Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 110 "Now That's Beautiful"

Written by: TVM ( & CJ Ames (



** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-manning Manor, the next morning...

"Stephy, I hungry," Marley said as she came to the top of the steps from the basement and saw Stephanie sitting at the counter reading. Steph smiled as she turned to her. "You feed me?"

"Nope," Stephanie said.

"But you love me," Marley said as Stephanie grinned.

"Guilty of that charge," Stephanie said. "What do you want?"

"Food, duh!" Marley said as Stephanie laughed, picking Marley up and sitting her on the counter.

"What kind of food little miss smart pants?" Stephanie asked as Marley grinned and Cori came up the steps.

"Morning, Mom or Dad called?" Cori asked as she joined Stephanie by the counter.

"Not yet," Stephanie said. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for school?"

"Mom is about to give birth to my new brother or sister and you expect me..."

"Yes I do, and I'm in charge until Grace gets home," Stephanie said. "And you know what Rick said last night."

"He already enrolled me and Passion in school," Cori said in a monotone voice.

"Yeh, and we don't know when Lily's gonna pop, it could be days," Stephanie said, then deciding she needed to take a tougher hand with Cori said, "Look, you got a great set-up here, don't screw it up."

"How am I screwing it up?" Cori asked.

"By making an issue out of this school thing," Stephanie said.

"You don't even know me..."

"I know you a lot better than you think," Stephanie said. "And even with some bats in the belfry, you're smart."

"Bats in her what?" Marley asked.

"In her head," Stephanie said as Marley smiled. Cori nodded simply.

"Now how about going and getting ready for me?" Stephanie asked. "Please?"

"Gimme some and I will," Cori said. Stephanie laughed as Cori's hand snapped up to cover her mouth and her eyes going wide with shock. "I'm so sorry, that was really rude."

"And funny," Stephanie said, pushing Cori back towards the steps and saying, "Wake your sister up?"

"Will do," Cori said as she headed back down the steps. ZoŽ pranced into the kitchen a moment later and stopped Stephanie cold when she saw what the girl was wearing or rather NOT wearing. ZoŽ, trying to get a rise out of Stephanie after the events of the previous day, had snatched a pair of Steph's bun huggers and put on her own belly shirt (the one Sam bought her).

"UMMMMM... morning," Stephanie stammered. ZoŽ grinned knowingly as she stopped by the counter. "What the hell are you wearing?"

"The same thing you do every morning," ZoŽ said as she poked Marley and smiled when Marley laughed.

"Stop dat ZoŽ girl," Marley said with a finger point.

"What in the hell are you wearing Zo?" Jessie asked as she arrived in the kitchen.

"My clothes," Stephanie said as she greeted her girlfriend with a kiss. "MMMMMM morning."

"Your bun huggers and my belly shirt," ZoŽ said. "I think I look... hot?"

"That's not your style," Jessie said. "That's Steph's."

"So you saying I don't have the body to pull it off?" ZoŽ asked and suddenly felt really awkward.

"You don't have the confidence yet," Stephanie said as she joined her at the counter. "One wrong comment and your gonna think everyone thinks your fat or something."

"Why would I think that?"

"Here!" Jessie said as she tossed a shirt at ZoŽ, who caught it and gave her sister a mystified look.

"Would you want Rick and Lily to see you this way?" Stephanie asked.

"Fuck no," ZoŽ said as she slipped the shirt on. "That would be weird."

"My point exactly," Stephanie said. "I'm proud of my body and I don't mind people gawking. But maybe I should take my own advice?"

"I think you should," Jessie said as she too poked at a giggling Marley as she joined the other two at the counter. "Although I do love seeing you like that."

"No reason to get up early anymore," ZoŽ said as her and Jessie laughed out loud and smacked a high five.

"Me too, me too," Marley said as she held her hands up and smacked high fives with both girls. The phone rang down the hall and Stephanie walked off to answer it.


"Everything OK?" Rick asked.

"Everything is fine here at Sammler Manning Manor," Stephanie said and heard Rick breathe a noticeable sigh of relief. "ZoŽ just got up dressed like a hoochie. Cori is working the corner and me and Jessie are pimping."

"I needed a good laugh," Rick said with a hearty laugh. "Been a long night."

"No baby yet?"

"No, but we're about two hours away from them inducing labor," Rick said. "I'm so scared."

"Breathe, chill, breathe," Stephanie said in a calm voice. "No one is gonna be any better off if you freak out."

"Thank god for you and Sarah," Rick said.


"She's been by Lily's side the whole time and they've been screaming at each other and then crying together," Rick said. Stephanie giggled as Rick smiled from the other end of the phone. "Without her here I'd have lost it by now."

"Well I got this end, even got Cori up and convinced her to go to school," Stephanie said.

"Another thing that is on my mind," Rick said. Jessie came down the hall as she listened intently. "Oh no, it's happening. Steph I'll call you back as soon as I can. Lily just went into labor."

"OK, take care of her," Stephanie said as the other end of the phone went dead.

"That my Dad?"

"Lily just went into labor," Stephanie said. Passion, Cori and ZoŽ practically squealed when they heard the news.

"New baby, new baby," Marley squealed as everyone met in the hallway. "Mommy have baby now?"

"She sure is Mar bear," Cori said as she hugged her little sister.

"WOW so cool," Passion commented.

"WOW!" Stephanie said. "OK, guys as much as I know everyone hates this, we got school."

"I don't..."

"...wanna go!" Stephanie and Passion said in unison and in response to Cori's complaint.

"Sooo mean to me!" Cori said with a smile and came to the conclusion that she might as well try this school thing without any more drama. Turning, she and Passion headed back to their respective bedrooms while Stephanie cooked an impromptu breakfast and then went to get dressed herself. Everyone had the potential new arrival on their mind. Cammy arrived just before they piled into Lily's car a half hour or so later and got an invite to ride along as the whole bunch headed for Upton-Sinclaire. "I'm really getting nervous."

"It's gonna be like an adventure," Passion said as her and Cammy smiled at each other. Stephanie pulled into the parking lot a few moments later and parked beside of ZoŽ and Mandy. Passion and Cammy got out and looked in awe at the massive building that was Upton-Sinclaire high school. "WOW!"

"And they say things are big in Texas," Cammy said as Stephanie laughed.

"It's bigger than my high school back home too," Stephanie said. Jessie hugged her girlfriend from behind as the two smiled.

"Cori you coming?" Passion asked as Cori still sat in the backseat.


"Yes you are," Passion said.

"No!" Cori insisted, even though she didn't wanna act like this, she still found herself doing it. Jessie took a deep breath as she moved back beside of Passion and pulled her away. Sticking her head inside the car she pointed her finger at the girl who was, for all intensive purposes, her sister and said in a demanding voice, "Get out of the damn car."

"OK, geez! You don't gotta scream at me," Cori said with a hurt look as she crawled out. She stopped when a shooting pain made her double over just as she got out of the car. "OWWWWWWW!"

"Here stand up, you ok?"

"Yeh, just twisted it the wrong way," Cori said as she twisted and tried to stretch out the muscles. Passion looked around and made sure no one could see as she fished out one of the pills and showed it to Cori. "No, I'm ok sis."

"Now can we do this?" Jessie asked as she hugged Cori. A sweet smile crossed Cori's face as she touched her forehead to Jessie's. "Mom and Dad want you to be normal. And you can't be without going to school."

"I got it, I'm ready," Cori said softly. Cori followrd the rest into the building as she and Jessie walked a bit slower and chatted. Passion and Cammy were first to be greeted by Principal Bird as he welcomed them into his office and had them sit down as their and Cori's class schedules printed out. Cori stood just outside the office in the hall and waited for her turn with the principal (a thought that made her nervous beyond anything she could remember). Unfortunately, she was now alone as Jessie and Stephanie had headed off to classes. "What am I doing here, I can't do this?"

"Cori Tyler?"

"Yes?" Cori asked as she turned and looked up at a man she knew she'd never seen before. "I'm Cori, Cori Tyler."

"Principal Larry Bird," he said as he shook Cori's hand. "I hear you're a little nervous about coming back to school?"

"Terrified and my Mom is in labor right now," Cori said as he turned and leaned against the wall beside of her. "I don't wanna be here."

"Like I do?" he asked. "I'd rather be out cruising in my Mustang. But we gotta do what we gotta do."

"But you choose to be here I'm here by force," Cori said.

"And in two years you can graduate cause you're a smart young lady," he said as Cori looked up at him with a questioning look in her eyes. "You are, I've reviewed your transcripts and you've gotten excellent grades for the last few months of home schooling."

"Yeh I do pretty good," Cori said with a smile as her confidence grew. "You think I can handle this? I don't remember what it's like."

"I see things every day that I wish I could forget," Principal Bird said as Cori laughed.

"Hey Mr. B got a new one for you!"

"Morning Dwayne, shoot," he said as Cori listened and wondered what was going on.

"What's an archeologist?" Dwayne asked. Cori thinking even she knew that and was about to answer when Principal Bird replied, "A person's whose career is in ruins?"

"Awww man, you're good," Dwayne said.

"Many years of bad jokes Dwayne," Principal Bird said. "Try again tomorrow?"

"You know it, later Mr. B," Dwayne said as he ran off to class.

"He likes you?" Cori asked.

"He does and I like him too," Principal Bird commented. "I find a friendly relationship between student and teacher is healthy. I hope if you need to talk you'll come to me."

"I will," Cori said with a smile. Cammy and Passion came out a few moments later.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-manning Manor, afternoon...

"Please be Grace or Rick," ZoŽ said as she ran out of the living room and snatched up the phone. "Hello?"

"It happened, she had the baby and it's beautiful," Sarah said in breathless excitement. ZoŽ didn't even have to ask what she meant as she squealed herself.

"Mom had the baby? Is she ok? What was it a boy or girl?" ZoŽ rambled as Mandy came out of the living room being trailed by Marley.

"Yes, yes and it's a boy," Sarah said. "It's so beautiful he's gonna be a heartbreaker."

"Mom had the baby," ZoŽ squealed as she held the phone down for a moment. "MOM HAD HER BABY! JESSIE, STEPH!"

"Very cool," Mandy said.

"Mommy gots a new baby, Mommy gots a new baby, Mommy gots a new baby," Marley sang happily as she started skipping up and down the hall. Jessie and Stephanie came to the top of the steps and thundered down them in excitement. ZoŽ filled everyone in on the latest news as a thrill ran through the crowd.

"Who went into the delivery room with her?" ZoŽ asked Sarah as everyone gathered around the phone to listen.

"I did, and it was an amazing experience," Sarah said. "Rick begged me. Sooo funny."

"What did they name it?" Stephanie asked as she listened at ZoŽ's ear.

"Rick Junior," Sarah giggled.

"Not very original," Stephanie said as everyone laughed.

"Grace and I will be home in a few minutes and if you wanna come see the new baby you can," Sarah said.

"OK, tell Mom I love her," ZoŽ said as her and Sarah hung up.

"WOW!" Jessie said with a huge smile as she hugged her girlfriend. Cori and Passion just came back into the house and were met by Marley as she crashed into Cori and hugged her sisters' legs.

"Mommy gots a new baby," Marley said as Cori's mouth dropped open and she smiled as she picked up her little sister and hugged Passion for a long moment.

"She really had the baby?" Cori asked.

"Yep," ZoŽ said with a huge smile.

"Day name it after Daddy, Cori," Marley announced. "Rick Junior. Him a boy."

"She picks everything up, huh?" Mandy asked.

"Yes I do, Manda," Marley said as Mandy snatched her from Cori's arms and started tickling her.

"So it's a boy?" Passion asked.

"It sure is," ZoŽ said as her and Passion hugged and squealed excitedly. Laughter came from the living room as Marley and Mandy wrestled.

"So what does this mean about living arrangements?" Stephanie asked. "The baby has got to go somewhere."

"You moving upstairs to my room," Jessie said with a horny smile. Stephanie nodded her head and kissed her girlfriend. "Be lots of Taebo time then."

"That is a good question," Passion said. "What are we gonna do?"

"How about you going home?" Mandy asked from the living room as Passion gave her a dirty look.

"Pashy already home, Manda," Marley said with a mean look.

"So are you Mar Bear," Mandy said as she poked Marley's belly and made her run away laughing.

"We should get going on dinner, Sarah and Grace will be starving once they get home," Jessie said.

** ** ** Meanwhile @ Sammler-Manning Manor, late afternoon...

"You ok baby?" Grace asked Sarah as they pulled into the driveway of Sammler-Manning Manor and sat there for a few moments.

"Still buzzing over the stuff that's happened in the last few days," Sarah said. "Me, you, Britt and Joanna?"

"MMMMMMMM," Grace said as she kissed her girlfriend.

"And the money, the baby, ohmigod I'm gonna burst," Sarah said as Grace giggled.

"Calm down, everything will be, ok," Grace said in a calming voice. Sarah grinned as she got out as did Grace. A car pulled up in the driveway behind the pair. Sarah's mouth dropped at her luck as she saw an excited Jamison pop out with Andrew in tow. "Hi, Jamison."

"That Mr. Sammler is a genius," Jamison said.

"He is?" Grace asked as she joined her girlfriend and hugged her from behind.

"His wanting to review the papers was a brilliant ploy," Jamison said.

"We've got them in the glove box," Grace said as she went to fish them out while still listening intently.

"We drove the price up, well the opening offer anyway," Jamison said as he produced a check for 1.2 million dollars. He handed it to Sarah. Grace seeing her girlfriend was now pale white as she stared at the check. "Do we have a deal?"

"Yep," Grace said as she handed Jamison the signed copy of the papers Rick had reviewed. "Signed, sealed and delivered."

"You're making an excellent deal, Sarah," Andrew commented. "I've also taken the liberty of setting up a trust fund for you that will send you payments every month. I thinks that's what your father would have wanted."

"Eugene, yeh he would love you for that," Sarah said. "This is surreal."

"Well, hold your socks cause I got more news," Jamison said as he pointed to the Larue place across the road. "You remember you saying you'd like to own the place?"

"Yeh and don't tell me someone bought it before me," Grace asked as she noticed the sign was gone from the front yard.

"Part of the bonus package," Jamison said. "You and your lovely girlfriend will be the new owners of that very piece of real estate in a matter of days if everything goes smoothly."

"We're moving in together?" Grace asked as Sarah grinned and nodded her head.

"I love you with every beat of my heart Grace Manning, be mine forever?" Sarah asked as she smiled. Grace simply nodded her head to confirm before kissing her girlfriend.

"Me too, my goofy blue eyes," Grace said with a huge smile and touched her forehead to Sarah's as Jamison watched on. He nudged Andrew and said, "Now that's beautiful."

"It sure is," Andrew agreed.

"How about I buy you some dinner, old long name?"

"And get started on the paper work," Andrew said.

"Thank you, thank you so much," Sarah said a few moments later as she met Jamison with a hug. "For everything."

"Don't get me to crying," Jamison said. "Besides I'll be in touch about the house and all."

"Bye," Grace and Sarah said in unison as Jamison and Andrew drove off a few moments later.

"My million dollar blue eyed baby," Grace said as Sarah wrapped the girl in her arms. "What you gonna do with all that money?"  

"The house, I'm sure will take a good chunk of it," Sarah said, "And I'm gonna buy me some new love toys. Ever heard of a Feeldoe?"

"Strapless strap-on?" Grace asked.

"Yep," Sarah said with a horny smile. "Gonna order me one."

"Or two or three," Grace said as she took the check and admired it. Sarah folded it up and slid it into her girlfriend's back jeans pocket. Taking the opportunity then to squeeze her ass cheeks. "MMMMMMMM, stop that or you're gonna have to do something to satisfy that urge."

"Good point," Sarah said as she took Grace's hand as they walked across the lawn and into the house, passing by Jessie and Stephanie as the two walked onto the porch to get some air. A car pulled into the driveway before the two could even make a comment. Jessie groaned as she looked to see who it was but then smiled as she saw her brother's head popping out of the car.

"Eli?" Jessie asked as she walked down the walk and met him at the front of the car with a hug. Stephanie saw RaeAnn get out of the passenger's side and joined the three at the front of the car. "What are you two doing here?"

"Maybe he heard about the baby?" Stephanie asked. Jessie blushed.

"Hello?" RaeAnn asked as she touched Jessie's arm. "Not even gonna say hi?"

"Oh yeah, hey sexy," Jessie said as she hugged a giggling RaeAnn and the two made a goofy show out of touching foreheads and staring longingly into the other's eyes. Stephanie groaned as she pushed RaeAnn away from her girlfriend. "Come back..."

"What are you two doing here?" Stephanie asked as she purposely pulled Jessie into her arms.

"See the new baby and talk to Dad and Lily about some stuff," Eli said.

"Anything wrong?" Jessie asked.

"Not at all," RaeAnn said as she hugged Eli. "I am in love with your brother, Jess."

"No you're not," Jessie said as RaeAnn laughed.

"I am too," RaeAnn replied. "A lot more than many people would think."

"What do you wanna talk to Mom and Dad about?" Jessie asked. Eli noted Jessie's use of the M word in reference to Lily.

"We are... thinking about..." Eli said slowly.

"Getting engaged to be married," RaeAnn said with a smile crossing her face. "It's only preliminary, don't get too excited. But we think we can handle it."

"You're marrying him?" Jessie asked as Eli gave her a dirty look. Sarah walked back onto the porch and watched as Eli said to his sister, "I can still take you over my knee."

He then chased Jessie across the yard. Jessie squealed in laughter when Eli caught her at the edge of the yard and began a tickle torture. Sarah sprinted off the porch, having been watching for a few moments, and crossed the yard in defense of her friend. Poor Eli was knocked to the grass as Jessie and Sarah escaped and ran back towards the house laughing. "You're both dead now."

"Come and get it Eli," Sarah said as Eli grinned and came running across the yard but stopping when he saw Marley and a girl he'd never met run out of the house.

"Hi, mister," Marley said as she stopped on a dime front of Eli and looking up at him. Mandy came to a stop behind Marley in the grass and smiled at Eli.

"Hey handsome you come to take me away?" Mandy asked as Eli grinned and returned the smile.

"And you are who?" Eli asked as Mandy.

"I Marley, dat is Manda, her ZoŽ Girl's girlfriend," Marley said as she looked up at Eli, wanting his attention.

"You're ZoŽ's what?" Eli asked in shock.

"Your Dad's on the phone," ZoŽ said as she came out of the house and handed Mandy the phone.

"Oh boy," Mandy said as she took it and kissed ZoŽ softly with a gleam in her eye before she walked back inside.

"Since when do you have a girlfriend?"

"For a long time now," ZoŽ said. "The last time you were here I mentioned it. Typical Eli."

"I'll call more often," Eli said. "And pay attention more from now on."

"You Jessie's big bubby?" Marley asked as she tugged on Eli's pants leg.

"Yeh and how did you know that?" Eli asked as he knelt down and met her gaze as Marley grinned. "You gots a picture on the wall. Mommy say you move out a long time ago."

"Is there anything she doesn't know?" Jessie asked as Marley grinned proudly. "You remember Cori moving in? We kind of mentioned it last time you visited when you met Marley and her sister Passion?"


"Mom's collecting kids now," Jessie said.

"How many people can you fit under one roof?" Eli asked as everyone laughed.

"Well right now it's Mom, Dad, Me, Steph, Jessie, Cori, Passion and Marley," ZoŽ commented. "Plus Sarah and Grace for a few days and now the new baby, Rick, Jr."

"Good thing I moved out," Eli said as Marley sat down in his lap and grinned at her.

"You my knew big bubby?" Marley asked as Eli grinned.

"I guess so," Eli said as Marley smiled. "I think I'll be coming home a lot more from now on."

"Hey my girl, I gotta run, Dad's puter is about to blow up," Mandy said as she came back out of the house in a rush with her shoes and jacket on.

"I hate Donald's computer. I thought we were going to the hospital to see the new baby?"

"Dad's got some big important account on this computer and if it crashes and he loses the information he's not gonna be happy," Mandy said. "I really do have to go."

"OK, I'll walk you to the car," ZoŽ said in disappointment as she took Mandy's hand and walked with her to the car which was parked on the edge of the grass. "This sucks."

"Do you think I wanna go?" Mandy asked as she took both of ZoŽ's hands in hers and kissed her softly. "No, I don't."

"I know, and it's unfair of me to be acting like a cunt," ZoŽ said as Mandy laughed.

"You are not acting like that," Mandy said. "And I promise I'll come get you soon as I'm done and we will go to the hospital and see the baby."

"OK... what the hell is that ugly thing?" Mandy asked as she looked down the road and saw a limo coming up the road. "Who rides in a limo that size?"

"Beats me," ZoŽ said as she felt herself being pulled into Mandy's arms protectively. "You think they're coming to take me away?"

"Not taking any chances," Mandy said with a kiss. ZoŽ grinned brightly. The impromptu basketball game that had sprang up in the driveway's basketball hoop with Eli, Jessie, Sarah and Stephanie came to a stop as the limo, to everyone's shock, came to a stop in the road in front of the house. Out popped a guy in a really expensive suit and a second man who looked like a member of ZZ Top, Mandy noted. Sarah and Jessie looked to be in shock and said in unison, "Brian Fate and Mad Jack!"

"Who?" Stephanie asked as Sarah grabbed Jessie's hand and pulled her along as the two went to meet the two men at the end of the driveway.

"G'day mate," Brian said as Jessie and Sarah stopped in front of him.

"What are you two doing here?" Jessie asked. "It's been months since we heard anything from you."

"Well first are your parents around?" Brian asked.

"At the hospital they just had a baby," Jessie said.

"I'm 18 now so need for a parent" Sarah said.

"Well I'll be damned, old Aussie boy here had to pick the one day of the fuckin year that the girl's Momma was popping out a new addition" Mad Jack commented. "You're damn good."

"Just tell us what your doing here," Sarah said impatiently.

"Well..." Brian stammered.

"We told those buncha backward hillbillies in Nashville to go fuck themselves and quit," Mad Jack said. "Me and Fate are starting up a new label and we've got our eye balls peeled on you two as the first act."

"You what?"

"Guy with a beard and dirty mouth, say what?" Jessie asked. Stephanie arrived by her girlfriend's side as Jessie staggered back and into her arms.

"Are you serious?" Sarah asked. Grace came out of the front door with Cori and Passion trailing her and walked down to meet her girlfriend knowing she was in shock at something.

"We are," Brian confirmed. "We're gonna be based out of Chicago..."

"First class operation too," Mad Jack said as he interrupted Brian. "World Class Producer, that'd be me, state of the art recording studio, best musicians, writers, producers and managers money can buy. And yeah, him too."

"Yeh I'm only the president of the company," Brian said as everyone laughed.

"What's the name?"

"Mad as Fate Records," Mad Jack said. "Cause we sure as hell are."

"But why your own company?" Jessie asked. Sarah took Grace's hand in hers.

"We wanted you two as a duo sorta like the Wreckers, Michelle Branch and that blond chick?" Mad Jack inserted. Everyone nodded. "Well, at first everyone was all excited but soon as those homophobic sons-of-bitches found out both you and Jessie were gay, suddenly their minds changed. I swear to you my home state of Tennessee is the most ignorant backward inbred state in the union. Takes those fuckers 20 years to figure out how to build a highway around a mountain instead of through it."

"I'm sure it's not that bad," Grace giggled.

"It is when you're a flaming liberal," Brian said.

"Kiss my hairy... you know," Mad Jack said.

"Anyway..." Brian went on. "We want you two as a duo."

"I love that idea," Jessie said as she smiled at Stephanie.

"Me too," Sarah agreed.

"And we also wanna stick it in the face of the Nashville Homophobes and let everyone know that you're both out and proud," Mad Jack said. "Cause I smell the money on this one."

"I don't know if I'm ready for that," Jessie said. "I just really got comfortable being out at school."

"Don't bother me," Sarah said. "But if Jessie's not comfortable, I'm not in."

"That's only for the publicity, the music will be what keeps people coming back once we get this thing rolling," Brian said. "Mad Jack knows every writer in Nashville and beyond and we can find you the best material."

"Supposing we do this," Jessie said. "What do we call ourselves?"

"How about Jan and Marsha?" Stephanie asked as Sarah and Jessie both laughed. Mad Jack and Brian joining in the laughter once they been filled in on the story of the two girls' respective nicknames.

"I'm thinking something bold like... Out," Mad Jack said. "As in out and proud."

"That might work," Sarah said as she got butterflies. "or we could call ourselves Tattoo, like the Russian les band? Only spell it like a body tattoo?"

"OH I like this one she's got a creative mind," Mad Jack said. "How about we come back by in a few days with the contracts?"

"That sounds like a plan," Sarah said.

"Jessie and Sarah are gonna be in a band?" Mandy ask in shock as ZoŽ smiled and nodded.

"I guess so," ZoŽ said in shock. "What else is gonna happen today?"

"I hope something does it's been kinda boring," Mandy said as ZoŽ laughed.

"Not funny Amanda," ZoŽ said as she grinned and kissed her girlfriend. "The baby, Sarah's money, Sarah and Jessie's recording contract, Eli and RaeAnn and Mom's gonna freak when she finds out about Aunt Judy getting married."

"That's enough to make your head spin," Mandy said as her and ZoŽ laughed. "I think I need to lay down."

"Want me to lay down with you?" ZoŽ asked with a knowing smile. "You can Google my Yahoo?"

"Only if YouTube MySpace" Mandy said as ZoŽ laughed. "Huh Zo?"

"MMMMMM, I been thinking about just that," ZoŽ admitted.

"Me too," Mandy admitted. "Wasn't sure you had though."

"Talking to Steph and all, she's kind of encouraged me to explore that... side" ZoŽ said quietly.

"I'm gonna have to thank her," Mandy said as she kissed her girlfriend. "Did she talk you into shaving your Yahoo like hers?"

"How do you know she even had that?"

"Look at her," Mandy said. "That tan, that body, no way she's sporting a bush down there."

"Smoothie," ZoŽ said as both grinned. "She told me."

"Not you?"

"Yes me too," ZoŽ said as she blushed from head to toe. "No comments from the peanut gallery."

"I wanna see," Mandy said as she kissed ZoŽ's cheek.

"Ugh!" ZoŽ said as she blushed. "You're mean."

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," Mandy said as ZoŽ took a long moment to consider that. "I bet it's pretty."

"It's smooth too," ZoŽ said as Mandy grinned. "Hold on before we get to lost in conversation, don't you gotta be going?"

"Yeah, unfortunately," Mandy said as she kissed ZoŽ one more time and saying before she got into the car, "I love you."

"I know, I love you too, now go so you can come pick me up," ZoŽ said as Mandy smiled and pulled away from the curb and drove off, following after the Limo with Mad Jack and Brian Fate in it. Eli and RaeAnn headed for the hospital a moment later as ZoŽ wandered slowly up the lawn as Grace, Jessie, Sarah and Marley walked back inside. Stephanie, with her camera now, was sitting on the grass in the front yard and snapping pictures of random objects ZoŽ thought as she sat down by her friend. "Hey?"

"Oh hey, what's up?"

"I'm in love," ZoŽ said with a smile.

"Me too," Stephanie said as she snapped a picture of ZoŽ and giggled. But stopped when she saw the picture in the camera's LCD. "WOW, ZoŽ, girl you are stunning."

"Is that me?" ZoŽ asked as Stephanie nodded.

"Let me take some pictures of you?" Stephanie asked as ZoŽ shrugged. Stephanie excitedly jumped to her feet.

"Ok, lay back on the grass and look up at me and give me a look like your in love with me," Stephanie said as she began to snap away and slowly moved in a circle around ZoŽ, whose eyes never left Stephanie's lens. "OK, roll over on to your stomach and follow me with your eyes."

"How many you gonna take?" ZoŽ asked with a grin as Stephanie shrugged and clicked a few more times and sat back down on the grass.

"You are seriously model beautiful," Stephanie commented as she clicked through the images. ZoŽ blushed. "Damn!"

"Yeh right," ZoŽ said. "I'm sure you really think that."

"Why is it so hard for you to realize that someone can find you attractive?" Stephanie asked.


"Yeh... Mandy?"

"I thought you were gonna say you," ZoŽ said as Stephanie gave her a determined look. "I'm hot as fuck, remember?"

"Yeh I do," Stephanie said. "But obviously you can't get it through your thick skull that I could have the hots... you know."

"Have the hots for who?"

"You, airhead," Stephanie said. "God you're so hard headed it's maddening."

"So you say," ZoŽ said in a giggle and knew she was pushing Stephanie's buttons but secretly loving the ego boost.  She rolled over onto her back and laughing as Stephanie crawled after her. The two beginning a giggling fight that soon featured Stephanie pinning ZoŽ's hands to the grass. "Am I still fugly like you said?"

"UGH!" Stephanie groaned in frustration as she let ZoŽ sit up, glaring at her as she laughed. "I know you're trying to push my buttons but it's true. You're really beautiful. And I would ask you out if we were single."

"Seriously, it's hard to believe," ZoŽ said. "You've like got everything a guy or girl would want."

"You do too," Stephanie said as she stood and pulled ZoŽ up too. An awkward moment passed as the two stood only an inch or so apart. ZoŽ saw a gleam in Stephanie's eyes that she'd never seen before. A smirk almost, an evil grin and then the words ZoŽ would never forget, "Maybe this will prove my point..."

"What..." ZoŽ asked as Stephanie leaned in and kissed her lips softly. Holding it for a second and pulling away with a devilish grin on her face. "What the fuck?"

"Damn that was better than I thought it'd be," Stephanie said with a wicked grin. "Jessie is gonna sooo kill me."

"So am I you crazy bitch," ZoŽ said as Stephanie ran off laughing, leaving ZoŽ standing in the front yard... stunned.

To be Continued....