Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 13 "On The Horizon"

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Two days later.......

"Concert and Parking Lot Party" Jessie read aloud to Katie, "tonight at 6:00 at the Rosemont Horizon."

"Sounds weird" Katie said in response, "anyway, who's playing?"

"Says Lonestar and Blue Clear Water" Jessie answered, "Never heard of that second one."

"There a local band" Katie said, "I know the drummer's brother's step sister"

"Cool should we go" Jessie asked.

"Yeh if you want" Katie replied, "I think I can get tickets."

"I better call Grace and tell her to pick us up" Jessie said, "I think she's still at Sarah's."

Jessie dropped the quarter in to the payphone and dialed the number and Sarah picked up. "Is Grace their?"

"Yeh she's still laying in bed," Sarah said as Jessie repeated it to Katie in a whisper and they giggled.

"Hello" Grace said still yawning and stretching.

"Hey hot lips" Jessie said in her sexiest tone of voice, then talking again normally continued on, "did Sarah wear you out last night? it's 12:30 in the afternoon and your still in bed."

"Bite me Jessie" Grace said grumpily, "what do you want?"

"We need a ride home from the mall can you come and get us" Jessie asked nicely.

"You can't find another way home" Grace asked wanting to go back to bed and feeling Sarah hug her from behind.

"No and anyways there's a party tonight and we thought you might wanna go" Jessie said.

"A party? Not interested" Grace said.

"Well it's really more of a concert with a party in the parking lot" Jessie said, "Lonestar's playing?"

"No shit" Grace said as she looked at Sarah over her shoulder and told her about the party.

"I can get us three tickets I think" Katie said into Jessie's ear.

"We got the tickets I think" Jessie told Grace, "Katie knows the drummer's extended family from one of the opening acts."

"Can Sarah come?" Grace asked

"She wants to know if Sarah can come" Jessie said.

"Are they attached at the hip suddenly" Katie asked, not knowing about the long conversation Grace and Jessie had had just two days before and that Grace and Sarah where sorta of involved.

"Yeh sorta like us" Jessie giggled, "their friends and she doesn't wanna leave her out."

"OK, OK I'll try to get four tickets then." Katie replied.

Grace excitedly agreed to the plan as her and Sarah did the happy dance as Grace calls it and got ready to pick up Katie and Jessie at the mall. Walking down to the car and getting in, Sarah stopped Grace from starting the engine for a second. Then smiling she pressed her lips softly to Grace's.

"MMMMMMM" Grace said smiling and starting the car, "I was wondering when you where gonna do that again."

"You know that still fills so new" Sarah said still leaning close and smiling, "besides you could have kissed me anytime in the last two days."

"Hey" Grace said trying to keep a straight face, "I'm new at this whole lesbian thing."

"Yeh that's what makes it all the more exciting......GRRRRRRR" Sarah said playfully growling at Grace as she kissed her again.

"By the way I love your bed" Grace said as they pulled out and headed towards the mall.

"Yeh pretty nice huh?" Sarah said sitting back and enjoying the ride, "I've had that for years, sleep like a baby in it."

They arrived at the mall a short time later and Jessie and Katie where waiting out front, so no need to try and find a parking place. They started talking about the party and Katie said she needed to go to a friends house and see about the tickets. Grace agreed and Katie went in and came back out with good news, she was able to get the tickets.

"Partay" Sarah shouted as they pulled out and headed towards the house.

"Are you guys gonna be out late" Karen asked Jessie later that day as they stopped by Jessie's house.

"No Mom we won't" Jessie said trying to reassure her mom, "Grace has the car for tonight and we'll be back before too late."

"Grace keep an eye on her" Karen said.

"MOM" Jessie said getting a little frustrated.

"OK OK have a good time" Karen said as the gang piled into the car and drove off for the Rosemont. Figuring if they got there early they would be one of the first, but they where far from the first. But the parking was ok Grace observed. As they scored a good place only a few minutes walk from the venue. A small part of the parking lot had been roped off for the parking lot party.

"Let's see what's up" Sarah said pulling Grace along after her.

"Are they dating or what?" Katie asked stopping Jessie for a second, "cause they look awful touchy feely today."

"Not exactly,but Grace is crazy about her and Sarah feels the same I think" Jessie said as this look of amazement came over Katie's face, "but you can't tell anyone, cause Grace made me swear."

"Their seriously into each other?" Katie asked, her expression changing to one Jessie had never seen before.

"Yeh like I said Grace is crazy about her and from what I can see she's totally into Grace too." Jessie said walking ahead before Katie stopped her again.

"Are you sure?" Katie asked again.

"Yes Katie I am absolutely positively certain" Jessie said laughing, but not seeing even a hint of a smile from Katie.

"This is just to weird" Katie said, "don't you think?"

"What is?"

"Sarah suddenly goes from uber jealous of me and you to so in love with Grace in like no time." Katie said, her jealousy beginning to show a little.

"No I don't think it's weird at all" Jessie said in return, "Sarah and Grace are together because they wanna be, not because of us."

"Yeh and you believe that" Katie said pulling Jessie by the arm away from the crowd.

"Yes, I do" Jessie said thinking about the few times she had hung out with Sarah and how nice she was to her, since the big incident. Then about how she saw the way Sarah looked at Grace and for that matter how Grace looked at Sarah and she was convinced that Sarah's feelings where real.

"It's so obvious that she is just hanging out with Grace so she can spy on us" Katie said acting like she had just hit on the discovery of a century, "then when she manages to break us up, she can try and get me back."

"Are you loosing your pretty mind" Jessie asked trying to get Katie to smile.

"No and you know I'm right." Katie said again.

"Your serious" Jessie said in shock, "geez your ego is growing like the national debt. What makes you think it's all about you?"

"I know Sarah and she'll do anything to get me back" Katie said.

"You know I never thought I would see this side of you" Jessie said tears coming to her eyes, "the whole world does not revolve around you Katie Singer. Seems to me your the only one obsessed here. Sarah is in love with Grace, I see that, cause it's the same way you looked at me and still do."

"Jessie" Katie said the impact of her words slamming directly into her heart, "I'm...."

"No save it" Jessie said, "I don't wanna hear it. You said your piece now it's my turn."

"OK" Katie said leaning against the light post behind her.

"Forget it" Jessie said,"you've got everything figured out. So have fun tonight I'm gonna go and hang out with the 'so-called' competition and let her know, if she wants you back, she can have you."

Jessie walked off, tears stinging her face and her heart breaking. "Did I just break up with her or what" Jessie asked herself. Stopping just before she reached Grace and Sarah, who where standing in line to get a soda.

"Oh my god Jessie" Sarah said turning around as she walked up, "what's wrong?"

"Me and Katie just had a huge fight" She said as Sarah and Grace moved out of line and walked with her to the picnic tables a few feet away, "Grace I told her about you and Sarah..."

"Why?" Grace asked sitting down.

"Because she asked and she already knew, you guys aren't exactly hiding it very well" Jessie said forcing a smile.

"Yeh" Sarah giggled, "that's true."

"So anyway she started going on about how you where only with Grace to break us up and all" Jessie said crying as Sarah hugged her.

"Jessie look at me" Sarah said, "I would never do that. I want you to know that."

Sarah then got up and walked away saying she needed to talk to Katie for a second. The further she walked she more angry she became. Finally reaching Katie setting on the ground beside the light post where Jessie left her, with her head down, crying.

"Katie" Sarah said kneeling down beside her and deciding to try and be civil.

"Yeh" Katie said looking up to see who it was.

"You know you made Jessie cry" Sarah asked trying to control her temper, "and for your information Princess, I am not hanging out with Grace just to break you and Jessie up."

"Whatever...." Katie said turning away.

"Yeh and you know it" Sarah said, "It's the same thing over and over with you. Why can't you quit being jealous for one nanosecond and realize what you got. Jessie is not gonna put up with your crap like I did. Cause I won't let her. I'm hoping she'll be my friend, like I was hoping we could."

"So you can break us up" Katie said still feeling hurt over the Jessie fight.

"It's all about you huh, Katie Singer the one girl no one can get over" Sarah said turning her around by the shoulder and forcing Katie to look her in the eye, "get this through your thick skull Katie. I am with Grace for a lot of reasons, and not one of them has anything to do with you."

Sarah figuring she was getting no where got up to walk away, when she heard Katie asked in a low voice, "Your really in love?"

"I dunno if you can call it love" Sarah said walking back towards Katie, "But I see a side of Grace no one else gets too....she's amazing."

"Do you think Jessie will talk to me again?" Katie asked as Sarah sat down beside her.

"Yeh she's crazy about you, for some unexplainable reason" Sarah said elbowing Katie and trying to get her to smile, "but if you don't stop this your gonna lose her, forever."

"I know" Katie quietly, wiping her eyes, "I really don't know what I'd do with out her."

"I do" Sarah said smiling devilishly, "you'd try to break me and Grace up, so you could have me back."

"I would not you slut" Katie said getting up and chasing after Sarah.

Sarah ran back to the picnic table out of breath with laughter and grabbed Grace's arm and said, "protect me she's gonna kill me."

"Knowing your mouth you probably deserve it" Grace said giggling as Katie ran over to the picnic table and Grace pushed Sarah into her path. Jessie turned away from the action and walked off slowly after a few seconds.

"That was not funny" Sarah said sitting up on the table as Katie went after Jessie.

"No but it's true" Grace giggled as Sarah pulled her towards her.

"Do you know how much I think about you?" Sarah asked Grace putting her arms around Grace's neck as Grace sat down beside her. And then answering before she could respond, "all the time."

"Good to know" Grace said giggling, "I thought about you a little yesterday..."

"A little.... that's all" Sarah said trying to look disappointed.

"Yeh a little every minute of the day" Grace said. As Sarah smiled and leaned into to kiss her before Grace stopped her, looking around nervously. "Sorry!" She said pulling away as Grace looked up at her.

"It's ok" Grace said, "I just don't think I'm ready for that."

"Look" Sarah said as Jessie and Katie kissed, "they made up...."

"I knew they would" Grace said, "there meant for each other."

"You think?" Sarah asked, "what about us?"

"Yeh I do think" Grace said, "and us? Where just crazy."

Jessie and Katie did indeed make up and came back over to the group. Getting food and drinks a while later they saw the LoneStar RV roll in as everyone jumped up and down. The concert was about to begin when a guy announced the gates where open to enter. It took a while to find their seats, but they did after about a half hour. Not bad considering they where free, Grace thought. Sarah pointed out that their was a dance floor set up on the lower section. Jessie and Katie where now all lovey dovey again after their fight, a site which made Sarah happy for some reason.

The opening act was a band called Blue Clear Water, a sorta Country boy band with a blues edge, Jessie said reading from the flier she found on the floor. Right before they found a wallet and several other items that looked like they had been there for years.

"Three hundred bucks" Jessie said amazed at the amount of money in the wallet, then looking for identification, finding none. She handed half to Sarah who helped her find it and tossed it back down. Sarah suggested spending it now before someone came back looking for it.

"Hey thanks, you know about the Katie thing " Jessie said as they walked to one of the souvenir stands.

"Your welcome" Sarah said blushing, "I would do again in a heartbeat. I'm hoping we can be friends some day."

"As long as you don't break Grace's heart we can be" Jessie said surprising herself with what she said. Thinking she sounded like Grace was really her sister almost.

"I won't" Sarah said simply.

They spent a good part of the money on Lonestar T-shirts and their new CD, "A present" Sarah said from her to Jessie. Excepting the gift and looking at the songs, they walked back to their seats.

"Here I know you love him" Sarah said throwing a t-shirt at Grace playfully, "so I got you one with Richie on it."

"He is so fine" Grace said holding it up as the people around them roundly agreed.

Blue Clear Water played and some other guy made an ass out of himself trying to get a laugh, but failed miserably. Finally it was time for LoneStar.

"Now don't wet yourself" Sarah told Grace as they come on stage and the Horizon went nuts.

"Jealous?" Grace asked looking at Sarah, "thinking I like him more than you?"

"No I'm not one bit jealous" Sarah said leaning close and touching her forehead to Grace's, "I think he's cute too and anyways I know I'm your thing."

"You sure are" Grace said smiling as they parted and started to sing along with the music. Jessie suggested the two go down and dance a few songs later. But Grace feeling a little shy, had to be talked into it by Sarah.

"Come on please for me" Sarah asked with her pouched out lip.

"OK fine I will" Grace said giving in.

They danced slowly to Grace's favorite song, "I've Gotta Find You". Feeling nervous at first Grace looked around a lot and kept her distance, but Sarah pulled her closer and as she got into the song they both forget the other people on the floor, as much they could anyway, being that it was fairly crowded. "I love dancing with you" Sarah said into Grace's ear and hearing Grace say back "I love just being with you."

"Katie, Katie Singer" A voice said from behind Jessie and Katie, as they took a bathroom break.

"Cori" Katie said smiling and hugging her like she was an old friend. "One I've never heard off" Jessie thought.

"This is Jessie" Katie said to Cori a few minutes later, "my girlfriend."

Cori and Katie talked for a few minutes about old times as Jessie stood by and smiled and laughed when they did. Trying to be nice and hoping Katie would get the idea she wanted to go and hurry up. After a few more minutes Cori looked at her watch and said "I gotta get back to my seats. I tell you what, meet me outside after the concert at the picnic tables and we'll catch up ok."

"OK we'll be there" Katie said as Cori left.

The rest of the concert seemed to drag on forever as Grace and Sarah made goo goo eyes at each other and danced a few more times. While Katie talked non-stop about Cori and "the old times" as she called them. Seems she couldn't wait to see her friend again, which honestly made Jessie a little jealous. Although she refused to let it show.

"WOW what a concert" Grace said meeting Jessie and Katie at the exit, "I love Richie." she said going on and batting her eyes dreamily.

"Oh Grace shut up already" Sarah said giggling and pushing her away.

"Guys if your ready can we go Katie's got a friend she wants to meet outside." Jessie asked.

"Who" Sarah asked.

"Cori Tyler" Katie said, "you remember her right."

"Yeh all too well" Sarah said turning to Grace and saying, "unless you really want meet her can we just go and hang out in the car?"

"Sure" Grace said seeing that Sarah was visibly upset.

They agreed to meet by the car in an hour as Jessie and Katie headed off. They met Cori right where she said she would be and all three sat down and started to chat. One thing Jessie noticed right away was Cori checking her out and although it made her a little uncomfortable, she found herself enjoying the attention a little. Cori was no dog either, Jessie observed.About her height with a similar build, but her face made her look so much younger than she really was.

"Are you cold?" Katie asked Jessie.

"Yeah" Jessie admitted hoping it would be the signal to let Katie know she was ready to leave.

"Well wait here and I'll get your coat ok" Katie said as she got up to leave.

"You guys knockin da boots?" Cori asked as soon as Katie was out of ear shot.

"I don't think that's any of your business" Jessie said.

"OK" Cori said laughing, "you think I want Katie don't you?"

"No" Jessie replied,but realizing the thought had crossed her mind.

"I don't me and Katie are.... well..." Cori said trying to find the right words, "I guess you could say fuck buddies from the Sarah Grasser days."

"Do what?" Jessie asked choking on her drink, "are you kidding?"

"No" Cori said seriously, "and I bet judging by your reaction that you didn't know anything about it?"

"No I didn't" Jessie said, "but I'm thinking maybe I want to."

"Really?" Cori asked staring intently into to Jessie's eyes.

"Yeh you gonna tell me?" Jessie asked.

"Sure if you wanna know" Cori said before beginning the story. "Me and Katie where friends, you know same class in school for like ages and I always thought she was gay or at least swung both ways. But didn't find out for sure until she came out at school, with Sarah," and continued on saying "well I started hitting on her and she shot me down about a thousand times until I hit up on an idea that really made her putty wet."

"And that was?" Jessie asked wanting Cori to go on as she looked away briefly as this girl walked by wearing a pair of daisy dukes.

"A three-way" Cori said simply, shocking Jessie and making her think about Katie's reaction when she mentioned it and how she seemed to want nothing to do with it, "that got her very interested."

"So what happened?" Jessie asked.

"Well Sarah, her ex, didn't want anything to do with it" Cori said, "but Katie talked her into it from what I know. So we after got together at my house a few weeks later and well you can guess the rest. Unless you really want the details?"

"Yeh and that's ok" Jessie said.

"A few weeks after that Katie and Sarah had this huge falling out" Cori said finishing the story Jessie thought was finished, "Katie told me later, they started fighting right after that night and it just got worse."

"WOW" Jessie said feeling sorta powerful with this new knowledge of Katie.

"And like I said Katie and me are buddies so you got nothing to worry about" Cori smiling at Jessie and making her blush, "I'd much rather hook up with you."

"Sorry but I'm taken" Jessie said finding herself enjoying the attention, maybe a little to much.

"Damn I always miss out on the good stuff" Cori said before pausing and then saying, "can I ask a question?"

"Sure I guess so" Jessie asked liking Cori's smile more and more.

"You ever consider doing a three-way with another girl?" Cori asked, "and be honest"

"UMMM" Jessie said hesitating and not knowing what to say exactly, before deciding to answer it honestly, "yeh I have actually."

"HMMMMMMMMM I thought you might have a little wild side in you" Cori said smiling and leaning forward on the seat. Then Jessie felt a hand touch her knee and move up slowly and asking, "what about me? Would you ever consider doing one with me?"

Jessie found herself getting turned on no matter how much she tried to turn it off. Cori's hand felt nice she thought and didn't wanna tell her to stop, although she knew she should. "You mean you and Katie and me?" Jessie asked as she spotted Katie out of the corner of her eye.

"Yeh now that would be so hot" Cori said smiling as Katie sat back down and handed Jessie her jacket. Jessie felt Cori's hand leave her leg and the smile quickly disappeared.

"Definitely" Jessie said to Cori as Katie shot both of them a strange look and asked what they where talking about.

"Something that'll make your putty hot" Cori said standing up, "I'll be back, I got a roll one if you know what I mean. Fill her in Jess"

"A three-way, being since you've already done one" Jessie said as a look of dread came over her face, knowing that Jessie now knew everything.

"Jess that was a lifetime ago" Katie said, "and that is something I don't wanna go into ok."

"No" Jessie said, "what if I said I wanted to do it?"

"Do it with who" Katie asked in surprise.

"Cori" Jessie asked, "being that you've already did it once, why not with me?"

"Please tell me your kidding" Katie said.

"No I'm not" Jessie replied.

"You wanna know why not?" Katie asked, "because the last time I did, it cost me someone I loved."

"Yeh because you fuckin forced her to do it" Jessie said letting her anger show, "but your not forcing me I want to, at least I think I do." Jessie tried to explain and being unsure in her own mind about whether she wanted to do it or not.

"Damn I needed that" Cori said sitting back down and reeking of pot, "so we all set for the tri-fecta de licky"

"Sure are" Jessie said to Cori while at looking at Katie.

To be Continued....