Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 21 "Kiss the Air"

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A week later in the Sammler/Manning World.....

"She's gonna think I'm crazy" Jessie said getting off the bus at the Mulberry street exit and walking down the long sidewalk. "I mean just because Grace and her are together or what resembles together. Doesn't mean I can't visit Sarah. Besides with Grace and her dad taking a father/Daughter holiday for the last two days. She might want some company."

"Yes" A very annoyed Sarah said as Jessie rang the buzzer.

"Hey what's up" Jessie said hesitating and thinking about how stupid that sounded.

"Who is this?" Sarah asked with a softer tone of voice, "you sound so familiar."

"Jessie Sammler" Jessie said in a low voice.

"Jessie oh my god come on up" Sarah said excitedly and buzzing her up. Jessie was surprised when she reached Sarah's floor and Sarah grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the elevator. Then she blushed as Sarah hugged her tightly and smiled at her. "You just saved me from total insanity."

"I did?" Jessie asked giggling.

"Yes" Sarah said wrapping her arms around one of Jessie's and guiding her into the apartment, "with Grace gone, I'm going out of my mind here. I was so...."

"What lonely?" Jessie offered as Sarah suddenly grew quite.

"Yeh" Sarah said closing the door and motioning for Jessie to have a seat.

"I suppose your wondering why I'm here huh?" Jessie asked a few seconds later.

"I have someone other than that damn computer to talk to now." Sarah said making Jessie giggle, "but yeah I am sorta curious."

"Well you know what you said on the phone about a week ago" Jessie said referring to when Sarah invited her over anytime she wanted to come.

"Yeh and it took you a whole week to take me up on it" Sarah said sitting down beside Jessie, "what's up with that?"

"Hey I have such a full life" Jessie said as Sarah giggled, "I can only spend so much time with each of my adoring fans."

"I would almost believe you do have fans" Sarah said smiling shyly as Jessie blushed at the compliment.

"Yeh and like you don't" Jessie countered after a long moment.

"Like who?" Sarah asked.

"Grace?" Jessie said making Sarah blush herself and smile broadly, "and your lesbo in training, ZoŽ."

"Oh you are so not funny" Sarah standing up and stomping away from Jessie, as Jessie laughed out loud, "I was only teaching her how to kiss."

"I know" Jessie said as Sarah threw a pillow at her.

"Besides ZoŽ is much more in love with Michael these days" Sarah said noticing Michael out the window.

"And Grace is in love with someone too" Jessie said sounding mysterious and laying back on the bed.

"Who?" Sarah asked.

"Someone who's pretty, sexy and cool once you get to know them." Jessie said, surprising herself at the way that came out.

"Who is it?" Sarah said flopping down on the bed beside Jessie.

"You" Jessie said watching closely as Sarah smiled again, "it's so bleeping obvious to everyone."

"Yeh I knew that. I just thought for a second you knew something I didn't" Sarah said then thinking about how Jessie had described her and smiled, "So you think I'm pretty and sexy huh?"

"Ummmmmmm" Jessie started, "did I say that?"

"Yes you sure did" Sarah said smiling and making Jessie squirm a little.

"Ok so I do" Jessie replied simply.

"As much as it sounds like an after thought" Sarah said looking Jessie in the eye, "I see what makes Katie so crazy about you. Your a fox."

"Yeh I know" Jessie said giggling and breaking the moment of silence.

Jessie felt Sarah touch her hand as it lay on the bed. Sarah smiled and traced Jessie's fingers with her own hand. Walking her fingers slowly up Jessie's arm as Jessie lay there almost froze, with a smile on her face no less. Sarah's fingers reached her shoulder and then up her neck they went. Touching her lips, Jessie couldn't figure out what Sarah was doing or for that matter why she was doing it. Sarah moved her finger down, making Jessie's lips separate.

"I wonder" Sarah said softly.

"You wonder what?"

"What it would be like to kiss you" Sarah said as Jessie's eyes widened in surprise.

"Why don't come up here and find out hot lips" Jessie said trying to keep a straight face and using her sexist tone of voice. Sarah moved on to her knees and crawled to Jessie, apparently not knowing this was supposed to be a joke, Jessie thought. Sarah smiled sweetly and leaned close to her, letting her hair fall around Jessie's face.

"Sarah wait" Jessie said as Sarah stopped and looked at her.

"I wasn't really gonna do it you know" Sarah said turning around, then sliding off the bed.

"You weren't?" Jessie asked feeling a twinge of disappointedment grow in her stomach.

"Nope your breath is terrible" Sarah said now standing over the computer and with her back to Jessie. Hiding her smile perfectly she thought. She burst out laughing watching Jessie's reaction in the mirror, as Jessie breathed into her hand and then sniffed it.

"Jessie your too much" Sarah said laughing out loud, "your breath is fine goofy."

"Ohhhhhhh" Jessie said blushing and suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

"I was just wondering out loud when you made that comment and called me hot lips" Sarah said smiling and setting down at the computer.

"Would you like to?" Jessie asked as Sarah looked back at her, "seriously?"

"Your so beautiful" Sarah said, "of course I would."

"Well just so you know, I might let you" Jessie said, "If you ask?"

"Did Grace have to ask?" Sarah asked smiling wickedly at Jessie.

"You know about that?" Jessie asked with a worried look on her face.

"Yep Grace and me are honest with each other" Sarah said as she checked her email.

"It just sorta happened" Jessie said fearing Sarah was upset.

"The first time yeh" Sarah said looking around, "and what about the second time?"

"It was a weird night and it just sorta happened in the moment" Jessie said as Sarah got up and walked the few steps back to the bed.

"Yeh I think you wanted to" Sarah said and hitting a bull's eye Jessie thought. Because it was true.

"It was just a moment in time and I'd never thought about it before I swear" Jessie said sitting up.

"I know" Sarah said smiling, "Grace told me about everything I think it was hot."

"OH my god you did" Jessie said as Sarah smiled again with an evil grin.

"Yeh sorta" Sarah replied, "just make me a promise."

"If you guys hook up" Sarah started, "just don't leave me out ok?"

"Leave you out" Jessie said confused and then realizing what Sarah meant and beginning to blush a deep crimson. "You mean a three way?"

"HMMMMM" Sarah said thinking about it, "I wasn't talking about sex, but that would be hot."

"Well if you don't mean that then what?" Jessie asked as she felt Sarah touch her hand.

"I just don't wanna be lonely anymore that's all" Sarah said looking a little sad.

"I would never take Grace away from you Sarah" Jessie said touching Sarah's face with her hand gently.

"I don't know why, but I believe you" Sarah said smiling with relieve.

"That's good" Jessie said as Sarah took Jessie's hand and kissed her palm.

"Anyway I'm not in love with Grace." Jessie said.

"Too bad your not it might be a scorching hot trifecta" Sarah said giggling.

"Oh so you've thought about it?" Jessie said pulling her hand away and pushing Sarah down on the bed.

"Oh yea baby" Sarah said as Jessie moved over her and both laughed, "you made me cream like five times and then Grace made you cream all over her face. MMMMMMMMMMM."

"Your so sick" Jessie said poking Sarah in the ribs, "shut up already."

"You said oh Grace baby you taste like candy." Sarah said screaming as Jessie attacked her ribs.

"Shut up Sarah" Jessie said feeling herself being spun on to her back, "you better shut up."

"Oh make me cum again Grace please baby" Sarah said squealing with laughter and tickling Jessie back now.

"OK OK I gotta pee stop" Jessie screamed a minute later as the wrestling match went on.

"When I get back you can tell me all about your and Grace's sex life" Jessie said as Sarah rolled off her. Letting her walk to the bathroom.

"What sex life?" Sarah asked as Jessie disappeared into the bathroom, "you mean to tell me you didn't know Grace is a virgin?"

"Yeh, I guess I sorta assumed you guys had did it already though" Jessie said coming out of the bathroom a minute or so later.

"Nope" Sarah said propping herself up on her elbow, "her first time should be special. Not just sex, but real love making."

"No one's ever made love to me before either" Jessie said thinking aloud.

"So you guys did the deed that day I walked in on you?" Sarah asked remembering back to that day in the attic now.

"Yeh we did" Jessie said as Sarah looked surprised.

"And you didn't think it was making love?" Sarah asked watching Jessie closely for a reply.

"No" Jessie said beginning to worry about that remark.

"You mean you didn't feel any real connection?" Sarah asked confused by now.

"No I felt the love and emotion" Jessie said, "but it was more about me getting you off and you getting me off than about exploring each other."

"I think that's the best part of it" Sarah said as Jessie smiled.

"You do?"

"Yeh" Sarah said liking the way Jessie was smiling at her, "I could spend hours doing that. I mean you got to know what makes them feel good and the only way to figure that out is to explore am I right?"

"I guess so" Jessie said giggling, "I mean I wouldn't really know."

"No offense Jess" Sarah started, "but I know how Katie is and it's not what your looking for. I mean if you want what we been talking about, Katie's not that kind of lover."

"Maybe" Jessie said feeling a little hurt and angry.

"Wait Jess" Sarah said as Jessie laid her head down, "Don't cry, that came out wrong."

"Katie loves you I can see that. God knows I never wanted to, but she does." Sarah said lifting Jessie's head and looking her in the eye. "Maybe you could teach her how to be the kind of lover you want and need."

"This sex thing is fuckin complicated" Jessie said in response.

"Yeh it is and you shouldn't have to worry about it" Sarah said moving Jessie's hair from her eyes.

"Speaking off Katie, where is she?" Sarah asked after a minutes pause in the conversation.

"Her grandma died, but you knew that already" Jessie said, "and now she's running back and forth between here and West Lafayette to help her family out."

"West Lafayette?" Sarah asked sitting up.

"Yeh it's somewhere in Indiana" Jessie said.

"Yeh like a hundred miles south of here" Sarah said, "and that's where me and Grace went to see August."

Jessie sat bolt upright in the bed and quizzed Sarah for all the details about there trip. Sarah swore her to secrecy and then spilled the beans about their trip to West Lafayette. Telling her about how they had met August at the concert at the Rosemont, then went down to see him and all about how she punched Anne for calling Grace a whore. Jessie laughed out loud and wished she could have been there herself. Then Jessie listened intently to Sarah's detailed description of the "I Love You" scene and wiped a tear from her eye.

"She called Grace a whore so you punched her lights out" Jessie said laughing and falling down on the bed.

"Yeh she don't talk about my Grace that way." Sarah said.

"My Grace huh?" Jessie said in a questioning manner, "that sounds nice."

"Yeh my Grace" Sarah said smiling, "and your my Jessie, if you wanna be."

"That sounded weird" Jessie commented.

"I just meant we're friends now" Sarah said.

"Your like the sweetest person I know that is like.... just so lonely." Jessie said, "I just wanna attach myself to you and make you feel loved."

"Now that sounds like something to look forward to" Sarah said giggling, but seeing no smile from Jessie.

"Why are you lonely" Jessie asked.

"I dunno, my parents never gave a damn about me so I guess it sorta started there." Sarah said before continuing on, "when they died my Gram tried but her heart was weak and she went to heaven a few years back. After her there was my Uncle Ray but he lives 5000 miles away in Hawaii, so he can't really do that much. Other than the computer and a nice bank account."

"And...." Jessie said wanting her to go on.

"Well then I guess came Katie and I attached myself to her and we where happy for a while" Sarah said tears slowly coming to her eyes, "but after we broke it off, I was back to just me. That's why I held on so tight to Grace. I'm just sick of being lonely."

"Sarah" Jessie said sitting up on her knees and taking Sarah's hand and pulling her up to eye level. "Listen to me..."

"I know it's pathetic" Sarah said wiping her tears away, "I cry to damn much, but you ask for me to tell you."

"You never have to be lonely again" Jessie said putting her arms around Sarah's neck. "Because you got Grace and she loves you so much, I can see it. You know that too and you got me to and of course you got ZoŽ. That girl's nuts about you. Somebody hurts you, she'll kill them and you got Lily."

Sarah started laughing through her tears at that last remark. Thinking about how Lily had called every day to check on her since Grace had been away. Even talking to her for an hour one night like an old friend. Lily had giggled every time Sarah called her Mom, but said it made her feel really appreciated that someone would want to call her that and Sarah could do it anytime she wanted.

"Thank you so much Jess" Sarah said hugging Jessie as they fell on to the bed and laughed. Sarah landing on Jessie's arm and both looking into the other's eyes. Jessie leaned close and whispered something Sarah couldn't make out and before Sarah knew what was happening, Jessie kissed the air in front of her, only an inch from her lips. Then pulling away Jessie smiled and began to giggle softly and laid her head next to Sarah's.

"That's what it's like to kiss me" Jessie said laughing as Sarah managed a smile then.

"What was my name again?" Sarah asked smiling and watching Jessie laugh harder.

"I wish I kissed that good" Jessie said a few seconds later after recovering her breath from laughing so hard.

"It just takes practice and patience that's all" Sarah said sitting up and feeling Jessie's eyes still watching her.

"Then teach me" Jessie said, "you taught ZoŽ how to, so teach me."

"I don't think that would be such a good idea" Sarah said as Jessie touched her cheek, "I mean we both have people who might not like that in our lives."

"I just wanna know how to kiss, well french kiss is a better way to put it" Jessie said, "I'm not looking to dump Katie by the way side."

"Just not a good idea" Sarah said as Jessie threw her hands down on the bed in frustration.

"I hate when people are so fuckin close minded" Jessie said, "it really pisses me off."

"Close minded, what am I close minded about?" Sarah asked.

"Not really you, just everyone" Jessie said, "Just because I wanna kiss you it has to be a big huge drawn out deal."

"Wait, you said you wanted me to teach you how to kiss" Sarah said as Jessie smiled with an innocent grin, "and then it was french kissing and now it's you just wanna kiss me."

"Very perceptive Sarah Lock" Jessie giggled.

"Well which is it?" Sarah asked now on her knees and moving over Jessie.

"All of the above" Jessie said being coy and trying to look cute.

"UGH just tell me what you meant will you?" Sarah asked as Jessie laughed.

"You figure it out" Jessie said as Sarah pinned her down.

"Now tell me you little tease" Sarah said holding Jessie's hands tight to the mattress.

"I'm teasing you?" Jessie asked giggling, " and from what Grace tells me you like being teased."

"I do not" Sarah said trying to hide a smile, "I prefer being the one doing the teasing."

"I bet it makes you hot when you think about really kissing me" Jessie said blowing Sarah a kiss and laughing.

"No it doesn't......" Sarah said trailing off as her eyes roamed to Jessie's raised shirt. In the heat of the moment Jessie's shirt had been pushed up above her belly button. Jessie noticed what Sarah was looking at and began to panic when she remembered what Grace had done to her. "You deserve this so much."

"No please Sarah don't" Jessie said as Sarah lowered her head and kissed Jessie's stomach. Not the way Jessie thought she would though. It was soft and slow and it felt really nice. Jessie began to relax when she realized Sarah wasn't going to do rasberry on her. Her lips where moving like a kiss and she could feel Sarah's tongue moving across the soft skin slowly. Jessie felt her arms suddenly become free and she laid back, not wanting her to stop right now.

"OH WOW" Jessie said softly, as one of her free hands went to Sarah's head and moved her hair out of the way. But to soon it ended as Sarah kissed the wet spot she had made one more time and sat up smiling.

"Now who's the tease?" Sarah asked looking at Jessie with a wicked smile.

"You are and you are so good at it" Jessie said rubbing her belly and reliving that moment, "fuck it, just make love to me right here. I mean it, just take me."

"Jessie!" Sarah said laughing in surprise.

"Just do that again and do it for like an hour" Jessie said pulling Sarah toward her.

"You really liked that huh?" Sarah asked landing on top of Jessie.

"Yes, are you kidding?" Jessie asked, "it was like you've done something completely new."

"We better stop before this goes to far" Sarah said forcing herself to raise up and get off the bed.

"Yeh wouldn't wanna do anything with me huh?" Jessie asked making Sarah turn around.

"It's not that I don't want to" Sarah said smiling down at her as she sat back down, "I just don't think it should be like this. We both have other people...."

"I know I know" Jessie said putting her hand over Sarah's mouth and laughing, "your like a member of the Brady Bunch huh?"

"No I just really love Grace and don't wanna ruin what we have" Sarah said giggling.

"And I totally love Katie" Jessie said smiling, "I wouldn't do anything to ruin that either. I'm not sure what I would have done if you had wanted to really make love. Cause that did feel really nice."

"I know you love Katie" Sarah said smiling, "and that's why they call me a tease."

They sat and chatted for a few more minutes, until the phone rang. Sarah answered it and Jessie knew right away it was good news. Sarah bounced up and down and kept saying "yes" and "uh huh".

"I'll be there Mr. Fate" Sarah said sending chills up and down Jessie's spine as she rolled off the bed and joined Sarah by the phone. "Ok Mr.Fate....thank you. Goodbye."

"Tell me" Jessie said as soon as Sarah hung up the phone.

"That was Brian Fate, the guy from Club Nash" Sarah said, "and he said they want us in Nashville next week. Like Next Monday."

"Oh my god" Jessie said hugging Sarah.

"He said he called your Mom and gave her the details." Sarah said after catching her breath, "and there sending over a fed-ex package with all the papers and stuff we need."

"We're really going to Nashville" Jessie said sitting down on the bed, "we've got a real chance Sarah. A real chance."

"Yep" Sarah said joining Jessie on the bed. "and the best thing is....."

"What?" Jessie asked.

"I get you all to myself for a week." Sarah said smiling and giggling. Raising her eye brows in a suggestive manner as Jessie giggled and pushed her away, "Never know what might happen."

"Excuse me?" Jessie asked standing up, "and who says I would even be seen with you in public?"

"Well fine then" Sarah said throwing herself down on the bed and doing her best fake cry. Being sure to make it loud and obnoxious.

"Oh shut up already" Jessie laughing and pushing Sarah on to her back.

"I'm like so wired right now" Sarah said smiling.

"Me too" Jessie said looking at the clock and realizing it was getting late. "But I gotta be running."

"Oh you do?" Sarah asked looking like her balloon had just been deflated.

"I'm sorry I would stay longer, but I gotta take the bus and it's spooky after dark" Jessie said grabbing her coat.

"Then spend the night here" Sarah said joining Jessie at the door and wrapping her arms around Jessie's. "I mean you did before."

"Yeh but that was with Grace" Jessie said nervously, "I dunno if it would be.... you know."

"What like I'm gonna come on to you" Sarah said seriously, "I just like your company that's all."

"Didn't say it would be so bad if you did come on to me" Jessie giggled, making Sarah blush. "I just was thinking maybe you should come over to the house for the night."

"You don't think Mom would mind?" Sarah asked still feeling weird about calling Lily Mom.

"Of course not" Jessie said picking up Sarah's coat and then turning to Sarah with a teasing look in her eye and saying, "Zoe'll be there."

Jessie opened the door as Sarah stood in shock of what she had just said. Then quickly deciding it might be fun, she hit the off switch on the power stick for the computer and locked the door, before chasing after Jessie, who had took off down the hall.

"You know I almost fell for you" Jessie said at the elevator as Sarah caught her. It took Sarah a moment to realize Jessie meant that she almost fell on the crack in the floor by the door. "Almost busted my ass."

"Yeh that would have been a shame to bust an ass that cute" Sarah said in a sexy tone of voice and running her finger up the back of Jessie's thigh and barely touching her cheek, before Jessie smacked her hand away playfully.

"Do you think those lines are cute or something" Jessie asked beginning to giggle, "I swear you remind me of Marsha Brady sometimes."

"I do not I'm much more like Jan. Cause I been told I'm a real head case." Sarah said making Jessie laugh out loud.

"Anyways" Jessie said getting on the elevator and reaching the ground floor. Jessie looked at the clock on the bank Tower and said, "oh shit, we're gonna miss the bus."

"Jessie wait" Sarah said stopping to fix her shoe as Jessie turned around and smiled before saying, "will you come on Marsha." Sarah got her shoe back on and chased Jessie the rest of the way to the bus stop.

"Ok fine you call me Marsha then" Sarah said with Jessie hugging her arm, "and your Jan. Cause you are a head case."

"Bite me" Jessie said pushing Sarah away and sitting down on the bench trying to hide a smile.

"You might be nuts and all Jan" Sarah said sitting down next to her, "but I still think your groovy."

Both begin to laugh out loud as the bus pulled up and they got on. Jessie looked back and saw a familiar face. The girl she saw the day her and Katie went to Cori's. Jessie smiled and turned away, but soon noticed the girl move into the seat next to them and smile back.

"She is so cute" Jessie thought.

"Hi. I'm Joey" The girl said extending her hand as she once again made eye contact with Jessie.

"Jessie Sammler and this is Marsha, I mean Sarah" Jessie said shaking Joey's hand and giggling as Sarah punched her arm.

"Seems we're all going to the same place" Joey said.

"We are?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh I'm your new neighbor" Joey said as Sarah and Jessie looked at each other in surprise.

To be Continued....