"

"We started searching for clues as to why she disappeared and where to. While our parents interviewed her friends, I started checking her hard-drive. I had never been able to see what was on her computer before then. I was surprised to find how many encrypted files she had. Somehow, I was able to crack the encryption codes and see what kinds of files she had. I found gigabytes of pirated software. It was then that I realized that she was a computer hacker. I was about to tell my parents about my discovery when I found several files pertaining to an infamous hacker known as Isis. It was with Isis that I started understanding what happened to Jue. Apparently, she got caught up in one of Isis' schemes and either left with Isis or was taken by her. Wanting to get to the bottom of this mystery, I started searching for Isis."

"Searching for her?"

"When I was eighteen, a young man came to me and told me about Isis. This man was Mercutio, back when he was just a low-lever officer on the Ganesha. Of course, at the time, I knew nothing about what the Matrix was and that the world I lived in was virtual. When Mercutio asked me if I wanted to meet Isis, I agreed. I left late one night to meet Mercutio at a club. I met Mercutio, who took me to a back room. And there, I saw Jue."

"An officer on the Ganesha?"

"Actually, no. An officer on the Osiris. Isis was the captain of the Osiris back then and Thaddeus was one of the Osiris' crew. A man named Vishnu was the captain of the Ganesha at the time, and he was sent to aid the Osiris with getting me out. After I was freed from the Matrix, I was reunited with Jue. Now that we were not hiding secrets from each other, Jue and I became close friends."

"What made you choose to serve aboard the Ganesha instead of staying on the Osiris with Jue?"

"Captain Isis did not need any more crew members on the Osiris, but Vishnu did have openings for serving aboard the Ganesha. Jue wanted me to stay with her, but I wanted to fill in the gaps that Vishnu had in his crew. I wanted to save human-kind, just like Jue. She had become so powerful and I wanted to be just like her. Since then, I pushed myself as hard as I could, and now, my abilities are among the top twenty. But, I..." Chikara trailed off, her voice starting to crack. "I was still not strong enough to save her."

"This must be hard for you."

"It is. I'm finding that I'm regretting not having known my sister sooner. It was not only the six years that she was gone, but before that as well, when she was dealing with Isis. I have only really known my sister for three years now. And now she's gone, and she's not coming back."

"Chikara, try not to think of it as a loss. Don't mourn Jue's death. Celebrate her life, the life that she gave to save Zion. When she went into the Matrix to send that important information to us, I have a feeling that out of the two-hundred-and-fifty thousand people of Zion, there was only one person she was thinking of, you. I have a feeling that the only thing she wanted to do was save her little sister."

"You really think so, Athena?"

Athena smiled and said, "Yes. I really think so."

Chikara, although with tears in her eyes, smiled at Athena. "Thank you, Athena," she said. "You may be young, but you are wiser than I previously gave you credit for. Thank you for being able to raise my spirits." Chikara embraced Athena, and the eighteen-year-old embraced Chikara back.

At that moment, Athena could think of nothing besides the beautiful woman that was in her arms. The young brunette could feel Chikara's breasts pressing against her own. She could feel the heat from Chikara's body passing straight through the thin fabric of their T-shirts and filling her soul. The feeling of Chikara's skin against her own was making Athena very aroused. However, she knew that Chikara was in a vulnerable state, so she did not want to rush the older girl.

However, Chikara could feel Athena's nipples become erect and start pressing against her large breasts. She knew that Athena was getting turned on by something. She pushed Athena away just far enough to look into her green eyes, and she could see the love and desire in them. Knowing that Athena was holding back for Chikara's sake, it was the long-haired woman that took the initiative and moved her face closer to Athena's. Athena could feel Chikara's warm breath on her mouth as their faces moved within inches of one another. Athena moved her face the rest of the way and pressed her lips against Chikara's.

It was unlike anything the young brunette had ever felt before. Chikara's lips were so warm on her own and it sent shivers up and down Athena's spine. Athena wrapped her arms around Chikara and kissed her even deeper. The Asian woman wrapped her arms around Athena as well, and kissed her back just as hard. Chikara slightly stuck out her tongue, pressing against Athena's lips with it. Athena involuntarily opened her mouth and Chikara's tongue entered. The brunette moaned loudly and sucked on the wet tongue that had invaded her mouth.

Their tongues licked the insides of each other's mouths and their hands roamed each other's bodies, caressing and groping each other's warm flesh. Athena reached for Chikara's large breasts and gave them a light squeeze. The older woman moaned in pleasure and arched her back, pushing her chest towards Athena. Chikara gave Athena several more light kisses on the lips and then said, "So, you saw Stainless Night."

"Yeah," Athena replied in voice that Chikara could tell was full of desire. "I really enjoyed it. I did what you told me. I had a feeling inside of me and I explored it. Thank you for opening me up to this new side of myself." Athena leaned in again and kissed Chikara's lips.

Chikara's left hand stroked Athena's right side, caressing her breast and her waist. Slowly, the Asian moved her hand farther down Athena's body until it reached the edge of her pants, which barely covered her soft mound. She lipped a hand inside Athena's pants, but the brunette quickly grabbed Chikara's wrist and stopped her. "What is it, Athena?" Chikara asked.

"I'm not sure exactly why," the short-haired girl replied, "but ever since you rescued me from the Matrix, I haven't been able to get myself off as well as I used to."

"In what way?"

"Well, I'm not able to prolong my pleasure, I'm not able to hold my orgasm back as long as I could, and my orgasms are not nearly as powerful. I was also previously able to prolong my orgasms and even give myself multiples. However, ever since I was freed from the Matrix, I have been unable to use my tantra."

"Really?" Chikara thought for a moment. "I wanna try something." She pressed the button on the side of the bed and the two cables stuck out of the head. "Jack in." Chikara and Athena plugged the cables into their head sockets. "Computer," said Chikara, "initiate Chikara Simulation Four." Athena and Chikara were whisked away from the real world, and found themselves on a sandy beach. The sun was setting over the ocean, turning the sky a hundred colors of red and gold, and gulls were circling and calling overhead. Athena's hair had grown down to her chest, and she was in a blue, G-string biniki. Chikara's hair was back in its ponytail and her clothing had changed to a yellow, G-string bikini. "Whaddaya think?" Chikara asked.

"It's beautiful," Athena said.

"It's my favorite simulation. I like to come here to relax."

"Well, it doesn't seem to be working," Athena said seductively. "There's still a lot of tension in my body."

"Maybe I could help you with that," Chikara said, undoing her bikini top. She gyrated her hips and caressed her body as she slowly slipped the small garment off of her body, showing off her D-cup breasts for all they were worth.

Athena gyrated her hips as well, dancing to the beat that she had created in her mind. She danced very exotically, caressing her body as she did so as well. Not missing a beat, the eighteen-year-old undid her bikini top and threw it aside, exposing her smaller, but good-sized breasts to Chikara. The two topless women went to each other and joined in a wet, passionate kiss, which was so hot and so sensual that both Athena and Chikara forgot that it was merely a simulation.

As the two women embraced, their hands roamed each other's bodies, probing and caressing every inch of each other's flesh. Athena moved her hands over the round globes that were Chikara's breasts and the Japanese woman moaned in delight. Chikara moved her hands over the round globes that were Athena's ass cheeks, releasing a similar moan from the eighteen-year-old's mouth. After caressing each other for several moments, Chikara moved her hands to the front of Athena's body and started undoing her blue bikini bottom. With the G-strings undone, the small garment simply fell off of the brunette's body, exposing her young, hairless pussy. Athena undid Chikara's yellow bikini bottom as well, exposing an equally beautiful, very wet vagina.

Chikara's hands moved back behind Athena and gave her ass cheeks a squeeze. Athena sighed into Chikara's mouth and pulled her Asian lover even deeper into the kiss. Then, Chikara's right hand worked its way down between Athena's cheeks and applied pressure to her back entrance. Athena moaned very loudly and her knees grew weak, unable to support her body. Athena fell over onto her back with Chikara falling on top of her. The Japanese woman kissed Athena even more passionately, making the young brunette wetter by the second. Athena could feel Chikara's naked flesh moving and pressing against hers and it was extremely arousing for her. However, Athena had regained her tantric talent and was able to hold back her excitement until Chikara actually got to her cunt.

When Chikara removed her mouth from Athena's, the young brunette raised her head, trying to get her lips in contact with Chikara's again. Athena moaned in discontent and frustration when Chikara pulled away. However, Athena's body was again filled with pleasure when Chikara started nibbling on her left ear. Athena giggled and moaned at the same time as her raven-haired lover tickled her ear-lobe, which was also very arousing for Athena. The eighteen-year-old wrapped her arms around Chikara and caressed her back, feeling the Asian's warm flesh. It felt so much better feeling her lover's smooth skin not covered in electrical plugs on top of each vertebra. Chikara then moved from Athena's ear to the left side of her neck. Athena continued moaning in pleasure as Chikara stimulated her erogenous zones. She seemed to know exactly which parts of Athena's body responded the most to her touch.

Moving down, Chikara brought her mouth to Athena's round breasts. She kissed the firm mounds several times, eliciting small sighs of delight from the younger girl's mouth. However, the feeling was multiplied when the kisses became centered on the brunette's rock-hard nipples. Athena moaned loudly and moved her hands to Chikara's neck, pulling her face even deeper into her chest. Taking this as an obvious sign to continue, Chikara opened her mouth and took Athena's right nipple into her mouth, sucking on it lightly. Athena cried at the amazing feeling of suction that Chikara's mouth produced. The Asian woman released a now very wet nipple and moved to the other one, causing another loud moan from Athena.

Chikara continued her way down Athena's body and to the brunette's smooth, toned stomach. She started licking Athena's belly button, which was both tickling and arousing at the same time. Athena again emitted a sound that was both a giggle and a moan. Athena moved her hands to her own breasts and fondled them while the beautiful woman before her kissed and licked her stomach.

Finally, Chikara made her way down to Athena's honeypot. However, before going into Athena's dripping pussy, Chikara decided to tease her just a bit more by kissing and sucking on Athena's inner thighs. She first sucked on the right leg and then the left. Athena moaned and sighed in bliss, continuing the stimulation on her breasts. She did not bring a hand between her legs. She wanted Chikara to do it all to her, and she was able to wait until Chikara did decide to go down on her.

Before diving into Athena's cunt, Chikara took a good, long look at the wet hole before her. Athena's hard clit had protruded from its hood, and the brunette's labia had parted. It was clear that Athena was very aroused. Chikara knew that any normal human would not have been able to resist stimulation on her genitals at this point of arousal. "It seems your tantric abilities have returned," Chikara said.

"Yes, they have," Athena replied.

"I think I know why. Remember, I told you that when it comes to manipulating the virtual world, everyone has their own abilities? You seem to be able to alter your own physiological responses to stimuli. That's what allowed you to go long periods of time in a highly aroused state without having to cum. And I'll bet it also allows you to have very long, very powerful orgasms."

"Multiple orgasms as well."

Chikara looked at Athena's body and said, "God, you're beautiful." Chikara then moved her face inches from Athena's pink pussy. She could smell the sweet scent that Athena was producing, giving Chikara an uncontrollable urge to start eating her out. Chikara brought her mouth to Athena's wet cunt and started licking the length of her slit. Athena moaned in pleasure as Chikara went down on her. Chikara, after tasting the juices that she had lapped from Athena's pussy, opened her mouth and sucked Athena's pussy lips into her mouth. Athena again moaned very loudly, pinching her nipples hard.

Chikara then replaced her mouth with the index and middle fingers of her left hand, inserting them into Athena's well-lubricated canal. Chikara started moving her fingers in and out of Athena's pussy as she started licking Athena's engorged clit. Athena cried in bliss and arched her back, pushing her pussy closer to Chikara. Chikara held Athena's hips in place with her right hand, centering all of her attention on Athena's pussy. The Asian woman hooked her fingers inside Athena's cunt and found the brunette's G-spot with surprising ease. Now that they were in the virtual world, Athena did have have the feeling of needing to pee, but instead immediately started having the feelings of deep pleasure that she felt when her G-spot was stimulated. For the past few months, Athena had missed the feeling of immediate pleasure from G-spot stimulation without the initial feeling of needing to urinate.

"Oh, God," moaned Athena. "Oh, shit. God, that feels so good. Oh, Chikara. Keep going. Oh, God yeah. Oh, yeah. Mm."

Chikara kept going down harder and harder, faster and faster on Athena's very aroused genitals, making the young brunette moan and cry louder and louder. Athena used her tantra to hold back her orgasm for many minutes, letting the pressure build beyond a normal girl's limits. However, her orgasm was building quickly and Athena wanted the tension to be relieved. Athena's body was starting to quiver in anticipation of her orgasm, letting Chikara know that she was close. Athena was making vocalizations that were very loud and very frequent, and they were getting louder by the second. The eighteen-year-old managed to keep her right hand stimulating her breasts, but her left hand had started squirming around like the rest of her body and was periodically clutching and unclutching the sand beneath her body.

Sensing that Athena's orgasm was only moments away, Chikara removed her mouth from her young lover's throbbing clitoris just long enough to say, "Don't hold anything back. I wanna see the full force of your orgasm." Chikara then went back to Athena's clit, sucking on it harder than before, causing Athena to cry out very loudly.

Athena' body tensed up as she reached her peak. She bit her lip and held her breath as she used her tantra to keep herself at the very tip of her orgasm, letting it build for as long as possible. After fifteen seconds at the edge, Athena brought her right hand away from her breasts and to the back of Chikara's head, holding her face firmly against her sopping pussy. She cried out, "Oh, shit! Chikara! Yes! Yes! Ah!" Finally, she could hold back no longer. Her entire body exploded in a violent orgasm. She could have used her tantra to hold back a loud scream of pure ecstasy, but she did not want to. Not holding anything back, Athena screamed loudly and her body convulsed uncontrollably. Her pussy walls clamped down forcefully around Chikara's fingers and cum-juices gushed powerfully from her pee-hole, completely filling the Asian woman's mouth. Even using her ability of temporal manipulation, Athena's cum ejaculated so powerfully that it was difficult for Chikara to swallow all of her honey without gagging.

Chikara kept going down hard on Athena, allowing the eighteen-year-old to use her tantra to prolong her orgasm for two minutes. Even after her first orgasm stopped, Athena allowed Chikara to bring her to a second orgasm, which was equally powerful and just as wet. Chikara brought Athena to orgasm after orgasm. When Athena was on the verge of another powerful wet climax, Chikara decided to stop her ministrations on Athena. She removed her fingers from Athena's spasming cunt and removed her face from Athena's clitoris and watched the brunette scream in ecstasy, her body thrashing about uncontrollably, her cunt pushing itself outward, girl-cum squirting about two meters away from her body. Chikara could only stare in amazement at the raw power of Athena's orgasm.

When Athena's final orgasm finally stopped, her body collapsed on the wet sand and the brunette passed out from the sensory overload. Chikara looked at Athena and the sight was absolutely gorgeous. It was a beautiful, eighteen-year-old girl with silky, brown hair, her naked form sprawled over the sand with girl-cum all over her body, bathed in the warm, red light of a setting sun. Chikara got on top of Athena and started sucking the cum-juices off of her young body. It was sweeter than anything the Japanese woman had ever tasted. First, she licked and sucked at the eighteen-year-old's pussy lips, tasting the juice that was there. She then worked her way down Athena's legs about half-way to her knees. After she had cleaned up the honey that was there, she started on Athena's stomach and then up to her chest.

It was when Chikara reached Athena's breasts that the brunette came back to her senses. Athena moaned in delight and opened her eyes to look at the beautiful woman at her chest. Chikara got up to Athena's mouth and they shared a hot, passionate kiss. Athena's tongue started exploring the insides of Chikara's mouth and she tasted her own girl-cum. Chikara broke the kiss after several moments and the two women looked into each other's eyes. "Those were some orgasms," Chikara said. "How many times did you cum?"

"I counted five," Athena replied. "That's how many times I usually cum in one session. But those were some orgasms! You've had sex with other women before me, haven't you?"

"Yes, I have," Chikara replied. "Over the past three years, I have developed what you might call an empathic sense. While in the virtual world, I can tell what gives a girl the most pleasure."

"Do you think I might be able to develop an empathic sense like yours?"

"You've already started developing an empathic sense. Just by spending time with other people in the virtual world, you learn what turns certain people on."

"You like being the one in control, don't you, Chikara?"

"See? You figured that out after only fifteen minutes." Chikara started moving up Athena's body. She straddled the brunette with her dripping pussy in front of her face.

At the close distance, Athena could see that Chikara had no pubic hair, but also that she had a tattoo right above her vulva. It was a red heart with black lettering that read, Thirsty? "Yes, I am," Athena said, replying to the question. Athena grabbed Chikara's hips, pulled her down onto her face, and started licking her slit, which was, as her tattoo suggested, very wet. Chikara let out a soft moan as Athena licked her pussy. Until then, Athena had only tasted her own juices. Chikara's juices did taste slightly different than her own, but they were just as sweet.

"Yeah," Chikara moaned. "That's it. Lick my pussy. Uh huh."

Chikara brought her right hand between her legs and was about to started fingering her clit when Athena batted her hand away. "Let me take care of that," the younger woman said. She repositioned her head so that her mouth was on top of Chikara's hard clitoris and she started flicking it with her tongue. Chikara moaned loudly as Athena started tonguing her clit and both of Chikara's hands went to her breasts, tweaking her erect nipples, sending shockwaves throughout her body. Athena added to Chikara's pleasure by bringing her left hand to her lover's pussy and inserting her index and middle fingers into Chikara's tight canal. She started moving her fingers in and out of her slippery vagina and Chikara moaned at the feeling.

Chikara was right. Athena was beginning to develop an empathic sense. She could sense how quickly Chikara's excitement was rising and how far away she was from orgasm. Chikara's excitement was rising at a considerably steady rate, showing that the older woman had tantric abilities of her own. They might not have been as developed as Athena's tantra, but it was there. Athena decided that it was time to start going down on Chikara's G-spot. She hooked her fingers inside the Asian woman's vagina and started rubbing the rough, leathery region on the front wall. Chikara gasped when she felt her G-spot stimulated. There were several seconds of the initial sensation of needing to pee, but the sensation was not very strong, and it was replaced with deep pleasure very quickly. Chikara started moaning and writhing in pleasure and she started rocking her hips, grinding her pussy against Athena's face. Athena sucked Chikara's clit into her mouth and the black-haired woman moaned even louder.

"Oh, yes!" moaned Chikara. "Athena. Oh, that feels so good. Yeah. You are thirsty, aren't you?"

"Mm-hm," Athena said, her lips still tightly locked around Chikara's hard clitoris.

"Yeah, Baby. I want you to make me cum."


"Yeah." Athena used her right hand to push Chikara's pussy even further into her mouth and she started sucking on her swollen clit even harder. Chikara cried in pleasure and she involuntarily squeezed her breasts so hard that it hurt. Athena could tell that Chikara was very close to orgasm. Chikara's breathing was raged and her muscles were starting to spasm involuntarily. Chikara arched her back as she reached her peak. Her hands left her breasts and she brought them beneath her body so that she would not fall over. Her hands landed on Athena's legs. The pressure inside Chikara's body broke through and the Japanese woman started cumming powerfully. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried as her body jerked about. Her pussy walls clamped down on Athena's fingers as she started ejaculating all over Athena's face. The young brunette swallowed as much of her lover's sweet girl-cum as she could. However, because she did not have Chikara's abilities of time manipulation, she was not able to swallow all of it and she had to pull her mouth away so that she did not gag on the sweet honey that squirted from Chikara's urethra.

Chikara's orgasm lasted for about a minute before Athena was able to bring her to a second intense orgasm, which caused Chikara to ejaculate even more girl-cum. After her two powerful orgasms, Chikara stopped cumming and she collapsed between Athena's legs, breathing heavily with a contented smile on her face. The eighteen-year-old looked at Chikara and smiled at her achievement. She crawled out from between Chikara's legs and proceeded to lick the residual cum-juices from her pussy.

Athena lay down beside Chikara and draped an arm over her. Chikara opened her eyes and saw Athena looking lovingly at her. They smiled at each other and Chikara turned onto her side, facing Athena. They embraced and kissed passionately, Chikara tasting her own juices on Athena's mouth. She moaned as she tasted the sweet cum-juices that she, herself, had produced.

After a minute, Athena and Chikara broke for air. "That was great, Athena," said the older woman. "Thank you for that."

"It does feel much better in the virtual world, doesn't it?" said Athena. "I almost wish I took the blue pill." Chikara suddenly became apprehensive. She had heard about what had happened on the Nebuchadnezzar six months before when one of the crew members named Cypher had betrayed the team. Then, Athena burst into hysterical laughter. Chikara then realized that Athena was joking and she started laughing as well. After several minutes of uncontrollable laughter, Athena reassured Chikara, "I don't regret taking the red pill one bit. I know the truth now and I can't look back. I wanna save the humans from the machines' control, and I wanna stay with you. I love you, Chikara."

"I know you love me," the Asian woman said. "I could see it in your eyes ever since we first met in the real world. Just like you can see in my eyes that I love you too." The two women kissed passionately for another minute. When they broke, Chikara said, "Computer, terminate program."

The two women awoke in Chikara's bed. They removed the cables from their skulls and sat up. Then, Athena noticed that her skimpy pants and the bed were completely soaked. When she inhaled, she identified the odor as female ejaculate. "I thought it wasn't real," she said.

"You're mind makes it real," Chikara said. "Your mind and body are connected. What your mind experiences, so does your body."

"Does that mean that I might one day be able to carry my trantric abilities into the real world?"

"It is a possibility."

"I hope so. Because I don't wanna have to retreat into a fantasy in order to get off."

The two girls smiled and kissed each other. "Computer," Chikara said, "turn off the lights." At Chikara's command, the lights in the room turned off. "Sweet dreams, Athena."

"Good night, Chikara." They embraced and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chikara was called to a briefing the next day, again leaving Athena alone in the room to wait for her. The brunette thought about what Chikara had said the night before about the possibility of bringing her tantric abilities into the real world. Athena decided to make a slow transition. First, she plugged herself into the computer system and said, "Computer, initiate Chikara Simulation Four. Athena's mind was transported to her virtual body in Chikara's simulation. Just as they had left it, their bikinis were still to the side and Athena was naked.

Now that she was in the virtual world, even if Athena became extremely aroused, she could still hold off the urge to touch herself. She started thinking about Chikara and imagined making love to her again. The thought of Chikara's warm body against hers was, creating the desired effect, Athena's arousal. The brunette caressed her naked body, paying extra attention to her round breasts and the erect nipples that were pointing out proudly from them. She moaned in delight as she started pinching and pulling at her nipples, making herself even more aroused.

Athena moved her right hand down between her legs, keeping her left hand at her chest. Athena massaged the region between her legs, but was sure not to touch her clit or slip a finger inside her dripping cunt. She wanted to save that for the real world. However, touching herself down there did make her very wet and aroused. After playing with herself for a few minutes, getting herself as aroused as she could get, she said, "Computer, terminate program." Athena's mind was taken again from her body and transported into the body that she had in the real world.

The arousal that Athena had built was almost too much for her. However, she managed to stop herself from masturbating on the spot. She seemed to have carried at least some of her tantric ability into the real world. Again, the eighteen-year-old started massaging her breasts and nipples. She pulled down her pants and started fingering her wet pussy. She moaned as she did so, her body starting to rock to her own ministrations. Athena kept the electric cable inside her brain in order to better imagine herself in the virtual world. She kept telling herself over and over that the mind was connected to the body. She imagined herself in the virtual world, and tried to recreate what she had done in the virtual world that allowed her to use her tantra.

It was a minute or so before Athena felt the need to put two of her fingers inside herself. It happened about two times sooner than it used to in the simulation, but it took about two times longer than it did when she usually masturbated in the real world. The carrying of her tantra into the real world was working. Athena started fingering her G-spot several seconds after she put her fingers into her canal. There was still the initial feeling of needing to pee, but it only lasted for a few seconds this time. The deep feelings of pleasure that followed were not as intense as they were in the simulated world, but more intense than the real world usually was.

It was about three minutes before Athena started feeling her orgasm build. It usually took one or two minutes of masturbation in the real world for Athena to cum, but this session had a good 50% increase in length. Athena's moans were becoming louder and louder, but her tantra allowed her to keep her cries a little softer than she originally could. Her orgasm continued to build until the point of no return and Athena's body went rigid as she tried to hold back her orgasm for as long as possible. It took almost ten seconds before Athena could no longer hold back and she started cumming. She cried out in bliss as her body started spasming. Girl-cum gushed from her pee-hole with about the same force as a normal male ejaculation. Although it came nowhere near the power of her virtual orgasms, it was about twice as powerful as one of Athena's normal real world orgasms. Athena kept writhing and moaning as she fucked her pussy hard, continuing the stimulation on her G-spot. Her orgasm lasted for about a minute, which Athena defined as a status orgasm, however, she was unable to bring herself to a multiple.

The brunette's body came to rest and she sighed in content. She was happy that her practices were paying off. She slipped her wet fingers out of her pussy and sucked them dry, tasting a good deal of girl-cum as well as ordinary vaginal lubrication. She was about to scoop up the girl-cum on her stomach when the door to the room opened. Chikara walked in with several boxes of food. "Oh, hi," said Chikara as she saw Athena half-naked on the bed with female ejaculate on her body.

"Oh. Hi, Chikara," Athena said, a little embarrassed.

"Let me help you clean up," the Japanese woman said. After setting the boxes down on a nearby table, Chikara got on top of Athena and started sucking the sweet, orgasmic juices off of the younger girl's body. Athena moaned and giggled as Chikara licked the honey out from her belly button. When Chikara had cleaned the cum-juices off of Athena, she said, "There was more girl-cum there than there usually is when you make yourself cum in the real world. Are you trying to bring your tantric abilities into the real world?"

"Yes, I am," Athena replied. "I started off in the virtual world, getting myself aroused. I then brought myself back to the real world, but I kept the jack in my head so that I still had a small sense of being in the virtual world. I kept telling myself that my body was connected to my mind, and I started fucking myself."

"Did it work any?"

"My orgasm was not nearly as good as it was in the simulation, but it was better than most I've had in the real world. It's working." Pulling the cable out of her head, Athena asked, "So, what did you get for lunch?"

Chikara opened the boxes. "I have some noodles and protein balls. It's not as good as you get in the Matrix, but it is better than the goddamn goop that you get on a ship."

"Yeah. I haven't heard very good things about that single-cell protein mix that you get on a ship. Although, I heard that it reminds some people of Tastee Wheat."

Chikara smiled and ate some of her noodles with a fork she had. Athena took up another fork and ate a protein ball. The protein balls that Zion produced reminded Athena of chicken, which was somewhat amusing because chicken tasted like so many things in the Matrix. "The Nebuchadnezzar hasn't come back to Zion yet," Chikara said, trying to make conversation. "The Vigilant and the Logos have been dispatched to aid Morpheus and his crew."

"What do you think will become of Neo? Do you think he'll be able to save Zion?"

Chikara thought for a moment. "I remember I went to see the Oracle several weeks after I was freed from the Matrix. Captain Vishnu saw great power in me, and brought me to see her, hoping that I might have been the One. However, the Oracle could see that I did not have the potential to be that powerful. But seeing as how powerful I have become over the past three years, if the One is so much more powerful than I am..." Chikara paused for a second. "Yes," she continued, "I do believe Neo can save Zion."

"I hope so. No war should continue for a hundred years. And I don't wanna die."

Chikara, noticing just how scared Athena was, took the younger woman in her arms and held her close. Athena started sobbing into Chikara's shoulder. "You're not gonna die, Athena," said the Asian woman. "I'd never let anything happen to you."

Athena's sobs died down from Chikara's loving words. "Thanks, Chikara," said Athena. They then looked into each other's eyes and then kissed each other passionately. Completely forgetting about their lunch, they fell down onto the bed with Chikara on top of Athena. Athena wrapped her arms around Chikara and pulled the older woman's body into her own. Chikara pushed her tongue against Athena's lips and the eighteen-year-old opened her mouth to let her lover lick the insides of her mouth. It felt great having Chikara's warm tongue playing with hers.

The two girls kept kissing and probing each other's bodies for about five minutes until Athena broke the kiss and said, "Chikara, I don't think I can hold out much longer. Either you're gonna have to go down on me soon, or we'll have to go into one of your simulations."

"It doesn't usually take you that long to get aroused, does it Athena?"

"No, it doesn't. My tantra is working."

"Maybe I'll let you practice. Why don't we try making love in the real world this time?"

The brunette thought for a moment. After a moment, she said, "Sure. Let's try it." Chikara started kissing Athena again. Her hands went to the younger woman's breasts and gave them a squeeze. Athena moaned in bliss and wrapped her arms around her Japanese lover, trying to get as much of her mouth as she could. Chikara's hands moved from Athena's breasts to the bottom of the eighteen-year-old girl's shirt. Chikara broke the kiss just long enough to pull off the single garment that hid Athena's young breasts from the older woman's sight. Chikara started kissing Athena again and started tweaking Athena's nipples, causing the brunette to gasp in pleasure. Athena wanted to start grinding her hips against Chikara's body, but she used her tantra to resist the urge.

Chikara's kisses went to the side of Athena's head and she started nibbling on the younger woman's earlobes. Athena cried out in arousal, barely able to resist making herself cum by pushing her pussy against Chikara's. Seeing that Athena's tantra was still in the process of being brought into the real world, Chikara knew that she had to go down on her lover soon to keep Athena from going down on herself.

Quickly, Chikara threw off her shirt, revealing her D-cup breasts to Athena. Because Athena's pants were already off, her wet, swollen pussy was completely open to Chikara. The older woman brought her face between Athena's legs and started licking the brunette's erect clit. Athena moaned loudly and started fondling her breasts, pinching her rock-hard nipples.

"Oh, God," Athena moaned. "Chikara, that feels so good. Yes. Suck on my clit. Yeah." Athena's hips started rocking, pushing her pussy into Chikara's mouth, trying to get the most out of her lover's tongue. Chikara sucked the hard nubbin into her mouth and lashed at it with her tongue, making Athena scream.

Chikara had been going down on Athena for about three minutes when the brunette cried out, "Chikara! Put your fingers in me! Fuck my G-spot!" Chikara quickly moved her right hand to Athena's wet opening and stuck in her index and middle fingers. Athena was so aroused that Chikara's fingers slipped in easily from the amount of juices that were present. When Chikara started fucking Athena's G-spot, the initial need to pee was hardly noticeable to Athena. After only a second, Athena's body was filled with deep feelings of passion. "Oh, fuck yes!" she cried. "Yeah. Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her hands clutched the bed sheets as she tried to steady herself.

It was another minute before Athena's orgasm started to build inside her. She humped Chikara's fingers as hard as she could, wanting to cum badly. Taking the hint, Chikara pounded Athena's pussy harder, applying even more pressure to the rough area inside the eighteen-year-old's dripping pussy. Athena's body tensed up as her orgasm approached. She stayed stiff for about ten seconds, and then she started cumming violently. She let out a cry that was quieted by her tantric abilities, but Chikara could tell that the cry carried powerful feelings of pure orgasmic bliss. Juices ejaculated from Athena's urethra as her pussy walls clamped down on Chikara's fingers. If Athena was not gripping the sheets so tightly, the force of her orgasm probably would have caused her hips to knock Chikara's head out of the way and cause her girl-cum to spray across the room, soaking the bed and the floor. Chikara sucked up the nectar that squirted from Athena's pee-hole, continuing to pleasure the young girl's throbbing clitoris with her tongue.

Athena's orgasm lasted for a minute-and-a-half with Chikara continuing to go down on her. When Athena's orgasm ended, the brunette thought that she was going to come down from it, but instead, she started cumming powerfully again. It was her first multiple orgasm in the real world. She cried out in ecstasy again, her hips bucked against Chikara, and girl-cum ejaculated powerfully from her pee-hole, soaking Chikara's face in her sweet juices.

After another two minutes, Athena came down from her powerful double-orgasm. She collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily with her eyes closed. Chikara started sucking the excess juices from Athena's drenched cunt, trying to swallow as much girl-cum as she could. She then proceeded to Athena's stomach and sucked up the juices that were there. Some of Athena's cum-juices had even made their way to her moderately-sized tits. Athena was awoken from her trance-like state of post-orgasmic bliss by the feeling of Chikara's warm mouth sucking the juices off of her nipples. When Chikara was finished cleaning Athena's body with her mouth, she kissed Chikara hungrily, allowing the younger woman to taste her own girl-cum. Athena moaned at the taste of her own juices.

Judging by how aggressively Chikara was kissing her, Athena knew that her powerful orgasms and female ejaculation had really turned the twenty-one-year-old on. "Jeez," Athena said between kisses. "If you want me so badly..." another kiss, "...just get up here..." another kiss, "...and let me fuck you."

Chikara immediately stopped kissing Athena and said, "That's a good idea." She stood up, hastily pulled down her pants, and climbed up Athena's young body, straddling her face. Chikara's pussy was just as bare at it was in the virtual world, but, unfortunately, the tattoo was not there. "Now eat me!" Even though the tattoo was not present in the real world, Chikara's demanding manner turned Athena on just as much. She grabbed Chikara's hips, pulled her pussy down onto her mouth, and started licking on sucking on the black-haired woman's cunt. Chikara moaned in pleasure and started squeezing her full breasts as Athena fucked her with her mouth.

"Yeah," Chikara moaned. "That's it, Athena. Fuck me with your mouth just like that. I want you to make me cum all over your face." Chikara started grinding her hips against Athena's face and Athena started sucking on her lover's pussy even harder, making Chikara moan even louder.

Although they were not in the virtual world, Athena still had a small empathic sense, probably a natural sense that all humans possessed. With it, Athena was able to know exactly when she should start fucking Chikara's G-spot. She inserted her fingers and started going down on the special spot inside Chikara's vagina. "Oh, shit!" Chikara cried as she felt the feelings of deep pleasure course throughout her body, driving her closer to orgasm. "Yeah! Fuck me just like that! I love your fingers in my cunt!"

"Mm-hm?" said Athena, not letting go of Chikara's engorged clit.

"Yeah. I want you to make me cum. Make me cum." Chikara could feel her orgasm coming up. "Oh," she moaned. "Here it comes. You ready to get wet?"

"Mm-hm," Athena replied, fucking Chikara harder.

"Oh, yes," Chikara moaned. "Yes. Yes. Here is comes. Oh, shit!" The Asian woman's body went rigid as she tried to hold back her orgasm and she started crying over and over again, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Chikara screamed, "Yes!" one more time and she started cumming hard. She grunted and groaned as the waves of orgasmic bliss washed through her body. Her back arched and girl-cum splattered against Athena's face, soaking the brunette and herself. Athena kept fucking Chikara's spasming cunt and brought her Japanese lover to another squirting orgasm.

Athena brought Chikara to a third, equally powerful orgasm before Chikara was spent and her body fell down on top of Athena. Girl-cum was still leaking from Chikara's cunt, and Athena lapped up as much of it as she could. Chikara rolled off of Athena and the younger girl repositioned her body so that her face was in front of Chikara's. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately, Chikara tasting her honey on Athena's lips. They broke for air after several minutes and looked deep into each other's eyes, seeing the love that they felt for each other. "That was good," Chikara said.

"Yes, it was," replied Athena.

"I love you, Athena."

"I love you too, Chikara." The two women embraced tightly. Even with the electrical plugs running down Chikara's spine, her skin was still so soft, so smooth, and so warm.