Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 35 "New Beginnings"

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Grace made the usual 20 minute trip to the hospital in less than 10 as Jessie shifted from one side of the passenger's seat to the other in her excitement. After what to Jessie seemed like a terminal amount of time, Grace pulled up to the entrance and Jessie jumped out. She told them to meet her in Cori's room inside. So Sarah stayed with Grace as did Joey and they went to look for a good parking space. She watched Grace and Sarah pull away and turned to head inside just as she heard a car screech its tires behind her.

"JESSIE" Katie screamed, getting out of Jake's car as soon it stopped.

"Katie oh my god I'm so sorry I completely forgot you were in the bathroom" Jessie said as she hugged her at the front entrance.

"I came out and you were gone so Jake offered me a ride" Katie said, turning to blow him a kiss. "Thanks."

"More like you made me" Jake said, smiling as Katie laughed and Jessie turned and pulled her inside as Katie said over her shoulder, "thanks again Jake."

They reached the elevator and Katie watched Jessie pound the button trying to get it to work faster. She breathed a sigh of relief the second the doors finally did open. Jessie jammed on the button for Cori's floor and waited impatiently for the doors to close and the ride to begin. After a few seconds, they finally arrived on her floor, only to be met by a very worried looking Rick and Lily.

"Is it true?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh she's awake but she's still a little fuzzy on a few things or maybe more" Lily said with a worried expression crossing her face.

"Like?" Jessie asked.

"Like what happened and where she is" Lily said. Lily's voice went softer until she stopped talking and Rick, sensing she didn't wanna go on, picked up the conversation. "Honey, Cori took a pretty nasty blow to the head and they think it caused her to have amnesia. They're not sure if it'll be permanent or not."

"She doesn't remember anything?" Jessie asked with a stunned expression on her face.

"Nothing so far" Rick said, hugging Jessie in a way that only a father could.

"Mr. and Mrs. Sammler" Dr. Blacklyn said as he opened the double doors leading to the nurses station. "I've just received some information you should know about."

"Oh ok" Lily said, putting her arm around Jessie as Rick held the doors and the group followed Dr. Blacklyn to his office just to the right of the visitors lounge.

"This fax I have here is from a man named J. Collin Talerus, he says he is Cori's uncle and her legal guardian" Dr. Blacklyn said, "and he is willing to pay her medical bills in full and any other charges in exchange for our assurance that she will be placed in a rehabilitation program."

"Why isn't he here?" Jessie asked.

"Seems from what I can gather he's a state senator from Maine with plans to run for Governor. He also has some very important business dealings currently and can't find the time to get away" Dr. Blacklyn said. "So what I am asking is very unusual."

"What a cold hearted bastard" Jessie said, shoving her chair away and standing up. She was about to leave when Katie stopped her, putting her arms around Jessie's neck and hugging her tightly.

"You were saying Doctor" Lily said, bringing everyone's attention back to him.

"Looking past Cori's current stay, which if all goes well may very well not be too much longer" Dr. Blacklyn said, "I would like to know if you could possibly make arrangements for Cori's permanent residence following her release. Mr. Talerus has agreed to foot any bill in exchange for your services."

"You mean he's just gonna let strangers take care of his very own niece and he's willing to pay someone to make this problem go away?" Lily asked in a horrified voice.

"This guys a real piece of work isn't he?" Rick asked.

"Piece of shit is more like it" Jessie said.

"Jessie, watch your language" Rick said as Lily seemed to come to her defense and said, "Rick, she's under an incredible amount of stress right now; let's not make it worse by picking a petty fight."

"Regardless of your thoughts about the man, I hope you will consider his offer" Dr. Blacklyn said.

"We will doctor thank you" Lily replied as everyone followed Dr. Blacklyn back to the hall.

"Jessie, why don't you and Katie go and see Cori" Lily said as Jessie smiled a huge sigh of relief and they turned, "Give us a chance to talk ok?"

"Sure" Jessie said as Katie took her hand and they walked off slowly.

"Ms. Jessie, Ms. Katie, what a wonderful day it is" Jean said, coming up on them from behind as they reached Cori's door. "My prayers have been answered. Your friend is doing much better. You must be so excited."

"You know we are and thanks for praying for her, I know it helped" Jessie said as Grace came out of the room with an urgent look on her face.

"Well I've got work" Jean said, smiling once more before disappearing around the corner. "We shall visit some later."

"Where have you been?" Grace asked.

"Dr. Blacklyn wanted to talk to Dad and Lily and we ended up in his office" Jessie said.

"Oh ok I know I came up and couldn't find you" Grace said, "I was worried."

"That's my sister" Jessie said, smiling.

"Huh you wish" Grace said as Jessie opened the door to Cori's room and they walked in. Joey was setting in Jessie's usual spot by the bed in the chair where she had spent so many nights recently that it almost felt like home. Sarah sat in the other chair and RaeAnn and Eli were hogging the bed closest to them. Cori looked over and smiled sweetly at the group standing by the door. Grace took the lead as the room fell silent. Taking Jessie's hand, she tried to lead her over to the edge of the bed.

"Come on in Jess, no reason to be shy now" Joey said with a smirk.

"Cori do you remember her?" Grace asked softly as she squeezed Jessie's hand and pulled her tight to her side. Jessie's heart was beating a million miles a minute awaiting Cori's response. She could literally feel the beads of sweat forming on her hand and the room seemed to be getting smaller by the second. Cori seemed to be deep in thought, Jessie noticed, as she stared at her intently with those beautiful ocean green eyes.

"Jessie?" Cori asked as Jessie nearly fainted and nodded her head yes.

"Yes it's me, you really remember me?" Jessie asked with tears about to come out of her eyes.

"Some, but it's really fuzzy right now" Cori said smiling, "Joey says I need to get my head cleaned, that way I won't have anymore cobwebs."

"Not exactly how I put it" Joey said giggling, "but that's the gist of it."

"You saved my life, do you know that?" Jessie asked, taking her hand gently as she sat down on the edge of her bed.

"So you're the one" Cori said as Joey laughed out loud with Sarah and Jessie now laughing through her tears, replied "and yes that's why you're here."

"Thank you for saving my life" Jessie said as she leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, not really thinking or caring who was in the room at the time. Cori smiled a second later when their eyes met again, neither saying anything for the time being. The room was completely silent for a long moment. Katie having watched the whole scene, approached from behind and stood next to Jessie.

"This is Katie" Jessie said, taking her hand with her free one, "my girlfriend. Do you remember her?"

"No, but it's nice to meet you" Cori said as Katie smiled.

"Nice to meet you too" Katie said, touching her hand.

"I hope you don't think I'm trying to take Jessie away or something" Cori said as Joey and Sarah burst out laughing. Cori looked at the two like they had farted or something.

"What?" Cori asked.

"Hey I don't think that at all and don't pay any attention to those screwballs" Katie said.

"I'll bet you've got a ton of questions" Katie said.

"Yeh I do" Cori said, "But right now I'm just trying to get everyone's name's right."

"You'll be fine as long as you remember yours is Phil" Joey said to Cori before falling down laughing as everyone gave her a strange look.

"Joey sit down and shut up" Sarah said as the two started wrestling in her chair.

"She's funny" Cori said, smiling at the two horsing around.

"So you want anything to eat?" RaeAnn asked, climbing off the bed and joining the group around Cori. "Me and Eli are gonna go and get something; we'd be glad to bring you something back."

"Yeh anything you want" Eli said, "you sure don't wanna eat this hospital food; it'll probably put you back into the coma."

"Anything you bring me I'll eat, I'm not picky" Cori said.

"Ok you heard her" Eli said, "we'll be back in a flush....I mean flash."

"Yeh good idea, go flush yourself" Grace said as she and Eli began to wrestle.

Eli and RaeAnn left as Dr. Blacklyn entered the room and began examining Cori's back, which she had said was hurting her. He said the tests results from earlier that night would be back soon and if everything was still ok, they would get her suited for some crutches and get her scheduled for physical therapy as soon as possible. Cori seemed to be eager to get started, Jessie thought. RaeAnn and Eli returned before long with some Mexican food. Cori really took to the chulita's he brought back, eating hers and his too after he got full. After that, the next hour or so seemed to fly by with everyone trying to bring Cori up to speed on everything going on with her life.

Grace noticed that more than an hour had passed since Rick or Lily had been seen, so she excused herself and went to check on them. She first stopped by the nurse's desk and Jean said she thought she had seen them in the cafeteria sometime ago on her break, but she doubted they'd still be there. Grace looked in the visitor's lounge and then took the elevator down to the lobby, where she couldn't find them. One last idea struck her, she knew there was a group of vending machines off by the stairs with some picnic tables, so she quickly made her way through the corridors to the vending area to find them lost in conversation and mulling over a paper lying between them.

"Hey" Grace said, pulling up a chair beside Lily. "Jessie told me you guys wanted to talk and it's been almost two hours. Was it that important?"

"Yes it was Grace" Lily said, looking very tired and worried; something Grace had hardly ever seen in her mother.

"What is it?" Grace asked, looking at Rick.

"We're gonna have to ask you to move out Grace" Rick said with a straight face.

"HUH?" Grace asked in shock as Rick started laughing at her reaction.

"That was mean" Lily said, hugging her daughter, "we're not gonna ask you to move out. But we are gonna have to make some changes if we decide to do this."

Lily went on to explain to a stunned Grace about what exactly Cori's uncle had offered. She and Rick had been talking about it for the last two hours and they thought they may have an idea on how it all could be handled.

"Cori will move in with us and we'll hire a nurse to come in a couple of times a week at first" Lily said, "and she'll take the guest room downstairs so she won't have to climb the stairs."

"You know I could easily just stay with Sarah for a few weeks until you guys get everything figured out." Grace said honestly.

"I am not gonna have you move in on Sarah, nor would I ask her to do it" Lily said.

"You know I'm thinking she probably wouldn't mind" Grace said, smiling.

"You think so?" Rick asked.

"Yes I do" Grace said. sticking her tongue out.

"Oh now that's attractive" Rick laughed.

"Ain't it though" Grace said, laughing herself.

"Hey guys" Henry said, taking a seat beside Grace.

"So what's the latest?" Rick asked.

"Well Dr. Blacklyn thinks as soon the tests come back and everything checks out, he may consider letting her start physical therapy."

"I'm just worried she won't be able to walk again" Lily said. "Dr. Blacklyn did say that they wouldn't know the full extent of the damage to her back till she woke up."

"Well physical therapy can do wonders for people" Henry said with a reassuring smile, "she's in good hands, believe me."

Grace's phone began ringing as everyone looked to see if it was theirs, then focused on her to see who it was. "Hey Jess. Yeh ok. Be right there."

"Dr. Blacklyn needs to see you guys" Grace said as the group got up and headed for the elevator. They reached Cori's floor once again and were asked to wait in Dr. Blacklyn's office.

"Well I have good news for you" Dr. Blacklyn said, sitting down behind the desk.

"The good news first please" Rick said.

"The MRI results came back clean" Dr. Blacklyn, "that means that the damage has healed to about 90%, but the bad news is she's still gonna have to learn to walk again most likely."

"But you said the damage had healed?" Lily asked a little confused.

"Well it's healed, that is true, but the nerves need to be retrained to do their job properly" Dr. Blacklyn explained, "which is where Mr. Higgins comes in."

"Henry Higgins?" Grace said giggling, "Took a long time for you to get a last name."

"Mr. Higgins will be in charge of Cori's therapy" Dr. Blacklyn said, "We shall proceed as he sees fit."

"I think we should start as soon as possible" Henry said, "Tomorrow sounds like as good a day as any."

"Well folks it's been a long night for me and I'm sure for you too" Dr. Blacklyn said rising from his chair, "and I'm sure you're ready to get home. So feel free to go home and get some rest."

Lily, Rick, and Grace came back into the room as Jessie was asleep in the chair by the bed, her head on Katie's shoulder. Joey was sitting on the foot of the bed making faces at Cori as Sarah tried to explain something. Poor Cori was laughing so hard she could barely breathe. Finally, Sarah simply gave up and threw a pillow at Joey. Katie gently woke Jessie and, after a while, convinced her to go home with them.

"I don't mind. I'll stay if Cori wants me to" Joey said as Jessie protested about leaving. Grace noticed she seemed to lose her smile after that.

"I'd like that, will you?" Cori asked, grimacing in pain once again.

"Sure we can watch movies another time right?" Joey asked Sarah.

"Yeh you got my number, just call me." Sarah said, secretly taking Grace's hand as they quickly left the room.

"Come on K you need some rest too" RaeAnn said, putting her arm around Katie "Me and Eli will give you a ride home."

"You wanna come Jess?" Eli asked his sister, but she glanced one more time at Cori and then to Katie, who for some reason wouldn't even acknowledge she was there.

"No I'm just gonna go home and crash" Jessie said, laying her head on Rick's shoulder as they left.

"Bye guys" Cori and Joey said at the same time and then looked at each other and started to giggle.

"Listen here young lady" Lily said, "As soon as you're better and not a minute later we're taking you home."

"Looking forward to it" Cori said, smiling as Lily kissed her cheek and then hugged her tightly.

"They're crazy about you" Joey said, smiling as Cori looked over at her.

"You think so? I like them a lot" Cori said. "Wish she was my real mom. I mean at least I'd still have one."

"Yeh I do" Joey said. "I'm thinking she'll prolly try to be your mom if you let her."

"If she wants" Cori said looking up at the tv and then saying softly, "Thanks for staying, I didn't wanna be alone, really."

"It's no problem" Joey said, stretching out in the chair, "besides it's not like anyone's gonna miss me at home."

Cori asked about Joey's family next and Joey went into a long story about her Mom and Dad; how they treat her and how they're never home. It seemed to Joey that Cori was fascinated by her tales and she went on as long as she knew she wasn't boring her. Relaying the story of her day in school and how alone she felt, she then told her about grade school and up to the current day leaving out the little fact about her not dating hardly at all. That is until Cori asked pointedly and Joey, figuring it was safe as telling anyone, relayed the whole story of her first meeting with Shady and how they at first grew to be best friends and later, to her own shock, lovers.

"So you're officially into girls or you like guys still or what?" Cori asked.

"I like hanging out with guys and all, even kissing them if it's the right guy" Joey said, blushing, "but girls just do it for me. What about you?"

"I been thinking about that seriously all day since Jessie kissed me" Cori said, "I'm guessing before the accident I was more into girls than guys."

"I couldn't tell you" Joey said, grinning, "I just met you for the first time today."

"Yeh you said that earlier" Cori said, "it's so weird, everyone seems to know everything about me, except you. Guess that's why I..."

"Why what?" Joey asked, giving her a goofy grin.

"That's why I asked you to stay" Cori said, looking down at her hands, "that way I wouldn't feel so lost. It's stupid I guess, but it's the way I felt at the time."

"I understand" Joey said, leaning on the bed rails and resting her chin on her arms. "It's scary for you right now. But I'll keep you company for as long as you want."

The moment seemed to linger with them being the only two in the room as they stared at each other for a brief eternity. Finally, Cori broke the moment by smiling and saying "UMMM, you got a hanging booger." Joey quickly covered her mouth and nose as Cori started laughing.

"I do not" Joey said as Cori rolled slightly to her side and grimaced, but still with a smile on her face.

"Laughed so hard it hurts" She said as Joey plopped back down in the chair with a scowl on her face and replied "good, you deserved it for being mean."

"I'm sorry" Cori said, touching Joey's hand through the bedrail as she smiled.

"I know I'm just playing" Joey said, "seriously is your back hurting?"

"Just when I breathe" Cori said, smiling.

"Shouldn't they give you something for it?" Joey asked, standing up.

"Think they will?" Cori asked as Joey walked towards the door. "I'll go and see ok?"

"Sure" Cori said as Joey left the room. She seemed to be gone an awful long time Cori noticed as she started flipping through the TV and everything seemed so foreign. After a few minutes, she stopped on some channel in the 80's and started watching a black and white movie. Joey returned to find her glued to the TV and not wanting to be disturbed.

"What are you watching?" Joey asked, sitting down in the chair quietly.

"Some movie on channel 86 with a bunch of people who are probably dead now" Cori said, her eyes never leaving the screen.

"Channel 86 let's see" Joey said as Cori shushed her once again, "that's TMC: Turner Movie Classics and this is...." Joey looked up at the clock to check the time and then back to the guide in her hand and "Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window. Cool."

"He's watching these people in the next apartment" Cori said in a 'hush hush voice, "and he thinks the dude with a beard might be a killer".

"Dr. Blacklyn said he'd try and bring you something for your pain in a while" Joey said and laughed as Cori once again shushed her. Joey opened a magazine she found on the nightstand and started reading, not being able to help watching Cori's reaction every time something happened in the movie. She jumped (and grimaced) when something scared her and she let out a sigh of relief when it was over. Joey started to wonder why she hadn't noticed this with anyone else. After about 30 minutes, Jean finally came into the room with some painkillers for Cori's back. But by now the movie was nearing its conclusion and there was no way you could get her to turn away from that set. Joey began laughing as she thought what would happen if a fire broke out. Jean seeing she was getting virtually nowhere took a seat and waited the ten minutes till the end of the movie. Not that she probably minded, Joey figured.

"That was awesome cool" Cori said as the credits rolled. "He almost got killed. Cool."

"Ok now will you take this medicine I been holding here for 10 minutes?" Jean asked, smiling and holding a cup of water.

"Ok Ok geez" Cori said, washing the pills down with the water.

Sometime after that, maybe two movies later with Cori still glued to the TV, Joey crashed, falling asleep in the chair. She woke as daylight broke. Cori was still watching TV and wide awake as ever. She was once again in the middle of Rear Window, explaining that she missed the first part the previous night. Joey groggily walked to the bathroom as Henry came into the room pushing a wheel chair.

"How's Cori this morning?" Henry asked with a bright smile.

"In the middle of my favorite movie" Cori said, her eyes never leaving the screen.

"You might as well take a seat" Joey said laughing and then sat down in the wheel chair in front of Henry and asked, "How about you give me a ride down to the cafeteria while Cori finishes her movie?"

"HMMMM is this a date?" Henry asked, popping a wheelie and turning towards the door.

"If you play your cards right it just might be" Joey giggled.

Arriving back to Cori's room a few minutes later, they found Jean sitting with Cori again watching the end of Rear Window. The credits had just begun to roll as the two came through the door.

"Now Jean, how are you gonna help people get better if you're on your can watching a movie?" Henry joked.

"I'll have you know I'm off-duty; just came in to say bye to my favorite patient" Jean said, kissing Cori's cheek and saying, "I'll see ya tonight Miss Cori, now you get some rest."

"Ok Cori what do you say me and you go for a ride down to the Physical Therapy room?" Henry asked.

"Can Joey come?" Cori asked Henry.

"If she wants" He said.

"Will you?" Cori asked honestly of Joey.

"Of course I will" Joey said, taking her hand to find it trembling, "you got nothing to be scared about. I'm here for you. Besides Henry's a big pushover anyway."

"Hush you gonna ruin my 'tough as nails' reputation around here" Henry said, taking the bed remote and slowly raising the head so Cori would be sitting almost straight up. "Does that hurt?"

"No not at all" Cori said, moving one leg off the bed and then struggling with the one with the brace.

"Ok hold up don't strain yourself here, let us help" Henry said, lifting her leg gently as he adjusted it so could she stand with some help from Joey. We'll get down to the whirlpool and you can soak for a while."

An hour or so later Cori was neck deep in a whirlpool, her leg now wrapped in an air brace.

"So you ok?" Joey asked, flicking water at her as Cori laughed.

"Let's see I'm alive, my back stopped hurting again, and you're here. Yeh I'd say I'm pretty good" Cori said, making Joey blush, "maybe even great."

"Why are you blushing for?" Cori asked. "Did I say something?"

"Yeh you did" Joey said smiling, "something really sweet. Thank you."

"Oh ok, thought I made another wise crack and didn't mean to" Cori said as Joey laughed.

"When do you think Lily or Rick or Jessie will come back?" Cori asked a few seconds later.

"They'll be here today" Joey said, again flicking water at her.

"Cool I was sorta worrying about that" Cori said.

"Can I ask a question?" Joey asked.

"Of course" Cori said, blowing bubbles in the water and seemingly being captivated by them.

"How much do you remember about Jessie?" Joey asked.

"Honest?" Cori asked as Joey nodded her head, "Nothing."

"Oh" Joey said a little puzzled.

"I heard how you guys said she was there all the time and how much she cared for me and all that, so when she came in..." Cori said blowing some more bubbles in the water before continuing, "I thought it might be best to just pretend I did a little."

"But how you could be sure that was her?" Joey asked.

"It was you" Cori said, squirting water from her mouth into the pool. "Right as they walked in you said her name and she sorta smiled."

"I did?" Joey asked.

"Yeh and when she asked if I remembered her, I said Jessie" Cori said, "I was really asking more than anything and she said yeh. So I didn't wanna hurt her feelings."

"So you didn't even know you saved her life?" Joey asked.

"Nope" Cori answered simply, "but I'm glad I did, she's really nice and pretty."

"She a good kisser?" Joey asked teasingly with a wry smile.

"Uh huh" Cori said honestly without skipping a beat. "It was nice."

"I can see now you're not gonna be any fun" Joey said as Cori looked at her seriously and asked "Why?"

"I can't tease you" Joey said, flicking some water in her face and laughing.

"No you can I don't mind" Cori said.

"I was only joking" Joey said smiling.

"Oh ok good" Cori replied, smiling for a moment and then turning to an intent stare for a second and saying, "I think you're pretty."

"You do?" Joey asked somewhat in surprise.

"Uh huh really pretty" Cori said, smiling and blowing more bubbles in the water and continuing on and changing the subject to a different topic before Joey could respond. "Oh yeah, I was wondering earlier, what's your whole name?"

"Larue, Josephine Janine Larue" Joey said and without thinking asked, "what's yours?"

"Cori Tyler I think" Cori said, seemingly thinking on the question. "Sarah or maybe it was RaeAnn said something about my name. If it is, I don't like it. No middle name."

"Most people don't like their names" Joey commented.

"I think I'll change it" Cori said. "Maybe to Vertigo. Cori Vertigo?"

"Nooooo" Joey said laughing, "if you gonna pick another last name, pick something pretty and unusual like Lakin or Ricci."

"Cori Ricci" Cori said smiling, "sounds better than Cori Tyler."

"Or Cori Lakin" Joey said, "that's pretty."

"Which do you like?" Cori asked.

"I like Lakin better" Joey said as Henry rejoined them.

"Is that back of yours feeling better?" Henry asked, sitting on the edge of the tub.

"Uh huh" Cori said, "can I do this again tomorrow?"

"Every day if you want" Henry said.

"COOL" Cori said as Joey laughed.

"I think Cori's found something she likes better than Rear Window" Joey said.

"No way" Cori said, "that movie was so cool."

She then started telling Henry about it in detail as he lifted her out of the water with the lift and placed her back in the wheel chair.

"Are you going home tonight?" Cori asked Joey as Henry wheeled her off the elevator.

"What do you want me to do?" Joey asked with a teasing smile.

"I was hoping you'd stay" Cori said.

"Ok you talked me into it" Joey said as Cori smiled and pushed her door open with her foot.

"Henry you're a good driver" Cori commented as she scampered back onto the bed, "Didn't crash once."

"Well I am a professional" Henry said laughing. "Cori I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye" Cori said as Henry closed the door behind him. She turned to see Joey with her feet propped up on the window sill, resting her eyes. "Are you tired?"

"A little, this chair ain't very comfortable" Joey said, stretching and sitting back up.

"Well come up here and lay down on the bed, I don't mind" Cori said moving over, "it's plenty big, really."

"Geez haven't even known me for 24 hours and you're already trying to get me in bed" Joey said with a teasing smile as Cori looked at her strangely. "It was a joke Cori."

"Oh yeah funny" Cori said, shaking her head. Joey, deciding it was by far the best offer she'd had so far, climbed onto the bed and laid down. As Cori flipped through the channels looking for another movie, Joey was soon fast a sleep.

"SHHHHHH" Cori said, putting her finger over her mouth as Jean came into the room to check her vitals, "can you hand me that blanket?"

"Sure" Jean said, unfolding it and starting to put it over her until Cori stopped her. "No not me I'm fine, she might need it though."

"You're right Ms. Cori" Jean said spreading the blanket over Joey who, as Cori noticed, seemed to be resting comfortably.

"Thought you were leaving?" Cori asked.

"I was, but one of the other nurses called in sick so I had to fill in for her" Jean said, putting away the blood pressure cup. "Seems to me you really took a liking to your new friend"

"Well yeh, she's so cool" Cori said, smiling and going into a detailed story about the last few hours. Jean finally had to break it off and get back, promising she'd come back by later and let her finish the story. Joey woke up an hour or so later as Cori was watching a movie.

"How did I get covered up?" Joey asked yawning.

"I thought you might get cold" Cori said smiling proudly.

"My hero" Joey said, touching Cori's face and rubbing her cheek gently as Cori giggled.

"Yeh sure...."

To be Continued....
To be Continued....