Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 20 "Three Little Words"

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"You're so addicted" Grace said coming back into Sarah's apartment, carrying a huge duffle bag over her shoulder and seeing Sarah at her computer. A few seconds later, she joined her at the computer, slipping into the seat behind as Sarah scooted forward. Sarah was typing an email and trying to concentrate on it Grace observed as she leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Who you writing?"

"Mr. Dmitri" Sarah said non-chalantly.

"Oh" Grace said poking Sarah in the rips playfully.

"Let me finish this" Sarah said pushing Grace's hand away, "and then we can play."

"MMMMM play what?" Grace asked laying her head on Sarah's shoulder.

"Anything you want" Sarah said sending the message and looking back at Grace.

"I think I know what I want" Grace said moving her hand to Sarah's stomach and rubbing across it slowly.

"Monopoly, Clue, Scattergories?" Sarah asked giggling.

"Or we could make up our own game" Grace said.

"If we only had the time" Sarah said moving her hand to Grace's cheek and smiling.

"Got all the time we could ever want" Grace said hugging Sarah.

"What about our trip?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh like Mr. D's gonna care if we're late" Grace pointed out.

"That does bring an interesting question to mind though" Sarah said.

"What?" Grace asked with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Uhhhh...Nothing" Sarah said deciding against asking the question on her mind.

"No go ahead" Grace said sitting up and trying to look serious.

"By the way, the only thing I'm addicted to is you" Sarah said with a seductive grin and leaned close to kiss Grace. But pulling away at the last second and laughing softly, "So you ready to go and see your boyfriend?."

"He's not my boyfriend" Grace said, "You tease."

"Yeh sure Gracey" Sarah said as Grace pulled her arm and dragged her away from the computer. Sarah exited the last window and let Grace pull her up and into a hug. Putting her fingers over Grace's lips as Grace started to kiss her again; she pulled away and giggled again.

"He's not my boyfriend, really" Grace said a little frustrated, "he never was. Hell that night at the concert was the first time he actually kissed me."

"You want him" Sarah said grabbing her own bag under the bed, "you wanna rape him so bad."

"No I don't" Grace said, "I just wanna see him and...."

"And what?" Sarah asked smiling, but feeling nervous, "to see if you still have feelings for him?"

"Yeh" Grace admitted.

"That's what I thought. I almost got you to fall for me" Sarah said moving away from the bag and walking to the window.

"HUH?" Grace asked looking at Sarah as she walked away, "What did you just say?"

"I said I almost got you to fall for me" Sarah said not daring to look at Grace who slowly got up and walked to the window and sat down on the seat and looked up at Sarah. "Do you really believe that?"

"I don't want to" Sarah said forcing a smile.

"Then don't" Grace said smiling and taking Sarah's hand and lacing their fingers together, "cause I did fall."

"I was praying you did" Sarah said smiling back at Grace.

"Why do you think I spend every free second thinking about you?" Grace asked.

"You do?" Sarah asked touching Grace's cheek with her free hand.

"It seems that way" Grace said giggling and enjoying Sarah's touch for a moment.

"So come on let's go and see your boyfriend" Sarah said after a few long moments and turned slowly, pulling Grace along while she giggled softly. Grace though, moved in behind her and wrapped her arms around Sarah's waist, letting her hands drift up her stomach to right under her tits. She softly kissed Sarah's neck and breathed in her scent. Sarah smiled back at Grace with a wicked grin and both started to laugh.

"I told you once already" Grace said still holding Sarah in a bear hug, "he's not my boyfriend. And he never will be."

"Can I be?" Sarah giggled as Grace's eyes turned to a surprise look.

"You're nuts..." Grace said as she helped Sarah finish packing.

Sarah turned everything off and locked the door as her and Grace walked to the elevator. Getting inside, Grace felt Sarah's hand take hers and they smiled at each other. Exiting the elevator, Sarah released her hand and walked a step ahead. But Grace feeling bold on the day, took Sarah's hand again and they walked out of the building together. They loaded the car and Sarah went around to the passenger's side when she felt Grace's hand on her shoulder and she turned to see Grace smiling.

"I wanna tell you something" Grace said as Sarah's heart raised and she wondered exactly what it was she would say next.

"What?" Sarah asked as Grace kissed her passionately on the lips putting her arms around Sarah's neck and holding her there for a long moment.

"Do you get it now?" Grace asked, her forehead touching Sarah's, "I'm not pretending or scared or just waiting for someone else. I want you and right now that's all I want."

"I love you Grace" Sarah said and covered her mouth in shock, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to let that slip."

"You really love me?" Grace asked with an amazed look on her face.

"Yes I do" Sarah said taking Grace's face in her hands and kissing her softly again, as two passersby gave both of them a strange look, "you gotta a problem pal?" Sarah asked as Grace giggled and pushed her into the car.

"Let's go before you start a fight" Grace said sorta relieved she didn't have to reply to Sarah's declaration of love. They left the city and headed for West Lafayette. Sarah called Mr. Dmitri to let him know they were coming.

"I'll leave the light on for ya" Mr. Dmitri said as Sarah giggled and handed the phone to Grace.

"We should be there in like 20 minutes" Grace said after taking the phone.

"Remember to make a left not a right at the bridge" Mr. Dmitri said, "and give the phone back to Sarah before you get stopped."

"You know I like him" Sarah giggled as she hung up and Grace asked what she was laughing at.

"HMMMMMMMMM and I thought I was your love" Grace said giving Sarah a pooched lip look.

"You are, hot stuff" Sarah said touching Grace's cheek, "I was just thinking maybe we could share him."

"You are so not funny" Grace said pushing Sarah's hand away.

They made the turn at the bridge as Mr. D said and headed along the road to his house. Grace thought he must live in the middle of nowhere. Finally after about a 10 minute drive along a two lane blacktop, they came to a driveway and Sarah started laughing and said "this is it, this is it. He said it was a shit colored driveway."

"Hey Welcome to Casa August" Mr. Dmitri said as Grace and Sarah got out and unloaded their stuff. He quickly hugged Grace, and Sarah could see the way Grace looked at him and it started her worrying all over again.

"Call me August will ya" August said laughing as Sarah faked a smile and watched them walk into the house arm and arm.

"This is gonna be fun" Sarah said dropping her stuff inside the door.

"Sarah you coming?" August said from the door to the kitchen.

"Yeh" Sarah said walking through the door as he held it open.

The night seemed to pass quickly Sarah thought, and she found herself having a lot of fun as she saw the side of August that Grace had apparently seen a while ago. She laughed until it hurt at his stories of how he and Anna had met and how they managed to reach an understanding of what their relationship was. Sarah started to yawn and felt herself falling asleep, but not wanting to leave good company quite yet.

"Sarah you're dead tired; why don't you go on to bed?" Grace said as Sarah agreed and got up when she felt Grace grab her hand and say, "what, not even gonna say good night?"

"Good night" Sarah said wanting so badly to kiss Grace, but deciding against it and turned to August and smiled sleepily. "Night August and thanks for inviting me. I've had so much fun tonight."

"Good night" August said as Sarah disappeared around the corner. "I see you guys are really getting close."

"Yeh it's something totally new to me" Grace said blushing as August joined her on the couch.
"Didn't even know until that night at the concert you were into girls" August said.

"I wasn't until I met Sarah" Grace said, "she sorta changed everything for me."

"So I guess it's good we met like we did?" He asked.

"Never looked at it that way" Grace admitted, "but I guess you're right."

"And I'm also assuming there's not much of a chance we'll have any chance now huh?" He said moving Grace's hair out her eyes and smiling simply, making her feel like he always had, like she was the only person in the world. But as he slowly moved closer she found herself wanting to move, almost desperately wanting to, but froze in the moment. His lips touched hers slightly and she jumped back and said something she had never thought she would say to him "No there's not."

"Then why did you come down here for?" He asked pointedly.

"To tell you that" Grace said.

"I'm in such a different place in my life" She continued on, "I just wanted to end this once and for all. Let you know I appreciate everything you did for me, but I've moved on and I'm glad to see you have someone in your life too. Don't you?"

"Yeh too bad it's not nearly as serious as you and Sarah seem to be" August said standing up and walked around the couch slowly. "I'm gonna take a walk, be back in a while."

With that, he walked out and Grace sat there for a while thinking about how she could have done what she just did and did it without so much as blinking an eye. She might have just broken his heart or maybe he was as relieved as her and just didn't wanna show it. She touched her lips and smiled as she walked to the bedroom and opening the door, saw Sarah lying on the bed with the moonlight cascading across her body.

"She looks like an angel" Grace said in a whisper as she quietly closed the door and crawled into bed. Grace laid there watching her sleep for a long time. Her chest rose and fell rhythmically and she turned her body every few minutes to try and get comfortable. This bed is like a rock compared to Sarah's, Grace thought.

"No Katie I didn't, it was your fucking idea" Sarah said, making Grace sit up and wonder what was happening. She was having a nightmare and apparently a bad one. Her breathing had grown short and she was moving all over now. Grace couldn't decide whether to wake her up or not. Finally, as Sarah screamed one more time, she decided to.

"Sarah wake up" Grace said shaking her softly and then a little harder and repeating it louder.

"No Katie I love...." Sarah said before coming to and sitting up quickly.

"Calm down Sarah it's ok it's ok I'm here" Grace said hugging her around the neck.

"It was a dream, God that was so real." Sarah said, her breathing returning to normal.

"Yeh it was only a dream" Grace said turning Sarah's head to meet her eyes.

"I was dreaming about the fight that broke us up" Sarah said, "and you woke me up just as Katie was screaming at me about Cori and how it wasn't all her fault and what I did and didn't do."

"It's over now" Grace said smiling "and you don't ever have to go through that again, cause you have me now."

"I do?" Sarah asked smiling sweetly and obviously recovering from the nightmare.

"Yes" Grace said simply and kissed Sarah softly. "I been sitting here watching you sleep for like an hour now. Amazed at how beautiful you are."

"That's my Amazing Grace" Sarah said, "always making me feel better."

"Just returning the favor" Grace said pulling Sarah down and laying her head on Sarah's shoulder as they smiled at each other and the room grew quiet.

"She is so obviously still in love with you August" A voice said coming closer to the bedroom door.

"Don't talk so loud, they'll hear you" August said.

"You know what, I could care less" Anne said.

"Well I do cause she's a good friend of mine and I don't want her to hear you acting like a paranoid bitch like you are right now" August said as both Grace and Sarah sat up.

"God you want her too" Anne said as she opened the door to the bedroom and screamed, "there she is August, there's your little whore. You fuckin' want her, then you can have her. Maybe she and her little friend will let you share them. I'm sure you'd like that."

"Who are you calling a whore" August asked trying to close the door. Grace felt Sarah move and watched as she got off the bed and walked to the door. Pulling it away from August's hand, she looked Anne right in the face.

"You call Grace a whore one more time" Sarah said pointing her finger, "I'll turn that stuck up nose around the side of your face, bitch."

Grace could see a small smile come to August's face as Grace got out of bed and joined them by the door.

"Honey that'll be the day when you can whip my ass" Anne said looking at Sarah seriously, "and I'll call anyone I want a whore. Especially some teenybopper like you, chasing after a man two times your age. That's what I call a whore."

"Are you jealous?" Sarah asked as her hands went to fists, "that August wants Grace more than you?"

"Why you little bitch" Anne said swinging an open hand at Sarah, who blocked it and swung with every muscle in her body towards Anne's head. She connected right below the nose and the blood starting pouring as Anne fell to the floor with a loud thump. August looked at Grace with a stunned and disbelieving expression look on his face.

"YOU FUCKIN' WHORE, YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S LYING ON YOUR ASS NOW, BITCH" Sarah screamed shaking with rage and moving towards Anne again, "call her a whore again, I dare you....damn it, I fuckin' dare you."

"Sarah NO STOP" Grace screamed grabbing Sarah from behind and feeling a sharp stabbing as an elbow crashed into her ribs and Grace went flying to the floor. Sarah looked up and saw Grace lying on the floor and ran to her, "OH MY GOD GRACE I'm sorry."

Grace looked at her with tears in her eyes as she gasped for breath and tried to say something. But nothing came out. She clutched her stomach as August came to check on Grace.

"I'm ok" Grace said finally able to talk and force a smile. "Just knocked the wind out of me, that's all."

Sarah pulled Grace into a hug and kissed her forehead gently, "I didn't know it was you I swear it."

"I know I know" Grace said touching Sarah's face and smiling as she set up with August's help.

"Anne come back" August said as Sarah turned to follow after them. Grace knowing it would start all over again if she didn't do something, grabbed Sarah's arm and in a pleading voice said, "Sarah I need you."

Sarah looked back at Grace smiling as she helped her to her feet. Grace's stomach still hurt from the shot she took, but it was ok, she thought.

"I'm here" Sarah said sitting down beside Grace on the bed, "are you ok really?"

"Yeh" Grace said smiling at her and lifting her shirt a little to show her the place, "you could kiss it to make it all better, though."

Sarah smiled with a wicked grin and laid Grace down on the bed. Touching her bare stomach, she lowered her head and gently kissed the place Grace pointed to. Grace giggled and smiled down at Sarah as she kissed her again only a little lower. Sarah's hand moved up Grace's thigh and Grace admitted to herself this was beginning to turn her on. Sarah kissed her belly button and went in a slow methodic pace all the way down to the waist band of her panties before stopping and lifting her head. Grace had her eyes closed and was moaning softly, a contented type of whimper. She looked up at Sarah who smiled and lay down beside her.

"Why do you always do that for?" She asked her pointedly.

"Do what?" Sarah asked innocently.

"Start doing something and then stop when I really start to like it?" Grace said sitting up on the bed.

"Scared I guess" Sarah said sitting up herself and looking at Grace, "If I did something you didn't like or scared you...."

"I'd tell you" Grace said putting her fingers over Sarah's lips, "I wouldn't run away. This may be all new to me, but I'm very well aware of what's going on."

"I just don't wanna lose you" Sarah said looking scared suddenly.

"You won't" Grace said taking her hand, "we better go and see what happened with August and his love."

They walked out to the bedroom door, Grace holding Sarah's hand the whole way partly because she was afraid of what Sarah would do if Anne started again. Reaching the front door, Grace saw August coming back up the drive way with a tired look on his face. He came up on the porch and sat down in the swing.

"You should talk to him" Sarah said letting Grace's hand go, before Grace took hers and pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you for defending me" Grace said as both started to giggle, "never had anyone fight for me before. Not that I would ever have asked you too, but still thank you."

Sarah ran her hands through Grace's hair and slowly pulled her into a kiss. Grace never wanted this to end, she was so into this moment and being with a person she felt this incredible connection with, made it all the more unreal.

"Damn you're a good kisser" Grace said as Sarah smiled and blushed a deep crimson you could even see in the dim light of the moment.

"You're not so bad yourself" Sarah said kissing her lips a few more times, "a little more practice and you'll be as good as me."

"I love kissing you" Grace said in response.

"The feeling is so mutual" Sarah replied as both smiled. After a long moment, Sarah looked out the door and saw August still sitting in the porch swing looking off into the distance. "You should really go and talk to him."

"BRB" Grace said.

"I'm gonna lay back down ok?" Sarah said as Grace kissed her and smiled brightly.

"What?" Grace asked stopping at the door.

"That's the first time you've ever kissed me goodnight" Sarah said as Grace started giggling at the silliness of the moment.

"I wasn't kissing you good night; that was just a warm up for later" Grace said as Sarah blushed and walked away.

"Are you ok?" Grace asked sitting down beside August and touching his hand.

"Yeh, I'm glad this happened" August said surprising Grace, "Anne was only a stand in for what I really wanted."

"What?" Grace asked not thinking.

"Grace I have feelings for you" August said, "and lord knows we'll never have a real chance. But I did love you, you're amazing."

"I've been hearing that a lot lately" Grace said looking down the hall towards the bedroom, "I'm beginning to believe the hype."

"You and Sarah are obviously in love with each other and I'm not gonna try and come between you" August said releasing Grace's hand and standing up, "but if it comes one day and you're on your own and all alone. I hope I'm there to help you and maybe we'll get to dance."

"Maybe" Grace said as August walked off the porch and around the side of the house, before stopping at the edge and smiling sweetly and saying, "good night Grace."

Grace slowly rose and walked back to the bedroom, thinking now how she could no longer deny her feelings for Sarah. Not that she had been trying very hard in the last few days, but she was ready to admit what she was really feeling. She was in love. It sent shivers down her spine and gave her a case of the goose-bumps as she crawled into bed with Sarah again and heard her breathing softly. Knowing the signs by now, she could tell Sarah was asleep and resting comfortably.

"Good Night" Grace said laying her head beside Sarah's and cuddling next to her. Sarah almost instinctively rolled over and scooted back against Grace. Grace smiled and kissed her neck softly and put her arm over Sarah. Falling asleep soon after that, Grace dreamed about Sarah and rose the next morning with the sun. She groggily walked out on the porch and stretched in the morning sun, letting out a loud yawn and enjoying the beautiful scenery off in the distance.

"Morning Grace" August said with a cup of coffee in his hand and kissed her on the forehead.

"Morning August" Grace said sitting down on the end of the porch and leaning back against the post. They talked for a while, just catching up on what was going on in either's lives. August said he had been working on his first novel and that's why he was up so early. Grace smiled and urged him to get back to work, as he finished his coffee and said she was right. He disappeared back into the house. Grace turned to again bask in the glow of the sun.

She then heard the screen door opening again and thinking it was August, didn't turn around, she just kept looking at the scenery. Suddenly, she felt her hair being moved and a pair of lips touching her neck. Starting to panic for a second, she turned and saw Sarah's smiling face. "Morning" She whispered.

"Morning" Grace said smiling a broad smile, "thought you'd be sleeping for a few more hours."

"I would have been" Sarah said sitting down behind Grace and leaning against the post. She put her arms around Grace and pulled her back as Grace smiled again. "But it's hard getting to sleep with out you by my side."

"Is it now?" Grace asked looking at Sarah.

"Yeh I love waking up beside you more every morning" Sarah said kissing her cheek and holding Grace close to her.

"That's a nice feeling to have" Grace commented laying her head on Sarah's shoulder.

"You mean waking up beside me?" Sarah asked hopefully.

"Yeh that's pretty great" Grace said smiling, "but I was talking about something much deeper."

"Like what?" Sarah asked.

"You being in love with me" Grace said as Sarah's heart began to pound.

"It's an incredible feeling for me too" Sarah said as Grace sat up and, moving Sarah's arms away for an instant, she turned around and sat across Sarah's legs. Smiling down, she leaned close and kissed her softly and said, "Good Morning Blue Eyes". Then kissing her again, she asked "Guess what?"

"What is it my Amazing Grace?" Sarah said as Grace kissed her again.

"I Love You" Grace said and watched Sarah smile for a long moment and her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

"You really mean that?" Sarah asked, "You're not just saying that because I did?"

"Nope I mean it with all my heart" Grace said, "I've been thinking about it since last night. I'm sure now."

"I Love you too Grace" Sarah said as Grace wiped away her tears.

"Now will you stop crying" Grace said as Sarah laughed and wiped away her tears with her sleeve.

"I'm crying because I'm happy" Sarah said looking at Grace and laughing. Grace leaned close to Sarah and laid down across her and laid her head again on Sarah's shoulder. "you make me happy Grace."

"I'm in love with you Sarah Grasser" Grace said, thinking about the rest of the day and hearing Sarah say again, "I'm in love with you too."

To be Continued....