Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 18 "Where in the World is Katie Singer?"

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Jessie could vaguely hear the ringing of the phone. She rolled over and glanced at the clock and noticed it was 4:08 a.m.

"They can call back" Jessie said rolling over and going back to sleep. Drifting off again, she had a very romantic dream about her and Katie. They were somewhere on a lake all alone out in the middle of it on a raft and talking about their future. Katie wanted kids as did Jessie and they planned on adopting one day and to be together forever.

Jessie woke up with a warm feeling all over her body and then was shook back to reality when she realized what had happened with Katie and her the day before. Remembering the phone ringing earlier, she got up and went over to check the call box. Seeing Katie's phone number and the time of 4:08, Jessie's feeling of loss deepened. She quickly picked up the phone and dialed Katie's number.

"You've reached the Singer's, thanks for calling. We're obviously not here right now, so leave a message at the beep and if you're important enough we'll consider calling you back" the answering machine said as Jessie slammed her hand down in frustration. Jessie waited and pressed 3 for Katie's box and then stood there for a second trying to think of what to say.

"Katie, it's Jessie" She said followed by a long pause, "ummmmm, I dunno know what to say other than I'm sorry. It was stupid what happened. I think you called, so call me back when you get home please. I love you so much bye."

Hanging the phone up and feeling at least a little better, she lay back down for a few seconds and thought about everything that had happened and about Cori. Admitting to herself that she liked it when Cori kissed her, maybe more than Katie. But she loved Katie, there was a real connection there and that stopped her from moving on whatever feelings she might have for Cori, she hoped.

"Girl you're losing it" Jessie said making herself laugh.

"Katie?" Jessie asked as she heard someone coming up the steps slowly a few minutes later.

"No it's me" Cori said emerging from the shadows, "your Mom said you were up here."

"Get out" Jessie said getting up from the bed, "I mean it get out."

"Wait" Cori said putting up her hands, "gimme 5 minutes and just listen please."

"I've already heard everything I wanna hear from you" Jessie said tying her robe and moving towards Cori.

"I'm sorry for saying what I said to Katie and I'm sorry for trying to break you guys up" Cori said looking at least a little bit regretful Jessie observed. "I've honestly never met anyone like you: that I've had this instant connection with. That's why I kissed you at the concert that night and came on so strong. I wanted you to know I liked you and I know for a fact you didn't hate it or you would have pushed me away."

"I was lost in the moment" Jessie said and not believing it herself.

"Then what about yesterday, you let me kiss you when Katie went upstairs. What about that?" Cori asked smiling and reminding Jessie of just how sweet a smile Cori really did have.

"I dunno" Jessie said, "I just did."

"Face it Jessie you were as attracted to me as I was to you" Cori said.

"No I was not" Jessie said as Cori came close to her.

"Yes you were" Cori said smiling at Jessie.

"What part of leave don't you understand?" Jessie said pointing to the door and feeling her anger beginning to grow, "and how the hell do you know?"

"Because I saw that smile on your face after I kissed you" Cori said. "You liked it. So did I."

"Ok fine I liked kissing you" Jessie said.

"I knew it" Cori said with a goofy grin on her face that made Jessie smile briefly, "OK wait explain something to me. Why did she get mad? I kissed you I know, but two days later you, her, and me did something a lot more serious."

"Yeh" Jessie said thinking that maybe Cori had a point.

"Well" Jessie started, "you kissed me behind her back. But when we did that three way we did it together. It wasn't behind her back. She knew what was happening."

"Do you know how stupid that sounds?" Cori asked pointedly.

"Yeh I know" Jessie said sitting down in the chair by the bed, "anyways I sorta forced her into it. I mean I wanted to do it, so she went along."

"HMMMMMM" Cori sitting down on the floor and leaning against the rails, "I thought you enjoyed it a little."

"I did more than a little" Jessie heard herself say before she could shut her mouth.

"Me too it was fuckin hot" Cori admitted.

"I realized though" Jessie said looking at Cori, "that Katie's what I want and she's all I need."

"Why because she's your first love?" Cori asked with a smirk.

"Yeh so what if she is?" Jessie asked.

"Jessie you don't even know Katie that well" Cori said, "I do. I've known Katie a lot longer than you and I know things about her that you might not believe."

"Tell me then" Jessie said challenging Cori.

"Oh No" Cori said, "I'm not gonna start running off at the mouth again and get you mad. I'll just...."

"Cori Tyler" Jessie said standing up, "if you don't tell me what you know, I swear I'm gonna...."

Cori scrambled to her feet and caught Jessie's hand, and grabbed her arm to stop her for a second. "Jessie stop" Cori said as they began to wrestle and Cori soon lost her balance and both of them fell to the floor with a loud thump.

"OWWWWWWW fuck" Cori said grabbing her hand.

"You hurt?" Jessie asked rolling off and watching nervously as Cori held her hand.

"No I don't believe so" Cori said sitting up, "just landed funny on it."

"Here let me see" Jessie said taking Cori's hand rubbing it with her own. Making sure it was ok, she moved her hand slowly up Cori's arm and smiling down she said, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to..."

"It's fine really" Cori said liking Jessie's touch as she rubbed her arm. Jessie slowly lifted Cori's hand and kissed it where Cori pointed to it hurting.

"That feels better" Cori said smiling, "but I think I hurt something else too."

"You did?" Jessie asked confused, "what your butt?"

"No" Cori said giggling, "my lips."

Jessie smiled and thought about how pretty Cori really was.

"Can you kiss the boo boo" Cori asked leaning forward.

"Yeh let me make it all better" Jessie said touching her lips to Cori's and she felt Cori's hand touch her cheek. Jessie's mind raced as she tried to figure out what she was doing. Katie was basically missing and she was in her room making out with the girl who caused it.

"All better?" Jessie asked.

"No, but it's getting there" Cori said returning Jessie's kiss.

"Good" Jessie said sitting down and smiling at Cori, "but you did deserve that anyway."

"Yeh I know" Cori said.

"But you better not ever try it again" Jessie said.

"You mean about Katie?" Cori asked looking down at the floor.

"Yeh" Jessie said, "I'm still worried because she hasn't called me or anything."

"She will, I know Katie" Cori said, "When she's into someone, she sorta concentrate's all her energy on them."

"What about when she's mad?" Jessie asked.

"She can't stay mad at anyone long" Cori said trying to reassure Jessie, "look at us. We're still friends even after all the crap I've pulled over the years."

"Like what crap?" Jessie asked suddenly very intrigued.

"The three-way with Sarah" Cori started, "it was totally my idea to get Sarah drunk. Katie went along with it, but she never thought it would cost her Sarah. But it did. When Sarah found out what we did to her she was heartbroken and I never realized how much it was gonna hurt Katie to lose Sarah until it was too late."

"Sarah too" Jessie said. "You don't think it hurt her?"

"Oh she got her revenge by telling my mom about me being gay" Cori said, "that was the worst two weeks of my life. Mom just couldn't believe it and she refused to talk to me for a long time."

"Sarah did that?" Jessie asked.

"She sure did" Cori said forcing a laugh, "can't say that I blame her, though."

"That's...." Jessie began to say before being cut off.

"Then there's the time I tied Katie's arms to the toilet in the stall at school and forced her to let me eat her out" Cori said smiling an almost evil grin, "we damn near got caught. But man she came in buckets."

"Is everything about sex with you?" Jessie asked.

"Pretty much" Cori said, "I'm just about the horniest chick on earth."

Jessie started laughing at the comment and thought to herself how Cori was probably being dead serious. Then looking down at Cori's chest, she could see she was right. Her nipples were visibly hard. Catching Cori's eye a second later, Jessie blushed and looked away.

"Told ya so" Cori giggled.

"Lately it's been like that with me too" Jessie admitted as Cori looked at her with a sudden intense interest.

"Like right now?" Cori asked moving forward towards Jessie.

"Yeh sorta" Jessie said as Cori kissed her playfully.

"You wanna do something about it?" Cori asked, touching her hands to Jessie's robe.

"No I don't" Jessie said moving Cori's hands away, "I wanna know if Katie's ok and she doesn't hate me."

"She'll call when she gets over her mad spell" Cori said standing up and pulling Jessie up by the hands.

"Actually she already did call and I was asleep and missed it I think" Jessie said looking at the call box once again.

"So why can't we have a little fun while we wait for her to call?" Cori said wrapping her arms around Jessie, walking her backwards towards the bed and kissing her neck. Jessie leaned her head back and let out a contented sigh and kissed Cori's lips a second later, letting herself feel the emotions she had felt for Cori since she first met her. The kiss become more involved then Jessie had planned as she didn't hear the door open and Lily walk up the steps. Lily stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Cori and Jessie kissing by the bed. Feeling her heart pound, she didn't know what to do.

"I love kissing you" Jessie said smiling at Cori and then noticing Lily on the steps, "oh my god Lily."

All three stood in their respective places seemingly forever waiting for the other to say something. No one wanted to be the first to break this intensely uncomfortable silence. Finally Cori stumbled at the end of the bed and mumbled something to Jessie that was barely audible and excused herself, practically running from the house and leaving Jessie and Lily still looking at each other.

"Your laundry" Lily finally said and walked stiffly to the dresser and put the clothes inside without so much as a sound.

"Thanks" Jessie said watching Lily closely as she tried to find something to say. Another deafening silence followed. Both stared at each other and wanted this moment to end but knew neither could just walk away without saying something about what they just saw.

"So now you know" Jessie said sitting down on the bed and feeling her stomach doing flip-flops.

"Jessie honey I only know what I saw" Lily said softly and moved towards the bed and sat down, "for all I know that could have been you and Cori just experimenting."

"Nope" Jessie said feeling a rush of adrenaline and deciding it was time to come clean to someone, "what you saw was me kissing her because I liked it. I like girls. I have for a while now."

"Are you sure?" Lily asked and kicking herself for asking such a stupid question she thought.

"Yes I'm sure I like kissing girls" Jessie said forcing a silly giggle.

"Jessie I don't know what to say honestly" Lily said feeling more uncomfortable by the second, "but I know I should say something."

"You don't have to say anything if you don't want to" Jessie said, "I'm sorta glad you know now."

"You are?" Lily asked a little confused.

"Yes I was gonna tell you a few days go in the kitchen, but Katie came in and I panicked and all. It was so stupid." Jessie said rambling on, "I been thinking for a long time about telling someone, but I never had the courage until now." Jessie looked Lily in the eyes and continued on, "I'm gay or at least I know I'm attracted to girls...."

"Do you know how proud of you I am right now?" Lily asked surprising Jessie with her remark.

"Why?" Jessie asked.

"Because you could have lied to me and just said it was a one time thing" Lily said smiling brightly, "but you told me the truth and I love you for that."

"You're ok with it?" Jessie asked tentatively.

"I'll admit it's a bit of a surprise" Lily replied still smiling and now touching Jessie's hand, "but if that's what you feel. Then I can think of worse things you could be, a lot worse."

"It is; I'm pretty sure it's not just a phase" Jessie said breathing a huge sigh of relief.

"So I take it that Cori is the girl?" Lily asked as Jessie's mind began racing again. She had so much to explain and this was just the beginning she thought.

"No" Jessie replied confusing Lily totally, "It's so complicated you wouldn't even believe it."

"But I saw you kissing her and..." Lily said being cut off by Jessie as she rambled on.

"Katie is the girl or she was before we had this huge terrible fight and Cori just sorta tried to cheer me up and I sorta.... kinda... kissed her." Jessie said now confusing herself too.

"OK" Lily said her mind racing with a million questions now, "You and Katie are what?"

"Me and Katie are...." Jessie said thinking about how to say it in the right way, "in love."

"I can see that now" Lily said looking back on all the moments over the last two or three months when Jessie and Katie were together and how they looked so happy. After that, Lily looked at Jessie who had a huge smile on her face and everything suddenly seemed so much less important. Pulling Jessie closer, she hugged her step-daughter trying to tell her everything would be ok, without having to actually say it.

"Now I have to tell dad" Jessie said, "and Mom and everyone else."

"I think you should" Lily said.

"But I'm so not ready to do it now" Jessie said laying back down on the bed.

"When you're ready I'll be there if you want me" Lily offered as she stood up and walked slowly towards the stairs.

"Thanks Mom" Jessie said closing her eyes for a second and then realizing what she had said and looked at Lily and said, "I mean......"

"I know what you mean" Lily said laughing a soft laugh and walking down the steps.

"Hey mom you remember Jennifer right" ZoŽ asked at the bottom of the steps as Lily left Jessie's room.

"Yeh nice to see you again" Lily said as Jennifer extended her hand and smiled brightly.

"Nice to see you again" She said shaking Lily's hand.

"She just got back from vacation so I invited her over" ZoŽ said all in one long breath.

"Nice seeing you again Jennifer" Lily said walking down the hall, "make yourself at home."

"Thanks Lily" Jennifer said smiling at ZoŽ and then as Lily went down the steps said "I like your mom she's so much cooler than mine."

"Here's my room" ZoŽ said as they reached her door.

"Cool" Jennifer said looking around and then moving behind ZoŽ and closing the door and locking it tight, "ok tell me."

"Tell you what?" ZoŽ asked sitting down on the bed and flipping on the TV with the remote.

"About the kiss" Jennifer said joining her on the bed and facing ZoŽ.

"With Michael you mean?" ZoŽ asked.

"Yeh what was it like?" Jennifer asked waiting for ZoŽ's response.

"It was cool" ZoŽ said nonchalantly.

"ZoŽ please I'm dying here" Jennifer pleaded, "gimme the details."

"Well he didn't know how to do it the right way so I had to show him" ZoŽ said looking proud.

"And just what makes you the expert on kissing?" Jennifer asked.

"I never said I was an expert, I just said I taught him how to kiss and now he does it great" ZoŽ said smiling.

"Who, what, when, where," Jennifer asked excitedly, "I mean who taught you? Where and how?"

"You're gonna blow a blood vessel if you don't calm down" ZoŽ said laughing and hitting the mute button on the TV.

"Well who was it?" Jennifer asked.

"It was a friend of mine named Sarah" ZoŽ said.

"A girl?" Jennifer asked with strange look on her face.

"Yeh a girl" ZoŽ said, "I asked her about kissing and she showed me."

"WOW" Jennifer said looking really impressed.

"I wouldn't even know where to begin" Jennifer said, "never even got close to being kissed, unless you count family members."

"What does it feel like?" Jennifer asked.

"I can't really describe it, you just sorta have to do it and find out" ZoŽ said sitting back on the bed and flipping through the channels.

"GRRRRR I knew you'd say that" Jennifer said making ZoŽ giggle as Jennifer began to concoct a plan in her head, "hmmm I know.... maybe you could let your boyfriend show me. You know just for practice. You did say he was a good kisser."

"What?" ZoŽ asked in shock, "no way."

"Yeh you're right he'd never want to anyway" Jennifer said now looking a little depressed.

"I didn't say that" ZoŽ said looking at Jennifer, "it's just you know we're just starting to go together and all."

"I understand" Jennifer said again looking like she was deep in thought, "what about this Sarah girl?"

"What about her?" ZoŽ asked pulling a magazine out from under the night stand and flipping through it.

"Think she could show me?" Jennifer asked.

"Nope" ZoŽ said simply, "said after I dumped she said she would never kiss again."

"OH MY GOD" Jennifer said in shock, "you were going with her?"

"GEEZ, Jennifer no I was kidding" ZoŽ said laughing.

"OH" Jennifer said again disappointed, "I'll never find out what it's like."

"Yes you well, might not be soon, but it'll happen" ZoŽ said touching Jennifer's leg and trying to reassure her.

"Wait I've got it" Jennifer said after a long silence, as ZoŽ was in the middle of reading an article on the latest fall styles.

"What?" ZoŽ asked, still reading.

You can show me." Jennifer said.

"HUH?" ZoŽ asked in complete shock.

"Yeh why not, Sarah showed you" Jennifer said pleading her case, "and you guys were friends so you can show me."

ZoŽ thought for a few seconds as Jennifer continued to plead her case and tried to find a way out of it without hurting her new friend's feelings. But then again she thought about how nice Sarah had been when she had shown her all about kissing.

"PLEASE ZOň" Jennifer said giving the puppy dog eyes and pooched lip; her best effort.

"OK" ZoŽ said not quite believing she had agreed to do this. Jennifer bounced around happily and sat down in front of ZoŽ with her lips puckered up and her eyes closed. ZoŽ, trying to sound every bit like Sarah, explained in Sarah's words what she wanted Jennifer to do. Getting on her knees and taking a deep breath, she thought one last time about how she could possibly get out of this.

"Do it already" Jennifer said getting a little overly excited as usual.

ZoŽ leaned close to Jennifer and quickly with an ever so light of a touch, pressed her lips to Jennifer's, and then instantly pulled away. Jennifer sat there for a second before realizing that was all that was gonna happen.

"That's it?" Jennifer asked confused.

"Yeh that's it" ZoŽ said blushing a deep crimson and picking her magazine back up.

"OH come ZoŽ that wasn't fair" Jennifer complained slamming her fist down in frustration, "you didn't even really kiss me."

"Yeh I did" ZoŽ countered, "that's a kiss."

"I'll bet that Sarah girl showed you more than that" Jennifer said.

"Yeh she did" ZoŽ said facing Jennifer again, "but she explained a lot of stuff about why we couldn't do it anymore."

"Why?" Jennifer asked.

ZoŽ again morphed into Sarah and began explaining to Jennifer about kissing again. The why and why nots of and in and outs to everything about it including Sarah's lecture about the age issue and why people wouldn't understand. Which took about 20 minutes and by the time she was done rambling, Jennifer was thoroughly bored and wanted to just change the subject. Anything, she thought just so ZoŽ would shut up.

"Sounds confusing except for the age thing" Jennifer giggled, "But we're the same age, almost. So why won't you show me?"

"Because I don't want to" ZoŽ said watching as Jennifer got a little angry and jumped up and confronted her.

"You were the one ZoŽ Manning who was bragging about kissing Michael and how great he was and this Sarah girl teaching you" Jennifer said with hands forming into fists at her side. "And you make me sit through that stupid speech you made about kissing and you won't even fuckin' show me. I'll bet you don't even know more than me. That was probably your first kiss."

"It was not" ZoŽ said her voice rising steadily.

"Then prove it ZoŽ Manning prove it to me" Jennifer said, "I just dare you to prove it to me. You're such a big lair."

"I am not" ZoŽ said as their foreheads touched in the heat of the moment and soon their noses. "Sarah did to show me how to kiss and I did show Michael. You can ask him when you meet him."

"OK then" Jennifer in a much calmer voice "Then show me. Show me what she showed you then, you big liar."

"Ok I will" ZoŽ said as a loud knock came at the door.

"Open the door" Grace said as both jumped and started to giggle nervously.

To be Continued....