Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 19 "Thinkin 'Bout You"

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"Sarah" Grace said into the phone, "bad news."

"Don't tell me, Mom uncovered our devious plan" Sarah said laughing.

"Not exactly" Grace replied, "she says we can't take the car until she has it checked out and Rick says he'll take it to the mechanic in the morning, so we'll go as soon as he gets back, ok?"

"Oh ok" Sarah said, "so I'll assume you're staying home tonight?"

"Not like I want to" Grace said looking around her to make sure no one was listening, "I'd rather be with you."

"Really?" Sarah asked in a surprised tone of voice.

"Of course I would" Grace said softly, picturing Sarah's smile and feeling warm all over suddenly.

"Guess I'll have to spend the night thinking about you" Sarah said, "Not like I wouldn't anyway."

"Same here" Grace said, no longer caring what other people thought and wishing she could be with Sarah now.

Lily asked to use the phone after a few more minutes and Grace reluctantly hung up just as Jessie came down the stairs looking like she'd been shot, as had been the case for several days now. Grace asked her about Katie and Jessie muttered a few words about Katie calling and she missed it because she was too sorry to get up. She sat down on the couch deciding it was better than spending the night in her room. Grace joined her, watching some movie, and mostly being bored except for the numerous times she'd find herself thinking about Sarah and all the stuff that had happened since they first met.

Jessie ended up going to bed even before the movie ended. So Grace was left by herself in the living room where she woke up at sometime the next morning. It was still dark outside, she observed. She walked into the kitchen and glanced at the microwave and it said 3:24 A.M. Yawning, she trudged back through the house and was ready to go up the stairs when she heard a light knocking at the door. Turning, she remembered the night she found Sarah in the door.

"No it can't be" She said walking to the door. Opening it, Grace was surprised when Katie's face came into view.

"I-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s J-e-s-s-s-s-i-e here?" Katie asked shaking and soaking wet from head to toe.

"My god you're gonna catch pneumonia" Grace said dragging Katie in out of the pouring rain and closing the door, "get in here."

"Fu-fuck it's c-cold out there" Katie said shivering.

"Yeh i know" Grace said reaching for a blanket hanging on the chair just inside the front door, "was it that important that you see Jessie tonight? You couldn't have just called."

Katie quickly slipped her jacket off and dropped it to the floor while Grace wrapped the blanket around her.

"Yes it is so important, please Grace" Katie said pleading with her, "please I have to see her just for 5 minutes, please?"

"What is it that is so important that you couldn't just call?" Grace asked.

"I just have to and I'll tell you the whole story, but I have to talk to Jessie, please Grace?" Katie said begging now.

"Ok ok, do you honestly think I'd run you off?" Grace asked smiling, "You get out of those wet clothes while I go and get Jessie ok."

"Thank you, thank you" Katie said grabbing Grace's arm and pulling her back, then hugging her tightly for a long moment. She then took her hand and said "This might sound stupid, but thanks for making Sarah happy again too."

"HUH" Grace said in almost shock, "what did you say?"

"You heard me" Katie said releasing Grace's hand, "just because I acted like a 4 year old that night at the concert over you and her, doesn't mean I don't still care for her. You healed her broken heart."

"Okieeeee" Grace said walking away and feeling her heart start to pound and a case of goose bumps spreading over her body. She knew then what was so obvious to Katie and ZoŽ, and for all she knew, everyone else. She was truly in love with Sarah.

"Jessie" Grace said shaking her, "Jessie wake up."

"What?" Jessie mumbled.

"Katie's downstairs and she's desperate to see you" Grace said pulling Jessie up by the arm and as the blanket fell away from Jessie's body, Grace could see she was nude. Grace let her eyes wander down Jessie's body for a minute before snapping her head away and turning around.

"Really?" Jessie said grabbing her robe as Grace turned back around. She caught a small glimpse of Jessie's bare bottom as she crawled out of bed. Starting to blush, Grace turned and walked to the steps.

"Yes she is" Grace said "now get some clothes on and hurry up."

Grace walked down the steps to give Jessie a little privacy and fought her mind to clear the picture of Jessie's body running through it. Jessie came bouncing down the stairs a second later and practically jumped down the front stairs.

Katie was standing by the door now wrapped in the blanket with her wet clothes lying in the entrance way. Jessie slowed to a walk as she neared where Katie was standing.

"Do you know how much I missed you?" Jessie asked as Katie kissed her passionately. Grace smiled from the steps watching the two.

"I love you with all my heart Jessie" Katie said kissing Jessie again, before she could reply, "I called you but no one answered a couple of nights ago. Then I got your message and I had to see you."

"Where in the world were you?" Jessie asked.

"My grandma died and we gotta go to Indiana for her funeral" Katie explained, "and I haven't had anytime to come over or even call."

"But how...." Jessie started to ask.

"Mom said I could see you when I got back, but I threw a huge fit and after the bitch went to bed I snuck out" Katie said as Jessie smiled and returned her kiss.

"You did that for me?" Jessie asked.

"Duh Billie of course" Katie said as they kissed again and both began to giggle, "I'd do anything for you."

"I love you with all my heart to and I'm sorry about what happened with Cori" Jessie said as Katie smiled at her and touched her forehead to Jessie's.

"Don't worry about it" Katie said, "I'm not. We're together now and that's all that matters."

"So when are you leaving?" Jessie asked.

"In the morning" Katie said, "the funeral is Sunday"

"I'm sorry about your grandma" Jessie said kissing Katie and hugging her for the longest time.

"Thanks" Katie said not wanting this moment to end, but knowing it had to.

"What is today anyway?" Jessie asked giggling.

"It's Saturday morning" Katie said taking Jessie's hand as they walked into the living room.

"I'll be back on Tuesday or late Monday" Katie said as they sat down on the couch and Grace walked into the kitchen to give them some privacy, "but when I get back me and you are gonna have a long conversation, ok?"

"I think we should" Jessie agreed.

"Just don't spend the whole weekend worrying about us" Katie said as Jessie smiled.

"I swear you know me better than I know I myself" Jessie said smiling and thinking how she would have done exactly what Katie had told her not to do. Come Monday she'd been a nervous wreck.

"And you know I love you right?" Katie asked.

"Yes I can feel that right now." Jessie replied as they fell into a long soft kiss.

"I love you too" Jessie murmured between kisses.

Grace watched for a second before returning to the kitchen. Sitting down at the counter and flipping through one of the magazines, she came across this picture of a girl who looked just like Sarah. Feeling a ping of loneliness, Grace picked up the phone on impulse and dialed Sarah's number; thinking she better do it now before she loses her nerve. The phone rang four or fives times before Grace got ready to hang up when she heard Sarah's voice.

"Hello" Sarah said, not sounding a bit sleepy Grace observed. Hearing her voice, Grace began to get nervous and didn't know what to say, "hello?"

Her mind racing and her heart pounding, Grace said the first thing that came to her mind "is your refrigerator running?"

"HUH?" Sarah asked getting ready to hang up, "no it's not and if you call back I'm gonna call the cops."

"Sarah it's me" Grace said panicking.

"Grace?" Sarah asked.

"Yes" Grace replied.

"What in the world was that all about?" Sarah asked confused and thinking for a second someone was trying to play a trick on her.

"My mind blanked out and that was the first thing that came out" Grace said, "I'm sorry for waking you up, I was just thinking about you and wanted to hear your voice."

"I wasn't asleep, I couldn't, too busy thinking about you" Sarah said softly.

"I just saw a picture in a magazine and it reminded me of you" Grace said, "so I picked up the phone and dialed it, before I could chicken out like always."

"I'm glad you did" Sarah said, "I wish you were here right now."

"Why is that exactly?" Grace asked teasing Sarah.

"So I could kiss those beautiful lips again and again and again" Sarah replied making Grace blush, "that is if you want me to?"

"HMMMMMM let me think" Grace said hearing Sarah giggle, "for some reason, that sounds really nice."

"Where do you think we'd be doing this at?" Sarah asked with a sexy tone to her voice.

Grace thought for a long moment and Sarah thought she might not respond for a second, "Candle light, maybe some rose petals and a bubble bath?" Grace whispered.

"Ok I'm swooning" Sarah giggled, "I could die right after that and never want another thing."

"Yeh you do and I'll kill you" Grace said as both started laughing, "I finally find someone I'm totally crazy about and who feels the same and she's planning her exit."

"OK ok you talked me into sticking around" Sarah said thinking about Grace's last comment, "I'm crazy about you too. It's been a long time since I've felt this happy."

"I'm glad" Grace said smiling brightly, "you make me happy too, everyone sees it."

"Changing the subject back to that kissing idea you had" Sarah said, "That's such a hot fantasy."

"Would be like a dream and who knows where it would lead." Grace said sounding serious, "if you wanted it too."

"Tell me about what your first time was like?" Sarah asked, "I'm curious."

"What first time?" Grace asked.

"You mean you're a virgin" Sarah asked as Grace grew a little embarrassed.

"Yes Sarah I'm a big ole virgin" Grace replied making Sarah giggle.

"I'm sorry" Sarah said a second later, "I think it's great; wish I was in a way. That way if we ever..... Well you know. It would be more special."

It was Grace's turn to giggle now as Sarah grew embarrassed. "You are so shy" Grace said, "I love that about you."

"OK seriously I want to know this. If you'll tell me, ok?" Sarah asked and went on before Grace could interrupt her, "Tell me about what you want your first time to be like."

"UMMMMMM sure" Grace said thinking about it and knowing exactly what she wanted to say, being that she had relived this fantasy a million time over in her mind. Only it never involved Sarah, until now that is, "It starts out like the kissing we talked about earlier."

"Yeh" Sarah said listening intently.

"There's a lot of kissing and exploring, you know what I mean right?" Grace said speaking a little softer.

"Yeh go on" Sarah said.

"Maybe a little wine, have a few drinks." Grace said as she continued on, Sarah found herself blushing, "soft candle light is a must."

"Then you turn on some music, maybe that Lonestar song, "I've Gotta Find You." Grace said, "And your bed is covered in red rose petals and we make love until the sun comes up."

"Us?" Sarah asked gently of Grace, surprised at the way Grace had included her in the fantasy.

"You and me" Grace said firmly.

"I dunno what to say" Sarah said.

"Don't say anything, you'll probably ruin the moment knowing you" Grace said giggling.

"Oh you are so dead when you come over tomorrow" Sarah said laughing along.

Jessie came into the kitchen a minute later and Grace decided it was time to hang up and try and get some sleep.

"OK bye my Amazing Grace" Sarah said as Grace smiled.

"Bye Blue Eyes" Grace replied as Jessie shot her a look and giggled as Grace blushed and hung up the phone.

"Katie's mom came and got her" Jessie said.

"She did?" Grace asked confused.

"Yeh you were so involved in your conversation with Sarah that you didn't even notice." Jessie said.

"Guess so" Grace admitted.

Grace's eyes wandered once again to Jessie's body as she was slowly dancing around in a circle as happy as Grace had ever seen her. Her robe flew slightly open a time or two, exposing her navel and flat stomach and showing that she was only wearing panties underneath.

"Talk about happy" Grace thought to herself as Jessie's eyes met hers and she could see Grace was clearly watching her.

"You're checking me out" Jessie said staring intently at Grace as her step-sister blushed, "just like earlier in the bedroom."

"No I was not" Grace said standing up and trying her best to hide her blushing.

"I didn't mind" Jessie said pouring a glass of milk. "I mean it happened; it's not like you forced me to show you or something."

"I looked away as soon as...." Grace said trailing off not knowing what to say or how to explain it.

"So it wasn't too bad huh?" Jessie asked hiding a teasing smile.

"No" Grace heard herself say as Jessie sat the glass in the sink and moved in front of her. Then smiling a grin Grace had never saw before, Jessie let her robe fall open. She was only wearing a pair of panties, Grace saw. This time her eyes wandered the full length of Jessie's body and she didn't even attempt to look away.

"There now you got the picture" Jessie giggled closing her robe as Grace stood there stunned to silence.

"You are perfect" Jessie heard Grace say as she left the kitchen.

"Did you just say I was perfect?" Jessie asked turning around.

"Yeh I did" Grace replied just now coming back to reality.

"WOW that's something I've never heard before and it not be a joke or put down" Jessie said moving close again to Grace.

"NO joke" Grace replied feeling Jessie take her hand and interlace her fingers with Grace's.

"Come on" Jessie said smiling and turning around and pulling Grace along.

"Where are we going exactly?" Grace asked stopping Jessie at the bottom of the steps. Jessie turned and smiled shyly and put her arms loosely around Grace's neck before saying in a whisper, "well I'm going to my room and you're going to yours, unless you have some other great idea."

Grace's mind raced with a million thoughts and she tried to figure out if Jessie was just playing or what. Jessie touched her head to Grace's and smiled again, moving her hand almost involuntarily to Jessie's waist she pulled her closer. Both wanted to pull away for an instant but neither did and the moment lingered as their lips drew closer. A soft inviting kiss followed a second later, much like their first one, but it was not much of a surprise this time. Both realizing what was happening, pulled away after a few long moments and looked at each other.

"Thanks" Jessie said smiling at Grace.

"For what?" Grace asked.

"For just.... everything" Jessie said, "you made me feel good, that's all. Just wanted to thank you."

"I meant it" Grace heard herself say as Jessie turned and pulled her up the stairs. Going down the hall, Jessie passed Grace's door without stopping and seemed intent on taking Grace past it too. Grace stopped and Jessie turned and looked to see what happened.

"My room" Grace said as Jessie smiled and shrugged her shoulders playfully.

"I know" She said grinning and walking away before looking back one more time from the bottom of the attic stairs and saying, "goodnight Gracey."

Grace watched Jessie disappear and heard her door shut as she went into her room and flung herself on the bed. Falling fast asleep, she didn't want to try and figure out what had just happened.

Waking the next morning late and yawning on her way down the steps, Grace noticed the car was gone from the driveway. Figuring Rick had taken it to the mechanic, she turned the corner and headed for the kitchen when she felt someone take her arm in theirs. She saw Jessie's smiling face when she looked around.

"Morning Gracey" Jessie said falling in step with her. The visions of last night came flooding back suddenly and Grace stopped just short of the kitchen and looked at Jessie. "What has gotten into you?"

"What do you mean?" Jessie asked innocently.

"You know" Grace said, "last night and now you're acting weird again."

"Oh I didn't know last night was so terrible" Jessie said walking away, before Grace grabbed her hand.

"It wasn't" Grace said pulling Jessie into the dining room, "it was just......"

"Not what you were expecting?" Jessie offered.

"Yeh not at all" Grace agreed.

"It doesn't have to be a big deal" Jessie said, "It's just after what you said, I wanted to kiss you so I did."

"That's it?" Grace asked.

"That's all" Jessie said before starting to giggle and say, "not like I'm gonna declare my undying love for you after just one kiss."

"That's two kisses" Grace reminded her and both started laughing.

"Look Grace" Jessie said taking her sister's arm, "I love Katie and you love Sarah. So it's not like we're free to jump each other's bones anyway. Last night was really nice. So don't ruin it by over analyzing it, ok."

"OH you want me and you know it" Grace said walking though the door to the kitchen as Jessie laughed and chased after her.

Hanging out with Jessie the rest of the morning was fun Grace thought. Rick arrived back with the car around 2 and said it was fine, but he wanted the girls to wait until morning to leave. Grace groaned inwardly but agreed and called Sarah to break the news.

"Yeh since your begging me to, I'll come over and spend the night" Grace said giggling to Sarah.

"I'll always beg for you" Sarah said melting Grace's heart, something she had been doing a lot lately.

"So I'll be over in a few hours" Grace said.

"Grace" Sarah said quietly as they got ready to hang up, "I'll have the bubble bath ready."

"Sounds nice" Grace said after a few seconds, "maybe you'll get lucky tonight."

"Grace I'm already lucky" Sarah said softly, "I found you."

"I'm feeling that way too" Grace said smiling and feeling her heart began to beat faster.

Grace heard Sarah open the door and soon realized it was the bathroom door, when she heard the water running in the bathroom. She smiled and began to giggle as her and Sarah said goodbye.

To be Continued....