Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 27 "Dance With Me"

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Grace watched from the bed as Sarah danced around in her night shirt, catching ever so brief glimpses of her satin panties as she raised her arms over her head and twirled. The song she was listening to was one Sarah really had grown to like, "Amazed", mostly because it so reminded her of Grace, as she had said on numerous occasions. It was Saturday morning and 24 hours from now Grace would be saying good bye to Sarah for a week and she didn't even wanna think about that. What she wanted right now was to spend every last minute she could with Sarah and for the first time in her life, she felt like the person she was longing for was longing for her too.

"You are so sexy" Grace said in a barely audible voice.

"You say something my Amazing Grace?" Sarah asked, making Grace's heart skip a beat and when she flashed her that impossible to resist smile, Grace thought she would never be able say no to. "Yeh I said you're sexy."

"Look who's talking" Sarah said, making Grace blush again. "Come dance with me."

"No I suck. I'll just mess you up" Grace said as Sarah twirled and dipped in perfect sync with the song on the box.

"I wanna dance with you" Sarah said spinning over to the bed. "I wanna feel you hold me. Come on please Grace."

"If you don't stop, you're gonna make me cry" Grace said as Sarah took her hand and pulled at it. "I like watching you dance."

"I wanna feel you hold me. Come on please." Sarah said as Grace smiled brightly and rolled off the bed and joined her on the makeshift dance floor. Sarah hit play on the box and the song started over. "Richie's voice is so sexy."

"You're gettin' into this country thing huh?" Grace asked as Sarah pulled Grace close to her and they moved their hips in time with each other to the music.

"Yeh you turned me on to a lot of things" Sarah said, laughing as they continued to dance. Sarah dropped one arm as she swayed doing her own version of 'Dirty Dancing' Grace thought to herself as she tried to keep in time with her. Sarah looked her right in the eyes and held her gaze for what to Grace seemed to be hours or maybe even days. She didn't know and didn't care. The song ended yet again and far too soon for either Grace or Sarah's liking. Sarah frowned as Grace returned to the bed and sat back down as the next song came on.

"I'm not a good enough dancer for you?" Sarah asked, dancing around in front of Grace, spinning around and shaking her butt in Grace's face.
"You've certainly come out of your shell tonight" Grace said to Sarah, who simply smiled and danced around again.

"Sometimes Grace, you gotta let it all hang out" Sarah said, stopping for a second to take a breath and plopping down beside her. "And when I feel safe around someone, I get wild sometimes like tonight."

"You really feel safe with me?" Grace asked.

"Yeh you're my best friend" Sarah said. Grace thought that comment made no sense as she thought they had become much more than friends, "so why wouldn't I feel safe with you?"

"We're more than friends though, I mean...." Grace started before Sarah stopped her in mid-sentence with a finger over her lips.

"Yes we are. You know that" Sarah said sweetly.

"I'm stupid ok" Grace said giggling as Sarah gave her a serious look and said, "you're not stupid and don't you ever say that again. I won't let you put yourself down like that Grace Manning."

"OK blue eyes, calm down" Grace said smiling and making Sarah smile in return. "I'll never say it again."

"Good" Sarah said. "And do you think you could have come up with a better nick name for me than that?"

"I thought you liked it?" Grace asked.

"Maybe you are a little dense" Sarah said giggling, "I do love it, duh Grace"

"Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes" Grace said repeatedly, "I Love My Baby Blue Eyes."

"And I feel the same about my Amazing Grace" Sarah said leaning close to Grace and kissing her cheek playfully. Both smiled as they kissed slowly and searched for the other's tongue like always, letting the kiss linger for a few long moments before pulling away.

"Come on now, dance with me" Sarah said pulling Grace back off the bed as "I've Gotta Find You" came on. Grace stood and Sarah moved behind her and tried to get her to move with her. Putting an arm around her waist and moving it seductively across her stomach, Grace responded and started to sway in time with Sarah. Feeling Sarah kiss her neck softly, she put one arm around Sarah's neck and started to get lost in the music.

"See you can dance" Sarah said a minute later. Grace spun away from her and did a few moves of her own as Sarah watched in amazement with a smile before rejoining her and dancing with her eye to eye again. Putting her arm around Sarah's neck and copying Sarah's earlier movements, Sarah watched again as Grace moved her head from side to side and her hair flew from her ever-present ponytail to now cover her face. The last strings of the song played as Sarah spun Grace one final time and she landed back in her arms.

"And you said you couldn't dance" Sarah said, moving Grace's hair out of her face.

"I've got a good partner ok" Grace said, regaining her breathing and admitting to herself how much fun that was. She took Sarah's hand and guided her back to the bed to sit with her.

"What is ZoŽ doing on your desktop?" Grace asked as Sarah gave a strange look and then realized what Grace must be looking at. She turned and glanced at the computer to see her screensaver running. "When did you make that?"

"Last night I downloaded some program that let's you make them for free" Sarah explained, "keep watching."

"My Little Monkey" Grace read as the words flashed under ZoŽ's picture and Grace laughed. Sarah told her to keep watching and a picture of Grace and Sarah came up next, the one they took in front of the digital camera Sarah had bought. Grace had the goofiest grin on her face as Sarah kissed her cheek, Grace thought. In the flashing text below it read "My Amazing Grace."

"My two favorite girls" Sarah said.

"Yeh one more than the other huh?" Grace asked as Sarah looked at her and said, "You know I've just about had it with those little comments of yours about me and ZoŽ."

"I'm sorry" Grace said touching Sarah's cheek and forcing her to smile.

"Yeh well" Sarah said growing serious again, "we finally did get to the bottom of her little problem."

"You mean her feelings for you?" Grace asked in surprise.

"Yeh" Sarah said, "She crawled in bed with me the morning you left early. And We got to talking and she told me she wasn't in love with me."

"Broke your heart huh?" Grace said smiling as Sarah breathed a sigh of relief.

"No" Sarah said, "I just didn't know how to tell you."

"Why?" Grace asked, "You know I trust you with ZoŽ."

"And I would never break that trust by doing something stupid" Sarah said touching Grace's hand, "I love her so much. She's my little sister."

"She loves you too" Grace said.

"But don't worry about it" Grace said, "I'm a little jealous cause she got you all to herself for almost two days."

"Well now you got me all to yourself forever if you want" Sarah said as Grace smiled.

"Oh yeah I'm thinking I do" Grace said, kissing Sarah softly, "I want the whole world to know I love you."

"Seriously?" Sarah asked, "You think we should tell everyone?"

"Yes" Grace said, rubbing noses with Sarah, "we both know how we feel so I think we should."

"But first I think we should make it official" Sarah said, standing up and taking Grace's hand as Grace giggled and stood to look her in the eye as Sarah asked, "Grace Manning will you go steady with me?"

"You're really asking?" Grace said, blushing and covering her mouth with her hand.

"Yes I am" Sarah said.

"Yes of course" Grace said, kissing her a second later.

"Now it's official" Sarah said, smiling as she touched her head to Grace's, "You're my girlfriend. How do you feel about that?"

"It's a pretty nice feeling inside" Grace said as they shared another kiss.

"I'll agree with that" Sarah said, "so now we can tell....your Mom."

"My Mom?" Grace said, "What changed? You been calling her Mom for weeks now Why stop now?"

"I dunno" Sarah replied, "She's not after all. So I better stop before I get used to it."

"You know my mother" Grace said, "She would adopt the bag lady on the corner if she thought they needed to be loved. She likes it, causes it means you like her."

"She said that?" Sarah asked.

"No" Grace asked as Sarah gave a small frown, "she says all the time about how much life you bring to the house and how much ZoŽ and I seem to love you to death. So she likes having you around. And after you did such an incredibly huge favor with Jessie at the hospital and all, she thinks the world of you."

"Grace stop, geez you're gonna make me cry" Sarah said smiling, "no one has ever treated me like this. I'm just not used to it."

"If it takes that to convince you, then I will" Grace said. "Even Jessie likes you. Now who would have thought that? But it's true."

"It's like god finally smiled on me after I apologized to Jessie and Katie and really forgave them" Sarah said, taking Grace's hand walking with her to the window, "he gave me you."

"Yep, dude got skills" Grace said as Sarah laughed out loud.

"So you do wanna tell her soon?" Sarah asked as they settled in on the window seat with Grace leaning back against Sarah.

"Who?" Grace asked, looking at Sarah.

"Mom" Sarah said giggling.

"Yeh I do" Grace said, "I think she would want to know how happy I am."

"Yeh I think she already sorta suspects something anyway" Sarah said.

"Yeh she does I bet" Grace agreed.

"So when do you wanna tell her?" Sarah asked, making Grace's heart beat faster and pull Sarah's arms around her tighter.

"When you get back" Grace said after thinking about it for a while.

"Sounds like a plan" Sarah said, kissing Grace's cheek, "but what about tomorrow?"

"What about it?" Grace asked with a pooched lip.

"Jessie's Mom is coming to pick me up in the morning and I'm gonna wanna kiss you goodbye. You know that." Sarah said "and how can I do that with her... I mean I don't mind, but Jessie hasn't told her mom and she might freak."

"I know and I'm not sure I'm ready to tell the whole world just yet" Grace said, "I mean not all at once. Cause if I did kiss you in front of her, she's friends with my Mom's sister and I know she would tell her and you could guess the rest and I wanna be the one to tell her, not anyone else."

"You don't have to convince me Grace" Sarah said. "I get it totally."

"So what are we gonna do?" Grace asked.

"I dunno yet, but it's sure a nice problem to have" Sarah said as Grace kissed her and said, "that I agree with."

Grace glanced out the window and watched as two guys kissed on the street below, seemingly not caring who saw them or what anyone cared. She thought that was what she wanted for her herself, to be able to show her love for Sarah to the entire world, not having to hide it like she had been doing ever since they got back from West Lafayette and really even before that. Grace wanted the same for Jessie and thought she should tell her Mom and dad and get it over with.

"I'm gonna go crazy without you" Grace said looking at Sarah.

"Me too" Sarah replied, "but you could sorta do me a favor though while me and Jess are in Nashville."

"Of course" Grace said, "What is it?"

"Make sure Katie doesn't get too lonely" Sarah said as Grace shot her a look of surprise. "I know it sounds weird, but me and Katie are finally friends again and I hate to see her lonely."

"Ok I'll ask her then" Grace said as Sarah smiled, "she already thanked me for healing your broken heart."

"She did what?" Sarah asked.

"You remember when I called you in the middle of the night?" Grace asked as Sarah nodded her head. "Well she showed up that night in the pouring rain desperate to see Jessie and for whatever reason she took the time to thank me for that."

"And she tells me she misses me" Sarah said as she would then go on to explain what happened in the hallway that day.

"Do you think she could be......?" Grace asked before sensing Sarah could read her mind.

"No, she's in love with Jessie and besides wouldn't do her any good anyway" Sarah said, "Because I'm in love with you now."

"Yeh and don't go forgetting it" Grace said, turning around and pressing her lips to Sarah's passionately and for a long moment as they fell into a long deep soulful French kiss.

"Nope Grace you don't have to worry about that" Sarah said holding Grace's face in her hands and staring into her eyes. Grace's hands were resting now on Sarah's bare thighs and she almost instinctively moved them up towards Sarah's panties as Sarah looked down for a second and said, "if you don't stop, you're gonna turn me on."

"Oh really" Grace giggled as she rubbed Sarah's soft skin up and down her thighs and let one hand go between them and under Sarah for a second.

"Yes really" Sarah said, rising up as Grace's hand roamed and finally came to rest one of her butt cheeks for a split second. Moving it away, she giggled as Sarah gasped when her hand came within inches of a certain forbidden paradise.

"I dunno maybe I want to" Grace said, moving both of her hands to either side of Sarah and pulling at her shirt as Sarah lifted up and let it pop free. Grace smiled and lowered her head as she uncovered Sarah's stomach and kissed her softly right below her breasts and then looked up for Sarah's approval. Sarah smiled shyly but offered no resistance. Grace then kissed a spot a few inches lower, then rubbed it with her hand, repeating this every inch or so and moving ever so slowly down her stomach.

"It's ok Sarah" Grace said softly, "you can let me know you like it."

Sarah smiled and let out a contented sigh. Grace's lips went to the top of Sarah's panties and she kissed all the way across it and back again. Sarah gasped again and watched intently, thinking to herself how she wanted this to never stop, but knew it wasn't the right time to go all the way. Grace's finger slipped inside the top of the panties and she pulled it for a brief second and let it snap back softly.

"You are so bad" Sarah said giggling.

"You mean you don't like it?" Grace asked with a frown.

"No I don't want you stop" Sarah said as Grace smiled and kissed Sarah's thigh softly, "but we should."

"I know" Grace said lifting her head to eye level with Sarah's. "I want our first time to be something incredible. Not a mid-day 'I'm horny let's get off' fuck."

"Leave it to me Grace" Sarah said, "I promise I'll make your first time something you'll never forget."

"For right now though, who says we can't just play a little?" Grace said with wicked smile, her hand moving across Sarah's thigh and slipping a finger into the side of her panties as Sarah's eyes grew wide with surprise. Grace lowered her head and came with in an inch of Sarah's sex and she could smell the scent of arousal. Carefully running her finger up and inside the elastic of her panties, she could tell it was turning her on more and more. The scent became stronger as Grace moved her hand out of her panties and smiled up Sarah.

"Grace Manning, you're nuts" Sarah said, spinning away and pulling her shirt down over her panties. She got up to walk across the room to the computer as Grace smiled at her accomplishment.

"I made you hot" Grace said, smiling as she lay back on the window seat.

"Yes of course you did" Sarah said with her back to Grace.

"You can do the same if you want" Grace said, unbuttoning her pants and sliding them down to her thighs. Sarah turned and a look of surprise came over her face.

"Maybe I will" Sarah said, standing up and walking slowly back over to the window sill.

"I wish you would do what you did that time at August's house, you remember? Grace asked Sarah.

"You mean kissing my way down your hot little belly?" Sarah asked as she touched Grace's thigh and let her fingers glide along the soft skin up and down.

"Yeh that was really nice and sorta sexy at the same time" Grace said.

"I better not start though" Sarah said, standing up.

"Why not; don't you want to?" Grace said, pulling her jeans back up and buttoning them over again.

"Of course I do" Sarah said, touching Grace's cheek, "but if I get started on you, we'll be here for hours, maybe even days."

"Yeh?" Grace said, smiling and wanting Sarah to go into more detail.

"And I gotta be up early tomorrow, so we don't have the time" Sarah said as Grace stuck her tongue out.

"Then if we're not gonna do it, let's watch a movie and let them do it for us" Grace said, hopping up and moving fast to the closet before Sarah could protest. But to her surprise, Sarah offered no protest, just quietly moved to the bed and waited for Grace to join her.

"Anything you recommend?" Grace asked looking back at Sarah.

"Depends on what you want" Sarah said in response.

"I'm looking at what I want" Grace replied and watched Sarah blush, "so like I asked, anything you recommend?"

"Barely Legal" Sarah said and telling Grace where it was, "that's one I like to watch when I' know."

"Horny?" Grace said a minute later as she joined her on the bed after putting the movie in and handing her the remote.

"Yeh" Sarah said, "When I need it bad, I watch this."

"When was the last time?" Grace asked, looking at her.

"The day we took that shower and you left for your date with Eli" Sarah answered her honestly.

"WOW" Grace said smiling, "did it make you that hot just to shower with me?"

"Yeh having you that close to me and well considering what we were wearing, I'm lucky I could control myself" Sarah said as Grace kissed her.

"You don't have to control yourself with me" Grace said as Sarah smacked the remote on the bed and not being able to get it to work, threw it down. "I'll be there to catch you if you go too far."

"Same here" Sarah said. "Unless you wanna get up and hit the play button we're outta luck. The remote's busted...again."

"I don't care about that movie anyway" Grace said, laying her head on Sarah's shoulder and putting her leg across her body, "I just wanna spend all the time I can with you."

"Hoping you would say that" Sarah said in a 'for your ears only' tone of voice.

A loud knock came at the door as they lost themselves in each other's eyes for a moment. For some reason this time, Grace felt she was noticeably more comfortable with Sarah lying beside her. Sarah purposely crawled over Grace and stopped to sneak a quick kiss before rolling off the bed and asked who it was at the door.

"It's your landlord Arvis White" The Voice said as Sarah quickly slipped on a pair of shorts lying on the floor by the desk.

"Mr. White" Sarah said opening the door, "is there a problem?"

"No" He said as Sarah backed up to the bed and was met by Grace who had moved to the end of the bed. Grace took her hand and held it while Sarah glanced down and smiled for a second before turning her attention back to Mr White. "I'm here on a matter of great importance to you."

"You are?" Sarah asked in total confusion.

"Yes" Mr. White said, taking the chair Sarah offered as she sat down in front of Grace on the bed. "Sarah as you know, I've known you for most of your life. Your father, Eugene, was a great friend of mine. He had his short comings as a father and husband, but he did love you very much."

"Yeh I guess" Sarah said looking down and feeling Grace's presence as she laid her chin on Sarah's shoulder playfully.

"I believe you might think differently after you hear what I have to say" Mr. White said. "See before Eugene and your mother were killed; he made a special arrangement for you and her so that if anything happened to him, you and she would be taken care of."

"What did he do?" Sarah asked.

"He purchased this building and the land it sits on, lock, stock and fuckin' barrel" Mr. White said as Sarah's stomach shot to her throat. "And in his will it clearly states that if his wife were gone too, all his assets where to be deeded to you on the day I retired or on your 18th birthday which ever of those came first."

"So it'll be mine in 6 months then?" Sarah asked, now feeling her body go numb with shock.

"Nope, that's why I'm here" Mr. White said, "me and the misses are calling it a career and moving to Florida the first of next month. So this building will be deeded to you when I leave."

"OK, you're kidding right?" Sarah said as Grace hugged her from behind, we're on Candid Camera right?"

"No Sarah I'm being dead fuckin' honest with you" Mr. White said, standing up and fishing a number out of his pocket and handing it to her as Sarah's hand shook. Grace held her hand steady and took the piece of paper herself. "That is the number of your father's personal attorney, Aaron Andrew Philips, Jr."

"OK" Sarah said as Grace giggled and said, "Now that's a name."

"Yeh that boy sure does have a mouth full of fuckin' name" Mr. White said, laughing a loud and deep laugh. "Well give ole long name a call when you get back from Nashville and we'll work everything out."

"Thank you Mr. White" Sarah said as Mr. White left and Sarah closed the door and, leaning against the back of it, she looked at Grace and said, "You're like my good luck charm you know."

"I am?" Grace asked.

"Yeh look at all that has happened since I met you" Sarah said, "I won that contest at Club Nash, I made peace with Jessie and we're friends now and me and Katie are friends again, ZoŽ is in my life, I got to fall in love with you, and now this. Life can't get any better."

"I didn't do anything, well except for falling in love with you that is" Grace said, following Sarah's eyes as she joined her on the bed.

"You're my Lucky Charm" Sarah said, "When you're by my side, good things happen to me."

"Maybe there's some truth to that rumor" Grace said as Sarah smiled and they then shared a kiss to celebrate the moment and simply being together.

To be Continued....