Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 26 "The Story Before Us"

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"Why does it have to be me who's gay or whatever I am?" Jessie said slamming her head against the chair by Cori's bed.

"Because you were meant for me" Katie said smiling and putting her feet in Jessie's lap to rub, "your dad knows by now that something's up you know, after that little display last night."

"Yeh he's like if there's anything you wanna tell me you can" Jessie said smiling," and I know I have to, but I'm just not ready to have him look at me like that."

"Like what?" Katie asked putting her foot under Jessie's shirt and rubbing her belly softly with her sock.

"Hey that tickles" Jessie said giggling, as Katie laughed and pulled her foot away as Jessie grabbed for it and put it back under her shirt, "I said it tickled; not to stop."

"OK" Katie said throwing a piece of popcorn at her as Jessie rubbed her foot like she knew Katie always liked.

"Did my baby have a hard day?" Jessie asked.

"So I'm your baby huh?" Katie asked.

"I'm not even gonna answer that" Jessie said.

"And yes I did" Katie said, "Mom worked me like a dog today. I'm tired."

"You look like it" Jessie said, "you could have just stayed home and slept you know."

"If it was a choice between sleeping and you, it will always be you" Katie said sighing her approval as Jessie made her feet feel like new again. Then she reached for the other one and did pretty much the same thing after a few seconds.

"ZoŽ told me you and Sarah were having fun with her yesterday while I was out" Jessie said as Katie smiled.

"Yeh we did" Katie said, thinking about the kiss on the cheek with Sarah for a second and feeling a huge twinge of guilt and wondering whether or not she should tell Jessie. "It's nice to be able to put the past behind you and hang out with someone you really care about, as a friend."

"I sorta think I know what you mean" Jessie commented, "me and Grace used to be such enemies and now it seems like she's always there when I need her. It's weird."

"You know I thanked Grace" Katie said mysteriously and then saying nothing else.

"For what?" Jessie asked.

"For helping Sarah get over our breakup and all" Katie said looking down and seemingly ready to cry.

"One of these days you're gonna have to tell me what did happen between you two" Jessie said as Katie looked up.

"Is now too soon?" Katie asked, trying to force a smile.

"Only if you want" Jessie said, pulling Katie's chair closer and laying her feet in Katie's lap.

"OK here goes" Katie said taking Jessie hands and telling her to let her finish before she asked any questions.

"OK" Jessie replied.

"Me and Sarah had just started to explore our relationship. I mean we just started sleeping together like a month before hand. That's when Cori hit up on the idea of a three way. She'd been hitting on me for months ever since me and Sarah started dating seriously." Katie said as Jessie listened intently. "Well Cori knew that it turned me on when we watched porno's to see the three-ways. So she suggested it to me and I said I'd ask Sarah about it."

"What do you mean though by explore? What kinds of things?" Jessie asked and then covered her mouth as Katie laughed at Jessie's reaction.

"Well a lot of things, but you gotta swear it'll be just between me and you" Katie said, "Sarah never finds out and Grace certainly never does."

"OK I swear your honor" Jessie said putting her right hand in the air and placing her left on the imaginary bible as Katie again began to laugh.

"Anyway goofy" Katie said, "Sarah's....well sorta kinky, once you break through her shyness, and she got bored with the usual stuff pretty quickly. You know what I mean right?"

"Of course" Jessie giggled.

"OK, so she ordered some stuff from a mail order catalog." Katie said.

"Like sex toys?" Jessie asked, her interest growing fast.

"Yep, she ordered a bunch of stuff" Katie said talking in a lower voice so only she and Jessie could hear, "like a strap-on dildo that goes in both girls as they fuck and a whole collection of tie-down scarves."

"Tie-down scarves?" Jessie asked, a little confused.

"Well I'm not sure of the name, but they're used to tie the other person up while you have your way with them" Katie said as Jessie smiled.

"Did you?" Jessie asked, "ever use them?"

"Yeh" Katie said smiling with a wicked grin.

"Sarah let you tie her up?" Jessie asked in shock.

"More like I let her tie me up" Katie said. "And before you ask, yes it was something totally new and fun. You have no idea what kind of weird shit goes through your mind when you're helpless in the middle of the bed with the person you love most in the world is working you into a frenzy. I swear I....."

"What?" Jessie said, wanting to hear what Katie said next.

"Are you sure you wanna hear this?" Katie asked with a worried look on her face, "you're not gonna get mad at me for bragging about Sarah and me all night are you?"

"No" Jessie said softly, "I asked because I wanted to know. I'll tell you when I want you to stop ok."

"OK" Katie said feeling relieved.

"Now go on" Jessie said, "I swear I....."

"I swear I never felt anything like that orgasm; it was incredible" Katie said, "she could have done anything to me that night and she knew I couldn't get loose. But I knew she loved me and would never ever do anything I didn't like or want."

"So what's the point?" Jessie asked.

"Well I guess it's to let someone have complete control of you" Katie said, and in my opinion, I liked it."

"Would Sarah let you tie her up or did she?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh she did" Katie said smiling, "and I sucked her clit for like an hour."

"Katie" Jessie said, blushing and swatting at her playfully.

"She came all in my mouth like 4 times" Katie said leaning closer and making sure Jessie heard, "and when she begged me to stop, I wouldn't. I made her cum till she couldn't stand it anymore."

"Ok now that's too many details." Jessie said giggling as Katie kissed her cheek.

"I know" She said, "just trying to get you hot."

"Well it worked ok" Jessie said smiling.

"You know how many times I've got myself off thinking about and missing you? Katie asked smiling.

"No and I don't care right now" Jessie said leaning closer and talking in a whisper, "this is a hospital after all. So let's just can the talk of what you wanna do to me."

"Ok, so you wanna hear more about me and Sarah huh?" Katie asked grinning.

"Yeh since it turns you on so much to tell me" Jessie said tickling Katie's foot as she jerked it away.

"Stop that" Katie said laying her foot back against Jessie's stomach, who smiled and started rubbing it again.

"What other kinds of kinky things did Sarah like?" Jessie asked.

"Well I dunno if I should tell you, but since you promised it's between me and you" Katie said, "the one thing Sarah really wanted to try was anal."

"In the ass?" Jessie asked trying to hide her interest.

"Of course" Katie said and then clammed up to force Jessie into showing her intense interest.

"Well?" Jessie asked as Katie laughed, "did you ever.....try it?"

"Yeh she talked me into it" Katie said, "not really talked. She asked me did I wanna try it and I said yes."

"You really took it in the.....backside?" Jessie asked quietly.

"Yeh Billie, she butt-fucked me" Katie into Jessie's ear, "and I did it to her next."

"God shut up" Jessie said, pushing Katie away and blushing a deep crimson.

"Ok if you want" Katie said, sitting back in the chair with victorious smile on her face.

"At least tell me what it was like" Jessie said a minute or so later after Katie refused to say anything more.

"You really wanna know?" Katie asked, leaning close again.

"Yeh I guess I'm curious about it" Jessie said as Katie smiled at her girlfriend's honesty.

"I love you" Katie said kissing Jessie's hand.

"It does hurt some at first" Katie said a second later, "I felt like crying for like the first couple of minutes the first time. But after you relax and let yourself feel the pleasure, it's incredible. Nothing like you've ever felt."

"Did you cum like that or can you?" Jessie asked, "I mean without fingering yourself."

"Oh yeah" Katie said blushing herself. "It's too hard to explain; you'd just have to feel it to know what it's like."

"Did Sarah like it?" Jessie asked, "because you obviously did."

"I did not" Katie said raising her chin and turning her head away.

"Oh sure you didn't" Jessie said turning and sliding into the chair with Katie. "You loved it and you know it."

"Ok so I liked it a little" Katie said as both laughed, "Sarah sure did too. Every time we did it after that, she was like `wanna do it again?'.'"

"How did we ever get on a subject like this anyway" Jessie said slipping her arms around Katie and laying her head on her shoulder.

"I dunno" Katie said, "we were talking about how me and Sarah broke up and it sorta drifted I guess."

"Oh yeah" Jessie said, "so back to the original topic, if you still wanna tell me."

"I said I would" Katie replied and went on, "well anyway, after we started doing stuff like that and Cori suggested the three-way, I thought it would just be something we could try."

"And she didn't want to right?" Jessie asked softly.

"No" Katie said, "She didn't like Cori to begin with. So when I brought it up, she was like no and I don't wanna talk about it. We had this huge ass fight, but I finally convinced her to at least give Cori a chance. We hung out for a few days and I thought Sarah and Cori were really getting along pretty well. So Cori brought some wine coolers over one night and we all started drinking."

"Where was all this happening at?" Jessie asked.
"Sarah's" Katie said. "Anyway, Cori pulled me aside and told me her plan if I wanted to do it and, like a dumbass, I did."

"Plan?" Jessie asked as Katie put her fingers over Jessie's mouth and went on quickly, "Cori can be pretty devious when she wants something and I was like a conquest I guess."

"What was her plan?" Jessie asked, sitting up impatiently.

"I'm getting there, I'm getting there" Katie said giggling, "wine coolers was part one, you know get us drunk and we'd probably do whatever she wanted The second part was watching a porno, which me and Sarah did regularly anyway. So after a few minutes, Cori got what she wanted."

"You slut" Jessie said giggling, "you seduced Sarah."

"Yeh" Katie said looking serious, "and when she woke up the next morning and remembered what happened, hard not to since Cori was laying between us, she gave me this heart broken look and just got up and left the apartment."

"WOW" Jessie said moving back to her own chair as a nurse came in to check Cori's vitals.

"How's she doin' Jean?" Jessie asked as the nurse smiled and said, "she's stable and with you guys always here, I'll bet she comes out of this soon."

Jessie flashed her a hopeful smile and moved her hand between the rails of the bed and slipped her hand into Cori's. Cori's hand lay limp on the bed still, but for some unknown reason, Jessie felt like this might help in some small way. Jean changed the bed pan and told Katie if she was gonna stay the night, there were extra blankets down the hall in the linen closet. She could go and get one as soon as she wanted. She also said they could use the bathroom across the hall to take a shower in.

"Thanks Jean" Jessie said as the nurse left the room and all the attention flipped back to Katie's story. She could sorta feel the attention as Jessie looked at her intently, wanting her to go on.

"So?" Jessie finally said, "what happened?"

"Oh yeah" Katie said, pretending she had forgotten what they were talking about, "I went looking for her when she didn't come back and found her on the front steps crying. She bitched me out for taking advantage of her and said there was no way I could love her and still do that to her."

"Yeh" Jessie said wishing now she had never asked for Katie to tell the story.

"So from then on we fought over everything and she refused to let me near her" Katie said fighting back tears, "she kept saying she didn't trust me anymore. She cried a lot and finally it just got to the point where neither wanted to be around the other, or so I thought."

"You can stop if you want" Jessie said rubbing her foot playfully against Katie's stomach "it's ok."

"No I started it and I need to get it all out" Katie said, "Anyways, a few weeks after that night, things seemed to be going ok, at least on the surface. When Cori showed up again and Sarah bitched her out and called her every name in the book., she turned on me and said everything she'd been feeling for days. So I couldn't take it anymore and I dumped her."

"Nothing else you could do after all that happened" Jessie said taking Katie's foot and tickling it again, making her sequel with laughter and try to pull away.

"Stop it Jess please" Katie said pulling her foot free.

"You are such a baby" Jessie giggled as Katie took her foot and started returning the favor. Jessie squirmed and tried to get loose herself as Katie laughed and after releasing her foot, got up and ran for the door. Jessie quickly released Cori's hand and chased after her, catching her from behind and pushing the door shut roughly she said "Ha didn't make it" as she pinned Katie's arms to the door and watched her smile.

"Maybe I didn't want to" Katie said, "ever think of that?"

"Oh your ass is mine" Jessie said poking Katie in the rubs and doubling her over in laughter.

"Anytime you want" Katie said after freeing herself from Jessie and backing away slowly, "it's all yours now."

"MMMMMM" Jessie said smiling seductively, "I've always thought it was cute you know."

"You like my ass huh?" Katie asked backing into the wall and looking back to see where she was.

"Yes, it's perfect" Jessie said putting her hands on either side of Katie's head, "specially when it's naked and sweaty. God it makes me hot."

"Are you trying to turn me on now?" Katie asked, wrapping her arms around Jessie and pulling her close.

"You decide, am I?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh maybe" Katie said as Jessie leaned close to her face and said in her ear "I'll bet you want my ass don't you?"

"Ok you're trying to get me hot" Katie said giggling, "and yes I love your ass ok."

"Wasn't what I asked" Jessie said, kissing Katie's cheek and taking her hand and guiding it from her back to one of her butt cheeks and wickedly smiling, "I said you want my ass. You wanna fuck it, right?"

"UMMMMM" Katie said, blushing and swallowing the lump in her throat as she messaged Jessie's cheek softly. "I'd do it if you said you wanted to."

"GRRRRR" Jessie said playfully, "if you like it so much; I'll bet I do."

"UH huh I'll have you screaming my name" Katie said rubbing in round circles as a soft moan escaped Jessie's lips.

"I do that anyway" Jessie said, giggling and looking at Katie with a hint of lust in her eyes before they parted when the door opened and Jean came back into the room.

"Gotta change Cori's IV" Jean said, making the changes as Jessie and Katie both blushed and returned to their chairs and watched quietly.

"Has Cori had any other visitors?" Jessie asked.

"Nope just you and your family that I've noticed" Jean said, finishing and taking a seat for a second, "of course I'm only on during the night shift, so maybe they came during the day."

"I doubt it" Katie said, "they never seemed to care for her much anyway."

"You sure seem to care a great deal for her" Jean said to Jessie.

"It's my fault she's here" Jessie said, looking away towards the window.

"No it is not" Katie said, "You didn't push her in front of that car. The fucking son of a bitch was drunk."

"No, but if I didn't attack her cause I was mad at Eli, she might not have been there and neither would I." Jessie said.

"Her Mom just died and everything came down on her at once" Jessie said before anyone else could and took Cori's hand in hers again. "With all that was going wrong in her life, she came by to see me and make sure I was ok."

"Sounds like you made quite an impression on her life" Jean said.

"I doubt it" Katie said, "Cori's never let anyone get to know the real her. It's always been an act."

"You didn't see her that day on the curb" Jessie said defensively, "She wasn't pretending or acting that day. I know that for damn sure."

"Jess calm down" Katie said, "I was just saying...."

"I don't give a god damn what you were saying. I know what I fuckin' heard" Jessie said, getting up and pushing Katie's hands away and leaving the room.

"Leave her be" Jean said, standing up and catching Katie by the arm." She's going through a rough time right now and she needs time to brew about it. Give her a half hour or so and let her come back."

"I don't understand what I said?" Katie asked.

"Me either young one" Jean commented, "but you seem to be very close and you'll figure it out, just give her time. It's clear you love her very much; reminds me of my youth."

"You know we're more than friends don't you?" Katie asked as Jean laughed and said, "I don't know anything more than you tell me and if you are, it's your own private affairs. I must be getting back to work. Thanks for indulging me for a few minutes."

"That's ok" Katie said, sitting back down as Jean opened the door to leave, "Thanks."

Katie sat there first flipping through the channels and finding that nothing could hold her interest for more than a few seconds, then she tossed the remote down and picked up the bag of Jessie's and pulled out her Gameboy. Again, it couldn't hold her interest. She looked at the clock and noticed Jessie had been gone for almost 20 minutes. Thinking about what Jean suggested, she soon decided that she had to find Jessie and make sure she was alright. But she didn't want to leave Cori, cause that would probably strike up another fight with Jessie, she thought. Opening the door anyway and looking down the hall, she saw Jessie sitting by the door.

"I'm sorry Billie" She said sitting down by her.

"It's ok" Jessie said, "wasn't your fault."

"You're not mad at me?" Katie asked while sneaking a kiss to Jessie's cheek, making her smile and look away shyly.

"I could ask you the same thing" Jessie said, standing up and reaching for Katie's hand. Katie took her hand and let Jessie lead her back into the room.

"No I'm not" Katie said, hugging Jessie from behind by the window. "Can we just drop it and never talk about it again. I mean if you're not still mad or something. I don't wanna do something like I did with Sarah and realize too late that it made you hate me."

"I don't think that'll ever happen" Jessie said, watching Katie's reaction in the glass.

"Like Sarah told me a while ago" Katie said, "if I don't stop doing the same crap over and over, she won't let you put up with me."

"Is she all you ever talk about?" Jessie asked giggling as Katie saw her smile.

"No ask RaeAnn I'm always talking about you" Katie said, kissing Jessie's neck softly, "cause I can't stop thinking about you for a second. She's like shut-up already."

"Grace is the same way" Jessie said smiling, "she's always talking about her love Sarah."

"Sounds like your typical case of the Sarah's" Katie said as Jessie looked at her with a perplexed look on her face.

"The Sarah's?" Jessie asked.

"You know, when you're so into someone that's all you wanna do or think about" Katie said, "like Grace is with Sarah right now and the way I am with you."

"Yeh that's what I was thinking you meant" Jessie said trying to convince herself it was true.

"Hey, where exactly are we gonna sleep tonight?" Katie asked as Jessie turned around and looked at her with a smile.

"I gotta a few ideas" Jessie said, "go down the hall and get some blankets like Jean said ok."

"Ok" Katie said, watching Jessie closely as she left the room and went by the nurse's desk to the linen closet. She picked out two pink ones, weird for a hospital, Katie thought. She also took a couple of extra pillows just in case. Trudging back up the hall with the heavy wool blankets, Katie was stopped by a tall black guy.

"Miss, you look a little over loaded there" The orderly said, taking the pillows and blankets and walking her back to the door.

"Thank you so much" Katie said, giggling and taking them back as he held the door for her.

"Like it?" Jessie said stretching out in her newly formed makeshift chair bed. She had pushed both of the chairs together and tied their arms at either side to prevent slippage during the night and covered them with a folded blanket for comfort. She was stretched almost completely out as Katie looked around and wondered where she was gonna sleep.

"Great" Katie said, "and where do you suppose I'm gonna sleep?"

"Duh Billie, with me" Jessie said scooting over in the chair and padding her hand to invite Katie to join her.

"I swear Jessie sometimes I'm amazed at how smart you are" Katie said laying the blankets down under the new bed and giving Jessie a pillow, which she slipped behind her head. Katie then slid uncomfortably over the chair arm and landed beside Jessie, realizing this was comfortable and cozy as well. The "Chair Bed" was in easy reach of the light and TV remote, Katie observed Jessie touched Cori's hand and looked at her for a second, again hoping she would stir. Seeing no movement, she turned her attention back to Katie who was squirming to get comfortable. She pulled a blanket over her and Katie and turned out the light.

"Finally" Jessie said pulling Katie down on the pillow beside her and pulling the cover up over them and smiling. "I get you all to myself; just me and you."

"Why do you think I came over tonight, to see Jean?" Katie asked as Jessie giggled and laid her head on Katie's shoulder, snuggling close to her as Katie let out a contented sigh. The door opened a second later as Jean came in; Jessie started blushing as she observed their current position. Jean smiled down at them as she changed the tape on Cori's hand and checked her vitals again.

"You two sure figured out a comfy sleeping arrangement" Jean commented.

"This looks weird huh?" Jessie asked, sitting up before Katie pulled her back down.

"I don't believe in judging people" Jean said, "because I wish I could have been young in this age; would have made my life a lot easier."

"How?" Katie asked as both seemed interested in what Jean had to say.

"Time for talk later" Jean said, coming around and pulling the blanket over them, "I got work and you need rest. Now sleep."

"What's up with her?" Katie asked in a whisper after she was sure Jean was gone.

"I dunno" Jessie said as both smiled at each other. A few minutes later both fell fast asleep. A noise in the hall woke Jessie three or fours later. She went to check what it was and decided to visit the bathroom while up. Coming out, Jessie thought she saw Cori's hand flinch, but played it off as her eyes playing tricks on her. But having Cori on her mind now, she stood by her bed for a second and looked down at the girl who saved her life, then over at Katie, the girl who changed her life forever. Taking Cori's hand, she laced her fingers with Cori's and prayed for some type of sign that Cori was gonna be ok.

"Come on Cori, come back to me" Jessie said leaning on her elbows onto the bed. "I swear there is someone who cares about you. I do. You gotta lot of people who want you better you know: Mom and Lily and Grace and even Sarah. Yeh even Sarah is worried about you. ZoŽ said she would bring you some flowers tomorrow. Katie said you liked them. You just gotta wake up soon. I got this thing in Nashville Monday and I dunno what to do. I don't wanna tell Katie because she's already worried too much about me."

Katie rolled over and looked up at Jessie and smiled and said, "You gonna hold her hand all night or you gonna come back to bed and hold me?"

"I'll be back in a minute and I will" Jessie said as Katie smiled and closed her eyes and went back to sleep almost instantly. "Anyway Cori, there is someone in this stupid cruel world that thinks you're a good person. I do. I won't give up on you yet. If you'll just come back, you'll have a lot of people who'll care for you. I promise. Because...."

Jessie stopped for a long moment thinking about her next words and then deciding, she leaned close and kissed Cori's cheek and said into her ear. "Somewhere in there, it's the Cori Tyler I saw that day on the curb. The one no one else has ever seen before. That's the Cori I want to know better."

Jessie's heart began to pound as the words left her mouth and she could swear Cori smiled as she watched her closely. She may not have been sure about the smile, but she was positive about what happened next. Cori's fingers tightened around Jessie's for an instant. Feeling Cori's hand squeeze hers, she knew Cori had heard everything she had just said.

"OH MY GOD" Jessie screamed......

To be Continued....