Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 82 "I Choose You"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** Meanwhile @ Singer Place, the next morning

"Shady Lynn McCree, you are such a bully, stop that" Katie giggled in her sleep as she rolled over trying to escape Shady's grasp and suddenly woke up. Opening her eyes and realizing it was all a dream, she groaned in frustration and looked to see daylight just breaking. The dream, which had been one of the best she'd had in a while, featured her and Shady playing a game of cat and mouse in Shady's bedroom. She thought about how playful Shady could be, and how she loved those games and the wrestling, even if it did get a bit rough sometimes, she was sure now that Shady would never hurt her. Even with that explosive temper, which Katie knew all too well, Shady was a sweet and innocent, while still being tough as nails too. Smiling as she reviewed the dream or at least all she could remember of it. She began laughing as she thought it was so much like what they did do every day almost, by now she knew every place to hide at the palace and she also knew that Shady was a master at finding her. Which made the game all the more fun, especially when they had the run of the place and could feel free to express themselves in the best way they knew how. Which in this case, Katie thought, was their wrestling. Because Shady could take all of her frustration out in a way where no one got hurt and she always backed off if Katie asked her to. Shaken from her thoughts of Shady by the ringing of the telephone as she said with a smile. "Feels so good to be in love again. Wish that was Shady."

"Hello?" Katie asked as she heard an too familiar giggle on the other line making her heart race.

"Mornin' sunshine of mine" Shady said in a sweet voice.

"Morning to you too" Katie said as she couldn't believe her luck. "Had a dream about you, and no Shay I am not making it up."

"HMMMM, what was I doing?" Shady asked in that sultry voice that unknown to Shady, sent shivers down Katie's body.

"We were wrestling" Katie said simply, "You were being so mean to me, you know I don't like you that way."

"Oh yeah, you know you love me" Shady said and almost melting when she heard Katie's honest reply, "You know it."

"You coming to get me?" Katie asked as Shady smiled and said, "Mmmm-hmmmmm, hold down the fort baby..."

"...the cavalry's on it's way?" Katie asked as her and Shady both laughed.

"It sure is" Shady said, a long moment of silence followed as Katie couldn't help but smile and hope she was gonna hear something she had come to love hearing and had heard every morning for the past couple of days. Shady took a deep breath and knew Katie wanted to hear it as much as she wanted to say it. "...I...ummm."

"Yeh?" Katie asked gently.

"I love you" Shady said in a bit of a rush and taking a long breath as Katie smiled and knowing how hard it still was for Shady to say it.

"I love you too" Katie said as Shady sat back down on the bed in surprise.

"You still blow me away every time you say that" Shady said, "Oh crap, I gotta go, Mandy and Sam are fighting like bitches."

"Over what?" Katie asked.

"Zoe" Shady said as both laughed, "Mandy took Sam's crush you know."

"Right, I'm sure" Katie said.

"Be there in a few" Shady said. "Bye."

"Bye" Katie said as she hung up and rolled out of bed and grabbed her jeans and slipping them on as she heard the screaming for the first time and for some reason it made her blood almost run cold and the weirdest feeling washed over her at the moment. She for some reason knew this had something to do with Shady and her. Most probably the night she had spent at the Palace after Mandy's car had broken down and Shady had a major dizzy spell from getting too upset after a major fight with Sam and then Mandy. Taking a deep breath and hoping for the best she slipped on her flip flops and a shirt and headed out the door.

"SHE'S MY DAUGHTER AND SHE'S NOT GONNA MOVE IN WITH THAT DAMN GIRL UNTIL I SAY SO" Graig screamed as Katie came down the stairs, her stomach turning as she knew now full well she was in for it. What made this even worse was who was sat in the chair by the door, Kyle, smiling like he had just gotten what he wanted.

"I'm sorry, K, I tried to explain" Kevin said as he joined her at the bottom of the stairs. "You know how dad is."

"There you are" Her father said as his gaze locked on Katie's. "What's this Kyle tells me about you and this Shady girl screwing around at her place and you not coming home till the next day?"

"We were screwing? We've never even slept together" Katie said softly.

"Not what I heard" Kyle said as Katie gave him a dirty look.

"Yeh I think I know you're brother well enough to know he's not making this up" Graig said as Katie tried to control her anger. "And what were you thinking, staying at that girls house all night?"

"Dad, Shady had a dizzy spell and almost passed out, and I'm not asking her to drive me home in that condition" Katie said, "And Mandy's, that's her sister, her car was broke down."

"Likely story" Kyle said.

"My thoughts exactly" Graig said as Katie began to steam.

"Graig, you are jumping to conclusions based on Kyle's word only" Kimberly said.

"Yeh dad, you're gonna regret this I'm telling you" Kevin said.

"See, none of them wanna believe me" Kyle said to his dad.

"Cause you're a lying sack of shit" Katie spat as she started after Kyle, but was stopped by Kevin.

"I've come to the conclusion that this Shady girl is simply bad for you" Graig said.

"GRAIG NO" Kimberly said as Katie felt her heart almost stop.

"Dad, come on" Kevin said in protest.

"I don't think you should see her anymore" Graig said as Katie watched Kyle grin like he did just get what he wanted. "She's nothing but trouble and you spend too much time with her."


"Young lady, you got that mouth from your mother, you should be more respectful like your brother Kyle" Graig said as Kevin moved between his sister and father. "You are too young to be drawn into that girls web, Kyle told me all about her and....her mental problems."

"What?" Katie asked as her heart just about broke and she turned to Kyle, "Ohmigod, you son...I can't believe you...I hate you."

"Katie..." Kyle said in protest as he saw the hurt in his sister's eyes. He rose as she smacked him as hard as she could in the face, staggering him back and then following it by spitting directly in his face.

"I HATE YOU, I've always hated you" Katie said in a sinister tone, "All you ever did was try and hurt me."

"Katie that's enough" Graig said with a calm voice as Katie turned to her father and he couldn't believe it when she smacked him too.

"I HATE YOU TOO" She screamed to her father, tears streaming down her face. "You always take his side. Why don't you ask him about the time HE TRIED TO GROPE HER. ASK HIM THAT."

"Excuse me?" Graig asked as Katie picked up her book bag and kicked the screen door open as Graig confronted Kyle. "You did what?"

"Dad she's lying on me"

"No she's not you lying worm" Kevin said as he rage finally exploded and he pushed his father aside and punched Kyle as hard as he could. Katie watched in shock from the door, but couldn't help but smile as Kyle got what he deserved at long last. "YOU'RE A LYING MAGGOT, I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT A LONG TIME AGO."

"Kevin stop" Kimberly screamed as Kevin turned his wrath on his father.

"She's right old man, you always take his side, and you never wanna listen to any ones story but what he says" Kevin said, "Keep running your mouth and I'm gonna disrespect you in your house."

"Kevin, please stop" Kimberly said as she got in between Kevin and his father.

"What like it's not true?" Kevin asked as he backed off.

"Maybe I do listen to Kyle too much" Graig finally admitted.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HER" Katie screamed in a rage from the door. "Kyle molested her and you could no doubt find a reason why it's OK."

"Katie you're only 17" Graig said as Kevin stopped him from moving any closer. "You still live under my roof and you will do as I say."

"She seems to forget that..." Kyle said from the floor as Kimberly wiped the dripping blood from his nose away.

"If you don't shut up, I'm gonna hurt you seriously" Kevin said with a glare towards Kyle. "Go ahead, beg for dad to help, you crying little bitch. That's all the reason I'm gonna need."

"Kevin stop threatening your brother" Graig said in a much calmer tone.

"I'm gonna kick his ass in front of you and show you what you should have done years ago" Kevin said, "He's the most disrespectful little puke I know. He lives to cause Katie grief and me too for that matter and I AM SO FUCKIN SICK of hearing you defend him."

"He's my son" Graig said.

"And that dad is your daughter" Kevin said in a barely controlled rage as he pointed to Katie. "Who's heart you just broke with your stupid accusations."

"I never meant too" Graig said as Katie cried now in the door as Kevin held Graig back.

"And that little puke, your favorite son, is a trouble making, lying, piece of shit" Kevin said. "Do you know Shady came over here two days ago and sat with me for an hour and just talked huh? Do you know why she left. Because Kyle came in and started making some of his less than charming cracks."

"I did not, I said the skank was..." Kyle said as Kevin turned on him and after a few steps and jerked Kyle to his feet by the collar and said, "You got one more word, you got one more lie and I swear I'll do what Katie's wanted to do for years I'll tear you a new asshole."

"KEVIN NOOOOOOOOO!" Kimberly screamed as Kyle tried to wrestle free from his brother's clutch as Kevin's eyes went red and with brute force he launched Kyle directly backwards to the wall with a house rattling thud. Kyle slumped to the floor as his mother ran to his side in a panic. "YOU'RE GONNA KILL HIM KEVIN."

"No, Mom, I'm doing what you and dad should have done" Kevin said as he turned back to his father. "I'm gonna beat some sense and caring into him if I have too."

"That's enough of that you might have hurt him seriously" Graig said as he pushed by Kevin finally and rushing to his fallen sons side.

"DAD!" Katie said as she kicked the screen door, "I just want you to know something."

"What is it Katie?" Graig asked in a frustrated voice as Kyle sat up and seemed to be mostly just shaken up.

"Shady's mental problems..." Katie said as she walked towards her father slowly, " her seeing a therapist, to control her anger over her bitch mother's crap. Like calling her a faggot for sport, she's a got a damn good reason to be screwed up. But she has never...and I mean..."

"Katie?" Kimberly asked as Katie trailed off in tears as Kyle opened his mouth.

"I SWEAR TO GOD YOU BETTER SHUT UP KYLE" Katie raged as Kevin pulled her back, "She's so gentle, and she loves me, god you don't even care about what I say or feel."

"Katie that is not true" Graig said as a rubber burning tire squeal signaled the arrival of Shady at the front gate as Graig saw Katie's smile return. "I'm leaving and I don't know when I'll be back either."

"KATIE!" Graig said as Kevin stopped him at the door and said, "Go on old man when you can go through me you can get to her."

"Kevin, just because you're bigger than me don't mean I can't take you down a peg" Graig said as he stepped back and held his arms up.

"I'm ready when you are" Kevin said as Shady saw Katie running down the walk and through the fence. Thinking something horrible must have happened she jumped out and met Katie at the front of the car. Almost being knocked off her feet as Katie hugged her tightly and cried in sobs.

"What's wrong, did they do something to you?" Shady asked as her anger suddenly started building.

"Kyle...and my....father attacking you...and they...won't listen..." Katie sobbed. "Kyle's fucking jealous...and he made...a bunch of...shit up."

"He did what?" Shady asked in a rage as she told Katie, "You wait here. I'm gonna deliver some news."

"Nooo" Katie said as she saw Shady walking up the front walk in a determined march.

"Dad look out there she comes" Kyle said as he appeared at the door behind his father.

"YOU WANNA MAKE MY GIRL CRY? YOU SON OF A BITCH, HUH OLD MAN?" Shady said as Katie suddenly arrived and hugged her from behind to keep her from going after anyone. "You got problems with me you take it up with me, you don't make her cry."

"I'll do whatever I want in my own house you smart mouth troublemaker" Graig said as Kevin pushed him back and challenged him to come forward.

"And Kyle, you're dead" Shady said in a sinister voice, "YOU'RE DEAD LITTLE BOY, YOU'RE FUCKIN DEAD. YOU'RE GONNA GET A VISTOR REAL SOON."

"Shady please stop" Katie begged her as she some how got in front of her. "Please for me? Please stop your gonna hurt yourself. Please?"

"Katie, I'm not gonna let him hurt you anymore..." Shady said as Katie kissed her softly and made the girl kiss her back for a long moment.

"Say one word, big man and you're life is in my hands" Kevin said with a finger point to Kyle, "Now come on, dad, defend your precious little boy. GO ON."

"I love you" Katie said and made Shady look at her and could feel her rage settling. "I love you, Shady McCree, do you hear me?"

"Yes, I do, I love you too" Shady said as Katie hugged her.

"Katie get up on this porch now, you are not leaving with her" Graig said as Kevin pushed him back again sending him back into Kyle.

"She is if she wants to old man" Kevin said.

"I choose you over this insanity" Katie said as she saw Shady smile, "I choose you, now please just take me away from this. Please? For me?"

"I love you so much" Shady said as she touched Katie's face and kissed her as Kevin looked in shock at Kyle's face as he watched, seemingly stunned by the depth of emotion on display. Shady looked one more time at Kyle with a almost daring look as Katie pulled her down the walk and to the car as Graig made one last attempt to get by his son and stop Katie. Kevin took a few steps back as Graig came forward and to Katie's shock, she saw Kevin punch her father in the stomach. Not caring anymore at that moment she climbed into the passengers side and screamed for Kevin. "KEVIN."

"COME ON" Shady screamed from the other side as he seemed stunned by the invite. Katie was too, thinking how Shady could have known what she was thinking. Kevin threw his hands up as Graig staggered to his feet and felt Kyle hold him back. Kevin gladly accepted Katie's open door and climbed in without a glance backwards.

"Hang on Kev, it's about to get fast and furious" Shady said as she roared the engine and dropped the hammer as the tires squealed and the car took off like a rocket in a cloud of dust. Kyle and Graig watching in shock from the front yard.

** ** ** Later, after school at Sarah's apartment building, basement

"HELLO!" Sarah said aloud through a mega phone to get every ones attention as they gathered around and began to quiet down. Putting down the megaphone and taking a deep breath she went on, "Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Sarah Grasser, most of you have known me for years and I love you guys. Some of you are new and maybe not have met me in a non-business setting. But I would like to thank all of you for coming."

"What's going on?" A man in the front asked.

"It's Jenkins Day right?" Sarah asked as he nodded.

"This is a sad day for me" Sarah said as she smiled at him and then looked back at the crowd. "I'm selling the building."

"Why?" Jenkins asked as he stood and Sarah thought he was gonna hit her for a second as Grace moved in front of her. "Sarah I've known you for years what is this?"

"Please just sit down on OK?" Grace asked in her calmest tone as the man took a seat and she felt Sarah kiss the back of her neck softly.

"I love you my baby" Sarah said in a barely audible whisper into Grace's ear.

"OK, look I'm sorry if this is gonna make it tough on many of you...." Sarah said, "But I've made the decision and that's it, but I'm not gonna leave you guys out in the cold."

"Then tell us what we are supposed to do" Jean Logan asked. Grace recognized her as Michael's mother. "I don't exactly have anywhere else to go."

"OK, I've worked this out with my lawyer, ole long name here" Sarah said with a smirk as she smiled at Andrew, who rolled his eyes. "I'm willing to help you all I can, once the building sell is final."

"Like how?" Jenkins asked as the crowd seemed to be in agreement. "How about some meat to those promises."

"First months rent, I'll pay it, last month's rent, I'll pay that, and whatever it costs to move you, up to say... 300 dollars?" Sarah said as she held up her hands.

"Make it four and your new phone number and we'll call it a deal" Jenkins said as many agreed.

"Phone number?" Sarah asked.

"Just in case..." He said with a charming smile.

"Well I think it went pretty well" Grace said to Sarah a few minutes later. The crowd leaving slowly as they stood at the back of the room.

"Yeh, I still feel bad, but I really do wanna make a fresh start" Sarah said as Grace put her hands on her hips and asked with a playful grin, "Excuse me?"

"With you Grace, with you" Sarah said as she hugged her. "I'm not going anywhere without you."

"Good, cause now we gotta tell my mom...I mean our mom..." Grace said as Sarah laughed. "What we're thinking about doing."

"I dread that" Sarah said as she hugged Grace tighter.

"Me too baby" Grace said as she hugged her back. "Me...too."

"She's gonna think I'm trying to take you away from her" Sarah said as she laid her head on Grace's shoulder.

"Sarah, I'm 18, well almost" Grace said softly, "I have to live my own life, and if that means moving to paradise with you. I'm just gonna have to tough it out."

"Huge sacrifice there my Amazing Grace" Sarah giggled.

"I know I'm just that way" Grace said as Sarah laughed harder. "The things I do for those blue eyes of yours."

"You mean these?" Sarah asked as she smiled and looked Grace in the eye. "The ones you can't resist?"

"Yeh, my blue eyed baby, those are the ones" Grace said with a kiss. "My goofy blue eyes."

"MMMMMMMMMMM I like when you call me that" Sarah said as Grace smiled and rolled her eyes. "Mostly cause it's true."

"Exactly" Grace said as both smiled. "I just hate leaving everything we know and love here."

"We'll buy a house here and come down during the summer and stay" Sarah said.

"What do you mean we?" Grace asked.

"What is mine..." Sarah said softly as she kissed Grace's lips and then went on, " yours too."

"MMMMMMM" Grace said with a grin, "The things we can buy to pleasure each other."

"I seriously don't think I can take much more than you gave me last night" Sarah said with a eye brow raise, "My baby likes to lick it huh?"  

"Your bad" Grace said as she looked around and saw the room was now deserted.

"Well you do" Sarah said with a kiss to the cheek, "From straight girl to craving it."

"Stop" Grace said as Sarah giggled. "What if someone comes in?"

"It's my building, I'll tell them to fuck off I'm gonna make love to my unbelievably hot girlfriend" Sarah said with a sizzling kiss. "Wanna go now?"  
"Noooo" Grace said as she blushed and tried to push Sarah away. "We might get caught."

"Doesn't bother me" Sarah said as she touched Grace's cheek and met her with one of her own. "Add a little sizzle. The excitement of getting caught."

"Stop" Grace said as she backed away and saw Sarah come after her. "You can't keep your hands off me can you?"

"I know" A Voice said as Grace backed into someone with a velvet touch that seemed oddly familiar, moving her hands under Grace's shirt and stroked the skin gently as Grace looked to see Sarah smiling. Confused she jumped away and saw Brittany smiling from the other side of the doorway. "I think she liked it Sarah."

"Let's go upstairs and find out" Sarah said as she grinned at Brittany and then kissed Grace softly on the lips.

"What?" Grace asked as Sarah shrugged.

"You know once you let me have your virginity that I was gonna be like a caged tiger" Sarah said, "So stop fighting me so hard and give me some baby."

"You, not her and you" Grace said and laughing at Sarah's puppy dog expression.

"That's OK" Brittany said as she looked back and watched Joanna come in the door of the building. "I buzzed you're place but no one answered, so some nice man said you were down here."

"Hey" Joanna said as she walked up, looking noticeably nervous as Brittany slipped her arms around her waist.

"Hey" Grace said as Sarah didn't offer a reply until Grace nudged her and motioned with her eyes.

"Hey" Sarah said softly and looking away.

"That's why I'm here I wanna make peace with you guys" Brittany said, "And to show Joanna what I have been trying to tell her."

"What?" Sarah asked.

"That I am serious about staying and being her one and only" Brittany said, "And I am willing to help her make peace with you."

"We made peace" Sarah said and looking down at the floor, "Out front on the first day of school when she was know."

"No that wasn't peace" Brittany said, "Look Sarah it's been a long time I know, and I owe you so many explanations for not getting in touch with you when I came back the first time. I know that."

"You mean when you and Joanna were together before?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh" Brittany said, "I was in such a bad place and trust me I was in no position to do anything."

"She was homeless and I helped her" Joanna said softly. "We became friends and more, later."

"Yeh and by the time I even had money to make a phone call, it just didn't seem like you would wanna see me" Brittany said. "So I just stuck to the few people I knew I could trust, like Joanna. I know you'll say you would have never done that, but I didn't know and ask Joanna how hard I fought to keep her from helping me."

"Yeh, I'm annoying and persistent" Joanna said as everyone laughed.

"And, you are my world" Brittany said, "We're gonna try and make it together."

"If you need some help..." Sarah said quietly, "I don't hate you anymore, I was just really angry at everyone when me and Katie broke it off."

"Good, thanks Sarah" Joanna said as she looked at her. "You know, I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago..."

"What?" Sarah asked in confusion.

" remember what we talked about?" Joanna asked Brittany.

"Oh yeah" Brittany said with a wry smile.

"I was saying..." Joanna said with a long pause. "...that I should have been after you all along."

"Why?" Sarah asked as Grace laughed.

"Britt's given me a few good reasons why she likes you" Joanna said as her tongue poked the side of her mouth. "And because Katie is a cunt, and yes I know she's your friend. She's mine again too, and I'm allowed to say that about her."

"Well, my baby sure does know what shes doing" Grace said as her arms went around Grace's waist.

"HMMMMMM this is true" Brittany as she started thinking and turned to Joanna asked, "Sarah treated me and her girl soooo good, what ya say we see if she can handle all three of us."

"Yeh that's gonna happen" Joanna said as Sarah looked at her and said, "If you keep that attitude it won't."

"You guys talk about it and so will we" Brittany said, "It's just a silly idea."

"4 girls?" Joanna asked. "Damn."

"For once, big mouth I agree" Sarah said to Joanna as they laughed.

** ** ** Meanwhile in Shady's car, a bit later.

"Mulberry Road" Katie said as she read the sign and saw to her surprise that Sarah was making her way up the street with a bag of garbage. Shady turned down the street as Katie touched her hand and said, "Will you stop and let me see Sarah for a minute? That was her."

"Sarah Grasser?" Shady asked. "Girls a bitch..."

"And she is also my friend after some painful history" Katie said, "Can you please just pull back a little and give her a chance if she gives you one?"

"Fine" Shady said as she pulled off the road and into a parking spot in front of the building. "I'll just wait here."

"Why?" Katie asked, "Let's just try and make some peace. She's really nice and she's also very forgiving, like you."

"Me?" Shady asked as Katie smiled and said, "Yes you."

"Come on Shady, give it a shot" Kevin said from the backseat. "You say you love Katie so much, then making peace with Sarah, who I personally adored, is not to much to ask."

"I used to like you" Shady said as Kevin laughed. "OK, you talked me into it, but if she starts her mouth I'm gonna..."

"You're gonna do nothing" Katie said with a warning look. "Shady McCree you are my girlfriend and that girl is my friend. I am not gonna be stuck between you two feuding bitches cause you can't control your damn anger. What happened at the book store was your damn fault and don't even get those tears in your eyes cause I know when you're really hurt."

"You're right" Shady said softly as Katie looked at her to see if she was serious. "I'm gonna apologize, do exactly like Dr. Rosenfeld said and try and make peace."

"SARAH!" Katie screamed as Sarah stopped at the door of the building and looked back.

"Katie?" She asked with a smile as Katie got out and walked towards her. "Long time no see skank."

"Who you calling a skank? Slut" Katie giggled as Sarah saw Kevin get out and smiled, "I got someone I want you to meet."

"I know goofy ass here" Sarah said as she punched Kevin's arm and said, "What up Kevbo, I officially hate you for not calling me for so long."

"I didn't think you wanted to hear from me" Kevin said.

"No not him" Katie said as Sarah's face went cold with an icy stare as she saw Shady step out of the car and lean against the side of it with a nervous smile. "I want you to meet my girlfriend."

"Her? You're dating that bitch?" Sarah asked.

"Shut up that's mean" Katie said as Grace came out of the door to the building and said, "Baby, something wrong...oh hey girl."

"Hi Grace" Katie said with a blushing smile, "My brother Kevin."

"Nice to meet you" Kevin said politely as he shook her hand.

"You tell her to leave now Katie" Sarah said in an icy cold voice. "I'll have her arrested."

"Who?" Grace asked as she spotted Shady and gave Katie a confused look.

"Look she's my girlfriend now" Katie said as Grace and Sarah looked at her in stunned disbelief.

"You know, it maybe just me, but I don't think they knew that" Kevin said as Shady took a deep breath and boldly joined the group.

"Are you fuckin nuts Katie?" Sarah asked as Katie pleaded with her eyes to stop.

"Hi" Shady said as Kevin pulled her over to between him and Katie and said, "Ok, look no one says anything stupid or hurtful or I'm gonna shut you up."

"But..." Sarah said as Grace covered her mouth and found her hand pushed away hard.

"What was that?"

"You don't speak for me all the damn time" Sarah snapped. "You think you do but you don't."

"Ok...fine...all I wanted was to help and now you're attacking me" Grace said as she began crying, "Screw you, have you're stupid piss fight and fuckin get hurt, you see if I try to stop it."  

"Grace" Sarah said as her heart broke and she felt someone's hand on her shoulder as Grace disappeared inside the building.

"Wait" Kevin said, "Just listen for..."

"NOOOOOOO" Sarah screamed, "She is more important to me than anybody on this earth."

"I'm sorry Sarah for everything you hate me for and the book store was my fault" Shady said as tears began dripping down her cheeks and Sarah's anger melted away. "I just really started getting help and this is part of it."

"Fine, whatever, I forgive you" Sarah said in a panic as she turned and ran into the building and passed Grace, who was standing just inside of it.

"Wondering if you were coming" Grace said as Sarah covered her face and took a deep breath and moved in front of Grace and felt her hand being pushed away as Grace said, "Doesn't feel so good when the person you love most in this world pushes you away does it?"

"No it doesn't" Sarah said as Grace touched her hand gently and pulled her into a hug to Sarah's shock. "I thought you were mad at me?"

"I am" Grace said as Sarah hugged her, "But I promised you a long time ago, I'd never leave you. And I meant that."  

"I have no idea what I would do without you" Sarah said as she gently touched Grace's face and found no resistence this time. "I love you. Please forgive me for being...stupid."

"Not unless you make an effort at peace" Grace said, "I'm on your side I am in everything you do, but I'm not gonna stand by without trying to stop you two from fighting. And if you ever talk to me like that again, you're gonna have to do a lot more than say I'm sorry."

"Got it" Sarah said simply as she hesitantly kissed Grace softly. "I love you, I do."

"You know those three words make me melt" Grace said as Sarah smiled. "And I love you too."

"Ok, I'm ready" Sarah said as she took Grace's hand and explained breifly about what happened outside before she came after Grace. Moments later they walked outside just as Katie and Shady were about to get in the car. "HEY!"

"Yeh?" Katie asked as Sarah and Grace made their way down the sidewalk to the car.

"Ask Shady if she meant that?" Sarah said.

"Baby, look she's right there" Grace said, "Ask her."

"Come over here" Sarah said and in a less demanding voice asked, "Please?"

"Did you mean what you said?" Sarah asked as Shady stepped back on to the side walk with Katie now at her side.

"Therapy does wonders for people, even me" Shady said with a deep breath, "And ok without Katie making me come here, I never would have. Cause I wanted to see you about as much as you wanted to see me. And yes I did mean it."

"She forgives you, don't you Sarah" Grace said with a warning look.

"Ok, Grace, ok" Sarah said, "It's over, if you can forgive me I guess I can forgive you to."

"Good" Shady said as Katie took her hand and kissed her cheek.

"Ok, I got a question" Sarah said as she pointed at both Shady and Katie and asked, "How the hell did this happen? She kidnap you? Sorry, just kidding."

"Nooo" Katie said, "I get to see the side of Shady that's...well, nice."

"If you say so" Sarah said as Grace nudged her and gave her a 'cool it' look. "Sorry...again."

"She's more like me than I thought" Shady said with a smirk as Sarah started to say something but bit her tongue and asked in a calm voice, "How?"

"You get mad as hell when someone fucks with the people you love" Shady said and before Sarah could reply she looked at Grace and said, "I owe you an apology too."

"I agree" Sarah said as Katie looked at her and said, "Shut up for a second, please?"

"It's ok, I can see Katie cares about you" Grace said, "Glad to know she's over me."

"God I wish I had never told you that" Katie said as Grace and Sarah laughed.

"You two dated? Seriously?" Shady asked.

"No, she had a crush on me before Sarah and she ended up falling for Jessie first" Grace said, "Just me picking on Katie."

"Thank god for Jessie or we'd both be screwed, hey Sarah?" Shady said as Sarah gave her a strange look and saw a little of what she thought Katie must. "Sorry."

"No, you're right" Sarah said with a smile, "We're cool."

"Can we go?" Kevin asked as he stuck his head out of the car.

"If you don't wanna wait, walk" Shady said as everyone laughed when Kevin flipped her off.