Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 42 "Grace Loves Sarah"

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"OH SARAH.....OH....OH GOD RIGHT THERE" Grace moaned softly as she could feel every movement of Sarah, now deep inside her. She clutched at the sheets and squirmed under her as she drew closer to her reward. This burning sensation that had started was now spreading to all parts of her body and she could feel the small beads of sweat now covering her body. Finally she arched her back and screamed into the night and....woke up. Sitting bolt upright in bed, she shivered from the cool breeze that met her body. She moved her sweat covered hair out of her eyes and looked to the right to see a stunned and awe struck Sarah staring at her intently with a huge goofy grin. In front of her, Grace noticed there was a big bag of McDonald's food, and judging from the steam coming from it, it was still rather hot. Trying to speak, but not being able to find the words, she again looked up at Sarah, who had the same goofy awe struck grin on her face as before.

"That was a pretty intense dream you were having there Gracey" Sarah said as Grace blushed and covered her face with her hands and felt as if she wanted to absolutely die at this very moment. She thought if she hid in her hands long enough, the whole situation would turn out to be a really embarrassing dream that she could wake up from. But this was real she thought, unfortunately. But geez that dream, Grace had never in her life experienced anything quite like that. It was so real she could feel every movement and touch, and she could swear she was on the verge of an orgasm when she woke up. She had had many wet dreams before, but none that even came close to that. And now the worst part was the person she was having this erotic dream about was sitting right next to her, waiting for some answers.

"Shut up" Grace said finally moving her hands from her face and catching Sarah still with that 'shit eating grin' plastered across her face. "I don't wanna hear it."

"You're having a wet dream about me" Sarah said, moving the food to Grace's lap and offering it to her, "and I'm laying right beside you in bed and you're not gonna tell me about it. Uh huh, I want details."

"Sarah drop it" Grace said, blushing a million different colors a minute.

"UH huh" Sarah said as Grace looked at her again, "after what you did to me last might, I'm gonna make you squirm a little."

"So what was I doing to you that was so good?" Sarah asked in a sultry voice as she leaned close and kissed Grace's cheek gently. "You know you wanna tell me."

"Yeh maybe" Grace replied as she felt the embarrassment fade away. What was it with her, she has this amazing ability to make me feel so many different things by simply changing the tone of her voice, Grace thought. Touching Sarah's cheek a moment later and kissing her good morning, "How much did you see?"

"I dunno" Sarah replied, returning her kiss softly, "I got up early to get you some Mickey D's for breakfast and when I came back, you were going at it. And I know it was me, cause you said my name...more than once."

"Oh yeah it was you alright" Grace said, kissing her for a long moment and watching her girlfriend smile as she pulled away. "Wait, you went all the way to Mickey D's to get me breakfast?"

"Yeh me and Shell got up early and she dropped me off on her way home" Sarah said as Grace noticed Shell's clothes were gone. "I know how much you love Mickey D's to start the day, so...."

"Thank you" Grace said as Sarah shrugged her shoulders and smiled like it was no big deal.

"Eat, eat" Sarah said as she hopped off the bed and went to take a shower. Grace watched the bathroom door close and started to think which she wanted to do more, eat breakfast or join Sarah in the shower. Deciding, she quickly jumped off the bed and stuffed the food in the microwave, to keep it hot, and grabbed a towel before opening the bathroom door and slipping inside. Grace stripped out of her shorts. Sarah was barely out of her clothes when she felt the shower curtain move beside her and Grace hug her from behind.

"MMMMMM now that's a nice surprise" Sarah said looking at Grace in the mirror at the end of the tub. "You decided showering with me was more important than eating huh?"

"Yep" Grace replied, kissing her neck as Sarah sighed her approval. "And speaking of eating...." Grace continued on as Sarah noticed the devious smile on her face.

"Oh so that's what I was doing huh?" Sarah asked as Grace blushed and rolled her eyes.

"Yeh you were" Grace said, kissing her neck. "And you were doing it really good too."

"Since when do you know anything about what that feels like?" Sarah asked as she turned and looked at her with a smirk.

"Good point" Grace said, "But I'm assuming I'll be finding out soon."

"You sure will" Sarah said, kissing her as Grace giggled. A long, long make-out session followed as both got lost in the other and lost track of time. They did finally get down to the business of showering and after drying each other off, they settled down on the bed and started to eat breakfast when the buzzer went off.

"Geeez" Sarah said, looking at Grace as it sounded again, "If I get more than 5 minutes with you anymore it's a shock."

"You had me all last night" Grace said.

"No I didn't" Sarah said, "Having my big mouth cousin in the room isn't what I consider romantic or alone. But on the other hand you did have me last night, huh? At least in your dreams."

"Sarah" Grace gasped as she started to laugh and blush. Sarah kissed her cheek and hopped off the bed to check the buzzer.

"Yeh" She said calmly.

"Ms. Grasser, I'm sorry for not calling but I could really use a moment of your time" Mr. Philips said in his distinct English voice.

"Oh ok come on up" Sarah said, buzzing him in and looking back at Grace with an 'I'm sorry' look on her face.

"It's ok babe" Grace said, joining her by the door and pressing her lips to Sarah's. "You can neglect me, I don't mind."

"No way never" Sarah said, sliding her arms around Grace's waist and watching her smile teasingly as she pulled her closer for another kiss. A loud wrapping on the door brought both back to reality rather quickly as Sarah snuck one more kiss and turned to open the door, surprised to find not only Mr. Philips standing in the hall, but Arvis White too.

"I asked Mr. White to join us. I thought it might be time saving to conduct our business all at once" Mr. Philips said, brushing between Sarah and Grace and setting up his briefcase in front of Sarah's computer.

"How's Mae?" Sarah asked Arvis, referring to his wife who had been sick for a few weeks now.

"She will be better when we get out of this climate and to the warm weather of Florida I hope" Arvis said as he took a seat at Sarah's desk.

"First the legal documents that you both need to sign to transfer ownership of the building are here" Mr. Philips said, handing both a pen and waiting impatiently for them to get it over with. He quickly snatched them away as soon as it was done and placed them carefully back into his briefcase. "Ok good, Ms. Grasser, I would like to congratulate you, you're now a land owner in the state of Illinois."

"Thank you" Sarah said at looking Grace with a huge smile and excitedly hugging her as Grace jumped into her arms. Sarah looked at Grace for a second seeing her smiling proudly and couldn't resist the urge to kiss her. "UMMMMM, ladies if we can please get back to business."

"OH ok I thought that was it" Sarah said as Grace blushed a deep crimson and pushed Sarah away playfully.

"NO several things we need to tackle before we officially start making you a rich woman" Mr. Philips said as Sarah listened, "and make no mistake about it, I fully intend too."

"I don't care about money" Sarah said, "Hell I'm just happy I don't have to pay rent anymore."

"Well nevertheless, the fact remains you are now the majority owner of a very valuable piece of real estate" Mr. Philips continued without so much as a pause, "And I have some questions for Mr. White. First how many units are in this building total?"

"Well there's eight floors, not including the penthouse and 8 apartments on each floor, so that's....." Arvis said, struggling with the total.

"That's 64 units Mr. White" Mr. Philips said off-handedly.

"Yeh whatever, my wife has always been the book keeper and better with numbers" Arvis said as Sarah smiled.

"Which may serve to explain why there are only 41 units filled in a building built for 64" Mr. Philips said, making notes on his notepad. "Can you explain why only two-thirds of the apartments are filled Mr. White?"

"Well several of them, if I ain't mistaken, on the top floor are being used for storage" Mr. White said, "and most of the rest are needing repairs and such, and with Mae being sick I just ain't had the time to do them."

"Mr. White you're the reason Ms. Grasser is bordering on financial disaster" Mr. Philips said, making some more notes.

"HUH, how?" Sarah asked as Grace moved to her side and took her hand to find it shaking and sweaty.

"Thanks to Mr. White's mismanagement, your building is doing almost half the business it could be" Mr. Philips said as Arvis rose from his seat and pointed a finger and said, "I don't know who the hell's been feeding you this line of shit, Mr. Fancy lawyer man, but my wife Mae is as good at doing books as anyone I ever seen. And you ain't got no right scaring poor Sarah with your loud mouth. This building has always and I mean damn well always made money, every bill that comes due has been paid in full."

"Mr. White I was referring...."

"I don't give a god damn who or what you was referring to" Arvis snapped, "I always told Eugene you were a money hungry slime and I'm convinced now I was right. So you either gonna tell her the truth or I'm gonna shove my cane straight up your ass."

"Mr. White, threats of physical violence are not the way to start a business relationship" Mr. Philips said smartly moving behind Sarah and Grace and saying, "If you would have let me finish, I was gonna say. Ms. Grasser should by now be financially secure, but due to the number of vacancies and the amount of repairs, it will be a while before she sees that reality."

"So what's the bottom line here Andrew?" Sarah asked, turning around as Arvis again took his seat and Mr. Philips looked at her, probably thrown by Sarah's use of his first name, Grace observed.

"From the numbers I'm looking at right now it will take nearly every penny of the profits over the next few months to bring the building back to peak operation" Andrew said.

"Will I have enough money to live on?" Sarah asked.

"Your father has set aside a trust fund for you" Andrew said, "so your needs will always be met."

"Ok then do what ya gotta do then" Sarah said, "after all, you work for me now right?"

"Yes I do Ms. Grasser" Andrew said.

"I thought so" Sarah said, "Now are you gonna hire a new business manager anytime soon?"

"I've already contacted several and we'll set interviews when you have the time" Andrew said.

"Look I don't know the first thing about hiring a manager, other than the fact that the last one was a sleaze" Sarah said, "so hire the best guy for the job...again."

"Ok" Andrew said obviously amused at watching Sarah on her little power trip.

"You are so sexy when you're in control" Grace said, hugging Sarah from behind as she closed the door behind Arvis and Mr. Philips, "Yep, makes me hot."

"It does huh?" Sarah asked, kissing her, "then get your cute little ass on the bed now."

"GRRRRRR" Grace growled playfully and quickly hopped onto the bed.

"Now..." Sarah said as the phone started ringing. "... DAMN." "Yes" Sarah said calmly as she picked it up and Grace started giggling as she flopped down on the bed. "Oh hey Jess, yeh she's here." "Hey Jess" Grace said, taking the phone and kissing Sarah quickly before going on. "What's up?" "Just wanted to know when you wanna leave?" She asked.

"UMMMMM....How about here in about two hours" Grace suggested. "Gimme some time to beg Sarah to come along, K?"

"K, See ya in a little while" Jessie said, hanging up.

"Are you sure August said it was ok?" Sarah asked as Grace hung up the phone.

"Yeh he wants us to come down" Grace said, sitting down in the chair and turning her computer on. "He said something about his new girlfriend was supposed to be there, but she called and said something about she couldn't make it."

"New girlfriend?" Sarah asked, sitting down beside Grace in the chair.

"Yeh he sorta clammed up when I asked anything about her" Grace said, clicking the connect button to get online, "probably afraid to tell me who she was."


"Protecting her from you" Grace said, kissing her lips for a second as Sarah giggled.

"She calls me baby names and she'll get her ass kicked too" Sarah said as she hugged Grace from behind and laid her head on her shoulder.

"I'm your baby huh?" Grace asked as she looked at Sarah's smiling face.

"You know you are" Sarah said as Grace blushed, finally hearing the connecting ping and clicking Internet Explorer and logging on to her Yahoo account.

"When did you get an email account?" Sarah asked.

"Last time I was here" Grace said, pointing to the top of the screen and showing Sarah her email address, ""

"I love you too" Sarah said, hugging Grace more snuggly and nestling her neck as Grace giggled and squirmed in her arms.

"What's yours?" Grace asked as Sarah watched her click through the mail, deleting everything. "Your email I mean?"

"" Sarah whispered as Grace laughed and blushed a deep crimson.

"At least it's true to life huh?" Grace asked as Sarah agreed and laughed.

"Here, we should get going" Sarah said as Grace signed off her email. "We got a long drive ahead and you still gotta pick-up Jessie."

"True" Grace said turning the computer off and rising as Sarah did the same and pulled her bag out from under the bed. 20 minutes of silence later, Grace looked up from her magazine and realized it had really been that long since anyone had said anything. Sarah was mindlessly folding clothes in her suitcase and seemed to be deep in thought, or more to the point worried about something.

"Ya know school starts in a few days" Sarah mentioned, trying to make it sound like it was off-handed, but knew Grace would probably see through that effort.

"Is that what's got you so deep in thought?" Grace asked as Sarah gave her a strange look and said, "You know me so well."

"Yeh" Grace replied, "So what about school is bugging you?"

"You and me" Sarah said simply as Grace froze in her thoughts, "Are you gonna be able to handle it?"

"I hadn't thought about it really" Grace lied.

"Right....sure Gracey" Sarah said, sitting down beside her on the window sill and reading over her shoulder for a moment. "Now try again."

"Ok I been thinking about it some yeh" Grace admitted, "but honestly, it doesn't scare me."

"We had a lot of fun this summer, me and you; we fell in love and..." Sarah said as Grace listened, " it's sorta time to face the world with the choices we made."

"Are you gonna be taking or teachin' classes this semester?" Grace asked as Sarah laughed nervously.

"Listen" Grace started, "I fell in love with you and that is NOT something I can turn off or put aside, and I don't want to neither. I can handle being your girlfriend. Really I can."

"You're a strong person Grace Manning" Sarah said, kissing her softly.

"So are you, you just don't know it" Grace said as Sarah smiled.

"I feel that way when I'm with you" Sarah said as Grace smiled. "Anyway back to what I was saying."


"If you wanna ease into it, that's fine too" Sarah offered, "you know just be together in secret."

"I don't think so" Grace said firmly as Sarah smiled, "I love you and I want everyone to know. Maybe we should just announce it to the entire school on the first day."

"Ok fine with me" Sarah said, challenging her.

"Ms. Simms in the office would prolly let us use the microphone" Grace said.

"You're crazy" Sarah said, getting up and closing her suitcase and zipping it up.

"Feel better?" Grace asked softly.

"Yeh thanks" Sarah said, coming over and kissing her as the door bell rang. "I swear I think they got cameras on us and they think it's funny to ring that damn thing every time I kiss you."

"Big Brother meets Candid Camera" Grace said as Sarah laughed and opened the door. "MAE?"

Grace got up as Sarah excitedly hugged Mae and helped her into the apartment. The woman looked like she was near death, wrapped in an afghan and coughing and trembling from the cold. Sarah had her sit down and accepted the box in her hand as a coughing fit took her over and she gasped for breath. Grace went to the kitchen and poured some warm water and put a little honey in it, something her grandmother had taught her years ago.

"Here drink this" Grace said and the minute she downed it, the coughing seem to stop completely.

"Why honey I think you cured my cough" Mae said as Sarah hugged Grace and said, "She's a miracle worker, I tell you."

"What was in that?" Mae asked.

"Water and honey is all" Grace said as Sarah finally opened the box and pulled out the key.

"What's this for?" Sarah asked.

"That's the key I promised your Mama and Daddy I've give you when you turned 18" Mae said. "It's the key to your past Sarah."

"Oh my god" Sarah said, clutching the key in her hand, "What does it go to?"

"Ohhhh yeah, my absent mind, sometimes I'm lucky I remember to wake up in the morning" Mae said as Grace giggled silently. "It goes to a storage locker at one of those places out on the highway."

"Oh ok" Sarah said as Mae handed her a piece of wrinkled paper that was barely readable. Grace took it from Sarah's trembling hands and read it herself.

"Your father, Eugene may not have been a great father Sarah, but he sure made good on his promise that you'd never need for anything" Mae said. "That storage locker has all the stuff that we could get when he died."

"Thank you" Sarah said, hugging her tightly, "you and Arvis have been so important to me, I don't think I'd be here if it wouldn't for you guys."

"Sarah we promised your daddy we would" Mae said, standing and looking a lot more steady now than before. "So it's gonna be tough saying goodbye. But I think it's best if we just say a simple one."

"Me too, I'll come visit you guys in Florida" Sarah said as Mae hugged her once more and left.

"This isn't too far from here" Grace said as Sarah closed the door and leaning against the back of it, started to cry quietly. "You wanna go and check it out? What's wrong?"

"I'm just really gonna miss them" Sarah said, wiping away the tears and feeling Grace pull her into a hug.

"It's better for them" Grace said as Sarah wrapped her arms tightly around Grace and replied, "I know."

"We'll go to Florida and see them; we will" Grace said, "I promise you that."

"Why is it everyone I care about always leaves me?" Sarah asked, crying harder.

"Hey I'm not going anywhere" Grace said as she wiped away Sarah tears with her sleeve. "Your life is totally different than it was just a few months ago, you just don't have one person to hang on to, you have a whole family. I love you do you know that?"

"Yes I do" Sarah said, pressing her lips suddenly to Grace's, "I love you too. I just get this way sometimes."

"So like I was saying..." Grace started, holding up the note in her hand, "You wanna check this out?"

"NAHHHH" Sarah said, kissing Grace again, "It's been there for 5 years, it'll keep for a few more days."

"Yeh anyway we gotta get going" Grace said, grabbing her bag from the bathroom and the one from under the bed and helping Sarah with hers. "You want me to get the door?"

"You still got that key?" Sarah asked, realizing she did.

"Yeh you never asked for it back" Grace said, showing it to her as she clicked the power stick for the computer off and pulled the door together and locked it.

"That's because I want ya to have it" Sarah said, putting her arm around Grace's and pulling her along to the elevator. Soon the car was loaded and they made their way home, hoping that Grace's plan would work as it was supposed to. Right on cue, Lily emerged from the kitchen as Sarah and Grace settled in to the living room, talking with Jessie. A very pissed off ZoŽ came down the stairs and seeing Lily, turned and stomped back up them. Lily asked Sarah and Grace to come into the kitchen where they had the pre-planned conversation, as far as Grace's plan went, and Lily followed the script making her points for why she thought they shouldn't be sleeping in the same bed. So Grace "suggested" that maybe Jessie could come over to chaperone and get out of the house for while. Jessie emerged on cue and was in total favor of the idea. Lily reluctantly agreed after a few more minutes of gentle persuasion from the troublesome twosome.

"So what's up with ZoŽ?" Grace asked, trying purposely to change the subject.

"OHHHH little missy didn't come home till 2:35 last night" Lily said, ringing the dish towel in her hands for all it was worth. "So I grounded her butt till further notice."

"She told me you said she could go" Grace said, "and her friend, Sam's sister Mandy, told me she talked to you."

"You saw her leave? What was she dressed like?" Lily asked as Grace explained and watched as her mother nearly fainted. "You let her leave the house dressed like that?"

"I'm not her mother" Grace said defensively.

"Wait wait" Sarah said as both looked at her as if she had just arrived. "You said Sam is her friend, and she has a sister Mandy?"

"Yeh why?" Grace asked.

"Sam McCree" Sarah said simply, "that is trouble, you should be careful about letting her go anywhere with them girls."

"Well she won't be again for a long time" Lily said, "That I can guarantee."

"I WAS LATE CAUSE THE CAR BROKE DOWN" ZoŽ screamed from the hallway as Lily circled around the counter and walked down the hall. "I told you that, but you won't believe me."

"Maybe the car did breakdown" Sarah said, sitting by ZoŽ.

"It did I swear, you can ask Sam, Shady, and Mandy" ZoŽ said, pleading her case. "And you can ask the guy who towed our car to the auto shop. What did you want me to do? Walk home? As long as I made it home by your stupid curfew you could care less, huh Mom?"

"I never said that" Lily replied.

"Yes you did" ZoŽ said, standing up, "when you grounded me without even listening to my side of the story."

"If she's telling the truth Mom you shouldn't ground her because of that" Grace said as Lily got really angry.

"She's my child Grace Manning and I'll ground her anytime I feel like it" Lily said as Sarah looked at her in surprise.

"Yeh as long as you don't have to admit you're wrong huh?" ZoŽ snapped as Sarah put her arm around her.

"I was thinking about not grounding you, but that smart mouth just changed my mind" Lily said to ZoŽ.

"BULL SHIT" ZoŽ screamed as she turned and ran up the stairs. "You just want your damn way so you can feel big."

"Mood swing" Sarah said into Grace'e ear as she walked by and headed for the door with Jessie.

"Mom, you're putting more stress on yourself than you need to" Grace said, "You are pregnant now. You're letting this ZoŽ thing get out of control."

"Stop telling me how to parent" Lily said.

"Fine Mom do whatever you want" Grace said, throwing her hands up and walking out the door, "You're going to anyway."

Grace wasted no time in ushering Jessie and Sarah into the car, both wrestling over shotgun, until Grace opened the back door and pushed Jessie inside. Sarah playfully stuck her tongue out and she and Jessie started slapping at each other over the back of the seat. Grace laughed and pulled away as she saw Lily come out of the house. Knowing her mother most likely was gonna apologize, that was something she just didn't wanna deal with.

"So Mr. Dimitri doesn't mind me coming?" Jessie asked as everyone settled in for the ride.

"No I told him why we wanted to come down and he seemed cool with it." Grace said. "I'm just wondering where we're all gonna sleep."

"Why?" Jessie asked.

"He's only got the one guest bedroom" Sarah said, looking back at Jessie, "so you'll have to sleep in the car I guess, Jan."

"I don't think so Marsha" Jessie said, pushing her head away as Sarah laughed.

"Why not Jess?" Sarah said sneaking a peak at Grace before she went on, "if you're a good girl, after I wear Grace out, I'll come out and visit you."

"Huh no thanks, that's a threat" Jessie said as Sarah shot her an evil look and lunged at her. They wrestled for a minute before Sarah crawled into the back seat and pinned Jessie down to the seat as Grace tried to watch in the mirror and still drive.

"Now what did you say huh?" Sarah asked, slamming Jessie's hands firmly back to the seat as she tried to wiggle loose.

"Are you seeing this Grace?" Jessie asked, "Your girlfriend is all over me back here."

"Well you asked for it" Grace said, changing lanes as they pulled onto the interstate.

"Now what did you say about me?" Sarah asked again as Jessie got a fit of the giggles.

"Nothing I swear, I take it back" Jessie said as Sarah released her hands and raised her fist in victory.

"Just for the record" Sarah said, crawling back into the front seat, "I was never really gonna do that anyway."

"Oh I know" Jessie said, sitting up, leaning forward, and gently touching Sarah's face and saying, "I'm hungry, when are we gonna stop for food?"

"You tease" Sarah said, pushing Jessie's hand away as she laughed.

"Well it's only about a two hour trip down there" Grace said.

"Yeh if you don't count the time it takes to find his house" Sarah giggled, which would end up being more difficult than either thought it would be, as they made wrong turn after wrong turn. Sarah nearly screamed and she pointed out the bridge that signaled they were finally getting close. That is until Jessie spotted a 'White Castle' and started bouncing around excitedly wanting to stop, more like demanding to stop.

"That's a White Castle, when was the last time we had those?" Jessie asked, pleading. "Come on Grace, you can wait a few more minutes to see him."

"I don't wanna see him, geez I'm doing this for you" Grace turned around and pointed her finger and said, "Get this straight, I'd just as soon turn this car around and go the fuck home, than to hear that stupid comment anymore. Now what's it gonna be smartass?"

"Then prove it, let's stop and get some White Castles" Jessie said, challenging her. "And if you do, I won't say it again."

"Come on Grace I'm sorta hungry too" Sarah said, "and I think those would just hit the spot."

"Fine" Grace said, pulling across the two lane road and finding a parking space. Jessie got out and dragged Sarah along while Grace stopped by the front of the car and quickly phoned August to give him an update.

"That's fine" August said after she told him they'd be a few more minutes. "Steph leave the dog outside."

"Who's Steph?" Grace asked herself and caught herself before figuring out the obvious. It must be his new girlfriend, she thought to herself.

"Well umm we'll be there as soon as Sarah and Jessie get their bellies filled." Grace said.

"Oh ok take your time, we'll leave the light on for ya" August said as Grace noticed the way he said we'll instead of I. "If he poops the floor, you're cleaning it up young lady." Grace heard August say as the phone line went dead. She crossed the parking lot and found the booth inside with Sarah on one side and Jessie on the other. They had already ordered and Jessie was hungrily munching away on the tiny burgers as was Sarah. Grace made do by stealing a few French fries from Sarah's plate.

"He had another girl there?" Jessie asked as she and Grace walked back to the car a few minutes later while Sarah visited the bathroom.

"Yeh some girl name Steph" Grace said as Sarah came running out of the front door and dove into the backseat. "He wasn't hiding it either."

"But he said she couldn't make it this weekend" Sarah said as she got caught up on the conversation and they pulled out of the parking lot and headed for August's.

"Plans changed I guess" Grace said. A few minutes later Sarah pointed out the "Shit colored driveway". More of a winding road in reality Grace thought, because it was so damn long. August was sitting on the front door with his note pad, making notes as he heard the car coming up the road. He stood and walked off the porch to greet them as they parked and collected their bags.

"Welcome to Casa August" He said as he looked around for someone and walked over to exchange hugs. First, to Jessie's surprise, was Sarah and then Grace. "It's nice to see ya again Jessie."

"You too Mr. Dimitri" She said nervously.

"Uh huh young lady not here" August said, "Around the house I'm August or just D. That's what Steph likes to call me."

"Ok" Jessie said and figuring everyone was thinking the same thing and didn't have the guts to ask, she would. "Who's Steph?"

"Oh my god I totally forgot to mention that she was staying with me" August said as he turned to look for her. "STEPH...Stephanie where did you go?"

"Here, I'm back" A voice said. A second later a young girl emerged from the side of the house in running shorts and a sports bra, covered in sweat with a large dog at her side, panting as much as she was. The first thing Grace noticed was how young she looked. She couldn't be more than 17, prolly not even that, Grace thought. "Told you I was going running with Annie."

"I forgot" He said as she joined him nervously, putting her arm around his waist with his going around her shoulder. Grace's look matched that of Sarah and Jessie's, one of total shock. He didn't seem to notice as he kissed her forehead affectionately. "Everyone this is Stephanie."

"Hi" Sarah said first as she knelt and greeted Stephanie's dog, Annie. Who quickly returned Sarah's greeting by licking her face as she giggled and petted her.

"Nice to meet you Stephanie" Grace said.

"Nice to meet both of you" She said, shifting from foot one to the other and biting her lip.

"No reason to be nervous Steph" August said, "I think you guys will end up being friends."

"I could use that about right now" She said, smiling hopefully.

"Have you been staying with August long?" Sarah asked as she wrestled with Annie and Stephanie knelt down and joined in the fun.

"UMM....No I haven't" Stephanie said as August suddenly spoke up and went on, "See Stephanie's my...."

To be Continued....