Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 85 "Do You Wanna...Google My Yahoo?"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Come on" Zoe said as she took Mandy's hand and pulled her back inside the walk-in closet and said, "We'll change then we'll deal with this."


"We both have robes on, you turn your back I'll turn mine" Zoe said as Mandy shrugged and felt her anger return as she remembered the events of the previous night. Slipping her pants on and then her shirt before completely dropping the robe as Zoe did the same.

"Can we just go somewhere?" Mandy asked as Zoe stepped in her path and said, "No, will you do this for me?"

"You just don't know how sick I am of her crap" Mandy said as tears of anger came to her eyes. "I always have to forgive her first."

"If she makes an effort, will you?" Zoe asked as she hugged Mandy, "I love you, I don't wanna see you hurting like this."


"Please? If she starts I'll get in her face for you" Zoe said with pleading eyes. "For me? You said you loved me and trusted me. Now show me."

"I do, don't you believe that?" Mandy asked in almost shock.

"Yeh I do" Zoe said as she wiped away Mandy's tears gently. "But you can show me how much by doing this. I'm only asking one more time."

"OK" Mandy said as Zoe kissed her with a smile and said softly, "I promise you, she starts we'll leave, I'm on your side no matter what."

"No ones ever on my side" Mandy said as Zoe smiled at her and said, "Amanda I am."

"OK, let's try this" Zoe said as she took Mandy's hand and led her out of the closet and into the room.

"OK, Shay just tell her" Katie said as she hugged Shady. "Just tell her."

"What more little girl jokes?" Mandy asked as Zoe hugged her and said, "Give her a chance, please?"

"I told you this last night, but you didn't wanna listen..." Shady said as Katie stopped her and said softly. "I'm sorry. Just say that."

"I'm sorry Mandy" Shady said as she took a deep breath. "And I'm happy for..."

"OK can we go now?" Mandy asked as she looked at Zoe.

"No, give this a chance" Zoe said as she backed up a step, "She's trying Mandy, now I'm begging you, please just listen without starting."

"Go on Shay" Katie said.

"I'm happy for you and Zoe, and Zoe I'm sorry for making those stupid comments about you" Shady said with pleading eyes. "I was mad at Mandy, not you."


"She knows it pushes my buttons when she calls you my little girlfriend" Mandy said with an icy stare towards Shady. "And I meant what I said last..."

"Calm down" Zoe said touching Mandy's face and then looking to Shady and seeing her trying to control her anger. "I forgive you Shady, you weren't trying to hurt me."

"Thanks" Shady said, "I won't do it again."  

"Right, she always says that" Mandy said as Shady glared at her and turned away and screamed in the hallway.

"Why do you have to make this impossible?" Zoe asked in a angry tone. "She said she was sorry, let her try and make it up to you."

"Because she hates me" Mandy said, "She always has, and I'm tired of being the one who forgives her. I'm sick of fuckin crying over her."

"Mandy, I love you" Zoe said as she touched her cheek and made the girl meet her gaze. "Did you hear that?"

"Yeh of course I did" Mandy said as she felt the anger subside and saw Zoe smile. "I love you too."

"I HATE THIS..." Shady screamed as Mandy looked back and saw Shady try to push Katie away but not being able to as Katie hugged her. "I hurt everyone I love. I'm tired of hurting everyone and driving them away. I'm fighting as hard as I can against these FUCKING DEMONS."

"Whoa" Mandy said as Zoe hugged her and whispered, "See how much pain she's in, and she did say she was sorry."

"You don't hurt everyone you love, how about me?" Katie asked as Shady shook with tears.

"I can't even manage to get along with my own sister" Shady said as she hugged Katie.

"Answer me, damn it" Katie said as Shady looked at her. "I love you, and I am not hurting because of you, I'm happy because of you. Get that through your thick ass skull. I LOVE YOU."

"I know that" Shady said as she touched Katie's face.

"Then stop including me in the people you've hurt" Katie said. "Cause I am not gonna listen to that."

"Come on, can you forgive her?" Zoe asked Mandy softly. "Give her one more chance."

"Yeh, you're right" Mandy said as Zoe smiled and hugged her.

"I knew you loved her" Zoe said softly as Mandy hugged her back. Then taking a deep breath as she took Zoe's hand and walked slowly into the hall as Katie looked back.

"God you are such a baby" Mandy said with a smirk.

"I love you, Mandy" Shady said as she cried and was relieved when Mandy hugged her and held on. "I do, I really do. I'm soooo sorry. I'm trying I am."

"It's ok Shady" Mandy said as she touched her sisters face. "I forgive you."

"Will you go to therapy with me?" Shady asked with her arms still around her sister. "Maybe we can really get some of this stuff behind us?"

"If it'll help" Mandy said as Shady smiled.

"It will" Shady said, "Dr. Rosenfeld says I'm making progress."

"I think you two should kiss and make out, oops I mean...make up" Zoe said as Katie started to laugh as both McCree sisters looked at her in shock.

"I'm totally up for that" Katie said and tried to push Mandy and Shady's heads closer in a fit of giggles.

"Ok, are you gonna take that?" Shady asked Mandy as Katie ran by them and grabbed a shocked Zoe's hand and said, "Come on, we stepped in it this time."  

"Get them" Mandy said as Zoe looked confused at first until she saw Mandy and Shady coming after them and feeling Katie drag her down the steps.

"Come on, Zoe" Katie said as Zoe finally caught on and ran after Katie as Shady and Mandy thundered down the steps and chased the other two into the living room. Katie ran behind one couch as Shady chased her with Zoe in between them. Thinking quick Katie stopped as Zoe crashed into her, looking back for a moment and then feeling Katie pushed her into Shady. Zoe squealed in laughter as Shady grabbed her in a bear hug from behind and held her as Mandy chased Katie into the kitchen. Giving Zoe an evil grin, Shady began tickling her. Fighting to get loose and not sure still what was going on and barely able to breath as she laughed and said, "KATIE, I'M GONNA KILL YOU."

"So, you wanna see my sister and me kiss huh?" Shady asked as Zoe laughed.

"No, no, no, I didn't say that" Zoe said as she felt Shady loosen her grip as she slipped away and climbed over the back of the couch and ran for the steps before Shady caught her again and picked her up as Zoe squealed in laughter. "No, get off me you dyke. You just want my body."

"Maybe I do" Shady said as she dumped a giggle Zoe on the couch and pinned her arms down as she crossed her legs over Zoe's stomach. A loud crashing sound came from the kitchen sounding like pots and pans as Katie could be heard squealing in laughter and suddenly Mandy came through the door with Katie in a bear hug.

"Let me go, I said I was sorry, you ho" Katie said as Mandy began tickling her unmercilessly.

"Huh, still want us to kiss?" Mandy asked.

"I DO!" Zoe screamed as she began screaming again as Shady poked her in the ribs.

"Swap some spit for me baby!" Katie giggled as she broke away from Mandy and backed up as Mandy came after her. Zoe squirmed away from Shady and grabbed Katie and pulled her back into Shady's grasp.

"What the hell?" Katie said as she got pinned on the couch by Shady and realized who was responsable for her current predicament. "You set me up, Zoe."

"You did the same to MEEEEE!" Zoe tried to say as Mandy tackled her to the carpet. "I think you broke me."

"But I should" Mandy said as she saw Zoe smiling and knew she was ok. "Now you were saying you wanted me to kiss another girl?"

"No, I said Shady, she doesn't count" Zoe said as she battled with Mandy to get loose.

"Yeh she's barely female huh baby?" Katie asked as Shady looked at her in shock and sat up while giving Katie a cold stare and Katie feared she hurt her feelings.

"I'm not a girl huh?" Shady asked as she slipped off Katie and turned her back to Mandy and Zoe as she lifted her short and flashed a shocked Katie. "Now what do you say?"

"Heeeellllllooooo" Katie said as her eyes grew wide in surprise as she started to laugh and saw Shady put her shirt down and blush. "Damn Shay, I was only kidding."

"I wanted to show you anyway" Shady said as she laid down in back of Katie on the couch as Mandy and Zoe stopped wrestling for the moment and watched the other two in surprise.

"Did it make you wanna google her yahoo Katie?" Zoe asked as her and Mandy cracked up on the floor.

"Shut up" Katie said as she blushed and covered her face. "Did Mandy in that bikini make your yahoo wanna be googled?"

"What do you think we were doing in the closet?" Zoe asked as her and Mandy again laughed.

"Yeh I gave her yahoo some serious hits" Mandy said as Zoe laughed so hard she lost her breath. "I did an advanced search of her yahoo."

"MMMMMMMM uh huh" Zoe giggled as Katie gave them a dirty look and Shady tried to keep from laughing. "Yeh, my yahoo needs to be googled again."

"Your what needs to be googled?" Kevin asked as he came in from the kitchen wearing a rather expensive looking business suit.

"Nothing, we're picking on Katie" Mandy said as Zoe looked at the way she was gawking at Kevin and felt herself get a little jealous.

"You look hot big brother" Katie said.

"New job, Mr. McCree hired me as an assistant" Kevin said. "Where ever he goes I follow, I guess."

"Damn" Mandy said as she looked at Zoe and saw her look away. Getting up, she pulled a surprised Zoe to her feet and into a hug as she kissed her. Zoe smiled in surprise and noticed Mandy's eyes never left hers as she said, "Kevin this is...Ummm. Zoe, I think that's her name, she makes my mind go blank sometimes."  

"Zoe Manning, Amanda" Zoe said as she hugged her and knew what had just happened.

"Hey..." Kevin said snapping his fingers to get Mandy and Zoe's attention, "It's nice to meet you finally."

"You too" Zoe said as she smiled at him and turned as Mandy hugged her from behind. "I'm her girl."

"Yep" Mandy said as she smiled and rubbed her cheek against Zoe's. "All mine too."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning, in the kitchen

"When will Dad be home?" Cori asked as her and Passion came into the kitchen giggling about something.

"Few minutes I think, why?" Lily asked.

"I wanna ask him something" Cori said.

"Can I ask what it is?"

" know the basement?" Cori asked as Passion laughed and said, "I'll bet she knows where it's at."

"Hush" Cori said to Passion as she tried to hide a smile. Both looked up as Rick came though the door.

"Dad!" Cori said as she tried to turn around and walk towards him as Passion grabbed her in a hug and held her in place as Cori started to laugh and fight to get loose. Rick came into the kitchen and saw the two and stood watching as Cori struggled against Passion's grip and asked, "Need some help?"

"Yesss" Cori said as Rick moved around the counter as Cori turned and exposed Passion to Rick's grasp as he pulled her away from Cori and started tickling her.

"NO fair" Passion said as she laughed and fought to get loose.

"Nope you're family now Passion, torture is in the handbook" Rick said.

"She told me that about the sisters handbook" Passion said in a giggle as she broke from Rick ran to Lily. "I wanna see these handbooks."

"These two wanted to ask you something about the basement" Lily said as Passion jumped back excitedly to Cori's side and urged Cori to go on.

"Oh, yeah, you know you guys got a big basement" Cori said as Passion started laughing and said, "No, Cori, shock him. I bet he didn't know that."

"Sooo mean to me" Cori said as Passion gave her a dirty look and stomped away and sat down by Rick as Cori laughed.

"What about the basement?" Rick asked as he put his arm around Passion and she leaned back against him as she gave Cori a victorious smile.

"Are you using it for anything?" Cori asked.

"Storage mostly" Rick said and knowing pretty much what they were driving at. "Let's do this, you tell me your idea and stop beating around the bush."

"Cori's bedroom" Passion said simply. "I mean if you would let her."

"I had never thought of that" Rick said, "I guess we could clear most of that junk out in a day's work."

"Honey, are you sure you'd be ok, down there by yourself?" Lily asked.

"I think so, I'm getting around good now, right?" Cori asked.

"Well of course you are" Lily said softly. "I mean you still have nightmares sometimes. Do you think you'd like it down there?"

"I guess" Cori said as she looked a little worried.

"It's ok Cori" Passion said as she stood and hugged Cori, "I'll be there if you want me too."

"That's an excellent point" Rick said, "Cori and Passion could use their own bedroom."

"Me?" Passion asked in confusion.

"Well, yeh honey, I mean we are planning on having you here for a while" Lily said. "And we can't really expect you to keep sharing a bed with Cori."

"I don't really mind, unless she snores" Passion with a playful nudge.

"I haven't really had any nightmares in a while" Cori said, "I think it would be...well, good for me."

"If I'm not mistaken that basement was refinished not too long before we moved in here" Lily said. "I know one room was a storage room, might be big enough for a bedroom."

"No, you remember, we talked about letting the kids having a game room or something down there" Rick said as Lily brought him a cup of coffee.

"I'll take a look at it tommorrow, I got Saturday off" Rick said as Cori and Passion grinned at each other and hugged him.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, a hour or so later

"Mr. Sammler" August said from the road as he got out and opened the back for Stephanie and Jessie's bags and noticed Rick giving him an icy cold stare. A long silence filled the air until Jessie came running back up the lawn and kissed her dad and saw the look on his face and said, "Dad, he's really nice and him and Mom are happy. Why do you gotta be like this?"

"Jessie, you don't understand how I feel and I can't explain it" Rick said.

"But Dad, it didn't even involve me or Eli, it was Grace" Jessie said.

"Jessie, Grace is as much as my daughter by now as you are" Rick said, "Jake Manning put his hands on Grace and Sarah and I showed him what it feels like when he's dealing with a man and not a young girl."

"Dad, that was a totally different situation and you know it" Jessie said as August figured he wasn't gonna get a reply and climbed into the hummer as Stephanie climbed in the passengers seat and wondered what exactly was up. "And, I love Grace too, but she's not exactly innocent in the whole thing."

"A man that age shouldn't be interested in a girl Grace's age" Rick snapped. "If he ever touches you, I would seriously kill him."

"What?" Jessie said in shock. "Dad, he's with Mom, she's pregnant...oh sheet, you didn't know and I wasn't supposed to blab it."

"She's having a baby with him?" Rick asked in almost shock. "I feel sorry for that kid."

"That's it, I'm leavin..." Jessie said before stopping and going on, "...I happen to like him a lot. He always treats me with respect, and no he wouldn't touch me. And in case you haven't noticed, Stephanie is a Dimitri too, and if she heard you talk like this, it would really hurt her."

"Jessie, that's exactly why I was against having her live here" Rick said, "That and the fact that you shouldn't be living under the same roof with your girlfriend."

"What?" Jessie asked, "Dad, you are so unfair sometimes. Stephanie up rooted her entire live to move up here and be with me, and you are just now bitchin about it?"

"Jessie, I don't demand to have everything my way" Rick said, "Lily, wanted you to be happy and Stephanie made a personal plea and that's all it takes. If it had been up to me, it would have been a flat out no."

"Sometimes, you are such an ass" Jessie said in anger and then covered her mouth in shock.

"You should go, before we start screamin at each other" Rick said.

"Dad, you don't know how important she is to me" Jessie said, "I won't let you hurt her."

"If I decide she's not gonna stay here you'll just have to deal with only seeing her on the weekend" Rick said as he lost his temper.

"FINE" Jessie said as she turned and stormed half way down the lawn and then turned and said, "You think you can keep us apart? I'll move in with Mom and August, at least they....well...I just will."

"Jessie..." Rick said as Jessie turned and ran towards the hummer and hugged Stephanie who looked up the lawn at Rick with a concerned look on her face.

"What was that about?" Stephanie asked as she touched Jessie's face gently and could feel her shaking in anger. "I heard you say you'd move in with August and Karen."

"He's being an complete asshole" Jessie said as Rick disappeared back inside. "I don't wanna tell you."

"It's about me living here?" Stephanie asked and knew it was before she even asked. Stephanie kissed Jessie's cheek as she marched off up the yard.

"Steph, noooo"

"Jessie, if he's got a problem with me, then he can take it up with me, not you" Stephanie said as she crossed the yard in a march and opened the front door a moment later and came face to face with Rick. Looking at him for a second and swallowing hard she asked, "You don't like me do you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Jessie's practically in tears and I wanna know why...I mean if you would please tell me" Stephanie said.

"Stephanie I don't have a thing against you" Rick said honestly.

"Then what is it?" Stephanie asked. "Was it me dancing with Jessie in the living room? I thought that was ok."

"Stephanie I have no clue about any dancing" Rick said.

"We slow danced" Stephanie said, "I love her so much, I don't think you get that."


"Nooo" Stephanie said in anger and then took a step back, "You don't understand how important she is to me. She's the reason I had the courage to stand up to my cheating slimeball ex-boyfriend, when he showed up at August's place. She stood up for me and I had the strength to stand up to him. But look, I am not gonna cause problems with you and her. I'll just go back to Indiana and stay if that's what you want, just see Jessie when she comes down there. I'm not gonna get in between you and her. But if you think I'm gonna stop seeing her, I'll fight you over her. She means that much..."

"Shut up" Rick said as he hugged her and finally understood what he had been missing the last few days since Stephanie had moved into the garage apartment. "I'm not asking you to move out."

"O....k...." Stephanie said as Rick smiled. "You sorta remind me of my dad. He can be a pain in the butt sometimes too, but he'd fight a mountain lion to protect me."

"Stephanie, I'm gonna take that as a compliment and I want you to know that my problems don't revolve around you and Jessie in anyway" Rick said. "Your Uncle is waiting, you should go."

"Ok, see ya?" Stephanie asked.

"Of course" Rick said as he held the door and Stephanie walked out, feeling, happy and confused at the same time.

** ** ** Meanwhile back at the Palace

"Mr. McCree, have you seen Amanda?" Zoe asked as she came into the living room. "I was watching movies with Katie in the library and I just now noticed she was gone."

"I think she snuck out to the tanning booth" He said as he muted the tv and invited Zoe to join him.

"Weird, she usually takes me everywhere I'm like her keychain" Zoe said as Donald smiled.

"You think since you and Mandy are more than friends, you could get used to calling me Donald?" He asked.

"Well, if it's ok with you" Zoe said as she took his invite and sat down on the couch. "Can I be nosey and ask you something?"

"Sure, nosey people are my favorite" Donald said as Zoe laughed.

"You're gone an awful lot, what do you do for a living?" Zoe asked.

"I'm a businessman, and I have various interests in virtually all corners of this earth" He said politely.

"Like what?" Zoe asked.

"Well in Hong Kong, I am a heavy investor in a Video production company" He commented, "Many of the dvd's you buy are produced and edited there."

"I don't even have a dvd player" Zoe commented.

"Are you serious?" Donald asked.

"Yes, my mom wants me to earn the money and it's hard to earn 75 dollars or a hundred" Zoe said. "I mean that don't exactly pay 5 bucks an hour to do laundry."    

"I would say it don't" Donald said with a casual smile that for some reason made Zoe feel so at ease. "So, since you asked me a few questions can I be nosey also?"

"Sure" Zoe said, being surprised he was interested in anything she had to say.

"Are you keepin my daughter out of trouble?" He asked as Zoe laughed and said, "Yes sir, she's a handful though."

"I do worry about her, she has her mother's personality before the money went to her head" Donald said, "She's so out going, but has my temper, much like Shady."

"She does have a temper I've seen that first hand" Zoe said.

"She hasn't hit you or anything?" Donald asked, "I don't think she would..."

"Nooo, it was over me, like protecting me" Zoe said, "We double dated a few times and the guys decided they wanted to do more than I did. So she...ummmm broke it up I guess you could say."

"That's my girl, always got her heart in the right place" Donald said with a laugh. "She has so much passion for life, I just wish I could have convinced her mother to seek therapy as Shady has."

"I know you know this, but Shady's so cool" Zoe said, "I mean I know a lot of people don't like her for the whole Joey thing, but I got to know her and I like her."

"Can I give you some advice, from an experienced man of this world to a beautiful young lady just coming of age?" Donald asked.

"Well since you put it that way" Zoe said with a smile.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover" Donald said simply. "Shady Lynn, and Mandy as well, are like me, once you gain their trust or get into their heart, they will do anything to protect you."

"I get that" Zoe said, "Shady threatened to beat up this loser who pushed me down at school."

"Shady's fearless in the face of protecting someone she loves" Donald said, "And Mandy is too much like her sister for her own good, no doubt why they fight so much."

"You should know, sir, that I love Amanda" Zoe said softly as Donald smiled and said, "Well she couldn't have picked a sweeter young lady to lose her heart too."

"Thank you" Zoe said as she blushed and watched Donald pull out a money clip with a strange looking ghost symbol on it and peeled off a hundred dollar bill and handed it to her.

"What's this for?" Zoe asked as he laid it in her hand and folded her fingers around it.

"You go and buy that dvd player" He said sweetly, "I hate to see anyone do without something they want so badly."

"You sure?" Zoe asked as Donald smiled and looked to his office as the phone began ringing and looking back to Zoe said, "Yes, I'm sure, I won't miss it. Thank you for the conversation. It's not often I get to chat with such a charming young lady."

"FUCKIN TANNING BED!" Mandy screamed as she came into the living room a few moments later and slammed the door. Donald disppearing into his office.

"What happened?" Zoe asked as Mandy half-smiled and said, "I got burned at the tanning bed, I don't know how, but it stings like hell. It's mostly just my back. I better get some lotion on it."

"Come on, I'll help" Zoe said as she realized the money was still in her hand. Stuffing it into her pocket she saw Mandy give her a smile and say, "That's ok..."

"I didn't ask" Zoe said as she took Mandy's hand and kissed it, "Let me help you? You can't put lotion on your own back."

"It's a pain in the butt my girl" Mandy said with a smirk. "Thanks."

"You're my girl too you know" Zoe said as Mandy smiled and let Zoe take her hand lead her up the steps.

"I just didn't wanna ask" Mandy said as Zoe smiled.

"I'm here for you" Zoe said as they entered Mandy's bedroom and closed the door. Zoe disappeared into the bathroom and searched through the medicine cabinet till she found the aloe vera lotion. Sniffing it she smiled. Coming back out she saw Mandy grimacing as she looked over shoulder into the mirror at her back. "Ohmigod, that looks bad, are you ok?"

"Yeh I'm ok" Mandy said as Zoe took Mandy's shirt and pulled it off over her head. "Wanna see in my bra huh?"

"I don't have to do this" Zoe said with a warning look as Mandy giggled. "Laid down on the bed."

"Oh, so you do wanna google my yahoo" Mandy asked with a laugh as Zoe blushed and thought seriously about smacking her on the back.

"When I do google your yahoo you'll never forget it" Zoe said as Mandy laid on her stomach as Zoe got on the bed and moved her legs across Mandy's thighs. Leaning forward, she carefully undid the clasp on Mandy's bra and asked, "Is that ok?"

"Yeh, just please stop this stinging" Mandy said as Zoe covered her hand in the lotion and began smearing it gently over Mandy's shoulders and back.

"Oh god, thank you, that is so perfect" Mandy said as Zoe couldn't help but blush. Zoe worked her hand into the lotion as it began to ease Mandy's pain and making sure to get it all over her shoulders. Moving to the top of her shoulders as Mandy moved her hair aside, she massaged it in and felt Mandy relax and let out a contented sigh. Zoe couldn't help but like the feeling of Mandy's skin, it seemed so soft and it wasn't like she'd ever had this freedom with anyone before. Squirting another handful, she started working her way down to Mandy's lower back, which didn't seemed to be burned nearly as bad. Making sure she got all of the hot spots she went over it slowly with a gentle pressing of her hand. Then back to her shoulders as Mandy rose on her elbows and pulled her short to cover her chest and looked back with a huge smile. "You didn't have to do this."

"Hey, you needed me" Zoe said as she moved over Mandy's butt and slid her hands across Mandy's tense shoulder muscles and instinctively began to massage her fingers into them. Doing like Grace had showed her when she used to massage their dad's shoulders. Squeezing her fingers into the slowly relaxing muscles as Mandy closed her eyes and seemed to be enjoying it, moving her head from side to side as Zoe moved around slowly.

"5 minutes please?" Mandy asked with pleading eyes, "That just feels so good after the last couple of days."

"Who said I was gonna stop?" Zoe asked. "Not like I'm doing anything wrong."

"True" Mandy said as she laid her down and directed Zoe to her lower back. Zoe feeling Mandy's lower back seemingly in knots.

"Here likes this" Mandy said as she showed Zoe with her hand, "Just press into it and do it in a circle."

"Like this?" Zoe asked as Mandy squirmed a little and smiled as her lower back loosened up. "Press in with your palm..."

"Like this?" Zoe asked as Mandy shifted and Zoe stopped and thought she might have hurt her.

"No that was just right" Mandy said as Zoe went back to that spot and felt the knots seemingly melt under her touch as she moved up and started working just under Mandy's shoulders as Mandy laid her head back down and only offered a light contented moan every few moments. Zoe noticed that Mandy now had a siren look on her face as she laid with her eyes closed. That was the first time Zoe had gotten a close-up at the long thin scare that was barely visible running almost all the way down Mandy's spine.

"What's this scare from? You never did tell me" Zoe asked as she again massaged Mandy's shoulders, needing the muscles in her fingers as Mandy rose to her elbows again and laid her head to the side as Zoe rubbed her neck and found it tensed and knotted it up too. "Here lean your head down."

"AHHHHHHH, Zoe girl you have magic hands" Mandy said as Zoe squeezed and needed the muscles till they finally gave way and relaxed. "I had back surgery when I was little, like 7 or 8."

"Was it serious?" Zoe asked as she squirted more lotion on her hand and massaged it into Mandy's slowly relaxing neck muscles.

"MMMMMMMMMM, Zoe you are being too good to me" Mandy giggled as she rolled her neck to the other side and let Zoe do the same. Zoe smiled as she massaged the lotion into the tense muscles and worked her fingers back and forth methodically until she felt the knots finally give way. "I dunno, I don't remember most of it. Just know Mom and dad were worried about me and since then my back stays in knots if I get upset."

"Really?" Zoe asked.

"Yeh, but don't think I'm gonna bug you to do this all the time" Mandy said softly as Zoe laid down the bottle of lotion and leaned down and kissed Mandy's shoulders one at a time and pressed her nose to her skin for a moment as Mandy giggled and squirmed. "What are you doing?"

"That stuff smells good" Zoe said with a smile as Mandy looked up at her. "Scent of a Girl."

"Yeh it does, and you don't need to be kissing my shoulders like that" Mandy said, "We both know were that might lead."

"True" Zoe said as she laid forward across Mandy's back, now resting on her elbows and asked, "You feel better?"

"A million and half times better" Mandy said as she pressed cheek to Zoe's and sighed, "Thank you."

"No problem" Zoe said, "If I volunteer, would that make you feel better?"

"For what?" Mandy asked as she looked at her in confusion.

"Massage" Zoe said as she giggled. "I don't mind, I want you to feel good."

"I couldn't feel any better than I do right now" Mandy said, "My favorite person in the world is offering to make me feel better."

"You're my favorite person too" Zoe said as she kissed her softly, "Didn't think I'd ever feel like this."

"Me neither" Mandy said with a smile. "When we first started hanging out, I seriously thought we'd just be friends, but the more I got to know you, the more I wanted to be with you and no one else."

"Yeh me too, I was so depressed when I didn't see you for a couple of days" Zoe said as she rolled off Mandy's back and laid down beside her. "I kept trying to tell myself it was only I missed my friend, but it wasn't."

"Did my little Zoe have it bad for me?" Mandy asked as Zoe nodded her head and thought for a moment about Mandy's 'little' comment. But suddenly with Mandy's eyes on her and in the moment, it no longer seemed important to mention.

"I had it more than bad" Zoe said as she rolled onto her back and tilted her head as she smiled, inviting Mandy to kiss her almost. Mandy smiled and seeing the unspoken invite, leaned down and kissed her softly. "I like it when you kiss me like that."

"Oh, trust me, I do too" Mandy said softly.

"Did my little Mandy have it bad for me too?" Zoe asked as Mandy laughed and blushed.

"That first kiss changed my life" Mandy said. "And it was just so silly the way it happened. You and that cowboy hat. You killed me in that."

"I owe you so much for helping me see myself like you do" Zoe said. "I just don't worry over every little thing now."

"Payback can be a bitch" Mandy said as she playfully licked at Zoe's lips. "It's now required that you be my girl."

"I'm already your girl" Zoe said as she caressed Mandy's cheek gently. "I like that kinda payback."

"Mmmmm-hmmmm" Mandy said as she kissed her again.

"MMMMMMMMM yahoo?" Zoe asked as both laughed.