Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 24 "Rae Of Hope"

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"Katie" Jessie said, rising from the chair beside Cori's bed and hugging Katie. Then kissing her softly, but briefly and said, "I missed you so much.

"I missed you too Billie" Katie said smiling and touching Jessie's face gently, "it's been a shitty couple of weeks and this ain't gonna make anything better."

"You mean Cori?" Jessie asked smiling for the first time since the accident.

"No I mean seeing you silly" Katie giggled.

"Can you stay a while?" Jessie asked with hopeful look in her eye.

"You want me to?" Katie asked shyly.

"Yes" Jessie said making Katie look at her, "I'm so glad you're here."

"I forced my Mom to let me come" Katie said smiling, "she's being such a bitch since Gram died; won't even let me spend five minutes to call you.  God.  I got up this morning and I told her point blank I was coming to see you and if she didn't like it, she could kiss my ass."

"Oh yeah sure" Jessie said laughing.

"OK maybe it was more like 'Please Mom, please Mom I just have to see Jessie today, I'm going crazy without her.'" Katie said smiling as Jessie took her hand and said, "I like the second version better."

"Me too cause it's so much more true" Katie said glancing at the door as Jessie kissed her.

Jessie's heart jumped as she saw someone appear in the doorway, thinking for a second it was Karen or Rick.  But as she looked again, she didn't recognize the face.  It was some girl wearing really short jean shorts and a Playboy shirt tied just below her breasts.

"Hey" she said as Jessie gave her a weird look.

"Oh hey" Katie said looking around at the girl, "this is RaeAnn."

"Hi" Jessie said coldly and turned away and sat back down in the chair.  She could see RaeAnn rubbing Katie's back with her hand as Katie smiled.

"You better now?" RaeAnn asked Katie smiling nervously.

"Yeh, now that I'm with Jessie" Katie said pulling up a chair and sitting down beside her.

"Well I'm gonna go and look at the future hotties in the day-care" RaeAnn said smiling, "I'll give you guys some time to.... you know.  But keep it down, we are in a hospital after all."

"Get out of here" Katie said as RaeAnn giggled and walked off.

"So she knows about us huh?" Jessie asked as RaeAnn left the room.

"Duh Billie" Katie said giggling.

"Have I told you how happy I am to see you?" Jessie asked smiling at Katie.

"Yeh but feel free too again."

"Ok I am so happy you're here" Jessie said as Katie giggled, "Well you said say it again."

"What happened last time we talked?" Katie asked after a few seconds, "I was trying to get Rae to leave me alone so I could talk to you and the phone went dead."

"I hung up" Jessie said, the smile disappearing from her face.

"Why?" Katie asked, "Did I say something?"

"You didn't seem to be paying any attention to me" Jessie said as Katie touched her hand.

"Not true, I was just trying to get goofy ass to leave me alone for a minute" Katie said making Jessie feel horrible.  Something that was not lost on Katie, as she slipped into the oversized chair by Jessie and put her arm around her neck.  Jessie smiled knowing Katie was trying to make her feel better and let her know everything was ok, now.  Laying her head on Katie's shoulder for a second, she closed her eyes to enjoy this moment.

"I love you Jessie" Katie said quietly in a for-your-ears-only tone of voice.

"Funny thing is I was about to say the same thing" Jessie said, feeling more content in that moment than she could remember being for the last two weeks.  She thought about everything that was going on and before she knew it, she was dreaming about it as well as she drifted off to sleep.

"SHHHHHHHH" Katie said as Karen and Henry came into the room, "she's out cold."

Karen had a bewildered look on her face upon first seeing Katie sitting with Jessie.  But it soon turned to one of relief when she realized Jessie hadn't slept in two days.

"Is she ok?" Karen asked.

"Yeh she just seemed tired" Katie said in a whisper, "if you guys want to, you can go and get something to eat or whatever and I'll stay here with Jessie."

"I dunno" Karen said looking at Henry worriedly.

"Come on Karen" Henry said, "Jessie's fine and she's sleeping, so let her alone.  I need a shower and something hot to eat and so do you."

"Keep an eye on her" Karen said pointing to Jessie and then before leaving, looked up at Cori.

"And don't let her go anywhere" Henry mouthed to Katie as he pointed to Cori.  Katie tried to suppress a giggle but failed as she covered her mouth to keep from waking Jessie.

"Are you guys going home?" Lily asked as Karen and Henry came around the corner.

"Yeh, she needs a hot shower and so do I." Henry said ushering Karen along, "Katie's with Jessie and Cori right now.  She finally got Jessie to take a nap."

"Eli and Grace are off getting us something to eat" Rick said, "you guys take your time and we'll hold down the fort while you're away."

"I dunno how much longer I can do this" Lily said to Rick.

"Well I think when they get back we should go home too" Rick said, "I'm sure Sarah wants to get back to her apartment and her own life."

"I just called her and she was so sweet" Lily said, "she said as long as we needed her, she'd be there.  We make her feel like she has a family again.  And besides, Gracey and ZoŽ are crazy about her, maybe a little too much."

"You think Gracey has some sorta feelings for Sarah?" Rick asked with a perplexed look on his face.

"Jessie seems to think so" Lily responded, "and Jessie should know."

"Why should Jessie know?" Rick asked as Lily realized that Rick didn't have any knowledge of Jessie and Katie's relationship.

"Because she and Grace have become a lot closer" Lily said as Rick seemed to breath a sigh of relief, "Jessie looks up to Grace and they confide in each other."

"Makes you think that if they can get closer" Rick said pulling Lily into a hug, "that the Sammler/Manning crew could maybe think about expanding."

"Oh be serious" Lily said laughing.

"I am" Rick said, "I wanna have another baby, maybe even more than one."

"Rick Sammler I'll kill you if you're playing a joke on me" Lily said.

"I'm not" Rick said honestly, "I know how bad you wanted the baby the last time.  I think we should try again."

"Well let's talk about it later when my mind isn't so fried from worrying" Lily said as Rick agreed and they shared a slow romantic kiss.

"Will you guys give it a rest" Eli said walking up as Lily and Rick parted.

"Yeh, old people kissing...eeeeekkkkk" Grace said giggling and avoiding Lily's hand swat.

"Gimme the food and you two beat it" Rick said pushing Eli down the hall.

"So when did you and Jessie become such good friends?" Eli asked as he and Grace settled into the waiting room a few minutes later.

"I dunno" Grace said looking up from the magazine she was trying to read.  "Why?"

"Well after Mom's little hissy fit, I had to move back in with you guys" Eli said as Grace looked at him, "and she basically attacked me when I mentioned our last date."

"She did?" Grace said smiling, but trying to hide it.

"Yeh it was like she was defending her best friend or something" Eli said, "she even punched me and pretty hard."

"No doubt you deserved it" Grace said smirking as Eli got up and came towards her.  Grace covered up laughing as he poked her ribs and tried to make her take it back.

"No Eli stop you big jerk" Grace said even though she liked the attention.  Suddenly he did stop at the sound of a voice in the door way.

"You guys are so cute together" A girl said walking into the room and sitting down. "Easy to see you guys are hot for each other."

"No actually she's my step-sister" Eli said turning and forgetting Grace was even in the room as he stared at this girl and then joined her in the seat next to her.

"Could have fooled me" She giggled.

"Yeh me too" Grace said getting up and walking out of the room coldly.

"Was it something I said?" She asked.

"No she's just being a pain lately" Eli said smiling brightly. "My name's Eli and can I ask yours?"

"With that smile you could ask anything" She said confidently and then laughed softly, "it's RaeAnn Parker"

"Nice to meet you Eli with no last name" RaeAnn said.

"It's Manning, my last name that is" Eli said letting his eyes wander over her gorgeous body as RaeAnn smiled and didn't seemed to mind at all.

"So is it a regular practice of yours to pick up girls at the hospital?" RaeAnn asked loving Eli's total attention by now.

"No but you know what they say" Eli said smirking as he went on, "8 to 80, cripple, blind or crazy.  If they can't walk we'll drag 'em."

"So you'll do anything from 8 to 80 huh?" RaeAnn asked laughing out loud.

"That is kinda sick" Eli laughed.

"I'm sure you're gonna ask for my phone number right?" RaeAnn asked, "and I'm guessing you're not a patient from the 10th floor."

"No I escaped from the loony bin weeks ago" Eli said, "and yes if you wanna give it to me.   Maybe we can hang out sometime."

"Well you better call me soon" RaeAnn said, "cause I'm staying with family and I don't know when I'll be going back home."

She handed him a card with her name and number on it as she smiled and thought to herself how cute he was.  Standing up, Eli walked with her to the door and out into the hall.

"By the way" Eli asked, "Why are you here?"

"My cousin is visiting a friend" RaeAnn said giggling at the way that sounded.

"Yeh my sister is here staying with a friend who was in a car accident" Eli said as they both stopped in front of the same room.

"You're room?" She asked as Eli nodded and RaeAnn laughed, "of all the people in this hospital I meet the one who's visiting the same person."

"Hey guys" Katie said as Jessie raised her head and smiled drowsily.

"RaeAnn you just met Jessie's brother" Katie said giggling as RaeAnn smiled at Eli, "god girl, you're such a slut."

"Look who's talking" RaeAnn said putting her fingers over her lips in a V and wiggling her tongue through them at Katie as Eli looked on confused.

"You're not even funny" Katie said looking back at Jessie, who was still resting her head on Katie's shoulder.

"She's is so fuckin' zonked" RaeAnn giggled, "Did you wear her out already?"

"Will you shut up" Katie said shooting RaeAnn a stern look.  RaeAnn quickly figured out Eli didn't know Jessie and Katie's little secret and turned to look at Eli in an attempt to change the subject before he could notice.  "Is that your sister?"

"Yeh" Eli said.

"Can't you see she's tired, take her home and let her get some sleep already.  "RaeAnn said as Jessie's head quickly rose in protest.

"No I can't leave" Jessie said, "Cori will be alone and I won't leave her like that.  She doesn't have anyone else to stay with her."

"Not like she's gonna notice anyway" RaeAnn said as she laughed.

"It's not fuckin' funny" Jessie said getting up as Katie grabbed her, "it's my fault she's here and I won't leave her.  She needs me and if you can't understand that, then you can go to hell."

"Jessie Sammler" Eli said shocked, "what the hell's gotten into you?"

"She's worried about her friend" RaeAnn said smiling and walking over to Jessie who still had her fists clinched at her side and surprised her with a warm hug and, looking into Jessie's eyes, she smiled and said softly, "I can tell you've got a lot on your mind.   You care more than you wanna admit about this girl.  That's why you need some rest."

"Thanks" Jessie said in return as RaeAnn took her hand, "whatta you say me and Katie give you a ride home and you get some sleep."

"No" Jessie said as Katie rose and moved her lips to Jessie's ear so Eli couldn't hear and said "if you want I'll take a nap with you."

"No, Cori will still be alone and I'm not gonna let that happen" Jessie said as RaeAnn started thinking and seemed to come up on a plan.  She walked over to Eli and smiled.

"Ok I'll offer this only once" RaeAnn said moving back to Eli's side, "you and Katie take my car and go home for a few hours.  I'll stay here with your friend.  That way she won't be alone and you get some sleep.  Besides, me and your brother can talk."

"RaeAnn you do know I love you" Katie said as she hugged her, "you'll really do that?"

"You don't have to really" Jessie said still in an almost state of shock over her offer.

"No, go on" RaeAnn said pushing Jessie and Katie towards the door.

"I'll be back in a little while" Jessie said as she went back to Cori's bed and touched her hand, hoping against hope she would wake up.

"Go on now" RaeAnn said as Jessie and Katie took her car keys and headed to the elevator.  Feeling the fresh air and sunlight on her face, Jessie felt so revived and then, looking at Katie as she fumbled with the car keys, she felt more alive than she had felt in days.  Taking Katie's hand, Jessie smiled and Katie returned it.

"I been waiting to do something for two weeks now" Katie said as they walked behind RaeAnn's car.

"What?" Jessie asked as Katie pulled her into her arms.  Then smiling, Katie kissed her softly.  Jessie slipped her arms around Katie's neck and searched for Katie's tongue with her own.  They began to French and it became more intense as they both realized how much they had missed being so close.  Jessie thought to herself this was a real soul kiss, she could think only of Katie and nothing else at that moment.  Until a loud blaring car horn across the parking lot made them jump apart and then, looking at each other, they giggled and both blushed as they got into the car a few seconds later.

The music was blaring as Jessie and Katie arrived home about an hour later.  They walked in to see ZoŽ dancing around and singing with Sarah into a hairbrush to the music. Jessie stopped and began to laugh as they went on.

"I love that old time rock and roll" Sarah sang along to the music as ZoŽ spun around and was the first to notice Jessie and Katie standing in the doorway to the house.

"Jessie" ZoŽ said running over and hugging her step-sister around the neck, "are you ok?   How's Cori?  Is she ok?"

"Calm down monkey" Sarah said pulling ZoŽ back into a hug and laughing as Jessie smiled.

"She's still in a coma ZoŽ" Jessie said, "and I'm fine.  Just a little tired that's all."

"So I finally talked her into coming home and getting some sleep" Katie said as she smiled at the way Sarah seem to dote on ZoŽ.  Even giving her a silly nickname, that's Sarah, Katie thought.

"Well we'll keep it down so you can sleep" Sarah said as she turned the music off.

"Don't worry about it.  I could sleep through a rock concert the way I feel" Jessie said as Katie hugged her from behind and pretended to hold her up.

"That's what we we're doing" ZoŽ said giggling out loud.

"Too bad you sing like Katie" Sarah said to ZoŽ as she ran towards the kitchen laughing.

"You're gonna get it Sarah" ZoŽ screamed as she ran after her.  Katie kissed Jessie's neck and said "Let me go kick her ass for that comment and I'll be on up ok."

"Sure have fun" Jessie said kissing her quickly and walking up the steps.  "Come to think of it Katie, if you want to you can hang out for a while.  Cause all I'm gonna be doing is sleeping.  But come up in a little while ok.  I wouldn't mind waking up in your arms."

"You got it" Katie said running off towards the kitchen.  Jessie smiled and walked up the steps towards her room while Katie arrived in the kitchen with ZoŽ and Sarah on either side of the center island in a stare down.  She moved beside ZoŽ as Sarah started to panic knowing she was trapped.  Seeing her chance, she ran as fast as she could for the exit to the kitchen.  Running down the hall with ZoŽ and Katie on her trail, she made her way into the living room and tried to jump over the back of the couch.  Where Katie managed to grab her foot and hold her while ZoŽ jumped on her back.

"Oh no I'm in trouble now huh?" Sarah asked laughing as they held her down and Katie began to tickle her.  ZoŽ pulled Sarah's shirt up over her stomach and looked up at Katie with a wicked smile and said "give her a raspberry."

"Oh she hates that" Katie said as ZoŽ started and Katie soon joined in as Sarah squealed with laughter and fought to get loose.

"STOP STOP I'M SORRY" Sarah said as Katie and ZoŽ lifted their heads with a victorious smile and smacked a high five as Sarah rolled off the couch and away from them.

"You guys suck" Sarah said as she picked up a pillow and whacked ZoŽ in the back of the head with a thud.

"Get her Katie" ZoŽ screamed as Katie picked up a pillow herself and the fight ensued.   All three joining in a second later: ZoŽ first helping Katie and then Sarah and Katie joining forces against ZoŽ.  Alliances kept switching every minute or so as the fight continued.  Finally, Sarah called a truce and held up her hand to stop the war.

"Ok let's take a break" Sarah said as ZoŽ whacked her one last time in the face and fell down on the couch laughing as Katie watched and Sarah got an annoyed look on her face and blew the hair out of her eyes.

"She's cute when she's mad huh?" Katie said sitting down next to ZoŽ.

"Yeh" ZoŽ said giggling as Sarah joined them on the couch.

"My Little Monkey thinks I'm cute" Sarah said laughing as she laid her head on ZoŽ's lap and smiled up at her adoringly with a goofy grin on her face.

ZoŽ looked around and Sarah could tell there was something going on in her head.  She was right as ZoŽ started to giggle a few seconds later as Sarah asked her what it was.  ZoŽ laughed again and looked at Katie and then Sarah before asking "So who wants to watch the Spice channel?"

"Oh my god ZoŽ" Sarah said sitting up as ZoŽ laughed out loud and flopped down on the couch.

"You been hanging out with me too much" Sarah said as ZoŽ seemed to grow serious and sat up on the couch.

"No way never" ZoŽ said.

"I didn't mean that literally" Sarah said as ZoŽ smiled and relaxed again.

"I knew that" ZoŽ said smiling, "besides we both know you could never live without me."

"True" Sarah said giggling as Katie again noticed the way Sarah and ZoŽ seem to be so at ease around each other.

"So you guys wanna play a board game or something while Jessie takes a nap?" Katie asked as ZoŽ and Sarah looked up like they just noticed she was there again.  "I'm bored."

"You've always been boring" Sarah said smiling at Katie.

"Oh shut up" Katie said pushing her away and laughing.

"What you got we can play Monkey?" Sarah asked ZoŽ.

"Shoots and Ladders" ZoŽ said giggling, "or even better, Bible Trivia?"

"You're right, she has been hanging around you too much" Katie said standing up and walking across the room to the cabinet and seeing what games there actually were, "you've done drove her goofy."

"What games you see over there?" Sarah asked sitting up.

"Monopoly, Sorry, Chinese Checkers, TV Guide, Taboo, and bunch of others I don't wanna play."  Katie said looking back at the other two disappointed.

"You're too damn picky" Sarah said giggling.

"Ok fine then" Katie said pulling a box out, "TV Guide it is.  But wait, you need four to play this.  I forgot."

"4 Why?" ZoŽ asked looking at the box.

"Well you play in teams and it's just more fun that way" Katie said.

"We could wake Jessie up and ask her if she wants to play" Sarah said with a straight face.

"UGH" Katie said as ZoŽ and Sarah laughed. "You get goofier every day."

"Is that why you still carry a scorching hot flame for me?" Sarah asked, batting her eyes.

"You wish I did" Katie said sticking her tongue out.

"Joey" Sarah said, suddenly remembering the new neighbor.

"HUH?" Katie and ZoŽ said at the same time.

"Joey; she lives in the house across the street" Sarah said sitting up, "maybe she'll wanna play?"

"That would give us four" Katie said laying the game on the table.

"I don't know her phone number though" Sarah said, "they just moved in a few weeks ago.  So I guess I could walk over and see."

"Oh sure" Katie said winking at ZoŽ, "Sarah's got a thing for this Joey chick and is looking for a reason..."

"Shut...up" Sarah said in a slow and deliberate manner to Katie's face as she grabbed her coat in frustration and walked to the door, "I'll be back in a minute you pack of hyenas."

Katie and ZoŽ both started making goofy noises as Sarah shut the door and walked out onto the porch.  Seeing it was rather hot, she laid her jacket in the chair and walked down the drive and across the street to Joey's front door.  Knocking, she got no answer.   So, thinking no one could hear her knock anyway, she then rang the bell.  Still getting no answer, Sarah turned to walk back to the house when she saw something laying in the yard.  licking it up, she could see it was someone's bikini bottom.  A big shaggy dog trotted up eside Sarah then as she looked at the bottom and could clearly smell the sent of a woman on it.

"Hey boy" Sarah said petting the dog, "what's your name?"

The dog belonged to Joey or her family because the collar said "My Name's Barney.  My Family is the Larue's." and he trotted off a second later around the side of the house as Sarah followed him out of curiosity.  She told herself to stop, but it was just one of those things she couldn't control for the moment.  She watched Barney disappear through some really tall and ugly plants.  Walking up to them, she decided to see where he went and then go home.  On the other side of the plants was a tall greenish fence.  Sarah's curiosity peaked again as she squeezed through the plants and looked for a second for wherever Barney went.

Not seeing him anywhere she was about to turn around when she heard giggling noises and the sound of someone's voice coming from the other side of the fence.  "She might be out by the pool" Sarah thought to herself.  She looked ahead of her and saw a gate, that was slightly opened.  Thinking she would just stick her head in and ask if she wanted to come over, she walked ahead as the noises got louder. Sarah now knew there was more than one person on the other side of the fence. Reaching the gate and hearing the voices clearly, she froze at what she heard one of the voices say.

"My Mom would freak if she knew what we were doing" The Voice said as Sarah listened, not daring to look inside just yet.  But her curiosity grew with the seconds.

"My Mom knows about me" The Other Voice said, "but she has no idea I prefer younger girls."

Both started giggling as Sarah began to think they were talking about sex or being gay at the very least.

"Am I young enough?" The First Voice asked in a sexy tone.

"I could go younger" The Second Voice said.  "But you're so fuckin' hot, I won't complain."

"Do you like it bald like this" The First Voice asked as Sarah got the courage to peak inside the fence.  Sarah was shocked to see Joey lying on her back on a padded lawn chair, completely naked with another girl with long red hair lowering her head and beginning to lick at her slowly.  Sarah moved to a position where she thought she wouldn't be seen and watched as the red head went to work on Joey.

"So that's why she said that" Sarah thought remembering what Joey had said about being cool with gay people.

"OH Shady" Joey moaned, "you are so much better than Taylor."

"MMMMM I do love bald pussy especially when it tastes like this" Shady said as she went back to licking slowly.  Joey's naked body glistened in the sunlight, Sarah observed obviously covered in suntan lotion.  Her tits jiggled just slightly as she squirmed under Shady's tongue and begged for more.  Her moaning intensified as the seconds ticked away and Shady's head bobbed up and down faster.  "She is fuckin' hot" Sarah said as she felt a dampness growing in her panties and completely lost track of why she originally came over.

"Yeh you know how to make me cum just right" Joey moaned as one hand went to a fist in Shady's red hair and the other worked her nipples, tweaking them as she got closer to her reward.  She arched her back as she began to cum a few long seconds later. Shady's hand went around Joey's quivering thighs to hold her in place as she shook from the orgasm.

"Fuck I'm cumming yes yes I'm cumming lover" Joey said as she tensed up and then finally went limp on the chair with a huge smile on her face.  Shady licked away as Joey's cum was dribbling down onto her tongue, it looked like.  She ran her hand through Joey's cum and licked it off her fingers before licking again at her glistening young sex.  The smell of sex was in the air.  Sarah then realized she still had those bikini bottoms in her hand.  Raising them to her nose, she sniffed a familiar scent.  A second later, she stuffed them inside her pocket for safe keeping.

"Have to be Joey's" Sarah said giggling as Shady moved across Joey's body and kissed her way up her stomach and finally reached her mouth.  They started to French a deep and soulful lovers kiss for a long moment.

"My cum tastes so good" Joey giggled as Shady stood up and Sarah gawked at this girl.  She was taller than Grace and had long red-hair down to her mid-back.  With big titties that didn't show a hint of sag and dark beautiful nipples that just begged to be sucked for a while.  She kissed Joey one more time and then said, "I'm gonna take a swim and then after you've rested, we can try some other stuff since we got the day to ourselves."

"Oh yeah besides my pussy needs some tanning and it'll never get that with your head between my legs" Joey said, giggling.  A second later, Shady dove into the water as Joey closed her eyes and Sarah quickly ducked her head back out and tried to make her get away.   She carefully avoided the rake laying in the yard and looked back to make sure no was following her when Barney came around the side of the fence and starting barking and ran up to Sarah and playfully nudged her to the ground.

"Hello is someone there?" Joey said in a panicked voice as Sarah wrestled with Barney and tried still to get away without being caught.....

To be Continued....