Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 29 "Hit and Run"

Written by: TVM (



"Mom, I'm gay" Jessie said softly as Karen's eyes grew wide with shock and disbelief.

"You're what?" Karen asked in a shocked and disbelieving voice.

"I said I'm gay" Jessie said, her voice remaining remarkably steady in tone.

"Did you put her up to this?" Karen asked, pointing a finger at Sarah.

"No, she's telling the truth" Sarah said defensively, taking a step back and releasing Jessie's hand as Karen moved closer to her daughter.

"Honey, you're just confused and upset right now" Karen said, attempting to hug her daughter.

"No I'm not Mom" Jessie said softly, "I just didn't know how to tell you."

"Stop saying that, you're not" Karen said, then looking at Sarah and rage feeling her body, "this is your idea, you put these sick ideas in her head didn't you?"

"MOM NO" Jessie screamed as she grabbed her mother's arm to stop her from going after Sarah. "She has nothing to do with this. She's only a friend; I'm in love with Katie."

"Katie?" Karen asked confused as she turned to look again at her daughter trembling now in fear of what would happen next. "Katie Singer, but you're just friends. You can't be Jessie, no this isn't right. Stop saying this. You're lying just to get back at me for earlier. Aren't you?"

"No I'm not; I'm trying to tell you I'M GAY" Jessie said, her voice slowly rising to a scream.

"You're not gay, do you hear me Jessie Sammler. You are not..." Karen said, "I don't know what kind of sick perverse thoughts that little whore has been putting in your head, but I'll be damned if she's gonna...."

"She didn't put any ideas in my head, I've got a mind of my own you know" Jessie said, now beginning to cry as Henry and Sarah watched in total shock, one not able to move and the other afraid to. "I decided the way I felt, not Katie. She doesn't control me Mom"

"Yeh right" Karen said, "I thought you two were spending too much time together. Well that's over."

"What?" Jessie asked as her heart nearly stopped after hearing her Mother's last words. Jessie's mind began to reel from the shock of it all, hoping this was all a really terrible dream and she would wake up and soon. "What do you mean it's over?"

"I mean you and her are not gonna see each other anymore" Karen said, her anger now taking over her entire body as she still fought to control it.

"NOOOOO please Mom no, you have no idea how much I love her" Jessie said, crying now as she shook.

"You love her?" Karen asked, putting her hand over her forehead and trying to get her emotions in check before going on. Henry moved behind her and tried to get her to walk away, but Jessie responded right as it looked like it might work.

"Yes I love her with all my...." Jessie started before being cut off by Karen's reply, "you're too young to even know what love is. She's got you convinced so she can control you."

"She's not controlling me, I love her. Get that through your thick skull Mom, I Love Her" Jessie said, fighting back tears and giving into the rage she felt.

"Karen, let's just walk away and cool off, let's go, come on" Henry said, pulling Karen away.

"Henry, get off me" Karen said, shaking herself from his grasp and again confronting her daughter, "Ok Jessie, get this through your thick skull young lady. I don't give a damn what you say; you're not gay, and you're not gonna see that little controlling whore again either. So get used to that...."

"STOP CALLING HER A WHORE YOU STUPID BITCH" Jessie screamed as her body shook with a rage like she had never known before.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that again" Karen said, grabbing Jessie's hair and jerking it to make her daughter look at her.

"Stop Karen, no, stop" Henry said, trying in vain to intervene as Sarah watched on wanting to do something, but her mind frozen as to what to do.

"I HATE YOU" Jessie said, screaming at the top of her lungs right in her mother's face as she held her hair and Jessie tried to jerk away. The next moment in time seemed to be in slow motion. Jessie could see her mother's expression change, then her hand slowly came towards her as it met her cheek with a resounding thud, snapping Jessie's head to the side. The tears and pain mixed into one horrible emotion as she slumped to the ground and the reality of what just happened came into full view. Karen's whole body went limp with regret as she tried in vain to apologize for something she swore she would never do. She kept repeating the same line over and over as Henry finally managed to pull her away from Jessie, who was sobbing now uncontrollably on the ground by the car. Karen begged Henry to let her stay and try to apologize, but Henry, thinking things would only get worse, forced her down the sidewalk.

Sarah, who had witnessed the entire horrible scene, felt something snap in her as she turned and started chasing after Henry and Karen. Not thinking clearly, she had no plan, she just knew she was gonna do something. She caught up to the pair a few feet down the side walk. She swung as hard as she could and landed a punch in Karen's back, right below the kidney and a second blow found her hair and glanced off her cheek a nanosecond later, before Henry tackled her and forced her to stop.

"I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL KILL YOU WHORE IF YOU EVER HIT HER AGAIN" Sarah screamed as Karen looked back in shock as Henry dragged Sarah away back to where Jessie was, telling Karen over his shoulder, "go inside it's over, now go on."

"You swear you're ok, no more fighting?" Henry asked as Sarah pulled away and ran back towards the car to find Jessie still crying on the ground. She quickly joined her, putting her arms around her and laying Jessie's head on her shoulder; staying that way for what seemed like an hour. Henry turned to walk back inside in hopes of finding Karen. Jessie finally did stop crying, Sarah noticed, after a few long minutes.

"I'm sorry for everything" Sarah said, "I lost my temper and...."

"Things will never be the same again" Jessie said, still with her head on Sarah's shoulder. "She won't ever accept that I'm gay and not her perfect little straight daughter."

"Maybe" Sarah said simply, not really sure of what else to say.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do now" Jessie said, "I need her so much and now she probably hates me. All this because I'm gay. Why is she like this?"

"It's ok Jess, she'll come around I...." Sarah said in a soothing tone of voice.

"I love her no matter what" Jessie said softly, "but now she hates me because of this. I swear I wish I were straight just to make her happy and all this would have never happened."

"Jessie stop" Sarah said, making Jessie raise her head and look at her.

"Why, it's true" Jessie countered, "if I were straight and had a boyfriend like she wanted, she would love me."

"She does, I'm sure of it" Sarah said as Jessie started to cry again in large sobs, shaking and covering her face. Another long while passed as Sarah didn't know what to say next and Jessie cried, harder than before, it seemed to Sarah.

"I wish Grace were here" Sarah heard herself say as she laid her head against the car.

"Why?" Jessie asked, finally raising her head from Sarah's shoulder.

"She's good in situations like this" Sarah said, "She would have known exactly what to say to get you to stop crying. I blanked."

"I think I'd still be crying even if Grace were here" Jessie said.

"Yeh, but she might know what to do" Sarah said.

"Sarah" Jessie said wiping her tears away, and then kissing Sarah's cheek "Thank you."

"For what?" Sarah asked.

"For everything....... you know" Jessie said standing up, as Sarah soon followed her lead.

"Here comes Henry" Sarah said, walking ahead to meet him.

"Is Jessie ok?" He asked.

"Yeh, after crying the whole time you been gone" Sarah said.

"Well I called Jakob and he said he's on the way" Henry said, "cause there's no way you and Karen need to be in the same car and I can't leave her in her condition. She's pretty tore up about Jessie and not to mention what you did."

"She deserved it" Sarah said, turning to walk away.

"Sarah I'm not taking sides, but you're lucky the police didn't get called" Henry said.

"I know, I'm sorry I put you in that position" Sarah replied as a jet-black Mercedes rolled up in front of where the car was parked. A guy with long black hair, pulled back into a ponytail, and very expensive looking shades got out a second later and looked in their direction.

"Henry?" The Guy said with a huge smile.

"Jakob?" Henry said with an astonished look on his face.

"Yeh, who you think it is?" Jakob said, moving to the front of the car, "now get your cute black ass down here and gimme some love."

"Same distance for your cracker ass to walk up here" Henry said as he and Jakob shook hands and then hugged like old friends. "And I'd rather not have you making comments about ass anymore either."

"Yeh yeh whatever" Jakob said laughing, "so which one of these fine looking young women is your new squeeze."

"Neither, this is Karen's daughter Jessie and her friend Sarah Grasser" Henry said as Jakob took Sarah's hand first and kissed the back of it.

"Ze pleasure is all mine Madam" Jakob said as Sarah smiled and giggled, looking back at Jessie and Henry.

"He thinks he's still a ladies man, even though he's gayer than a three dollar bill" Henry said as Jakob repeated his opening line on Jessie, who looked to actually get a kick out of it, much like Sarah.

"Yes I am gay and damn proud of it" Jakob said, pushing Henry as they got into a wrestling match.

"God and they say we're immature" Sarah said laughing.

"The people who said that never met Henry" Jakob said as they finally stopped.

"So where's Gary?" Henry asked.
"He's still working at the hospital" Jakob said, "so he called me and said he couldn't get away and asked me to come out and pick you guys up."

"Are you sure you got enough room for all of us?" Sarah asked as Jessie stepped beside her.

"Yeh I'd say so, with plenty to spare" Jakob said, "The house has two guest rooms and a pool house with another one. So yeh, we're cool for space. Are you ready to roll?"

"In that fine machine? Are you kidding?" Sarah said, taking Jessie's hand and pulling her along.

"Hey I'll stop by as soon as we get things sorted out" Henry said, talking to no one in particular.

"The girls will be in good hands" Jakob said with a wink to Sarah and Jessie, "course we might not make it home for....a couple of days."

"PARTAY" Sarah screamed as Jessie burst out laughing and followed her as she got into the car.

"So you ready to roll?" Jakob asked the two in the backseat as he shut his door and casually propped his hand on the stirring wheel.

"Like I said, I'm ready to party" Sarah said as Jessie giggled.

"How about a cold coke, hot pizza, and a good movie?" Jakob asked, "cause that's about as wild I get."

"Anything, let's just go" Jessie said as Jakob peeled out. The short drive to Gary's place was filled with Sarah and Jakob's constant chatter as Jessie grew quiet and started to think again about what she was gonna face now with Karen being the way she was. A lonely feeling started to take her over as, at that moment what she wanted more than anything was to see Katie. To be home in her own bed and be held by Katie. But knowing that was impossible at this point, she tried to put it out of her mind, at least for the time being. Gary's house wasn't huge as Jessie expected from the way Jakob was talking, but it was large with a two car garage and a very nice pool out back. Jakob gave them a guided tour of the house, ending with the pool house and the bedroom. Sarah dropped her bag and claimed her turf immediately.

"You sure?" Jakob asked.

"Yeh if it's ok with you?" Sarah asked.

"OK with me, the bed's great and the TV's a big screen with cable, so everything should be good" Jakob said. "What about you Jessie?"

"I guess I'll...." Jessie started, before being tackled onto the bed by Sarah.

"She's staying right here" Sarah said, pinning her arms down as Jessie laughed, "you're not gonna leave me alone all the way down here, are you Jan?"

"No No, of course not" Jessie said, laughing as Sarah raised her arms in victory.

"Well OK" Jakob said, obviously not expecting that they'd both stay in the pool house. "UMMM... the phone is in the kitchen and if you get hungry just come up to the house and get what ya like. I'll have the maid fill the fridge when she comes back on in a few days."

"Mind if we jump on the bed?" Sarah asked, now sitting in a catcher's position as Jessie started laughing and pushed her over. Jakob joined in on the laughter, as Jessie and Sarah started to wrestle.

"Have fun, jump on the bed, swing from the chandeliers, do whatever" Jakob said smiling, "just don't break anything that you can't hide or for that matter don't break each other."

"Gotcha" Sarah said, lying down on the bed and then watching as Jessie looked out window at the pool. "Ever use the pool?"
"No, I'm a rock in water and Gary's never home long enough to enjoy it" Jakob said. "Feel free to use it whenever you like."
"Has anyone ever told you you're a very cool host?" Sarah asked, taking his arm and walking with him to the door.

"I do try, just make yourself at home" Jakob said as he closed the sliding door. Seeing he was out of sight, Sarah went running around the living room bumping her fist in the air celebrating as Jessie came to the door of the bedroom and started laughing at her.

"Now this is a sweet pad" Sarah said, walking across the love seat, the chair, and onto the couch, before balancing herself on the arm of the couch and saying "Hey ya'll watch this" and jumping and crashing into the love seat with a loud thud and screaming as it flipped over backwards with her. Jessie's mouth dropped as she watched and ran over to check on her. She could hear the giggles of laughter even before she came into sight. As Jessie reached her, she could see Sarah holding her stomach and laughing so hard she was about to lose her breath. "That....was....coool."

"Marsha, he said one of the rules was not to break yourself or me" Jessie said, now leaning over the love seat and watching her laugh.

"I didn't break me, I'm fine Jan" Sarah said, flashing a huge ear to ear smile as Jessie started laughing again.

"How can anyone have a bad day with you around, you're completely nuts" Jessie said as Sarah rolled off the love seat and they set it back into its original position.

"So whatta ya say me and you go for a swim?" Sarah said, snatching the magazine from Jessie's hand and running off with it as Jessie chased after her, finally stopping as Sarah hid behind the refrigerator door.

"Anyways I don't exactly have anything to swim in" Jessie said, snatching her magazine back and sitting down at the bar.

"Yeh you do" Sarah said, joining her and poking her in the ribs a second later, "your birthday suit."

"SARAH" Jessie said in surprise, "you're talking about skinny dipping."

"Yeh duh Grace.... I mean Jessie" Sarah said as Jessie laughed and Sarah blushed from her sudden case of mistaken identity.

"I seriously don't think Grace would like that" Jessie said, smiling and going back to her magazine, "or Katie for that matter."

"Grace wouldn't mind" Sarah said, reading over Jessie's shoulder trying to be as annoying as humanly possible, Jessie thought. "If she did, I wouldn't even suggest it."

"You're serious?" Jessie asked.

"MMMMMM HMMMMMM I'm dying to see that hot body of yours naked and wet" Sarah said as Jessie threw her magazine at her.

"No way you're such a perv" Jessie said, getting up and walking back into the living room.

"No seriously" Sarah said, following after her and doing her best imitation of a ballet dancer, "I wanna go swimming and neither of us have a suit, so that's our only option. So you wanna or not?"

"Call Grace and ask her if she minds" Jessie said, thinking that would end Sarah's thoughts of skinny dipping. But to her surprise, she heard the phone start dialing and then hang up after a few seconds. Thinking she had chickened out, Jessie smiled but then heard the phone dialing again and then heard Sarah say "Hey", then after a short pause continue on, "Yeh we're ok sorta."

Jessie listened on intently, soon joining Sarah again at the bar. Sarah first explained about what happened at the Pizza Hut and then the whole horrible scene in the parking lot of the rest stop. Sarah hadn't thought that the whole mess earlier would be dredged back up again, but it was, as Lily came on the line and Sarah had to repeat it again. She insisted on talking to Jessie who had to repeatedly tell her she was fine. Rick then came on the line and as Jessie's mind began to reel, she informed her dad of why exactly the fight had started. Rick seemed to take it all in stride, although quickly he tried to change the subject and asked about Karen. Jessie said she didn't know or care where her mother was. A thirty minute conversation later, Rick and Lily were both making plans to get to Nashville as soon as possible. As much as Jessie and Sarah tried to convince both of them not to do anything, the more determined it seemed to make them, Jessie thought. Finally feeling frustrated and thinking no was listening to her, Jessie slammed the phone down.

"I'm sorry" Sarah said, laying her head on Jessie's shoulder as she again started to cry. The phone started ringing as Sarah picked it up; it was Grace apologizing for earlier.

"It's ok Grace, it was as much my fault as yours" Sarah said.

"So what was it you wanted to ask me earlier?" Grace asked in a quiet voice, apparently not wanting Rick or Lily to know she was back on the line with Sarah.

"Me and Jess were thinking about going swimming and we both left our suits at home" Sarah said.

"So skinny dip" Grace said giggling, "I know you wanna get her naked."

"No I don't" Sarah said, "I wanna get you naked, though."

"Oh shit, here they come again" Grace said, "you guys go swimming, it's cool you know that, just try to get Jessie's mind off this crap ok?"

"Knew you be cool about it" Sarah said, smiling.

"Gotta go before they catch me, love you, bye." Grace said.

"Oh ok love you too, bye." Sarah replied, hanging up the phone and moving her hand over Jessie's hair, moving her hair out of her eyes. "What ya say, you want to later?"

"Yeh maybe" Jessie said, no longer crying but certainly in no mood to go swimming, Sarah thought.

She decided to do something she hadn't tried and leave Jessie alone for a while. Finding the remote to the big screen TV, she clicked it on and started flipping through the channels. Noticing they had pretty much every channel known to man, she began to giggle to herself, thinking then about what ZoŽ had done the day of Cori's accident when she changed the channel to some porn. Sarah started flipping through the channels trying to figure out if they did have any, just out of curiosity she thought.

"You think my dad's gonna take my Mom's side or what?" Jessie asked, shaking Sarah back to reality and away from her quest for porn.

"He better not" Sarah said, standing up and doing her Bruce Lee impression, "I vill hurt him very much badly."

"I'm serious" Jessie said, trying not to laugh as Sarah walked around the living room, imitating those old Japanese movies, with her lips moving and very few words coming out.

"Well?" Jessie asked.

"I don't know Jess, really" Sarah said, joining her at the counter.

"If he does I swear I'll never forgive him" Jessie said, laying her head down and hiding her face.

Sarah lowered her head to Jessie's and stifled a giggle as she blew softly in Jessie's ear. Jessie jerked her head up and started laughing as Sarah batted her eyes with this goofy/dreamy look on her face.

"Are you hitting on me?" Jessie asked.

"What do you think hot stuff?" Sarah asked in an ultra sexy tone of voice. "I been trying to get you naked for the last hour. I thought by now you'd figure it out."

"Well maybe you will before the end of the night" Jessie said, smiling as Sarah came around the counter and hugged her from behind.

"Katie's one lucky girl you know that" Sarah said softly into Jessie's ear.

"So is Grace" Jessie said smiling.

"So....." Sarah started before being cut off by the ringing off the phone.

"You get it, I don't wanna talk to anyone and that includes my bitch of a mother" Jessie said, getting up and leaving the kitchen and disappearing into the bedroom.

"Hello?" Sarah said in a questioning and nervous voice.

"Hey Sarah?" Jakob said as Sarah breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"Oh hey" She replied.

"Me and Gary are gonna order in some food, you guys want anything, my treat?" Jakob said.

"UMMMMM yeh I guess, I'm not picky just whatever you're ordering" Sarah said.

"Pizza probably" Jakob said, "I'll bring you guys some down when it gets here."

"Oh yeh by way..." Sarah said, going into the details about Rick and Lily most likely being on the way. Jakob took it all in stride, apparently having talked with Henry and knowing pretty much what was going on. He suggested they might wanna walk up to the main house in a few hours and wait for them.

"Yeh, my thinking too" Sarah said, "Thanks Jakob."

The next hour seemed to pass slowly as Sarah flipped through the TV (never finding the porn) and wondering if Jessie was really sleeping or just didn't wanna be bothered. Jakob finally arrived with the pizza as he and Gary invited themselves down to the pool house to eat. Jessie was sleeping and Gary suggested letting her sleep and just saving her some. This, two hours later when all the pizza was gone, didn't seem like too good of an idea. To Sarah's shock, when Jakob noticed there wasn't any left, he went and ordered another one just for Jessie, who finally rolled out of bed just as the pizza arrived at the pool house.

"Why you let me sleep so long?" Jessie asked, her clothes wrinkled and her hair a huge mess.

"You needed the rest" Sarah said as Jessie laid down on the love seat, where she was, and laid her head on Sarah's lap. "Jakob saved you some pizza."

"Cool, I'm starving, thanks guys" Jessie said, snagging the biggest piece and wolfing it down in no time.

Sarah laughed at Jessie as she ate and the guys left for the main house, saying they'd call as soon as Rick and Lily arrived, if they did. Much to Jessie's chagrin, an hour or so later, a noticeably nervous Jakob called to say Rick and Lily wanted to see them. Jessie's face went from a smile to one of concern as she and Sarah made their way around the pool and up the back steps to the main house. Entering through the kitchen where Jakob said they'd be, Jessie was met by Lily who said nothing, but grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

"Where you going, get over here" Lily said as Sarah started to slip away. She laughed as Lily hugged her and the moment seemed to linger for a while, Lily not wanting to let go for fear of what was coming next. Rick broke the moment by saying, "Your Mom's on the way."

"I don't wanna see her" Jessie said softly while Lily put her arm around her.

Rick fell silent, not quite sure what to say or do. Sarah watched him closely as he shifted from foot to foot. The room was filled with an uncomfortably, almost unbearable silence, as Jakob squeezed his can of soda and Gary looked for something, probably nothing, in the fridge.

"Why don't we just talk about what we're all thinking" Sarah said as everyone started to breath again, "it's not like it's some big secret now."

"I don't know what to say" Rick said.

"Say what you're feeling" Sarah said, looking at Jessie with a hopeful look on her face. "Tell Jessie you...."

"I love you Jessie" Rick said, seemingly taking a deep breath as he said it, "I don't know what else to say, but I do and nothing will ever change that."

"I love you too Dad" Jessie said, hugging her father tightly.

"See my big mouth is good for something" Sarah said, looking at Lily as both smiled.

"I tried to tell you a while ago" Jessie said to Rick, "but I guess I chickened out."

"I sorta knew after that night in the living room" Rick said, "the way you and Katie looked, it was obvious, but I denied it as much as I could I guess."

"I'll get it" Jakob said as the doorbell rung and everyone followed Jakob into the living room. Karen and Henry entered, looking as if they were walking to their death. Jessie refused to look at her mother as she took Sarah's hand and left the room returning to the kitchen.

"You're about to find out if he takes her side" Sarah said.

"That's why I left the room" Jessie said, handing Sarah a can of soda. Jakob and Gary joined them in the kitchen, obviously happy to have escaped before the crap began to fly. Jessie listened closely but heard nothing until Karen spoke to break the silence.

"Rick you didn't have to come down here...." She started before Rick's voice began to rise.

"Yeh I'm sure I didn't Karen, you sure as hell seem to have things well in hand don't you?" Rick asked, "Acting like a baby when you find out your daughter's not your image of perfect, whatever that is. I came down here to make sure she didn't go crazy worrying that both parents hated her."

"Rick you don't..." Karen said before Rick screamed his reply, "Don't you dare try to explain your way out of this woman, there is no excuse for what you did. I don't care what she did, you don't hit my kid. That's my baby too and if you don't get that, I'll make sure you don't have to worry about it anymore."

"Rick Sammler don't you dare threaten me" Karen said, rising to meet her former husband as he stood. "You should have heard the way she was talking to me, making demands and her little friend Sarah running off at the mouth and not to mention her attacking me in the parking lot."

"NOOOOOOO Sarah" Jessie said as chairs went flying and Sarah walked into the living room with purpose.

"Honey, you wanna run that big mouth some more I'll shut it for you" Sarah said as Jessie caught up to her and hugged her to keep her from moving any further, "if you wanna talk about someone, do it while they 're in the room. And when I knocked you on your ass, it was because you smacked the taste out of your daughter's mouth. Yeh that was a fun sight to see, your daughter on the ground crying her eyes out BECAUSE HER BITCH OF A MOTHER SMACKED HER BRAINS OUT, YOU WHORE."

"SARAH" Lily said in shock, "that's enough."

"You see what I had to deal with?" Karen asked as Sarah stared a hole through her. Jessie pulled Sarah's arm and tried to get her out of the room as Rick seemed to be deep in thought before he went on.

"Karen, it doesn't matter what she said or Sarah did or didn't do" Rick said, trying to keep his voice steady, "you don't have the right, FOR ANY FUCKIN' REASON, to hit my little girl. Get this through your skull, you ever do it again and your ass will be going to jail. That's all I got to say."

"Fine just like always Rick take her side" Karen said, taking her purse as Henry followed after her, "she's Daddy's little girl and always has been."

"I'm not taking her side because she's Daddy's little girl" Rick said, stepping in front of his ex-wife and forcibly slamming the door shut, "I'm taking her side because you had no right to act that way. I don't want her to be gay either, god knows that's true, but I have enough control over my emotions to accept and try to deal with it calmly and rationally without beating my child."

"I didn't beat her, I hit her one time and it was the biggest mistake of my life" Karen said, tears coming to her eyes. "I said I was sorry. A million times over and over but she won't listen."

"You wanna know why I won't forgive you?" Jessie asked from the entrance to the kitchen, "Because you repeatedly attacked the person I love and acted like a paranoid bitch. I'm sorry I'm gay Mom, ok you happy? I'm sorry but that's who I am. I sure as hell didn't ask to be born this way and you hating me for it ain't gonna change anything, NOTHING."

"Jessie I don't...." Karen said, trembling in shock of her daughter's words as Lily again hugged Jessie and she began to cry in long deep sobs. "Rick....I didn't..."

"Just go" Rick said as Jessie cried harder and Sarah again appeared in the hallway with a cold stare.

Karen, figuring she had done more damage than good, left the house with Henry following.

"I'm gonna go back down to the pool house and go to bed" Jessie said, hugging Lily and taking Sarah's hand. She started to leave through the kitchen before stopping. Telling Sarah to wait for a second, she turned and walked back into the living room as Rick stood by the door, she hugged him and said softly, "thank you. I do love you."

"I know you do" Rick said flipping hair out her eyes, "I hope nothing ever changes that."

"I got a feeling it couldn't get any worse than this" Jessie said, "and by the way...."

"What?" Rick asked turning around.

"Just so you know" Jessie said nervously, "I love Katie with all my heart. And this isn't just a phase or something Katie made me think, I do love her, truly and...."

"Jessie I never said it was" Rick said with a reassuring smile.

"You gonna hang around?" Jessie asked, changing the subject.

"Yeh for a few days to make sure you're alright" Rick said touching his head to Jessie's as she smiled.

"Good" Jessie replied smiling.

"Me and Lily are gonna check into a hotel and we'll come by tomorrow and give you a ride downtown and get everything going ok?" Rick said as Jessie hugged him once again and headed off towards the kitchen to rejoin Sarah as they left for the pool house.

"So hot stuff, we gonna go a skinny dipping?" Sarah asked, wrapping her arms around Jessie's.

"Not tonight, I have a headache" Jessie said as Sarah laughed and then being stopped in her tracks at Jessie's next comment, "but tomorrow night you might get your wish."

"Hey I never said it was my wish, I'm just bored" Sarah said as they went through the glass doors to the pool house.

"Sure" Jessie said as she went into the bedroom and closed the door.

"Ok so I was hoping, so what?" Sarah said under her breath and then began to laugh.

To be Continued....