Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 100 "First Time for Everything"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** 2 days later...

"Can I just be alone for while?" Passion asked Rick as they stood on the porch. "I just need to think about him for a while and cry."

"Yeh I know Pash, but remember you got everybody in that house on your side and you are not gonna go down that road," Rick said firmly. "And if you even think about it, I'll shake you back to reality in anyway I can. We love you too, your dad and mom are gone OK? But this is not the end of someone loving you. Let me hear you say that?"

"I know," Passion said softly. "Thank you for staying up with me all night. I'm better now, I just wanna miss him a little longer OK?"

"What about your mom?"

"Mum and me didn't get along too good," Passion said. "She kinda...I'm just glad I came here."

"We're glad you're here too," Rick said. "Is it OK if Marley calls me daddy?"

"Yeh try and tell her she can't," Passion said with a smile. "She'd call you a boogerhead and do it anyway."

"I still wonder how she knew," Rick said, "She knew before any of us."

"She said Carl told her," Passion said with a smile. "That's Cori's bear that Dad bought her. She named it Carl."

"Why?" Rick asked as Passion laughed. Rick's heart beating a bit faster as he heard that laugh he'd come to adore in such a short time.

"Who knows she has a mind all her own," Passion said as she hugged Rick.

"Well I'm gonna walk in and but I'll check on you again in a few minutes," Rick said. "Whether you like it or not you're stuck with me beautiful."

"Best news I heard in a long time," Passion said as she hugged him and smiled as he kissed her forehead and she watched him walk back inside. Sitting down she planned to cry but found that no tears came out. Her father had often said that he wanted her to celebrate his life not mourn him. She smiled as she pictured him and was glad Rick and Lily had let her make the decision to not attend the funeral, it was just too painful to see him that way, she thought. Looking up at the sky towards heaven she simply started to talk and say what she felt in that moment. "Hi daddy it's me, Passion. I miss you like crazy already. I promise Daddy, I'll make sure Marley knows you loved her, and Cori too. I know you're in heaven now, I miss you like crazy, I already said that once but I do, and UMMMMMMM... Rick has been doing all he can to make me feel better. I hope you won't mind if I love him like he was you. Cause I do now, he's soooo much like you, I really believe daddy that he would gi ve his life for me anytime. I know he would for Cori too. He loves me daddy, I hope that's OK. You sent me here for two weeks cause I wanted to meet Cori and now I'm here to stay, you always did what was best for me and Marley. I'm sorry I don't miss Mom that much, and Grandma. But now you and grandpa can talk and he can tell you how mean she was to me. And ask him about all those fishing stories that he told me, he can't lie to you now. I still miss him too..."

"Passion sweetheart," Lily said from the door as Passion was shook back to reality and looked back. "You OK?"

"I'm OK Lily," Passion said. "Just talkin to my dad a little, is that OK?"

"If he starts answering you let me know," Lily said as Passion laughed, "Got some questions for him."

"Right after I'm done," Passion said with a wide smile. Signaling to Lily that the young girl was slowly getting past the worst part of the pain.

"Dinner will be ready soon you gonna feel like eating?"

"Yeh I can," Passion said simply.

"Good to hear," Lily said softly. "Come in when you're done?"

"OK," Passion said. Lily closing the door just as a loud roar came tearing down the block and Passion stood and watched it appear over the horizon. It was a purple Pontiac screaming down the street and coming to a rubber burning, smoke producing stop in front of the house. Her smile spreading across her face as she spotted Joey getting out and coming across the lawn. Not walking but running she noted. "Hey!"

"Why didn't you call me?" Joey asked in a demanding voice.

"You had work," Passion said as her smile faded now fearing Joey was mad at her.

"You are more important to me than that stupid job," Joey said as she hugged her. Passion smiled as she hugged her back and felt like she never wanted to go. "You OK Kiwi?"

"Yeh I'm OK," Passion said as Joey touched her cheek gently. "I'm better now though, thanks for coming."

"You should have called me," Joey said softly. "I could have been here."

"You love me that's all that matters," Passion said.

"You're right I do, you are my best friend," Joey said.

"Hey," Shady said as Passion looked over and saw a pretty girl with long red hair looking nervous.

"Hi," She said.

"Passion Molloy, Shady McCree," Joey said. Then asking Shady with a trademark Joey grin, "Now tell me, is this girl a knockout or what?"

"Oh yeah, wanna go out with me?" Shady asked as Passion laughed and blushed five different shades of red.

"Noooo thank you," Passion said. "I am..."

"Straight, yeh yeh yeh whatever Pashy," Joey said as she moved behind her and hugged her. "She sure kissed me like she liked it."

"Joey Larue... sooo mean to me," Passion said as Joey laughed and held her tighter so she couldn't squirm away.

"Calm down Pash I'm kidding."

"Can you stay for a while?" Passion asked.

"How about you come rollin with us?" Shady asked. "We can go to the mall."

"Girl loves to spend money on people too," Joey said as Passion smiled.

"Why not you never liked it," Shady said as Joey gave her a dirty look.

"And maybe you come and hang out with me at Book Lovers?" Joey asked Passion.


"Yeh, you grapefruit head," Joey said, "I'll beg."

"Don't have to," Passion said. "I think I'd like that."

"Hey everybody," Cori said as she nervously came to the door and wondered if she would be welcome as she spotted Joey hugging Passion. "Mind if I join you?"

"You OK?" Joey asked, "I heard about Kyle."

"I dunno, it's weird, I didn't really get a chance to know him," Cori said softly. "I'm more worried about Pash."

"I just found out and got Shady to drive me over," Joey said as she looked at Passion with a smile. "Wanted to check on my favorite girl."

"I like being your favorite girl," Passion said. "And you come to check on Cori too you know that."

"Yeh, but I'm not getting back into this whole thing right now," Joey said. "Right now my attention is on you Kiwi."

"I'm her Kiwi too," Cori said with a smile.

"If you need to talk, Cori, you can call me," Joey said. "Let's just give this a few days to sort out ok?"

"Yeh I get that, there are some things we need to talk about." Cori said. "Couple of days, can I come over?"

"Yeh you can," Joey said as her attention shifted to the yard when she spotted an all too familiar face now walking quietly up the lawn. Rayne started to say something but seeing Passion's determined borderline dirty look she said only what was necessary.

"I don't want any trouble," Rayne said softly, "I just came to check on Cori, ok?"

"Shut up," Passion said as she looked to Joey. "You said your attention was on me, so she's not important to you right now and if you start I'll never forgive you Joey Larue."

"Ok, Pash, ok," Joey said as she hugged Passion warmly.

"You ok?" Rayne asked as Cori smiled and touched her hand.

"Come in keep me company?" Cori asked as Rayne smiled and nodded and without a another word Cori led her into the house by the hand.

"I hate her..."

"Me remember?" Passion said, "Shut up."

"You're a being cunt Larue," Shady said as Joey and Passion looked at her. "You are, you got this beautiful girl in your arms and another one begging for your attention daylight to dark and all you can do is obsess over that piece of ass. Looks like to me it's Joey's jealousy popping out. Or is it something more, like you still got it bad for Rayne?"

"You don't know the story," Joey said and pushed aside all thoughts of her still having feelings for her ex-girlfriend. Refusing to even think about it.

"Like I need to, she couldn't have been as shitty to you as I was," Shady said. "You forgave me, I think she deserves the same thing."

"And I agree with her," Passion said firmly. "I do."

"You didn't see her come over just as I got here?" Joey asked.

"How in the hell do you come up with this stupid shit without help?" Shady asked. "I thought I was jealous, damn girl you got me beat by a pink slip trip."

"She fuckin tried on purpose to destroy my relationship with Cori," Joey said as Passion pulled away and looked at her and said. "You listen to me, I don't like that girl much either, but Cori didn't tell her anything about you, so you wanna blame someone blame your CoCo. You two got this whole thing messed up not her."

"The girl speaks sense; I like her" Shady said as she put her arm around Passion. "How about coming out of 'Joey Gotta Be Right' land and realizing that you and Cori girl are over and it is not Rayne's fault, it's yours and Cori's if anybody's. It's just over, why you gotta hate someone because it fell apart?"

"Cori changed, Joey you remember I said that, it's just over." Passion said as Joey fought back tears. "It's ok, you still got me."

"I don't need to be here right now," Joey said. "Will you ask Lily if you can come riding with us?"

"Mandy goes on and on about her she must be something special," Shady said with a smirk. "You think you can introduce me?"

"Yeh she is, really nice," Passion said as she hugged Joey once more and watched her get back into the car. Shady followed Passion inside. Stopping at the entrance to the living room and watching as Cori and Rayne playfully fought over a pillow.

"I PLAY I PLAY!" Marley screamed as she ran down the hall and stopped suddenly as she saw Passion and asked, "Pashy, who dat girl is?"

"Hi, I'm Shady, who are you?" Shady asked as she knelt down and made a face at Marley as she laughed. Lily coming down the hallway as she watched Marley make a face back.

"I'm Marley, dat's my sissy" Marley said pointing to Passion and then to Lily and saying, "And dat's my Ms. Lily."

"Oh really?"

"Dat what I said, duh," Marley said as Shady laughed and watched Marley run into the living room and jump into the middle of the wrestling match between Cori and Rayne.

"So you're the famous Lily?" Shady asked as she rose.


"Mandy talks about you like a friend," Shady said as Lily smiled. "I'm her older sister, Shady."

"You're famous too," Lily said as Shady blushed.

"More infamous than famous I bet," Shady said. "I'm sure most of what Mandy said was bad."

"Some, but she also loves you very much," Lily said, "That's easy to see. I think the world of Mandy."

"Shady?" Zoe asked as she came down the steps. "Who invited you?"

"I did," Shady said as she grabbed Zoe at the bottom of the steps and started tickling her. "You tellin me to leave?"

"STOP YOU BIG BULLY!" Zoe said in a fit of giggles as she escaped and ran behind Lily. "Mommy protect me."

"I'll get you later, you'll be back to the house," Shady said with a smirk.

"So I take it you guys are close?" Lily asked.

"Yeh I guess, Zoe?"

"Shady's a big softy," Zoe said with a smile. "She acts all bad, but she's sweet."

"Thanks Zoe," Shady said with a smile.

"She's cool Mom, she's just got a bad rep," Zoe said. "Mostly cause she tries to protect the people she loves."

"I've got my dad's temper and my mother's mouth." Shady said.

"No you don't," Zoe said as she moved in front of Shady. "Temper maybe, but you are more like your dad than your mom, you care, she didn't."

"Zoe, you don't talk about someone's mother like that."

"Ms. Sammler she's right, my mother's a nasty viper," Shady said as she put am arm around Zoe. "She speaks the truth and me, Mandy and Sam are glad she's gone. It's a lot more peaceful at home now huh, Zoe?"

"Sure is," Zoe said. "Katie and I can watch movies now without her staggering in and cussing one of us."

"You never told me about that," Lily said.

"That was because of me," Shady said. "When Zoe is with Me or Mandy she's safe from the world, I promise you that, and I always take good care of her when someone gets in her face. Like my mother, right?"

"Mmmmm-hmmmmm," Zoe said, "I told you mom she's got a bad rep, but she'd never let anyone hurt me or Mandy."

"What she said," Shady said as they smiled at each other.

"I've heard that same comment from Mandy, how can you be so sure that nothing will happen?" Lily asked. "I'm just really curious about that, Mandy won't comment."

"It's just my dad's a powerful man and if anyone ever hurt Zoe or someone she cared about..." Shady said as she looked to Zoe for a moment as Zoe smiled at her. Then turning back to Lily, Shady went on, "...there ain't one place on this earth they'll be able to hide."

"Donald is really nice," Zoe said. "That's their dad."

"STOP IT CORI!" Rayne squealed in laughter as Cori pinned her down on the floor. Drawing the attention away from the conversation into the living room as Marley crashed into Cori and knocked her off Rayne.

"Cori Tyler you leave that poor girl alone," Lily said.

"Mom we are just playin," Cori said with a smirk as she got up finally.

"Ms. Sammler it was nice meeting you," Shady said as Lily smiled. "Do you think Passion can go riding with me and Joey for a few hours?"

"Yeh, please?" Passion pleaded with a pooched lip, puppy dog eyes and everything else used for sympathy Lily noticed. "Help me take my mind off things."

"Here's my cell number so you won't worry," Shady said as she handed Lily a card with a number on it.

"Be back in a little while?" Lily asked.

"Can we go to book lovers and hang out with Joey?" Passion asked.

"Anything you want," Shady said. "I can see your gonna be one of my favorite people, you're easy to please."

"Yeh she's a grapefruit brain," Zoe said as she jumped away from Passion as both laughed.

"See ya, Zoe," Shady said as Zoe smiled and headed off towards the kitchen. Shady and Passion turned to leave as Sarah and Grace came in.

"What did you do to Joey you big bully?" Sarah asked Shady with a smirk as they met in the entrance way.

"She got out of line so... wham," Shady said as Sarah laughed. "Where you two headed?"

"Karaoke if I can talk Jessie into it" Sarah said.

"That sounds like fun, can we come?" Shady asked.

"Sure we're going to 'The Deep' that restaurant downtown?" Sarah said. "But my girlfriend is refusing to stay."

"Because watching you and Jessie butcher the lyrics to bad 70's love songs is not my idea of fun," Grace said as Sarah stuck her tongue out.

"I wanna go, I can't sing but I love to pretend to be a rock star," Passion said.

"Ask Jessie and you can pile in with me and Joey and Passion? Save Grace a trip downtown," Shady offered.

"You just saved me," Grace said with a smile. "You take her and don't bring her back till she stops singing, at least that way."

"Fine then," Sarah said. "Let me bug Jan into it and we'll be on out ok?"

"Hey Grace Andretti, you owe me a rematch," Shady said as Grace smiled. "What you say me and you go the drag strip one night and you give me a rematch?"

"I dunno, I've never raced a car before," Grace said.

"Yeh and none of that Shady Earnhardt bull shit tonight either," Sarah said as she poked Shady in the stomach.

"Ok ok," Shady said as she laughed, looking back to Grace she said, "We should go, it's a blast you can drive my Pontiac."

"Maybe," Grace said with a smile.

"Lily's got my number, holla at me and we'll do it one night," Shady said as Grace nodded and found herself getting excited at the thought of that.

"JAN!" Sarah screamed as she burst through the doors and saw Lily standing and watching Marley and a girl that Sarah didn't know 'attack' Cori. "Hey Mom."

"Hey my girls," Lily said as she hugged Grace and Sarah.

"Who's Cori friend? And what's wrong with Joey?" Grace asked.

"Cori and Joey broke up," Lily said. "Guess it wasn't working out, they had a nasty fight on the front lawn a few days ago and it all fell apart. Cori seems to be OK with it."

"WHAT MARSHA!" Jessie screamed from the top of the steps, again bringing the attention away from the struggle going on in the living room.

"Me and you, The Deep, karaoke, get your clothes on," Sarah said as Jessie smiled and said. "You know it, let me ask Steph."

"Ask Steph what?" Stephanie asked with a giggle as Jessie explained as they walked down the steps.

"Trust me Steph, you don't wanna go there," Grace said in a warning voice.

"Yeh I'm not so sure she's not right," Stephanie said as Jessie gave her a dirty look. "Not a big fan of karaoke. Trust me once you've seen a balding hippie sing 'Freebird' it gets kinda weird."

"Fine then, party pooper," Jessie said. "You mind if I hang out with Sarah?"

"No have fun," Stephanie said.

"Good someone with some sense," Grace said. "How about you and me hang out tonight?"

"And do what?"

"I dunno, anything but that," Grace said as Sarah and Jessie shot her a dirty look.

"Sure I guess," Stephanie said with a shrug.

"So is no one gonna even pretend like they need permission?" Lily asked with a smirk.

"I will," Stephanie said with a giggle. "Can I go riding with Grace?"

"Very funny," Lily said.

"I am kinda serious," Stephanie said, "I mean you and Rick are responsible for me."

"Yeh Mom like you can say no to this," Sarah said as her and Jessie pooched their lips out in a double barrel attack of cute.

"Go!" Lily said as both hugged her.

"By the way we riding with Shady and Joey ok?" Sarah asked as she grabbed her coat and Jessie took hers and agreed as they disappeared out the door.

"You see that..." Stephanie said to Grace. "Not even a kiss or an I love you."

"I LOVE YOU!" Sarah and Jessie screamed from outside the front door and began giggling as they ran for the car. Shady's engine roaring as she peeled out moments later.

"Mom?" Cori asked to get Lily's attention. "Is it ok if I show Rayne my bedroom?"

"Yeh but the door stays open," Lily said as Cori groaned and walked off down the hall with Rayne, giggling now about something.

"I GO I GO!" Marley screamed as she came running out of the living room only to be caught by Rick as he came down the steps. "Hey, you caught me."

"How about you and me play hide and seek?" Rick asked.

"But I wanna play with Cori and Rayne," Marley said as she pointed.

"And they wanna be alone for a few minutes," Rick said as he kissed a giggling Marley's cheek. "How about we go to the store instead?"

"Yeh yeh," Marley said excitedly.

"Passion went riding with Joey and Sarah and Jessie, and Mandy's sister Shady," Lily said. "Bring some milk back?"

"You know it," Rick said as he kissed his wife's cheek.

"Bye bye, Lily booger," Marley said in a giggle.

"You hush," Rick said as he tickled her and she squealed in laughter as they too left out the door.

"Well you two have fun, I have dishes," Lily said, passing Zoe coming down the hall with a soda.

"So you ready?" Grace asked Stephanie.

"Sure," Stephanie said and smiling as she spotted Zoe, "Wassup buddy?"

"Nothing, where you headed?" Zoe asked.

"Grace and me just going cruisin," Stephanie said as Grace observed a certain bond had been formed between the two since she had last seen them. "You wanna go?"

"Nah, Grace don't want her little sister along," Zoe said as she gave Grace a rather dirty look.

"I never said that," Grace replied. "I see you've changed Zoe, you should come tonight."

"That's ok, Amanda's coming over anyway," Zoe said. "We might go stompin over at the mall or something."

"Ok," Grace said, "whatever."

"So did you... taebo today?" Zoe asked as her and Stephanie started giggling, apparently a private joke Grace observed.

"No, but we might later," Stephanie said as they laughed harder. "Have you googled yahoo?"

"Thinking about it," Zoe said as they laughed. "A lot."

"I bet you are," Stephanie said.

"Taebo? Googling yahoo?" Grace asked as Stephanie and Zoe fell against each other in laughter. "What's so damn funny?"

"None of your bidness," Zoe said as she stuck out her tongue at Grace.

"Fine I'll just pester it out of Stephanie."

"No you won't, we got a pact," Stephanie said.

"Since when are you two such big buddies?" Grace asked.

"Something that just sort of happened," Zoe said. "Steph is cool and she gives good advice."

"Trust me it's nothing bad Grace," Stephanie said. "We just spent some time together this morning chatting."

"MMMMMM, Baby, if YouTube MySpace, I'll Google your Yahoo!"

"What was that?" Grace asked as a giggling Zoe pulled her cell out and showed it to Grace.

"My cell ringtone," Zoe said as she flipped it open and said, "Hey my girl."

"Talk later?" Zoe asked as Stephanie nodded and Zoe went thundering up the stairs.

"Was that my little sister?" Grace asked.

"No it wasn't, that was you're very mature younger sister," Stephanie said. "You spend so much time with Sarah you miss everything. Including that girl growing up and fast."

"I see that," Grace said, "And when did Mom and Rick say she could get a cell."

"Mandy, I think, got it for her," Stephanie said.

"How about you fill me in on my sister's life?" Grace asked as Stephanie smiled. "And no I don't mean the stuff you guys talked about. And what the hell is Googling for Yahoo? Just type in yahoo dot com."

"Yeh of course," Stephanie said with a laugh as Grace gave her a dirty look and knew she was missing something that no one would fill her in on. "Let's go."

"I'm gonna figure this out before the night is over," Grace said as she and Stephanie left through the front door.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Book Lovers

"Life sucks ass," Joey said as she came in the front door and saw a couple of people quietly using the new computers. Neither seeming to notice her entrance as she quietly took off her jacket and took her usual spot behind the counter as Marissa came back through the newly completed half circle between 'Step by Step' and 'Book Lovers' and excitedly bounced to the front of the store and leaned across the counter and said, "It's working, those guys are paying to use the internet."

"Yeh I see that," Joey said, and felt her anger over the Rayne situation fade as Marissa smiled at her. "Kinda cute, you been flirting?"

"Funny," Marissa said as the smile left her face.

"Good cause I am the only one you should flirt with," Joey said as Marissa's smile returned.

"Where's your friend? UMMMMM Passion was it?" Marissa asked.

"She went with Shady and Sarah and Jessie to go sing karaoke," Joey said with a shrug.

"Why didn't you go?"

"Jessie and me are not exactly best of friends anymore and Shady and me, I dunno I just wanted to be here." Joey said with a deep breath. "I saw Cori with her new whore."

"Joey if you still love her that much go and tell her," Marissa said.

"I'm sick of her shit and now she's rubbing it in my face with that slut Rayne," Joey said in a hushed voice as she started to cry. "No one sees my side of it now, even Passion has flipped her opinion on it."

"Look at me Joey Larue," Marissa said as she moved around the counter and hugged Joey. "I'm on your side. I dunno what's going on with this Passion girl but she should be on your side too. I am."

"I needed to hear that," Joey said as Marissa moved away as another customer came to the counter.

"Internet," he said simply as Joey entered his name into the program on the computer at the counter and took his money. "Thank you."

"No. 5," Joey said as he smiled and walked off silently.

"Almost got caught," Marissa said in Joey's ear in a whisper as she stood behind her.

"I was just thinking." Joey said as she turned around and faced a smiling Marissa, "If Cori can just move on, I can too."

"Yeh exactly."

"I'm just gonna ask you this and you can tell me no but at least I know I tried," Joey said. "I'm tired of these flirting games and I wanna know, Marissa Turner, will you go out with me?"

"Huh?" Marissa asked as her lip dropped at the sudden turn in the conversation.

"No games," Joey said as she stood and moved in front of her. "Yes or no?"

"Whoa, Joey..." Marissa said.

"I'll take that as a no," Joey said as she got ready to walk off.

"No, I mean wait," Marissa said as she moved back in front of a clearly hurt Joey. "Give me a damn minute to at least take it in, I mean this is pretty sudden. Let me think about it for a second."

"Look I know you're straight and all... but I would never do you the way that sleazy Alex did you," Joey said as Marissa smiled. "We don't even have to go out on a serious date, I just wanna hang out."

"Something you need to know," Marissa said as she looked down at her hands and Joey figured this was the point where she did get turned down. "Joey... I tried to tell you this before... but I've been so confused and angry at myself for so long that it took me meeting you to come to terms with it..."

"You like girls..." Joey said in a whisper and seeing Marissa's relieved smile. "Ohmigod. You? Barbie likes girls?"

"Grrrrr," Marissa growled playfully as Joey laughed. "I'm not a Barbie or a princess."

"Nooo, you're the cute blond," Joey said as Marissa blushed. "Go out with me, please? It'll be fun I..."

"Yess ok?" Marissa said as Joey felt the rush of adrenaline as she smiled brightly.

"I will be so good to you," Joey said as she touched a now glowing Marissa's cheek and slowly caressed it and knowing know she no longer had to pretend that she didn't have feelings for her.

"So no more flirting huh?" Marissa asked as she bit her lip.

"No but now it's not just innocent," Joey said as Judy came through the half-circle and looked at both of them with a smirk. Joey jerking her hand away and Marissa blushing.

"You know what?" Judy asked. "I don't care what Henry thinks anymore, I'm tired of you two being in denial, you like each other, you have from the first moment Marissa came in here. And you are over with Cori, so Joey, ask her out."

"Yeh Joey, ask her out," Marissa said with a teasing grin.

"I just did," Joey said with a proud smile.

"I must be psychic," Judy said as Marissa and Joey laughed. Asking Marissa in an impatient voice, "I know you said yes."

"Oh god I am so transparent," Marissa said as she blushed. "Yes I did."

"I knew it," Judy said as she hugged Joey and said, "You better be good to her Larue, cause I like her. She deserves it."

"I will," Joey said.

"And that goes for you too, young lady," Judy said. "Joey's one of my best friends, she don't just work for me. Be good to her."

"I'll do my best," Marissa said with a smile as Judy hugged her. "This is all new to me."

"I'm here to talk anytime," Judy said. "I'm your friend too."

"Ma'am?" An older gentleman said from the counter as Joey looked back. "The internet?"

"Yes, we have four computers still open, for how long?" Joey asked.

"Two hours please," he said, handing her the money. "You have certainly turned this place around it has such a nice atmosphere now."

"Yeh, we made some changes," Joey said with a bright smile and a glance to Marissa, who smiled before she turned to help one of the customers already working on the computers. "If you'd like some cappuccino the machine is right there, first cup is on the house."

"Well I think you'll be seeing a lot of me," he said, "Langston Martin here."

"Joey Larue, and this is the owner, Judy Brooks," Joey said as he gently shook their hands one at a time. "And that beautiful young girl back there is Marissa, if you have any questions about the internet feel free to ask her."

"Hey, those eyes won't get you anywhere with me," Marissa said as she smiled at the guy she was helping as he playfully blew her a kiss. "Cute."

"I'm just playin," He said.

"HEY!" Joey said as everyone looked around including Marissa. "I thought we had something going?"

"We do," Marissa said with a teasing smile. "Larue."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, Cori's basement bedroom

"So you really got all this space to yourself?" Rayne asked as she looked around the basement.

"Uh huh," Cori said as she admired Rayne's body. Making their way into Cori's bedroom a few moments later.

"I pretty much got the run of the house at my place," Rayne commented as she looked through Cori's stack of DVD's. "Mom and Dad don't stay home during the week at all. The weekends usually are a pain though."

"I wish I could relate, this place is crawling with people," Cori said. "I never get five minutes alone to just think."

"Well you could if I left," Rayne said as she walked towards the door and laughing as Cori jumped up and started after her. Problem is Cori's quick movement didn't go to well as she barely reached the door before a pain sent her crashing into the wall as it shot up her back. Cori groaning as she reached for the door and slumped to the floor with a thud.

"OHMIGOD are you ok?" Rayne asked as she slid to her knees and helped Cori sit up.

"Fuck!" Cori said as she slammed her fists into the floor. "My back gave out, damn that hurts. Nothing serious it happens, not so much lately but it does."

"I'm sorry," Rayne said as she slid closer and helped Cori lean back against the wall. "Anything I can do?"

"You could kiss it and make it better," Cori said with a mixture of flirt and innocence Rayne noted. She grinned and for once didn't feel like someone was suggesting something sexual just because they knew her history. "That sounded cheesy."

"Maybe but it worked," Rayne said as she leaned over a bit and shocked Cori with a soft kiss to the lips. A strange bland feeling washing over Cori as her and Rayne parted. That bizarre feeling being mutual in that moment as Rayne noted the awkwardness in that kiss. "UMMMMMMM ok..."

"Yeh," Rayne said as she ran her fingers through her hair. Cori looking down and feeling more confused than ever. "That was... odd?"

"Yeh I know," Cori said softly. "I'm sorry."

"Not your fault, I kissed you," Rayne said. "Maybe it was a weird moment, maybe if we try it again?"

"Forget it, you don't wanna go there," Cori said as she struggled to her feet and almost cried at the amount of pain she felt shoot up her back as she finally got to the bed. Rayne watching helplessly. "I'm damaged goods!"

"You are not!" Rayne demanded. "You just broke up with your girlfriend, someone you loved very much and I basically caused it..."

"No you didn't," Cori said.

"You just aren't ready for another... whatever it is we had," Rayne said. "And maybe I'm not either. God you're Joey's ex and here I am trying to fuck you. She's right I am a whore."

"Huh?" Cori asked as she stood this time with what she noticed was ease and felt the pain in her back was now much lighter. Hugging Rayne as the girl sobbed. "You are not what you said."

"I loved her so much and she fought me so hard to get me off drugs," Rayne said as Cori listened. "Then when I get clean I come home from rehab and find out she's given up on me and started fucking that whore Shady McCree."

"It'll be ok," Cori said. Being completely thrown at Rayne's meltdown.

"She is such a slut and a teasing one too," Rayne said as Cori stepped back. "Claims I'm the whore and she's fucked half the girls in Chicago. I'll bet she screwed around on you too."

"She did not!" Cori snapped, growing angry with the accusations now flying thick.

"How the hell do you know?" Rayne asked. "Cori you told me yourself you never left the house for months. How do you know?"

"Because she wouldn't do me that way... Marissa," Cori said in surprise.

"Yeh, see, I'll bet..."

"Shut up... SHUT UP!" Cori screamed. "How did this become about Joey?"

"Because I can't get over loving her," Rayne said. "Not with you I can't. Cori I..."

"Go!" Cori said simply. "I don't wanna do this either. I just need some time."

"Feel better!" Rayne said as she exited the basement and practically running up the steps as she passed through the kitchen and blew down the hallway and almost knocked Mandy down as she ran out the door. Zoe coming back downstairs as Mandy came back in from getting something out of the car.

"What was that all about?"

"That's Rayne from down the street," Zoe noted as she reached the bottom of the stairs. "Or is it Taylor? Cori's friend."

"I remember her, Joey was mooning over her in school a couple of years back," Mandy said as she followed Zoe into the living room and sat down in front of the couch as Zoe sat down on the couch itself. Sinking her fingers into Mandy's shoulders as had been planned. "MMMMMMM so perfect, I swear I love you for your hands most of all."

"Shut up!" Zoe said as she pushed a giggling Mandy's head forward before going back to work on her neck muscles. "So Joey and Rayne dated?"

"Yeh for a long time actually, over a year I think," Mandy commented as Zoe listened. "She got mad at Shady one night and long story short we got drunk at the palace and we talked about a lot of stuff. Rayne's middle name is Taylor which is what Joey called her a lot."

"Here we go again with the writers making it up as they go along," Zoe said as her and Mandy laughed. "I wonder what happened downstairs?"

"She was crying when she left," Mandy said as she tilted her neck and let Zoe finish relaxing the muscles on the other side of her neck. "MMMMM so much better."

"Who has the magic fingers Amanda?" Zoe asked as Mandy smiled and turned and got on her knees, now between Zoe's thighs as she kissed her softly on the lips.

"You do," Mandy said as Zoe grinned. "You make me feel so good how can I ever repay you?"

"Not asking you to," Zoe said as she slid her fingers through Mandy's hair and kissed her. Lily sighing as she came back into the living room and saw the two once again lost completely in each other. Clearing her throat as Mandy and Zoe jumped apart and blushed deeply. "Hi Mom!"

"Cool it you two," Lily said with a firm voice and a finger point. Looking directly at Mandy and saying next. "And none of your adorable comments."

"Yes Ma'am," Mandy said as Zoe covered her mouth and tried to stop from giggling. The front door opening as Rick and Marley arrived home. Marley running into the living room with a huge box in her hands.

"I gots a toy, Hi Zoe girl," Marley said as she sat her box down and ran over to hug Zoe. "You help me put it together?"

"Well you have to ask Mandy too, she's here," Zoe said as Marley grinned at Mandy. Rick joining Lily. Lily giving him a 'you're impossible' look as Rick shrugged as if he couldn't resist.

"Please Manda?" Marley pleaded as she looked to Mandy.

"Who's Manda?" Mandy asked.

"Dat what Zoe girl calls you," Marley said as Zoe laughed.

"Everyone has their own nickname," Zoe commented to Mandy. "It means she likes you, Manda."

"I get it, so what about this toy?"

"It gots cars and stuff with it1" Marley said as she pulled Mandy and Zoe to the center of the floor. The room soon filling with laughter.

** ** ** Meanwhile, somewhere in downtown Chicago

Grace's mind went a million miles a minute as she drove with Stephanie in the passengers seat. Knowing now her time spent with Sarah had forced her to miss a lot of Zoe's life. Which had created this rift in her relationship with Zoe and now that Grace studied on it, Zoe and Sarah's relationship as well. Thinking she knew little or nothing about what had happened to her sister in the last few weeks or months and now realizing how much she regretted it. Pulling off onto a side street as Stephanie gave her a weird look and almost knowing instinctively what was bothering her, she offered, "Grace? Zoe is fine. She's just growing up."

"I get that but I missed a lot of that it seems," Grace said as she stopped at a red light. "Like when did she fall so madly in love with this Mandy girl and why did no one tell me?"

"No one sees you anymore," Stephanie said. "How many nights have you been home since I moved into the garage apartment? None."

"Yeh that's true," Grace said.

"No one's mad at you for being in love," Stephanie said, "but you do need a balance in your life."

"Yeh I get that now," Grace said, "I just thought Zoe had this whole lesbian thing figured out a long time ago."

"She did, I think, till she met Mandy," Stephanie said. "Mandy and her were really friends at first and it just kind of happened. I think it's sweet cause Mandy looks at Zoe the way I... I mean... the way no one else does."

"She's really in love?" Grace asked as she pulled away from the red light. Stephanie relieved that Grace seemingly paid no attention to her almost slip of the tongue.

"Yeh she is," Stephanie said. "From what I can tell they both are."

"Don't get me wrong it's great and all," Grace said as she turned onto one of the streets downtown and stopped as she reached the first open space and pulled in. "But I always thought boy crazy Zoe would stop that from happening."

"Yeh but Grace, I was boy crazy to until I met Jessie," Stephanie said. "So were you from what I hear. Eli?"

"Oh god, Jessie told you that?" Grace asked with a blush.

"Yeh she did," Stephanie said with a laugh. "Yeh I was, but he's a dickhead half the time and by the time he gave me the time of day I was falling for Sarah. So he missed out."

"It worked out best, he's crazy about RaeAnn," Stephanie said. "She pushes him to do stuff, you'd just get frustrated with him."

"Yeh with Sarah it's not like that," Grace said. "It's easy to convince her, all I have to do is explain my side. No screaming marches or headaches or nights spent crying cause your with a hard head."

"I'll bet Sarah can be hard headed too," Stephanie commented.

"She can be, but it's usually when she's convinced she's right and she almost always is when she's like that," Grace said. "Like this Florida thing, she just changed her mind after she talked to Jessie and refused to talk about it. She was right it would have a mistake for us to move down there."

"Yeh Sarah would have missed her other girlfriend," Stephanie said as Grace smiled and laughed.

"That is one relationship I don't worry about," Grace said just as her phone started ringing. "Hold on. Hello?"

"Hey girl," Brittany said with a sultry tone as Grace blushed and noticed Stephanie was thankfully looking the other way and watching traffic.

"What's up?"

"You and Sarah coming down this weekend, that's what," Brittany said. "What do you think?"

"I guess," Grace said.

"Good, think about the things we can do," Brittany said. Grace's mind roaming to those thoughts for only a moment before she pushed it out of her mind. "Talk to Sarah and call me back?"

"Will do." Grace said. "She's off with Jessie right now doing some stuff, is it ok if I call you late?"

"Talk to you then, Joanna's pestering me gotta go." Brittany said. "Bye."

"Bye," Grace said as she hung up. Stephanie looked back just as Grace hung up. Hoping to avoid any questions about the conversation with Brittany as she asked Stephanie, "What were you saying?"

"About Sarah and Jessie, you don't think they'd ever hook up?" Stephanie asked as she opened the passenger side door and got out as Grace did the same. Joining her on the sidewalk as they began strolling past some of the now closed busineses.

"Me and you," Grace said. "Not unless we disappear."

"But hypothetically, do you think it would happen if me and you were out of the picture? I'm honestly curious," Stephanie said.

"Yeh it would," Grace said, "I know that."

"I see the way they look at each other sometimes and I see that bond," Stephanie said. "It's kinda cool to love someone that much."

"Yeh it is; I've never had a best friend that close," Grace said. "I fell in love with my best friend."

"Me too," Stephanie said. "Jessie was just someone I had to be with. And believe me I tried to resist."

"I heard," Grace said with a playful bump of the shoulder.

"Another hypothetical question? Since we're on the subject,"

"Sure," Grace said as she looked at Stephanie.

"If there was no Sarah, who would you go for? Eli or who?" Stephanie asked with a devilish gleam in her eye.

"Eli, no," Grace said firmly. "Katie... Singer."

"No doubt in your mind huh?"

"Nope," Grace said with a smile that was not lost on Steph.

"Jessie's ex?"

"That'd be the one."

"Why her?" Stephanie asked.

"We hung out a few times back when she was with Jessie and it was just fun and I sort of found out she had a crush on me before she met Jessie," Grace said as she took a seat at one of the benches along the street, Stephanie sitting down beside of her.

"And now you're returning the favor?" Stephanie asked as Grace blushed.

"Now this is between us, please don't tell Jessie, I don't want this to blow up and be about something?" Grace asked.

"Like with me and Zoe, not a word even if she asks," Stephanie said. "So crush or no crush?"

"God I have such a big mouth," Grace said as Stephanie laughed and took that as her answer.

"Ok then ask me something to even it up, anything you wanna know," Stephanie said.

"Same question," Grace said. "Who would you go after if both of you were free to date?"

"Guess," Stephanie said.

"That's not fair you know a lot of people I don't," Grace said. "Oh yeah, you like to play games."

"I sure do," Stephanie said with a smirk. "Just because you're so horny for Katie you can't keep it under wraps don't mean I'm gonna just blurt out Zo... someone's name. But it is someone you know."

"You are not funny Stephanie Dimitri, I am not horny for Katie, anyway, someone I know?" Grace asked as she thought about it for a second. Stephanie figuring she had by now givin away the answer with her almost slip of the tongue. "Katie?"

"Yeh I'm gonna ask out Jessie's ex," Stephanie said with a laugh. "Try again."

"Ok," Grace said as she went over the people in her mind that she knew both her and Stephanie hung out with. "Sarah?"

"Not my type," Stephanie said as Grace gave her a confused look. "She's attractive, just not my type."

"OK, ummmmmm..." Grace said, and by now running out of guesses. "Shady McCree?"

"My type, I love an attitude, but not the one I'd go for first," Stephanie said as Grace groaned and began to think she was being played. But suddenly with Stephanie's eyes seemingly undressing her it clicked.

"Me?" Grace asked and sure now she was right as her ego began to inflate.

"No," Stephanie said as Grace's ego deflated, "But just so you know, and without getting either of us in trouble, if you asked me out I'd jump at the chance."

"WOW!" Grace said as she smiled. "But if you would go out with me, how could it not be me?"

"The question was, if I remember correctly and I do, who I would go after first" Stephanie said, "I said you asking me out."

"So you wouldn't ask me?" Grace asked.

"This other person would come first if we were both single," Stephanie said. "But if they weren't interested, you'd be my next choice, I know that sounds bad. But I mean it as a compliment."

"I'll take it as that," Grace said. "Anytime someone who looks likes you expresses interest of any kind in me I listen."

"So you think I'm hot?" Stephanie asked with a smile as she saw Grace blush.

"Sarah, then you and I am not saying anything else," Grace said with a point of her finger as Stephanie blushed herself. "Now tell me who is this mystery person that's keeping us apart?"


"I'm out of guesses I don't know," Grace said, "Unless it's my mom or Rick."

"EWWWWWWWWW!" Stephanie said as both laughed. "Think about all the people you've mentioned and see who's not there."

"I don't know, honestly," Grace said. "Just tell me, please, you're killing me with curiosity."

"Zoe," Stephanie said simply.

"Zoe what?" Grace asked as Stephanie laughed. "Oh you mean... my sister?"

"Yeh your sister," Stephanie said.

"You are not funny,"

"Not trying to be, I'm serious," Stephanie said, "That's who I would ask out if she were single and I were to. You're mom would no doubt try and kill me but I would."

"Why Zoe?" Grace asked.

"You don't know her like I do, we talked a few mornings ago and just had a blast," Stephanie said, "And I taught her how to dance a few night ago. She's just one of those girls who gets me and I think I get her. It's something on the emotional level."

"Zoe and you?" Grace said with a smile. "I would never have guessed that."

"So now you got dirt on me," Stephanie said. "Zip lock?"

"Yeh I think so," Grace said as both laughed.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ West Lafayette, Indiana, the next day

"Check this shit out," Joanna said as she stood on the window seat and leaped into the air and dropped a WWE style elbow onto the collection of bean bags on the floor as Brittany laughed from across the room.

"Stop it crazy, you're gonna get hurt," Brittany said as Joanna rolled over and started punching the bean bags and providing her own play by play and commentary.

"What the hell is she doing to Good ole JR?" Joanna asked as the color commentator and then switching to a different voice, an Oklahoma accent she said, "She's beating the living hell out of his worthless pathetic old ass."

"God knock it off," Brittany said as Joanna jumped up and charged her. Brittany screaming as she felt herself being picked up across Joanna's shoulder as she squealed in laughter. "Put me down, I'm not Mickie James."

"No you're Trish Stratus, I'm Mickie James," Joanna as she ran into the bedroom and dumped Brittany on the bed and gave her an evil grin. "And she delivers a devastating Stratusfaction to the hot blond."

"OWWWWWW," Brittany said in a fake cry of pain as she kicked her feet. "I think she's down for the count. Cover that girl!"

"MMMMM gladly," Joanna said as she crawled onto the bed and got between Brittany's thighs and leaned down laying her body on Brittany's as they started to kiss. "You happy?"

"Delirious," Brittany said as she held her arms out and said, "Look at this place, it's huge and it's clean and so close to school and I'm with you."

"Yeh, we gotta find a way to thank Rae and Eli," Joanna said. "Maybe an orgy?"

"I wouldn't mind getting a little of Eli and you can have that hot little bitch RaeAnn," Brittany said as Joanna smiled. "It'll never happen but a nice fantasy huh?"

"Yeh kinda, be better if it was just me you and RaeAnn," Joanna said. "Not to much on seeing you with a guy."

"I didn't know that," Brittany said. "Seriously?"

"Yeh," Joanna said. "Another girl would be ok, maybe once, but not all the time."

"I just realized that we don't know each other all that well," Brittany said. "Something we're gonna have to make a point to change."

"Well you know my history, my worthless parasite parents, me and Jessie, me and that trouble making skank Rose, and of course me and you," Joanna said. "Not really that much more to tell."

"Yeh I guess so," Brittany said with a smile. "Well just so you know, you were the first girl I was ever with or even looked at. And you're the only one who's ever counted for anything. And you can add my worthless parents to yours, cause they only wanna control me. Stop me from being with you and that's all I ever wanted to do since I met you."

"How about the story of that Cadillac?" Joanna asked.

"Ok, if you wanna hear it," Brittany said nervously as Joanna nodded her head and encouraged her girlfriend to go on, "Harrison Wheeler the third, he's filthy rich, oil money and not bad looking for being in his late 50s. He hired me to do private strip shows for him and let me live in his house for a few weeks. Utah was were I ended up when I ran and made the biggest mistake of my life and left you. Anyway, I got to like the guy and he offered me that Cadillac for one night and I agreed. He didn't rape me1 Jo, I did it cause I wanted the car and it was kinda fun."

"He stick it up your ass like Sarah did?" Joanna asked with a smirk as Brittany laughed.

"Yeh he did," Brittany said. "So good too. Don't need a condom back there."

"I don't know that I wanted to hear that," Joanna said as Brittany giggled.

"But it was, wanna know how I made him cum?" Brittany asked as she kissed Joanna's neck and felt her girlfriend moan and say softly, "He came in your butt no doubt."

"Nope," Brittany said as she looked Joanna straight in the eye. "I asked him to pull out and I sucked his cum out for him."

"Damn Britt," Joanna said as her interest level rose now. "What did it taste like?"

"Candy," Brittany said. "Trust me, once you get in the moment it's a huge turn-on."

"Could be at that," Joanna said. "I see why he gave you that car."

"He was in love with me," Brittany said. "He was. He said so and when I left he cried."

"WOW!" Joanna said. "You broke his heart?"

"Probably, but I was coming home to you," Brittany said. "I didn't care. Now I do wish it could have been different. But he said to take the car and not look back if I felt different and I did."

"I'm glad you wanna be with me," Joanna said. "I'll do my best to satisfy you."

"HMMMMMMMM," Brittany said. "You will huh?"

"Yeh, I mean I know I'm not the greatest lover in the world but I won't stop trying till I get it right," Joanna said. "Which is why I bought, hold on you'll wanna see this."

"See what?" Brittany asked as Joanna slipped off her and the bed and opened the closet and pulled out a black plastic bag with the words 'Hustler Hollywood' emblazoned on it. Reaching inside she pulled out what looked like a laptop case and laid it on the bed. "What is it?"

"Open it, it's for you," Joanna said as a huge smile crossed Britt's face and she opened it. "You like?"

"Ohmigod yessss," Brittany said as she pulled the strap-on out of it's carrying case. "Deluxe model huh?"

"180 bucks or so, I wanted the best," Joanna said as Brittany put her hand on Joanna's stomach and handed her the harness.

"You're gonna use that on me, and right now," Brittany said.

"Britt, I was thinking you would use it," Joanna said as Brittany shook her head.

"Nope, you are," Brittany said. "Let's go, I don't want any argument."  

"But..." Joanna said as Brittany slipped off the bed and quickly peeled her shirt off and tossed it aside as Joanna's eyes opened in surprise at her girlfriends tanned body. Dark rich tan and perfect firm tits that just begged for attention.

"Let's go you bought it, now get naked," Brittany said as she skinned her shorts and panties off in record time and tossed them aside as Joanna watched. Getting frustrated at Joanna's non-action, she took the harness and laid it on the bed and lifted Joanna's shirt until her girlfriend lifted her arms to let it slide over her head and off her body. Then dropping to her knees she pulled down Joanna's pj's and panties and held her steady as she stepped out of them. "Now put it on, I'm not asking."

"Damn ok, ok," Joanna said with a smile as she took the harness and looked at in confusion as Brittany groaned.

"It's not brain surgery, my love," Brittany said as she hopped back on to the bed and took the harness and helped Joanna slip into it. Adjusting the straps around Joanna's thighs and waist and then smiling up at her girlfriend as Joanna took hold of her newly attached cock for the first time.

"Damn this works your clit too," Joanna said as she stroked the cock up and down the shaft. "MMMMMMMMMM so am I bigger than the Cadillac man?"

"Yeh, you are," Brittany said as she took the lotion out of the carrying case and took hold of the cock and smeared it all over with the oil as Joanna moaned and seemed to almost feel it. "But you're gonna get something he didn't, well without a condom."

"Lucky me," Joanna said as she kissed Brittany softly. "Can I go where he did too?"

"You want my butt?" Brittany asked as she rubbed Joanna's cheek softly. "Huh?"

"Yeh I do, can I?" Joanna asked.

"You sure can," Brittany said as she returned Joanna's kiss. Guiding Joanna's newly attached cock to her pussy and tensing a bit as the head began to slip inside just a little at a time.

"That good?" Joanna asked as she slid it in a bit and started slowly moving it in and out. Awkwardly at first Brittany noted. Stroking carefully a few more times in and out as Brittany moved her hands to Joanna's slowly flexing abs and looked up at her and kissing the girls chin as she looked into her eyes and moaned for her with each stroke.

"Just go for it you won't hurt me," Brittany said as Joanna sunk all the way inside for the first time. Joanna moaning herself as she watched her girlfriend's smile turn to a mask of pleasure as she moaned. Taking a couple of quick short strokes in and out and watching Britt moan as she got filled. Realizing then what an incredible turn-on this was, Joanna momentarily let her hormones take over as she began thrusting in and out fast and brought a loud squeal out of Brittany's mouth. Pulling back again, suddenly the pleasure stopped as Joanna felt the cock slip out of Britt. "What happened?"

"Fuck, it slipped out," Joanna said as Brittany immediately took hold of the cock and guided it back into her pussy as she moaned again and put one hand on Joanna's rippling abs and the other on her shoulder. Joanna once again beginning to stroke it slowly in and out and Brittany began to respond as she moaned. "OH damn there it is Britt."

"Ohhhhh yeh Jo, that's good baby," Brittany moaned as Joanna slid all the way in again and made her pussy spasm as she moaned out loud. Brittany laying her head against Joanna's shoulder as the pleasure increased with each stroke of the cock deep inside of her. Her pussy spasming around the cock more with each stroke it seemed. But once again the pleasure came to a frustrating stop as Joanna pulled out to far and slipped out of Brittany's pussy.

"Fuck!" Joanna said in frustration. "You know this stupid thing isn't easy to work."

"Baby, you had me going so good," Brittany said with a coy smile. "Try it one more time and go slow. Don't worry about pulling all the way out."

"Only for you my girl," Joanna said as she kissed Brittany softly as she again slid in and started slowly moving in and out as Brittany clutched at her shoulder and watched every movement, slipping her hand around to Joanna's bare back and guiding her in and out almost. Joanna focusing on the short strokes as she went faster and faster now only pulling out a little and starting to smack her thighs off of Brittany's. "MMMMMMM good baby?"

"OH god, so good, keep going, I love being filled," Brittany moaned as she moved the hand on Joanna's shoulder to her stomach and guided her to take long strokes now and moaned louder when Joanna did just that and started pulling out about half way and then ramming it back in. "MMMMMMMMMM oh yeah just like that, harder, harder."

"MMMMMMMM it's working my clit too baby," Joanna said as she fucked it harder and harder as Brittany moaned and felt her pussy about to spasm out of control as she held Joanna to the rhythm she wanted and encouraged to do it harder.

"Come on cum for me Joanna Marie, I wanna feel you cum deep in my pussy my baby," Brittany moaned as she kissed Joanna's lips and loosened her grip on Joanna's waist and let her girlfriend control the pace now as she drew closer to an orgasm. Joanna's tongue finding Brittany's as they massaged them together for a long moment. Squealing into Joanna's mouth as the shots came harder and the strokes longer, Joanna's thighs smacking loudly at Brittany's as the room filled with grunts and passion as both began cumming as one. A few long moments of orgasmic bliss followed, Joanna slowing as she settled down and brought Brittany down softly. "Oh my god, wow Joanna Marie, see I told you."

"MMMMMMM that was insane," Joanna moaned as she pulled out and kissed Brittany slowly. "Was it ok?"

"Once you found your rhythm it was amazing," Brittany said as she unstrapped the harness and as Joanna slipped out of it, she laid it back in the case. "Thank you."

"No you don't thank me," Joanna said. "You don't have to."

"But damn I want too," Brittany said. "Whoever thought you could turn on me this much. No guy has ever got me even close to being this hot."

"Oh yeah I'm sure."

"I'm being serious," Brittany said as she rose and slipped into Joanna's arms, hers going around Joanna's neck as they kissed. "It just feels sooo good with you."

"Better than Sarah?" Joanna asked with a wry smile.

"She could never satisfy me the way you do," Brittany said. "Speaking of Sarah what about my foursome idea?"

"You just want Sarah in your butt again," Joanna said as Brittany giggled.

"You'd be surprised if I told you the real reason," Brittany said. "And it's not Sarah."


"MMMMMMMMMM god yessss," Brittany said. "That girl loved my pussy sooo good."

"And it's even better with Sarah giving it to your butt huh?"

"Beyond anything I have ever felt," Brittany said. "You wanted to do butt fucking, maybe Grace will let you have hers."

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck I'd love that, but I doubt that, Sarah may not hate me anymore but she'd never let me do that," Joanna said.

"Now you don't know that," Brittany said. "Sarah has always been a very forgiving person."

"Couldn't hurt to ask," Joanna said and groaned as a knocking came at the door. "I'll get that you get some clothes on."

Brittany stayed in the bedroom and hoped it was Grace and Sarah as she had invited them down the previous night. Unknown to Joanna of course. Joanna opened the door and her bottom lip dropped open as she looked in shock at the pair standing just outside of the door with a pair of nervous smiles.

"Grace, Sarah?" Joanna asked as Brittany jumped off the bed and listened at the door. Now wondering whether the second part of her plan was really all that smart or if she had the courage to actually do it.

"Hey," Sarah said nervously and wondering seriously if her and Grace could really go through with what Brittany had suggested the previous night.

"Come in?" Joanna asked as Brittany peaked out a crack in the door. Thinking for a moment as she saw the pair who had given her so much pleasure not too long ago and wondering what would happen if she simply walked out of the bedroom naked and invited them into a threesome or a foursome.

"Hey you guys got a nice place," Grace commented as Joanna closed the door behind her.

"Yeh it's ok," Joanna said nervously. "A lot better than Chicago, thick walls and no nosey neighbors... that we know of."

"Thick walls eh?" Sarah asked as Joanna smiled confidently.

"Yeh and everything that entails," Joanna said with a horny smile that was not lost on either Grace or Sarah. "BRIT!"

"Brittany's in the bedroom, hold on I'll get her," Joanna said as she walked towards the bedroom. Joanna's eyes almost popping out of her head as Brittany did the unthinkable and pushed the door open and posed for the three girls now in the living room. Grace and Sarah looking stunned to silence as Brittany smiled proudly at their reaction. "Holy fuck Brit... what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna get laid, again, and you Joanna Marie are gonna watch," Brittany said as she pulled Joanna to her and kissed her lips roughly. "I invited Sarah and Grace down. What do you say?"

"Have you lost your pretty mind?" Joanna asked as Brittany grinned devilishly. Grace and Sarah both wondering if Brittany's tan had actually gotten darker as the horny blond turned to them and smiled with hands on hips now. Never expecting this even if they knew some of what was planned.

"So here's my plan..." Brittany said as she swayed over to the pair standing just inside the front door, "...the long awaited sequel to chapter 60 that featured me and Grace in a sixty nine and you my horny little Sarah with your magic wand doing an unbelievably job of butt fucking us both."

"She's gotten better at it since then," Grace commented as Brittany grinned and stroked a single finger down Grace's chin and to between her as yet covered breasts. "But now you have a girlfriend."

"I want her to watch," Brittany said as she looked back to Joanna and could feel Sarah's eyes on her tanned ass. "What do you say baby?"

"My brain stopped working about thirty seconds ago," Joanna said as Brittany bounced across the room and kissed her girlfriend. "You really wanna do this?"

"YESSSSSS!" Brittany growled. "You watch?"

"If you can convince Grace and Sarah, then ok," Joanna said and feeling assured that Brit could never do that. Brittany bouncing back over to Grace and Sarah and stopping in front of her old friend.

"What do you think of my brilliant plan Sarah?" Brittany asked as Grace smiled, her mind still numb as was Sarah's. Joanna taking a seat in the chair across the room as she watched the unthinkable begin to unfold. Sarah grinned as she gently touched Brittany's arm and had her turn partially so she could see the girls ass. Looking to Grace for approval for a moment.

"You touch that I get to touch something else," Grace said defiantly as Sarah grinned and slid her hand across the heavenly smoothness that was the skin of Brittany's tanned ass cheeks. Grace moving in front of the naked girl with her mind still reeling from the events already taken place. The two kissing softly as Sarah moved in behind Brittany and cupped her hands around Britt's ass cheeks and squeezed them over and over again. Joanna's hormones over coming any objections she might have had in that moment. Grace and Brittany's tongues touching softly for a long moment before they parted. Grace looking to her girlfriend, "MMMMMMMMM is that what you want, my baby?"

"MMMMMMMM it sure feels like she does," Brittany moaned as she too smiled at Sarah. "She loved butt fucking my little ass the first time huh?"

"MMMMMMM she sure did," Sarah said as the other two giggled. "But... I don't exactly carry my strap-on in the Mustang."

"Joanna's got a present for you," Brittany said as she quickly grabbed Grace's hand and dragged her off into the bedroom, leaving Sarah and Joanna alone for the moment.

"Is she on drugs?" Sarah asked as Joanna laughed and walked over to beside Sarah.

"No we just got done fucking and she's still horny," Joanna said as Sarah blushed. "That and she's insanely horny for your girlfriend."

"Can't blame her there," Sarah said. "So you ok with this or what? Seriously."

"If you do it I get watch the whole time," Joanna said firmly.

"I've never done that before," Sarah said.

"First time for everything,"

"True," Sarah said as they shared a lust filled smile.

Meanwhile in the bedroom...

"This is freaking awesome," Grace said as she looked at the strap-on case filled with items that would make her shake in pleasure, a naked Brittany circling around behind her and wrapping the girl in her arms and kissing her neck. "AWWWWWWW, Brit, whoa hold up. Please?"

"Why? We all know what we're doing," Brittany said as she slid her hands under Grace's t-shirt and stroked her stomach. "I know you want me... I'm insanely horny for you."

"Me? And what about my girlfriend and yours?"

"I love Joanna, think Sarah's amazing but you Grace Manning gave me the best cum of my life last time," Brittany said as Grace turned and let Brittany kiss her. A long slow kiss that involved Brittany's slow removal of Grace's shirt and both giving into the hormones of the moment. Grace's shirt falling to the floor as Joanna and Sarah came to the door of the bedroom and watched in surprise.

"AHEM," Sarah said as she watched with a wicked grin. Brittany and Grace looking up and blushing deeply as they saw her. Joanna slipping into the room and sitting down in the oversized chair in the corner. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Bite me," Grace said to her girlfriend.

"MMMMMMM I will," Brittany said as she slipped onto the bed and bit playfully at Grace's neck as she unsnapped Grace's bra and laughed when the girl jumped away and grabbed it before it could fall to the floor. "What's wrong baby?"

"This is crazy," Grace commented as she backed into her girlfriend and looked back.

"MMMMMMM it sure is," Sarah said as she gently pulled away Grace's bra and tossed it to Joanna. Who caught it with a huge grin. "What's that on the bed."

"My present," Joanna said as Sarah smiled at her and moved over to look at the very expensive looking case on the bed. "New strap-on."

"WOW!" Sarah said as she looked closer at the set and Grace crawled onto the bed and without another moment's pause kissed Brittany's lips as she two started making out and fell back onto the bed in the missionary position. Joanna joining Sarah for the moment as both watched with almost evil grins on their faces. "8 inches?"

"And ribbed," Joanna said as she pulled the strap-on out and inserted one of the dildos. The one she chose Sarah noticed was one that had little ridges lifting off the cock's shaft. "Bet that will be produce some pleasure."

"MMMMMMM come on, baby, get out of those pants," Brittany said in a moan as she helped Grace out of her jeans and panties now.

"Mine?" Sarah asked as Joanna smiled and nodded. Being surprised when Sarah kissed her.

"MMMMMMMM maybe I should join in?"

"Let me demo this thing for you and then if you want..." Sarah said as Joanna grinned. Joanna stroking her hands up Sarah's thighs and unbuttoning the girls jeans just as Grace's got tossed to the floor, leaving her naked along with Brittany. A few more moments of kissing and hands stroking bare skin and the two were almost frantic with hormones. Brittany laying down lengthwise on the bed and saying as Grace eagerly got above her head, "MMMMMM come here baby I want that sweet pussy so bad."

"MMMMMMMM that feels so good, baby," Grace moaned with Brittany's first lick of her smooth pussy as she settled into a 69 on top of the hot blond. Sarah's clothes now by Grace's as Joanna helped her slip into the strap-on. Tightening the straps on either side of Sarah's thighs and then stroking her hands over the girls flat tanned stomach and grinning at her. Grace's moaning growing louder as Sarah took hold on her cock and stroked it a few times fast up and down. Joanna reaching for the oil that was also contained within the case and squirting some on Sarah's cock and letting Sarah smear it up and down the shaft. "AWWWWWWWWW ohmigod MMMMMMMM."

"You ready to show me what you can do with this magic wand?" Joanna asked as she rose and met Sarah, slipping her shirt up and off and her shorts down in record time as she grinned.

"MMMMMMM yes I am, I'm gonna butt fuck my girlfriend and then yours," Sarah said as Joanna kissed her for a long moment and crawled up the bed and laid down beside of Grace and Brittany as they had now stopped to watch. Sarah thinking she'd love to do Joanna the way she was about to do the other two in a moment. Sarah crawling onto the bed next and getting in behind her girlfriend and on her knees as Grace smiled back at her.

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah I've waited so long to butt fuck both of you again," Sarah moaned as she squeezed her hand into Grace's ass cheeks repeatedly and held her cock steady with the other as she lined it up with Grace's asshole. Joanna laying down on her stomach and watching intently as Sarah slid her cock head into Grace's asshole as both moaned intensely. "MMMMMMMM that'll make my babies asshole feel so good."

"MMMMMMMMM Ohmigod you just don't know, my baby," Grace moaned as Brittany went back to licking her smooth slit from below. "MMMMMMM you're gonna make me feel so good."

"OH WOW you're really butt fucking her," Joanna said in amazement as Sarah's cock slid farther into Grace's asshole with slow and steady strokes. The small ridges on the cock now working Grace's asshole ring and sending an extra volt of pleasure to her clit that was now being licked by Brittany with such a loving gentle touch. "That looks so good."

"MMMMMMMM feels sooo doing it too," Sarah moaned as she placed one hand down by her side so Joanna could watch and the other in the middle of Grace's bare back. Going faster and faster as the moans of pleasure filled the room and Joanna's hand quickly slid to her own pussy as she started to masturbate as the action heated up. Grace's thighs quivering as Brittany's tongue began licking her clit more roughly over and over and Sarah's cock for the first time ever slid deeper than Grace was used too. But Sarah this time was still pumping deeper as her new strap-on was bigger than her old one. A few strokes later Sarah did indeed slide all the way inside as Grace's body shook with the mind blowing pleasure. "MMMMMMMM how's that feel, baby? It's so big inside huh?"

"MMMMMMM ohmigod, ohmigod yesssss," Grace moaned as Sarah pulled all the way out and caught her cock on Grace's asshole ring before she plunged back in and heard her girlfriend squeal and felt her body shake. Sarah's thighs starting now to slap at her girlfriends ass cheeks as she went faster. Brittany licking up and down Grace's pussy lovingly as she now held the girl still on top of her. Sarah's pussy spasming as she moaned and moved one hand to her own ass cheek, moaning to Grace, "MMMMMMM it feels too good to butt fuck you this way my baby, I'm not gonna last much longer."

"MMMMMMMM I know baby you're working so hard huh?" Grace asked as Sarah's thighs slapped at her ass cheeks again and again in a steady pounding rhythm.

"MMMMMMMMM I sure am," Sarah moaned as she pumped home in Grace's backdoor a few last times as sweat began to cover her nude body. Grace squealing as she looked down and watched Brittany began to again suck her clit. Grace's entire body tensing as she then began to shake with her orgasm storming her body in the most wonderful sensations she had felt since the first sandwich with Sarah and Brittany. Sarah's body began to shake as well as she slumped forward a bit and with both hands now in the middle of Grace's back she pounded home a time or two more. "MMMMMMM oh yeah another sweet butt fucking."

"MMMMMM fuck I cum so good watching that," Joanna moaned as she now lay on her back smiling up at the other three. Sarah moaning again as she pulled out of Grace's asshole slowly. Grace rolling off of Brittany as both got on their knees in front of Sarah. Both now stroking their hands up and down her smooth sweaty chest as they took turns kissing her softly for long moments. Brittany asked, "Was it really another sweet butt fucking Sarah?"

"MMMMMMM yes it was!"

"Better with me on top of Brittany huh my baby?" Grace asked.

"MMMMMMM so much better," Sarah commented. Brittany kissing Sarah once more as Grace turned her back to the two and laid down, her head now coming to rest at Sarah's knees. Reaching for Brittany eagerly and guiding the girl above her head as Brittany grinned and slid forward with both Sarah and Grace now stroking her tanned smooth body on both sides. Grace smiling as she started licking the smooth slit now on her tongue as Brittany began to moan above her in pleasure and settled in on top of Grace. "MMMMMMMM ohmigod, Britt, I'm gonna love butt fucking you again baby."

"MMMMMMM oh yeah I know, baby," Brittany moaned as Sarah slid her cock into the girls asshole slowly and started pumping in and out. Sarah's hands now resting in the middle of Brittany's back as she drove the cock deeper and both girls moaned. Joanna rubbed her pussy slowly and watched the sweat slowly rolling off of Sarah's body as she slid all the way inside of Brittany's asshole now and stopped as Britt moaned intensely. Grace licking softly but surely over Brittany's clit and making the girls thighs quiver more with each pass it seemed. "MMMMMMMM so big up my butt, Sarah."

"MMMMMMMMMM it feels so good too," Sarah moaned as she took hold of Brittany's shoulders and slid out and letting her cock head catch on the girls asshole ring before she plunged back inside. Brittany squealing as her body shook gently from the pleasure as Sarah's thighs began to smack away at her ass cheeks now. Sarah moaning louder as Grace held Brittany in place and licked the girls clit more roughly with every pass. Brittany grunting as she slid her hands under Grace's thighs and squeezed her fingers into the smooth skin. "MMMMMMMMMM wow, Britt, I was so right!"

"MMMMMMM ohmigod so deep, what about, baby?" Brittany asked as her thighs quivered and both her and Sarah's pussy spasmed hard as the butt fucking came with a hard pounding rhythm. Grace now sucking Brittany's exposed clit with her soft warm lips and causing the girl to jerk in pleasure every time. Sarah moaned to Brittany, "MMMMMMM I do love butt fucking you, Britt. MMMMMMM I knew I would."

"MMMMMMMMM oh god, baby, you sure do," Brittany moaned as she watched Sarah's every stroke now. Sarah dropping an arm to her side as Joanna joined her and got a close-up view. Sarah's hand moving to her own flexing ass cheek and her stomach tensing as she slapped her thighs at Brittany's ass cheeks and moaned louder. "MMMMMMMM fuck I'm gonna cum in Grace's mouth again."

"MMMMMMMMM yes you are and I'm gonna butt fuck you till you do," Sarah moaned as her and Brittany both began cumming at almost the same moment. Joanna joining the other two in orgasm a moment later. Moans of pleasure filling the air as all three settled down after a few orgasmic moments of bliss. Grace sucking softly at Brittany's pussy to get all of the honey cum out of the pot. "MMMMMMMM oh yeah another sweet butt fucking."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, upstairs, the next morning...

"Yeh?" Stephanie asked in a yawn as she heard a light knocking at her door and clicked on the lamp. "Come in already."

"Can we talk?" Zoe asked as she poked her head in the door and saw Stephanie still in bed.

"Yeh I'm naked under here you wanna join me?" Stephanie asked with a challenging smile.

"Oh god," Zoe said as Stephanie laughed and wrapped the sheet around her as she sat up.

"It's ok, close the door, you can't see anything," Stephanie said as Zoe thought seriously about leaving. "Close the door and come on in. What's on your mind?"

"Googling yahoo," Zoe said as Stephanie laughed and turned towards her as Zoe took a seat on the bed.

"Seriously though,"

"You're the only person I can ask without it truly being a nightmare," Zoe said. "So can you just not make fun of me?"

"Never," Stephanie said as she touched Zoe's hand, "I want you to come to me if you need to. Just ask straight out."

"Me and Amanda had this conversation a few days ago, we're forever joking about... googling yahoo?"

"Yeh I've seen that, it's cute," Stephanie commented with a smile. "So what about this convo?"

"She said something... that got me curious," Zoe said. "Ummmm... like having no hair in a certain place."

"You mean here?" Stephanie asked as she moved her hand to between her legs as Zoe watched.

"Yeh," Zoe said as she looked away. "Does it change anything? Or is it just ok to leave it the way it is?"

"It does change things, but if you like it natural leave it that way," Stephanie said. "See I told you, we can talk."

"Yeh," Zoe said with a smile as she relaxed. "But how does it change it?"

"Makes it more sensitive to the touch," Stephanie said. "Thinking about it?"

"Yeh I just don't wanna be a freak," Zoe said.

"You're not, but you will be in the minority," Stephanie said. "It's something girls do now."

"Yeh I kinda get that after what I saw at Amanda's a few weeks ago," Zoe said.

"You saw Mandy's?"

"No, actually it was someone else," Zoe said, "see Amanda and I were hanging out and Shady caught her sister Sam and this girl... Googling Yahoo?"

"Oh damn," Stephanie said. "Go on, you got me interested."

"Anyway, when Sam came out, the girl she was with, Jennifer's her name," Zoe said. "Let's just say Jennifer left little to the imagination. And she had it... you know."

"She had a smoothie?" Stephanie asked with a smile.

"Yeh she did and it looked like she'd never had hair," Zoe said. "Too much info?"

"No, that just means she's really good at it," Stephanie said.

"And see the thing is she's my age like a couple of months younger," Zoe said. "Soooo..."

"So now you think you're missing something?"

"I don't know," Zoe said. "Am I? Should I do it too?"

"That's a personal decision," Stephanie said. "I like it, but you might not."

"Well I don't mind not having hair down there, but then I'd look like a little girl again," Zoe said. "I sorta waited a long time for that."

"I did too," Stephanie said as Zoe smiled, "But I soon realized what a pain the ass it is to manage, bikinis, and tangling in your panties. Holy hell I hated that. So I made the decision to go bare."

"Yeh I hate wearing bikinis," Zoe said.

"I don't know why," Stephanie said. "It's true."

"Yeh ok," Zoe said as Stephanie got frustrated.

"Why is it so hard to believe someone thinks you're hot?" Stephanie said as Zoe looked at her, "Get this through your thick head, if we were both single I'd ask you out."


"You," Stephanie said with a playful smile. "It's the god's honest truth."

"UMMMMMMMMMM," Zoe said as she bit her lip and blushed. "I wouldn't turn you down."

"Would you put out?" Stephanie asked in an attempt to get Zoe to blush, but saw a devilish look in Zoe's eye as she replied, "I'd make you forget Jessie I'd Google your Yahoo so good. Maybe an advanced search?"

"Ohhhh baby," Stephanie said as both laughed. "So you'd taebo my brains out?"

"MMMMMM you know it," Zoe said with a confident smile.

"Sooo, what are you gonna do?" Stephanie asked and for a moment Zoe thought she was inviting her to do something now, but realized she must mean about the question Zoe had asked about when coming in.

"Think about it for a while," Zoe said, "Does it change the sensations.... and I can't believe I just asked that."

"You mean when you're.... blogging?" Stephanie asked as Zoe blushed and fell back on the bed laughing.

"Yeh I blog, everyone does, I know," Zoe said as Stephanie laid forward onto her stomach with the sheet still around her, neither noticing it fall away to expose one side of Steph's tanned butt cheeks.

"Yes they do and before you ask, yes I do," Stephanie said.

"So does it help to have a smoothie?"

"Oh yeah, you'll be shocked the first time you try it," Stephanie said as Zoe sat up and caught a glimpse of Steph's naked butt cheek. Her eyes opening a bit in surprise before she managed to jerk her head away. Stephanie following Zoe's eyes and laughing when she noticed her butt showing. "You get an eye full Zoe?"

"You weren't kidding about that naked thing huh?" Zoe asked as she stood and turned her back as she blushed. Stephanie rolling on to her back and laughing harder.

"No I wasn't," Stephanie said. "And there's no reason to get all shy now, it wasn't like you ask me to look, it was just something that happened."

"Yeh," Zoe said. "Thanks for the advice, I'm gonna go before you show me anything else."

"Yeh cause then we'd both be in trouble huh?" Stephanie asked in an attempt to get a rise out of her.

"We sure would," Zoe said with a smile. "Now put some clothes on."

"How about you take some off?" Stephanie asked as she laughed and this time succeeded in making Zoe cover her face with her hands and blush.

"GRRRRRRR," Zoe said in a growl and wanting to get Stephanie back somehow decided to throw caution to the wind and go for shock value. Moving to the bed and sitting back down she leaned close and said in a sultry voice, "Lick my soon to be bald pussy."

"Oh damn I like you," Stephanie said with a flirty smile as Zoe blushed and both started laughing.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The Palace, front porch, Morning

"Can your girlfriend join you?" Shady asked with a smile as she stood behind Katie, who was sitting on the second step seemingly lost in thought.

"Yeh always," Katie said scooting forward on the step and offering Shady the space behind her. Shady smiled as she sat down on the same step with Katie, sitting directly behind her, and wrapped her arms around her protectively. "Hi, girlfriend."

"Hi, girlfriend," Shady said with an adoring smile and feeling her heart race as Katie kissed her softly and touched her cheek gently and returned that same adoring smile. "What's up?"

"You didn't come back to bed and I got worried," Shady said. "I was going to get breakfast and saw you out here. Looking worried."

"Thinking about my family," Katie said, "Thank you for worrying about me."

"Are you sure you love me?" Shady asked with a smile. "I mean like completely positive?"

"Yes, positive, what kinda question is that?" Katie asked.

"I'm just so in love with you, I don't know if I'd wanna go on without you," Shady said as Katie relaxed into her arms and looking directly at her said, "Good thing you won't have to find out. Cause I adore you Shay, you're the most important person in this world to me."

"You're the girl I wanted from the first moment I saw you, Katie Singer," Shady said with a smile, "Just so damn hot too."

"Take me upstairs and show me how much?" Katie asked.

"I thought you wanted to wait for Vegas?"

"I don't need a plane ride and an over priced hotel room to get me in the mood," Katie said, "I've been waiting for you to ask."

"Oh yeh?" Shady asked.

"OHHHHHHHH yeah," Katie said in a quiet moan. "Wanna find out how good I kiss..."

"MMMMMMM," Shady said as Katie kissed her softly and then said, "...down there?"

"Kiss down..." Shady asked in confusion for a moment until her brain came online and it all fit together. "...oh fuck."

"You'll say a lot more than that," Katie said as she licked a circle on Shady's cheek and kissed it softly. "So many things I'm good at."

"What are you doing?" Shady asked as Katie slipped her lips lower and repeated what she had just done as Shady squirmed. "Katie, damn girl, you're getting me..."

"No one ever done you that way before?" Katie asked.

"No, not even close," Shady said. "And I didn't think you knew how."

"I've never had a chance to try it with someone," Katie said, "I always get over excited and just go crazy."

"We'll take it slow then, cause that feels really good," Shady said with a smile. "If you want... I'm not against starting now, and just... skipping school."

"We got an hour..." Katie said before Shady kissed her cheek and whispered, "I'm gonna need a few hours with you. That sound good?"

"Yeh it sounds really good," Katie said as she saw Shady's eyes go red with fire and wondered what had happened. "What's wrong? Did I do something?"

"No, no of course not," Shady said as she pointed to the street. "She's got guts strolling in here."

"Mom?" Katie asked as Kimberly nervously walked up the walk and smiled as she saw Katie already sitting on the porch.

"I'm not leavin so don't ask me to," Shady said softly. "She's not startin her shit and getting you upset."

"OK, I don't want you to," Katie said.

"I don't remember inviting you onto my property," Shady said with a cold stare as Kimberly stopped in front of them.

"I'm here to see my daughter not you and I don't wanna..."

"I don't give a fuck why you are here," Shady snapped. "You and your worthless pussy of a son are the reason Katie has to live with me. So thank you for that."

"Can we at least be civil?" Kimberly asked as Katie looked back at Shady and asked, "Let me handle this please? You're already upset. I got this."

"What do you want Mom?" Katie asked. "I am not coming home."

"I'm not asking you too, I left your father," Kimberly said as both Shady and Katie's lips dropped open in shock.

"For good?" Shady asked and covered her mouth as Katie giggled at her reaction.

"Yeh I'm tired of his crap and sick of fighting with him to see anyone but Kyle's side," Kimberly said.

"How is old dad, like I care," Katie said.

"Bitter and angry," Kimberly said. "Kyle just got out of the hospital."

"Serves him right," Katie said coldly.

"Katie Singer that is your brother, he could have died from the effects of what that girl did to him," Kimberly said as Shady got ready to get up when Katie grabbed her pajama bottoms and held her in place.

"He's not my brother, not anymore or ever again..." Katie said before Shady cut her off.

"He deserved it you bitch... no Katie I'm gonna say this... you and that parasite of a husband of yours let him run over Katie her whole life and you're just mad cause someone finally gave him the ass kickin he deserved," Shady said as Katie smiled, "Funny how you're mad at me, when the one who beat the hell out of big bad Kyle was a 17 year old... girl. Pathetic loser."

"Katie ask her to leave," Kimberly said in a demanding voice as Katie laughed.

"This is her house Mom, her dad's property, you're demands are fallin on deaf ears," Katie said. "You started it."

"I knew this was a mistake, Graig was right there is no reasoning with you when you are under this girl's spell," Kimberly said.

"Bitch, you got one more comment before I do you like I did Kyle," Shady said as she glared at her. "Katie Singer, is not under anyone's control and she is here by choice, if she wanted to leave, it would kill me inside but I'd let her go anytime and no I wouldn't chase after her or threaten her like that FUCKIN PUSSY KYLE WOULD! I love her with all my heart and I'll be damned if you or your pathetic husband or worthless son will ever hurt her again as long as she lets me protect her. You try it and I swear on the bible, you won't be able to hide anywhere on this fuckin planet to keep me from getting to you. Yeh, you better be scared to death, cause every word I said is the truth. Katie is the most important thing in my life..."

"Calm down..." Katie said as a gentle caress of Shady's cheek. Kimberly watching in amazement as Katie calmed the fire in Shady's eyes with just a simple touch and soft words. "...I know how you feel."

"No one will ever hurt you," Shady said as she hugged her tighter and said into her ear in a whisper, "I love you so much."

"Duh Shay," Katie said as Shady laughed. "Ya talk to much."

"I can see how you really feel now," Kimberly said and drew the attention back to her. "She would never hurt you would she?"

"Nope," Katie said. "And believe me you know me Mom, I got a temper too."

"Don't I know it," Kimberly said as nervous laughter filled the air.

"She does too," Katie said as Shady blushed. "And yeh we scream at each other, sometimes a lot, but she's never hit me or even raised her hand to me. Me either."

"I can see now how much damage I've caused by not standing up to your father years ago," She said. "It's torn my family apart."

"I never wanted to hurt anyone," Shady said, "I just wanted to love Katie. I'm sorry for everything that happened."

"It's not your fault," Katie said softly as she looked up. "Kyle started this by lying on you. None of it was true, and all you did was come to my defense."

"Alert the Georgia media..." Shady said as Katie smiled and finished the sentence, "...tell them the cavalry is on it's way."

"Huh?" Kimberly asked as Shady and Katie laughed.

"It's a famous line in a movie," Shady said. "We watched it a few hundred times. Sit down?"

"Thank you," Kimberly said with a smile and taking a seat on the other side of the step. "Are you happy here?"

"Yeh, and I'm still in school and gonna graduate," Katie said.

"Well I can't afford to send you to college anymore," Kimberly said with a worried look in her eyes, "Your father spent every penny of it trying to keep Kyle in the best hospital."

"She doesn't have to worry about that," Shady said. "She's with me now, anything she wants she can have. And she will go to college if she wants."

"I will?" Katie asked with a bright smile.

"Yeh, any college you want," Shady said, "Dad already said so."

"I can't ask your father to do that..."

"No one asked you to," Shady said as she cut Kimberly off. "He loves Katie cause she makes me happy. That's all that matters to him. Katie will never have to worry about money, ever."

"How are you living now?" Katie asked her mom.

"Job as a waitress," Kimberly said with a relieved smile. "It barely pays the bills but I can afford a small room above the diner and I'm making it on my own for the first time."

"You know, I can talk to my dad and maybe you could stay here with Katie for a few weeks and he could..."

"Nooo..." Kimberly said as she touched Shady's hand, "I'm gonna make it on my own without anyone's assistance. Thank you though."

"The offer stands," Shady said as Katie kissed her cheek.

"I love you too," Katie said to her girlfriend, "Thank you for trying."

"How's Kevin?"

"New job with Shay's dad," Katie said. "He's gone working for Donald now, but he loves being someone important."

"Someone important?"

"He's my dad's personal assistant and Dad said he's never met anyone he trusted so soon like Kevin," Shady said. "He treats Kevin like a son and he already acts like a big brother to all of us. You have no idea how many fights he's broke up or kept from starting. This place needed some sanity."

"Maybe he'll meet a nice young lady and fall in love," Kimberly said.

"I think he will," Shady said. "He's a catch, my sister has a crush on him."

"Mandy?" Katie asked.

"Yeh," Shady with a smile. "But she's totally devoted to Zoe, you know that, but Kevbo sure likes the attention."

"He always was a charmer," Kimberly said.

"He and Katie must be just like you, cause Kyle... what happened to him?"

"He was jealous because I got you and he liked you," Katie said. "That and he's just like dad, holds a grudge no matter what."

"Your father has his demons Katie," Kimberly said. "He's paying dearly for them now."

"Good he deserves it," Katie said. "Let him spend himself into the poor house for Kyle."


"Let's change the topic?" Shady asked gently and turning to Kimberly and asking, "Can I ask where you're working now?"

"Blue Spoke Cafe," She said. "It's not to far from here, you two should stop by."

"Can we come by for breakfast?" Shady asked as Kimberly smiled.

"Yeh I would love to have a chance to get to know you and my daughter again," Kimberly said. "I'm on my way to catch the bus now."

"Noooo, let Katie and I get changed and we can at least give you a ride," Shady said.

"Yeh Mom at least let us do that," Katie said as her and Shady stood. Donald emerging from the doorway just as they did.

"Well who do we have here?" Donald asked with a sweet smile. "This beautiful young woman must be some kin to Katie."

"It's my Mom," Katie said with a smile. "Mom this is Donald McCree, Shady's dad."

"Nice to meet you Ma'am," he said as Kimberly smiled back and was obviously liking his attention.

"You too," She said as she stood.

"Ok Dad turn off the charm, I am not gonna end up being step-sisters with my own girlfriend," Shady said as the porch erupted in laughter.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ West Lafayette, Indiana, early morning

Brittany and Joanna rose early to the moaning coming from the living room and knew instantly that Sarah and Grace were taking advantage of Joanna's gift of a new strap-on. Coming out of the bedroom they saw Sarah was already pounding away at her girlfriends pussy as Grace moaned. All action stopping as the two now in the living room floor on the futon noticed Britt and Joanna watching.

"Can I join in?" Brittany asked as Sarah motioned with her fingers and Brittany joined the two as Joanna took a seat in the bean bag. Brittany stripping out of her shorts and shirt as Grace on cue rose and laid back so her head was at Sarah's knees. All three knowing exactly what was about to happen.

"You sure you're not sore Britt?" Sarah asked as the tanned blond grinned and nodded her head no. Brittany turning her back to Sarah and spreading her thighs quickly and sliding forward as Grace smiled and eagerly began licking Brittany's baby smooth pussy from top to bottom. "MMMMMMMMM yeh that good Britt?"

"MMMMMMMM WOW oh yeah I love how she makes my pussy feel," Brittany moaned as she leaned forward onto her hands, her thighs starting to quiver as Grace's tongue slid up and down her slit. The pleasure filtering out into her body as she moaned and squirmed a bit on top. Sarah watched for a moment longer but was unable to control her hormones any longer as she stroked her hands up Brittany's bare back and got her to lean down onto her elbows and into a 69 with Grace. Holding her cock as she stroked it a few times and lining it up with Brittany's asshole and sliding it inside with a moan. Brittany tensing and almost screaming at the pleasure as Sarah slid completely inside and pressed her thighs to Britt's ass cheeks. "MMMMMMMM oh fuckin god, Sarah, MMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMM that is so right, so sweet up your asshole," Sarah moaned. Loving the sensation of her thighs pressing against Brittany's ass cheeks. Grace wrapping her arms around Brittany to hold her perfectly still and licking her exposed clit with a gentle touch as Brittany moaned intensely. Brittany moaning even louder as Sarah pulled out till the cock caught on her asshole ring and plunged it back inside and started a rhythm in and out as her thighs slapped at Britt's ass cheeks each time. Sarah taking hold of Brittany's long blond hair and holding it to the side as she encouraged the girl to lower her head and lick Grace's pussy. Which Britt did a moment later as Grace's moans from below could be heard. "MMMMMMM yeah, Britt, lick my babies sweet pussy."

"MMMMMMMM oh my god this feels sooo good," Brittany moaned as Sarah sunk her fingers into Brittany's shoulder muscles to hold her as she pounded harder in and out of the girls asshole. Grace jerking a time or two in pleasure as Brittany sucked her clit in long deep breaths while moaning from Grace's continued work on her own pussy. A light sheen of sweat forming on Sarah's beautiful body. Sarah's pussy beginning to spasm as was Brittany and Grace's as she slapped her thighs louder at Britt's tanned ass cheeks and making them jiggle. Brittany sliding her hands to the underside of Grace's thighs and squeezing her fingers into the soft smooth skin repeatedly. "MMMMMMM, Sarah, every time you butt fuck me you make it feel better."

"MMMMMMMM and I'm getting used to butt fucking you and Grace back to back," Sarah moaned as she plunged in and out and felt her pussy spasming harder and harder. Brittany's body shook as she felt Sarah go deeper than she ever thought she'd feel in her ass and Grace now sucking increasingly hard on her clit as she began to shake with her orgasm coming on quickly. "MMMMMM oh oh oh, Britt, MMMMMMM sweet baby."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM," Brittany moaned in a lewd display of pleasure as her girlfriend watched on. Grace shaking now too as Brittany lowered her head and shoved her tongue deep inside the girls pussy and started to fuck it rhythmically. Brittany's moans stifled now as she felt Grace's thighs quiver against her cheeks as both girls began their orgasm moments later. Sarah feeling Brittany shaking and hearing Grace's moans from below felt her own pussy spasm out of control and into a mind numbing orgasm. Sarah slowing and sliding as far inside as she could get a few more times as Brittany squirted her cum in Grace's mouth. Sarah moaning, "MMMMMMMM oh yeah another sweet butt fucking."

"MMMMMMM I love when you say that, baby," Brittany moaned. Which was followed by a few more urgent moans and all three settled down into after glow. Brittany licking Grace's pussy a few last times to get all the sweet honey cum off as Sarah pulled out of her asshole. "MMMMMMMM it gets better every time."

"MMMMMMM oh yeah it sure does" Grace moaned as Brittany rolled off and both got to their knees and kissed softly. Brittany shaking visibly as Sarah reached for the astroglide and coated her cock once more. Brittany and Grace parted and stroked their hands over each others body continuously now as Brittany laid back and Grace crossed her leg over Britt's face and lowered down letting the girl began to again lick her pussy softly as Sarah moved in behind her girlfriend. Sarah lining her cock up with Grace's asshole as her girlfriend was now in a 69 with Brittany. Sarah holding her cock steady and as she slid deep inside of Grace's asshole and pressed her thighs to her girlfriends ass cheeks as she took hold of Grace's shoulder and felt her shake as both moaned intensely. Brittany wrapping her arms around Grace's waist to hold her still as Sarah began to pump in and out. "MMMMMM oh god that's the most wonderful feeling in the world MMMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMM yes it is, my baby," Sarah moaned as she pumped harder and starting to pound as her thighs slapped at Grace's ass cheeks over and over. Grace lowering her head just like Brittany had done and concentrating on licking the girls pussy. Britt moaning and squirming under Grace as she continued to softly lick the girls smooth pussy above her as she watched Sarah's cock pump in and out. The small ridges on the cock sending extra bolts of pleasure surging through Grace's body as Sarah pumped in and out. Sweat dripping off Sarah's body as she moaned, "MMMMMMMM it feels so good butt fucking you, my baby."

"MMMMMMMMM, baby, MMMMMMMM, my baby, so good at butt fucking my tight little ass," Grace moaned before she went back to sucking softly on Brittany's clit and shaking from Sarah's strokes deep inside her ass. Sarah slapping her thighs at her girlfriends ass cheeks as she now watched her lick Brittany's pussy with a soft bobbing of her head. Grace's moaning growing ever louder as her thighs quivered every time Brittany licked her clit. Brittany's moans from below mixing with Grace and Sarah's as the room filled with sounds of pleasure. "MMMMMMMM butt fuckin so deep with your cock, MMMMMMM making my pussy feel like heaven right now."

"MMMMMMMM me too, my baby," Sarah moaned as she slammed away harder and more sweat dripped off her nude body as all three neared their reward. Brittany on the bottom squirmed and moaned as her pussy got worked over perfectly by Grace. Sarah holding Grace perfectly still as she pounded her even harder and brought her girlfriend off in a mind blowing body numbing orgasm that left Grace shaking well after it was over, Sarah and Brittany both cumming as Grace did too. Sarah stroking into her girlfriends asshole deeply a few last times to milk out her cum for Brittany. "MMMMMMMM oh yeah another sweet butt fucking."

"MMMMMMM those are so magic words now," Grace moaned as Sarah carefully pulled out as Grace rolled off and lay there shaking for a few moments as Brittany got to her knees and kissed Sarah softly. Stroking her hands over Sarah's flat stomach and to her titties as the two kissed like lovers, covered in a dripping film of sweat. Grace getting back to her knees and joining the other two as Sarah broke with Brittany and kissed her girlfriend softly. Joanna rejoining the group as she slid in behind Brittany and Grace and boldly squeezed their ass cheeks as Grace grinned at her and kissed her softly. "MMMMMM spread the love around huh?"

"We did this morning," Brittany giggled before her and Grace now kissed softly. "And last night."

"We should make this a regular thing," Sarah commented as the other three giggled and offered no objections. "MMMMMMMMM most sex I've ever had and damn I can't get enough."

"Our little Sarah worked out all her soreness huh?" Brittany asked as she stroked her hands up and down Sarah's sweat covered chest.

"MMMMMMM yes I did," Sarah moaned as she kissed Brittany softly. "And I'm getting used to it like you said."

"Used to what?" Joanna asked.

"I told her..." Brittany said as she placed Sarah's hands on her tanned ass cheeks and letting the girl begin to squeeze them. "...that she would be doing a lot of butt fucking from then on. I think I lived up to my promise huh, Sarah?"

"MMMMMMM oh yeah and I love it more when I get two in a row," Sarah moaned as Grace moved beside of Brittany and let Sarah slide her other hand to her ass cheeks. "MMMMMMM just feels so good butt fuckin my baby while you lick her pussy, Britt."