Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 41 "Smooth, Baby Smooth"

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"Come on faster Froggie" Cori giggled as Joey raced ahead of Jessie and down the hall of Cori's floor. Joey slowed at the end of the hall as she saw Henry talking to a woman and they looked to be having a pretty heated conversation. Joey covered Cori's mouth as she got ready to say something and pulled her wheelchair back out of view, before they got noticed and Cori then asked. "What's wrong?"

"That's Jessie's mom" Joey told Cori, "Henry's girlfriend."

"Oh cool can I meet her?" Cori asked.

"Not a good idea she's been mad a lot lately" Joey said, "and her and Henry are fighting right now."

"Hey why did ya stop for?" Jessie asked.

"Your Mom's here and she and Henry are fighting in the lounge" Joey said.

"I told you why" Karen said a little too loudly as the trio peeped around the corner. "I think we could both use a fresh start."

"Bullshit Karen" Henry snapped as he glared at her, "you just can't get past the fact I have a gay friend and you blame me for Jessie's being that way."

"I do not and keep your voice down" Karen said standing, "I'm sorry Henry, but this has nothing to do with your friend or anything to do with Jessie."

"Well then why the hell are you breaking up with me?" Henry asked, "if it ain't that."
"If you must know I've moved on" Karen said.

"Moved on? What?" Henry asked, "You're already seeing someone new?"

"Yes" Karen said looking as if she didn't want that little revelation to come out. "But that has nothing to do with us. We simply aren't working out. So we should just cut our losses and that's what I'm doing."

"Woman I can't just turn my emotions on and off like a water faucet" Henry said standing as Karen did, "I happen to have real feelings for you."

"I said I was sorry" Karen said taking her purse and searching for something inside. Then coming up with her car keys and turning to walk away before stopping and saying, "I don't know what else I can do. You can stop by anytime after Monday and get your stuff."

"Why Monday?" Henry asked apparently out of reflex.

"Cause I'm going out of town this weekend" Karen said simply and turned again to leave.

"Mom?" Jessie asked stepping out from the groups hiding spot as Karen turned and looked in shock at her daughter.

"OH Jessie.....honey I got to go" Karen said fumbling with her keys.

"Of course you do, can't be seen in public with your gay daughter huh?" Jessie asked as Karen looked at her with a combination of shock and anger.

"No....I'm not doing this here" Karen said pushing the door open.

"Why don't we not do it all anymore, would that make you happy?" Jessie asked moving forward. "If I just disappeared off the face of the planet, then you'd only have to deal with your screw-up wanna-be rock star son."

"God Jessie no I don't want that" Karen said, "But I have somewhere to be and....."

"Fine go and don't call me when you get back, cause I could care less" Jessie said as Karen's head snapped back, "so go on and be with your new boy toy, I don't care anymore."

"You apologize to me right now" Karen said pointing her finger at Jessie as she came near her. Only to be cut off by Henry, who pushed her backwards, standing between her and Jessie.

"Why don't you just go, it's obvious you're not wanted here" Henry said, "or should I call security and have you thrown out?"

"You ok?" Joey asked putting her arm around Jessie's shoulder as Cori watched on in awe. Karen seemed to be torn between leaving and staying, but faced with Henry's threat she turned to leave. Slamming her finger into the elevator button, while still glaring back through the glass as tears came to her eyes. Jessie started to cry as she dropped to a seat behind her and covered his face with her hands. Joey hugged Jessie and held her as she cried and Cori rolled over and gently put her hand on Henry's shoulder and asked in a soft voice, "You gonna be ok?"

"Yeh, Cori it just hurts right now" Henry said quietly as Cori laid her head on Henry's shoulder and cried with him.

"Cori why are you crying?" Henry asked as he lifted his head a minute later.

"Cause it's really sad" Cori said wiping her tears away, "You're my friend and she was mean to you."

"Thanks" Henry said simply kissing Cori's forehead and saying, "I'll stop by and see you later, before I go home, ok?"

"Uh huh, I hope you feel better" Cori said smiling as Henry disappeared through the double doors and into the elevator.

"I'm gonna go and get some fresh air" Jessie said as Joey hugged her again and she slowly walked away.

"Bye" Cori said as Jessie tried to smile and followed Henry's path out.

"Now why was my little Cori crying?" Joey asked as she sat down in the catcher's position in front of her.

"He was crying so I did" Cori said simply.

"Sure" Joey started with a teasing smile, one which Cori had seen often over the last few weeks. "You're just a big ole baby."

"I am not a baby" Cori said slamming her fists on the arms on her wheelchair as Joey laughed and kept teasing her. Moving her hand to Cori's chin and saying "Uh huh your a big ole, need your diaper changed, bottle in the morning, little baby. But I'm still crazy about ya."

"Well as long as you like me, I'm happy" Cori said smiling a bright smile. "But I'm not a baby."

"Yes you are Cori Tyler" Joey said moving to the back of her wheelchair now and hugging her impulsively around the neck, "your my baby."

"I love you Froggie" Cori said touching Joey's face as she looked at her surprise.

"You do?" Joey asked.

"Uh huh your like my bestest friend in the entire world" Cori said as Joey moved back to the side of her wheelchair.

"Best, not bestest" Joey said gently correcting Cori, as she had been prone to do lately.

"Ok your my best friend in the whole world" Cori said with emphasis on the word Best.

"I've never been anyone's best friend before" Joey said as Cori smiled at her.

"So I'm your first huh?" Cori asked innocently.

"Feels that way" Joey said softly and again leaned down and starred at her, her head resting on the arm of the wheel chair.

"I bet I'd be really really lonely without you" Cori said simply.

"I would be too" Joey said touching Cori's arm gently and letting her fingers wander up and down it. Slowly leaning closer, till she could smell the perfume that she gave Cori a week ago, and she insisted on wearing every day.

"Your eyes are really pretty" Cori said as Joey smiled. "And they do that twinkling thing when you smile."

"I bet they do that a lot when I'm around you huh?" Joey asked.

"Yeh they do" Cori said in surprise, "I just noticed that."

"That means you make me happy, a lot" Joey said kissing Cori's cheek gently and whispering, "I love you too CoCo."

"I'm glad" Cori said as Joey broke into a fit of giggles and Cori wondered what she said as Dr. Blacklyn walked by with an arm full of medical charts.

"Dr. B....wait" Cori said pushing her wheel chair ahead and stopping in front of him. "When can I go home?"

"Nice to see you to Cori" Dr. Blacklyn chuckled.

"Rude girl" Joey said teasingly to Cori, "at least say hi first."

"Oh sorry Hi Dr. B..." Cori said and in the same breath went on and asked, "... now when can I go home?"

"Well..." Dr. Blacklyn said struggling with the pile of charts in his arms, before Joey took some so he could glance at Cori's. "Looks like everything is coming along really well for you. But I think a couple of more days in physical therapy with Henry will do you good. And we gotta get you out of that wheelchair."

"But I like it" Cori said.

"Yep but you'll see once you get up and start walking again that it's much better" Dr. Blacklyn said.

"Ok if you say so" Cori said looking a little worried.

"Hey I'll be right there with you the whole entire time" Joey said lacing her fingers with Cori's, "and you know Henry's a big softy anyway. It'll be fun."

"Yeh and I'll make sure Jean is working on the floor that day so she'll be there" Dr. Blacklyn offered.

"I like Jean, she's nice" Cori said looking from Joey up to Dr. Blacklyn.

"Yeh she is" Dr. Blacklyn said, "She's a fine nurse."

"She's been here a long time huh?" Joey asked curiously.

"Nurse Molley you mean?"

"Yeh she's worked here for a long time hasn't she?" Joey asked.

"UMMMM....actually no" Dr. Blacklyn said as Joey looked up at him. "Just been here a few weeks, but I can tell a good nurse from a bad one a mile away."

"A few weeks, really?"

"Yeh if I'm not mistaken she started the same day they brought you in young lady" Dr. Blacklyn said to Cori as she smiled, "or maybe it was a few days before or it could have been after. I'm not totally sure, but I'm pretty positive it was around the same time."

"She just started out of the blue?" Joey asked, sniffing there was a really juicy mystery bubbling up here and she was determined to find it.

"Oh no, she was a transfer from County General" Dr. Blacklyn said, "Been a nurse in the area for going on 30 years I think she said. One of the reasons I was so glad to have her on my staff, we worked together once before at County. She's always a favorite with the patients."

"Is...." Joey said getting ready to ask another question of the doctor before his beeper went off.

"I'm sorry ladies I gotta run" Dr. Blacklyn said as he excused himself, saying he'd see both of them later if he had time.

"HMMMMM" Joey said leaning down to the arm of Cori's chair and saying as she watched Dr. Blacklyn walk away. "I smells a mystery, my dear CoCo."

"Me too" Cori said smiling at Joey.

"Sure" Joey said with smirk, "you don't have a clue."

"So what if I don't?" Cori said, "you'll explain it to me won't you?"

"Course I will my dear CoCo" Joey said moving Cori's hair behind her ear, "but mum's the word till then."

"Oh ok" Cori said pretending to lock the lock on her mouth.

"But I can tell you where it starts though" Joey said quietly as Cori looked at her questioningly.

"Where?" Cori asked sensing Joey was playing a trick on her again.

"Bout...right here" Joey said poking Cori's ribs as she squealed with laughter and squirmed to get away. "see it ain't so hard to understand is it?"

"No it's not" Cori said holding her hands up to protect herself from any future attacks as Joey giggled and moved behind her chair again and pushed her towards her room. "Hey wait here comes Jessie."

"Jessie! Jessie, come here" Cori said excitedly as she stopped in from her. "Guess what?"

"What is it?" Jessie asked and Cori smiled and looked at Joey before saying, "Froggie said she loved me, I'm her best friend."

"Did ya now Froggie" Jessie asked as Joey rolled her eyes and pushed Cori ahead and through the door to her room. Where she practically jumped out of the wheel chair and scrambled back on the bed.

"Yeh I told her that" Joey said as Cori beamed from ear to ear. "And I'll bet you gonna tell everyone you see huh?"

"HMMMMM....I dunno, maybe" Cori said shrugging her shoulders as Joey sat down beside her bed in the chair next to Jessie.

"You better now?" Joey asked.

"Ahhhhhh a little" Jessie said looking down at her lap, "I just needed sometime to cry and you know, process."

"Your mom's gonna...."

"GRACE" Cori said excitedly as she came through the door, cutting Joey off in mid-sentence. "Gimme me a hug, gimme a hug."

"Hey you feelin, better today?" Grace asked as she hugged Cori and took her hand, then sitting down beside her on the bed.

"Well my stomach stopped hurting and...." Cori started as she gave Grace a complete run-down on her life since the last time they saw each other.

"You been busy" Grace giggled as Cori agreed. "So you bout ready to come home with us?"

"Yeh I'm so ready to get out of this place" Cori said, "if it wouldn't for Joey I'd go crazy."

"Thanks to you I have gone crazy" Joey giggled as Cori shot her a dirty look and stuck out her tongue.
"You were already crazy when we met you" Grace said as Joey threw a pillow at her in protest.
A few more minutes of catching up with Cori and Jessie relating the whole story about Karen and Henry's break-up in the lounge and then Jessie's fight between her and her mother, and Grace figured it was time for them to get home. They both said their goodbyes and Grace and Jessie headed home. Catching the beginning of a huge rainstorm as they left the hospital and having to sprint across the parking lot to get to the car. Finally inside, they pulled away and Grace noticed that Jessie seemed particularly quiet for most of the ride home. Not that she couldn't guess why, with the break-up with Katie still freshly minted and her mother's strange behavior, Grace began to think Jessie might be on the verge of doing something crazy. She watched as Jessie starred out the window of the car silently. Moving her hand, she took Jessie's to get her attention as they came to a traffic jam, caused by the city's work on one of the side roads. Jessie looked over at Grace, but for only a second and went back to starring out the window again.

"You know what you need" Grace finally said softly, breaking the silence and shaking Jessie from her thoughts.

"What a shotgun?" Jessie asked.

"NOOOO and don't you dare joke like that again" Grace said as Jessie smiled weakly and agreed. "You need some time away from everything. Like a trip. A road trip."

"That is a good idea" Jessie said suddenly interested. "So where we going?"


"Yeh I assume you were talking about me and you and Sarah probably" Jessie said, "or unless you hadn't noticed, I don't have a license yet."

"I know" Grace said giggling and then thinking for a moment before making a suggestion, "I've got an open invite to August's house in West Lafayette. Sound ok?"

"I guess so" Jessie said, not seeming particularly interested, but not being turned off by the idea Grace observed.

"He's got a big house with about an acre of land, you could just wonder for hours in the forest" Grace said, "I think you'll like it."

"Uh uh it won't work" Jessie said, "Lily will never in a million years let us go out of the city, and especially not to see August Dmitri."

"Good point" Grace said. "But maybe we could work out some kind of lie to wiggle our way into it."

"You would lie to your mother for me?" Jessie asked pointedly. "Or do you just wanna see Mr. D again really bad."

"NO" Grace said, "I'm in love with Sarah and only Sarah, it's been that way for a long time. You should know that by now. I was only suggesting a way we could do it. Now if you don't wanna go, just tell me and it's off."

"OK fine what's the plan?" Jessie asked as Grace began to think. The traffic finally started moving again a minute later. As they rolled into the driveway at the house, with the rain still pouring down, Grace fine tuned what she thought would be the perfect plan. "Ok now listen. This is only gonna work if you follow my lead."

"Ok shoot" Jessie said.

"Ok first step is, since Mom knows that me and Sarah are dating now, she's not gonna want me to spend the night at her place."

Grace said, "so I'll play the 'I'm almost 18' card and the 'I'm nearly adult' crap and most likely she'll give in without much of a fight."

"So how does this help our plan?" Jessie asked.

"Just listen" Grace said impatiently before going on. "That will set the battle field for tomorrow night. And I'll suggest off-handedly that you can come over, so you can chaperone. That's when we take off."

"But what if she calls? And you know she will" Jessie asked.

"Got that all worked out" Grace said holding her cell phone in her hand, "We'll have Sarah's phone line redirected for the next couple of days to my cell and that way if Mom calls Sarah's she'll get my phone. And the best thing about it is she won't even know it."

"God your brilliant" Jessie said as Grace laughed, "but what about if she gets worried and stops by and finds no one's home."

"Still not a problem" Grace said going on, "Shell, Sarah's cousin lives out in one of the burbs around Chicago, we can just say we went out there for the day to take her home or visit, whatever."

"You did think of everything" Jessie said as Grace smiled.

"Hope so" She replied as they exited the car and made a dash for the house. Lily met them in the living room with two towels, it was almost as if, Grace thought she could read their minds. If she could, well the whole convoluted plan her and Jessie had just concocted would be useless.

"Soon as I grab some clean clothes I'm headed for Sarah's" Grace said starting up the steps slowly, knowing Lily would have something to say about that.

"Ok just be home by midnight" Lily said walking off into the kitchen.

"What?" Grace asked as if on cue. "I was gonna spend the night like always."

"Honey no" Lily said firmly.

"What's changed?" Grace asked, knowing pretty much where she was going with this still. "I've been spending the night with Sarah for months now."

"Yeh and you weren't dating her either" Lily said.

"Mom I got news for you" Grace said following her Mom into the kitchen as Jessie watched the show. "Me and Sarah have been more than friends for a long time now and we've slept in the same bed many a night, and nothing happened. We're not sleeping together, I'm not ready for that either."

"Grace" Lily said in surprise. "That has nothing to do with it."

"Well what I then?"

"It's the fact that people who are dating should not be living together or sleeping in the same bed" Lily said as Grace smiled inwardly, thinking how this had went exactly as she planned it. Smiling back at Jessie, almost saying "Ok trump card time."

"Mom" Grace said forcibly, "I'm almost 18, nearly an adult, I think I'm old enough to make my own decisions. You said that I needed to make more of my own choices and so I am. I'm not doing anything wrong by spending time with Sarah. So I'm going."

"Fine Grace" Lily said throwing her dish towel down and walking round the counter and leaving the kitchen.

"See like child's play" Grace said, feeling some what bad about what she had just done, but knowing it was the only way to get what she wanted. That being to spend the night with Sarah and of course set her and Jessie's plan in motion.

"Your evil, treating a pregnant woman that way" Jessie said poking Grace in the stomach as she smiled. "I'll make her night though. I'll see if she wants to play some games or go to a movie tonight."

"Hey...Ummmm.. can I ask you something?" Jessie asked sticking her head into the dining room.

"Sure honey" Lily said turning around.

"Do you think we could play some games or something tonight" Jessie asked innocently as Grace listened at the door and thought to herself that this maybe more than Jessie playing along, but maybe she really did wanna spend some time with Lily. "Or there's this movie downtown we could go to."

"I would really like that" Lily said hugging Jessie. "You wanna invite Zoe and Eli or you just want it to be us?"

"I think I'd rather it just be us" Jessie said as they went on to make plans for the night. They eventually settled on a movie downtown.

Grace disappeared into her room and waited for them to leave, before she dared trying to make her get away. Hearing the car pull out she grabbed her bag with her clean clothes and headed out her bedroom door only to be met by Zoe. A very different looking Zoe, wearing make-up, although not to much, with lowriders, a naval bearing shirt and to Grace's utter shock, a thong.

"Zoe?" Grace asked in shock as Zoe stopped and smiled posing for her sister it appeared. "Do I look ok?"

"No you look like your 5 years older than you are" Grace said.

"Really? Cool" Zoe said as she spun around and headed down the steps.

"Whoa wait just a minute young lady" Grace said as she stopped Zoe. "Where do you think your going?"

"Out" Zoe said simply as a car blew it's horn outside and Zoe said as she grabbed her coat and headed for the door, "Mom and Dad said I could go riding with Sam and her sister's tonight."

"Well why didn't she mention it to me?" Grace asked as Zoe opened the door.

"I dunno and I don't care...see ya" Zoe said disappearing out the door as Grace followed after her. Zoe ran practically all the way to the car and dove inside as the door shut. Grace stopped at the edge of the walk, figuring the car was gonna peal out anytime now. But seeing the driver's side door open and Mandy pop out.

"Hey Grace" She said leaning against the top of the car, "Your cool with Zoe going rollin with us? Right?"

"No one ever said anything to me about it and our Mom just left with my step-sister for a movie, so I dunno" Grace said walking around the side of the car.

"Well I talked to your Mom, Lily, and she said as long as Zoey's home by 9:00 she could go" Mandy said. "So it's cool with her."

"Oh ok" Grace said, "It's Zoe's ass if she gets in trouble and I won't be there to help her either."

"Did you say Jessie just left?" Mandy asked turning to get back into the car.

"Yeh her and Katie just broke up and she needed to get out" Grace said as Mandy suddenly turned with a shocked look on her face.

" serious they broke up?" Mandy asked.

"Yeh a few days ago" Grace said as she watched Mandy's face turn from an interested smile to one of deep thought.

"I'll see ya Grace" She said getting back into the car and driving off.

"Yeh see ya" Grace mumbled, thinking to herself how weird that was and that it had suddenly stopped raining. She quickly grabbed her bag and locked the house up, before heading for Sarah's place for the night. At the end of the road, Grace stopped at the intersection and froze as she saw what she thought looked like Karen's car stop in front of her, she wasn't sure until she spotted Karen behind the wheel having a heated conversation with the lady riding with her. And seconds later they pulled out and head down the same road from which Grace had just drove. Grace put the car in park and opened the passenger door and got out, watching Karen's car stop in front of the house for a moment. She could see the break lights flash, so she was positive they had stopped. Then a loud tire squeal could be heard as she sped off in the other direction.

Grace got back into the car in a daze, wondering what was up with Karen. But those thoughts were soon broken with the lights of another car right behind her, blowing their horn loudly.

* * *

"Hey there sexy" Sarah said wrapping her arms around Grace's neck and pushing the door closed behind her. Kissing her lips softly as Grace smiled and hoped she would.

"Ya missed me huh?" Grace asked as Sarah replied in her most sultry voice, "Always do."

"Same here" Grace said kissing her again softly. "But I gotta talk to you about something."

"You do?" Sarah asked with a worried look on her face.

"Yeh I wanna do something and I need your help" Grace said sitting down on the bed and guiding Sarah down beside of her, "I want me, you and Jessie to take a trip. Jessie really needs the time away."

"Oh that's all?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh that's all" Grace said kissing her. Like she had done with Jessie, she explained in detail her plan for the trip and the way she had already set it in motion. Sarah agreed, albeit somewhat reluctantly, and got up to call the phone company and make the arrangements for having her calls forwarded. But stopped at the last second and looking back at Grace with yet another worried look and asked, "Have you bothered to call August and asked him if we can come down this weekend?"

"Oh god I totally forgot" Grace said flinging herself back onto the bed as Sarah laughed and laid the phone on her stomach.

"Your cute when you're all stressed out" Sarah said looking at her with a smile.

"You think I'm cute no matter what I'm doing" Grace said as Sarah replied, "This is true my Amazing Grace."

"Are you sure you don't mind going with us?" Grace asked.

"If you want me too, I want too" Sarah said kissing her, "But if you don't...."

"Don't go there" Grace said pointing at her, "I want you, I need you there. And so does Jessie."

"Then I'm going with you" Sarah said rolling onto her back and noticing the phone was still laying on Grace's stomach untouched, she suddenly had an idea. An almost evil one. She moved her hand slowly across her mid-section and snatched the phone. Grace sat up and looked at Sarah as she moved across the room and quickly dialed a number.

"What are you doing?" Grace asked, noticing then the devilish grin on Sarah's face and knowing she was up to something. Her heart nearly stopping as she heard Sarah say into the phone "Hey August, what's up sweety?"

"Sarah what are you...." Grace asked rolling off the bed as Sarah shushed her.

"Me and Grace were thinking about coming down for the weekend" Sarah said as Grace began to relax somewhat, thinking this was Sarah doing her a favor. Then freakin out when she heard the next sentence, "She's still hot for you, ya know."

"Yeh and she's always horny, so I was thinking if you wanted, you could watch us do it." Grace felt her heart nearly stop at the sound of Sarah's voice. "Then maybe you can join us."

"OH MY GOD SARAH SHUT UP" Grace said in her highest pitch whisper as she lunged for the phone. Sarah moved just in time and said, "Ok baby see ya then, here's Grace you can tell her what you wanna do to her."

She flipped the phone to Grace and flew by her and laughing as Grace slowly glared at her. Sarah crashed onto the bed laughing out loud as Grace put the phone to her ear and heard nothing. "August?"

"Your call did not go through, please hang up and try your call again" The annoying recorded voice said as Grace realized she had been had. Her eyes bugged out with anger, watching Sarah laugh at her hysterically. She slammed the phone down in the chair and stomped towards the bed.

"You almost made my heart stop" Grace said standing at the end of the bed as Sarah moved to the top out of her reach.

"Didn't he wanna talk to you?" Sarah asked as she laughed and watched Grace lung for her.

"COME HERE SARAH, NOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW" Grace screamed as Sarah jumped off the bed and ran for the bathroom, still laughing out loud. After a short a struggle, Grace pushed the door open and caught Sarah hiding behind the toilet, now being apologetic.

"I'm sorry that was mean, that was so mean and I am so sorry" Sarah said holding her hands up as Grace felt her anger fade away slightly. But her embarrassment grew.

"Apology excepted" Grace said moving in front of her and blocking her access to the door and a getaway. "See I'm a very forgiving person."

"I know" Sarah said kissing her and smiling with a goofy eye brow raised grin, "one of the many reasons I love you."

"But..." Grace said with a firm voice as she suddenly felt inspired with her revenge plan, "You still gotta be punished."

"Yeh I knew that" Sarah said holding her hands out and asking, "You gonna tie me up and take advantage of me I hope?"

"No, whips and chains don't excite me" Grace said moving to the bathroom door and closing it and locking it, then opening Sarah's medicine cabinet and searching for something. Didn't take long before she spotted it, a can of shaving cream, her razor and a can of Nair. Gathering them in her arms as Sarah watched, she closed the cabinet and sat them on the table by the sink. "But I've always wondered about something else."

"W...What" Sarah asked nervously as Grace picked out a towel and wash cloth from the linen closet.

"Your gonna shave something for me" Grace said holding up the razor as Sarah began protesting, "You owe me one, so you gotta do what I say."

"Ok what?" Sarah asked in frustration and nervousness.

"It's not your head" Grace said handing her the razor before kissing her softly, "I love your hair."

"Then where?"

"Where's the only place you don't shave every day" Grace asked as Sarah seemed to be running through the places and came to a shocking conclusion, "You want me to shave.....down there?"

"Yep" Grace said kissing her again and letting it linger for a long moment.

"Why?" Sarah asked as Grace pulled at her shirt and lifted it over her head.

"Because I don't wanna get hair in my mouth" Grace said as Sarah's eyes bugged out. "And cause I think it's kinda sexy. You can always let it grow back if you want."

"This is weird."

"No this is my revenge" Grace said dropping to her knees and jerking Sarah's pants down, in one smooth motion, as she nervously stepped out of them. "Come on off with the panties."

"Yes Ma'am" Sarah said as she pushed her panties down and Grace got a head on view of Sarah's soon to be bare sex. Now covered in a thin coat of downy soft hair. Sarah sat down on the toilet as Grace reached into the cabinet under the sink and pulled out one of her bags. She pulled out her cordless lady shaver and handed it to Sarah. "Here, this will make things easier."

"You really want me to shave it? Completely bald?" Sarah asked.

"Yes I wanna see what it looks like up close and personal" Grace said kissing her lips for a second and smiling. "You had your fun with the phone, so now you gotta pay the price."

"Ok" Sarah said giving in and turning the shaver on and hearing the buzz, their eyes met and both cracked up at the thought of what it sounded like. After a few more moments of giggling, Sarah turned to the task at hand. Watching as the most private area of her body, started to be transformed. A few short swipes and the majority of the hair was gone. She spent a few seconds cleaning up the strays and looking up to see Grace watching with intense interest. Grace handed her the shaving cream and Sarah slowly spread on a thin coat and took the razor, complaining for a moment about how cold it was. The cream slowly disappeared as did the remaining hair, as Grace watched. With one last swipe Sarah realized she was finished. She looked as Grace handed her the can of Nair.

"This way you won't have to shave it every day" Grace said.

"I think I know that already" Sarah said as Grace laughed nervously.

"So what you do think?" Sarah asked sitting the can down on the table and then for the first time, touching the now baby smooth skin.

"WOW, that feels like totally different." She commented before taking the cloth and some soap and watching the area clean. Rinsing off, she sat back down and waited for Grace's reaction.

"It's beautiful" Grace commented as Sarah smiled. "Is it smooth?"

"Yes actually it is" Sarah replied, "Baby smooth. Wanna feel?"

Grace knew she was offering, but more in a kidding manner than anything else and obviously never expected Grace to take her up on it. Grace moved her hand slowly to Sarah's knee and slid it along her thigh as Sarah watched and Grace bit her lip nervously. She stopped only inches away from her intended target and asked, "Are you sure?"

"You wanted it shaved, now see if you like it" Sarah said as she felt Grace touch her for the first time, sliding two fingers slowly down one side of her slit. Followed by a trip up the other side.

"It's so smooth" Grace said pulling her hand away reluctantly, "But I better stop."

"You don't have to stop ya know" Sarah said taking Grace's hand and placing in on her stomach.

"Oh I know" Grace said raising to her knees and sliding her hand higher up Sarah's flat stomach. Stopping at her bra and cupping one in her hand and squeezing gently. Sarah lowered her head slightly meeting Grace's lips with hers.

"Of course if you don't wanna use your finger, you could see how smooth it is with something else" Sarah said as Grace looked at her in shock.

"I bet that you'd just love that" Grace said as Sarah kissed her and said, "only if you did it cause you wanted too."

"Oh well that changes everything" Grace said kissing her lips one more time and then making her way down Sarah's neck with tender kisses and trailing down her body to her belly button with the same love taps. Sarah watched, unsure how fair Grace would take it and unsure how fair she herself wanted to take it. Grace kissed every inch or so down to the top of Sarah's sex, and with one last slow tantalizingly long kiss, she pulled away. She could hear Sarah's breath turn to small gasps and knew she was watching intently. She went lower, extending her tongue and bringing it to within an inch of Sarah's very sex. She looked up with a devilish grin on her face and said, "We're so even."

To be Continued....