Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 15 "The Last Supper"

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"Hey is Grace there?" Eli asked Sarah as she picked up the phone.

"Yeh she's in the shower right now can I take a message and have her call you back?" Sarah replied.

"Sure this is Eli and tell her I'm at my Mom's and to call me" Eli said.

"Will do" Sarah said hanging up.

"Grace" Sarah said opening the bathroom door as Grace stuck her head out of the shower and asked "yeh?"

"Your step brother just called and said call him" Sarah said as a pained look came over Grace's face, "yeh and when your done just leave the water running I wanna take one next."

"Well you wanna just come in now?" Grace asked smiling as Sarah turned around with a sorta stunned look on her face.

"If I thought you where serious I would" Sarah said, "cause you'll probably use all the hot water."

"Seriously?" Grace asked and thinking how horrible a cold shower can be when Jessie and ZoŽ use all the hot water.

"Yeh this building is like a thousand years old and the water pipes I think where installed by Moses twin brother,Billy Joe Bob." Sarah said smiling and turning to leave again. Before she heard Grace's voice.

"Sarah come on get in" Grace said sounding very nervous and feeling every bit as much, "If you want to, I don't mind."

"Are you really serious?" Sarah asked moving close to Grace who's head was sticking out from the shower curtain.

"Yeh" Grace said after thinking for a few moments and considering the options.

"I dunno I think I'll just wait" Sarah said wanting to but feeling her old shyness returning.

"Your shy" Grace said smiling sweetly, "I love that about you."

"OK your sure you don't mind" Sarah asked once again feeling a rush of self confidence.

"No I seriously don't" Grace said then breaking into a giggle before she could even say what she was thinking, "as long as you can keep your hands to yourself."

"HUH, takes all the fun out of it" Sarah said laughing as Grace disappeared back into the shower. Sarah went about taking what little clothes she had on off. A night shirt and then her bra. Then feeling self conscious she stopped for a second in removing her panties, bending over and deciding to go for it, she heard a loud whistle and turned to see Grace smiling and giggling.

"Shake that money maker baby" Grace said making Sarah blush from head to toe and ducking back into the shower as Sarah threw her night shirt at her. Sarah took a deep breath and stepped into the shower. Grace smiled nervously and tried to keep her eyes above head level focusing on the shower head. Sarah smiled and turned around, backing up to get under the spray, she felt Grace's hand touch her back softly.

"It's ok" She told Grace, "will you wash my back?"

"Sure" Grace said taking the soap and moving along Sarah's shoulders, as Sarah lifted her hair out of the way. Grace carefully made a complete circle around Sarah's back and then began to build a lather. Sarah for the first time since she broke up with Katie, felt herself wanting someone to touch her. Wanting to feel something more than her hands and as she closed her eyes. She let out a soft contented moan. Barely audible, but Grace heard it clearly and stopped for a second.

"I'm sorry" Sarah said turning her head to Grace, "that sorta sounded weird."

"Yeh it did" Grace observed.

"It's not what you think" Sarah said, "Your touch just felt nice. I like having my back rubbed. You can quit though if you want"

Grace just smiled and moved her hand again to Sarah's back and pushed her around and continued the washing. "You realize your gonna do mine next" Grace said into Sarah's ear.

"Yeh and anything else you'll let me" Sarah said making eye contact and both giggling nervously. Grace wrapped her arms around Sarah's neck and their bodies pressed together. "You know your my best friend too" She said to Sarah.

"Yeh I sorta thought I might be" Sarah said as Grace moved back and Sarah moved under the spray to get her hair wet. The spray bounced into Grace's eyes making her close them and move away for a second. Sarah turned then and looked for the first time at Grace. Seconds later Grace did the same as they explored the other's body slowly and then coming back to eye level. Sarah smiled and said, "besides you've basically moved in with me, so I hope you consider me a friend."

"If it wasn't true I'd be mad" Grace said handing Sarah the bar of soap and turning around, "your turn and watch where your hands go missy."

"Do you know I think your sexy" Sarah asked as she started to wash Grace's back, "because I do honestly."

"Yeh a lot more so now than before huh" Grace said making Sarah laugh and enjoying the light touch Sarah was using on her back, "you are too you know."

A long silence filled the tub as Sarah washed Grace's back all the way down to her butt and let her hand graze across it a few times. Judging from Grace's reaction she didn't mind all that much either. Grace was hoping in a way Sarah would go further, but the uncertainty of that unknown stopped her from thinking any further. Trying to think of something other than the obvious, a strange thought occurred to her, Sarah had a nick name for her, 'Amazing Grace', but she had never thought of one for Sarah. That got Grace's mind to working as she relaxed, now loving the feeling of Sarah's touch on her back and returning that soft contented moan Sarah had made earlier.

"Do you have a nickname?" Grace asked.

"Ummm no not one I can think of why?" Sarah asked confused, while she pulled Grace back to into the spray to rinse her off.

"Well you gave me a nick,you know 'Amazing Grace' and ZoŽ one" Grace said turning around and smiling, "you need one."

"No don't worry about it" Sarah said putting shampoo in her hair, "you are amazing and ZoŽ's my little monkey, I'm just big on giving people cute names only I can call them. And I don't wanna hear that Sarah drops come out of your mouth again."

"OK no Sarah drops" Grace said giggling and trying to come up with a nick name for her. Grace let her eyes wonder across Sarah's body, it was so beautiful she thought. Sarah had her eyes closed and her head laid back washing the shampoo out.She opened her eyes a few seconds later and smiled.Grace thought it might have been how the light hit her eyes or just Grace's imagination,but in that moment her eyes where such a beautiful shade of turquoise.

"Your blues eyes are so beautiful" Grace muttered.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Your eyes I never noticed how blue they where" Grace said smiling and moving close and getting into the spray with her, "almost like the ocean"

"Oh yeah I'm sure" Sarah said smiling but her smile not being returned as Grace had a very different look on her face.

"I'm gonna call you Blues Eyes" Grace said leaning in and kissing Sarah softly before Sarah could reply, "that ok with you?"

"Yeh" Sarah said looking sorta dreamy eyed,"reminds me of that Restless Heart song."

"The Bluest in Texas" Grace sang softly as Sarah and put her hands on Grace's face gently.

"Your still my Amazing Grace" Sarah said smiling and putting her arms around Grace's neck and asking, "is it ok if I kiss you?"

"If you want too" Grace replied, her arms moving across Sarah's back and wrapping around her.

"I do" Sarah said kissing Grace and pulling her more into the kiss as she let her tongue meet Grace's. Parting for a second both smiled knowing this is where what they wanted to be and kissed again. This time much longer with more passion. Grace loving the way Sarah felt against her and especially her lips, she really noticed then how much she liked kissing her, maybe for the first time in her life, she didn't want this kiss to end.

Sarah was thinking the same thing, but also hoping she wouldn't do anything to scare Grace off. So fearing it might be to much to soon she pulled away slowly. Kissing her once more and moving back as the water began to turn cold.

"What did you stop for?" Grace asked with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Because" Sarah said,"I'm falling so in love with you."

"Me too" Grace replied making Sarah's heart skip a few beats.

"And I don't wanna do something to scare you off" Sarah said reaching for the towel and handing one to Grace as they got out, "cause I know this is all new to you."

All Grace could do was smile. Then wrapping the towel around her and stepping out the tub and getting caught up in the moment with Sarah as their eyes met.

"Who said I wanted you to stop" Grace said touching Sarah's shoulder and letting her fingers wander up it slowly.

"Well next time I won't" Sarah said taking Grace fingers and interlacing them with hers.

"Sounds like a plan" Grace said as they walked out of the bathroom and Sarah released Grace's hand reluctantly, "oh no. God I'm so stupid"

"What's wrong" Sarah said turning around.

"I didn't bring any clean clothes with me" Grace said with a panicked expression on her face.

"So" Sarah said opening the closet and motioning like a presenter, "you can borrow something."

"What would I do without you?" Grace asked smiling and feeling relieved.

"You tell me" Sarah said smiling and moving in front of Grace.

"I dunno and I don't wanna find out" Grace said, "and that reminds me I gotta Eli back."

Sarah smiled that cute evil grin as Grace turned to pick up the phone and dialed Karen's number. "Eli hey" Grace said after Karen called him to the phone. Then Grace felt a hand on her back and she felt her towel being pulled at, knowing it was Sarah she turned to see her grinning and pulling playfully at her towel.

"Sarah stop" Grace said covering the receiver and then trying to talk to Eli, "what did you need?"

"I was gonna asked if you wanted to go out tonight just me and you this time" Eli asked as Grace squealed when she felt Sarah pull harder at her towel, and then heard her say "come on gimme a peak."

"Eli hold on ok" Grace told him as he agreed then covering the receiver like before said to Sarah, "stop your gonna get me in all kinds of trouble. Eli's gonna think I'm crazy."

"If he knows you very well he's already figured that out" Sarah said laughing, still pulling at Grace's towel, "but I'll you let you have your little conversation" Sarah said stopping and walking away still laughing.

"Ok I'm back" Grace said, "and yeh that sounds like fun, where you wanna go?"

"I'll pick you up around 7:30 at Rick's ok" Eli said sounding mysterious, "and I think you'll like it."

"OK" Grace said obviously intrigued, "I'll see ya soon."

"Did he think you where going crazy" Sarah asked standing by the window brushing her hair.

"No didn't even notice" Grace said moving next to Sarah, "your ass is lucky. But he did wanna go out tonight for a while."

"Really?" Sarah asked,"you mean on a date?"

"Yeh sorta" Grace said trying to explain, "see back before our parents got married we sorta had a thing for each other and it kinda never went away. So now he wants to see if we gotta a chance."

"OH" Sarah said looking a little jealous and hurt, "hope you find out if there is."

"Hey I gotta an idea" Grace said changing the subject after a few seconds pause, "you wanna give everyone downtown a show" Grace asked motioning to the window as Sarah gave her a strange look.

"Huh?" Sarah asked, "you seriously wanna flash the neighbors."

"Yeh" Grace said trying to set up her little plan of revenge, "I will if you will"

"UMMMM" Sarah said trying to see if Grace was really serious then as Grace stepped into the chair and onto the window seat, "oh my god your gonna do it."

Sarah joined her excitedly as Grace told her they'd go on three.Grace started counting before Sarah could change her mind.

"One, Two, Ready?" Grace said as Sarah loosened her towel as did Grace, "three..." Grace screamed as Sarah flung her towel open, Grace started but stopped and then turning, she jumped down from the window and jerked Sarah's towel from her hand's, leaving Sarah standing naked on the window seal.

"GRACE" Sarah screamed as Grace ran away,and Sarah made an attempt to cover up and as quickly as she could, jumping down from the window, she ran for the bed, diving under the covers, "I'm gonna kill you."

"Payback" Grace said shaking Sarah's towel in front of the bed, "that's for making me look stupid on the phone."

"God that is so unfair" Sarah said from under the covers, "You don't play fair."

"Ok maybe that was a little cruel" Grace said coming around and sitting down on the bed, "how can I make it up to you?"

"Yes it was cruel" Sarah said smiling and thinking about Grace's proposal, "I'll settle for a kiss."

"That's all you want?" Grace asked.

"For now" Sarah said smiling, "but when you get back tonight.....I'm gonna get the rest."

"Coming back here?" Grace asked, "who says I am?"

"Me" Sarah said leaning close and letting the blanket fall to the bed, "unless you don't want to?"

"I....uh....didn't say that" Grace stumbled noticing Sarah's body and the look on her face as she kissed her.

"So you are gonna right" Sarah asked pulling away, "I mean coming back here tonight?"

Thinking about that incredible kiss and how she had already spent three nights in a row at Sarah's, she figured it might be best to go home at least for one night.

"It might be best if I go home" Grace said, "My mom will think I've run away from home."

"OK then I'll ask" Sarah said, "will you come back tonight?"

"Sarah" Grace said a little surprised, "I've never seen you like this."

"Well if you don't want to it's ok" Sarah said picking up her towel and sliding of the bed.

"I want too" Grace said suddenly feeling nervous, "I'm just thinking maybe your gonna get sick of me."

"Never gonna happen" Sarah said looking back, "your my best friend, and I love having you here. So consider this your second home."

Grace blushed at the comment and then slowly got dressed, borrowing the clothes from Sarah and getting ready to leave a short time later for her date with Eli. Sarah stopped her at the door and looked like she wanted to say or do something but backed off at the last second as Grace left and headed home. Lily commented on her being over at Sarah's so much and asked if she planned to stay home for a little and Grace told her, her and Eli had plans tonight. Lily laughed and said "of course." Eli arrived a few hours later right on time and they headed off for his mysterious surprise.

"You look nice tonight" Eli said as they turned at a red light and drove down a road that Grace didn't recognize.

"Thank you" Grace said and then asked, "where are we going by the way?"

"I thought a walk in the park might be nice" Eli said smiling, "just me and you, give us a chance to talk for a while."

"I'd like that" Grace said touching Eli's hand and finding herself happy to be with him.

"I also packed a dinner" Eli said holding Grace's hand, "Henry, Mom's new boyfriend cooked a great meal."

"Fried Chicken and Watermelon?" Grace asked thinking about Henry and smiling.

"That is not funny Grace, not one bit funny" Eli said snickering and trying to quit.

They pulled into a parking lot with only a few other cars parked around it and Eli lifted the basket of food from the trunk and they walked to a picnic table a few feet away.

"That does smell good" Grace said,taking the basket and removing the top. It was Fried Chicken and that made both Eli and Grace laugh out loud for several minutes at the irony, but Henry also fixed biscuits, gravy, green beans and an apple pie that they would later find out was to die to. Grace got all the food out and set up the table as Eli went to the soda machine got something to drink.

"This is good" Grace said, "Henry has my compliments."

"Yeh he's been staying at the house a lot lately and he cooks dinner every night he's home." Eli said, "I didn't like it at first, you know him being around so much, but he really made an effort to be nice to me and Jessie and well I guess he's ok. Besides he's a great cook."

"I'd say that helped along the getting to know you process, considerably huh" Grace asked.

"Yeh" Eli agreed, "I'll assume it did."

After finishing the chicken, Eli had like 5 piece's, Grace couldn't wait to get at that apple pie.

"OH MAN this is good" Grace said as she tasted Henry's apple pie for the first time, "This is better than sex."

"Oh really and what would you know about that" Eli asked making Grace blush and throw a crumb at him.

"You done their, you had like 3 piece's" Eli laughed cleaning up the dishes and putting everything back into the basket.

"It's was good" Grace said, "and anyway's you eat all the chicken you pig."

"OK so we're both pigs" Eli said taking her hand, "would you like to take a walk with this pig."

"No" Grace said looking at him and spying a basketball court down the path a few hundred feet, "let's play basketball."

"Basketball?" Eli said as Grace pointed to the courts, which where mostly empty, except for a few people playing a three-on-three game, "oh yeh, ok sounds fun. I gotta a basketball in the car."

"Yeh like I didn't know that" Grace said as Eli went back to the car to get the ball and put the basket away. They shot around for a while with Eli trying to show Grace how to shoot the ball correctly.

"Here hold it like this" Eli said moving behind Grace and moving her arms into the position to shoot, "and then just shoot it nice and easy." Putting the ball in her hand watching as she shot one that bounced off the front of the rim. "See your getting it."

"I'll never make one" Grace said.

"Yeh you will" Eli said pulling Grace by the hand underneath the basket and handing her the ball, "now throw it straight up and let it bounce off the backboard."

She did as he said and it went in. Grace looked at Eli with a shocked look on her face and started celebrating.

"Now I'm ready for the WNBA" Grace said running around in circles pumping her fist. Eli grabbed her on the next trip and said, "just because you can lay a ball up doesn't mean your a pro, little missy."

"Oh yeah I'll bet I can beat your ass" Grace said fighting to get loose.

"You know how pretty you are" Eli said changing the subject totally and leaning into Grace and wanting to kiss her. Grace thought at that moment how much she wanted to kiss him too.

"ELI MY MAN" A Voice said from the other side of the court. The moment was broke as Eli seemed to lose interest in the kiss and looked to see who it was.

"Hey homes" Eli said as he high fived an old friend, "Grace this is Leon."

"Hey" Grace said knowing the evening was now probably ruined.

"Whatta say to a little three-on-three" Leon said firing the basketball at Eli.

"You know it if Grace doesn't mind" Eli said looking at Grace as she felt like she was being put on the spot.

"Sure go ahead" Grace said walking away and sitting down on the other side of the court as the game began. They played one game to 24, which Leon and Eli's team won and then a second and third game. Eli did finally remember to look over at Grace and wink.

"Fuck you" Grace said to Eli under her breath and smiled sweetly, "typical Eli.Forgets all about me when there's something even remotely interesting to do."

"Eli are you ready" Grace said after the fourth game.

"Guys catch you on the flip side" Eli said running over and picking up his shirt, "you ok?"

"No I'm not Mr. Basketball" Grace said shooting him a dirty look.

"What's wrong someone say something to you" Eli asked.

"No Eli it's you and that damn basketball" Grace said knocking the ball out of his hands and feeling her anger get the best of her, "you asked me out to spend time with me, not your buddies. But just like always something more interesting comes along and I'm ditched."

"Well you could have said you didn't want me to play." Eli said picking the ball up.

"Yeh and then your friends would say 'Eli's girlfriend is such a bitch'" Grace said, "she's sure got him on a short leash."

"No they wouldn't" Eli said.

"Yeh they would" Grace said stomping her foot, "one game I didn't mind. I thought cool I getta watch you play, but four geez Eli."

"Look it's over can we drop it." Eli said walking away.

"NO" Grace screamed, "you came out here to spend time with me. ME ELI. The girl you have all of these feelings for and the one you can't stop thinking off, remember. Grace Manning the girl who stole my heart."

"Grace calm down" Eli said moving close to her and taking her arm, "we can talk about this later, not here."

"Fine then take me home" Grace said walking off as Eli tried to catch up with her, "it's just typical Eli, why should I expect to come in above basketball."

"You do" Eli said pleading his case and grabbing a little to hard at Grace's arm and stopping her, "will you stop?"

"OWWWWW" She screamed and turning around with a fire in her eyes, completely losing her temper she smacked him in the face as hard as she could. Feeling the anger leave her body slowly, she watched as Eli raised his hand thinking he was gonna hit her back, but he simply wiped the blood from his lip.

"Oh my god Eli I'm sorry" Grace said taking his shirt and wiping the blood away, "I didn't mean to hit you that hard. I shouldn't have hit you at all, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it" Eli said taking his shirt back and walking ahead of her and then stopping for a second and making sure she was coming, "you wanted to go home, so I'm gonna take you, come on."

"Yeh" Grace said not knowing what else to say.

Getting into the car and driving home neither said anything. A couple of cold looks and before they knew it, they where back in front of Grace's house. Grace looked to Eli to say something. But he just looked away and she got the message and got out quietly. Watching him leave, Grace had a feeling of something had just ended. But she also had a feeling of relieve,for some reason.

Walking up the walk and letting herself in, the house was quiet except for a little noise coming from Jessie's room Grace observed. Walking up the steps, she stopped for a second at Jessie's door and decided to go up and talk to her for a second. Twisting the knob, she found it was open.

"Jessie" She said from the bottom of the stairs.

"Grace?" Jessie asked looking down a few seconds later, "come on up."

"I just got back and saw your light on and I dunno thought you might wanna talk." Grace said standing at the top of the stairs nervously.

"More like you needed someone to talk to huh" Jessie asked as Grace smiled weakly.

"Yeh that's more like it" She admitted.

"What's wrong" Jessie asked as Grace took a seat on the bed beside her.But didn't say anything for a few long moments, just looking down at her hands.After a minute or so Jessie figured Grace wasn't gonna say anything unless she started the conversation and drug it out of here.Laughing at the thought of that Jessie decided to go ahead.

"You look like you've been through a funeral" Jessie said as Grace suddenly started talking and went on to explain about the whole Eli incident and how she slapped him.

"I dunno what to do" Grace said beginning to cry as Jessie slid closer.

"You mean about Eli?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh and a lot of other things" Grace said feeling Jessie's arm move around her shoulders.

"Look I love Eli, but he is such a jerk when it comes to girls" Jessie said handing Grace a tissue, "and if your still worried about your feelings for Sarah. Everyone wants you to be happy. So go for it."

"Thanks" Grace said as Jessie laid her head against Grace's, and then saying softly, "Your have no idea how much better I feel."

"I'm glad" Jessie said softly as they looked at each other just realizing how close they where. She smiled and kissed Grace's cheek briefly. Then in what seemed like an almost natural progression, both felt the other move and their lips touched. A soft warm inviting first kiss, Grace thought, before remembering who exactly she was kissing and pulling away.

"What the hell was that" Both said at the same moment as they stared at each other in stunned silence.

"I dunno" Jessie said moving off the bed, "it's know I was trying to make you feel better and ummmm well it went...."

"Yeh, it was just both of us being over emotional" Grace said standing up and quickly crossing over to the steps.

Grace stopped at the top of the stairs as she looked one more time at Jessie and then thought about her promise to Sarah about coming back to night.

"Jessie" Grace said tentatively, "I'm gonna go over to Sarah's for a while...."

"Oh ok" Jessie smiled,"I'll tell Lily you went."

"No, I was wondering if you wanted to go" Grace asked, "she did invite you after all. That is if you want."

"I guess so as long as we don't stay to long." Jessie said grabbing her coat and following Grace down the stairs, "and you better not be planning to get me over their, so you and Sarah can have your way with me". Jessie giggled and pushed Grace out the door of her room.

"Oh so you been thinking about a three-way with us huh" Grace giggled as Jessie felt a bolt of shock shoot through her body at that comment as it reminded her of what she had planned with Cori. Feeling a little uneasy still from that kiss, as was Grace, she never the less decided it was nothing and went along with her.

"Of course I have" Jessie giggled and hugged Grace from behind, "sounds to me like a hot night...."

"Geez you and Sarah are both such pervs." Grace giggled, dragging Jessie down the hall as both started to laugh.

To be Continued....