Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 38 "K-i-s-s-i-n-g"

Written by: TVM (



"Grace...." Katie said shaking her gently by the arm as Grace was shook back to reality.

"Yeh...ummmm...ok..." Grace stammered as Katie's smiling face came into full focus.

"What where you or should I asked, who where you day dreaming about?" Katie asked giggling at Grace's confused expression.

"You" Grace said smiling.

"And what where you doing to me in this day dream?" Katie asked with a smirk.

"Getting ready to kiss you" Grace said as Katie smiled and rolled her eyes and replied "yeh sure I bet."

"So now that your listening do you wanna go or not?" Katie asked a second later.

"Where?" Grace asked, still in a state of confusion.

"The play" Katie said pointing in frustration at the sign over head. Grace looked up and read it a loud "Those Kissable Hips."

"Yeh some sorta of Off-Broadway musical" Katie said.

"Nah, musicals aren't my thing" Grace said hoping Katie wouldn't be too disappointed.

"Fine then" Katie said throwing Grace's hand away from her's and stomping off as Grace laughed and went after her.

"I'm sorry really" Grace said as her and Katie broke out in a fit of giggles.

"OK I forgive you" Katie said taking Grace's hand again and linking their fingers as Grace asked simply, "do you like holding my hand or something?"

"If you want me to quit I will" Katie said turning to her and smiling. "Used to be something that I did with Sarah a lot. And I guess I do it absentmindedly now. You know when I get comfortable with someone."

"I didn't really mind" Grace said pulling Katie along, "but.... I dunno."

"Grace we are friends and friends can hold hands" Katie said pointedly as they stopped again in front of Book Lover's. "Can't they?"

"I just don't want people to get the wrong idea and something stupid start when it doesn't have to" Grace blurted out all in one long rambling sentence. "Cause you and Sarah have some bad history and we've just fallen in love and you and Jessie don't need any more problems...."

"Grace stop already" Katie said covering her mouth gently and trying to calm her down. "Nothing like that is gonna happen. We're just holding hands, nothing else."

"I know" Grace said releasing Katie's hand and sitting down on the bench in front of Book Lover's. "I paniced, I haven't done that in a while, so I was due."

"Is ok my little muffin" Katie said in a goofy russian mad scientist voice as she sat down next to Grace and bumped her shoulders. Trying to make her smile. "You really freaked on me there."

"I told you I was do for a good freak out" Grace said smiling. "I haven't done that in a while, maybe because I been so into Sarah or maybe it's...."

"That's what it is" Katie said simply.

"Sarah has this amazing ability to keep me on one level" Grace said.

"That the only thing you see in her?" Katie asked hoping to move the conversation along.

"NO" Grace said as Katie giggled at her over reaction to her last question. "I see everything I've always wanted in a person in her. She makes me believe true love is possible."

"Girl you got it bad" Katie said shaking her head.

"Yeh I do and it feels incredible" Grace said with the brightest smile Katie had ever seen her have.

"Obviously the new hasn't worn off yet" Katie said as Grace looked at her.

"Did the new wear off with you and Jessie?" Grace asked.

"Yeh but I still love her, you know that" Katie said as a steel blue corvette came screeching to a stop in the street aside Grace's car. The door flew open and Sarah tumbled over Jessie as the two tried to be the first one out. They giggled and rolled around till Sarah got to her feet and helped Jessie up.

"GRACE?" Sarah screamed in shock as her and Katie stood and Sarah came running towards the sidewalk and slammed into her, wrapping her arms firmly around Grace's neck and smiling in surprise at her.

"Yeh it's me" Grace said giggling as Sarah moved back and let her hands touch Grace's face and then slowly kissing her.

"Whoa" Came a very familiar voice, which snapped Grace back to reality and looking up she saw the dumbfounded face of Eli with RaeAnn next to him. Eli seemed to be in a state of shock at what he had just saw. Grace watched as Shell parked the car and got out walking back towards the front of Book Lover's. And Jessie taking the spot beside Katie and trying to get her attention. Anything to avoid seeing Eli's shocked look again.

"I am so sorry" Sarah said on the verge of panicing as Grace finally came back to reality and seen the 'dear in the headlights' look on Sarah's beautiful face.

"It's ok really" Grace said putting her arms Sarah's waist and rubbing her back soothingly and trying to smile at her, "Bout time he knew anyway."

"So this is who your seeing?" Eli asked.

"Yeh" Grace said simply, feeling Sarah's hand squeeze hers for support. "she's the one."

"Whoa information overload" Eli said grabbing his head as a fit of nervous laughter swept over the group.

"She's most definitely the one" Grace said wrapping her arms around Sarah's neck and Sarah giggling as she returned her hug. "Changed my life."

"And you think you didn't due the same for me?" Sarah asked, kissing Grace's lips softly. "You did Grace Manning."

"So you guys are in love?" Eli asked stuffing his hands into his pockets like always.

"Ofcourse they are" RaeAnn said sweetly as she snuggled up next to Eli again, "I'm happy for you Sarah."

"Thanks Rae" Sarah said, now remembering some of the times that she had spent with RaeAnn in the past. But her thoughts being cut short by Katie's question.

"What are you guys doing here?" Katie asked.

"Well when we got done at 'The Deep', Sarah suggested we come and help Judy out for a while" Jessie answered, surprising Katie by taking her hand and smiling at her. "But since she's appearantly finished for the night..."

"Thanks to us" Katie said returning Jessie's gentle smile and then asked in a teasing voice, "Did ya come just hoping you'd see me?"

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't" Jessie said looking away for a second before sneaking a kiss to Katie's lips. A chorus of "oohhhh's and ahhhhh's" swept the crowd as Katie smiled. "We got the rest of the night to ourselves huh?"

"Well we know what those two are planning" Shell said as she made a bunch of kissing noises in the air and the group giggled as Katie pushed her away. "Oh yeah try and deny it, you know your hot for each other's bodies."

"Shell shut up" Katie said blushing deeply.

"Or even better" Jessie said with a smirk as Shell's face turned to one of confusion, "why don't you tell everyone who's body your hot for huh?"

"Jessie Sammler you loud mouth" Shell said as Jessie laughed.

"So spill, Cuz who is it?" Sarah asked as Shell bit her lip and with a surge of confidence decided to tell. "It's Eli."

"Me?" Eli asked in some what of a shocked voice.

"Him?" Sarah asked.

"You?" Katie asked looking at Eli as Jessie giggled.

"Yep she's got the hots for my big bubby" Jessie said as Shell seemed to regain her confidence suddenly and smiled knowingly at Eli now. Who for his part seemed to be taken it all in stride.

"You big flirt" Sarah said to her cousin as she moved beside of her.

"I never flirted with him" Shell said smiling, "I just told Jessie I thought her bro was hot. That's all."

"Better get your hooks into Eli good now Rae" Katie said putting her arm around Jessie.

"Nope" RaeAnn said looking at Eli, "if he wants someone else that's up to him. He knows I think he's great."

"Shell would never try to steal another woman's man would you Cuz?" Sarah asked as she hugged Shell's neck playfully and they started wrestling.

Grace laughed as the two horsed around and observed the few minutes of events. Jessie and Katie sat down on the bench and began to for the first time in a long time, Grace thought, to have an actual conversation. While Eli smiled down at RaeAnn and took her hand in his, signaling to her, she was the one for him or so it appeared. Grace couldn't help but smile as Sarah returned to her side grinning from ear to ear and kissed her, this time openly. Not stopping until Shell wacked her on the ass with a hard slap, sending Sarah high stepping down the side walk as she rubbed her butt. The hole group laughed, as moments later Sarah chased her cousin down the side walk the other way. Catching her and stealing her car keys and beginning began to wrestle again. Grace's mind drifted as she noticed everyone had a significant other, except Shell. And an idea came crashing into her mind at that instant.

"Hey, I got an idea" Grace asked as she plopped down beside Katie, breaking up her and Jessie's private giggle fest. "Why don't we introduce Shell to Tad."

"He did just break up with his girlfriend" Katie said, "Again."

"I think they'd hit it off" Jessie commented as she smiled at Grace's idea.

"Yeh he's nuts and Shell's kin to Sarah, so that says enough right there" Katie giggled as Grace agreed with her.

"You are not gonna hook me up" Shell said a few minutes later as Grace and Katie explained their plan to her.

"Oh come on" Katie said getting a little frustrated before Sarah interjected as her and RaeAnn returned from the Baskin Robbins. Grace explained their plan and Sarah pulled Grace aside and whispered the reason she thought Shell was refusing. "She was almost raped?" Grace asked in a whisper as Sarah nodded her head.

"Katie, stop, just drop it" Grace said moving beside Shell as Katie wondered what suddenly changed her mind.

"Look Shell if you don't wanna go out with him you don't have to, it was just a crazy idea of mine" Grace said as Shell relaxed finally, "but Tad is a really nice guy. Honest. What if we all go out one night?"

"I dunno" Shell said.

"Nothing will happen Shell" Sarah said taking her cousin's hand, "and you gotta start meeting guys some time. And like this, you won't have to be alone with him at all. If you don't want to."

"Whatever" Shell said walking off towards the car as Grace and Sarah looked at each other.

"Michelle Elizabeth Grasser, your a chicken" Sarah said teasingly as Shell stopped and turned on a dime and screamed "I HATE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT."

"I'm just playing" Sarah said pulling Grace into her arms, as Shell again turned and headed for her car, "I just don't think she's ready."

"Then we won't push her" Grace said getting ready to kiss Sarah when she heard Shell scream from the car, "HEY, ARE WE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL OR NOT?"

"Hospital?" Grace asked as Sarah explained about her, Jessie and RaeAnn's idea to visit Cori. Sarah agreed to ride with Grace, as Katie, Jessie, Eli and RaeAnn piled in with Shell and sped off towards the house, to appearantly drop Eli off. Twenty minutes later Grace and Sarah walked off the elevator onto Cori's floor to find Cori in her wheel chair sitting aside Joey, looking out the window.

"Sarah?" Joey said smiling as Cori spun her chair around like a pro and smiled brightly at the two.

"Hey you come to see me?" Cori asked.

"Ofcourse we did" Sarah said as Cori's smile widened.

"Gimme a hug I ain't seen you guys in forever" Cori said as first Grace and then Sarah hugged her.

"Who's been doing the fantastic artwork on your cast?" Sarah asked as she inspected Cori's cast, now covered in a collage of flowers and animals.

"Froggie did it" Cori said giggling as she looked at Joey.

"Froggie?" Grace asked as Joey smiled and blushed.

"Uh huh she's my Froggie" Cori said proudly, "like a frog, everytime I need sometime she hops and gets it. She's never ever still."

"She thinks its cute" Joey said pushing Cori's wheelchair as Cori looked back at her with a huge approving smile. Cori started bouncing up and down and told Joey, "Faster Froggie, faster." Joey laughed and with a glancing smile towards Sarah and Grace she raced off with Cori down the hall. By the time Sarah and Grace reached Cori's room she was out of the wheelchair and back on the bed, wrestling with Joey.

"NO" Cori screamed, laughing as Joey picked up a cap of pills and said, "your gonna take these just like Jean said or else."

"Uhn uh" Cori said sticking her tongue out as Joey blushed and laughed. Sitting down on the bed and appearing to give up.

"Cori please?" Joey asked pleadingly as she looked at her with a sad face. Cori smiled a huge smile and said "ok, on one condition."

"What?" Joey asked as Grace and Sarah plopped down opposite each other in the chairs by the bed.

"You gotta kiss me" Cori said giggling as Joey again blushed and looked back at Sarah and Grace as Cori went on. "Come on, kiss me Froggie."

"Go on Joey kiss her" Sarah said giggling as Joey shot her a dirty look and Cori pooched her lips out and waited with one eye slightly open.

"Cori just take the pills before you get me in trouble please?" Joey asked putting the pills in her hand and closing it. Cori smiled sweetly as she popped the pills into her mouth and after a drink of water swallowed.

"There you happy now?" Cori asked opening her mouth and showing that she did indeed take them.

"Thank you" Joey said touching Cori's hand, "and yes you made me happy. You always do, at's why I like being with you."

"Froggie's my best friend, did you know that?" Cori asked Sarah smiling and she nodded her head no. "Yep she likes me and I like her right?"

"You got it" Joey said turning around and laying down on Cori's pillow.

"Joey when was the last time you had a bath and change of clothes?" Grace asked.

"Lily brought me some clean clothes this morning" Joey said, "I guess she got them from Mom on one of the nights that she floated by the house."

"That's why you should stay here with me all the time" Cori said laying her head beside Joey's on the pillow, "I like having you around."

"I know you do" Joey said, "and I use the bethroom across the hall whenever I need to. So I'm ok."

"RaeAnn!!" Cori said excitedly as she and Jessie came through the door, soon to be followed by Katie and Shell. "Come give me a hug."
"Jessie, Katie you two I want a hug" Cori said as Joey laughed at all the attention she was getting.

"She's become a hug hound lately" Joey said to Sarah, "everytime someone comes in she hasn't seen for a while, she wants a hug."

"Cool artwork" Katie said as she checked out Cori's cast.

"Froggie did it" Cori said as she smiled back at Joey, and then listened as Joey tried in vain to explain Cori's nick name for her. Shell stood uncomfortably by the door, not knowing whether to stay or leave. Sarah noticed and thought Cori did too, as she said looking towards Shell "Hey I'm Cori, what's your name? I don't know you."

"That's Shell, my cousin" Sarah said as Cori smiled, trying to make her feel welcome.

"Nice to meet you" Cori said sticking her hand out as Shell shook it.

"Not like she'd remember you anyway, she can barely remember my name" Joey said giggling as Cori turned around with a hurt look in her eyes and said "Joey Larue I would never forget you. Take that back."

Joey realized she might have accidently hurt Cori's feelings, as Cori turned and put her hands over her face. Joey sat up and put her arms around Cori's neck and whispered, "I'm sorry, I was just kidding, really. I know you'd never forget me, really I'm sorry. Please forgive me?"

"Uh huh" Cori said quitely as she grinned, "your my best friend in the whole world."

"And your my best friend too Cori" Joey said hugging her tightly around the neck, "do you know that?"

"Really?" Cori asked as her smile broadened.

"Yes" Joey said simply, touching her head to Cori's as both smiled.

Sarah and Grace both noticed Jessie standing now by the window watching the two on the bed, and seemed to be on the verge of crying. One of them got up and started to giggle as they almost bumped heads. Before either could do anything as Katie joined Jessie and this time, she gladly accepted Katie's arm around her shoulder and smiled slightly. RaeAnn took the seat at the foot of the bed Cori offered and they started chatting like old friends.

"Joey you did a great job on her cast" RaeAnn said again as Joey beamed from ear to ear with a smile. "That is very cool. How long did it take you?"

"Couple of days and a pack of markers" Joey said giggling.

"I told the doctor he better be careful when he takes it off cause I want keep it" Cori said. "It was a gift."

"So you call her Froggie" RaeAnn said to Cori, her mind obviously working on an idea, "what do you call her?"

"CoCo" Joey said as RaeAnn wanted to then hear that story behind the nickname, "One morning last week, she got Cocoa pebbles for breakfast and absolutely went crazy for them. Now she has to have them every morning. It's now at the top of her favorite foods list."

"Ok girls let's dish" Sarah said as everyone's attention turned to her. "I wanna hear some secrets."

"I know" Grace said smiling and sitting down beside RaeAnn on the bed, "RaeAnn has this weird thing where she can look in your eyes and tell things about you."

"Yeh she told me when I had a crush on Gr....ummmm Jessie the first time" Katie said and then clammed up as Grace shot her a nervous look at what appeared to almost have slipped out. Jessie smiled and gave a strange look to Katie, at her stuttering of sorts.

"I'll bet Joey has some juicy secrets" Sarah teased at she poked Joey's ribs through the bed rails.

"I do not" Joey said in laughter as she pushed Sarah's arm away.

"Ok then let her do it and see" Grace said as Joey looked to Cori, who smiled and said "could be fun."

"Ok fine" Joey said as RaeAnn moved to the middle of the bed and her and Joey touched knees, both sitting indian style as RaeAnn looked deep into Joey eyes and told her, "look into my eyes and don't look away, ok?"

"OK" Joey said shrugging.

"HMMMMMM" RaeAnn cooed a minute or so later, as everyone was starting to voice their complaints, "seems our friend Joey has a few secrets."

"MMMMMMMM like what?" Sarah said scooting to the front of the chair and rubbing her hands together. "Spill them beans Larue."

"I'm telling you I don't have any secrets" Joey said as RaeAnn went on.

"Yes you do Joey and I'm gonna tell all" RaeAnn said teasingly.

"OK fine tell them I don't care" Joey said, looking away.

"What is it already?" Grace asked impatiently, from behind her.

"OK it appears Joey has a crush" RaeAnn said.

"Oh really Rae, gosh do you think so?" Sarah asked as Joey giggled a little.

"Yeh smartass and if you shut up I'll tell you who?" RaeAnn said as Sarah stuck her tongue out playfully, which was soon matched by RaeAnn's as everyone laughed.

"Am I right Joey?" RaeAnn asked.

"Yeh I guess" Joey said as Jessie churped in, "Come on tell us who?"

"MMMMM it's someone we all know" RaeAnn said stairing intently back into her eyes and then seemingly coming to the answer. "AHHHH haaaa I got it."

"Who?" Katie asked.

"It's..." RaeAnn started.

"No wait stop" Joey said covering RaeAnn's mouth with her hand, "please don't say anything."

"Why?" RaeAnn asked sweetly taking Joey's hand in hers.

"I just don't want to embarrass them and we just became friends, so please?" Joey said pleadingly. "That is if you do know."

"OK" RaeAnn said moving Joey's hair behind her ears. "If I whisper in your ear will you tell me?"

"You won't say anything?" Joey asked.

"Nope if you don't want me too" RaeAnn said.

"OH god this is a Miss Cleo thing all over again" Sarah said as the room erupted with laughter.

"Is it Sarah?" RaeAnn whispered in a barely audible voice as Joey breathed a sigh of relief and grinned and said "her, huh she wishes."

"She thinks I got a crush on you" Joey said looking at Sarah.

"I knew that already" Sarah said as she rubbed Joey's cheek seductively and Joey pushed her hand away.

"Joey and Sarah sitting in a tree..." Grace started singing as Sarah gave her a dirty look, "K-i-s-s-i-n-g."

"Your gonna get it" Sarah said lunging for Grace as she jumped off the bed and ran for the door, now with Joey and Sarah on her trail. Jessie and Katie ran out into the hall and watched the three round the corner at the end of the hall and disappear. RaeAnn took the chair beside Cori and said "you know their nuts."

"Uh huh especially Joey she's fun to hang out with" Cori said beaming from ear to ear.

"Can I ask you an honest question?" RaeAnn asked.

"Ofcourse" Cori said rolling over in the bed and grimacing slightly when she twisted her back the wrong way. "I gotta learn to stop moving so quick."

"It'll get better" RaeAnn said confidently as Joey, Sarah and Grace ran by and RaeAnn did her best imitation of a commentator saying, "and down the stretch they come, Amazing Grace is out in front by a nose, followed by Goofy Blue Eyes and bringing up the rear, as usual, is Froggie Larue."

"Oh my god" Cori said starting to laugh out loud.

"I can see the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about Joey" RaeAnn said.

"You can?" Cori asked.

"Yeh, you really like her huh?"

"Uh huh" Cori said simply.

"You maybe got a crush on her?" RaeAnn asked quitely.

"Maybe" Cori said smiling brightly.

"I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to" RaeAnn said.

"Not sure how Joey would react" Cori said looking concerned.

"I bet she...." RaeAnn started before being cut off by the sound of giggles and laughter as the other's piled back into the room. Sarah pinning Grace down on the bed next to Cori's and Joey flopped down, out of breath, beside of Cori, still laughing.

"Take it back, you better take it back" Sarah said holding Grace's hands to the mattress as she laughed so hard she could barely breath now.

"Ok I take...." Grace said loosing her breath again as Joey poked her in the ribs. "I take it back."

"YES" Sarah said raising her arms into the air victoriously. "Now to the victor go the spoils."

"Oh yeah?" Grace asked smiling.

"Uh huh and your the best spoil of all" Sarah said leaning down and kissing Grace softly. And hearing a chorus of "oooohhhhs" and "aaaahhhhhhhs" filling the room as everyone watched.

"I love you" Sarah said quitely as she smiled down at Grace. "and I want everyone to know that."

"My poor goofy blues eyes" Grace said giggling, "everyone does know by now."

"Lily, your Dad?" Sarah asked as Grace realized she was right.

"I think you should tell them" Katie said tickling Grace's foot, and then saying "secrets are no way to start a relationship."

"It is no secret" Sarah said kissing Grace's cheek, "at least about who I love."

"Yeh me" Jessie said giggling.

"Bite me Jan" Sarah said as Jessie laughed and grabbed her foot, pulling her off Grace as Sarah got a fit of the giggles. "I'm gonna kick your ass Jan."

"Bring it on Marsha" Jessie said as she pulled Sarah off the bed and sent her crashing to the floor. Jessie laughed and ran to hide behind RaeAnn. Katie moved around the bed and flopped down beside Grace and with a smirk on her face and asked, "so whatta say we spend a little quality time together?"

"Oh god shut up" Grace said smiling as she rolled over, turning her back to Katie. Sarah got up from her new place on the floor and eyed Jessie in the corner, behind RaeAnn and suddenly seeing her oppurtunity for revenge. She turned and laid back on the bed in front of Grace. Katie leaned over her back as Grace wondered what was going on.

"So ever you had a fantasy about being in bed with two girls at once?" Sarah asked with a seductive smile and watched Grace blush and cover her face, praying secretly no one would come into the room at that moment. "So K you wanna share her?"

"Wouldn't be the first time she's shared a girl" RaeAnn cracked as Jessie moved from behind the chair and looked on, not sure what to do.

"You better hush" Katie said pointing at RaeAnn and then feeling Sarah take her hand and moving it along Grace's jean covered thigh. Sarah linked her fingers with Katie's as Grace's blush turned a different color.
"Someone lock the door" Joey said sitting up on the bed beside Cori now. "Let's see somethree-way action baby."

"You guys are not funny" Jessie said standing at the foot of the bed.

"Oh no Jan's getting jealous" Sarah said before turning and kissing Grace's lips softly and playfully leaning across Grace's body and saying. "Come here K, let me see if your still a good kisser."

"NO I am not" Jessie snapped.

"Oh so your already jealous?" Sarah asked sitting up and beginning to laugh. "What's wrong Jan, you wanna get in on the action?"

"You think your so damn funny" Jessie said glaring at her and turning to leave the room.

"And don't forget cute" Sarah said as the room erupted in laughter and Jessie turned giving everyone a dirty look and stormed out.

A long silence filled the room as Katie rolled off the bed and paced back and forth wondering if she should go after her. Then realizing she should have followed Jessie when she left in the first place. Looking down the hall she didn't see her, nor was she in any of the usual places that Jessie had been known to go, since she began spending so much time at the hospital. Katie stopped Jean who said she hadn't seen her and Dr. Blacklyn repeated the same as Katie grew paniced and still couldn''t figure out why it was, Jessie blew up like that. Just seconds before she was laughing and having a good time, but suddenly things went terribly wrong. Katie rode the elevator to the main lobby, mainly for some time to think. She took a detour to the soda machines, and to her utter shock she found Jessie sitting on the floor on the far side with her back to the door.

"Sure as hell took ya long enough" Jessie snapped without looking. Seemingly knowing it was Katie. Fishing the change out of her pocket and dropping it into the machine, she waited for the soda to drop and then took a seat in one of the boothes across from Jessie.

"You didn't exactly give me a road map to follow you" Katie said softly and listening to the fizz as she opened the can in front of her. Enduring another long silence which Jessie seemed determined to continue. "What did I do?"

"You and your ex groping my step-sister that's what and let's not forget about you dumping me for a date with Grace huh?" Jessie said in one long breath before turning away again. Katie felt herself get angry at what in her mind were Jessie's unjust accusations.

"You know good and well me and Sarah were goofing with Grace" Katie said, "and as for that date, I only went out with Grace because she payed a little attention to me, unlike you. And you know it wasn't a real date."

"HUH?" Jessie said snapping her head back and giving Katie daring look. "I wanna hear this. Go on what have I done?"

"Uhhhhh let's see, ever second you get free you spend it with Sarah" Katie said trying to control her voice. "and talking about my date with Grace, what about the movie date you broke without so much as asking me so you could sing with your new best friend. So you have no damn right to get mad at me, for wanting to hang out with someone who wants to be with me."

"She doesn't wanna be with you" Jessie said with clenched fists, "she felt sorry for you and with Sarah and me singing, she figured she'd make you her charity case."

"Why.....would you say that....god what did I do to you? HUH?" Katie asked tears in her eyes now rolling down her cheeks as Jessie froze in the moment. "All I fuckin did was go out with a friend and have some fun for a while. You wanna know what we did last night and all day today?"

"Ummmmmm" Jessie stammered before being cut-off.

"We didn't make out, or all drool over each other. We talked, she tried to convince me you still loved me and you still wanted us to work" Katie said as Jessie opened her mouth to reply, "SHUT UP, it's my turn to talk. Then we did something really over the line, we went to the place I used to volunteer, an orphanage. Yeh I know it's not as exciting as what you and your precious Sarah did, but we had fun. BOTH OF US. And I don't give a god damn if you believe it or not."

"Wait I didn't mean....." Jessie started again before Katie unleashed her wrath again.

"You didn't mean to what huh? break my heart, try to destroy the one good night I've had since you went to Nashville" Katie said now crying in large sobs. "did you even miss me?"

"You know I did" Jessie said in her own defense.

"Look if you don't wanna be with me any more just tell me" Katie said turning away and crying into her hands as Grace came to the door of the soda room undetected by the other two.

"No I do I swear....." Jessie said as the words barely made it out of her mouth before Katie rambled on.

"Maybe I can find someone who wants to be with me like Grace" Katie said as Jessie stood their stunned at her lover's painful remark. She felt the rage return and no longer cared if Katie was crying. It became one of those horrible moments in time, were you feel the need to hurt the one you love most in the world to satisfy your own selfish desire, mostly because they just wounded your ego.

"Well she's certainly a good kisser I'd know that" Jessie said with an almost evil smirk on her face. Katie turned in shock as Grace searched her mind for what to do to stop this.

"You lieing bitch" Katie said in an acid filled tone. "You'd just love for me to believe that wouldn't you?"

"It's the truth....twice as a matter of fact" Jessie said her evil smile broadening as Katie's tears stopped and Grace feared the real fire works were about to begin. "Remember the night you showed up at 2 a.m. to see me after not bothering to call or anything for days. Right after you left we kissed. That was for the second time. She's a really good kisser, ask Sarah she knows. Then a few days before that, the night before the three-way with Cori, we kissed for the first time. Then me and her spent the night at Sarah's. We had some......fuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn that night."

"Your.........not........lieing" Katie said falling back down on the bench seat now stunned to silence. Grace looked at Jessie who had this victorious smile on her face for an instant before she realized the damage she had probabely done in the name of revenge.

"So what other secrets have you been keeping from me?" Katie asked without a hint of emotion in her voice. "Bound to be other's...let's go Billie, let's get it out in the open."

"No we better stop before...."

"Before what Billie? HUH?" Katie said her anger growing as she slammed her clenched fist to the table in a fit of rage. "Before you go to far and break my heart and we break up. HUH?"

"Ummmmmm yeh" Jessie said stepping back and away from Katie. Never having seen her this mad.

"Do you really think I would ever hit you?" Katie asked touching Jessie's face ever so gently as she flinched momentarily. "Never, for any reason. I love you like no one else in my life."

"Me too" Jessie said moving her hand to Katie's before having it shoved away rudely.

"Now let's do as I suggested and get all the secrets out in the open" Katie said standing in front of Jessie now. "Did ya fuck Cori again after I left that day at her house? Or was that what Lily caught you doing, that day she found out you're gay."

"I didn't fuck her, I'm not a slut" Jessie said her tears beginning to fall. "She kissed me and Lily walked in, that's all."

"OH GOD" Katie screamed, "I was missing, you had no idea where I was, and your making out with that stupid whore."

"She's nOT A WHORE" Jessie said her voice rising in anger as Katie smiled at her with an evil grin. Now being her turn to appearantly turn Jessie's screws.

"Honey Cori was, is, and always will be A WHORE" Katie said, "course now she's a little brain damaged, but soon as she gets her memory back, she'll be back to her old ways. Don't worry babe."

"Stop talking about her like that she's your friend" Jessie pleaded as Grace finally opened the door of the Soda room, still undetected.

"So, your the one she was in love with" Katie said turning suddenly and sitting down, "and you were in love with her."

"I had a crush that was all" Jessie said sitting down opposite Katie. "Wasn't in love with her."

"Well I'm telling you, if you want her now you have my blessing" Katie said sending a dagger through Jessie's heart.

"So you can go after Grace?" Jessie asked standing again and noticing Grace for the first time standing near the first machine and watching.

"Well I did have a crush on her a while ago" Katie said with a hurtful smirk and seeing that Jessie knew she was serious. "That's how I met you."

"God, stop it you two" Grace said finally being able to talk as Katie turned and saw her standing behind them. Flashing her a genuine smile, one that was not lost on Jessie as she screamed "FINE" and threw up her hands in frustrated anger and walked out of the room.

"Hey" Katie said trying her best to smile as Grace moved beside of her.

"Hey" Grace said feeling Katie lace their fingers together. Both jumping as they heard Jessie scream from the next room, "YOU CAN HAVE HER."

To be Continued....