Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 31 "An Amazing Lover"

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"Hey I'm gonna take a walk" Grace said, touching Katie's foot to get her attention. "Give you guys some privacy."

"Don't get lost" Katie said, "and don't be gone too long."

"Ok" Grace said, smiling and leaving the room as Katie returned to her phone call with

"Grace is gonna go for a walk" Katie said.

"Good, now we're all alone, cause Sarah's up at the main house being nosey with Jakob and Gary" Jessie said, "well sort of alone."

So what's the first thing you wanna do when you get back?" Katie asked.

"Come and see Cori" Jessie said, before thinking and pausing for a second before deciding to go on, "and you too. I'm missing you like crazy right now."

"Yeh but who do you wanna see more?" Katie asked with a touch of bitterness in her voice, "huh?"

"You of course" Jessie said softly, "things are just weird right now. They'll get back to normal soon, I hope. And me and you can get back to us."

"Jess we both know things will never be the same between us" Katie said, making Jessie's heart race and fear what Katie would say next, "I mean we won't be able to spend the night with each other anymore. Our cover is totally blown."

"Yeh I know" Jessie said, laughing and breathing a huge sigh of relief, "me and my big mouth."

"I'm glad though" Katie said, smiling and trying to put the weird feelings about what Jessie said about Cori behind her. "Now everyone knows who I love."

"Yep that's true" Jessie said, "everyone does know. I just wish my Mom wasn't acting so weird about it."

"I wish I was there to help you" Katie said.

"Me too, really I do" Jessie said, "but Sarah's been so great. She's the reason I was able to do it in anyway."

"How did your Dad take it?" Katie asked.

"He and Mom fought like cats and dogs, and he took my side and said nothing would ever change the way he feels about me" Jessie said. "He's trying."

"And Lily?" Katie asked.

"She's been amazing and I never thought I'd say that" Jessie said, "We talked for like two hours last night about stuff and life; real girl talk, just me, her and Sarah, like a slumber party almost. It was a lot of fun."

"Well, don't have too much fun and forget to miss me a lot" Katie said, giggling.

"No worries there" Jessie replied, "That won't happen."

A few more minutes of "I love you's" and "I miss you's" and time seemed to fly by. When Katie did look up she could see it had been almost thirty minutes since Grace left and she still hadn't gotten back. She started to worry a little and told Jessie they'd have to hang up in a minute, because she didn't wanna run Grace's phone down all the way. Saying one last "I love you" and hanging up, Katie sat there thinking for a few long minutes about just how much she did love this girl and what her life had been like since she met Jessie and briefly what it was like before hand. She was shook back to reality by the ringing of the phone in her hand.

"You just can't get enough of me can you?" Katie asked, giggling into the phone after picking up.

"No I can't and I don't even know who this is" The Male Voice said from the other end of the line.

"UMMMMMMM.....who is this?" Katie asked as her heart began pounding out of control suddenly.

"Good question, I might ask you the same thing" The Male Voice said, and after a pause went on. "I'm trying to reach Grace Manning. Have I got the wrong number, cause I'm sure you're not her?"

"No....I mean yes you do have the right number" Katie stammered as her mind raced and she tried to figure out who it was on the other end of the line. It's not Eli, I know his voice, she thought. "And no you're right this isn't Grace."

"Is this Sarah?" He asked, which just served to confuse Katie even more.

"No" Katie said, "I'll tell you who I am if you go first."

"Oh ok" He said, "This is August Dimitri."

"NOOOOOOOOO shit?" Katie said now in an utter state of shock. "This is really Mr. Dimitri?"

"Yes it's really me" He replied laughing softly. "Now who is this?"

"Oh yeah duh, it's Katie Singer, I was in your drama class last year" Katie said, figuring there was no way he would remember her.

"Oh Katie nice to talk to you again" August said, "I was thinking there for a second I got her Mom or Dad."

"No" Katie said, giggling and still in shock, "I was using her phone for a second. She should be back anytime."

"Oh great" He said, "she has my number; just tell her to call me tonight. I've got some great news and I wanna share it with her. I'll be up late working so whenever she gets back."

"Ok I'll tell her" Katie said as August said bye and hung up, "bye."

"Grace Manning you kinky slut" Katie said giggling to herself. Still in somewhat of a daze, she picked up the blanket from the chair and wrapped it around her. Thinking for a second on leaving Cori, she decided it would be ok for just a few minutes. She left the room and walked down the hall to the elevators, where she saw Grace with her head leaning against the window. She could see in the reflection in the glass that Grace was looking a little depressed.

"Aren't you cold or is it just me?" Katie asked softly as she leaned against her back and laid her head on Grace's shoulder.

"No you're right it is" Grace said, relaxing again and pulling Katie's blanket around her.

"You're missing Sarah huh?" She asked.

"Yeh" Grace replied simply.

"Me too" Katie said as Grace turned around and gave her a strange look. "But I miss Jessie a lot more."

"Yeh right" Grace said, deciding to play it off as a joke. "You're probably gonna try and break us up so you can have her and Jessie both."

"Nah" Katie said in sexy tone and smiling wickedly. "I was thinking we could all get together and mess around one night."

"You're bad" Grace said, pushing her away and laughing.

"I been hearing that a lot lately" Katie said, thinking again about her conversation with Jessie just minutes earlier.

"From Jessie no doubt" Grace said, smiling as Katie thought she must be reading her mind and both laughed.

"OH yeah" Katie said remembering the phone call now, "you had a phone call while you where out."

"MOM?" Grace asked nonchalantly.

"Nope, August Dimitri" Katie said matter-of-factly and waited for Grace's shocked reply.

"Oh what did he want?" Grace asked as Katie observed that she wasn't one bit shocked at all or for that matter even surprised.

"Just said to call him cause he had some great news he wanted to share with you and he said you had his number." Katie said, "And you got some explaining to do young lady."

"Yeh I guess I do" Grace said smiling, "but you can't tell anyone cause my Mom and Dad would freak if they found out."

"Of course I won't" Katie said, taking Grace's arm and pulling her along towards the door.

"Come on let's get back before Jessie finds out we left Cori alone for a second and has a freak out" Grace said as Katie giggled and fell in step beside her. Grace quickly explained about the trip to West Lafayette she and Sarah had taken and what all happened on it.

"Hey Jean" Katie said to the nurse as she came out of the room next to Cori's. Grace quickly became quiet and was gonna walk ahead to the room and call August back, before Katie grabbed her arm again.

"Hey sweety" Jean said, "nice to see you again."

"You too" Katie said, "you just get on?"

"Yeh" Jean said, writing something down on the patients chart as Grace wondered who this was. "You know my schedule by now `bout as good as I do I expect."

"Yeh considering I'm here as much as you are anymore" Katie said, smiling.

"So is Ms. Jessie doing ok in Nashville?" Jean asked as Grace moved in behind Katie and bumped her, trying to get Katie's attention. Katie looked back and noticed her and smiled, knowing Grace was trying to tell her to introduce her.

"Well she said she is" Katie said smiling, "by the way this is Jessie's step-sister Grace."

"Nice to meet you Grace" Jean said, extending her hand as Dr. Blacklyn walked up and joined the trio.

"Nurse Molloy you're needed in room 518" Dr. Blacklyn said as Jean excused herself quickly and Dr. Blacklyn smiled and left to continue on his rounds.

"She's nice" Katie said as she and Grace walked back into the room. "She's sorta became a friend since I been staying so much here at the hospital lately."

Grace picked up her phone as Katie smiled and said, "Go on, call your boyfriend. He said to call anytime; he'd be up late working."

"He's not my boyfriend" Grace said, dialing the number and waiting as Katie shook her head and smiled knowingly. Grace let the phone ring a few times and when he didn't pick up, she pressed one for his voice mail. "Hey August this is Grace, um Katie said you called. Course you can't always believe what she says, but call me when you get this ok? Bye."

"Not there, I got his voicemail" Grace said, looking a little pissed. Then before Katie could respond with one of her wisecracks, she decided to change the subject totally. "So since we're both here for the night, how exactly do you propose we sleep?"

"Well me and Jessie pushed both of these chairs together and it made a pretty comfortable bed" Katie said.

"For some reason I'm thinking that's not gonna work" Grace said as Katie smiled and agreed.

"Maybe one of us can take the chairs and you can make you a pallet on the floor" Katie said as Grace looked at her in surprise.

"I like that idea" Grace said, "only one change; you'll be the one on the floor."

"I knew you'd say that" Katie said, laughing.

"We'll figure something out" Grace said and watched as Katie started rubbing her feet.

"My feet have been hurting ever since Jessie left" Katie said, looking at Grace with a pitiful look, "she always rubs them for me before we go to bed."

"Are they hurting?" Grace asked, moving her chair closer so she wouldn't have to talk so loud.

"Yeh my Mom's had me going from daylight to dark and I never seem to get to set down for a minute" Katie said, "then when I come over here, they start hurting. Walking on these hard floors just kills them, I guess."

"Want me to give you a foot massage?" Grace asked as Katie looked to see if she was being serious. "I don't mind."

"You'll be my hero" Katie said, stretching her legs out and laying her feet on Grace's lap.

She let out a contented whimper a few seconds later when Grace started. Judy had taught her a long time about the art of message and the calming effects it can have on a person. Katie looked like she was close to an orgasm almost; with her head laid back and her eyes closed Grace thought and started to giggle.

"What's so funny?" Katie asked looking up.

"You and your moaning and groaning" Grace said, making Katie grin sheepishly, "the way you sound, people are gonna think we're doing something else in here."

"Sorry" Katie said, pulling one foot away and pushing the other into Grace's hand, "it's just my feet feel like a hundred times better now. You ever think of doing that for a living?"

"Nah" Grace said, "It's just something Judy taught me."

"Well, you're very good" Katie said, smiling and moving around uncomfortably in the chair, "these things wear on your ass after a while. My butt's gone numb now."

"Well I'm not gonna rub that for ya, so don't even ask" Grace said as Katie stretched her legs to either side of Grace.

"Yeh like I'd want you to rub my butt" Katie said, teasing.

"Yeh that's what Jessie's for huh?" Grace asked as Katie playfully kicked at her with her feet.

"She's never even touched my butt" Katie said as Grace pushed her feet away.

"But I bet you want her too huh?" Grace asked, looking Katie right in the eye.

"Truth be told I wouldn't stop her if she tried" Katie said as Grace looked at her with a stunned expression over Katie's truthful admission.

"You mean you'd really let her do things to you?" Grace asked, "and be honest."

"Yes I would" Katie said, looking straight at Grace, "would you ever let someone do it to you?"

"Huh?" Grace asked shocked and Katie went on, "you tell me and I'll tell you."

"Well considering I'm a virgin" Grace said after thinking for a long moment, "the answer would be no."

"I didn't ask if they had; I asked would you let them?" Katie said again.

"You first" Grace said, wanting to make sure she wasn't walking into a trap. Katie smiled and said, "I have before."

"Like what?" Grace asked as Katie giggled.

"Your answer is obvious" Katie said, "You're way too interested in this for it to not make you hot."

"Ok ok yes I would" Grace said, hiding her face in her hands for a second, "but every person I've ever heard talk about it says it hurts like hell."

"Well let me say this ok" Katie said taking Grace's hand briefly, "it does at first. I mean it would almost have to, considering that is for exit only, usually."

"Yeh true" Grace said laughing, then going on tentatively, "what all have you had done?"

"Not a lot, I'm not a slut or anything" Katie said.

"I never said you were and I wouldn't ever think that" Grace said.

"OK since you're dating Sarah now anyway" Katie said, thinking how weird that sounded, "you'll find out about this sooner than later I bet, unless you give her the no anal speech, cause that's who got me into it."

"Sarah Grasser?" Grace asked in surprise and again found herself thinking how much she still had to learn about this girl she had fallen so deeply for. "There's like a million and one questions floating around my head right now."

"Like what?" Katie asked, "I'll try and answer them since we're on the subject."

"Do you do it with your fingers or a dildo or what?" Grace asked.

"Sarah used a dildo the few times we did it, but you can use your fingers I guess" Katie said.

Grace couldn't help thinking this was too weird, talking to her girlfriends ex about things they had done together before they had met. But Katie didn't seem to mind and Grace thought she might as well be prepared ahead of time, so she went on.

"After it stops hurting, what does it feel like?" Grace asked, sorta checking the questions off on her mental notepad of things.

"Like nothing you've ever felt" Katie said, trying to hide the fact the conversation was making her horny, "and wait until you cum. Oh my god, you'll be screaming for mercy."

"You can cum like that? Really?" Grace asked.

"Oh Yeah" Katie said in a seductive voice, not meaning to, but finding herself doing it nevertheless. Thinking they'd already gone this far, she might as well be as explicit as Grace wanted her to be. Grace too could feel herself getting turned on, even though she had gotten off earlier, this was making her hot all over again and she found herself wondering if Katie was feeling the same thing. "Yeh of course, first you gotta take some time to get yourself used to having something shoved up your ass."

"I would say so" Grace said, giggling and wondering if Katie was gonna go on. "What do you mean though, about getting used to it?"

"Well the way Sarah did it, after she talked me into trying it that is" Katie said as Grace listened, practically hanging on her every word, "she had me get on all fours on the bed and kissed my butt all over, then when she knew I was liking that, she would lick her tongue against my...."

"What?" Grace asked impatiently, "against what?"

"I'm trying to think of the right way to phrase it" Katie said, giggling now at Grace.

"Just say the fuckin' word and tell me" Grace said as Katie laughed.

"OK" Katie said, trying to stop her fit of giggles, "when she knew I was relaxed, she would start licking the hole. Sounds a little disgusting I guess, but damn it feels good."

"No it doesn't, I mean not really" Grace said, smiling shyly and right then Katie knew she definitely was gonna be Sarah's next. "And?"

"She did that until I was about to scream and when I was completely relaxed, she pushed it inside" Katie said, feeling herself getting more and more turned on, thinking how this must be affecting Grace in the same way. "I damn near tore the sheets off the bed clawing at them."

"It felt that good?" Grace asked in a hush-hush tone of voice.

"Yeh honestly it did" Katie said, "I never thought I would like it, but after she did that, I had to try the rest out of sure curiosity."

"Did she use the dildo on you next" Grace asked, "Just tell me, you're killing me here."

"No first she used her fingers and that felt pretty good so then she used the dildo" Katie said, "it wasn't a huge nine or ten incher though, like most of the porn stories have, but just a small one. Like I said it hurt yeh, but after the pain went away it made me feel things I never thought I would, completely new sensations."

"Yeh" Grace said as her breath drew a little short.

"She went slow until I begged her to go faster and faster" Katie said, leaning forward and talking quieter as Grace met her half way seemingly, still hanging on every word. "I swear it was sending bolts of lighting straight to my clit, the faster and harder she did it, the more I needed it. I started screaming for mercy, and this intense burning started growing and it got worse and worse till I just wanted it to stop."

"UMMMM" Grace said, her mouth went dry and she stared directly into Katie's eyes.

"She just kept going harder and harder and my pussy started throbbing and begging for relief" Katie said, just then noticing how close her and Grace were sitting, "but when I went to touch it, she stopped me and told me to just let it happen. I had no idea what she meant, but a few seconds later it became so clear."

"What happened?" Grace asked in an urgent voice, her mouth going dry and her breathing now a little ragged.

"She did it to me a little harder and I screamed out loud" Katie said, "and then harder and I screamed louder and harder and louder and or so it seemed that way, until my ass couldn't take it anymore and I just EXPLODED."

"Oh my god" Grace said, almost in a pant.

"You're damn right oh my god" Katie said smiling, touching her forehead to Grace's, "it tore through me like... like... well ... a train wreck or something like that. It was intense till the last second and it lasted forever, not just a few seconds, but like 30 or 40 seconds I think."

"WOW" Grace said as Katie moved back an inch or so.

"It's like the best orgasm you've ever had in your entire life times a thousand." Katie said as Grace leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes for a second. Her breathing returned to normal and small beads of sweat covered her forehead now. She wondered to herself how and when it became so hot in the room.

"Was it good for you too Grace?" Katie asked, trying to keep a straight face as Grace looked up.

"Yeh it was incredible" Grace said as both laughed, "You're an amazing lover."

"I'll say, never had to touch you and made you squirt your panties full" Katie said.

"Yep now I seriously need a cigarette" Grace said smiling at her, "or something else."

"Bathroom's that way" Katie said, pointing towards the door, "just turn the water on to drown out the moaning."

"OH god shut up" Grace said, turning bright red for some reason and swatting at Katie's legs. "Let's change the subject before someone gets the wrong idea about us."

"Seems to me you could care less what people think" Katie said, propping her feet back on Grace's lap and seeing how long Grace would let them stay there, "I mean are you or are you not in love with Sarah?"

"I am" Grace said, smiling.

"Then why worry what people think about us then?" Katie asked.

"I don't really, I was just know" Grace said.

"Yeh I do baby" Katie said, rubbing her foot on Grace's leg.

"Stop that, you're worse than Sarah" Grace said, smiling.

"You must like it an awful lot" Katie said, smiling, "considering you're totally into her now."
"OK I guess I do" Grace said. "But it's just different when you do it."

"So I'm not aloud to do a little harmless flirting?" Katie asked, "cause that's all it is."

"Are you saying you want to flirt with me?" Grace asked, making Katie blush and look down at her hands nervously.

"I dunno, it's just flirting" Katie said as Grace smiled inwardly, "How could I not notice how hot you are?"

"Katie" Grace said in surprise, "you think I'm hot?"

"You're easy on the eyes Grace Manning, you always have been" Katie said, looking at her smiling, "hard to believe you don't know that."

"Well it's not like I think I'm ugly or something" Grace said, thinking it was her turn to blush now. "It's just, I don't think about myself that way."

"Me either" Katie said, "hell look at the way I dress most of the time and you can see I don't care about the way I look, well except at certain times."

"It's Katie style" Grace said making her smile, "I like it."

"Yeh dressing like a homeless person is my style" Katie said as Grace giggled.

"You don't dress like a bum" Grace said, "You actually show off your best features."

"And those are?" Katie asked teasingly, but hoping in a way Grace would answer and was surprised when she did.

"I like your smile" Grace said, "it has nothing to do with the way you dress, but that's my opinion."

"Like this" Katie said, giving her a goofy grin as Grace laughed.

"Yeh very attractive" Grace said after she could talk again.

Jean entered the room a few minutes later as silence filled the room and Katie and Grace drifted to thoughts in their heads.

"How's she doing?" Katie asked Jean as she checked Cori's vitals.

"Getting stronger it seems to me" she said as Katie smiled, "her vitals are fairly stable now and she has a strong heart beat and with all the people who come to see and stay with her all the time in her corner, I think she's gotta more than fair shot of a full recovery."

"I needed to hear that" Katie said, smiling.

"You know in this job the number one rule is to not get too emotionally attached, "but seeing a girl this young and knowing her story now, it's hard not to root for her; reminds me of myself at that age."

"Does she?" Katie asked, hoping Jean would again talk a little more about herself.

"Yeh she does Ms. Katie" Jean said, smiling, "Ms. Cori has a lot of the problems I had at her age."

"Cori's tough, she'll make it" Katie said, trying to look confident.

"Well at her age she should not have to be tough" Jean said. "She should be surrounded by a family who cares for and supports her."

"You're right" Grace said, standing up and moving to Cori's side and gently taking her hand, "from now on we're gonna try and make sure she has someone to turn to."

"I'm hoping she ....." Jean started, before being interrupted.

"Nurse Nolloy" An orderly said from the door, "Nurse Rogers wants to see you stat."

"Stat huh?" Jean asked, smiling and laughing softly as the orderly returned her smile and ducked out, "That's the head nurse, I must be in trouble."

"What could you have done, you're a sainted angel" Katie said, giggling as Jean smiled, watching Grace lay her head beside Cori's and whisper something in her ear softly so no one could hear, but Katie knew she was talking.

"Me, I'm far from a saint" Jean said, turning to leave the room, "but know this Ms. Katie, Cori is in the best hands in the state. I make sure the nurses watch her like a hawk."

"Thanks." Katie said as Jean walked out.

"What are you telling her?" Katie asked, standing up and looking over Grace's shoulder, lying across her back.

"How sexy I think she is" Grace said as Katie giggled and said seriously, "she is at that. I always thought so. Maybe if she wasn't so much trouble, we'd have ended up hooking up seriously."

"Maybe after this she won't be" Grace said.

"You know I hope you're right" Katie said, sitting back down in the chair and noticing Grace's butt was in perfect view. She had to smile and tried to stifle a giggle as she ran her finger lightly over the back of Grace's thigh as Grace jumped and Katie laughed out loud.

"Stop that" Grace said, covering her butt and moving away, "I feel sorry for Jessie dating a hornball like you."

"Yeh like you're one to talk" Katie said in response, "you're dating the queen of kink yourself."

"That's true" Grace said, giggling as her phone began ringing again and she quickly picked it up.

"Hello" She said. "Yeh this is Grace this time."

"Good, last time I got Katie" August said laughing.

"How are you?" Grace asked before he went on, seemingly not even hearing her question.

"You remember that novel I was working on when you and Sarah were here?" he asked.

"Yeh you mentioned something about it"

"Well it's being published" He said.

"Congratulations" Grace said, excitedly.

"Thanks" August said, "And my publisher said he wanted to speed it to press. So it might be out in a month or so, maybe even sooner."

"Holy shit" Grace said, "but I thought you were still working on it when I was there."

"No I had it finished" August replied, "just workin' on the Prologue and stuff."

"What's it called? And what's it about? You never did explain." Grace asked all in one long breath.

"It's a horse opera I guess you could say" August said, "about a guy who goes back in time to try and stop his Great Grandfather's murder. It's called Ride Away Cowboy."

"Oh my god I am so happy for you" Grace said, "You better send me a copy."

"The first edition of the press is yours" August said, surprising Grace, "I'll give it to you in person."

"You will?" Grace asked wondering how.

"Yeh I got a book signing set-up for the day it's released at some place called Book Lover's in Chicago" he said as Grace nearly fainted on the spot.

To be Continued....