Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 108 "Glistening in the Sunshine"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, an hour later

"Where the hell is he?" Sarah asked as she looked up and down the road and kept an eye on Marley as the little girl played in the yard with Camille's dog, Pepperoni. Grace was sitting in a chair, quietly reading a magazine. Cori and Camille had just left to take a walk to the pop machines at the end of the road. "I don't think he's coming."

"Will you sit down and hush?" Grace asked. "Sarah you're driving me nuts."

"Well pardon the fuck out of me," Sarah fired back. Grace rolled her eyes and went back to her magazine, knowing it would only be a matter of time before the following came, "I'm sorry."

"Yeah?" Grace asked as she looked up and saw Sarah smiling apologetically. "Forgive me?"

"Don't I always?" Grace asked as Sarah kissed her. "Go play with Marley for a while and calm down."

"Life changing, you told me he said that," Sarah commented. "I like those words. Cause it means he might have sold the building or reached some kind of an arrangement."

"I know you do, I'm excited too," Grace said. "You better call old long name, your lawyer?"

"I will as soon as..." Sarah started to say before she spotted an expensive looking car coming up the road and slowing in front of the house and after a few moments pulling into the driveway. Marley looked up and then charged down the lawn to the car with Pepperoni in full pursuit, barking the whole way. "MARLEY STOP!"

"Huh? What?" Marley asked as she reached the end of the driveway and looked back as Sarah ran to meet her. "Gonna see who come and visit."

"Don't you ever do that again," Sarah said as she picked her up. Grace arrived by her side as the back door to the car popped open. Grace was afraid Sarah would say something a bit too harsh to the little girl with her rather frazzled state. But Sarah's voice remained a constant calm Grace noted, "Do you hear me?"

"You hollered at me," Marley said and looked away.

"And I'll do it again if you do that," Sarah said, hugging Marley warmly as the little girl pouted. Grace poked Marley's belly as the girl laughed and wiggled in Sarah's arms. "Ha ha, made you laugh."

"I not like you now," Marley said with a finger point.


"What?" Sarah asked as she turned to see Jamison standing by the back door of the car, dressed in Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. "Oh hey, hold on for a sec?"

"Listen to me, I love you, and you don't ever do that again cause you could get hurt," Sarah said to Marley. "And Mom will be mad if you do."

"Her be mean to me now?" Marley asked as Sarah's heart melted. She kissed Marley's forehead as Grace took her in her arms.

"Mom won't be mad, what about if you promise not to do that anymore and we'll keep it a secret?" Grace asked as Marley grinned and nodded her head excitedly.

"Yeh yeh, I promise," Marley said. Looking to Sarah as she said, "I not mad at you no more. I love you."

"I know, Mar Bear," Sarah said as both smiled. Pepperoni watched the whole time as she sat patiently by Sarah.

"Seems our little family has grown?" Jamison asked. Marley turning in Grace's arms and looking at Jamison.

"This is Grace's Mom's adopted daughter, Marley," Sarah said.

"Hi, mister," Marley said with a sweet smile and wave.

"Hi to you too," Jamison said. "Soooo, I have wonderful news."

"You found a buyer for my now burned out building?" Sarah asked as the other door on the car opened and out popped 'old long name', Sarah's lawyer. "Andy! Boy can you keep a low profile."

"Charming as always Miss Grasser," Andrew said from the other side of the car.

"Yes Sarah it does involve your building," Jamison said. "Shall we all walk inside?"

"Hey Mister, Sarah gonna buy dat house and let me go swimming," Marley said as Andrew joined them on the porch. Marley pointing to the old Larue place across the street. "If you give her money."

"Nothing gets by this one does it?" Jamison asked with an amused smile. Looking for a moment at the house and seemingly recognizing the name of the realtor. "Marylyn Musgrave huh?"

"You know her?" Andrew asked.

"Crazy lady with these bizarre political and social opinions," Jamison commented as Sarah and Grace laughed. "Deathly opposed to Gay Marriage, gay rights, but totally in favor of no gun control, about anything her church tells her to believe. Looney tunes is probably selling that house in the name of god."

"There goes our chance of buying it," Sarah said.

"I'll buy it from the crazy old thing and you can buy it from me for the same price," Jamison said. "If you love the place as much as the little one says."

"Day do," Marley inserted as everyone laughed. They settled, a few moments later, into the living room as Lily and Rick came in to listen.

"I'm glad we have a full representation of family here," Jamison said as he produced a check from his breast pocket and showed it to Sarah. "This is the first installment of the payment for your building should you decide to accept the offer I have negotiated for you."

"Eight... hundred... thousand... doll... dollars?" Sarah stammered as she looked at the check.

"WOW!" Grace said.

"Mr. Philips you wanted to offer a comment?" Jamison asked.

"I have reviewed the agreement in question and have been in contact with Mr. Marsoon the entire time as you requested," Andrew said as he produced a stack of papers that would choke a horse. "I believe considering the value of the land that it's a fair agreement."

"What's the total price of the sale?" Rick inserted as he took the legal agreement from Andrew and took a seat on the other couch. Slipping on his reading glasses, he began to flip through the papers.

"Twelve million dollars with some very lucrative bonuses," Jamison said with a charming smile.

"You said you could get twenty million, not that I'm complaining," Sarah said as Rick quietly read over page after page of the papers.

"Well twelve million is the value at which we have agreed up on for the land," Jamison said. "The building is a separate entity."

"What is this percent of future endeavor profits clause?" Rick asked pointedly.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked Rick. "I've got my attorney here."

"I am acting the part of the concerned parent in your life," Rick said. "Your father is two thousand miles away and I'm sure he would want someone to watch out for you."

"It's very apparent that you've never met him," Sarah cracked as Rick laughed. "I understand though, and what is that, endeavor clause."

"AHHHHHHH, yes, that was the sticking point for Bowling, Bradham and Sons, the purchasers of the property if you choose to except the offer," Jamison said. "I was finally able to get them to agree to a legally binding clause that stipulates that 5% of all future earnings from the property in question will go into a fund for you. Regardless of who buys it or what type of business is erected there. They must come to you if they want out of the clause."

"Is that legal?" Rick asked.

"It is Mr. Sammler," Andrew said. "A case just like this came before the 9th circuit court on March third 1978 and... what?"

"It was a yes or no question, Andy," Sarah said as everyone laughed. Andrew blushed but offered a sheepish smile.

"Yes it's completely legal if both parties agree," Andrew finished.

"Cool," Sarah said. "Can I cash this now?"

"As soon as the papers are signed," Jamison said. "We could take care of that right now."

"How about you give us twenty four hours?" Rick asked. Sarah giving him a dirty look. "Sarah, just let me look this over and have my lawyer look at it. I'm sure Jeffrey would appreciate that."

"Mr. Sammler I've been Miss Grasser's lawyer, and her father's for that matter for over fifteen years," Andrew said.

"And now Sarah has an entire house full of people who adore her," Rick said. "I have to insist on this."

"Mister Sammler you're being unreasonable," Andrew said.

"No problem," Sarah said as she stood and handed the check back to Jamison. "We'll call you in twenty four hours, ok?"

"If you wish," Jamison said. Noticeably taken aback by the turn in events. "I'll be staying at the Courtyard by Marriot near the airport. Call me anytime."

"We will," Sarah said. Grace set Marley down finally and let her run off with Pepperoni again. "How's Anita doing?"

"At home in Florida, and doing just grand," Jamison said. "She'd love a call."

"I'll call her and say hi," Sarah said as Jamison and Andrew left. "WOW!"

"You made the right decision," Rick said as he kissed Sarah's forehead. "Something about that didn't sit right with me."

"Well, have it looked at so I can get my moola Rick-a-doodle," Sarah said with a smirk. Rick rolled his eyes as he walked off. Grace joined Sarah. "I'm gonna pay off their mortgage first thing."


"Mom and Rick?" Sarah asked. "They're under a huge mortgage, right?"

"I guess," Grace said.

"With Passion and Marley moving in and all of the bills with the new baby, I figure," Sarah said as Grace kissed her, "I can help now and they better let me."

"You know you'll get a fight from Mom and super Dad," Grace said.

"Not necessarily," Sarah said cryptically. "What they don't know won't hurt them."


"We go to the bank and pay it off in full and in cash," Sarah said. "Nothing they can do."

"MMMM HMMMMM," Grace cooed as she kissed her girlfriend.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ The NEW Palace, the next day

"You up, finally?" Katie asked as a groggy looking Shady came down the steps into the living room. Wearing her traditional baggy pajama's.

"You wore me out last night," Shady said with a happy grin as she met Katie by the la-Z-boy and kissing her. "Long awaited."

"You're not bad in bed either," Katie said as both giggled. "You've certainly got a good idea of how to use your tongue."

"And you... are you sure you weren't born with that strap-on attached? Cause you, Katie Singer, can fuck like a boy," Shady said as Katie's lip dropped. Shady making her giggle when she gently pushed Katie's bottom lip up and closed it. "Well?"

"I've had my fair share of time using it," Katie said. "With... the ex."

"Jessie? You can say her name," Shady said as she wrapped Katie in her arms snuggly.

"Not with Jessie, never had the chance, with Sarah," Katie said. "She loved it."

"I like that girl," Shady said as Katie smiled. The two enjoying a long peaceful moment of bliss as they touched foreheads and soon kissed. "You wanna use it on me again?"

"Oh yeah," Katie said with a horny smile. "Want me to call Sarah and get her to come over too?"

"Why?" Shady asked. "You still want her ass? Cause I know for sure that's where you stuck it a few times."

"You mean like I did to you?" Katie asked with a smirk as she slipped from Shady's arms and laughed at the shocked expression on Shady's face. Katie giggled as she ran into the kitchen and waited for Shady to chase her. As always happens, it did this time too. Through the kitchen and up the back stairs they raced with Shady gaining with every step, next down the upstairs hallway and then thundering like a heard of moose down the front steps and back into the living room as Shady finally tackled her girlfriend onto the couch. The room filled with sounds of giggles and squeals as Shady attacked Katie's tickle spots. Shady smiled smugly as she let her girlfriend slip away. Then rolling over to sit up she felt something that was new... soreness, around a certain area. "Ouch?"

"Yesss!" Shady said as she jumped up and rubbed her butt with a pleading whine as Katie giggled and stood, hugging her girlfriend.

"I'm sorry?" Katie asked.

"You are never doing that..."

"Yes I am, because you loved it just like I said you would," Katie said with a confident smile. "It takes some getting used to."

"Well... it's gonna be a while cause I'm seriously sore," Shady said as Katie simply nodded. "And you're right it was... ok."

"I cum so hard doing that," Katie admitted.

"Me too," Shady said. "Soooo... you did Sarah that way? I'm just curious."

"And she did me that way too," Katie said. "She has an amazing talent with a strap."

"Wonder if Grace has found that out yet?" Shady asked as Katie laughed. But had to wonder about that very thing. "Next time, I'm gonna get another girl to go before me and maybe you'll get tired before you get to me."

"That... will... not... help... you," Katie said deliberately and kissing Shady's puckered lips before each word. "Cause, Shady McCree, I have the stamina of a boy. You're gonna learn that very soon."

"MMMMMMMM looking forward to that," Shady said. "I didn't think I'd like the feeling of being filled like that, either way, but I'm fully converted now."

"Sooooo.... me, you and Riley?" Katie asked. "Only if you want."

"Or me, you and the next girl that comes to the door," Shady said as both laughed. Turning, as Katie led the way, to head into the kitchen for breakfast when a knock came at the door. "Oh boy, that was quick."

"Shut up," Katie giggled as she pushed by Shady and went to answer the door. Katie nearly pissing herself in laughter when she opened the door and saw ZoŽ standing on the other side, book bag across her shoulder. Shady catching on a moment later as she started laughing too and poor ZoŽ was left mystified as she stepped inside and looked at her two friends laughing hysterically.

"What is so funny?" ZoŽ demanded.

"Threeway baby," Katie giggled as she held onto the door to keep from falling over, laughing so hard her sides hurt.

"I'm... in..." Shady giggled as she joined her girlfriend.

"If you say so," ZoŽ commented in total confusion as she looked at the two still laughing.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Casa De August, noonish

"Why did Brittany and Joanna want us to meet them here?" Sarah asked as they pulled onto the shit colored driveway of August's and made their way up it slowly in Sarah's Mustang. They came on up on an unusual scene, as the futon that had been stored in the garage was now now pulled out into the bed position by the porch in the front yard and a single jumbo bean bag was laying to the side of it. "And how the hell am I ever gonna explain to August if he sees this fuckin cock?"

"August isn't home, but there's Brittany's Cadillac," Grace said as she stopped behind it. Her and Sarah got out a moment later just as the cracking screen door popped open and out came Joanna with a huge smile on her face. "Hey, what's up?"

"Hey, girl," Joanna said as she kissed Grace softly.

"Excuse me?" Sarah asked with a smirk as Grace grinned. Joanna doing Sarah the same way a moment later. Joanna smiled as she lifted the long shirt that Sarah was sporting to see the bulge in Sarah's jeans and smiling. "...oh yeah baby. You already hard?"

"Yes I am," Sarah said confidently.

"I'm horny as hell and Britt's got a devious idea," Joanna said as she turned and motioned for someone. Brittany pranced out of the cracking screen door... NAKED.

"OHHHHHHHH holy shit knobs," Sarah said as her and Grace stared in body numbing shock. Joanna walked to meet her tanned and already glistening girlfriend as the two kissed. Brittany lifted Joanna's shirt with a devious smile on her face and tossed it away before helping Joanna skin her shorts and leaving both girls naked. "They're completely nuts."

"She's got her magic wand all hard for you baby," Joanna said as Brittany smiled and walked over to meet Sarah.

"MMMMMMMMM she sure does," Brittany said. "What's wrong Sarah?"

"I am kinda numb in shock!"


"You're fucking naked in front of August's place," Sarah said as she looked around and was thankful no one appeared to be able to see them.

"No one can see us, August owns the land for miles around," Brittany said. "And they are a thousand miles away, and you and Grace are gonna fuck me while Joanna watches."

"No way not here," Sarah demanded.

"This is nuts, Brit," Grace finally said.

"The cove is outdoors," Brittany pointed out.

"This is in public," Sarah said.

"Noooo one will see you butt fucking me and Grace," Brittany said as she slid into Sarah's arms and guided the girls hands to her richly tanned ass cheeks. Joanna watched from the jumbo bean bag as she slowly masturbated. Sarah moaned as she squeezed Brittany's firm little ass in her hands and knew she was gonna be hard pressed to resist the charms of this girl. Her brain slowly was clouded by the pleasure and body shaking thrills of doing this in such a public place. Grace felt the same way as she watched Brittany take hold of her belt and pull her into Sarah's arms next. The two kissed softly as Grace's resolve began to fade in a hurry. Sarah watched with her resolve slowly fading as well. "What do you say? Once in a lifetime chance? Will you make Sarah's ultimate fantasy come true?"

"Look, I'm not doing this and getting caught..." Sarah said as every fiber of her being now yearned for the pleasure she knew would be produced by doing what Brittany wanted her to do.

"I'm in," Grace said as Sarah's bottom lip dropped open at the betrayal. Leaving Sarah now alone as the rational one, she thought. But soon that faded as Brittany squealed excitedly and helped Grace out of her t-shirt. Sarah adjusted the harness under her jeans as her pussy literally begged for pleasure. The sight of her gorgeous girlfriend now getting naked in the sunshine was too hard to resist. Brittany rubbed Grace's smooth pussy with her hand as the two kissed and as Sarah watched in shock they walked off to the futon and began to paw each other. "MMMMMMMM Brit, you're fucking gorgeous."

"You're both psycho," Sarah said as she marched over to the futon and wasn't quite sure what to do as she watched Brittany and Grace kissing softly on their knees. Brittany sliding to the end of the bed with Grace and stroking her hand up and down Sarah's bulge and smiling. "Oh boy!"

"That's all we want is your magic wand to make us feel better," Brittany said. "Please Sarah?"

"MMMMMM yeah," Grace said as she kissed Brittany's shoulder. "Please baby? You've been doing all that stamina training getting ready for this and you're not gonna show us how good you are?"

"She can't handle you two anymore," Joanna said smugly.

"Fine, you wanna do this here?" Sarah asked as she slid her t-shirt up and tossed it away.

"Yes, fucking yesss, at last, now get naked," Brittany demanded. Sarah unbuttoned her pants before she lost her nerve and skinned them down her thighs and off. Her 'faux cock' bouncing into view as Grace and Brittany smiled. Sarah was now naked with exception of her strap-on.

"You two listen to me," Sarah said as she cupped her hands around the back of each girls neck and got them to look at her. "I'm not licking pussy or fucking it this time. I'm gonna use this cock to butt fuck both of you as much as I want. And I don't wanna hear any complaints."

"MMMMMMMM you won't sweet baby," Grace said as her and Brittany kissed her stomach. Brittany picked up the conveniently placed lube and squirted a huge glob on to Sarah's cock and stroked it up and down as Sarah moaned, causing Sarah's thighs to quiver as the pleasure she needed so bad started to come at least. Sarah moaned louder as the sun beat down on the three and she started to stroke her hands up and down Brittany and Grace's tanned bodies as she gave into the desire. "MMMMMMMMM you got it ready Brit, my baby needs to do some butt fucking so bad."

"MMMMMMMM ohmigod, I do, sooo fuckin bad," Sarah moaned as she leaned down and kissed Brittany softly and then Grace as she lowered onto the futon and found her hands gliding over the smooth bare skin on both girls bodies as she kissed one after another and stroked her cock in a building frenzy. "Come here Brit, turn around baby."

"MMMMMM oh yeah," Brittany moaned as she turned her back to Sarah and leaned forward onto her knees and elbows. Sarah slid in behind her as Grace laid back and started to stroke her pussy slowly. Sarah lined her cock up with Brittany's asshole and moaning as she slid it inside a bit and started pumping in and out. Brittany shook and moaned as her body was ravished by startling sensations like she'd never known. "MMMMMMMM Sarah I love your magic wand."

"MMMMMMMMM I love butt fucking you more with my magic wand every time I do it," Sarah moaned as she sunk all the way inside Brittany's asshole and pressed her thighs to Brittany's ass cheeks as she moaned from the sensations. Sarah pulled out till her cock head caught Brittany's asshole ring and plunged back inside as she started long smooth strokes in and out, smacking her thighs at Brittany's tanned ass cheeks. She slid one hand up the smooth skin on Britt's back and dropped the other to her side so Grace could watch. Brittany's squeals of pleasure echoed, it seemed, they were so loud as Sarah turned to pounding harder over the next few moments. "MMMMMMMMM I told you Brit I was gonna do some butt fucking."

"MMMMMMMMM ohmigod I love you so much right now baby," Brittany moaned as she started to grind back to Sarah as both girls pussy began to spasm in a wonderful way. Harder and harder over the next few moments as both began to slowly form a sheen of light sweat. Sarah's moaning got louder as the thrill of where this was happening at hit her in a flash and she found herself fighting back an orgasm as she slowed and slid as deep inside as she could. Leaning forward over Brittany's back and pressing her titties to the girl's back, her hands now held her above Brit. "MMMMMMM feeling so good you had to stop huh Sarah?"

"MMMMMM oh yeah, but I won't this time," Sarah moaned as she pulled out and plunged back inside Brittany's little asshole and started to once again pound. Both girls moaned out loud as the pleasure returned and stormed their bodies in an unending stream of pleasure. Sarah smacked her thighs at Brittany's ass cheeks as both girls felt their pussy spasm wildly and soon into a wonderful body shaking orgasm that felt so wonderful at it's peak. Brittany squirted her cum as she grunted and then went limp under Sarah, while Sarah's cum drained down her thighs as both faded into afterglow and Sarah slid back to her knees behind Brittany, "MMMMMMMM oh yeah another sweet butt fucking."

"There's the magic words again," Grace cooed as she watched Sarah, who was still moaning pull out and rest for a long moment as Brittany turned to get on her knees and kissed Sarah softly as the smiled. Grace joining them a moment later and kissing them one at a time.

"Magic words indeed," Brittany commented as she stroked her hands up and down Sarah's now sweaty stomach as she kissed her again. Sarah's hands sliding down to Brittany and Grace's ass cheeks and doing the usual. "I think it's Grace turn now."

"MMMMMMMM oh fuck yes it is," Sarah moaned as she crawled between them to the middle of the futon and laid back lengthwise along it on her back and shielded her eyes from the sun as Grace turned her back to her girlfriend and moved across Sarah's thighs. Brittany helpeg Grace rise into the catcher's position over Sarah's thighs. Sarah took hold of her cock and held it steady as she looked down and watched in amazement as her fake cock slid inside of her girlfriend's asshole. Grace moaned with Sarah as she bounced gently up and down on it and sank it inside of her. Her hands coming to rest on Sarah's thighs as she bounced a bit faster and both moaned louder. Sarah laid her arm over her eyes to again shield her eyes as she began to shake from the shots from above. "MMMMMMMM oh yeah so good up your ass my baby."

"MMMMMM wow so hot, lean back baby," Brittany moaned to Grace as she stopped the girl and had Grace lean backwards over Sarah's body. Grace's hands came down by Sarah's shoulders and held her above. Sarah's eyes now shielded from the sun, she stroked her hands down to Grace's slender waist and guided her girlfriend to begin swaying up and down. Grace's ass cheeks now smacked into Sarah's thighs as the pleasure began to build. Loud moaning filled the air as Sarah and Grace absorbed the pleasure. "MMMMMMM that's it baby, up and down on Sarah's magic wand."

"MMMMMM you were so right Brit, soooo right about me getting to do a lot of butt fucking," Sarah moaned as she bounced her girlfriend more aggressively now as the pleasure came in waves that almost took her breath away. Sarah and Grace both feeling the thrill of where this was happening, which only served to intensify the already wonderful pleasure. Sarah's feet bounced a bit as her whole body shook from the shots Grace was delivering, tensing up and squeezing her fingers into the soft skin as she felt her orgasm storm her body suddenly. Grace felt the same thing a moment later as both moaned in orgasm. The sensations faded finally as Grace slowed and stopped with Sarah's cock buried deep in her asshole. "MMMMMMM oh yeah another sweet butt fucking. My baby has the sweetest asshole."

"MMMMMMMM it sure looks that way," Brittany said as she helped Grace sit back up into the catchers position. Sarah's cock slipped out of her girlfriend's asshole as she rose to her knees, kissing Grace softly as Brittany slid in between the two and kissed Sarah next. Joanna watched, still panting from her second orgasm. Sarah's hands slid down to Grace's and Brittany's ass cheeks. "Sarah's not done butt fucking yet?"

"Nope she's not," Grace said as she crawled away from the two and laid back on the futon. "This is why I put her into training."

"That is soooo right and I think I can handle a sandwich," Sarah said as she guided Brittany to turn around and get between her and Grace. Brittany looked down as she slid forward and brought her pussy into perfect alignment with Grace's eager lips. Grace licked up and down Brittany's sweet pussy and felt the girls thighs quiver as she began to work. Sarah covering her cock once more in the lube and set it aside before she slid in behind Brittany and lined her cock up. It glided easily into Brittany's asshole a moment later and moaned out loud as she pressed her thighs to Brittany's tanned ass cheeks. The sun glistened off Sarah's sweat stained body as she started to slid in and out. "MMMMMMMM oh yeah that's the kind of butt fucking I love doing."

"MMMMMMMM you love it so much cause you're sooo good at it," Brittany moaned as she watched every stroke of Sarah's cock into her asshole. Grace licked over and over Brittany's sweet pussy as she felt Brit's thighs quiver on either side of her face. She wrapped her arms around the girl to hold her still for Sarah's now pounding butt fucking. "MMMMMMMM so good at it, ohmigod, sooo good at it."

"MMMMMMMM I'm getting so good at it cause I'm getting a lot of butt fucking practice," Sarah moaned as she slapped her thighs at Brittany's ass cheeks and made them jiggle as sweat dripped off Sarah's flat stomach and down onto Brittany's back. Joanna took a moment to look behind her and down the road to make sure nothing was coming before she returned her attention to the action. Grace just then closed her lips over the action and making Brittany jerk in delight as she started to suck the girls clit. Joanna moved from her bean bag to the futon as she joined the party and leaned in and kissed Sarah softly, moaning to her, "I love watching you butt fuck my girlfriend."

"MMMMMMM and I love doing it while you watch," Sarah said as Joanna grinned and moved behind Sarah and slid her hands up and down Sarah's sweaty back and down to her ever clenching ass, unknowingly driving Sarah's hormones to new levels. Brittany's pussy now spasmed wildly as Grace sucked harder at her clit and made the girl moan out loud. Joanna slid closer to Sarah so her thighs now spanked off Sarah's ass cheeks each time Sarah pulled out of Brittany's asshole. Sarah's moaning grew louder as she tried to keep up her now frantic pace as Joanna's hands traveled her body endlessly. "MMMMMMMM Brit, never got to do butt fucking in the sunshine before, ohmigod I love this with a passion."

"MMMMMMMMM you feel so wonderful I can't say, I love it with a passion too, soooo good at butt fucking," Brit moaned as her beautiful tanned body started to shake and within a few more moments her and Sarah were in pure heaven. A mind blowing, body shaking, all consuming pleasure that tests your stamina to its breaking point. Brittany squealed and moaned in grunts as she squirted her cum deep into Grace's eager mouth before going limp. Sarah slowed in Brittany's asshole as she moaned, "MMMMMMM oh wow another sweet butt fucking."

"MMMMMM and you got one more sweet butt fucking to give out," Joanna moaned as Sarah pulled out of Brittany's asshole and sat there in a daze. Hormones blitzed her body as Joanna kissed her neck softly and soon moved to her lips as the two kissed for a few moments as Sarah stroked her fake cock and recovered. Brittany and Grace, both now dripping with a thick sweaty sheen, moved into another 69 for Sarah following a long kiss to share Brittany's girl cum. Joanna left Sarah's side as she laid down beside the three and again started rubbing her pussy. "MMMMMMM come on Sarah you can do it."

"MMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMM," Sarah moaned as she slid easily into her girlfriend's asshole in one long smooth stroke. Grace moaned as loud as Sarah had ever heard her moan in that moment. Brittany softly licked Grace's pussy from below as Sarah took a long moment to enjoy this and slid her fingers through her sweat stained hair, then took hold of Grace's shoulders with one hand and putting the other on her back and pulling out till her cock caught on Grace's asshole ring and sliding back inside, smacking her thighs off Grace's ass cheeks. "MMMMMMMM this is where all my hard work pays off huh my baby?"

"MMMMMMMMM so good, yesss my baby this is why you did all that hard work," Grace moaned as she took Sarah's cock deep in her asshole, by now getting used to the extra deep strokes Sarah was giving her. Her thighs quivered as Brittany licked across her clit over and over now. "MMMMMMMM working so hard at butt fucking me baby, I love you so much for this."

"MMMMMMMM I am working so hard, making my baby's butt fuck hole feel so good," Sarah moaned as she smacked her thighs at Grace's ass cheeks louder and pounded away into her girlfriend's asshole as her own pussy spasmed. Grace squeezed Brittany's head with her thighs as Britt held her perfectly still for Sarah and sucked on her clit now softly. "MMMMMMMM call it that for me my baby, call it your butt fuck hole for me."

"MMMMMMMMM making my butt fuck hole feel so wonderful, making my pussy spasm so hard MMMMMMM," Grace moaned as Brittany sucked her clit hard and got her to start shaking as her orgasm grew near. Sarah gave it every ounce of energy left in her body as she franticly pounded her girlfriend's asshole a few last times as her pussy spasmed wildly. Grace's pussy spasmed out of control and into an orgasm as she moaned, "MMMMMMMMMMM my baby your magic wand has got to be feeling so good right now."

"MMMMMMMM cumming so hard now, OMHIGOD, pure heaven is why I love butt fucking so much," Sarah moaned in ecstasy as her and Grace's orgasms raged and finally subsided into afterglow. Grace shot her cum in Brittany's waiting mouth and onto her face in a very messy ending. Brittany happily licked Grace's pussy for a long moment afterwards to get all of the honey cum she could. "MMMMMMMMMM oh yeah... another sweet butt fucking. WOW. Unreal."

"MMMMMMMMMM I'll say " Joanna said as she came down from her third massive orgasm and sat up. Sarah pulled out of Grace's well fucked asshole and sitting there in a complete daze. Somehow Grace and Brittany joined her as they got on their knees and kissed softly for a long moment. Sarah smiled as they joined her and she slid her hands to the girls' ass cheeks. Both girls slid their hands up and down Sarah's dripping wet body and kissed her one at a time.

"MMMMMMMM WOW, you sooo have a magic wand baby," Brittany cooed. "MMMMMMM I have never been fucked that good in my life."

"MMMMMMM me neither," Grace moaned as she again kissed Sarah.

"This is why I went into Grace's stamina training program," Sarah said with a horny grin, squeezing her fingers softly into Grace's and Brittany's ass cheeks. "Worked wonders huh?"

"MMMMMMMM damn did it ever," Brittany said. "But I think we need to make an adjustment, if Grace is willing."

"And that would be?"

"Let's let our horny Sarah do only what she's best at when we all get together," Brittany said as Sarah's hormones raced again.

"Let me get this straight," Grace said. "You mean from now on Sarah is only gonna get to do butt fucking with her magic wand? I don't know."

"Grace I think she needs as much practice as possible," Brittany said as Sarah grinned. Joanna listened intently. "She has a natural talent for butt fucking."

"Well... what do you think baby?" Grace asked as she kissed her girlfriend. "Only anal from now on?"

"I do need the practice I agree," Sarah said as all three smiled. "But I love fucking your pussy too."

"And that small sacrifice means you'd have more energy for butt fucking, think about it," Brittany said as she kissed Sarah. "Take today for instance, if you'd fucked my pussy you wouldn't have got to butt fuck me two times."

"Or me either," Grace said. "We're doing it for you baby."

"Come on Sarah," Brittany moaned as she stroked the girl's sweaty chest.

"Ok, if it's what you two horny babies want," Sarah said as Brittany and Grace hugged her and took turns kissing her. "Only sweet butt fucking from now on."

"You are gonna enjoy that so much huh?"

"MMMMMMMM already am," Sarah moaned as she kissed Brittany softly.

To be Continued....