Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 32 "The Big Tease"

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"Well I'm going for a swim" Sarah said, getting up from the bar as Jessie hung up with Katie for the third time and asked, "you're seriously gonna go in your birthday suit?"

"Yeh why?" Sarah asked, turning around giving her a wry smile, "are you afraid you'll wanna join me Jan?"

"No there's a movie in 15 minutes I'm gonna watch anyway on CineMax" Jessie said, smiling and flopping down on the couch, "so you go swim and I'll do my thing."

"Ok" Sarah said, disappearing into the bathroom as Jessie tried to get into watching the movie as it came on. She heard the door open to the bathroom a few minutes later and before she could think about it, she turned and looked to see what Sarah was wearing.

"OH MY GOD" Jessie said as Sarah posed for her by the door way.

"You like Jan?" Sarah asked, smiling as Jessie got up and walked towards her.

"I knew it, I knew it" Jessie said, standing in front of her.

"You knew what Jan?" Sarah asked with devilish grin on her face feeling Jessie stare a hole through her.

"I knew you didn't have the guts to do it" Jessie said, smiling.

"Seriously" Sarah said, "I didn't wanna make you uncomfortable. So I'll just swim in this."

"Oh OK" Jessie said, smiling. She was going to say something else before Sarah opened the door and went cannon-balling into the pool. Jessie tossed her shoes off and went running herself, throwing caution to the wind and flung herself in the water, crashing just to the side of Sarah as she came up for air. Sarah moved her wet hair out her eyes and swam over to meet Jessie as she came up.

"So you decided you just couldn't resist huh?" Sarah asked her with a huge smile.

"Nope" Jessie said, "couldn't let you have all the fun....Marsha."

"Ok what do you say one lap to a finish" Sarah asked, challenging Jessie to a race. Jessie gladly accepted and they were off. When Jessie emerged on the other end, Sarah was already there smiling a victorious smile.

"HA" Sarah said as Jessie splashed her and said, "Ok fine I wanna a re-match."

"Why, so I can beat you again?" Sarah asked with a teasing smile.

"No your ass is mine this time" Jessie said, preparing for a take-off.

"If you really wanted my ass you could have had it days ago by just asking" Sarah said in a whisper as she kissed Jessie's cheek a second later. Jessie froze for a split second as Sarah laughed and took off for the other side. By the time Jessie came out of her freeze, Sarah had her beat again.

"That was unfair" Jessie said, getting out of the pool and walking to the side as Sarah floated on her back and laughed, "I want a fair race."

"That was fair Jan" Sarah said, laughing out loud as she went under.

"I'm going in" Jessie said, stomping towards the pool house as Sarah made a challenge.

"Ok I tell you what" She said. "I'll race you once more, but there has to be one stipulation."

"Ok what?" Jessie asked, stopping just short of the door. "And it's a fair race, not you cheating."

"The loser strips for the winner" Sarah said, lifting herself out of the water and meeting her at the table.

"Are you serious?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh I'm willing" Sarah said, sitting in the chair, "Grace says I'm hot and she said you're perfect so let's see who has the better body."

"Ok fine I'm gonna call your bluff" Jessie said, jumping into the water and challenging Sarah to join her.

"And then Jan you're gonna be in the buff" Sarah said, jumping in behind her as they lined up at the end of the pool and Jessie once again made sure Sarah was gonna play fair. Both agreed as Sarah counted to three and they took off. Although it was closer, Sarah still won by an arm as she came out of the water first and looked at Jessie with a victorious smile. The look on Jessie's face when she saw Sarah had won again was one of a mixed bag, Sarah thought. She looked disappointed and eager at the same time. Sarah quickly got out of the water and walked to the table as Jessie followed her without saying hardly a word.

"Come on, come on, you bet now let's see that money maker" Sarah said as Jessie shot her a dirty look and went into the house for a second as Sarah thought she was gonna welch on the bet. But Jessie returned a minute later with her boombox and sat it on the table.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked as Jessie dropped a CD into the player.

"Look you won" Jessie said shrugging her shoulders "and if I'm gonna do this, I might as well do it right." The music started and Jessie began swaying with it. Sarah's mind reeled, still not able to believe she was watching this. The bump and grind part of the song began and Jessie lifted her shirt and moved her hand seductively across her now bare stomach and slowly lifted it higher as she twirled around and with her back to Sarah, raised her arms with the shirt and as her back came into view she dropped the shirt behind her and spun around and twirled a few more times before stopping and smiling for a second at Sarah. Sarah's throat went dry as she stared at Jessie's body and saw the gleam in her eye. A few more bump and grind moves and Jessie's back was once again to Sarah as she bounced up and down and let her shorts drop to her ankles, looking back to meet Sarah's eyes as she smiled and spanked her ass once on each cheek. Sarah's heart nearly stopped as Jessie turned and raised her arms over her head as if completing a gymnastics floor routine. The song, also on cue, ended as Jessie's smile broadened and her hands went to her hips. She couldn't quite believe what had just happened.

"Did I do ok?" Jessie asked as Sarah struggled to say something, "HMMMM I guess so."

"Yeh I'll say so" Sarah said as Jessie picked up her clothes up and smiled one more time before disappearing in the house.

Sarah got up and walked slowly to the house, still reeling from the show Jessie had just put on. Taking the boombox with her, she closed the door behind her.

"Betcha didn't think I'd do that huh?" Jessie asked, standing by the bedroom door now wrapped in a towel.

"No I didn't" Sarah said, blushing a deep crimson.

"So you enjoyed it?" Jessie asked with a teasing smile as Sarah joined her by the door.

"UMMMMMMMM Yeh I'll say so" Sarah said as Jessie smiled, "you are perfect."

"UMMMM Thank you" Jessie said, smiling and hesitating before leaning forward and after looking like she was gonna kiss Sarah on the lips, kissed her nose gently and whispered, "Goodnight Marsha."

"Goodnight Jess?" Sarah said as both smiled nervously and Jessie disappeared into the bedroom.

The next day at the studio....

"You guys did such a great job on that track" Brian said, smiling and holding the door open to the studio as Sarah and Jessie both exited. "Your voices really like each other."

"Yeh they do" Jessie said, touching Sarah's hand and smiling briefly.

"We've got more than enough material I would think to make a good decision on if we're gonna offer you a contract or not" Brian said. "Now it'll be a couple of weeks, possibly a month for the final decision to be made I would expect."

"Well I'm saying this right now" Mad Jack said from the controls, "your voices are such a perfect blend, I'm thinking teen duo. Something that ain't eva been done in this style of music. I'm sniffing and I smells moolah."

"Ladies take that as a huge compliment" Brian said in his uniquely Aussie accent, "old Mad Jack is a world class producer and he don't just throw around compliments like that lightly."

"Thanks Jack" Sarah said blushing, "I hope you're right and the big wigs decide we're good enough."

"Unfortunately I don't make the big decisions, I'm just a producer" Mad Jack said, "hell, what would I know 'bout music? I just make it, that's all."

"Jack, you could never run a successful record company and you know it" Brian said laughing, "You think it's more about talent than sex appeal."

"Well these girls easily got both" Mad Jack said, hitting a button and letting the feedback play in the room, "listen to that combination. Damn I smell hit and lots of moolah."

"I wrote this song for you" Jessie sang from the feedback and quickly followed by Sarah's verse, "So you'll know my love was true."

"WOW" Sarah said excitedly, "your voice is so sexy."

"I love yours" Jessie said as they smiled and giggled at each other.

"Well ladies" Mad Jack said, standing up and handing them an autograph book, "I wanna be the first one to get your John Hancock on a piece of paper. So when you're big stars, I'll always have proof this is where ya started."

Sarah blushed and quickly signed the book and handed it to Jessie, who stopped for a second and said, "I dunno this could be worth a lot of money to my millions and millions of future fans."

"Just sign the damn thing" Sarah said, giggling.

"Mind your own business Marsha" Jessie cracked as Sarah poked her ribs. Jessie signed it a second later. They said their goodbye's and made their way out to the front hall to wait for Gary and/or Jakob, whoever it was who was supposed to pick them up today. Sarah leaned by the door and began staring off into space as Jessie watched for a minute or two and finally deduced she was obviously thinking about Grace. A huge silly grin came across Sarah's face and Jessie started to giggle, wondering what she was replaying in her mind.

"What did she do?" Jessie asked as Sarah turned and looked at her with a confused look.

"Who?" Sarah asked, being brought back to reality, far to soon for her liking.

"Grace" Jessie said, "What did she do that made you smile like that. I know you were thinking about her."

"Of course I was, she's all I ever think about" Sarah said as Jessie smiled and remembered feeling like that when she and Katie first got together. Sarah came over and sat down and put her hands over Jessie's and said with ever increasing excitement in her voice "and now it's official. We're going steady."

"She asked you to go with her?" Jessie asked leaning closer, "really?"

"More like I asked her and she said 'of course I will'" Sarah said swooning as Jessie laughed, "then she kissed me."

"Congratulations" Jessie said, hugging her softly, "you guys are so right for each other."

"You think we're kindred spirits?" Sarah asked, "And that we we're really meant to be all this time? Do you think so really?"

"Maybe" Jessie said smiling, "she loves you, and that's all that matters right now."

"You're right" Sarah said, smiling as they saw Gary's car pull up with Jakob driving, "gotta stop worrying so much about getting my heart broken and just learn to trust that my love will be enough."

"Your heart won't be broken again Sarah" Jessie said smiling, "cause I won't let it."

"You won't?" Sarah asked in surprise and hoped for some kind of an explanation about the comment on how she could be so sure that it wouldn't ever happen.

"Nope" Jessie said, moving around Sarah and pulling at her hand as they walked outside and climbed into the car.

"What did they say?" Jakob asked excitedly.

"Mad Jack, he's the producer and he's like the world's best at it, he said that he smells money and he believes that we should form a teen girl duo and he thinks it'd be huge if we did" Sarah said all in one long breath as Jessie giggled, "and Brian, he's the record company guy, said they would call us in a couple of weeks and let us know if they wanted us or not."

"OK breathe now Marsha" Jessie said as Jakob laughed at them.

"So have you guys got any plans tonight?" Jakob asked a few minutes into the ride home.

"No why?" Jessie asked.

"Well thought you might wanna celebrate tonight" Jakob said, "Maybe we should go and paint the town red."

"Sounds good to me" Sarah said as Jessie gave her a strange look, "you know any place we could get into?"

"I never said this" Jakob said with a wry smile, "but I can get you into any place in town you want. Friends are a nice thing to have."

"Ok" Jessie said giving Sarah a worried look.

"Any place you recommend?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh there's a nice club downtown called 'GayDar'" Jakob said laughing, "it's very upscale, and you don't have to worry about scumbags hitting on you or anything. It's pretty much all gay."

"Wait Dad and Lily will never let me go" Jessie said in a way hoping they would put an end to the talk of going out at all.

"Don't worry about it Jess, I cleared it with Rick and Lily before I left the house" Jakob said, surprising Jessie and delighting Sarah, "they think we're going out for dinner and a movie."

"What they don't know won't hurt us" Sarah said, giggling as Jakob seemed to agree and Jessie again gave her a strange look. "What time do we leave?"

"Well Gary is working late tonight at the office and Henry's still out with Jessie's Mom" Jakob said. "The quicker we can escape, the better I guess."

"Lemme grab a quick shower and we'll go ok?" Sarah asked, getting out of the car and running off towards the house as Jakob agreed.

"OK I'm gonna change and I'll be waiting on you" Jakob said as Jessie and Sarah disappeared out the back door and into the pool house a few seconds later. Jessie lagged behind and seemed to be worrying about something, Sarah observed. Finally she asked exactly what was bothering her and Jessie hesitated before telling her.

"I'm not sure I wanna go" Jessie said, setting down on the bench outside of the bathroom.

"Why not? We've been working our asses off on this music thing and we deserve a little fun and relaxation" Sarah said pointedly.

"I just don't feel right about this" Jessie said as Sarah joined her on the bench, "I mean lying to Mom and Dad, I mean Lily and My Dad, just so we can go out. Plus I'm not gonna be able to have any fun with worrying about Cori all night, so I'll just stay here."

"Jessie Sammler, I'm tired of this bullshit" Sarah said forcibly, "you and me are going out tonight and we're gonna have fun. You spend too much time worrying about what will and won't happen and not enough time planning to live your life."

"Sarah..." Jessie started before she had her mouth covered by Sarah's hand as she said, "another word Jan and you're going in that shower with me, only you're gonna have your clothes on, unlike last night."

"Oh yeah right" Jessie said as Sarah moved her hand and thought she would probably start protesting again, "like you would really put me in the shower without trying to rip my clothes off."

"You're right, truth be told all I gotta do is ask huh?" Sarah asked as Jessie looked shocked and before she could reply, Sarah pulled her by the arm and dragged her into the bathroom as Jessie squealed with laughter and tried to get away. Sarah pushed the door shut with her foot and locked it, before wrestling Jessie to the floor and pinning her hands down. Sarah watched as Jessie stopped fighting and smiled up at her, almost daring her to do something.

"Ok fine I'm all yours Sarah Grasser" Jessie said with a teasing look, "what ya gonna do?"

"This time I'm gonna strip you naked myself and wash you from head to toe" Sarah said as Jessie licked her lips and replied, "ok that sounds fun. What else?"

"Maybe I'll lick you from head to toe and make a few long detours along the road....if you know what I mean" Sarah said, trying to get a rise out of her. But was stunned when Jessie replied, "are you gonna let me pick those spots?"

"No I'm not" Sarah heard herself say as she released Jessie's hands, "you're my prisoner."

"Then if you got the guts, do it" Jessie said, raising her head and leaning back on her elbows, "cause like you said, I'm your prisoner tonight."

"And a tempting one you are at that" Sarah said, smiling and setting up on her knees, thinking to herself how they had come to be such good friends.

"Well strip me" Jessie said, sitting up and raising her arms and daring Sarah to do something.

"Nah" Sarah said standing up, "changed my mind."

"You afraid of what might happen?" Jessie asked, still sitting on the floor by Sarah's feet.

"Yeh I am" Sarah said, sitting down on the edge of the tub and turning the water on. Jessie moved between Sarah's thighs and came eye to eye with her and asked, "Am I that tempting?"

"You have no idea how much" Sarah said, looking away and feeling the water turn hot. She then turned the cold on and tried to get the temperature just right.

"So you think you're not?" Jessie asked, moving her hands slowly up Sarah's jean covered thighs and stopping at her waist.

"I dunno" Sarah said, "I know Grace thinks I'm hot or so she says."

"You are" Jessie said, leaning a little closer and talking in a quieter voice making sure Sarah couldn't pull away and still hear what she said. "I'll bet she's friggin' it right now thinking about you."

"You think" Sarah asked, knowing it was a mistake to indulge her any further but for some reason wanting to know how far she would take this.

"Yeh probably" Jessie said, "I mean, I think you're hot already. I pretty much said that that day at your place."

"Yeh and I said you're a fox" Sarah said, moving a stray hair from her eyes, "so we think each other's hot, big deal."

"It is a big deal" Jessie said, giggling but trying not to. Sarah's mind raced for a way to end this before it went too far. Knowing Jessie and the way she was coming out of her shell, she might really do something and regret it later so it's up to me to stop this, Sarah thought. She then hit up a comment she thought would bring both of them back to reality very quickly.

"You know if I was a vindictive person right now, I've got the ultimate revenge against Katie for breaking my heart" Sarah said softly as Jessie's forehead touched hers.

"What?" Jessie asked a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Taking you away from her" Sarah said, expecting Jessie to react and pull away, but being dumbfounded when she showed no reaction and felt even more shocked when she heard Jessie's reply in a soft sexy tone of voice, "so do it, I'm not resisting." Her lips moved towards Sarah's inch by inch before she suddenly stopped with a huge grin and asked "Now who's the ultimate tease?" She stopped barely a quarter of an inch from her lips as Sarah's entire body froze in that instant not able to move, think, or talk.

"You are Jan" Sarah said as Jessie giggled and again kissed her nose gently, letting it linger for a moment as Sarah laughed.

"And what you said about taking me away from Katie" Jessie said as Sarah grew nervous suddenly, "you would never do that. Katie means too much to both of us. Besides if I do fall in love with you, I want it to feel right."

"If you do?" Sarah asked, smiling.

"Yeh if I do" Jessie said with a teasing smile and looked behind her and saw the water had filled the tub almost half way, "but for now I think you need to cool off, cause I bet I made you hot huh?"

"What?" Sarah asked as Jessie grinned and continued on, "and you're right Marsha, you do need a bath." and then lunging towards her, she pushed her backwards into the water as Sarah gasped out loud and a huge splash of water went flying. Jessie watched Sarah helplessly as her head disappeared under the water and her clothes became totally soaked.

"Marsha you're all wet" Jessie said as she fell on the floor and grabbed her stomach, doubled over in laughter.

Sarah sat up in the tub and blowing a stray hair out of her eyes, looked at Jessie and started to laugh herself. She wanted a bath and she got one she thought and just because she thought it was funny, didn't mean she wouldn't have revenge.

"Will you stop laughing long enough to hand me a towel" Sarah said as Jessie got up and sat on the toilet, tears now coming from her eyes as she laughed and tossed Sarah a towel. "It wasn't that funny."

"Yes it was" Jessie said, doing her best imitation of Sarah falling into the tub, even going so far as to try and recreate the splashing water sound. "You give me a bath....with my clothes on...and you... got one."

"Help me already so I can get some dry clothes and change, all thanks to you" Sarah said as Jessie refused and got up to walk towards the door. Suddenly Sarah dove out of the tub and caught her by the leg as Jessie opened the door. Trying to pull away, she heard the door slam and felt Sarah pulling herself up slowly getting Jessie's clothes as wet as hers.

"No Sarah please no" Jessie said as Sarah reached eye level with her and pleaded not to be thrown in the water. "Please I swear I'm so sorry. Please don't get me wet. I don't have anymore clean clothes."

"You're pathetic" Sarah said, smiling.

"Here" Jessie said taking the towel, "as a way to make up for it I'll dry you off."

"Naw that's ok, you can go" Sarah said, turning around as Jessie reached for the door knob. "On second thought, no you need a bath too."

"NOOOOOOOOOOO" Jessie screamed as Sarah grabbed her around the waist and dragged her back to the tub and a second later fell back as both splashed into the water. She made sure to roll over and get Jessie as wet as she was, and laid there laughing as Jessie sat up and wiped the water out of her eyes. "Now we're even."

"Ok fine, you won this round" Jessie said, looking at her with wicked grin, "but remember this Marsha, payback is a bitch."

"Two words babe" Sarah said, holding up two fingers, "bring it."

"You'll think bring it" Jessie said, jumping on top of Sarah and trying to dunk her head as both squealed with laughter.

After a real shower, Sarah came out of the bathroom wearing Gary's bathrobe as Jessie disappeared inside and Jakob arrived at the pool house. They chatted for a while and she related the story of what happened earlier and he had a good laugh too. But he did say that maybe they should hurry because it was getting late, telling her to meet them in the main house when they're ready. So Sarah ducked back into the bathroom to try and hurry Jessie up.

"Gary says he's ready as soon as you are" Sarah said, sitting down on the toilet and brushing her hair.

"Ok let me get the soap out my hair and I'll be ready" Jessie said, sticking her head briefly out of the shower curtain. After washing the soap out, Jessie reached out of the shower for the towel and it was a little farther away than she thought so in her quest to reach it, the shower curtain fell away and Sarah again got a partial view of Jessie's butt. Snapping her head away, pretending she didn't see anything, and hoping Jessie hadn't seen her looking, she started to blush and got up and quickly left as soon as Jessie disappeared back into the shower.

"Wait up Marsha" Jessie said, catching up to Sarah and Jakob as they walked to the car a half hour or so later.

"OK just remember when we get there to let me do the talking ok?" Jakob said as they pulled out of the driveway.

A few minutes later Jakob made his way to the front of a long line and exchanged a small "friends" kiss with the doorman and they were in. The place was packed to the rafters and you could clearly see not everyone was over 21 as they were supposed to be, Jessie observed. Taking Sarah's hand tightly, Sarah smiled back and pulled her along to an empty table in the corner. Jakob had stopped to talk to some black dude at one of the tables.

"If anyone asks, I'm yours" Jessie said into Sarah's ear as she smiled a huge grin and replied, "I'm one lucky bitch tonight."

"Damn straight you are" Jessie said, giggling. "Cause I look damn fine."

As a new song started pumping from the speakers and while chatting for a few minutes, they noticed a blonde watching them from across the restaurant. She looked to be a little older, maybe early 20's Sarah observed aloud.

"She's giving one of us a serious going over." Jessie said into Sarah's ear.

"I know" Sarah said as a waitress came to the table.

"The young lady over there" The waitress said as she pointed to the blonde, "says her name is Kelly and she'd like to buy you a drink of your choosing."

"OK" Jessie said, "I'll have a Funky Cadillac" Jessie said as Sarah looked at her and asked, "what in the hell is that?"

"Fancy name for a food colored wine cooler" The Waitress informed her, "make it two?"

"Yeh I guess" Sarah said and then added, "thank the lady for us."

"Of course" The waitress said, walking away. She returned a few minutes later with two tall glasses with a grey looking drink inside. Sipping it, Sarah had to agree with Jessie this stuff wasn't bad. They were soon again lost in conversation when Sarah turned around and noticed Kelly was coming towards them. She asked to join them and both agreed.

"Hi I'm Kelly Russo" She said, sitting down as the music died for the moment.

"I'm Sarah and this is Jessie" Sarah said as Jessie moved closer to her, trying to give off the effect of them being a real couple.

"So I take it you two are a couple?" Kelly asked.

"Yep she's my baby" Sarah said, taking Jessie's chin in her hand and looking in her eyes.

"Long-term or something new?" Kelly asked.

"Brand new" Jessie said, laying her head on Sarah's shoulder, "just sorta realized maybe we're meant to be."

"Looks like it" Kelly said smiling, "I just saw you guys and since I know all the regulars in this joint, I like to greet the newcomers and make them feel welcome."

"Thanks for the drinks" Sarah said, raising her glass. "Shit ain't half bad."

"Can I ask how old you are?" Kelly asked as Sarah shot Jessie a panicked look before Kelly went on, "I know you're not 21, but I won't say anything mostly cause I could get arrested myself."

"Why?" Sarah asked.

"See the long legged blonde at the table over there with that mini that won't quit" Kelly said pointing, "That's my sister, she's 14."

"No shit, that girl is 14" Jessie asked, looking her over, "no way."

"Yeh she's already got a better body than me" Kelly said, smiling, "so what's the verdict; you gonna spill them beans?"

"I'm 17" Sarah said, "and Jessie's 15."

"MMMMMMM" Kelly said with a sexy growl, "I just turned 24, but I love younger girls. It tastes fresher."

"Yeh it does" Jessie said, smiling briefly at Sarah before returning her attention back to Kelly.

"So I know you're not the shy kind, which is good" Kelly said, "because I say what's on my mind."

"Obviously." Sarah said as all three giggled.

The conversation went on for the next couple of hours with Kelly making an obvious play for Jessie, winking at her, touching her hand, and even taking an opportunity to dance with her several times on mostly slow songs. Jessie also danced several times with Kelly's sister, who she found was named Lindsey. Sarah thought to herself she was being completely ignored and what made her angry wasn't that. It was the fact that Kelly knowing that Jessie had said she was taken, but she was still trying to make her move. Jessie for her part was flirting right back, and seemed to be enjoying the attention considerably. Sarah looked for Jakob and finally spotted him across the room. She hoped to make eye contact and tell him she was more than ready to go. But he seemed to be busy flirting with some dude.

"Jessie I'm about ready, what about you?" Sarah finally asked.

"Oh come on Sarah we're just getting to know one another" Kelly said smiling, "I'm not trying to take her away from you."

"I know that" Sarah said, trying to make that lie look convincing. "I just noticed our ride is ready."

"We'll I could give you a ride if they're a party pooper" Kelly said, looking straight at Jessie. Her sister then waltzed over and plopped down beside Kelly and Jessie practically stared a hole right through her, Sarah thought.

"No I think we better go" Sarah said, standing up and waiting for Jessie impatiently.

"What you say Jess?" Kelly asked as Sarah noticed the way she called her Jess. "Me and Lin can give you a ride, if you're not ready to go."

"You know I've had just about enough of you flirting with my girlfriend" Sarah said as Jessie shot her a surprised look, "now you got two choices, you can either back off or I'll back you off. And before you stand up and think your ass is big shit...."

"Sarah Grasser" Jessie said, standing up and giving her a stern look, "quit acting like a damn baby."

"Fine Jessie" Sarah said, "It was your idea to play this stupid game. I'm gonna get Jakob and tell him I wanna leave and I'm hoping you'll follow me."

"Fine then leave" Jessie said as Sarah looked to be deep in thought and sat back down, and said "you know I won't leave you. So can we go?"

"I knew you wouldn't" Jessie said, nudging her playfully and turning to Kelly and said, "I guess I better go."

"Party pooper" Lindsey said as her and Kelly started giggling, "you gonna be here tomorrow night?"

"No" Sarah said, "we live in Chicago and we're leaving in the morning."

"Our Dad lives in Chicago, well just outside in one of the burbs" Lindsey said.

"Yeh we drive up a couple of times a month" Kelly said, "maybe we could meet sometime."

"Maybe" Jessie said as Sarah stood up and waited for Jessie.

"Well I'll give you my number and Email and stuff and if you're interested then you can holla at me" Kelly said handing her a card with a lot of writing on it and smiled. Jessie read the card very carefully. Lindsey and she stood as Jessie did. Jessie and Lindsey's eyes met in a long moment and Sarah could swear they made a connection, one that was not lost on Kelly who shot her a look and smiled. Sarah, deciding to be at least a little diplomatic, returned the smile and took Jessie's hand and pulled her along.

"Think I should?" Jessie asked as they walked away.

"No I don't in case you've forgot, you have a girlfriend" Sarah said with a little anger showing.

"Duh Marsha" Jessie said, smiling as she crumpled the card up and looked around for a trash can. Not being able to find one, she stuffed it in her pocket as Sarah said, "I'm glad you finally came to your senses."

"Like I would honestly ever do anything other than flirt" Jessie said, smiling as Jakob spotted them and motioned for them to meet him at the door. "I love Katie as much as you love Grace."

"Yeh I know" Sarah said smiling at her, "Let's go home."

To be Continued....