Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 74 "Come Hell or High Water"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** Meanwhile near West Lafayette, Indiana, 2 days later

"I'm getting more and more nervous the closer we get" Jessie said as Stephanie had just pulled over for gas. "I got 8 million different ways in my head that this could play out and not one of seems to be anywhere near good for us."

"Will you please just chill" Stephanie said from outside the driver's side window. "You are not in this alone."

"I made the decision to be with you" Stephanie said, "Now come hell or high water I'm gonna be."

"Hell or high water?" Jessie asked as Stephanie laughed.

"You never heard that before?"


"I think it comes from this joke, my grandpa told me" Stephanie said as she gave the attendant the money for the gas and got back in. "You wanna hear it?"


"OK, how did it go?" Stephanie asked as she tried to remember, "Oh yeah, an old woman and her grandson are sitting on the porch after a huge flood. The water is almost up to the floor on the porch. Well, anyway, the little boy is looking out at the water and he sees a hat float down stream and then it turns and comes back. And then does it again and again. Finally he asks his Grandma why it's doing that and she sighs and says, well your Grandpa said he was gonna mow the grass today...come hell or high water."

"The hat floating up and down..." Jessie said as she laughed, "That's good, come hell or high water."

"Here's another one" Stephanie said as Jessie recovered, "How does a blond turn the lights on after sex?"

"I dunno"

"Opens the car door" Stephanie said as she took hold of Jessie's hair and flicked it in her face and laughed.

"Oh god that was mean" Jessie said pretending to be mad.

"I love you" Stephanie said as she leaned across the divide and kissed Jessie's shoulder gently.

"No I'm mad at you" Jessie said trying to hide a smile.

"Don't love me no more?" Stephanie asked as Jessie turned to her and said, "Yes I do."

An hour later...

"I don't wanna go in there" Jessie said as they sat in the driveway of Casa Da August. Now sporting framing for the new bedroom addition he had mentioned and a second floor that looked to be also in the works.

"You think I do?" Stephanie asked as she took Jessie's hand, "This is gonna be unlike anything I've ever done."

"You could just walk up to my mom and say, Karen I'm in love with your daughter, so let's hear it" Jessie said with a teasing smile.

"That's exactly what I'm gonna do" Stephanie said as Jessie's mouth dropped open in shock.

"I was kidding Steph"

"It's a good idea, will you hold my hand so I don't faint?" Stephanie asked as she opened the driver side door.

"Of course" Jessie said as she got out the passenger's side. Meeting again and joining hands at the front of the hummer as they walked up the steps. Only to be met by a happy and very much in love looking Karen and August coming out to greet them.

"Well what do you think?" August asked as he pointed to the side of the house at the framing. "We decided to go for it and add on, Karen you wanna tell them the good news."

"Good news?" Jessie asked as Karen noticed Jessie and Stephanie holding hands.

"Yeh, honey, I've decided to move down here permanently" She said.

"Way to take the wind out of our announcement" Stephanie said as everyone seemed to be in shock.

"Mom, what about your work?" Jessie asked.

"What announcement?" August asked.

"I'm gonna take a year or so off" Karen said, "It would be best if I didn't work in my condition."

"You're preg....preg...pregnant?" Jessie asked in a stunned voice as Stephanie felt as if she were gonna faint.

"OH MY GOD" Jessie said as she jumped around excitedly and turned to Stephanie and said, "I'm gonna have a baby brother or sister."

"I know" Stephanie said as she hugged her.

"I'm so happy for you guys" Jessie said as she hugged her mom and then August. "Life could not get any better."

"Yeh it couldn't" Stephanie said as she too hugged Karen and then August.

"Is it yours?" Stephanie asked as August laughed, and said, "Yes, it better be."

"What do we do now?" Jessie mouthed to Stephanie as August kissed Karen. Jessie watched as they chatted quietly for a moment and she rejoined Stephanie's side and they chatted with nothing but their eyes as they tried to decide what to do about their own big announcement. Which had seemingly been lost in all of the celebration over the new baby. Jessie suddenly had a horrible thought, what if Karen did take it bad and this could cause her to lose the baby before it even got a chance in the world. Little did she know but Stephanie had been stricken with the same fear as they hugged and Jessie felt a tear come down her face. Jessie rubbed her cheek to Steph's for a moment, thinking no one was watching but both being shaken back to reality when Karen asked, "What's up with you two?"

"Yeh and what was it you said about a big announcement?" August asked and noticed himself how close Stephanie and Jessie seemed to have gotten. But playing it off in his mind as an over reaction on his part.

"I dunno if we should tell you guys, with..ummmm...Mom in her condition" Jessie said softly and Stephanie could feel her hand tremble.

"Honey is something wrong?" Karen asked as her heart raced. "You looked so happy just moments ago."

"I am, happier than you could ever know, for several reasons" Jessie said. "And I know we've had our troubles over my being gay, but I don't wanna say anything to get you all upset and then you might lose the baby."

"Honey, if it's not something wrong then how could it be bad?" Karen asked. "I don't possibly see what you could do to upset me."

"How about this" Stephanie said as she rubbed her hand along Jessie's cheek to get her attention. Looking at Stephanie in confusion Jessie felt Stephanie's hands on her waist as she pulled their bodies together and to Jessie's utter shock, she kissed her softly. Smiling an almost evil grin as she looked at Jessie again. Stephanie touching Jessie's face and saying, "I'm in love your amazing daughter."

"And I'm in love with your amazing niece...August" Jessie said as both got lost in a moment and kissed again. Both figuring by now that Karen would have went into total and complete meltdown mode. Parting, both looked to see Karen with her hands over her face in shock, and Jessie knew a flurry of emotions were now rocketing through her mother's body as she watched this. Anger being the primary one, she figured. But now it was out in the open and no one or no think was gonna change her feelings for Stephanie.

"I'm in shock" August said. "When did this happen?"

"A few days ago, ever since the day we met" Stephanie said as Karen remained dead silent still.

"Mom" Jessie said as she touched her mother's shoulder and expected to almost have her hand smacked away.

"You...are...what?" Karen asked finally as some of the color came back into her face.

"Here it comes" Stephanie said into Jessie's ear.

"In, I'm in love" Jessie said.

"But...what about Joanna?" Karen asked. "You looked so happy with her."

"Ummmm...if you wanna hear the whole story I can tell you" Jessie said softly. "But we just realized we loved different people. This isn't something new, between me and Steph, it's just..."

"...something that's been building" Stephanie said as she finished the sentence.

"I'm gonna miss my little idea worm" August said with a frown and seemed to be hurt by the announcement of Jessie and Joanna's parting of the ways. Something that for a long moment struck Jessie as slightly odd.  

"Call her" Jessie said to August, "She's got a cell phone, I'm serious."

"I'll do that" August said with a smile. "She's gonna be surprised in more ways than one."

"That's for sure" Karen said with a smile as Jessie wondered about August's last comment for a long moment before Stephanie's voice washed it from her mind.

"They're still friends and all" Stephanie said.

"Are you sure about this, I mean you were straight" Karen said gently to Stephanie.

"Karen, you just don't know what kind of amazing person Jessie is" Stephanie said as she took Jessie's hand again and laced their fingers together. "Well, you do, but I couldn't..."

" falling in love with me" Jessie said as Stephanie smiled and said, "Yeh, that's it."

"Look in her eyes, honey" August said as he hugged Karen, "I've never seen anything that beautiful in my life."

"Yeh it's called love" Stephanie said as Jessie seemed to be drawn in by her gaze.

"I have been such a fool" Karen said as she hugged August, "How could I not see that?"

"Doesn't matter Mom" Jessie said as she hugged her, "You see it now."

"Come here" Karen said as she motioned to Stephanie.    

"Me?" Stephanie asked Karen hugged her too.

"You could not have picked someone better Jessie" Karen said.

"I know, I'm just surprised" Jessie said. "You are conscious right?"

"Yes I am" Karen said as Jessie laughed and weaved her hand in front of her mom's face as Karen smacked it away.

"I'm not convinced" Jessie said giggling. "You got her drugged up August?"

"Noooo" August said as he kissed Karen's head and said, "But I think you should know I love your mom."

"I'm glad" Jessie said as she took Stephanie's hand.

"Your new room should be finished in a few weeks also" August said.

"What's the second floor for?" Jessie asked.

"Well, Karen wanted a nursery and I figured why not just do it right" August said, "So when the new addition is finished, you and Jessie will have your own bedrooms and my office will be on the first floor."

"What about the nursery?" Stephanie asked.

"Your old bedroom" August said, "And we're gonna knock down the wall between our bedroom and the guest room and make our own suite. Bigger bathroom and more privacy."

"More babies too I bet" Stephanie said as August stomped his foot at her as her and Jessie laughed.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Palace, Mandy's bedroom

"Look Mandy, I'm not letting you dress me up like a barbie doll like Sam did, I didn't like that" Zoe said firmly.

"Oh so you gonna stand up to me?" Mandy asked with an amused smirk.

"It's not funny" Zoe said as she stood up and found herself eye to eye with Mandy, "I never realized that I'm like almost as tall as you, like barely any difference at all."

"Chill Zo Glow" Mandy said as she opened her closet and said, "You're gonna pick the clothes out, not me."

"I can pick out anything I want?" Zoe asked as Mandy sat down on the bed and said, "Anything. I just want you to look nice tonight. You don't exactly look like a million bucks right now."

"Well pardon me for not being rich" Zoe said as Mandy sighed.

"Zoe, it's not about money" Mandy said, "Half of my clothes come from wal-mart just like you. But I know how to pick out clothes to suit me."

"Ok, can you help me?" Zoe asked as she walked into Mandy's walk-in closet and looked at the endless rows of clothes. "No hip huggers or low-riders."

"No jeans at all and no one needs to see your underwear" Mandy said as she dropped to her knees and searched through a rack of skirts and dresses, "Unless it's me."

"I swear one of these days Amanda I'm gonna kill you" Zoe said as Mandy looked up at her in surprise.

"What did you call me?" Mandy asked.

"Amanda" Zoe said, "I think it's pretty, why don't you?"

"No one uses my full name, literally no one" Mandy said.

"Ok, sorry" Zoe said.

"No, not sorry, I like my name" Mandy said, "If you wanna call me that it's ok."

"No one else does?"

"Nope, everyone calls me Mandy" She said, "Even my dad. It's one of those nicknames that stuck. I like it, but it's nice to know that someone likes my full name."

"I do" Zoe said, "So what am I wearing tonight?"

"How about this..." Mandy said holding up a men's dress shirt, with matching tie. Then pulling a floral print skirt off the rack and showing her, "...and this."

"Why?" Zoe asked as Mandy laughed and said, "Because, Zoe you're not a little girl anymore. You need to dress like an adult. Not someone working the corner or living under the bridge."

"Stop picking on me" Zoe said as Mandy laughed.

"Just try it on" Mandy said handing them to her. "I promise once you see them together you'll see what I mean."

"Ok" Zoe said as she exited the walk-in and slipped into the bathroom and changed into the new clothes. Looking in the mirror on the back of the door, she was thrown by how different she looked. Then picking up the tie, she started to laugh when it got hung on her nose as she pulled it over her head. Finally pulling it down and getting it under the collar of the shirt. "Damn thing."

"All done?" Mandy asked tapping on the door as she came in and her eyes opened in surprise. "WOW."

"What?" Zoe asked.

"You look so..." Mandy said as she tried to find the right words. "...grown up."

"You look hot" Zoe said as she looked at Mandy's daisy dukes and tucked in skin tight t-shirt. "Wait...did you say grown-up?"

"Yes I did" Mandy said smiling proudly. "I think you're growing up before my eyes."

"I thought you said no one was gonna dress like you" Zoe said.

"What's wrong with it?" Mandy asked looking back at the mirror. "Nothings showing, ok the shirt is a little tight but I think I look ok."

"Those shorts are just too short" Zoe said.

"Ya think?" Mandy asked as Zoe thought to herself how no one had ever taken her serious when she offered advice. "I think you're right Zo."

"I am? I mean..of course" Zoe said as Mandy grinned and said, "Zoe I'm not like everyone else, I'm not gonna treat you like a kid. Seriously, too short?"

"Yeh" Zoe said as Mandy sighed and said, "Be right back."

"She actually took my advice" Zoe said as she began jumping around in excitement and then calmed herself, thinking that's what a little kid would do. Spotting a hat on the counter just in front of the mirror she picked it up, looking at it and thinking it might match her current ensemble. Being that the shirt was white with brown pin stripes, and the dress was ankle length white with a floral print. While the hat was also white, a sunbrella it said on the back, she noted as she slipped it on. Mandy came back in with the same shirt only now wearing a skirt that was just above the thighs. Mandy looked up nervously. Asking, "Better?"

"Perfect, you look great"

"That hat is awesome" Mandy said as she turned it around as Zoe laughed and let Mandy adjust it. Now standing behind her and looking at her in the mirror, she smiled as she adjusted the tie and loosened it up a bit and then pulled the skirt up and folded it as Zoe asked, "What are you doing?"

"This is a little too long, we're not going to church" Mandy said, "This way if we wanna walk along the water we can."

"Yeh that would be fun" Zoe said as she looked at Mandy in the mirror and said with a smirk, "Even if the guys are there."

"My little...I mean, my lesbo in training" Mandy said as both laughed. Adjusting Zoe's hair to behind her eyes and then trailing her finger down Zoe's cheek. Looking at her intently for a moment, until Zoe asked, "What it is?"

"Just thinking how pretty you are" Mandy said as she pointed to the mirror and saying, "Will is one lucky guy."

"So is Wylan" Zoe said as Mandy smiled. "You ready?"  

"Yep" Mandy said as they exited the bathroom and she grabbed the pink cowboy hat laying on the bed and put it on. "Does it look goofy?"

"Not at all" Zoe said as Mandy opened the door waited for her to follow. Getting to the top of steps, Zoe realized they'd forgot something important, the car keys. "You think we might need the car keys Amanda?"

"It might help yeh" Mandy said as she stopped and turned around. Zoe shook her head as she went back into the room and grabbed them off the desk and coming back out just as Shady and Katie exited her room.

"Zoe Manning?" Katie asked as she stopped her. "Someone think they all grown now?"

"Yep" Mandy said, "She looks great huh?"

"She sure does" Shady said with a smile.

"Thanks" Zoe said as she blushed.

"Do you just belong to Mandy or are you open to outside invites?" Shady said as Mandy came back up the stairs.

"You keep your eyes on your own woman" Mandy said as she put her arms around Zoe's waist, "She's my girl."

"Do I have a say so in this?" Zoe asked as Mandy laughed and said, "OK, OK, just for tonight I'll share you with Will."

"Yeh Shay, you better remember who's standing beside you" Katie said as Shady smiled and kissed her cheek. "Just some innocent flirting."

"Both of you look great tonight" Shady said. "Be careful down by the lake."

"I got the cell Shady" Mandy said, "I got Batman on speed dial."

"Who's batman?" Zoe asked as everyone laughed and Mandy took Zoe's hand and said, "Don't worry about it, let's stomp baby."

"Ohhhhhh yeah" Zoe said as she finally realized what Mandy meant by stomp as she laughed and followed after her down the steps. Both soon disappearing out the door.

"Ok, I'm tired of this" Katie said as she watched them leave and turned to Shady.

"What? You mad about me flirting with Zoe?" Shady asked, "She looked so grown up, I was only trying to make her blush."

"No no, I thought that was cute" Katie said, "This Batman shit."

"Katie please" Shady said as she opened her door and took Katie's hand as they disappeared inside. "I'll be honest with you. There are things I can't tell you."

"Why who am I gonna tell?" Katie asked, "I promise you that."

"Look you are safer in this house and in my arms than you are anywhere else on this planet" Shady said, "I told you, Joey is a friend."

"Who keeps showing up when he's needed like he's on your call" Katie said.

"Ok he is on my call" Shady said, "He's mine and Mandy's bodyguard."

"Bodyguard?" Katie asked as Shady covered her mouth.

"Yes and don't repeat that" Shady said, "Cause you are the first person who's ever known that. Outside of me and Mandy."

"WOW" Katie said, "Why do you need a bodyguard, I realize your dad is rich but..."

"We just do" Shady said and hoping that would satisfy Katie's curiosity.

"Wait, your dad's car has bullet proof windows..." Katie said as she remembered the night of the fight with Shady's mother. " said that."

"Yeh" Shady as she took a deep breath. "Look, you and I'm not trying to hide anything from you. I just can't tell you some things. Please just drop this, please?"

"Ok" Katie said, "I love you too, and I can see this is bothering you. I'll drop it."

"Are we ok?" Shady asked with a worried look in her eyes.

"We are" Katie said as she kissed her. "I'm not gonna leave you."

"I hope so" Shady said, "Cause you are becoming more and more important to me every day."

"I like it that you need me and you tell me that" Katie said, "I don't have to wonder about it."

"Trust me, as much as I'll say it, you'll be sick of hearing it" Shady said with a playful grin.

"Never gonna happen" Katie said as she kissed her softly.  

"I hope not" Shady said as Katie kissed her again and said, "You want something to drink I'm gonna get something?"

"Yeh bring me a water" Shady said as Katie smiled and opened the door as she headed down the steps and towards the kitchen, stopping short when she stepped on something in the living room floor. Grumbling to herself as she rubbed her bare foot, "Fuck that hurt."

Looking over in the floor just then she noticed what looked like a photo album laying open, face down. Picking it up, she saw some baby pictures of Shady and Mandy and a few of Sam. Smiling as she began to flip through the album, she came upon a weird one with a bunch of guys in suits holding up glasses with a banner in the background that read, "Long Life Chi-Town Don."

"I SAID HE BETTER FUCKIN HAVE IT OR ELSE" Katie heard a voice scream as she looked around to see where the voice came from. Seeing the door to Shady's father's office open just slightly. She froze and looked around again and laying the album back on the shelf, she crept closer and listened as she planted her back against the wall beside the door. Mr McCree's voice seem to express emotions perfectly she thought, as first he screamed and now said in an even tempered but menacing voice. "You tell Gravario, that until I seed the head of this family to him, he still works for me."

"What?" Katie asked herself in total confusion, "What family?"

"I already said no to his request once and the next time I'll write in red, his red" Donald said, "Look I have plans, so I'll trust that you'll keep my plans in order."

"Oh shit, I'm fucked" Katie said as she froze as she heard him hang up the phone and get up from his desk. Pinning herself against the wall in a vain attempt to go undetected.

"Katie?" Donald asked with a calm voice. "What are you doing?"

"Playing hide and seek?" Katie asked as Donald laughed and asked, "With who your shadow?"

"Look Mr. McCree I swear I didn't hear anything, I was going to get me and Shady a soda, or wait, she wanted a water, so I was going get me a soda and her a water" Katie rambled, "When I accidently heard you say something out loud and me being nosey, my whole family is that way you know. Ask anyone about the Singers and they'll say yep those Singers are a bunch of nosey bodies. So me being a nosey Singer just had to stop and see what was being said, and I swear I didn't hear much, please don't kill me."

"Katie honey, no one is gonna hurt you" Donald said with a reassuring smile. "Come sit with me?"

"Do I have to?" Katie asked.

"Ok stand there if you wish" Donald said as he took a seat on the couch and looked back at her.

"Can I just ask you one question?" Katie asked.

"Sure" Donald said.

"Why do Shady and Mandy need a bodygaurd?" Katie asked, "And why do you have bullet proof windows? I'm sorry that's two questions. Look I'm gonna leave and I promise I won't bother you no more."

"Katie" Donald said calmly as she got ready to leave the room, "Please come and sit by me."

"Ok" Katie said as sat down on the other side of the couch.

"What you heard was business, nothing more nothing less" Donald said as Katie reasoned to herself that that was most likely true. "And my daughters are protected to keep them safe from my enemies."

"Why do you have enemies?" Katie asked before she could close her mouth.

"Because I'm a powerful man" He said, "but I want to assure you, that you have nothing to be scared of. I would never hurt my family or the people they care about in anyway."

"Who is Chi-Town Don?" Katie asked.

"Where did you hear that at?"

"I saw it..." Katie said as she stood and walked over to the shelf and picked up the album and flipped to the page that contained the picture she had seen earlier. "...see right here."

"That would be me" Donald admitted after seeing the picture.

"That means your in the....oh boy" Katie said as Donald gently touched her hand and guided her to sit down beside him.

"You have nothing to worry about" Donald said, "Just from now on if you hear talking coming from my office just keep walking ok?"

"Oh ok"

"My business dealings have nothing to do with my family and or their particularly significant others" Donald said in a calming voice as Katie smiled and felt herself calm down a lot. "You should know my wife does not approve of your and Shady's lifestyle but I do, and you make her so happy."

"I love her Mr. McCree" Katie said.

"I will move heaven and earth to keep my loved ones safe and that includes you, cause if you are important to Shady, then you are important to me" He said as Katie opened her eyes in surprise. "It's true."

"Thank you" Katie said.

"You don't have to thank me" He said. "And if you or your loved ones need anything, you just call me."

"You're just so nice" Katie said, "You always make me feel welcome, how did you end up involved know."

"That young lady is none of your business" Donald said as he poked Katie in the stomach as she squirmed away and laughed.

"Why does your wife hate Shady so much?" Katie asked as the smile left Donald's face. "I'm sorry that was out of line."

"Sweetheart I don't know" He said with a hurt look, "She's mostly responsible for what's wrong with my daughter. Her controlling and bitching and cruel insults."

"I wanted to hurt her that night" Katie said, "She called Shady...well you know."

"Trust me, next time she won't get away" Donald said. "I've had all I can take. I love my children with all my heart."

"I can see that" Katie said.

"There you are" Shady said coming down the steps as she hugged Katie from behind and kissed her neck. "Was she bugging you daddy?"

"No actually we had a very nice conversation" Donald said with a smile as the kitchen door opened.

"There you are, you troublemaking whores, Donald I want you to tell her not to come back here" Maria slurred as she stumbled out of the kitchen with a glass of half empty whiskey. "What's wrong Shady? You don't like being called what you are huh?"

"Come on let's go" Shady said as she pulled Katie's hand and reaching the bottom of the steps before Maria started again. "Go on, faggot daughter, fuck your faggot girlfriend, the little whores."

"SHUT UP" Katie said as she flew into a rage and jerked away from Shady and marched towards Maria.

"Donald you tell her stop" Maria said.

"CALL ME A FAGGOT AGAIN, YOU BITCH" Katie said circling around the couch as Maria began backing away. "I DARE YOU."

"FAGGOT" Maria slurred as she backed away into Donald's office and closed the door just before Katie could get to her. Shaking the knob and finding it locked, she wanted to tear it down as she heard Maria laughing on the other side. Donald rose from the couch as Katie pounded on the door. Pulling Katie away he held one finger up, he inserted a key into the lock and forcibly pushed the door open as Maria slumped to the floor and looked up in shock as Donald said to Katie, "I'm not stopping you."

"NOW CALL HER A FAGGOT, YOU GOD DAMN WHORE" Katie screamed as she dove and grabbed Maria's leg as she tried to scramble away and screamed bloody murder as Katie literally tore her pantyhose off her leg as Maria tried to escape, but finding her exit blocked by Donald. Katie stood and waited for Maria to turn and then speared her through the door way as Donald moved. Mounting her she took hold of Maria's hair and screamed in her face, "YOU FUCKIN WHORE, I'LL SHOW YOU FAGGOT."

A sickening thud filled the room as Katie slapped her so hard her hand hurt from the impact. Blood began to drip from Maria's nose and lip as Katie repeated it and tried to make the impact harder. Then with her hand hurting she began slamming Maria's head into the floor, once and then repeatedly as Maria screamed for help at the room began to spin around her. Suddenly Katie felt a pair of strong arms pull her away. Getting ready to fight to get lose, she saw Shady with of all things, a smile on her face as she pulled her off.

"SHHHHHHHHHH calm down" Shady said as she pulled her into the kitchen and away from the carnage as Maria began screaming again for bloody murder for a few seconds before things went silent. "It's over, ok baby."

"She deserved more that than for everything she's done to you" Katie said as she cried and Shady hugged her protectively. Shady holding her as she cried for what seemed a hour to Katie.

"SHHHHHHHHH it's ok" Shady said finally. "Thank you for defending me."

"I wanted to kill her so she can't hurt you anymore" Katie said as she sobbed still.

"Yeh and then I wouldn't have you" Shady said with a hopeful smile as she kissed Katie. "MMMMM salty."

"Don't make me laugh" Katie said as she fought against a smile. Until she saw an almost evil smile on Shady's face and squealed when Shady tickled her. "Stop it, Shady no please."

Katie ran for the door as Donald stood talking to a couple of police officers. She stopped and felt Shady hug her from behind, Katie half expecting another attack but being surprised when Shady did nothing but hold her as they watched her father talk. His voice rising at one point and the officers seemingly backing down as he made whatever point he was trying to. A few feet away Katie noticed a pair of EMT's loading Maria onto a stretcher and placing her hands and feet in restraints as she began screaming a steady stream of filth as she was taken out the front door.

"YOU TELL CAPTAIN FACCIO THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY IF ANYTHING COMES OF THIS" Donald boomed as the officers suddenly became very apologetic as he slammed the door in their face and stormed back towards his office where he slammed his door.

"Did they take your mom to the mental ward?" Katie asked as Shady laughed and said, "Yep."

"You feel so good right now" Shady said as her words rang in Katie's ears and her next words almost knocked Katie off her feet as she whispered in her ear, "Make love to me."

"Excuse me?" Katie asked as Shady grinned devilishly.

" me" Shady repeated slower. "What do you think?"

"Yeh?" Katie asked as she kissed her softly and slipped her arms around Shady's neck. "You sure?"

"I'm so in love with you right now" Shady said, "You'll be the first."

"First what?" Katie asked as Shady laughed.

"First girl I've made love with" Shady said softly. "I'm a virgin you know."

"Oh sure and so am I" Katie said as both laughed.

"You want to?" Shady asked, "We can be quiet."

"Not with me working on you" Katie said.

"True" Shady said as Katie blushed.

"I think we should wait though" Katie said, "Just until we got an empty house."

"How about a suite at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas?" Shady said as Katie's eyes shot open, "I'm serious, I can do it."

"You would take me all the way to Las Vegas?" Katie asked in shock.

"I've been it's unbelievable" Shady said, "We can take my dad's jet and spend the night."

"If you wanted to impress me, you did" Katie said as Shady smiled.

"Yay for me" Shady said with a huge smile, "If we do, will you make love to me?"

"Yeh I will" Katie said, "But I'd be just as quick to do it here when we got the house to ourselves."

"Which do you want then?" Shady asked as she pressed her forehead to Katie's and both smiled as Katie thought about it. "Up to you."

"I sooo wanna go to Vegas" Katie said as Shady smiled.

"Then Vegas it is" Shady said as she kissed Katie, "If you can keep my hands off you till then."

"It feels good, and I mean so good being in love with you" Katie said, "You know that?"

"I know, I went from being heart broke over Joey to in love with you" Shady said, "I like this much more."

"I'm glad she dumped you" Katie said as she stuck her tongue out playfully and felt Shady tickle her again as she too smiled.

"I love you Katie Singer" Shady said as softly as she suddenly stopped.

"I know Shay, I know..." Katie said in a whisper as she kissed softly, "...and I love you too."

To be Continued....