Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 14 "Don't Stop"

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"I can't believe you really danced with me" Sarah said.

"You ask and you looked so pathetic I just had to" Grace said as Sarah smacked her arm.

"That is not funny" Sarah said smiling.

"We got so many weird looks" Grace said.

"Yeh I'm sorta used to that" Sarah replied.

"Guess I'll have to get used to it" Grace said making Sarah smile.

"You'll really do that for me?" Sarah asked.

"I think you know by now I would" Grace said.

"So you wanna take a walk while we're waiting for Katie and Jessie" Sarah asked a few minutes later.

"Yeh I need some air"

Getting out of the car and walking back towards the Rosemont, Sarah took Grace's arm. They stopped to talk to a few people who commented on what a couple they made, which made Grace blush. Before moving on and finding a bench in front of the building. Chatting for a while, and just staring into each other's eyes for the most part is all they did for the next few minutes.

"Grace" A voice said from behind her, as Grace turned to look who said her name and got a huge shock.

"Mr. Dimitri?" Grace said in amazement and shock.

"How are you Grace" He asked.

"I'm fine" Grace said slowly coming back to reality, "What are you doing here?"

"Anne wanted to come and see the band" Mr. Dimitri said.

Sarah stood up and joined the group as Mr. Dimitri explained he was now living in West Lafayette, Indiana and writing on his new book. An attractive young woman walked over and joined the group a few seconds later.

"Grace this is Anne" August said, "My new girlfriend."

"You don't remember me do you?" Sarah asked him.

"Sarah Grasser" Mr. Dimitri said, "right."

Sarah attempted to put her arms around Grace's, when Grace pushed her away and payed no attention as she was staring still in somewhat of a daze at Mr. Dimitri.

"So you guys are good friends now?" Mr. Dimitri asked Grace.

"Yeh we're just friends, that's all" Grace said looking briefly at Sarah.

"I assumed you where" Mr. Dimitri said smiling.

"So this is the famous Grace Manning, huh August" Anne asked.

"Yeh this is her, one of those once in a lifetime students" Mr. Dimitri said making Grace blush.

"I swear if I didn't know better I'd think he was in love with you" Anne commented.

"Anne your embarrassing her" Mr. Dimitri said as Grace continued to blush and staifr at him.

"Mr. Dimitri are you staying in town long" Grace said with a hopeful sound in her voice.

"No we're leaving here in a few minutes gotta get back, she's got work on Monday" Mr. Dimitri said, as Grace's face fell.

"So are you seeing anyone right now?" Mr. Dimitri asked.

"No, no one special" Grace replied as Sarah stood back up and moved to her side, thinking maybe she would rephrase that last comment. But when Grace refused to look at her, she decided to leave them alone.

"It was nice seeing you again Mr. Dimitri, Grace I'll see you at the car." Sarah said walking away coldly and getting very angry and beginning to cry.

"I hope it wasn't something I said" Mr. Dimitri said watching as Sarah walked away.

"Huh?" Grace said just then noticing that Sarah had left and it finally dawning on her, that maybe she said something.

"No she's just tired" Grace said, "she'll be ok."

"Grace.... Grace" Mr. Dimitri said trying to get Grace's attention again, "we gotta be going, it was nice to see you again."

"You have to go already?" Grace asked not wanting the moment to end so quick, but worried about Sarah and wanting to check on her.

"Yeh it's a long trip" He said, "listen if you ever get down that way, be sure to drop by and see me ok."

"Yeh Grace we've got a huge house on the lake, so we'd love to have you and your friend too" Anne said.

"Cool, really, I'd love too" Grace said a huge smile spreading across her face.

"Bye Grace" Mr. Dimitri said as he and Anne walked off.

"Bye Mr. Dimitri" Grace said still in disbelief that she had really seen him. Walking back towards the car she began to remember some of what Sarah had said and how big of a jerk she acted like. She reached the car a few moments later and it was empty. Beginning to worry she looked all around, as far as she could see and Sarah was no where in site. "SARAH" Grace screamed, really beginning to worry now.

"Where are you?" Grace said under her breath. Walking all the way back to the building and the bench where she and Sarah where sitting. "Damn it Sarah where are you?"

Glancing to her right she noticed a girl walking by herself, and started to walk towards her. Getting closer and hoping it was Sarah, Grace thought maybe it was. But as she got to within shouting distance she could see it wasn't.

"Sarah I'm Sorry" Grace said panicking and worrying she might not see her again that night. Everyone around looking at her strangely as she muttered, "god I'm stupid..."

Wrapping her arms around herself to protect against the cold, Grace walked slowly back to the car, hoping every person she saw was Sarah, but none of them where. Reaching the car she opened the passenger side and sat down inside for a second and started to think. Closing her eyes and laying her head back she started to really worry as her stomach began to churn and she wondered where Sarah had run off too.

"Grace?" A voice said as Grace's heart leaped almost out of her chest, hoping it Sarah.

"Sarah" Grace said spinning around.

"No it's just me" Mr. Dimitri said.

"OH" Grace obviously let down, "I thought you where leaving?"

"I was, but I just had to see you again before I left." Mr. Dimitri said smiling at her in the way only he could.

"You did?" Grace asked.

"Yeh" Mr. Dimitri said, "I'm glad where alone at least for a few seconds. Because I wanted to say, if you do decide to come down, I'd really like it. Where both free now, in a sense."

"Yeh we are" Grace said wondering if he really meant what he was saying. Then she had no doubt left as he took her hand and slipped her a card.

"It's my home and cell number" He said, "and my address is on the back. You can call me anytime, collect if you want. I'd just like to hear your voice."

"I'd like that too" Grace said feeling him coming closer, "I know I never told you before, mostly because I couldn't, but Grace your......"

"I'm what?" She asked as he trailed off.

"Your amazing" He said leaning close and kissing her softly on the lips. "Yeh your amazing all right."

"Sarah" Grace said as he pulled away and remembered that Sarah was still missing.

"HUH" He said as she jumped out the car and looked around, "I kiss you and your thinking of your friend?"

"She's more than a friend" Grace said thinking about what she wanted to say next, "she's my best friend..."

"So she'll come back don't worry about her" Mr. Dimitri said moving close again and taking Grace's hand in his own. Kissing her again ever so briefly, until Grace spotted something out of the corner of her eye. Pulling away to get a better look, she could see very clearly it was Sarah. Pushing Mr. Dimitri aside she ran as fast as she could around the cars. Sarah saw her coming and looked away not wanting to see her. Getting closer Grace could see she had been crying. Slowing and stopping in front of her she made Sarah look at her.

"Look at me Sarah" Grace said catching her breath.

"Maybe I don't want too" Sarah said looking up.

Taking Sarah's face in her hands, she still tried to look away. "I'm sorry" Grace said not caring at this very moment, who or what was going on. Sarah pushed her hands away and tried to push by her, not knowing what else to do, Grace took her arm and spun her around. Thinking only for an instant before pressing her lips to Sarah's passionately and wrapped her arms around Sarah's neck.

She could feel Sarah try to push her away at first, but after a few seconds she started to kiss her back. Pulling Grace closer to her. Grace pulled away suddenly and almost gasped for breath and looked at Sarah for her reaction.

"I'm sorry for what I did I wasn't thinking." Grace said as she saw the smile on Sarah's face and before could she go on. Sarah kissed her and Grace knew everything was alright.

"I know " Sarah said as they touched their heads together.

"I guess you guys are more than friends" Mr. Dimitri said from behind Grace. Who just then remembered he was their.

"Yeh" Grace said blushing a severe crimson color and nervously moving around.

"I guess I had better go" Mr. Dimitri said, "Grace it was really nice seeing you again, and you have my number, so call me sometime ok."

"Bye Grace, Bye Sarah" Mr. Dimitri said as he disappeared into the darkness.

"If you ever do that to me again I'm gonna forget I ever knew you" Sarah said pushing Grace away as soon Mr. Dimitri was out of ear shot.

"What?" Grace asked thinking she had done something just then.

"You made me feel like crap earlier in front of him" Sarah said walking ahead, "and you didn't have to."

A long silence filled the night as Grace thought of a way to apologize that she hadn't already done.

"Are you even sorry or what?" Sarah asked, "that's all you gotta say."

Taking Sarah's hand in hers and looking her right in the eye, Grace said, "I'm sorry, my mind sorta stopped working for a minute or ten there."

"That's the way I feel when you kiss me" Sarah said giggling nervously.

"I am sorry" Grace said.

"I know you are" Sarah said, "but I'm also sure of something else."

"What?" Grace asked intrigued.

"That you're also not sure of what you want." Sarah said letting Grace's hands go, "and until you figure it out, I think we should cool it."

"You mean it's over, just like that?" Grace asked feeling her heart start to panic.

"No" Sarah said, "here's what I mean. I want you and me to be friends, best friends, cause I love that most of all. But you need to figure out what you really want and if that's us, then great. More than great really, but if not. Then we don't mess up our friendship. Cause I want you in my life, for real, you are my best friend Grace."

"WOW" Grace said, almost in shock at what Sarah said.

"Yeh" Sarah said smiling, "that's what I say when you kiss me."

"Well let's test that theory" Grace said smiling and kissing Sarah.

"WOW" Sarah said with a dreamy look in her eyes and both started laughing."Don't stop."

"Hey there comes Jessie and....." Grace said stopping as she didn't recognize the other girl.

"Who is that?" Sarah asked then recognizing who it was, "I don't believe this shit?"

"What who is it" Grace asked as the girl and Jessie stopped about 10 yards, with Katie nowhere in sight.

"That slut Cori Tyler" Sarah said getting in the car, "she's the reason me and Katie broke up, pretty much."

Jessie and Cori seemed to be having a real good time as they giggled and playfully pushed each other and wrestled around. Jessie told Cori something and started walking towards the car.

"Hey" Jessie said out of breath almost, "we'll be ready in a minute ok, just waitin on Katie to get back from the bathroom. I'm gonna talk to Cori for a few more seconds."

"Ok" Grace said as Jessie ran back off and she got back in the car.

"She's cool" Jessie said to Cori, "but soon as Katie gets back we gotta go."

"Damn" Cori said looking disappointed, "I don't know if I can wait three days to see you again."

"I still don't know though, about the three-way" Jessie said getting nervous.

"If you didn't wanna do it you would never have let me kiss you" Cori said.

"What kiss...." Jessie started to ask before being cut off, when Cori pressed her lips to Jessie's. To her surprise Jessie found herself kissing Cori back. Before Cori pulled away prematurely and smiled. "That kiss" Cori said watching for Jessie's reaction.

"That was nice" Jessie said not believing she said that out loud.

"You mean you didn't mind" Cori asked nervously. The first time since she had met Cori that she had seen her getting that way.

"No and I wouldn't mind if you did it again" Jessie said looking for Katie as she said that, and turning back, Cori kissed her lips again. This time moving her hand to Jessie's cheek and ever so gently searching for Jessie's tongue as the two moved body to body and Jessie lost herself in Cori's kiss. Wrapping her arms around her neck for a brief instant.

This kiss didn't go unnoticed by Grace and Sarah as they wondered what the hell was going on. And judging from Jessie's reaction she wasn't fighting it to hard. Jessie met Cori's tongue with her own and she found herself frenching with a girl she barely knew. The need for oxygen though ended the kiss, before either one really wanted.

"Do you always kiss people you just met that way" Cori said breathing a little hard and trying to giggle.

"If there as cute as you I do" Jessie said by now lost in the moment.

"You are so hot" Cori said pressing her lips to Jessie's one last time. Then pulling away she opened her hand and revealed a cigarette or what looked like one and asked Jessie "you ever do it?"

"Pot?" Jessie asked as Cori pulled her by the arm over behind a large van.Out of view of Grace and Sarah.

"Yeh" Cori said lighting it, "you want some?"

"No go ahead" Jessie replied, coming out the momentary daze she had been in.

Cori took a long drag and offered it once and again to Jessie who refused. "Cool more for me" She said taking another long drag. Then seemingly changing her mind, Jessie said, "here gimme some, I changed my mind."

"No way girl you had your chance" Cori said smiling.

"Oh come on" Jessie said reaching for it as Cori pulled away.

"You really want some?" Cori asked as Jessie shook her head yes, "ok open your mouth."

Cori took a long drag as Jessie opened her mouth and stood their feeling stupid. Then Cori leaned close and pressed her lips to Jessie's lightly and Jessie felt her mouth feel up with smoke. Cori pulled back and said "now breath in slow."

Jessie did as Cori said, but still found herself coughing as Cori laughed and finished what was left of the joint, "like it?" She asked Jessie, who recovering, but had apparently got enough in her lungs to get some sorta of a buzz. Because she felt strangely different.

"Your skin feels like velvet" Cori said touching Jessie's hand, and then running it over her stomach and down her thighs to the bottom of the skirt, Jessie was wearing. She jumped slightly as she felt Cori's hand on her bare thigh and moving up her exposed skin. "Tell me to stop if you want."

"MMMMMMMMM" Jessie cooed as Cori's fingers found the front of her panties and she began to massage her slit.

"Yeh you like that huh" Cori asked moving closer, and rubbing against Jessie's panties harder.

Cori moved her hand away and quickly pulled Jessie's skirt up around her waist and smiled an almost evil grin. As she whispered, "you want your tight little putty licked?"

"UMMM I dunno" Jessie said her mind racing so fast and so many thing happening at once, it was hard to keep up with. She opened her eyes and saw Cori dropping down to her knees and a second later she felt Cori's tongue touch her panties right on her slit. And one of her fingers pulling at the material trying to move it.

"OHHHH Cori please don't stop...." Jessie trailed off as she seen Katie walk by. Her heart pounding suddenly she pushed Cori's head away and slipped her skirt back down the best she could.

"Katie" Jessie said emerging from behind the van with Cori on her trail. Looking like nothing had happened.

"You ready" Katie asked.

"Yeh" Jessie said before turning to Cori and saying "We'll see you in a couple of days ok."

Cori kissed her fingers and pressed them to Jessie's lips and smiled that sweet smile that Jessie liked and said bye to Katie and walked off back to the party.

Grace dropped Katie at her house and waited a minute while her and Jessie said goodbye. Then taking Sarah home and making plans for tomorrow. Jessie went straight to her room when they arrived home, and she knew exactly what she needed to do. Searching for the video she had borrowed from ZoŽ's room.She slipped her top off and her skirt, she then let her panties fall to the floor, they where soaked she observed. The video started up with the first scene and Jessie wasted no time in getting started on herself. Feeling the slick and wetness she let fingers slide inside her pussy and started to fuck it hard. Thinking this time not of the video, a distant thought, or of Katie, also a distant thought, but of Cori.

"OH Cori yeh just like that so good" She moaned thinking about the three-way they had planned for Monday, "yeh Katie loves to watch, don't you baby" Jessie cooed stroking her fingers faster and harder. Bringing herself closer, fast.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH suck it harder" Jessie said as she pictured Cori sucking her clit and felt her hole body explode in a massive orgasm. Arching her back and letting out one last moan before she went limp on the bed. She lay there still sliding her fingers and out and feeling her cum roll down her thighs.

"MMMMMMM" Jessie moaned as she lifted her hand to her mouth and licked some of the reward off her fingers.

Feeling the incredible after glow of the situation, Jessie lay there after licking the last of the cum of her fingers and drifting off. Just trying to imagine how incredible it was be for real and deciding she wanted to do it.

"For better or worse" She said with one last lick of fingers and soon drifted off to sleep.

To be Continued....