Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 30 "Aftermath"

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Getting back to Sarah's apartment, Grace decided to lie back down for a while; she woke up late in the afternoon. After messing around for a while, she thought she needed some clothes if she planned to stay the weekend at Sarah's and grabbed her keys to head home. Finally making it home after being stopped in a traffic jam, she was greeted by the ringing of the telephone as she walked into the front hall. She was surprised to hear Sarah's voice on the line, saying first she tried her place and getting no answer, she figured she'd try her at home. Sarah then relayed the whole story of what happened with Jessie and Karen, as Lily suddenly appeared in the hallway and could tell by the look on Grace's face that something was wrong. Rick soon arrived and things went from bad to worse as he heard the details of the fight too. And to Grace's surprise, he and Lily started making plans to leave for Nashville as soon as possible.

"OK Mom" Grace said as she went on to explain that Katie was staying with Cori for the day and she was supposed to meet her at the hospital that night.

"OK Grace take care of ZoŽ" Lily said, "and we'll call you as soon as we can."

"I'll wake Eli and tell him what's going on and I'll take ZoŽ with me to Sarah's tonight" Grace said as Lily kissed her one last time. She and Rick headed off for the car and soon pulled out and headed for Music City. ZoŽ, who had slept late, woke a minute later and quizzed her sister on all the details. Grace told her sister the story of what happened and then hurried her up to get ready, so they could leave for Sarah's. Grace took the opportunity to wake Eli and tell him what was up, he grumbled something and turned over to go back to sleep. Thinking to herself how thankful she was for Katie's agreeing to stay with Cori, Grace hustled her sister along and headed back for Sarah's apartment.

After a rather long and trying day filled with worrying about Sarah and Jessie, Grace was glad to call it a night as darkness fell. ZoŽ found Sarah's old night shirt and insisted on wearing it as they turned out the lights.

The Next morning......

"I gotta pee" ZoŽ said, jumping out of bed with no regard as to what she was or wasn't wearing and flashed Grace her bare butt for a split second as Grace covered her eyes and giggled.

"ZoŽ Manning, your butt's as white as snow and it needs to be covered." Grace said to ZoŽ as she closed the door to the bathroom.

"OOPs sorry sis" ZoŽ said laughing. "I don't usually wear any panties when I sleep anymore."

"Why not?" Grace asked as ZoŽ came out of the bathroom.

"I heard what Katie told Jessie about sleeping without panties and she was right" ZoŽ said, slipping a pair of Sarah's shorts on, "it's totally more comfortable that way."

"Well you're not alone" Grace said, "so tonight you gonna wear them."

"And who am I hurting if I don't?" ZoŽ asked, "god you think I'm 5 years old Grace."

"ZoŽ" Grace said as she sat down at Sarah's computer.

"Sarah's the only one who treats me like an equal" ZoŽ said, the comment stinging Grace's ego, but knowing down deep there might be some truth to it. "And you wonder why I love her."

"I'm sorry ZoŽ" Grace said as ZoŽ looked around in shock, "I've never wondered why you love her. It's the same reason I do, she's amazing."

"Do you really mean that?" ZoŽ asked smiling, "You're really sorry?"

"Yeh I won't treat you like a 5 year old anymore" Grace said, "from now on I'll ask what you think if it involves you ok?"

"Deal" ZoŽ said, jumping up and dancing around, "I won the argument, I won the argument, I won the argument."

"ZoŽ you're acting like a 5 year old again" Grace said as ZoŽ looked at her and realized she was right and sat back down at the computer. Turning back around as Grace's mind drifted off to thoughts of Sarah, she asked, "Did you say you love Sarah?"

"Yeh I did" Grace said smiling, "I'm in love ZoŽ, really truly and deeply in love."

"She loves you too" ZoŽ said softly and, smiling at her sister, "she told me she did. I can tell she means it."

"I love everything about her" Grace said as goose bumps appeared on her arms and she felt that incredible rush of adrenaline. "And she said she loves you too ZoŽ. You're the little sister she always wanted."

"Of course she does" ZoŽ said giggling, "I'm da baby, gotta love me."

"Shut up" Grace said laughing. "By the way, with Mom and Rick in Nashville, we're probably staying here tonight."

ZoŽ moved to the bed as Grace explained everything she knew about the situation in Nashville, again.

"I always thought Karen was cool" ZoŽ said.

"Me too ZoŽ" Grace said as she got up and went to take a shower. She started thinking in the shower about how much she missed Sarah and what it was gonna be like when she did get back and they could do everything they planned. The making love thought mostly occupied her mind and she found herself imagining in detail what they would do. For the first time in a long time, she found herself desperately wanting to be touched by someone else. She dropped the soap and touched herself lightly, trembling at the effect and knowing exactly what she needed to bring herself off.

"OH fuck" Grace said, her fingers moving in a rapid motion up and down and with the water making it easier to move, her mind wondered to Sarah and the comment she made about the shower and how much seeing Grace naked turned her on. That thought drove Grace to go faster and she leaned against the wall biting her arm to stop from screaming and her orgasm began so suddenly, it took her breath away. It tore through her time and again and seemed to last longer than all the other's she'd ever had put together. Finally coming down, she felt her reward oozing onto her hand and let it get on her fingers before she tasted it, and relished in the flavor.

"That was what I needed so bad" She said, sitting down on the side of the tub and relaxing against the wall. Licking the rest of her cum off her fingers just turned her on more than she had been before, "what am I a nympho?"

"Must be" She giggled and went back to work on her pleasure box, slipping two fingers inside and began to finger herself fast and hard, while massaging her clit with her other hand. She moaned under her breath and tried to control it, but it was hard. She plunged her fingers harder and harder and faster and faster, building towards a second orgasm. She began to imagine Sarah soaked from head to toe on her knees in front of her, ready to lick the cum of her pussy the very second it came squirting out. That thought drove her over the edge again and she moaned out loud, hoping the water would cover her noise. The orgasm was stronger than the first by a long shot and her body tensed up, and began to jerk from the effects of the wonderful feeling surging through her body. Finally coming down, she again relaxed against the shower wall and closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of her cum squirting all over her hand and in the tub. "MMMMMMMMMMM wow that was so intense. You are so good."

Giggling at her comment and for some reason noticing the clothes hamper had a pair of panties hanging out, Grace opened it and under the guise of cleaning up, started being nosy. What she found really surprised her in a way. Nothing unusual at first, just pants, shirts, and dirty bra's, some of hers and some Sarah's, a sure sign she was spending a lot of time here. That started her thinking about how attached she had become. Figuring there was nothing interesting, she flipped the last bit of clothes out, but near the bottom, she made a major discovery. It was a gold colored thong with the words 'Coming Soon...Very Soon' in bold italics. Grace laughed out loud and thought about how much she still had to learn about Sarah.

When you get back you're gonna wear these for me, you tease" Grace said, smiling and stuffing them back into the hamper as ZoŽ pounded on the door, wanting to take a shower before the water went cold. Grace left as ZoŽ entered and gave her a strange look. After showering and drying off, ZoŽ tossed her dirty clothes in the hamper and deciding to be nosy. She soon discovered what Grace had: The Golden Thong.

"Oh my god Grace, look what I found" ZoŽ said holding them in her hand as she came out of the bathroom.

"ZoŽ, you nosy thing" Grace said blushing, "put them back in the hamper."

"How did you know I found them in the hamper?" ZoŽ asked, smiling.

"I'm assuming that, since they're dirty" Grace said as ZoŽ laughed.

"You found them first, didn't you?" ZoŽ asked, crawling on the bed beside her sister.

"No I didn't" Grace said, trying to sound convincing.

"You gonna make Sarah wear them for you?" ZoŽ asked with a wicked grin.

"ZoŽ shut up, and put them back in the hamper already" Grace said, getting up and crossing over to the computer.

ZoŽ laughed as she dropped them back in the bathroom hamper, knowing she had embarrassed Grace. Getting dressed and coming out, she could see her sister mindlessly clicking through web pages.

"You think she's got any porn on here?" ZoŽ asked, sitting down next to her.

"Probably, knowing My Blue Eyes" Grace said, smiling and then thinking what she had just called Sarah.

"You call her your blue eyes?" ZoŽ asked, nudging Grace and making her sister blush yet again as she laughed.

"Yeh I'm her Amazing Grace and she's my blue eyes" Grace said.

"Michael calls me snowy" ZoŽ said, giggling.

"Why?" Grace asked, confused.

"He says I'm like a blizzard, always going full blast" ZoŽ said.

"OK" Grace said as both laughed, "That Michael is a bright one huh?"

"More brawn than brain I guess" ZoŽ said as Grace laughed again.

Not paying attention to the time, they spent most of the day on the computer where ZoŽ got Grace into a conversation with some girl who talked her into turning on Sarah's webcam. Grace finally got up to use the bathroom and came back out as ZoŽ was adjusting her shirt and sitting back down. Grace started reading the chat on the screen as ZoŽ tried to act innocent.

"You're gonna have some nice tits in a year or so" The Girl said as Grace looked at ZoŽ with a shocked look.

"ZOň" Grace said, "You flashed her?"

"Yeh so?" ZoŽ said, blushing, "she did the same."

"Why?" Grace asked, not being to able to help but start laughing.

"She did it before I even asked" ZoŽ said, "and she asked to see me so I figured why not."

Grace took the mouse and said goodbye to ZoŽ's friend before turning the webcam off and logging off the internet, much to ZoŽ's dismay. She was going into her complaints when the phone rang and she picked it up and asked with a grumpy voice, "Yeh?"

"Hey Monkey" Sarah said as ZoŽ smiled.

"Hey girl" ZoŽ said as Grace turned around and asked who it was.

"Are you having fun at my place?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh, we been playing on your computer all day" ZoŽ said as Grace sat down and asked again who it was. "It's your girlfriend."

"Gimme the phone" Grace said as ZoŽ said bye and handed the phone to Grace.

"Hey blue eyes" Grace said, smiling and relieved to hear Sarah's voice.

"Hey" Sarah said excitedly into the phone.

"Do you know how much I miss you?" Grace asked Sarah before she could say another word.

"Hopefully as much as I do you" Sarah giggled.

"I do" Grace said simply, "maybe more, I'm going crazy without you here. Me and ZoŽ stayed here last night and she wore your night shirt and I found myself pretending you were here."

"You're gonna make me cry, stop" Sarah said into the phone as she blushed. "Let's talk about something else before everyone here sees me blush like a school girl and put two and two together and figures out we're more than just buddies."

"I don't care if they do know" Grace said, holding Sarah's key now in her hand and laying back on her bed.

"I don't either" Sarah said, "but I don't want you to be forced into admitting your feelings for me like Jessie did to her bitch mother."

"Yeh, that must have been awful" Grace said, "How is she?"

"Yeh having Lily and her dad here are helping" Sarah said. "Seeing Rick tear Karen a new one over Jessie was so funny. She tried everything in the book to explain herself out of this mess, but he took Jessie's side."

"Hey there" Sarah said softly as Grace heard Jessie say something and hugged Sarah from behind and laid her chin on Sarah's shoulder, "tell her I said Hi."

"Jessie says Hi" Sarah said, "She's staring at me with a love struck look on her face. I think I'm her hero now."

"After the way you stood up for me, I think you are" Jessie said as Grace found herself smiling and heard Sarah laugh.

"Well ok I'll let you worship me, but only a few more days" Sarah said giggling, "Hey she wants to talk to you."

"OK put her on" Grace said, watching ZoŽ clicking through some folders on Sarah's computer, apparently looking for that porn she thought she might find.

"Hey hot lips" Grace said as Jessie took the phone and started to laugh before she could even say a word.

"Hey" She finally said as Sarah sat down in the chair behind her and started making goofy faces. "Do you know your girlfriend is goofy?"

"Yeh and you sure seem to think she's funny" Grace said, giggling.

"Yeh she made me stop crying last night by doing her impressions" Jessie said, laughing now so hard she could barely speak, "she's so bad it's funny."

"I know you've heard it a million times by now, but are you feeling better?" Grace asked.

"Yeh I am a lot better, thanks for asking" Jessie said, "We just got back from laying the background vocals on that demo. They're letting us both use the studio back to back so we getta hang out together while they're mixing and stuff."

"Cool" Grace said, "Do you know when you'll be coming home?"

"Yeh she'll be back on Friday, only three more days, maybe four at the most" Jessie said as Grace blushed, "and you can have her back."

"Maybe I don't want her back" Grace said, giggling.

"She says you don't need to come home" Jessie told Sarah as Grace's heart nearly stopped.

"Jessie you're dead" Grace said as Sarah took the phone and whispered, "I love you anyway Gracey."

"I love you too" Grace said before Sarah could hand the phone back to Jessie.

"I know" Sarah said in a cute voice.

"Ok so you do love her, so what" Jessie said, laughing as Sarah got up and said she'd be back in a minute.

"I love you too you know" Grace said to Jessie and felt a weird feeling deep down inside.

Jessie seemed taken aback by the comment as she didn't say anything for a long moment. Grace was about to go on before she finally replied.

"I love you too" Jessie said, which was again followed by a long silence that Jessie again broke. "Do you think when I get back we could hang out one night and just watch movies or something; just me and you?"

"Yeh I'd like that" Grace said, smiling as she again felt a weird feeling deep down in her stomach that soon turned to a warm feeling all over her body, "maybe you could come over here and stay one night too."

"Of course Sarah's already invited me" Jessie said, giggling.

"Figures" Grace said, pretending to be upset.

"Well if you're afraid you can't keep your hands off me, maybe I should stay home" Jessie said, giggling.

"Don't you worry your pretty little ass about it" Grace said.

"So you did like what you saw?" Jessie asked teasingly and making Grace cover her face.

"Ok I've had enough of you, let me talk to Sarah" Grace said as Jessie laughed out loud and fell back into the chair as Sarah took the phone and asked what was going on. "Jessie is such a complete and total perv, Geez."

Jessie explained in hush-hush terms what they were talking about and went on to explain about the night when Katie showed up and about the prelude to the kiss and everything. Sarah started laughing a second later, and came back on the line to tease Grace herself for a while.

"OK I'm gonna go, you two are driving me crazy" Grace said as Jessie took the phone back.

"No don't go Grace, we're on Gary's cell phone and it's not costing him anything, so talk a little while longer, please" She begged. "Sarah's been missing you something awful and she really wants a minute alone with you. So I'm gonna let her have you all to herself for a while ok?"

"Thanks Jess" Grace said softly and then looked at the clock. She thought about her having to meet Katie at the hospital any time now and decided to tell Jessie to call her back then and she could talk to her, "I'll make sure she's there ok? You guys can talk."

"I miss her like crazy although Sarah says I'm doing a good job of hiding it. Anyways, here's your Blues Eyes" Jessie said in the same tone of voice that she used that night in the hallway after the kiss, "Talk to you later, Gracey."

"Finally" Sarah said as Jessie left the room, "I get two minutes to talk to you."

"I feel the same way" Grace said.

Not wanting to take too much longer, Grace told Sarah about the plans she had made with Katie and ended the phone call before either wanted to with plans to talk more later. She managed to get ZoŽ away from the computer and get her to get dressed while she dressed herself. ZoŽ was complaining about Grace lying by saying they'd probably be staying there tonight and that she wanted to stay at Sarah's instead of going home. Grace refused, and 20 minutes later dropped her off at the house with Eli.

"Katie's probably wondering what happened to you" Eli said through the window of the car.

"Well she'll understand" Grace said, pulling away prematurely as Eli gave her the finger in the rear view mirror. Suddenly realizing what a bitch she was being, she stopped and backed up.

"Eli" Grace said, getting out of the car and circling around the back of it, "I'm sorry for that. Things are bad enough without me being an ass towards you for really no reason. So I'm sorry for everything that's all."

"Don't worry about it" Eli said, smiling his casual, but oh so sexy smile, Grace observed, "Considering the way I act sometimes you had one or maybe more coming. But I think we're even now."

"Yeh even" Grace said, smiling, "so how are you and RaeAnn doing?"

"Are we a little jealous?" Eli asked, teasingly.

"No we're not" Grace said with complete honesty, "I was hoping you had found someone like me."

"We're doing fine" Eli said, "I like her for more than her incredible body. She's like a genius or something, she's really smart. I dunno maybe we're gonna really get something going."

"I asked how you were doing, not a blow by blow of what you like about her" Grace said, punching his arm.

"So you found someone huh?" Eli asked playfully pushing her away as Grace froze in her tracks and wondered how she could answer.

"Yeh I have someone that's truly special" Grace said, beaming from ear to ear.

"Who is he?" Eli asked, feeling a little jealous, but also knowing her being happy was what he wanted most.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you and I'm not sure anyone else would either" Grace said, leaning against the car.

"Well tell me" Eli said as Grace began to wonder if he knew about Jessie yet or if Lily had told him anything at all.

"It doesn't matter" Grace said, trying to change the subject, "have you heard anymore about what's going on in Nashville with Jessie?"

"Yeh Lily told me before you did this morning" Eli said, turning serious, " I knew Jessie was having trouble adjusting to dating and she was spending more and more time with Katie, and after that night in the living room with her and dad and the way her and Katie were hugged up. I thought something might be going on, but it was still a shock."

"It doesn't change anything just because she's gay does it?" Grace asked, watching for Eli's reaction.

"You're damn right it doesn't" Eli said, making Grace smile, "she's still my little sister and the first ass-clown I hear making a joke about her or Katie is gonna get my foot in their ass."

"You know I love you" Grace said, hugging Eli around the neck, "sometimes you just know the exact right thing to say."

"OK" Eli said, laughing, "And I guess you heard about Sarah too huh?"

"Yeh Eli, I heard" Grace said, smiling, "actually I knew about it a long time ago. I knew about Jessie and Katie along time ago too. But I couldn't very well go blab to the world, so I kept my mouth shut."

"Sometimes I feel like I'm totally out of the loop" Eli said, running his fingers through his hair as Grace smiled at him and thought about how sexy he was right now.

"It's ok, we still think you're pretty great" Grace said, hugging him again with one arm and smiling up at him. "And for what it's worth, I'm sorry about your Mom. I bet things are gonna be tense for a while."

"No they're not" Eli said confidently, "because when Mommy dearest gets back to town, me and her are gonna have it out."

"Eli" Grace said, warning him, "just be careful what you say."

"I could use your expertise when she gets back to town" Eli said, "maybe I'll call you and you can guide me."

"Be glad to" Grace said, bumping hips with him as he smiled.

"I was gonna call Katie and tell her I knew and everything" Eli said as Grace stopped for a second and looked up at him, "But you know me, I chickened out."

"I'm going to the hospital now" Grace said, "maybe you wanna ride along and tell her in person?"

"Can't" Eli said, pointing to the house, "I promised Dad I'd stay right here no matter what."

"Oh ok" Grace said.

"Eli, you ok babe?" RaeAnn asked from the porch and walked down the driveway a moment later. Grace noticed the remarkable difference in her appearance. She was wearing a pair of sweat pants and Eli's 49er's jersey, still with the ink stain on it from when the pin exploded last Christmas. Her hair was in a pony tail and she was wearing glasses.

"Everything's ok you worry wart" Eli said as she joined them by the car, "just spending a few minutes with my sis."

"Nice to see you again" RaeAnn said, smiling brightly.

"You too" Grace said, "I was just going over to the hospital to see Katie."

"I'm glad everyone....well mostly everyone has been so cool about Katie and your sister" RaeAnn said, putting an arm around Eli, "Katie really is crazy about her."

"You don't have to tell her that" Eli said, "she knew long before I did. Hell she knew before they did. I bet it was even your idea wasn't it?"

"Bite me Mr. Basketball" Grace said, laughing as RaeAnn smiled at Grace and seemingly stared a hole through her eyes.

"You're very beautiful" RaeAnn said, touching Grace's face and moving a stray hair away as Grace's body froze.

"Thank you" Grace said as she stammered a bit, not quite sure what to say.

"No I don't mean it in a sexual way" RaeAnn said, "I mean I can just sense you are as beautiful a person on the inside as you are on the outside. For some reason, I get this feeling that you've just recently fallen very deeply in love with someone. Am I way off?"

"No you're dead on" Grace said as RaeAnn again adjusted her hair to move it out of her eyes, "how did you know that?"

"I looked in your eyes" She said smiling, "I'm not a psychic or anything. I just look into people's eyes and sometimes I can tell things about them. You were pretty simple though. I could see the gleam in your eye, so I guess I cheated a little."

"She told me she found someone new" Eli said before being cutoff by Grace.

"Do you read hands or anything?" Grace asked, obviously interested.

"No" RaeAnn said, laughing, "It's not a gift. At least I don't think so."

"That was really spooky" Grace said, "you just looked at me and told me I was in love and I am, very cool."

"Thank you" RaeAnn said, rejoining Eli and smiling brightly and then thinking about Grace being in love and asked, "so you gonna tell us who you're in love with?"

"ELI YOUR DAD'S ON THE PHONE" ZoŽ screamed from the porch. He turned to walk up the walk and get the phone when he noticed RaeAnn was still looking intently at Grace. "HE'S ON LONG DISTANCE, GET UP HERE."

"Ok now that he's gone will you tell me?" RaeAnn asked as Eli headed inside and took the phone from ZoŽ. "I can tell you didn't wanna say in front of him. But will you tell me?"

"UMMMM" Grace stammered.

"I promise Eli won't hear it from me" RaeAnn pleaded, "I'm just dying of curiosity after what you said."

"It's not a guy" Grace said, looking down, "I'm in love with this girl named Sarah."

"Really?" RaeAnn said, touching Grace's chin and making her look up, "is it Sarah Grasser?"

"Yeh" Grace said as her jaw dropped in disbelief, "how could you possibly know that?"

"That's Katie's ex" RaeAnn said, "Katie mentioned one time a few weeks ago on the phone you guys had become friends and when you said Sarah it just all clicked. I think it's great. You've got a lot of courage."

"Doesn't take courage to fall in love" Grace said and was surprised by RaeAnn's reply, "yeh but it takes courage to face the fact that you have feelings for someone like that."

"You seem to be talking from personal experience" Grace said.

"No" RaeAnn said smiling, "But I do believe you should be free to love anyone you choose."

Grace was about to ask another question when Eli came back out and told Grace Katie had called and asked if she was coming and what Lily said about Nashville. Grace said bye and was surprised when RaeAnn hugged her and then rejoined Eli as they walked up the driveway together. Grace caught Eli's eye and she mouthed "she's a keeper". Eli smiled and nodded his head knowingly.

"Finally" Katie said, smiling and standing as Grace arrived at the hospital about a half hour later.

"You that happy to see me?" Grace asked, flashing a teasing smile as Katie moved behind her and helped her take her jacket off.

"Yes I am" Katie said, pulling up a chair pushing Grace back into it playfully, "I been here for two damn days by myself with no one but Cori to talk to and let's be honest she cute, but she ain't very talkative."

"OK well I'm here" Grace said, taking her shoes off. "So you'll have company tonight."

"Thank you" Katie said, giggling, "missing Jessie and Sarah is bad enough, but doing it all alone is murder."

"You miss Sarah?" Grace asked.

"Yeh I sorta got used to having her around again" Katie said.

"Me too" Grace said, smiling.

"How's Cori?" Grace asked a minute or so later.

"Well Dr. Blacklyn says she's getting better and healing and all, but they don't know if she'll come out of her coma or not" Katie said looking at Cori. "She can be a real pain and hurt people I know, but she doesn't deserve this."

"I agree with that too" Grace said, "You're showing how much you love Jessie by doing this, you know."

"I hope she sees it that way" Katie said, looking down at her hands, "because with everyone knowing now, it might be the end of us."

"What?" Grace asked, not quite believing what she just heard. "No one is gonna break you up. Me and Eli already decided that."

"Eli said that?" Katie asked with a smile of hope, but wondering why he didn't say anything about it earlier when she called to check on Grace. Thinking for a second, Grace picked up her phone and motioned to Katie to wait a minute before she answered.

"Eli" Grace said into the phone when he picked up, "Remember what we talked about a few minutes ago in the driveway and what you said about Jessie and Katie? Well I want you to tell Katie what you said."

She handed the phone to Katie. Who took it reluctantly and listened patiently for a minute and Grace began to wonder what he could be saying. Katie's face went from gloom to bloom in one second, Grace observed as she smiled and said, "Thank you Eli, you're the best. I do love Jessie, I really do."

"Told you" Grace said as Katie hung up the phone and squealed excitedly and jumped into Grace's lap and hugged her. "You just made my day Grace Manning."

"HMMMM did I?" Grace asked as Katie slid next to her and laid her head on Grace's shoulder for a second.

"Yes" Katie said, still bouncing around excitedly, "I swear I'd kiss you right now if I knew you wouldn't kill me."

"I wouldn't kill you" Grace said, smiling as Katie nervously looked down and pushed her hair out of the way. "Anyways I'm not done with the surprises for tonight."

"You're not?" Katie asked.

"Nope" Grace said as the phone started vibrating in her hand, like on cue. Grace's heart jumped as did Katie's and it took her a minute to answer it.

"Hey Grace" Jessie said from the other end of the line, "Are you at the hospital yet?"
"Yeh Mom, I made it ok" Grace said, trying to hide a smile.

"Grace this is Jessie goofy, your step-sister" Jessie said.

"Yeh Mom, Katie's right here" Grace said as Katie stood up for a second before Grace pulled her back down in the chair beside her.

"Oh she doesn't know it's me?" Jessie asked as Grace's little plan became clear.

"No she doesn't Mom and she misses Jessie something awful" Grace said as Katie shot her a panicked look. "She says she can't wait to just strip her off naked and make mad passionate love to her. No really, she said that. Then she went into details."

"Grace you are so mean" Jessie said, laughing out loud.

"Grace you know I never said that" Katie said, trying to take the phone away.

"Ok Mom here she is and she'll give you all the details" Grace said, smiling victoriously and handing the phone to Katie.

"Lily I swear I never said that about Jessie, Grace is just being a smartass" Katie said, pleading her case as she sat back down in the other chair.

"Hey Billie" Jessie said softly.

"Jessie?" Katie said, her heart starting to beat again and her excitement growing.

"Yeh it's me" Jessie said, giggling.

"Make my heart stop why don't you" Katie said, playfully kicking at Grace who was laughing so hard by now she could barely breathe. "I miss you so much."

"Same here Billie" Jessie said, "but good news is we'll be coming home early."

"You are?" Katie asked.

"Yep Brian the record company guy said after we record the lead track on our demo, we can head home" Jessie said, "and they'll let us know something in a couple of weeks or so."

"When?" Katie asked anxiously, "and please say soon"

"Probably three days, but maybe four" Jessie said to Katie as she smiled.

"You know I love you?" Katie asked suddenly, "Cause I do and anyone who doesn't get that can, as you say, go to hell."

"My thoughts exactly" Jessie said as both felt a warm feeling come over them. "Cause I still love you too."

To be Continued....