Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 107 "Trading Girlfriends"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



"Hey my little Kiwi," Joey said as Marley set her pop down and went running to Joey.

"I missed you lots and lots, you come to see me, mate?" Marley asked as Cori picked Marley's pop up and set hers and Marley's on the bench.

"G'day mate," Joey said as she rubbed noses with Marley who kissed her chin.

"G'day mate," Marley said in reply.

"What you doing here?"

"This... and you," Joey said.

Cori asked Marley, "Go tell Mom we're home OK?"

"OK," Marley said as she grabbed her pop and said to Joey, "You play with me later?"

"I will, now hurry and tell Lily so she won't worry," Joey said as Marley grinned and took off down the hall when Cori opened the door for her. Joey stood.

A long moment of silence followed as Cori and Joey both now stood and faced each other. But being unsure of what to say, each shuffled from one foot to the other before Joey finally blurted out, "Marissa and I broke up."

"So?" Cori asked coldly.

"Rayne brought Jennifer down to Book lovers to meet August and we had a huge scene, my fault and Rayne smacked me," Joey said. "I think it rattled something loose."

"Shut up, you're trying to make me laugh," Cori said as she fought a smile.

"Here listen," Joey said as she swung her head back and forth. "See?"

"Stop it," Cori said as Joey half smiled. "So why are you here?"

"I was thinking about you," Joey said. "My parents just abandoned me, they're moving to Australia and I'm staying with Judy."

"All in one day?"

"It's been the worst day of my life," Joey said. "Judy and Passion are the bright spots."

"And here I am happy, really happy and acting like a bitch," Cori said and then covered her mouth as Joey laughed, seeing, in that brief moment, the innocence of the girl she loved. "I mean, acting rude."

"Yeah you're being mean to me Cori Tyler," Joey said with a playful poke to the stomach. "Maybe you should kiss me and make me feel better."

"No," Cori said firmly. "You made no time for me and then you started chasing after Marissa. You did me wrong."

"And you acted like a uber bitch on me," Joey said. "I'm sorry for not trying harder to see you. I'm sorry?"

"Me too," Cori said. "I'm happier now. I like being me. Things just seem so much better the last few days. And now Katie and Shady are moving in down the block... you're not gonna be living next door?"

"Place is for sale," Joey said. Sarah came onto the porch and smiled as she saw Joey.

"Long time no see," Sarah said as Joey half smiled. "Something wrong?"

"She just got dumped by her new girlfriend," Cori said.

"New girlfriend?" Sarah asked. "I know you and Cori broke up but you already had a new..."

"Nooooo, Marissa Turner was working at the store and we got close," Joey said. "Before I knew it..."

"You fell in love with her," Cori said.

"No," Joey said. "I'm so confused right now I'm not sure what we had."

"So it's over with Marissa already?"

"I called her a few times and she won't answer," Joey said. "Give her a couple of days to cool off and see what happens then."

"What caused it?" Cori asked. "And you said Rayne hit you."

"I deserved it after the things I said," Joey replied. "She should have done more than that."

"So what did Rayne have to do with you and Marissa?" Sarah asked.

"I got into it pretty good with Marissa and somehow it popped out that I still loved Rayne," Joey said. "I don't even know where that came from. But I do know Rayne hates me now."

"You blame her?" Cori asked.

"Not really," Joey said with a shrug as Cori laughed. "She totally has a right to hate me."

"Hey look!" Sarah said as a car pulled into the Connelly's driveway and out popped a woman who could only be the mother of Jennifer. "Is it true that Jenn is dating Rayne now? I heard it from ZoŽ."

"They are doing more than dating," Cori said, her mind flashing back to what she'd seen a few minutes before as her and Marley were coming home from the soda machines.

"What do you mean?"

"I walked with Marley to the soda machines at the end of the block and coming back I saw them through the blinds on the first floor, you know the big glass door?" Cori asked as Sarah and Joey nodded. "They were doing... something private?"

"You saw that? Marley saw that?"

"Me yes, Marley no" Cori said.

"Rayne's always been a whore," Joey said in a bitter voice.

"Joey bitter much?" Sarah asked. "I got news for you, there is nothing wrong with enjoying sex and if you got laid you'd know that."

"WOW!" Joey said, realizing Sarah was exactly right. A nervous lady coming across the grass as all attention turned to her.

"Is my Jennifer here by any chance?" Peggy (Jennifer's mother) asked.

"She's at her new girlfriend's house," Joey said as she pointed to the 'Stillwater Ranch'.

"I was thinking that too, but Rayne's car seems to be missing from the driveway," Peggy said. "Could they be gone?"

"Trust me, they are not gone," Cori said as Sarah covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

"She's home I'm sure of it," Joey said. "I know her pretty well, what if I walk down with you?"

"If you'd like," Peggy said. "I would hate for people to think I was visiting a girl of Rayne's age when her parents were gone."

"Come on," Joey said as her and Peggy walked off the porch and down the street to the 'Stillwater Ranch'. A loud squealing and laughing came from inside the downstairs glass double doors as the two arrived. "See I told you they were home."

"And her car is conveniently parked around the side of the house," Peggy said. Both stopped as the glass doors opened and a barely dressed Jennifer ran out on to the deck and backed away from Rayne. Jennifer had a shirt over her breasts and a skimpy thong on that gave Joey an idea of what Rayne saw in the 'not so little girl'. Rayne was no better dressed as she sported a thong and bra.

"Don't you dare Taylor Rayne," Jennifer said with a warning finger point as Peggy and Joey watched in shock. Jennifer squealed when Rayne tried to jerk the shirt away.

"AHEM!" Peggy said. Jennifer and Rayne stopped and looked in shock. "What in the hell is going on?"

"Looks easy enough to figure out," Joey said as Rayne zeroed in on her.

"What in the living hell are you doing here?" Rayne asked Joey.

"She didn't think you were home so I walked her down," Joey said.

"Jennifer Marie Connelly, what the hell are you wearing?" Peggy asked. Rayne moved in front of Jennifer and blocked everyone's view so Jennifer could put her shirt on. "Answer me daughter of mine."

"We were wrestling, Mom," Jennifer finally said.

"Where you two doing... what I think?" Peggy asked.

"No," Jennifer said.

"Yes we are," Rayne said bluntly, Jennifer giving her a horrified look. "Chill, JM. I'm not gonna lie to her."

"WOW!" Peggy said. "I thought you were sexually active Jennifer but... Rayne don't you think you should put on some clothes."

"Nope, it's my house," Rayne said. "Jennifer's comfortable with me like this and I for one am not ashamed of my body or who I care about."

"Me, right?" Jennifer asked as Rayne nodded and Peggy witnessed her daughter smile at Rayne and saw the feelings being exchanged between the two. "Cool. Sure beats being with Sam."

"Samantha?" Peggy asked. "You were involved with her?"

"She basically used me," Jennifer said. "Rayne's not like that."

"Well it looks like she's using you too," Peggy said. "That why you wanted my daughter to stay with you?"

"God, no, you needed me and Jenn is not one bit of trouble," Rayne said. "And you think I'm using her? She came onto me and I'm sorry but your daughter has one of those smiles that make me melt. I'm completely useless when she does that. I couldn't resist."

"You are still sleeping with my fourteen year old daughter..."

"Hello, fifteen in two weeks, and Rayne just turned seventeen," Jennifer said. "You're making this out to be something it's not. She is not using me, Sam used me. Rayne cares about me."

"I'm sorry I just can't believe..."

"It's true," Joey inserted as all attention flipped to her. Rayne gave Joey a death look as she protectively hugged Jennifer from behind. "Rayne wouldn't use her for sex. She cares about her."

"And you know this how?"

"At one time..." Joey said. "...she looked at me like that. She's not using Jennifer I can tell by just looking."

"Thanks Joey," Rayne said in shock.

"That still doesn't change the fact that you violated my trust..."

"I promised you'd I'd take care of Jennifer and I did," Rayne said. "I don't get why you, the queen of the absentee parents, are complaining. You run around the country for weeks at a time while you leave Jennifer with any person you can con into it. Now when she finds someone who actually gives a fuck about her and shows it, you lose it. You try taking her away and you're gonna get a fight."

"You have a smart mouth," Peggy said. "You ever heard of statutory rape?"

"You go there and I'll call social services on you," Jennifer said with a cold stare towards her mother. "I got enough stuff on you to put your ass away for years."

"You're threatening me?" Peggy asked.

"I would say yes she is," Joey said as Jennifer and Rayne laughed.

"Stay out of this," Peggy snapped at Joey.

"Look, you're on the verge of losing your daughter or your freedom," Joey said as she got in front of Peggy. "Everyone in the neighborhood knows about your travels. And the way you dump Jennifer off."

"I have a job..."

"Why don't you just let Jennifer do what she wants with Rayne?" Joey asked. "You think sex between two girls is the end of the world? It happens."

"I'm afraid she'll hurt Jennifer."

"Rayne quit doing drugs a long time ago..." Joey said and looked to Rayne, "'re still clean?"

"Eighteen months now," Rayne said.

"And if she ever even thinks about it again... she's gonna have me to fight," Jennifer said as she gave Rayne a cold stare. Rayne grinned and shocked everyone when she kissed Jennifer and then announced something even more shocking as she said, "I will never hurt you like that, I'm in love with you."

"Me too," Jennifer said with a huge smile. "I can't believe it either, it feels so cool."

"I'm going home," Peggy said. "Jennifer, you will be home in fifteen minutes and you will spend the night with me talking. Rayne you can come over in a couple of hours and I'm gonna lay down some strict ground rules."

"OK!" Rayne and Jennifer said as Peggy walked off. The squeals of excitement filled the air as Jennifer and Rayne bounced around. Rayne noticed Joey as all action stopped. "What are you still doing here?"

"Chill," Jennifer said with a smile and that instantly melted Rayne's anger, kissing her a moment later. "If it weren't for her, we might not get a chance."

"I'm thinking a nice steak dinner with baked potato with a medley of vegetables on the side," Joey said. "As a way to thank me."

"I had to put up with those jokes for months," Rayne said as Jennifer laughed.

"How about we just try and be civil with each other?" Jennifer asked.

"I think I can do that!"

"Maybe," Rayne said coldly. "We'll see."

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The NEW Palace (Shady and Katie's NEW House), the next morning

"We have the longest day of work ahead of us you know," Shady said as she leaned across the hood of the car as Katie did the same on the other side. Daylight was just breaking. "Can't we just forget this and go back to the Palace and go back to bed?"

"I'm not afraid of hard work, Miss Spoiled Rotten," Katie said as Shady gave her a dirty look. "I was raised by parents who valued that."

"Hey, my dad pays many people good money to do hard work on his behalf," Shady said in defense as Katie laughed.

"Lazy!" Katie said as Shady shrugged and both walked to the back of the van they'd rented, now loaded down with boxes from Shady's OLD bedroom and Katie's OLD house. "If you give me two hours' work, we can knock off for the day."

"I'm gonna surprise you," Shady said as she kissed her girlfriend. "I'm gonna put these huge muscles to work."

"Shemale," Katie giggled.

"You think so?" Shady asked as she pushed her pants down a bit and briefly showed Katie... that she was indeed ALL female.

"Oh boy!" Katie said as Shady grinned and pulled her pants back up and was then met by a kiss. "MMMMMM I am gonna love how smoothly this is gonna go."

"I thought you liked things smooth," Shady said as Katie grinned.

"I do... I do... I do," Katie kept repeating as she kissed her girlfriend over and over. "We better get started huh?"

"Yeah," Shady said with a deep breath. "Why couldn't you just let me hire a moving company?"

"Because we need to get used to being on our own," Katie said. "The day might come when we need to do that."

"I hope not," Shady said as she pulled out two boxes and walked towards the house as Katie picked one up herself and followed. Shady opened the door and realized immediately that something was up when she felt carpet beneath her feet. She set the boxes down and nearly fainted at the sight before her. A completely furnished house. Katie walked in behind her and stopped, looking in shock as she simply dropped the box in her arms to the floor. "What the hell?"

"I'm gonna kill Donald," Katie said as Shady smiled and walked down the two steps into the living room and plopped down in the brand new Lazy Boy recliners and laid back happily. Katie watched her smile smugly and felt a bizarre mix of emotions as she looked at the massive TV in the living room (72 inch LCD), brand new sofa, two recliners, ugly end tables and coffee table (in her mind). DVD player (with ALL of Shady's and Katie's DVD's on the shelf), XBOX 360 (with a massive collection of games), Playstation 3 (see XBOX 360), computer (complete with DSL modem, already installed and online) and that was only in the living room. "When did he have time to do this?"

"Last night," Shady said as Katie breathed a deep sigh and walked off into the kitchen to find the plates, cups, forks and spoons already in place. The deep freeze (also new), and fridge stocked full of Katie and Shady's favorite foods. New kitchen table too. "Dad can work wonders when he starts throwing money around."

"I didn't want him to," Katie demanded as she opened the back door and saw that Donald had even had the pool cleaned with NEW lounge furniture on the small patio. Shady was resting comfortably as Katie came back into the living room. "I wanted to do it myself and I wanted to feel like I earned it, one step at a time."

"Why?" Shady asked. "You've got me."

"You know that's not what I meant," Katie said as she sat down on the coffee table. "I wanted to pick out my own coffee table and my own TV."

"What's wrong with this bad boy?"

"Other than the fact that you can see it from space?" Katie asked as Shady laughed. "Shut up, it's not funny."

"Yes it was," Shady said as she fished the remote out of the side pouch on the recliner and turned on the TV to find snow and then a blue screen. "HMMMMMMM, no cable yet, I guess even Dad couldn't swing the miracle of getting the cable company out in the middle of the night."

"Now that's funny," Katie said as she laughed.

"Hello? Is anyone home?"

"Yeah in here," Katie said as a handsome guy with a 'Dish Network' uni appeared at the door. "Can I help you?"

"Shady McCree and Katie Singer?" he asked.

"That's us," Shady said as she giggled from the seat. "He couldn't get them last night but he paid his way to the top of the list for the next morning."

"You guys ordered a system?"

"Daddy Warbucks did," Katie said. "But yeah it's for us."

"The name is Devon, I'm your personal Dish on site rep, and I live just a few streets over so anytime day or night you need me you can call me," he said.

"You have a family?"

"Wife and two little rug rats," he said as he walked down the two steps into the living room, handing Katie a clipboard to sign.

"And you really wanna be on call twenty four hours a day?"

"It pays the bills," Devon said simply as Katie handed him the clipboard back. "Thanks, I'll have you hooked up within the hour. Four rooms right?"

"Four?" Katie asked.

"Living room, kitchen, two bedrooms?" Devon asked.

"What do we need satellite in the kitchen for?"

"Well you have a nice drop down monitor underneath the cabinets," Devon said as Katie sighed and Shady laughed. "Might as well use it."

"We're not using it and we don't need it in the bedroom either, not even a TV in there," Katie said as Shady rose from the chair. "Or is there?"

"I don't know, probably," Shady said as Katie marched off and stomped up the steps to see what else her loving 'father in law' had purchased on her behalf.

She literally felt like screaming as she saw a TV in the spare bedroom was indeed already in place. But turning and looking at the bed, she found herself smiling at the dark cherry four poster bed that was breathtaking.

"WOW!" Katie said in amazement, her anger fading. Thinking for a long moment and hoping that she'd find the same in the master bedroom, she walked down the hall in a march and opened the bedroom door and there it was, her dream bed. A four poster with a beautiful canopy, satin sheets, storage underneath and... Katie was in love as she squealed and ran and crashed onto the bed as the excitement over took her. "I LOVE YOU DONALD MCCREE."

"Already moving on are we?" Shady asked, as Katie froze and looked up to see her girlfriend standing in the door.

"I love the bed soooo much," Katie said with a beaming smile. "I take back everything I said."

"Finally you're thinking rationally," Shady said as she climbed onto the bed and laid down by her girlfriend. "I don't get what the problem was."

"I was raised in a middle class family where... we had to work to get everything," Katie said. "I kinda like the romance of that."

"Katie, my love, we are gonna work hard enough on trying not to kill each other," Shady said as Katie laughed. "Having to worry about money would be the end of us."

"Bring us closer together," Katie said as she joined her fingers with Shady's. "Look how far we've come?"

"Truth is, I don't care where we are as long as you're there," Shady said as she slid closer and kissed her girlfriend. "I love you."

"I know," Katie said. "I love you too."

"So now what are we gonna do with the rest of the day?" Katie asked. "The weekend after all."

"We could invite Grace and Sarah over for an orgy?" Shady asked with a horny smile. Sending Katie's hormones into overdrive. "Huh?"

"Yeah like they would," Katie said. "Or you would."

"Why wouldn't I?" Shady asked. "Hello, we did it with that Riley girl once already."

"Best sex I've ever had," Katie said as Shady slid across Katie's thighs and kissed her. "MMMMMM, you wouldn't do that again would you?"

"Hold on," Shady said as she opened her cell phone and showed Katie the screen a moment later.

"Riley Lohan? You have her number in your phone?" Katie asked.

"Yeah, I have a class with her," Shady said. "Want me to call her?"

"You better not be teasing me," Katie said. "Cause it's been a long time and I'm getting to the point of needing it desperately."

"I'm gonna call and invite her over," Shady said with a grin. Katie closed her eyes and felt the hormones wash over her as she imagined what she could do to the two girls that may soon be hers to share. Having her own place was gonna be... LOTS of fun.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, upstairs

"Morning!" Steph said as she walked into the kitchen, barely dressed, as usual (ZoŽ noted). Rick, with Cori and Passion on either side of him, and ZoŽ sat at the table, while Sarah, Grace, and Jessie did various things around Lily. Jessie leaned over the counter and kissed her girlfriend. "MMMMMM good morning."

"Knock it off," Rick said without looking up. Passion and Cori giggled.

"Would you rather me make out with ZoŽ instead?" Stephanie asked with a devilish grin as ZoŽ giggled and covered her mouth in shock. Rick looked up and gave Stephanie an uncertain look. "Huh?"

"I simply mean there are more appropriate times to do... what you do, not the kitchen," Rick said.

"It was a kiss good morning," Jessie said. "Not making out. Grow up... Dad."

"Get a boyfriend... daughter," Rick said as he grabbed at his daughter as she squealed and jumped away. "Have me some grand kids."

"We would make beautiful kids," Jessie said as Stephanie grinned and nodded her agreement.

"So when do I get to?" ZoŽ asked as she gave Stephanie a pointed look.

"Get to what?" Lily asked.

"Make out with Stephanie!"

"I think she wants to," Passion giggled as she poked ZoŽ in the side. "Huh ZoŽ?"

"I asked to didn't I?" ZoŽ said.

"Well come on over here," Stephanie said as her and ZoŽ exchanged goofy grins. Sarah and Grace brought the food to the table as Lily joined them and the whole family sat down. Marley came in a moment later from watching TV in the living room and gave everyone a mean look.

"Hey people!" Marley said as everyone looked at her. "You forget I peckish, I mean hungry."

"Well get over here," Sarah said as she held her arms out and Marley happily ran to her. The doorbell rang as Stephanie groaned and said, "I'll get it."

"ZoŽ girl you give me some bacon?" Marley asked as ZoŽ smiled and handed it to her, bringing her eyes in line with the sight now walking down the hall, or rather swaying down the hall, Stephanie's cute little butt in those bun hugging night shorts. No one else seeming to notice, except Jessie, who poked her step-sister and gave her a knowing smile. ZoŽ blushed and looked away.

Down the hall...

"Morning Mandy," Stephanie said as she opened the door. Mandy smiled as she came in and kicked off her shoes at the front door.

"Hey, coffee on?" Mandy asked.

"Yep, you hungry?" Stephanie asked.

"Ate already, on my way to help Shady and Katie move in," Mandy said. "Down the block you know?"

"Jessie mentioned that," Stephanie said. "I hope things don't get weird and we can all be friends."

"I think we can," Mandy said. "I don't see Jessie looking back with what she's got now."

"What does that mean?" Stephanie asked.

"Jessie is not missing Katie, hint hint, for obvious reasons?" Mandy asked as Stephanie grinned and nodded. Mandy walked off a moment later when she was stopped cold by Steph's next question.

"Can I kiss your girlfriend?"

"Can you do what?" Mandy asked as she turned and saw Stephanie grinning.

"I said..." Stephanie started before pausing and taking Mandy's hand and pulling her into the relative privacy of the living room, "...can I kiss your girlfriend?"

"No," Mandy said as Steph laughed. "What brought this up?"

"I kissed Jessie good morning and Rick is being a pain and complaining," Stephanie said. "So I asked him, to annoy him, if he'd rather I make out ZoŽ instead."

"And let me guess, ZoŽ picked up on that?"

"Sooo funny," Stephanie said. "I can just imagine the look on everyone's face if I did that, oh shit, wait, what if we switched girlfriends?"

"Huh? Are you losing it?" Mandy asked.

"No, no, you remember ZoŽ telling you what we did to my parents?" Stephanie asked.

"At the airport?" Mandy asked as she laughed. "Ohmigod that sounded hilarious."

"We could so do that again to Rick and Lily," Stephanie said with a devious grin. "Talk about yanking someones' chain. They'd run me off."

"And ZoŽ would break up with me for even suggesting it," Mandy said.

"Jessie probably would too," Stephanie said. "Would be funny as all hell though."

"I don't want you kissing my girlfriend," Mandy said with a poke as Stephanie laughed and jumped away. "You'd like that too much."

"I'll let you have Jessie," Stephanie said and watched Mandy freeze and think for a long moment.

"UMMMMMMM..." Mandy stammered. Stephanie laughed. "Noooo!"

"No, no, no, yes yes yessssssss," Stephanie moaned as she backed away, Mandy giving her a dirty look and following after her.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, kitchen, late morning...

"Hey, my Amazing Grace," Sarah cooed as she hugged her girlfriend from behind as Grace stood at the kitchen sink doing dishes. Grace smiled knowingly over her shoulder. "Soooo when do I get my daily?"

"You're daily what?" Grace asked innocently.

"My daily stamina training," Sarah said with a kiss to the girls cheek. "Remember now?"

"I have every single day since we began your training," Grace said. "I think it's beginning to pay off."

"Uh huh, my stamina is getting better every day," Sarah said. "And you my horny baby are such a wonderful training partner."

"And your... cock?" Grace asked as Sarah grinned. "Is more amazing every time. You're getting so creative with it."

"Well..." Sarah said as she kissed Grace's cheek again. " give me two holes to choose from every time with no complaints. Easy to be creative."

"MMMMMM guess what one is my favorite?" Grace said as she turned and slid her arms around Sarah's neck.

"That's easy, it's my favorite too," Sarah cooed as she squeezed Grace's ass cheeks in her hands as an answer. "Right?"

"Oh yeah," Grace said as she kissed her girlfriend. "Me, you and Brittany part three?"

"MMMMM my favorite fantasy," Sarah said. "Joanna watching makes it even hotter."

"I'm thinking we should try to talk them into doing it back at the Cove," Grace said. A thrill running through both Sarah and Grace in that moment.

"MMMMMMMMM," Sarah moaned into her girlfriends mouth. "What about me taking turns and seeing what kinda stamina I've got with two girls?"

"Like you butt fuck me and then Brittany?"

"Then you and Brittany, then you again in a sandwich and then Brittany in a sandwich" Sarah said.

"WOW!" Grace said in reply as Sarah kissed her and grinned. Both froze when Grace's cell phone rang, and giggled as both relaxed and Grace picked it up. "Hello?"

"Is Grace there?" Brittany asked. A lip dropped expression formed on Grace's face as Sarah watched and laughed when she found out it was Brittany.

"This is her!"

"Great, so you and Sarah are OK?" Brittany asked. "We heard on the news about Sarah's building going up in flames."

"Yeah, we're OK, just a bit in shock," Grace said as Sarah listened. "They said it'd be a few days before they know the full extent of the damage. Or before we could get back in."

"Where you staying at now?"

"Home, I mean Lily and Rick's," Grace said. "My old bedroom."

"Bet that's fun," Brittany giggled.

"Who ya bugging?" Joanna asked as she plopped down in the chair behind Brittany.

"Our favorite group sex enthusiast," Brittany said as Grace blushed. "She says they are OK."

"Tell them to come stay with us for a couple of days at Casa de August," Joanna said as she rubbed her girlfriends ass. "I'll bet Sarah would love that."

"MMMMMM wow, so would I," Brittany moaned.

"Me three," Grace said. Then asking her girlfriend in a whisper, "You up for another round with Brittany and Joanna?"

"Oh yeah, we can be there in an hour," Sarah said into the phone as she now listened from beside Grace. Brittany giggled. "We got two days off this week."

"MMMMMMM two whole days huh?" Brittany cooed.

"Sarah's got an idea about us going out to the cove," Grace said.

"Me, you, Sarah and Grace out at the cove?" Brittany asked Joanna.

"I'm gonna love watching that," Joanna commented as Brittany smiled. "I'm in."

"Us too," Sarah said on behalf on her and Grace. "When?"

"Tomorrow morning?" Brittany asked. "Karen and August are leaving for Cleveland to attend this big book convention, so we got the house all to ourselves for two whole days."

"And Joanna's not going, why?" Grace asked.

"She's got mid-terms, get it?" Brittany asked.

"Sex mid-terms," Joanna giggled.

"OK, we'll see you early tomorrow morning, we'll call first," Grace said as her and Brittany agreed. They said their goodbyes a few moments later. "You're gonna get your wish."

"OHMIGOD!" Sarah said as she grinned devilishly. "MMMMMMM."

"MMMMMM is right," Grace moaned as she kissed her girlfriend. "I hope my training technique proves to be fruitful."

"MMMMM it will, it will," Sarah said as she kissed Grace again. A giggling breaking the moment. Both looked to see Marley watching and giggling.

"EWWWWWW you guys kiss a lot," Marley giggled.

"Now I want a kiss from the Mar Bear," Sarah said as she chased her as Marley giggled and ran away down to the hall. "Come here Mar Bear."

"No, no, boogerhead!" Marley giggled and squealed when Sarah caught her at the entrance to the living room. Picking her up and smiling at her as Grace caught up. "You don't kiss me."

"I think we should both kiss her, huh Sarah's girlfriend?"

"No noooooooo!" Marley squealed as Grace and Sarah kissed each of her cheeks and then did a raspberry. "EWWWWWWWWWW!"

"MOMMY!" Marley screamed in protest as Sarah and Grace set her down and watched her run to Lily as she came down the steps.

"Day slobber on me, Mommy," Marley said as she pointed.

"What did you call me?" Lily asked as she lifted the girl into her arms.

"Mommy, Cori said it OK," Marley said. "Cause you not mean to me. I love you."

"I love you too," Lily said as she smiled. "Made my day."

"Can I go play now?" Marley asked.

"Sure," Lily said as she set Marley down and laughed when she gave Sarah and Grace a dirty look.

"I mad at you," Marley announced.

"How about I take you to the toy store and buy you something?" Sarah asked.

"OK!" Marley said as she grabbed Sarah's hand and started pulling her towards the door.

"I guess we'll be back in a little while," Grace said as she took the Mustang's keys off the peg board as Marley and Sarah walked on outside. "You need anything?"

"Milk," Lily said as Grace laughed.

"Keep an ear out for the phone, Sarah's lawyer might call," Grace said. Lily nodded as Grace left. She found Sarah and Marley all the way on the other side of the road in what used to be the Larue's yard.

"What are you doing over here?" Grace asked as she crossed the road to meet them, seeing the "for sale" sign in the front yard for the first time.

"Joey's parents moved, this place is for sale," Sarah said.

"I wanna go swim in da pool," Marley said as she pointed. "Can we?"

"Joey moved out sweetie, we can't go swimming in somebody else's pool," Grace said.

"We should buy this place and little Mar bear could go swimming every day," Sarah said as Marley grinned excitedly.

"And what are you gonna buy it with?" Grace asked. "Until the building sells, you don't have the money."

"We, not me, we, don't have the money," Sarah said. "Get it right, Sarah's girlfriend."

"OK, we," Grace said as Sarah smiled.

"I got some money," Marley said as she fished a bill out of her jeans and shocked Sarah and Grace when they saw it was a hundred dollar bill.

"Where did you get that?"

"K T's Daddy give it to me," Marley announced. "Him Donald."

"She must mean Shady's Dad?" Grace asked in confusion.

"Buy dat house now, Sarah," Marley said.

"No, you're gonna buy you some toys with that," Sarah said as Marley smiled and stuffed it back inside her pants.

"OK," Marley said. Grace's cell vibrated and she fished it out of her pocket.

"Hello?" Grace asked as she picked up.

"This is Jamison Marsoon, from Naples, Florida, I am trying to reach a Grace Manning or Sarah Grasser."

"It's Jamison Marsoon," Grace mouthed to Sarah.

"This is Grace, can I help you?" Grace asked as Sarah looked at her in surprise.

"I'm at O'Hare International Airport and I have some news for you and Sarah that will change your lives forever..."