Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 34 "Ride Away Cowboy"

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"Jake look, I understand how you feel about him" Judy said, trying to reason with her hot tempered partner, "but you've seen the books and you know for a fact without the cash this book signing will bring in, we could be in big trouble."

"That low life tried to fuck my daughter" Jake said, seething with anger.

"Jake Manning you don't know that for a fact" Judy said, "I think it was more like your not-so-innocent daughter just found someone she connected with and wanted to go a little further."

"Grace is..." Jake said before abruptly stopping and slamming his fist into a pile of books sending them crashing to the floor. Judy gave an exaggerated sigh and dropped down to pick them up. "I'm sorry."

"I know like always" Judy said smiling, "I'm used to you by now. But I do think you're getting better. This time you only knocked some books over. Last time you and Tiffany got into it, you broke a chair."

"We're in counseling and I still don't want him here" Jake said, rambling onto one subject and then another, "I don't want Grace around him anymore."

"Jake" Judy said patiently as she stood and re-stacked the books, "Grace is 17, nearly an adult; in a few months, you won't be able to stop her from seeing him if she wants to. But I don't think she wants to anyway. Last time she was here, she showed all the signs of being in love. So it's most likely not him, I think she's moved on."

"You're probably right" Jake said, smiling before going on "Why is it you can make me see things and it makes sense and without screaming it or adding in your own little snide remarks to push my buttons like my adoring wife?"

"Simple" Judy said with a smirk, "we're not sleeping together."

"Not yet" Jake said, matching her smirk "won't be too much longer before you succumb to the Manning charm."

"Just because I'm Lily's sister doesn't mean I'm as dumb as she is" Judy said, laughing.

"Lily's not dumb, she just chooses to believe the best in people" Jake said, smiling again "but in my case, it was never enough to keep me from doing something stupid. And now what I thought was a new start is turning into that all over again."

"More stupid mistakes?" Judy asked, sitting down on the chair arm across from Jake.

"No she won't believe anything I say" Jake said, suddenly looking tired, and I mean nothing. Like last night when I gave you a ride to Lily's and picked up ZoŽ and Grace. I took them out for a soda or something and when we got back to the house she had to start a fight and accuse me of cheating...again."

"But you couldn't have last night" Judy said, "why didn't Grace or ZoŽ explain?"

"ZoŽ tried and Tiffany turned on her and said she was lying for me" Jake said, "then she and Grace got into a screaming match and the baby starts crying because of the noise's too much."

"Tiffany's been acting weird now for a couple of weeks huh?" Judy asked.

"She's getting more and more paranoid; everyone is lying for me and I'm cheating on her with every girl I even talk to" Jake said, "but last night. Last night was over the line. I told her she had better never talk to ZoŽ that way again."

"Is that why you been napping during the day?" Judy asked.

"Yeh, can't get any sleep at home" He said as Grace pulled up across the street.

"It might not make things any better" Judy said shyly, "but my couch is always empty if you need a place to crash that's quiet."

"No it won't help things, at least between me and Tiffany" Jake said, "but I'm about to drop and I'm of no use this way. So I might sneak over there later today and try to get a few winks."

"Fine" Judy said, smiling and flipping him the keys before adding, "Just don't eat the green stuff in the fridge."

"Hey Daddy" Grace and ZoŽ said in unison, arriving at the front door of Book Lovers.

"Are we going to the mall today to get the stuff for my party this weekend?" ZoŽ asked, taking a cookie from the desk.

"UMMM yeh I guess so" Jake said, shooting Judy a weary look.

"Can we go now?" ZoŽ asked, taking Jake's hand and hoping he would follow without resisting. Surprisingly he did and Judy and Grace watched as they left the store and climbed into Jake's car and sped off towards downtown.

"You glad he's gone huh?" Judy asked.

"Yeh because I don't want him to blow a fuse when August gets here" Grace said as Judy laughed, remembering the scene from earlier.

"You excited to see him?" Judy asked, taking a seat on the couch and watching Grace closely for her reaction.

"No" Grace said simply, "if you only knew all that has changed in my life in the last few months. He's like the furthest thing from my mind these days."

"So you found someone new huh?" Judy asked, smiling in the way that Grace knew she was happy for her and wanted all the details. Visions of Sarah went through Grace's head and before she knew it, she was smiling and uttered, "Yes I have."

"I knew it, who?" Judy asked excitedly.

"Someone I just met, it's a friend of Jessie's" Grace said, looking down and trying to wipe the grin from her face, but failing.

"So is he cute?" Judy asked.

"Yes she is" Grace said then instantly covered her mouth in shock and looked at Judy before snapping her head away and stammering to cover up her slip of the tongue, but soon trailed off and clammed up. "I mean...."

"Is it Sarah?" Judy asked calmly after a minute or so of silence. Grace had settled in on the couch and was flipping through a book, hoping Judy had somehow missed that.

"Is Sarah what?" Grace asked with a shaky voice as Judy joined her on the couch again.

"The one you're crazy about" Judy said, making Grace smile which all but answered her last question. "The way you two and ZoŽ were goofing on each other the other day it was obvious you and her liked each other. As friends I mean, but now I guess it's more right?"

"Yeh some" Grace said, feeling herself blush a deep crimson, "I like being with her."

Judy opened her mouth to say something else just as the bell above the door started rattling signaling someone entering the store. She looked up to see the UPS guy with a large box on the dolly.

"Hey George" Judy said, taking the clip board and signing her name.

"There's a lot more on the truck" George said, "seems you're laying in a big supply huh?"

"Yeh big book signing tonight, so had to lay in a big supply" Judy said smiling and obviously enjoying the attention she was getting. "Be right back Grace."

"OK" Grace said watching Judy and George, a very handsome black guy, flirt openly with each other as they walked outside. She sat back down and found herself deep in thought about Sarah, trying to memorize the speech she wanted to use on Lily when she told her about her and Sarah.

"Grace??" a voice said from behind, breaking Grace's concentration as she looked up.

"Yeh..... Oh hi Joey" Grace said.

"Deep in thought huh?" Joey asked, plopping down a box of books on the floor and taking the tape off the top.

"Yeh I do that a lot" Grace said as Joey laughed sweetly and replied, "Me too, though most people think I'm just spacing out."

"So you're helping Judy?" Grace asked, a little confused as Joey emptied the books out of the box.

"Yeh when I was in here with Sarah last week Judy said she needed some help and Sarah volunteered me" Joey said laughing. "I like it though, Judy's nice and Jake's a cutey and the girl in the blockbuster next door has a huge CD collection and she let's me borrow some when I'm here. There I go rambling again."

"So you think my Dad's cute?" Grace asked making Joey blush when she realized Jake was Grace's dad.

"Yeh for an older guy" Joey said, giggling and blushing some more.

"Sarah's gonna be mad, that's her man" Grace said with a straight face until she saw Joey's panicked reaction.

"It is seriously?" Joey asked with wide eyes.

"NO" Grace said laughing as Joey realized she had fallen for Grace's goofy attempt at humor.

"Your mean" Joey said laughing along as Judy came back in with another load.

"Am I paying you to chat with the customers or work Ms. Larue?" Judy said as Joey got a serious look on her face and jumped to her feet.

"I sure is sorry Ms. Judy. I be getting back to work right now, please don't beat me" Joey said in her best slave voice.

"Yeh don't make me have to break out the whip" Judy said as Joey stopped at the door and looked back.

"You're such a slave driver" Joey said as Judy laughed.

"I should thank Sarah for getting me to hire Joey" Judy said, "She's been a huge help."

"Hey about what we talked about earlier" Grace said, looking down at her hands, "don't say anything to Mom or Dad just yet. They don't exactly know and I wanna be the one to tell them."

"Yeh it should come from you" Judy said, sitting down beside Grace before going on, "I thought sometime ago it was you who was gay."

"I'm not gay" Grace said simply.

"Then...what are...?" Judy stammered with a mystified look on her face.

"I'm in love with Sarah" Grace said, "That's what I am."

"Ok" Judy said, obviously still confused.

"Just because I'm in love with Sarah doesn't mean I'm automatically gay or whatever label you wanna hang me with."

"Grace you know for a fact I would never hang you with a stupid label" Judy said, "I personally think you're brave for admitting it."

"By the way, have you met Eli's new girlfriend?" Judy asked as Joey came to the door and said, "Hey Judy, August is here."

"What the hell is he doing here this early?" Judy asked as she jumped up, rushing outside as Joey carried another box of books inside.

"So is that your ex-flame?" Joey asked, taking the tape off the box in front of her.

"Judy and her big mouth" Grace said as Joey laughed, "yeh I had this stupid idea that we could have a relationship."

"So you gonna heat things back up now?" Joey asked, giggling as Grace blushed and replied "NO. I'm going out with someone else right now."

"Grace!" August said from the door as he took off his long coat and dropped it in the chair. Grace turned and flashed her best smile as she stood and greeted him with a hug, soon followed by a chorus of Joey's whistling and giggling in the background.

"Hubba Hubba" Joey said as Grace blushed and turned to see her sitting on the floor now laughing at the two.

"This is Joey, she thinks she's a stand up comic" Grace said trying to hide a smile and kicking at her playfully.

"So how have you been?" August said sitting down next to Grace on the couch as Joey watched and tried to stop giggling, "you and Sarah still seeing each other?"

"UMMM yeh" Grace stammered about to faint as August soon realized he might have said something wrong.

"You're the one Sarah's totally nuts about?" Joey asked, almost at a whisper "oh my god."

"Yeh that's me" Grace said.

"I'm sorry. I was assuming you had already told everyone" August said apologetically.

"It's ok; just don't say anything to anyone else ok?" Grace said to him and then looked to Joey, but before she could repeat herself, Joey went on.

"Your secret's safe with me" She said.

"Anyways, I read your book and it was awesome" Grace said as August looked somewhat surprised by her reaction. "The ending made me cry, it was so great."

"Thanks, that means a lot coming from you" August said smiling at her in a way that only he could.

"August" Judy said a few minutes after Grace and August had sat down on the couch and started talking, "I've got a fan of yours who wants to meet you, if you don't mind."

Grace turned as August stood and was surprised to see who the fan was, Karen.

"This is a very dear friend of mine, Karen Sammler" Judy said as Karen came closer and shook August's hand.

"It's nice to meet you Karen" August said.

"I just had to come and meet you in person after reading your wonderful novel" Karen said, almost blushing it appeared. "Such a heart wrenching tale and that ending, oh my, that ending. It nearly stopped my heart. I absolutely loved it."

"What can I say after a review like that" August said, smiling and leaning on the back of the couch as Grace and Joey listened on. "Would you be interested in being my new agent?"

"If it means you'll write another novel like this, I accept whole heartedly" Karen said.

"Well I hope my other readers love it as much as you do" August said, "the reviews have been mostly positive so far I guess."

"The Tribune reviewer loved it" Karen said now smiling, "and so did the Sun-times. People and Entertainment Weekly gave it positive reviews too."

"So tell us Karen, how do you really feel?" Joey asked as everyone started laughing.

"Seriously I would be so honored to be the first to have you sign my copy if you will" Karen said after a few seconds.

"It would be an honor" August said, taking her book and signing it with his sharpie. "To a Dame I'd be happy to ride off into the sunset with, all my best August Dimitri."

"Karen I think he's inviting you to run away with him" Judy said as Karen blushed and tried to shoo her away.

"I'm sure he has a lot better offers than me" Karen said.

"You'd be surprised" August said simply.

"Anyway August Dimitri, it was so nice to meet you and thank you for the wonderful inscription." Karen said glowingly, "It made my day, honestly."

"Well you made my day by just letting me meet you" August said, "It was my honor."

"Told you he was a charmer" Judy said as they turned and left the store.

"Hope they're all like that" August said, breathing a noticeable sigh of relief.

"August's gotta a crush" Joey said through a giggle as Grace soon joined in with the laughter.

"Oh grow up you two" August said seemingly remembering something he had forgotten and excusing himself before running towards the door and outside. Joey went back to her unpacking and Grace picked up August's book and began re-reading the Prologue which always made her feel like she was the reason he wrote this book at all. A minute or so passed and Judy returned but still no August; Grace began to wonder where he went. That minute stretched to 10 minutes and then to 15 and soon enough to 20 when Grace finally asked Judy if she knew where he was.

"Said he had to get something out of his car" Judy replied from behind the desk. "He should be back in a minute."

"I'm gonna go check ok" Grace said fearing something might have happened like Jake running into him and a fight breaking out or something worse. But as she exited the store, he came around the corner with a box in his arms and stopped in front of her.

"There you are" Grace said. "I was getting worried."

"Yeh it took me a while to find it" August said as Grace looked at the box and the size and wondered to herself why it would take him that long to find it, after all his SUV isn't that big. But that thought was flushed from her mind when he placed the box in her hands and said simply "as I promised, for you."

"What is it?" Grace asked, sitting it on the table in front of her.

"Open it and find out" August said. Grace quickly lifted the top off the box and looked to see what was inside.

"Ride Away Cowboy, 1st Edition" Grace read aloud and found herself with an uncontrollable ear-to-ear smile on her face in seconds.

"This is the first copy of your book August" Grace asked in a half stunned, half questioning tone of voice.

"Yeh and like I promised, it's all yours" He replied. Grace still couldn't quite comprehend what was happening.

"No" Grace said, "It's too much, I can't accept it."

"I want you to have it Grace" He said, "you're one of the biggest, probably the biggest reason, I began writing again. So consider it an even trade."

"I'll cherish it forever" Grace said, lifting the book out of the box carefully. "And I know that sounds so dumb, but I will. Thank You."

"August" Judy said, poking her head out the door, "there you are. UMM, I need to know how you wanna set up the display and all."

August started talking about something with Judy and excused himself to walk back inside as Grace sat down at the table still clutching the book to her chest. She didn't even notice the car pull-up and stop briefly, or anyone getting out. Her mind wandered to what she really felt for August after this moment, and so many things she thought she had decided days or even weeks ago.

"Grace, calling Grace, hello in there" Sarah said as Grace jerked back to reality and saw Sarah's smiling face staring at her from the next seat.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking" Grace mumbled and then lowered the book enough to show Sarah and explain what it was. "It's the first copy, can you believe that?"

"He must really care for you a lot" Sarah said as Grace finally began to recover some of her senses and saw that the smile was gone from Sarah's face now as she stared at the book in Grace's arms.

"Yeh I guess so" Grace said, looking one more time at the book before returning it to the box delicately and closing it with the lid. "But you know what Sarah Grasser?"

"What, you love him too?" Sarah asked with a half-hearted smirk, but with a definite hint of worry in her voice.

"No" Grace said, gently touching Sarah's chin and meeting her gaze, "I feel the same about him now as I did when we went to visit him. Nothing's changed, including the way I feel about you. I loved you then and I love you now. So stop worrying my Beautiful Blue Eyes."

Sarah took Grace's hand in hers and touched her nose to Grace's in an Eskimo kiss as both giggled and then, in what Grace thought was a natural progression, she kissed her softly on the lips not thinking nor caring where she was anymore. A few seconds or maybe it was minutes later; they parted and smiled happily into each other's eyes.

"I love you too" Sarah said in a whisper.

"Hey when you two love birds are done sucking face do you think you could help me out in here?" Joey said from the door.

"Shut up and do your own job" Grace said, throwing a napkin at Joey as she giggled and ducked back inside.

"Do you realize you just kissed me in front of your Aunt's book store" Sarah asked, standing up in front of Grace.

"Yeh just now" Grace said smiling, "besides she knows now anyway and so does Joey thanks to August's big mouth. So might as well tell everyone." Grace replied, sneaking another quick kiss before running inside with Sarah chasing after her.

"So we still on for tonight?" Joey asked, as Grace and Sarah plopped down on the couch.

"On for what?" Grace asked, looking at Sarah.

"Me, Joey, and ZoŽ are watching some movies tonight" Sarah said, "since you and Jessie are gonna do your sister thing, I thought I'd invite my sister's over."

"Yeh I wuv my big sissy" Joey said sitting down across Sarah's lap and hugging her as Grace laughed.

"We got that Mischa Barton lesbian flick" Sarah said, "what was the name of that?"

"Lost and Delirious" Joey said, putting some books on the shelf behind them finally.

"Yeh that's it" Sarah said, "Lost and Delirious, just like Joey."

"Hey" Joey said as both Grace and Sarah laughed, "I only partially resemble that remark."

"Anyways the only reason I wanna see it is Piper Perabo gets naked in it" Sarah said, "Hubba Hubba."

Grace rolled her eyes as Joey laughed, and thought to herself about how you really do pick up on someone's habits if you hang out with them enough. Sarah's beginning to use Joey's saying's now, so you know they're friends.

"Plus we got Bully, Desert Heat, Spiderman, and some others" Joey said.

"Her Mom works for Blockbuster" Sarah said proudly. "So if we want a movie, she gets it."

"Hey Grace, you're staying for the book signing right?" August asked as Grace looked around at him.

"Yeh if you want me too" Grace said.

"I could use the emotional support and you too Sarah, if you don't mind" August said before disappearing behind a pile of books again with Judy in tow. In just a few short hours, "Book Lovers" was transformed into a completely different looking store and poor August was growing visibly more nervous as the seconds ticked away till the signing began. Jake had dropped ZoŽ off and had a pretty heated conversation with Judy outside the store window before she successfully convinced him she could handle things, or at least that's what she told Grace later on about the conversation. Jessie also arrived with the ever present Katie in tow. They found an empty couch in the back of the store and had spent most of the last two hours giggling and smooching with each other while ZoŽ did the same, minus the smooching, with Sarah and Joey. The bookstore filled more and more over the next hour until there was a line all the way outside. It was at this point Grace, figuring no one would notice, decided to slip out for a breath of fresh air. She walked down the block a few feet to a bench and sat down hoping to clear her head. It didn't feel like it was long at all before she heard footsteps approaching her from behind and turned to see Jessie.

"Mind if I join you?" Jessie asked as Grace quickly agreed and moved aside for her to sit down, handing Grace her coat, which at that point hadn't crossed her mind.

"It got a little hot in there" Jessie said, breaking the silence a few seconds later hoping she wasn't bugging Grace when she really wanted to be alone.

"Yeh August seems to be a huge hit and Judy's cash register is going non-stop" Grace said smiling happily, "but I just had to get some fresh air.

"Me, I can only take so much of Katie and Sarah's goofiness" Jessie said as Grace laughed softly.

"And then you got ZoŽ and Joey and that's enough to drive anyone crazy" Grace said as Jessie agreed.

"Are you going back to the hospital later or what?" Grace asked.

"No, Katie talked RaeAnn and Eli into staying tonight" Jessie said, "so you know...."

"And Sarah and the goof troop are gonna watch movies at her place tonight" Grace said.

"Yeh they invited Katie as I was coming out here" Jessie said.

"Karen was here earlier" Grace said as Jessie seemed to tense up and started staring straight ahead.

"Bitch" Jessie said after a few long moments, "She has time to come to a book signing but refuses to even talk to me on the phone or pick me up at the hospital."

"But you said..." Grace started before being cut-off.

"She's making Henry seem like the bad guy here and they fight all the time anymore" Jessie said, "Eli tried to get her to make peace with me but she refused."

"Jessie" Grace said in a panicked voice and took her hand in hers and laced their fingers together, "Stop. You're only making yourself crazy."

"She will come around I promise you" Grace said then covering Jessie's mouth with her hand. "You're killing yourself over something you can't control."

"Yeh but without her who do I turn to?" Jessie asked earnestly.

"Me" Grace said noticing Jessie's demeanor seem to soften considerably after that. "And Rick, and Lily. You know that too."

"Looks like it's about time for us to get back in" Jessie said, looking at her watch, "The signing is supposed to be over by 9:00."

"The way things looks, he might not make it out by midnight let alone 9" Grace said as a few more people joined the growing line outside the door to Book Lovers.

"Hey there's a Blockbuster right down the street if you want go and get some movies" Jessie suggested as Grace thought for a second and then agreed as they headed off. They browsed for a few minutes before Jessie came up on a movie she liked and Grace did the same. They met back in the center of the store and decided which other's they wanted.

"Hey if you guys need any help let me know" the girl behind the counter said offering a shy smile.

"Thanks" Jessie said then turning to Grace and said "Do you know who she looks like?"

"No who?" Grace asked, glancing once again back at the counter before Jessie tugged on her arm and dragged her down the first aisle.

"That Complicated singer, what's her name?" Jessie said, sounding like a question; one which Grace didn't know the answer to, "oh yeah Avril Lavigne."

"Hey you're right" Grace said, glancing again at the girl at the desk and laughing at Jessie's reaction. "I think she's smiling at you."

"Maybe she's smiling at you and not me" Jessie said, trying to make Grace feel as awkward as she apparently did. "Ever think of that?"

"Well let's find out" Grace said as Jessie blushed a deep crimson and started looking again at the movies. She picked out one final selection and felt Grace pull her by the arm towards the front counter.

"Did you find what you're looking for?" the girl asked, leaning across the counter and again smiling shyly. Grace noticed her name tag said Mandy.

"Yeh movie night so we're loading up" Grace said, leaning on the counter and watching Mandy ring the movies up.

"You're Jessie Sammler right?" Mandy asked, putting the movies in the bag and turning back towards the two.

"Yeh" Jessie said, nervously.

"I was in Katie's third period class last year and she talked about you a lot and I saw you together a few times in the hallway" Mandy said, taking Grace's money and ringing up the purchase. "I thought that was you."

"Are you Grace?" Mandy asked.

"Yeh" Grace replied simply. "That's my aunt that runs Book Lovers down the street."

"Oh cool, so you know Joey?" Mandy asked.

"Yeh she works for my aunt" Grace said, before thinking she probably already knew that.

"I'm her best friend Shady's sister" Mandy said, "She comes in sometimes and borrows CDs and stuff from me. She's cool."

"Cool, nice to meet you" Grace said, still wondering who Shady was, as was Jessie.

"Just thought I'd introduce myself" Mandy said as a guy appeared at the office door in the back and grunted rather loudly, getting Mandy's attention "Better get back to work; Mr. Nosington is a real slave driver."

"Bye" Jessie said, smiling brightly now as she and Grace exited the store and headed back for Book Lovers.

"Was she hitting on me or what?" Jessie asked before they reached the bench again.

"No I think she was just trying to make a friend" Grace said, "seemed really nice."

"And cute" Jessie giggled as Grace rolled her eyes and pushed her along towards the store. They reached the bench and Grace noticed Joey talking to someone standing out of sight down the way from the store a little. After watching them for a minute or so, it was obvious this conversation was getting heated with Joey trying to calm the other person down. Grace's first thought was maybe some person in line had gotten upset at having to wait and started bitching at her. With that thought, Grace decided to try and intervene. So with Jessie following her, she headed towards the store.

"God you're such a dumb whore you know that" the voice said to Joey, "do you think they really give a fuck about you?"

"Well I dunno" Joey offered almost apologetically. Grace then realized this was no irate customer, this had to be someone Joey knew.

"Yeh you don't know that's exactly right and if it wasn't for me, you'd never know anything" the voice said as Grace finally got close enough to see the voice was a girl with long red hair. She stopped short of the pair unsure what to say, when the girl turned to her and said in a bitter tone of voice, "Excuse me, this is a private conversation. If you don't mind, take your big nose and fuck off."

"SHADY.....god shut up, that Judy's niece Grace" Joey said in a panicked voice. "You're gonna get me fired."

"Good" Shady said, smiling, "then you won't be gone all the time."

"Joey you don't have to worry about losing your job" Grace said, finally being able to talk after being frozen in the moment. "And no one's gonna get you fired."

"Can we talk about this later?" Joey asked Shady pleadingly.

"You told me when I got here you'd be ready to go" Shady said.

"No I said I was gonna spend the night with Sarah and Grace's sister watching movies" Joey said, "You said you would...."

"Look Joey, I know what I heard and now you're lying to me again" Shady said shaking her head as Grace and Jessie both listened on intently.

"I'm not lying to you damn it" Joey said, losing her temper, "I wish you would quit saying I do things just so you can get your way."

"Joey" Sarah said from the door and then noticed who she was talking to.

"Let's go and talk about this somewhere else a little more private and away from these nosy bitches here" Shady said, giving a cold stare to both Grace and Jessie.

"Who you callin' a bitch, you closet dyke" Sarah said with a defiant look in her eye as she walked up. "And before you ask, I'm Sarah, Joey's friend, the one who invited her to watch movies tonight."

"What did you call me?" Shady asked, moving in front of Sarah.

"A closet dyke, that's a lesbian that's too chicken shit to admit it honey" Sarah said with a smirk. Grace noticed a small, but every increasing smile slowly spread across Joey's face too.

"Look who's talking you dumb whore" Shady said, "You're the one that goes snooping around people's backyard's like a common crook."

"Now that's true" Sarah said, "But I'm not so insecure that I have to try and control their every move so they don't have a life of their own and they'll always be there when you..." Sarah snapped, stopping for a dramatic pause and then leaning closer to Shady's face saying, "...wanna get fucked."

"Whatever, why don't you and your little pack of pathetics go back inside before I have to shut you up" Shady said as Grace then feared there was gonna be a fight. She decided she had to intervene.

"You're gonna shut me up bitch?" Sarah asked, pushing Shady backwards. Jessie grabbed Joey's hand and pulled her into the crowd and away from the potential fight even though she didn't wanna leave.

"NOOOOOO" Grace said, stepping in between Sarah and Shady, "there won't be any fighting here."

"Your whore girlfriend gonna fight your battles for you huh Sarah?" Shady asked, pushing Grace into Sarah as Grace tried to regain her balance and still keep the two apart.

"No bitch I'mma kick your fat ass myself, come here" Sarah said trying to get around Grace as Shady again pushed Grace from behind. Judy was in a panic as she ran out of the store with a giddy Jessie in tow and announced, "Cori's out of the coma."

"What?" Sarah asked, turning her attention to Judy as Jessie repeated the news "Mom, I mean Lily just called and said Cori woke up a few minutes ago."

"Was something going on here?" Judy asked as Jessie pulled Grace towards the street and her car. Grace in turn took Sarah's hand firmly and pulled her along too, leaving Shady standing by herself.

"Just someone trying to stir up trouble" Sarah said, getting in the SUV, "Joey you coming?"

"Yeh" Joey said, smiling at Sarah as she climbed in beside her and both heard Shady scream, "This ain't over!" as they pulled away from the curb and headed for the hospital.

To be Continued....