Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 33 "Home Coming"

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Jessie peaked through the door of Cori's room and saw Katie was fast asleep in the chair.

"Thanks for the ride I know you wanna see Sarah" Jessie said, smiling at Grace, "so you can go."

"Yeh I do" Grace said to Jessie's comment about Sarah, "and I'm betting your dying to see Katie not to mention Cori."

"Yeh she's sleep right now" Jessie said as she and Grace got lost in a moment, "figure I'll surprise her."

"Anyway remember me and you got a date" Grace said as Jessie gave her a strange look and asked, "We do?"

"You remember when you asked if we could hang out one night and watch movies?" Grace said, wondering if Jessie had changed her mind or completely forgot.

"OH yeh DUH" Jessie said laughing, "looking forward to it."

"Me too" Grace said, "well I'll let you get in and see Katie, I'm gonna go."

"OK" Jessie said, hugging Grace, "be careful it's raining out there."

"You know I will" Grace said as she slipped her coat back on and saying bye one more time, walked off down the hall.

"Why as I live and breath" Jean said coming up on Jessie for the first time since her return, "when did you get back?"

"A few hours ago" Jessie said, "How's Cori?"

"'Bout the same" Jean said, looking at her chart. "Too bad I can't say the same about Ms. Katie."

"What's wrong with Katie?" Jessie asked with a worried look on her face.

"Got a bad case of lonesome with you gone" Jean said as Jessie smiled broadly.

"Me too" Jessie said, "nice to see you again. Hope we can talk later."

"Of course lots of time for visiting later" Jean said pushing the door open and ushering Jessie inside, "now go and see your friend; both of them."

"Hey it's me" Jessie whispered as she moved beside Cori and touched her hand "I see Katie's been keeping you company. Well now we both will. Like I promised, you won't be alone."

"Billie?" Katie muttered as she stirred in the chair and looked towards Cori s bed. Letting her eyes adjust to the light, she felt her heart race when she could see clearly enough to make out who it was, "it is you?"

"Hey" Jessie said. Katie stood up and hugged her tightly and held on, Jessie thought, for dear life.

"God it's good to have you back" Katie said, looking at Jessie with a smile.

"It's good to be missed so much too" Jessie said, laughing, "But it's best when you get to stop missing that person and see them again."

"You talkin' about me?" Katie asked with a serious tone that surprised Jessie.

"Yes you Katie Singer" Jessie said hesitating for a moment before remembering there was no reason to hide anymore, everyone knew. Touching her cheek and feeling her skin wanting to savor the moment in time and memorizing the adoring smile on Katie's face, Jessie slowly kissed her, soft and gentle.

"So everyone knows now?" Katie asked nervously.

"Yeh they do" Jessie said, putting her arms around Katie's neck as Katie pulled her into a hug. "Mom freaked and Dad is still trying to come to terms with it."

"So no more sneaking kisses by the fridge or slipping away and making out in the driveway?" Katie said smiling, "sorta makes me sad."

"I'll miss it too" Jessie said, "but now everyone will know who I love."

"And who is that?" Katie asked, looking down nervously and not meeting Jessie's gaze for a long moment.

"This girl I know" Jessie whispered in her ear, deciding to play the game, Named Katie. But maybe she's thinking her feelings have changed. So that's why she won't look at me."

"Jessie they have not" Katie said, meeting Jessie's gaze and seeing her smile, "I still love you every bit as much as the first time I said it, more even."

"And you think I don't?" Jessie asked, "Honestly."

"It's scary ok" Katie said, confusing Jessie, "I see the way you look at Cori and it makes me wonder."

"Point blank Katie I don't love her" Jessie said kissing Katie and going on, "I love you. Did you hear me? I love you. I'll say it again and again till you believe me. I love you. I, Jessie Sammler, love you Katie Singer.

"Ok Billie I believe you" Katie said, smiling, "I do, I know, I feel it when you touch me. That's something else I've been missing too."

"GRRRRR" Jessie said, growling playfully, "wanna go into detail about that?"

"Maybe later" Katie said, kissing her and laughing as Jessie started purring "Is my kitty cat in heat?"

"Meow" Jessie said as Katie laughed and whispered. "It's so hot right now it might burn your tongue"

"HMMMMM a chance I'd be more than willing to take" Katie said, wrapping her arms tighter around Jessie and kissing her once again.

"Might be a long while before we get a chance to again though" Katie said, touching her forehead to Jessie's.

"Yeh it's not like they're gonna let you spend the night with me while we're dating" Jessie said as Katie smiled, thinking how Jessie just seemingly knew what she was thinking.

"But we're not dating" Katie said, "at least not officially."

"So what are you saying?" Jessie asked, moving back to look Katie in the eye.

"Well Grace and Sarah are dating" Katie said for some reason getting nervous suddenly, "so I think we should make it official."

"You asking me on a date?" Jessie asked, "Or to go steady?"

"Steady" Katie answered simply.

"Then ask me already" Jessie said quietly, "Hurry, before someone else does.

"Will you be my steady?" Katie said, swallowing a lump in her throat.

"Yes" Jessie said before kissing her, "I love you."

"I never get tired of hearing you say that" Katie said, "and I hope you never get tired of saying it."

"Never gonna happen" Jessie said smiling, "as long as you feel the same way.

"You know I do and I'll remind you of that every day" Katie said. Following a short silence and a few quick kisses, Katie took Jessie's hand and guided her to the chairs beside Cori's bed.

"How's your Mom handling it?" Katie asked after wondering about it for a few minutes.

"She's still in denial sorta" Jessie said, looking sad, "she wouldn't even speak to me unless she had to and when we came home she refused to let us ride with her, although I didn't wanna anyway."

"I'm sorry" Katie said, touching Jessie's hand as she went on.

"You know the worst thing is, she's letting this thing with me ruin what she has with Henry" Jessie said, "and I think he cares a lot for her too."

"Does she hate me?" Katie asked as Jessie looked at her in surprise.

"I dunno" Jessie said as Katie's face turned to one of worry, "and I don't care."

"You make me happy" Jessie said, taking her shoes off and putting her foot in Katie's lap. "I don't care what anyone thinks."

"Jessie Elizabeth Sammler" Katie said, rubbing Jessie's foot while she smiled at her, "I love you and I don't care what anyone thinks either."

Jessie smiled and leaned forward towards Katie and touched her head to Katie s. They stayed that way for a few long moments just smiling and whispering, before kissing softly a few times and giggling at some jokes only they found funny.

Meanwhile at Sarah's.....

"Oh hey" Sarah said nonchalantly as Grace came through the door of her apartment, trying not to get over excited and remain calm, mostly wanting to get a rise of Grace. "What's up?"

"Give it up blue eyes" Grace said as she sat down behind Sarah in the desk chair and wrapped her arms tightly around her in a hug. Sarah gladly scooted forward making room for her and sighed contently as Grace pulled her close, "You can act like you're not as happy to see me as I am to see you all you want, but I know the truth Sarah Renae Grasser."

"And that would be Grace Brooks Manning?" Sarah asked, looking back with a smirk.

"I love you" Grace said and kissed her cheek, "and I missed you so bad it hurt."

"You're gonna make me cry" Sarah said, smiling and standing before turning around and sitting back down, her legs now across Grace's. "You can't love me that much. But tell me you do anyway."

"I do and a whole lot more than you know" Grace said, her eyes locked in Sarah's gaze.

"Then tell me again and again and again" Sarah said, putting her arms around Grace's neck. "Cause I'm gonna do the same."

"And believe me when I say I love you too" Sarah said.

"I believe you" Grace said simply and smiled.

"I'm gonna prove to you how much I love you and soon" Sarah said, sounding cryptic as Grace giggled.

"How?" Grace asked.

"You remember we talked about making love?" Sarah asked, hoping Grace would respond quickly and favorably.

"MMMMMMMMMM Yeh" Grace said in a sultry tone and raised her eye brows suggestively as Sarah giggled.

"I wanna be you're first" Sarah said, "and not because I like cracking cherries or something, but because I'll make it a night you'll never forget.

"Oh sure" Grace said, "Bottle of wine and some cheap pornos huh?"

"Wine? Yes. Pornos? Not this time." Sarah said, never losing her train of thought. "I know this place..."

"Yeh?" Grace said, urging her to go on.

"It's not too far and I promise you'll love it" Sarah said. "We'll be the only two people for miles around."

"So when you make me scream no one will hear me?" Grace asked as Sarah laughed.

"Yes" Sarah said, "And I do plan to make you scream....A LOT."

"You mean like" Grace said, opening her mouth and feeling Sarah's hand cover it before she could scream.

"Don't you dare" Sarah said as she moved her hand away slowly and was shocked by what Grace said next.

"MMMMMMMM Oh Sarah, yes right there, oh fuck yes" Grace moaned, wrapping her arms around Sarah's waist and putting her lips to her ear. "Is that what you mean?"

"You are so crazy" Sarah said, giggling as Grace finally kissed her lips softly. It only took a few seconds before Sarah's fell in time with Grace's and she felt Grace's tongue on her lips. They began to massage each other's tongues in a long passionate French kiss that left both gasping for air a few long minutes later.

"I missed that so much" Sarah said, kissing her again, "you're an incredible kisser."

"So I got better?" Grace asked, touching Sarah's cheek and returning the kiss.

"Yes" Sarah said in whimper as Grace kissed her cheek and down her neck. Sarah laid her head back and felt Grace kiss her way to the top of her t-shirt. Grace pulled her shirt free from the shorts Sarah was wearing and ran her hands over her stomach. Lifting the shirt, Sarah leaned back against the desk and whimpered again as Grace started kissing her stomach softly.

"Wait, wait" Sarah said, almost out of breath and seeing a frown cross Grace s face as she looked up.

"Did I do something wrong" Grace asked again as she pulled Sarah into her arms.

"No you did everything so right" Sarah said, "I just thought maybe we could get more comfortable on the bed."

"HMMMM good idea" Grace said as Sarah took her hand and led her to the bed. Grace let Sarah fall across her before pulling her down to eye level and quickly kissing her.

"Slow down Grace" Sarah said, giggling as she pulled away and sat up followed by Grace with a beet red expression on her face.

"Why?" Grace asked, touching Sarah's face gently and smiling, "I missed you and wanna show you how much."

"Believe me Grace, I want you too and I wanna show you" Sarah said, getting off the bed and walking to the phone by the computer, picking it up and saying "Hello."

"Yes this is Sarah" She said a second later as Grace watched and tried to listen, "Mr. Philips how are you?"

"UMMM No I'm not doing anything at the moment" Sarah said then looked back at Grace and rephrased her last comment, "or rather I am but if this is the only time we can meet, I guess we should."

"OK thank you, see ya in an hour" Sarah said, hanging up the phone. Turning around, she went on before Grace could even ask what was up. "That was Mr. Philips the lawyer that Mr. White told me I needed to call. Well he said he was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop off and deliver some important papers."

"About what?" Grace asked, lying back down on the bed.

"The building I'm assuming" Sarah said, sitting down in the chair in front of the computer.

"So you think we got time for a quickie?" Grace asked with a smirk.

"I'll make you scream so loud they'll think you're being tortured" Sarah said.

"So it's like torture huh?" Grace giggled.

"You know what I mean smart ass" Sarah said, throwing a shirt at Grace.

"Oh yeah I got something to show you" Grace said, jumping up, rolling off the bed, and moving in front of Sarah. Turning her back so her butt was in front of Sarah, she grinned over her shoulder and said "go on take a peak, I dare you."

"Grace I already saw your cute little ass several times" Sarah said, running her hand up one leg and across her back.

"I know, just do it ok" Grace said as Sarah smiled and pulled at the bottom of her shorts slowly. She stopped after a few seconds as a gold thong came into view. Grace turned and Sarah read aloud "Coming Soon...Very Soon".

"You like?" Grace asked, pulling her shorts back up and flopping back down on the bed.

"Those are mine" Sarah said, looking like she was in shock, "where did you find them at?"

"In the dirty clothes" Grace giggled. "I was being nosey and accidentally found them. Thought I'd surprise you. Hope you don't mind."

"No I don't mind" Sarah said, smiling as she joined Grace on the bed, "they look better on you than me."

"GRRRRRR" Grace purred, "So you did like them?"

"Yes very much" Sarah replied. "There's nothing sexier than a girl in a thong."

"Thong's turn you on huh?" Grace asked, "So what else turns you on?"

"For me to know and you to find out Grace Manning" Sarah said, giggling.

Their lips touched for a brief second, until they were interrupted by the buzzer going off.

"Fuck" Sarah said as she got up and Grace tried to cover up her smile.

"Yeh" Sarah said, barely able to restrain herself from screaming.

"This is Mr. Philips, I was able to get out of my meeting early" He said.

"Oh ok come on up" Grace said, hitting the buzzer. A few short minutes later there was a knock at the door as Sarah slipped on a pair of pants and Grace disappeared into the bathroom to get dressed herself. Mr. Philips was a tall, older looking guy with grayish white hair Sarah noticed. He introduced himself and took the chair by the computer.

"Now Miss Grasser, as the new owner of this property I have some suggestions that I think might make your transition much easier" Mr. Philips started as Sarah listened and urged him to go on. "For instance I have taken the liberty of contacting a possible business manager for you. I think you should consider putting the running of the building in his hands, as far as the finances go."

"Of course" Sarah said, looking towards the bathroom and hoping Grace was gonna be done soon. "I could really use your support right now" She thought As if on cue, the door opened and Grace emerged smiling shyly as Sarah introduced her. Mr. Philips went on as Grace sat down beside Sarah on the bed.

"This way you won't have to worry about collecting rent and writing checks for repairs and in general the headaches of running an apartment building" Mr. Philips said, "All of the money, minus the expenses and your employee's salaries will be placed in your account on the first of business day of every week."

"I have employees?" Sarah asked, looking at Grace with a look of disbelief.

"Yes you do, or rather you will when all the paperwork is final" Mr. Philips said.

"This is just moving too fast for me" Sarah said, putting her hands over face.

"Well that's why I'm here" Mr. Philips said, "I'll gladly be your front man and help you ease into the position of ownership at your own speed."

"Good to know" Sarah said, still in shock that this was really happening.

"Anyway Ms. Grasser, here are the papers you need to sign" Mr. Philips said, "it contains all the legal stuff about your father's will which was very complicated, but nevertheless this is all you need to do for now."

"What are these?" Grace asked, looking at them briefly before taking them herself and beginning to read the front page.

"About 200 pages of legal mumbo jumbo" Mr. Philips said, smiling for the first time, "like I said your father's will was very complicated."

"He's right" Grace laughed as she handed it to Sarah to sign.

"There you go Mr. Philips" Sarah said, handing him the papers back after signing them.

"Thank you, this will start the ball rolling" Mr. Philips said, slipping the papers back inside his briefcase and standing while extending his hand. Thank for your time Miss Grasser."

"Thank you" Sarah said as Mr. Philips opened the door to let himself out.

"I'll be in touch" Mr. Philips said as Sarah closed the door.

"Well Miss Grasser you're now a land owner" Grace said, moving in front of her.

"Yeh" Sarah said, still in shock from all that had happened. "I must be the luckiest human being alive."

"Maybe you are" Grace said, taking her hand and leading her back to the bed. "I know I consider myself lucky, since meeting you."

"You do?" Sarah asked.

"Uh huh" Grace said simply.

"I'm falling deeper in love with you every minute" Sarah said, kissing Grace s nose as she smiled.

"Me too every minute" Grace said, sharing an Eskimo kiss with her.

"Guess what I'm thinking right now?" Sarah asked.

"I dunno tell me" Grace replied.

I'm hungry, let's get something to eat" Sarah said with a wry smile as Grace rolled her eyes and flung herself back on the bed.

"You're still such a tease" Grace said as Sarah laughed.

"This is true my love" Sarah said, rolling off the bed and heading for the kitchen as Grace smiled and said out loud "and your ass is hot."

"Yeh I know" Sarah said as Grace threw a pillow at her.

Meanwhile back at the hospital...

The heat of the night became too much for both Jessie and Katie. Both realized they needed each other more than anything else at that moment. So Katie began concocting a plan, she first clued Jessie in and then went to work on Jean. Jean, who had just logged out for the night, agreed to stay with Cori until the girls could take a "shower" and she didn't seem to notice they wanted to go together. But nevertheless, they grabbed some clean towels off the cart in the hallway and disappeared into the bathroom as Jean said they could.

"Did you say it would burn my tongue?" Katie asked, closing the wash room door and locking it.

"Yeh SZZZZZ" Jessie said as Katie pulled her by the hand over to the mirrored counter.

"Now let me see that pretty pussy I been missing so bad" Katie said with a wicked smile as Jessie unbuttoned her pants and slid them down. Katie helped her pull them off along with her shoes. Then, now on her knees in front of her, Katie pulled Jessie's panties down herself and was surprised at what she found, "Oh my god Jessie Sammler!"

"I shaved it" Jessie said, stepping out of her panties as Katie smiled wickedly again up at her. Touching it gently, she could feel the baby smooth slickness of it now without so much as a hint of a hair. She leaned forward and kissed her lips as Jessie trembled with desire.

"It's beautiful" Katie said, rising to meet her and pulling a chair up behind her as Jessie asked "ok I know you got something kinky in mind, what is it?"

"Here get up here" Katie said as Jessie stepped into the chair and walked on the counter, stopping for a second to strip off her t-shirt and bra. She then posed for Katie, much the way she had for Sarah in Nashville, but for vastly different reasons. Katie sat down in the chair and pulled it close and instructed Jessie to drop to her knees as her lover complied and giggled at the current predicament. Looking around at the mirror and checking out her ass, Katie lowered her head and licked up her slit for the first time. Jessie gasped and snapped her head back to see Katie's head bobbing up and down as she worked on her. Jessie moaned and leaned back, planting her hands above her ankles behind her and laying her head back.

"MMMMMMMMM" Katie cooed as she stopped for a second, "it's so much better when it's bald like this."

"Oh yeah think so huh?" Jessie asked as Katie shook her head and then let her tongue enter Jessie's love hole and started pumping in and out fast. Jessie arched her back and moaned out loud as Katie's tongue made her tremble and before she even knew what was happening, she started cumming. Her pleasure box sucked at the source of her pleasure, Katie's piston like tongue inside her, trying to milk it for all it's worth. After a few wonderful seconds, Jessie relaxed and felt herself start to cum on Katie's mouth.

"Oh yeah" Jessie said, her voice shaky, "suck all my cum out."

Katie caught some of Jessie's reward on her fingers and offered it to her lover and Jessie greedily sucked it off. As Katie returned her fingers to Jessie's love hole and spread her lips, exposing her rose bud, she then started sucking on it softly as Jessie gasped in surprise. Katie wasted no time either as she sucked harder and harder on her lover's pleasure point and made Jessie buck her hips into her mouth wanting more and hearing her moans increase the closer she came to another wonderful and long awaited cumming. Jessie turned to the side and watched herself for the first time as she put one hand in Katie's hair and guided her to the perfect spot to suck on. It made her even hotter to watch herself getting fucked for some reason. Katie sucked harder and harder at her clit, squeezing her lips on Jessie's clit and almost making her lover scream when it popped free for a second with an audible popping sound. Jessie gasped and moaned at the same time as Katie renewed her quest and sucked it even harder, letting it pop free one more time. Jessie watched as her mouth slowly widened and her moaning increased, her face became a total mask of pleasure and her hand was now just above her breast as her body exploded in an orgasm she had seemingly waited on forever. Feeling it explode as Katie kept sucking hard on her clit, she bit her lip to keep from screaming out loud. Her orgasm slammed into her full blast and she arched her back again as it peaked and she finally closed her eyes and let it wash completely over her.

"Oh yeah that was so good, UHHNNNN yeh suck all my cum out" Jessie said, relaxing now as she came down slowly and Katie licked the torrent of cum off her pussy as it came out. Kissing her lips once more before rising, she kissed her way up Jessie's sweat covered body.

"Told you I missed you" Katie said, kissing her as Jessie sucked her lover's tongue tasting her freshly minted reward on Katie's tongue.

"Yeh fuck that was good baby" Jessie said, panting, "made me cum so fast and hard."

"I missed you, that's all" Katie said, kissing her softly once more, "I missed you a lot."

"I love you" Jessie said, smiling, "do you know that?"

"Show me how much" Katie said, smiling as she started to strip off in front of Jessie.

Jessie turned the chair around and straddled it so the back was against the counter. She leaned against the soft padding and watched as Katie took her place on the counter. She pulled her naked body into position in front of her. Katie put her feet on the arms of the chair and moved her ass to the end of the counter while she leaned back and prepared for what Jessie was gonna do next. Jessie's first touch made her tremble and her lover commented "still smooth huh?"

"Yeh duh Billie" Katie said as Jessie licked ever so slowly up her bald slit and dragged her tongue over Katie's clit roughly, making her gasp and squirm slightly as she repeated this slow wonderful torture again. Katie leaned back even further and it brought her love hole into perfect alignment with Jessie's lapping tongue, also exposing her puckered little anus. Jessie noticed and began to think about the detailed conversation they had had days ago about that very subject. She carefully slipped a single finger into her hole just slightly and felt the suction as Katie looked up in shock at what Jessie had just done. Jessie pushed in further then out as she returned to the other task at hand and started moving her tongue up and down her slit faster.

"OH fuck yes baby" Katie said, feeling both of her holes being filled for the first time in a long time with Jessie's exploring finger now in her ass and her tongue working it's magic on her. Jessie speeded her attack on both fronts and Katie whined and squirmed as she responded to each thrust and felt herself on the verge of an orgasm that she would not soon forget. Katie started panting and thrusting harder and both of her holes sucked greedily at the respective pleasure tools and she started to cum: a long and hard one that ravaged her body seemingly to no end. Jessie finally stopped with her finger as Katie relaxed and her cum started to squirt on to Jessie s lips. Licking every last drop of it up and sucking the juice of her finger a second later, Katie looked down at her with an amazed look.

"I told you I loved you" She said, grinning with the evidence of her just completed work still very much evident on her face.

"You didn't have to do that with my ass you know" Katie said, sitting up and feeling a head rush as she did.

"I wanted to Billie" Jessie said, kissing her lover on the lips softly both savoring the taste of the other wrapped together in a warm embrace, "Even if it is the strangest of places."

20 minutes later, they emerged from the bathroom still with a glow of two people who had seemingly re-discovered each other, holding hands and sneaking kisses at every turn. Jean smiled at them, and as Jessie noticed, she seemed to know what they had been doing for the last hour or so. But at this point, nothing mattered. Just that they were back together and the world was once again at peace. Although for how long, Jessie wondered as she sat down in Katie's lap and fell asleep on her shoulder a while later, exhausted.

To be Continued....