Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 11 "Revelations"

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"Your in love with her aren't you" ZoŽ asked as they pulled away from the corner.

"Do what?" Grace asked just then being lost in thought about Sarah, "did you say something?"

"I said your in love with Sarah aren't you" ZoŽ said again.

"Yeh ZoŽ I am" Grace said smiling at her sister, "why is it that obvious?"

"To me yeh" ZoŽ said, "You just light up when Sarah's around."

"The question is are you?" Grace asked ZoŽ thinking about the kissing scene's in the last chapter.

"Nope she's all yours" ZoŽ giggled, "I love Sarah, she's like a sister. You know."

"Yep I do" Grace said holding ZoŽ's hand and turning the corner heading for Jake's house.

Dropping ZoŽ off she could hear a huge screaming match going on, while she got out of the car, and walked into the house. ZoŽ was trying to get to get Jake to stop screaming as Tiffany cried and held the baby and kept saying something about Jake and the bookstore.

"Stop screaming Dad" ZoŽ said grabbing Jake's arm.

"Shut up ZoŽ" Jake screamed and pushed ZoŽ away.

"DON'T PUSH HER YOU JERK" Tiffany screamed at Jake.

"She's my kid I'll do anything I want" Jake said trying to regain his temper.

"No you won't" Grace said opening the door as Jake turned around.

"Grace stay out of this" Jake said turning back around. Grace could tell by the look in his eye and not to mention the smell of his breath, Jake had been drinking and Tiffany was about to lose it, at least it seemed.

"Now I told you a million times I never slept with her" Jake said defending himself.

"And why do you have her fucking phone number in your pants" Tiffany said as ZoŽ ran over to hug Tiffany.

"She's a friend of Judy's for God sakes and the number is where she can reach her" Jake said trying to explain, but it was apparently falling on deaf ears.

"Yeh just like the woman I caught you with last week that was a friend of Judy's" Tiffany said her voice rising slowly and her anger beginning to show, "you had to go all the way to her apartment on Mulberry to just to make sure she had the message."

"Do you mark down every time I talk to another woman" Jake asked picking up his coat.

"No I can't it's to hard to keep up with" Tiffany said,"you want your freedom, then get the hell out."

Jake stormed past a shocked Grace and slammed the door on the way out.

"Tiffany are you ok" Grace said as ZoŽ took the baby, "he didn't hit you did he?"

"No it's just Jake being Jake" She said sitting down and covering her eyes and beginning to cry once again, "I hate it when he drinks."

"Me too" Grace said hugging Tiffany, "he's such an asswhole when he does."

"Look Grace you got plans I know so go on I'll be ok" Tiffany said after a few minutes of silence. The only noise being ZoŽ's playing with the baby, "ZoŽ can keep me company."

"I can stay it's ok" Grace said.

"No really go, I meant it Grace" Tiffany said, "anyways your Mom called looking for you, so you might wanna check in."

"ZoŽ if anything happens call home" Grace said standing up.

"Of course you know I will" ZoŽ said, "and if Dad feels like being an ass again I'll call you too."

Grace left feeling uneasy about the whole situation. But after a few minutes slowly pulled away from the curb and drove off. Arriving home she decided to walk around back and go in the kitchen, mostly because she wanted something to drink. Coming up on the backdoor, she could see Lily sitting at the table and dialing the phone.

"Mom" Grace said coming in the door, "I'm home."

"Where have you been all day" Lily asked hugging Grace, "I called Tiffany's and she said ZoŽ wasn't there and she hadn't seen you."

"And you panicked right" Grace asked smiling and trying to hide a laugh.

"No I did not" Lily said swatting at her with a dish towel, "I was worried."

"I was with Sarah and I just dropped ZoŽ off at Tiffany's" Grace said not bothering to mention the scene with Jake.

"Sarah all this time?" Lily asked, "you guys have become quite the friends haven't you?"

"Yeh she's great" Grace said smiling and then hiding it, at least a little, "and ZoŽ's crazy about her."

"Are you gonna stay home tonight?" Lily asked sitting back down at the table.

"Yeh I thought you might wanna see me for a while" Grace said sitting down at the table.

"That would be nice" Lily said.

"Is Jessie home?" Grace asked.

"Yes she is" Jessie said giggling as she came around the corner into the kitchen, "why?"

"I needed to talk to you" Grace said as Jessie joined them at the table.

"Important?" Jessie asked taking a glass of tea from Lily.

"No not really" Grace said, "just some stuff, you know."

"Well Katie just left so I'm free for the rest of the night" Jessie said, "you staying in?"

"Yeh why?" Grace asked.

"Well you've basically been living at Sarah's lately" Jessie replied, "so I figured you might be going back over there."

Lily suggested a game of scrabble and then reconsidered when she found out Rick had plans for her and him that night. So as she and Rick got ready, Grace went to her room to change and Jessie wondered about what Grace wanted to talk to her about as she watched Katie's porno in her room. Getting a little excited she let her hand fall under the waist band of her panties and was just getting into it when she heard a knocking at the door. Frustrated she moved her hand away and stood up and stopped the tape and calmly said, "yeh."

"It's me Grace can I come up?" Grace said from the other side of the door.

"Sure" Jessie said suddenly intrigued by the thought of what it was Grace wanted to talk to her about.

"Hey" Grace said shyly as she walked up the steps and took a seat in the chair by the bed.

"What did you wanna talk to me about?" Jessie asked.

"UMMM nothing really I just wanted to hang out for a while" Grace said hoping Jessie couldn't see she was hiding something.

"It's not that I don't like hanging out with you" Jessie said, "because lately we been cool. But there's something on your mind and I know it. So would you tell me, maybe I can help."

"Ok but if you say anything to anyone and this includes Katie" Grace started, "I'll personally tell..."

"Grace I won't I promise" Jessie said grabbing Grace's hands and holding them. She could feel Grace shaking and Jessie was getting worried about her, "whatever it is, it's really bugging you. Now what?"

"I dunno even know where to begin" Grace said.

"Does it have anything to do with Sarah?" Jessie asked tentatively still holding Grace's hands.

"NO" Grace said all to quickly, then pausing for a long moment and admitting it did, "I mean yeh. How did you know?"

"Katie said something this morning about you and Sarah where getting close and I dunno....I guessed" Jessie said to Grace as she moved back to the bed.

"Oh God I must be see through" Grace said putting her hands over her face and taking the seat next to the bed and running her fingers through her hair.Then laying her head down in her lap and breathing heavy, "Jessie I dunno what's happening to me."

"What do you mean?" Jessie asked sorta of knowing but not wanting to go any further in the conversation than Grace was ready to.

"I'm on the verge of losing it, seriously" Grace asked as Jessie moved back over to the end of the chair, sitting on the arm. She then lowered her head to beside Grace's, and wrapping her arm around her neck.

"No your not" Jessie said quietly, "your the saneiest person I know. Now tell me what it is."

"I came this close to kissing Sarah" Grace said holding her fingers an inch apart and rising up to meet Jessie's look, "and the worst thing is...."

"What" Jessie said after Grace paused for another long moment.

"I wanted too, I really wanted too" Grace said, fear in her eyes, the fear Jessie had known when she realized what she and Katie where becoming.

"Grace your in love, really in love" Jessie said excitedly and hugged her step-sister, "there's nothing wrong with that. If you love her and I can tell you do, then go for it."

"But..." Grace said starting to protest, but then trailed off

"You remember that night that we had that huge fight in the bathroom over the letter" Jessie asked.

"Yeh" Grace said.

"Remember what you said to me" Jessie asked and went on before Grace could reply, "you said for me to go for it with Katie cause no one would care. You said that."

"I know" Grace said remembering it now very vividly.

"So you gonna follow your own advice or what?" Jessie said sitting back down on the bed and letting Grace think for a minute. After a minute Jessie laid down and started reading a magazine, and kept noticing that Grace seemed so far away right now.

"I've never met anyone like her" Grace said to no one in particular, "she's like....I dunno"

"Then go for it Grace" Jessie said sitting back up and smiling at her, "you obviously want to."

"Jessie you don't understand" Grace said then realizing how stupid that comment was.

"What?" Jessie said in shock, "I don't understand. How the hell can you say that. I know what it is, I can be in love with a girl. But it could never happen to Saint Grace."

"The saint" Grace said suddenly laughing at Jessie's comment, "your mad so you call me a saint."

"Shut up" Jessie said trying to hide a smile, "It's not funny."

"Your right though" Grace said still giggling, "It's the same thing."

Jessie sat back on the bed with a victorious smile on her face and was shocked when the remote fell in the floor and apparently hit the eject button, because the tape in the VCR came out a few seconds later. Grace got up to see what it was while Jessie sorta panicked and tried to act innocent.

"Emily and Celeste: Passion is Blind" Grace read and looking at Jessie she said in shocked voice, "Jessie Sammler, you naughty girl. I'm telling."

"Grace please no" Jessie jumping up and grabbing Grace's hand with the tape in it, "I'll be grounded for life, please Grace no."

"That is unless you let me watch too" Grace said with a grin.

"Really?" Jessie asked in surprise, "you want too?"

"Yeh I'm curious" Grace replied.

"And you won't tell?" Jessie asked taking the tape.

"I'm offering to watch it with you ain't I?" Grace asked.

Jessie agreed and they decided to first lock the door and then slipping the tape in. When Grace remembered the tape that ZoŽ borrowed from Sarah, after talking about it for a few minutes they decided to watch the other one, if Grace could find it. So giggling like a couple of schoolgirls playing hooky, they snuck into ZoŽ's room and searched for almost a half an hour before they found it, in the VCR.

"That's my sister" Grace said as both laughed, "I love her, but she ain't to bright."

"I still don't understand what ZoŽ wanted this for" Jessie said as they arrived back upstairs into the attic.

"ZoŽ's curious right now about a lot of things" Grace said,"like kissing. She asked Sarah about it and Sarah showed her what it was like."

"Sarah?" Jessie asked as they rewound the tape.

"Yeh this was one hot kiss, I mean steaming cleaning hot" Grace said giggling at her own remark, "and truth be told Sarah liked it."

"Better watch your sister" Jessie said, "she might steal your woman before you can get to her."

"You'll never be a comedian" Grace said wryly. The tape kicked on right then and both's attention turned to the TV as the title came across the screen. "Horny, Young and Bi" Jessie read aloud, "sounds like us."

"Speak for yourself" Grace said smiling a little.

The movie started out with the scene that Grace remembered from peaking through the door facing in ZoŽ's room, with the three girls by the pool. Jessie started thinking about her three-way idea again when the scene started. The blonde started to lick the redhead and the other girl named Rikki, looked on with intense interest. Fondling the other girls tits and sucking on their nipples every once in a while. Grace was trying to fight it for whatever reason but had to admit it was turning her on. Jessie on the other hand was getting real hot, watching these girls, who looked to her about Katie's age and where hot as hell she thought to herself.

"Damn that music is annoying" Grace commented.

"As always" Jessie said giggling nervously.

The scene ended with all three girls both cumming as both Grace and Jessie observed. While the next one came on and it had two girls and a guy. Grace watched with interest, but Jessie sorta lost interest as the scene went along. Something that was not lost on Grace who grabbed the remote about half way through and fast forwarded past the rest of it.

"What did you do that for" Jessie asked.

"I know you prefer the girl girl scene's" Grace said.

"Yeh I guess so" Jessie giggled as a long silence followed that comment.

"Damn good movie" Jessie commented about an hour later, "that Sarah has good taste."

"One of those movies that makes you wanna strip off and frig yourself silly" Grace said.

"Why do you think I been waiting for you leave for" Jessie said giggling.

"Well why not do it now" Grace said laughing, "I'll bet you could give me some pointers."

"God your a perv" Jessie said throwing a pillow at Grace.

"Besides your not my type anyway" Grace said.

"Yeh your type's named Sarah Grasser huh" Jessie said catching the pillow as Grace threw it back at her. Feeling Grace pin her to the bed and start to tickle her as Jessie went on, "I bet you fucked her that night you spent over there huh."

"I swear I'm gonna hurt you if you don't hush" Grace said holding Jessie down.

"Then hurt me" Jessie said laughing.As Grace got an idea, that she knew would work, cause it worked on her. She untied Jessie's robe and lifted her shirt as Jessie screamed in laughter.

"Help she's trying to rape me" Jessie said not sure what Grace was doing, but liking the moment of her and Grace acting like real sisters, or was it something different. But she found out a second later as Grace recaptured her free hand and pinning her down once again, she started blowing bubbles on Jessie stomach. Making Jessie scream in laughter and squirm to get lose.

"Stop Grace Stop" Jessie said as Grace kept going and moved to a different stop on her stomach, "Ok I take it back, I take it back Grace. STOP."

Grace released her hands and rose up with a victorious look on her face as Jessie curled up into a ball and rolled off the bed and away from Grace. "I hate that" Jessie said recovering her breath, "whatever give you the idea to do that." Jessie asked wiping the wetness from her stomach.

"Sarah that's what she did to me" Grace said laying down on the bed, "I teased her a little to much."

"It sure is effective" Jessie said laying down opposite Grace on the bed.

"Yeh tell me about it" Grace said as both started to giggle.

A long period of quite followed as both drifted to thoughts in their head. Grace to Sarah and Jessie to the movie. When Jessie noticed that Grace was staring at her, and asked her what it was.

"I just noticed something" Grace said, "Your really pretty."

"Of course" Jessie said, "remember, I'm perfect."

"Totally forgot that" Grace said laying her head down and laughing.

"So you going back to see your girlfriend tonight" Jessie said in a teasing voice.

"Nope" Grace said, "thought I'd keep you company"

"You know a few months ago, I'd thought you where crazy for saying that, but now" Jessie said, "I think you actually like me enough to hang out with me."

"Yeh you sorta grow on someone" Grace commented, "like a leach but nicer." Grace said smiling so Jessie would know she wasn't serious.

"Yeh besides" Jessie said in reply to Grace, "us lesbians gotta stick together."

Grace couldn't belief Jessie said that and then gave a look of taunting her. Grace grabbed the pillow she was laying on and whacked Jessie as she squealed with laughter and covered up on the bed.

"You want another round of Bubble belly" Grace asked as they started to wrestle again.

To be Continued....