Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 16 "Three's A Crowd"

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After spending the night with Grace at Sarah's, when the car broke down, Jessie felt uneasy all day until she saw Katie. Deciding not to tell her about how much fun she had at Sarah's, because, well they already had one incident over her and no reason to start a fight over something that was really innocent, Jessie reasoned with herself.

Katie was wearing this hot little sweater with a slit all the way up her navel and a pair of short cut off jeans that made her look so sexy. I bet Cori will love those, Jessie caught herself thinking as she picked out her own wardrobe for the day.

"So your really gonna do this?" Katie asked hoping against hope Jessie would say no, and they could forget all about "little miss trouble" Cori Tyler.

"Yes I told you I wanted too" Jessie said slipping on a t-shirt and tying it in a not right below her breasts, then a pair of shorts.

"What no underwear?" Katie asked.

"Why bother? if everything goes as planned they'll just come off anyway" Jessie giggled pulling Katie by the hand and leading her down the stairs. They took the short walk to the bus stop, thinking it would be easier than trying to explain why they were going to Cori's house dressed like that. Getting on the bus and finding a seat Katie looked terribly uncomfortable with all the eyes looking her over. But Jessie had to admit she sorta liked the attention. One girl in the back of the bus was giving Jessie a real going over with her eyes.

"Check it out some girl is giving us the eye" Jessie giggled to Katie.

"Yeh because we look like a couple of ho's" Katie said seriously.

"So once in a lifetime ain't gonna kill us" Jessie said making eye contact with the girl in the back.

"Well if it was just me and you, I'd be fine with it" Katie said.

"Well Cori said it got you so hot you couldn't stand it when she mentioned it to you with Sarah" Jessie said, "so I know you can't be that against it."

Katie had to admit that that was true. The thought of having two girls doing it right in front of her was an incredible turn-on, but why couldn't it have been anyone other than Cori.

"This is it" Jessie said seductively into Katie's ear and rubbed her hand up her bare thigh.

They got off the bus and Jessie grabbed Katie's hand and pulled her down the sidewalk, she was so ready for this or maybe she was trying to convince herself she was.

"There it is" Katie said pointing to the door of Cori's house. No cars, Jessie thought, means hopefully she's alone like she promised.

"Katie, Jessie" Cori said opening the door and hugging each as they entered the house. "MMMMM you guys look hot."

Cori was only wearing a long t-shirt, and house slippers. Jessie looked around as Katie asked where the bathroom was and left to take a potty break. Cori looking to make sure she was gone, wrapped her arms around Jessie and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Hey" She said after the kiss and both started giggling. Then kissing again only this time it became more heated. Setting down roughly on the couch, there lips never parted and Jessie could feel Cori's hands move over her bare mid-drift. Searching for the not in the shirt.

"Slow down a little" Jessie said pushing Cori away and off her.

"What's wrong" Cori asked, "I thought you wanted it?"

"I do but could we at least wait until Katie gets back" Jessie said crossing her legs.

"Ok whatever you want" Cori said getting up and walking towards the kitchen, "you want something to drink?"

"Sure what you got" Jessie asked following after her as Cori said, "Beer, Whiskey, Wine Cooler."

"UMMMM nothing non-alcoholic?" Jessie asked.

"Here you'll like this" Cori said handing her a wine cooler. Jessie took the top off and sipped it slowly, not bad.

"Yeh I love them things" Cori said taking a drink of Jessie's, then kissing her again. "You really look hot by the way. I love the way you tied your shirt like that, so sexy", Cori went on moving her hand over Jessie's stomach.

"OK I'm good now" Katie said coming down the stairs as Jessie and Cori came out of the kitchen giggling and drinking another wine cooler.

"So you horny?" Cori asked Katie as she pulled Jessie down beside her, "cause I know we are and I wanna get started. I been frigging myself silly for like two days waiting on this."

"Me too" Jessie said feeling the effects of her second wine cooler and relaxing as Cori took it and finished it off.

"You where having a fantasy about me" Cori asked looking at Jessie while her hands moved to her thigh.

"Yeh" Jessie said nervously looking at Katie and then back at Cori.

"That makes me hot" Cori said kissing Jessie and then looking at Katie and asking, "can I have her first please?"

"UMMM ok if Jessie wants to" Katie said moving around in the chair, trying to get comfortable.

"Ok with you" Cori asked with an honest look on her face.

Jessie swallowed hard and wondered what she had gotten herself into at that moment. Cori rubbed between her shorts and said "MMMMMMM you know these have to come off."

"Oh yeah they do" Jessie said as she unbuttoned her shorts and lifted her hips as Cori pulled them down and off for her.

"No panties today Jess?" Cori asked smiling, "you where planning ahead of time huh?"

"Yeh I guess I was" Jessie said as Cori spread her legs and rubbed very gently over her pussy.

"Your gonna like this" Cori said lowering her head and kissing Jessie's slit, and then licking it up and down as best she could from her current position. It still drew a soft moan from Jessie. Katie too was getting real turned on, sitting in the chair across from them. She slipped her hand down her shorts as she unbuttoned them and watched as Cori moved to the floor and slipped her shirt over her head. She wasn't wearing anything under it Katie observed.

Spreading Jessie's legs even wider she began to lick a little faster, and Jessie's moaning intensified considerably.

"MMMMM uhhhhh" Jessie said trying to form words but having a little trouble, "that feels so nice."

Cori let her tongue dip into Jessie's love hole and moved it in and out fast, not wanting to waste any time. Jessie's hands quickly moved to Cori's head to guide her. Her moaning getting louder and feeling like she was about to cum already, she looked over to Katie and watched for a second as she slipped her shorts down and rubbed her pussy, obviously getting excited by watching Jessie and Cori.

"OHHHHH Cori" Jessie moaned, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!!!"

Cori worked her tongue faster in and out and tried to bring Jessie off fast and hard. She was successful as Jessie's orgasm exploded into her like a bomb, and she arched her back like she always did with a good cumming and let out a loud moan, before relaxing as she came down and Cori licked the cum off and smiled up at her.

"Was it ok?" Cori asked Jessie.

"Yeh it was great" Jessie said panting slightly, and laying her head on the back of the couch.

"You taste so good" Cori said kissing Jessie. Both where surprised when Katie moved to the couch on the other side of Jessie and had removed her shirt.

"That was so hot" Katie said pulling Cori into a kiss. One that lasted a lot longer than Jessie would have liked, she thought.

"You remember what we did to Sarah that day" Cori asked Katie, "right after we made her cum?"

"Got her off again?" Katie asked a little confused.

"Yeh and she came like never before she told me" Cori said looking down at Jessie's muff and saying, "let's share it this time, make her remember this day."

"Now wait just a second" Jessie protested, "at least gimme a second to recover."

"Sorry lover" Katie said smiling and moving her hand to Jessie's thigh as Cori did to her other one, "you wanted to do this and now you gotta pay the price."

"OHHHHHHHH fuck" Jessie moaned seconds later as Cori spread her pussy lips and exposed her clit. Katie smiled devilishly and lowered her head and began to suck it while Cori held it in place. Then Cori took her turn and then Katie. Before Jessie knew she was squirming and moaning out loud as both took turns sucking her clit, a little harder each time. Jessie's hands moved to each of their heads as she got ready to cum again.

She couldn't really move because they had her held in place and she could now feel herself about to literally explode all over the place. A huge burning sensation started at her clit as they sucked and licked at it and got stronger each time. It spread to her hole body as it intensified.

"OK you remember how we did it to Sarah?" Cori asked as both her and Katie lowered there heads and started to kiss, but this time right on Jessie's little pleasure bud. Both sucking from either side and flicking it with their tongues. She began to scream, not able to take it anymore and seconds later she started to cum and hard too. Shaking and screaming out loud as it peaked and they brought her down slowly. Now covered in sweat, she started squirting her cum, onto the greedy lips of Cori and Katie.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck oooooooooohhhhhhhh geeeeezzz" She said barely able to move and feeling light headed after such an incredible orgasm like that. Katie and Cori kissed and traded Jessie's love juice back and forth as she closed her eyes and felt herself drifting off.

Jessie awoke a few minutes later, not sure of how long she had been out, to Cori moaning. As Katie licked her muff on the floor and brought her off, just as Jessie lifted her head up. "Oh fuck I've missed that" Cori panted as Katie crawled up beside her and they kissed. Jessie seeing her opportunity and feeling herself getting turned on all over again moved to the floor as Cori said "hey look who recovered."

Jessie smiled and lowered her head to Cori's pussy, and started licking before anyone really noticed. "Oh yeah it's time for a little payback huh?"

"Yes it is" Jessie said finding Cori's clit and sucking it hard from the start. In only a minute or so, she had Cori on the verge of another orgasm. Hearing her muffled moans as she kissed Katie, made Jessie suck harder and harder, she could feel the jealousy growing in her, but she could feel herself liking this more and more as she went on. Cori's body tensed up as her orgasm began and Jessie got just a little of her cum, by that time there wasn't much more left to come out she figured.

"What is that my third time" Cori asked Katie, "that's enough for me and I can't believe I'm saying that."

"Me neither" Katie giggled as Jessie joined them, and they all three shared a kiss.

"So did you get enough" Katie asked.

"No" Jessie said between kisses, "did you?"

"Never" Katie said, "let's give Cori a little show huh?"

"You mean a 69" Jessie asked as Katie pulled her onto the couch. This time Jessie got on top and both went to work as Cori watched on and started to get hot again herself. Knowing Jessie's clit was sensitive by now, Katie made sure not to abuse it and kissed it softly as Jessie worked her over on the other end. This didn't go unnoticed by Jessie who loved the feeling Katie was giving her and she worked her tongue in and out of Katie trying to return the favor. Only seconds later Katie was cumming, but she kept up the same deliberate pace on Jessie, never sucking her clit, just kissing it softly moving her tongue in and out. Jessie felt herself start cumming a minute or so later. Not a hard one, but a more gentle and deeper one, she enjoyed so much more she thought.

"That was wonderful the last was the best of all" Jessie said kissing Katie after they had cleaned up and where laying on the couch. Cori had gotten some what dressed and went to take a shower.

"Really was it?" Katie asked smiling.

"Yeh because you knew exactly what I needed" Jessie said.

"I love you that's why" Katie said looking Jessie in the eyes.

"I love you too, so much" Jessie said, "and I've decided I don't wanna do this again for a while."

"Why not" Katie asked confused.

"Because for now I'm just happy being in love with you" Jessie said making Katie smile.

"Can't say I'm disappointed though" Katie admitted,then saying "Cori is so much more trouble you'll ever know."

"Good thing I don't have to find out" Jessie said giggling as they got dressed.

"So when we gonna do this again" Cori asked coming into the room as Katie and Jessie got ready to leave.

"I don't think we're going to" Katie said looking at Jessie for her approval.

"Yeh it was fun and all" Jessie said nervously, "but me and Katie think we'll just stick to each other for a while."

"You've gotta be kidding" Cori said with a disbelieving look on her face.

"No Cori I'm serious" Jessie said as Cori hugged her.

"Your telling me it doesn't turn you on anymore" Cori said smiling.

"Like I said I just wanted to do it out of curiosity and now I decided" She replied then looking at Katie, "or should I say we decided not to anymore."

"Come on Jess don't do me this way" Cori said kissing her cheek as Jessie moved away, "I mean after that kiss we shared after the concert, I know you like me."

"You kissed her at the concert?" Katie asked both of them seemingly.

"Yeh" Jessie said looking away.

"Jessie" Katie said with a hurt look on her face, "this was one thing but that was before you even knew her."

"Katie we just had sex with her I think that's a hole lot more serious than a kiss." Jessie said moving over to Katie.

"Yeh I guess" Katie said looking down.

"And then she let me lick her putty" Cori went on at what seemed like a timed plan, "well not exactly licked, but I kissed it through her panties."

"Cori shut up" Jessie said turning around.

"I'm just tellin her what happened" Cori said looking innocent.

"Katie It didn't mean anything" Jessie said trying to defend herself, "your the only one who counts."

"Is that why you frenched me?" Cori said.

"Jessie you obviously took a liking to her" Katie said looking like she been shot, "so why don't you just hang out here, I'm out."

"Bye Katie" Cori said smiling and closing the door before Jessie could leave, "calm down Jess. Your better off without her."

"I love her" Jessie said trying to open the door, "don't you get that."

"No" Cori said,"I just think you have feelings for me to. You just won't admit it."

"Cori listen to me" Jessie said, "I don't love you,and right now your last on the list of people I even wanna see after what you just did. You tried on purpose to break us up."

"Ok I'm sorry" Cori said touching Jessie's shoulder,which she smacked away and opened the door and ran outside looking for Katie. But she was nowhere to be found.

"Screw you Cori" Jessie said turning around as Cori hugged her briefly before being pushed away, "do you even care that you might have just cost me Katie."

"Yeh I said I was sorry" Cori said trying a hug once more, "now why don't we try and forget about it and just go back inside and wait for her to come back."

"She won't I've gotta find her" Jessie said pushing Cori away and running down the walk and looking for Katie. She made it all the way to the bust stop and still hadn't spotted Katie. Sitting down and starting to cry over what had just happened, Jessie felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to find Cori.

"You ok" Cori asked sitting down.

"I really wish you would leave me the hell alone" Jessie growled, "you didn't have to tell her that."

"I'm sorry" Cori said trying to force a smile.

"Stop saying that" Jessie said standing up, "I don't care. You made it sound like I attacked you or something. You know good and well you kissed me first."

"Yeh if you remember you kissed me back" Cori said standing up herself.

"OK then it was a big mistake" Jessie said looking at Cori who honestly looked hurt at that moment.

"That's why you where having fantasies about fucking me, which you just did huh" Cori said trying to smile .

"I made a mistake ok" Jessie turning and walking away from the bus stop.

"You wanted to do it" Cori said making her stop, "and you still want it, but you just won't admit it. I turn you on more than Katie ever did."

"No you don't" Jessie said even herself unsure if that was true, "you see Cori I love Katie with all my heart. And that's something you'll never understand."

"Yeh you may love her" Cori said as Jessie walked away, "but she won't love you for long, just ask Sarah."

"FUCK YOU CORI" Jessie screamed turning around for a second. Then storming off. Shaking with rage and wanting to see Katie so badly. She walked the entire length home in a daze and still reliving every moment of the past three days. Finally reaching the house, she just wanted a hot shower and to go to bed, but Grace met her outside.

"Jessie are you ok" Grace said as Jessie took a deep breath and stopped.

"Yeh Katie will probably never speak to me again" Jessie said starting to cry again, "We where at Cori's and Katie found out about Cori and the kiss and Cori wouldn't shut up bragging about it, so she left. Now I can't find her and I'm scared of where she went."

"What where you doing at Cori's in the first place" Grace asked as a panicked look came across Jessie's face.

"There's so much you don't know" Jessie said.

"Then tell me" Grace said.

"Ok but you gotta promise nothing I say will ever be repeated" Jessie said taking Grace's hand, "Swear you won't."

"Ok I swear I won't say a single word?" Grace said crossing her heart thinking she would regret that later.

"Not here, Let's go to my room" Jessie said.

"Jessie in the middle of the day" Grace said as Jessie shot her a look and then started laughing at the silly comment.

"Yeh Grace I want you in the middle of the day" Jessie said laughing and pulling her along by the hand, "your impossible."

To be Continued....