Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 22 "Out of Control"

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"So you think she's cute huh?" Sarah asked as they got off the bus and Joey ran to grab her back pack before rejoining Jessie and Sarah for the short walk home.

"Yeh" Jessie said as both started giggling.

"Guys wait up" Joey hollered as she ran along after them.  Sarah noticed her tits bounce freely as she did.

"I'd forget my head if weren't on my shoulders" Joey said falling into step with Sarah and Jessie.

"So you guys are best friends huh?" Joey asked.

"No actually we're lovers huh Marsha" Jessie said taking Sarah's hand and kissing it as Sarah's face turned a bright red and Joey looked at them wide eyed.

"Really?" Joey asked in shock.

"No not really" Sarah said jerking her hand away from Jessie who stopped and bent over laughing at the two's reaction.

"You should.......have.......seen you're......face" Jessie said laughing out loud and gasping for breath.

"It's wasn't that funny" Sarah said with her hands on her hips.

"Yes it was, yes it was" Jessie said recovering just a bit and starting to walk with them again.

"I thought you were so like serious" Joey said looking at Jessie.

"No we're really just becoming friends" Jessie said touching Sarah's hand and giggling again.

"Well it's good to know you guys are cool with gay people" Joey said smiling and looking like she wanted to tell someone something.

"Yeh way more than you know" Sarah said as Jessie covered her mouth and tried to hide a smile.

"Well here's my place" Joey said after a minute or so, "you mind if I come over and hang out some time?"

"Course not" Sarah said before Jessie could, "but since I live down on Mulberry, you might wanna ask Jessie."

"Marsha shut up" Jessie said pushing Sarah away and beginning to wrestle and giggle loudly. "It's ok anytime, just drop by."

"Ok" Joey said watching the two as they fell to the ground laughing.  Joey looked like she didn't wanna leave but had some where to be, so she slowly walked off and disappeared inside the house.

"HEY STOP" Jessie said laughing as Sarah pulled her back down by her butt, "you don't get to stick your hand there."

"Well you sure didn't seem to mind earlier at my place" Sarah said as Jessie rolled away and stopped, looking back at her.

"WHAT?" Jessie asked in mock horror, while throwing some grass at Sarah as she cackled out loud.

"You never touched my butt and I wouldn't want you to anyway" Jessie said standing up and walking away.

"Oh yeah sure" Sarah said sitting up, "you remember the elevator?"

"Oh my god you did" Jessie said remembering it now and blushing.

"Yeh wish I'd had more time though" Sarah said smiling.

"If you don't shut up right now, I'm gonna tell Grace...." Jessie said watching Sarah get up and run after her.

"What did you say?" Sarah asked catching her a minute later almost at the top of the driveway, "what are you gonna tell her, huh?"

"I'm gonna tell her...." Jessie said laughing as Sarah tickled her, "that you want my body and I want yours."

Sarah stopped and released her hold on Jessie as both looked at each other in surprise for a long moment.

"I mean" Jessie said starting to rephrase her last response, when Sarah smiled sweetly and put her hand over Jessie's mouth gently.

"I know what you meant" Sarah said taking Jessie's hand and pulling her along towards the door.

Jessie, suddenly feeling bold again as they reached the door, ran her hand down Sarah's back and over her butt.  Sarah turned to look at Jessie who just giggled and ran inside before Sarah could respond.

"Mom we're home" Sarah said as Lily came through the house and smiled at Sarah and Jessie coming through the front door.

"My long lost daughters" Lily said dropping her dish towel and running to Sarah and Jessie and hugging them.

Both laughed as they hugged her back and soon found themselves being dragged away from the door and into the kitchen.

"Grace called and said her and Jake will be coming in late tonight" Lily said as Sarah's heart began to pound in anticipation and Jessie saw her smile expand considerably.  "Oh yeah and Katie called and said to tell you she'd be home all night and to call her after 7."

"OK" Jessie said matching Sarah's smile.  Lily noticed the immediate change in the girls demeanors as she observed them being happy already and knowing Jessie was happy about Katie, but wondering why Sarah seemed so excited and thinking that maybe Sarah and Grace had something more than a simple friendship.  But she quickly decided that thought was silly.

"Sarah" ZoŽ squealed in excitement as she crashed into her from behind and hugged her neck. Sarah smiled back at ZoŽ and picked her up in a piggy back ride as ran into the kitchen.  "I missed you."

"I missed you too Mi Mono PequeŮo" Sarah said as she looked at ZoŽ's beautiful smile and realizing she had missed having ZoŽ around for the last few weeks.  Sarah hugged ZoŽ as Lily smiled and thought about how amazing it was how much life Sarah seemed to bring to everyone around her.

"That's Spanish for my little monkey right?" Jessie asked as Sarah smiled and nodded yes, surprised at Jessie's knowledge of the language.

"Yep she's my little monkey" Sarah giggled, walking with ZoŽ over to the table.

"Have you seen Michael?" ZoŽ asked as soon as Jessie and Lily where distracted for the moment.

"Yeh earlier in the day" Sarah said moving ZoŽ's hair out of her eyes, "He said you and Jennifer were spending so much time together lately he never got to see you anymore."

"I know he's being such a jerk about it too" ZoŽ responded, "Just because I got a new friend, he's gotta be a butt-munch."

"You think he might be a little jealous of Jennifer?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh but he's my boyfriend or at least he was" ZoŽ said looking a little sad, "until he called Jen a bunch of names on the phone a few nights ago."

"He did?" Sarah asked in surprise, "yeh I told him about some stuff and he got really mad and started saying it was her fault and I didn't like him anymore and all that."

"What did you tell him?" Sarah asked as ZoŽ looked over at Lily and Jessie who were talking quietly about something near the dining room door and not paying any attention to what was going on, it seemed. So ZoŽ, seeing her opportunity, leaned close as Sarah gave her a strange look and moved her lips to Sarah's ear and whispered, "I told him about when you taught me to kiss and how I showed Jen about it.  He got so mad at me.   He was like you cheated on me and everything."

"WOW" Sarah said giggling as ZoŽ shot her a hurt look, "I'm sorry it's just you sorta shocked me with that."

"Hey Sarah we'll be right back ok" Jessie said, "Lily wants me to help her with setting up the dishes on the mantel"

"Ok" Sarah said giggling as Jessie rolled her eyes.

"You mean Jen and me?" ZoŽ asked blushing as Jessie and Lily left the room for the moment.

"Yeh you little horndog" Sarah giggled and making ZoŽ blush even more.

"She asked me and begged me about it, so I thought it would be ok" ZoŽ said.

"You didn't do anything wrong monkey" Sarah said, "I mean it was just a kiss and all.  But maybe you should have asked Michael if he minded first."

"Why should I have to?" ZoŽ asked, "It's not like me and Jen are going together.  It was practice, like you and me."

"You really like Michael?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh I do.  He's so nice, and he buys me stuff all the time" ZoŽ said smiling as she talked about him, "not big stuff like jewelry, but just little things.  Like a key chain or a pencil.  He's sweet like that."

"Well it's best you broke up with him anyway" Sarah said hiding a smile as ZoŽ looked at her with a stunned expression.

"Why?" ZoŽ asked, standing up.

"That way he'll never find out you really have the hots for me" Sarah said as ZoŽ's eyes grew narrow and she lunged at Sarah. Sarah laughed as ZoŽ tried her best to get revenge.  Sarah finally wrapped her arms around ZoŽ as they both flopped to the floor.  She held Sarah down by the arms, as Sarah was giggling too hard to fight back and ZoŽ demanded she take it back or suffer the horrible consequences.

"Bite me" Sarah said as ZoŽ started getting frustrated and got up to walk away.  Sarah finally got her giggles under control and grabbed ZoŽ as she was going around the table.   Hugging her a second later, "I was kidding ZoŽ, calm down."

"It's not funny" ZoŽ said.

"Ok I'm sorry it's not" Sarah said still a little confused in her mind and wondering why ZoŽ was getting so mad about a simple joke.

"Whatever" ZoŽ said pulling away and walking off through the house and up the stairs a few seconds later.

"Did you guys have a little lover's spat?" Jessie asked as she sat down beside Sarah.

"Jan shut up" Sarah said and then looking a little hurt added. "ZoŽ's mad at me ok."

"So what, she'll get over it" Jessie said.

"Yeh I guess so"

"Jessie, phone call" Lily said as Jessie bolted out of the chair and snagged the phone from Lily, even before asking who it was.

"Hey girl" Katie said into the phone.

"Hey" Jessie said breathing a huge sigh of relief, "I been missing you like crazy."

"I been so busy, I've barely had time to even breathe" Katie said as Jessie arrived in her bedroom and flopped down on the bed.

"Well we got a few minutes now right?" Jessie asked.

"No" Katie said softly, "I gotta run in a second and help my Mom finish the dishes.   The family is coming in tomorrow and she won't let me breath until that's over."

"OH ok you know it would just be nice to talk to you for a change" Jessie said with disappointment in her voice.  But for some reason, Katie didn't seem to even notice Jessie thought.  Then a moment of silence lingered as Jessie suddenly was at a loss for words.  Thinking about how little time they had left, she got ready to say something when she heard Katie giggle and drop the phone.

"RaeAnn stop" Katie said laughing and picking the phone back up.

"Jessie I really do have to go" Katie said, "Rae stop, no don't you dare put your hand there.  STOP."

"Ok bye" Jessie said hanging up the phone and lying down on the bed, wondering who the hell this RaeAnn chick was.

She hoped against hope that Katie would call her back, but it never happened.  She waited for an hour in her room before deciding to rejoin the land of the living and forget about Katie Singer and new friend RaeAnn.  She marched out of her room and down the stairs, running into Eli at the bottom.

"Hey sis" Eli said hugging Jessie playfully, "they finally wrote me back in."

"Hey Eli what are you doing here?" Jessie said then seeing a huge bag over his shoulder.

"Looks like I'm moving in" Eli said, "Mom had a fit when she found out I lost my job."

"And she threw you out" Jessie said smiling, "now that's so original."

"Yeh well looks like you're 'not treading on Grace's turf' promise is now history" Jessie said referring to Eli and Grace's agreement about him staying at Karen's for a while to give her some space.  "She'll understand."

"Yeh right, the last time I made her mad, she busted my friggin' lip" Eli said.

"Yeh like you didn't deserve it" Jessie said finding herself surprised to be defending Grace.

"I didn't, all I did was play a game of basketball with some friends" Eli replied putting his bag down.

"Yeh while you were on a date with her" Jessie said letting her anger show now visibly, "geez Eli, how thick headed are you?"

"I'm not and she said it was ok" Eli responded as his voice began to rise.

"Yeh ok Eli one game" Jessie said holding up a finger in Eli's face, "not 4."

"What's the difference?" Eli said "Hey wait, why are you defending Grace anyway?" Eli asked, "Since when did you become Grace's best friend?  You guys can barely stand each other."

"Yeh well things change" Jessie said, "We worked our differences out."

"You mean you stopped being jealous of her" Eli asked in a mocking tone of voice.

"I was never jealous of her you jerk" Jessie said punching Eli's arm with all her power.

"Ouch" Eli said laughing, "any harder and I might actually get to feel it."

"God, no wonder she's doesn't like you anymore" Jessie said, "You're a complete asshole."

"Yeh little sister, like you would know if she cares or not" Eli said pushing Jessie away and laughing as she fell to the floor.

"I do know for a fact that she's in love with someone else" Jessie said practically screaming, relishing in the fact that Eli's face seem to fall at that comment  .He looked at her to see if she was serious and then hearing someone coming up the steps, walked off toward his room.  Jessie sat up with a slight smile as Sarah walked up and asked if she was ok.

"Yeh me and Eli just had a huge fight over Grace" Jessie said as Sarah helped her up.

"I heard some screaming and I came to see what it was" Sarah said, "and to talk to ZoŽ."

"Shut up" Sarah said as Jessie opened her mouth and started to giggle.

"I wasn't gonna say a word I swear." Jessie said.

"What did Katie say by the way?" Sarah asked.

"Oh she didn't have time to talk" Jessie said, "She had to get back to her new friend RaeAnn."

"Jessie" Lily said from downstairs, "Cori's here to see you."

Jessie could see the smile on Sarah's face disappear completely as she heard that Cori was downstairs.  Jessie, feeling uncomfortable, walked by Sarah and felt Sarah take her hand.  She smiled for a brief second and then walked off.  Jessie thought that was sorta weird, but she nevertheless headed down the steps to see Cori's smiling face standing uncomfortably beside Lily.

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way" Cori said to Lily.

Lily didn't really respond she just smiled and walked off towards the kitchen.  Jessie then began to relive the moment Cori was referring to, in the attic, when Lily caught them kissing and Cori basically bailed out on her.   She felt a twinge of anger as Lily left.

"Yeh" Jessie said looking at Cori.

"How you doing?" Cori asked sweetly.

"Fine" Jessie said simply, "what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you" Cori said moving a little closer.

"Yeh you mean to come to see if I was still pissed at you" Jessie said, "after the way you ran out on me."

"You mean the attic thing?" Cori asked obviously confused.

"Of course I fuckin' do" Jessie said, pulling Cori by the arm out of the front hall and onto the porch.

"OK Jess I'm sorry I didn't know you'd be this pissed" Cori said moving closer and touching her arm gently.

"Get off me, is that all you ever think about?" Jessie said pushing Cori's arm away and moving away from her, "you are such a slut."

"Jessie what's wrong?" Cori asked looking worried.

"You are what's wrong" Jessie said, "you're nothing but trouble Cori Tyler.  You run out on the people who need you and then you wanna make up for it by having sex.  Well it's too fucking late."

"Jessie calm down" Cori said trying to keep her anger in check and letting Jessie vent her frustrations, "just tell me what is bothering you.  I wanna help."

"UH huh sure you do" Jessie said laughing and pushing Cori away. "Like when you tried to break me and Katie up.  And oh yeah, ran out on me when Lily caught me kissing you.   What kinda help can I expect from you next, a shot gun blast to the temple?"

"I'm sorry Jessie I'm sorry" Cori said letting her tears fall and pleading with Jessie to listen, "it's been a bad week if you'll just let me explain.....please."

"NO" Jessie screamed, "why don't you just fuckin' leave already."

"Jessie there's a reason I haven't called or been by" Cori said as Jessie turned and walked into the house.  She wanted to feel good about herself, but for some reason thought she just made a terrible mistake.  She sat down in the chair and tried to get her anger under control.  Looking one time out the window and seeing Cori sitting on the curb with her hands over her face shaking.  "What in the hell is her problem?" Jessie asked herself.

"Jessie honey is Cori still here?" Lily asked a minute or two later.

"No" Jessie said simply.

"Oh ok" Lily said then turning back to the phone replied, "No I'm sorry she isn't here.   Yes. I'll be sure to call you if we see her again."

"Who was that?" Jessie asked as Lily turned to walk back into the kitchen.

"I'm not sure" Lily said, "they just said Cori was supposed to be at her mother's funeral this morning and she never showed up.  They seemed to be very worried about...."

"Mother's funeral?" Jessie said in stunned voice and replaying what Cori had said about it being a bad week in her mind.

"Apparently her mother committed suicide a few days ago" Lily said as Jessie's heart literally skipped a beat.

Jessie got up as fast as she could and fumbled with the door trying to get it open and, slamming it against the wall when she did, raced outside looking in desperation for Cori.  Lily followed, wondering what was going on exactly.   She saw Cori still sitting on the curb, crying.

"Cori I'm so sorry" Jessie said as she reached the curb, and Cori looked up at her, "I swear I didn't know.  I'm so sorry."

Pulling her to her feet, she hugged her, feeling Cori's body shake and the tears running her face touching Jessie's neck.  Jessie heard herself keep saying "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"You were the only person in the world who didn't hate me" Cori said finally through her tears, "and now you do too."

"No I swear I don't" Jessie said taking Cori's face into her hands, "I forgive you, I swear on my life.  I do."

"JESSIE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Cori screamed in a blood curdling voice as her face went to one of panic.  Her eyes went dark with fear and her heart pounded so hard it hurt her chest.

"JESSIE LOOK OUT" Lily screamed as Jessie looked to see what it was.  She then felt Cori push her away from the curb with brute force, sending her flying into the air.   She crash landed on her side as Lily screamed again and Jessie watched as a mini-van careened out of control right into the front yard.  Cori dove as the van struck her lower body and spun her lifeless body into the air.  A split second later, the car smashed through the mailbox and came to a stop atop the fence across the driveway, sitting on top of it as the wheels spun still being fueled by the unconscious driver.

Cori landed on the grass with a loud thud and her body crumbled lifelessly to the grass in the front yard.

"CORI NOOOOOO" Jessie screamed as she ran to her side.  "Cori, please don't die, I'm sorry.  Cori please don't die.  I swear I don't hate you, please god don't take her.  I love you Cori, I do I swear it.   Just please don't die."

"Jessie" Cori said in a barely audible voice, "I love you too....."

To be Continued....