Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 43 "Jessie's New Play Thing"

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"UMM....No I haven't" Stephanie said as August suddenly spoke up and went on, "See Stephanie's my...."

"Your what?" Grace asked as August trailed off in mid-sentence at the ringing of his telephone.

"His niece, I'm his niece" Stephanie said as she smiled at Grace, "He's all frazzled with worry over his new girlfriend and her problems at home."

"Look it's ok" August said a little louder than he intended. "Yeh some friends of mine came down from Chicago for the weekend....Yes I do have more friends than you in that city..... And yes they are, but I'm only interested in you. So stop driving yourself crazy about it."

"So what's your story, if you don't mind me asking?" Sarah asked Stephanie with a friendly smile.

"Just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years back home in Omaha and Uncle August suggested I come stay with him for a while" Stephanie said, "So me and Annie came down for a while. You?"

"Oh me and my girlfriend Grace brought her step-sister down for a while" Sarah said without really thinking, "She sorta has the same problem you do, just broke up with her girlfriend."

"Oh ok" Stephanie said rising as Sarah realized she might have made her uncomfortable.

"Sorry for just blurting that whole gay thing out" Sarah said, "I got a big mouth sometimes. Hope I didn't scare ya off."

"Sometimes?" Grace asked turning her attention to the other's as August walked up the steps and into the house.

"Ok always" Sarah said as Stephanie laughed.

"No it's ok I guess" She said, "I've just never known any people who where gay in real life. Omaha's not exactly known for them."

"Neither is Chicago" Sarah said.

"We sorta run in packs" Jessie said with a smile as she knelt and joined in on petting the excitable Annie.

"Yeh like a pack of wolfs" Sarah said as her and Jessie started wrestling, while Annie began jumping around and barking.

"Hey, don't pay any attention to those two" Grace said as Stephanie stood and watched the two on the ground.

"Since August is busy, you think I can show you were you'll be sleeping" Steph asked as Grace grabbed her bag and Stephanie took Sarah and Jessie's as they kept struggling against each other, trying to get up. Annie began putting her nose in between them and pushing them back to the ground as a fit of giggles swept of both of them and after a minute or so, they both collapsed on the ground laughing. Prompting Annie to lay down between them and nudging them to get up and keep playing.

"Annie's found a couple of new friends I think" Steph said as they walked down the hall and past the room Sarah and Grace had shared the last time, to a another that looked as if it had just been added. "This room isn't really big enough for three people, so I thought one of you could just sack out on the row away in my room, k?"

"Ummmmm sure...I guess" Grace said hoping Jessie would agree, "you won't be too uncomfortable?"

"Nahhh it's just a couple of days" Steph said still holding the bags in her arms, waiting for Grace to tell her what goes where.

"Oh, the red one goes in here" Grace said, "That's Sarah's, and the other is Jessie's. So..."

"Gotcha" Steph said turning and leaving the room. Returning a minute later sans the bag and helping Grace put the bed clothes on the new mattress.

"You gonna be staying with August long?" Grace asked as they stretched the sheet into position.

"Was supposed to only be for two weeks" She said plopping down on the bed as soon as it was made, "But August likes having me around, or so he says, and I just don't wanna go home to my asswhole of an ex, yet. So we talked last night and he said I'm welcome here as long as I want."

"But ain't it boring here?" Grace wondered aloud.

"AHHHH I dunno" Steph said as Grace sat down and relaxed on the other side of the bed, "There's some great trails in the woods for running. And 'bout a mile back on one of them, there's this great waterfall, it like pours into this hollowed out cave and it's really neat."

"A waterfall?" Grace asked turning over and looking at Steph with interest.

"Yeh and it's great for swimming and sunning and stuff" Steph replied.

"Sounds cool" Grace said getting the beginnings of an idea, "can you show me?"

"Sure anytime"

"What about now?" Grace asked standing up and kicking her and Sarah's bag into the closet beside the bed.

"Now?" Steph asked in surprise.

"Yeh unless you got something else you need to do"

"Nope let's go" Steph said leaving the room and waiting as Grace grabbed her sunglasses and they headed down the hall out onto the front porch. Sarah and Jessie were now camped out in the porch swing as Grace followed Steph out the screen door.

"Where you two going?" Sarah asked.

"Steph wants to show me something" Grace said stopping to sneak a quick kiss on the lips. "BRB."

"Can you tell Uncle August I'll be be back in about a half-hour or so if he asks?" Steph asked as both Sarah and Jessie agreed. "Stay Annie, Stay girl."

Grace never thought a simple walk through the woods could be so physically draining. But she had to stop and rest two times before they got to the waterfall. Steph waited patiently on her, with an amused look on her face, Grace noticed.

"This is it" Steph said as Grace's eyes widened in shock at the beauty of the place. There was a large grass landing just below a set of huge boulders that lead up a spot under the waterfall. Grace also noticed that a large hamock was hanging from two trees behind them a few feet, with a milk crate to set on and assorted other items scattered around. "Those are my things, I usually bring Annie out here when I run and play fetch with her and stuff or I'll just come out here by myself and read."

"Cool, it's gorgeous" Grace said walking to the edge of the water and looking down the winding river that lead away from the little cove. "Is this fresh water?"

"Yeh it is, drains down from the mountain and the rocks and stuff clean it" Steph said leaning down and taking a handful and drinking it. "Taste better than that crap in the city."

"That's for sure" Grace said as she sipped the water herself.

"You can walk up these rocks here..." Steph said pointing to the boulders to their right, "and go right under the waterfall."

"Yeh Sarah would love that I bet" Grace said smiling and making mental notes along the way.

"Maybe you and her wanna come out here one day by yourselfs?" Steph offered with a wry smile.

"That's what I was sorta thinking" Grace said blushing as Steph smiled shyly. "But I'm sorta worried about Jessie, she's going through a tough time and I don't wanna just abandone her. So it might not happen."

"Well if there's anything I can know....feel free to ask" Steph said as she stood and crossed the grass and sat down in the hamock. Steph's head jerked to the right towards the trail they had just followed as Grace looked to and lost her train of thought. Annie was barking and running up the trail to Grace and Steph's surprise.

"Annie, bad girl, bad girl" Steph said as Annie cam running up to her happily. "I said stay, stay. Bad girl."

"ANNIE, COME BACK ANNIE" Sarah screamed as her and Jessie ran up the last few feet and looked surprised to find Grace and Steph. Sarah stopped and tried to say something, but was to busy gasping for air, as was Jessie. Who brushed off the milk crate and sat down, rather roughly and leaned back against the tree. Finally, through her panting, Jessie was able to say, "'t....stop."

"Long deep breaths" Steph said guiding Sarah over to the hamock and having her lie down.

"So she ran off and both of you had to chase her?" Grace asked sitting down by Sarah on the hammock.

"I started and....Jan followed me" Sarah said still breathing hard.

"I'm sorry guys" Steph said petting Annie before she ran over to Sarah to nudge her to get back up. "She's not usually like this. She does what I say most of the time."

"It's ok I was hoping to get my ten miles in today" Jessie said finally catching her breath.

"More like a mile goofy" Grace said turning to Sarah and asking, "Well since you here, do you like it?"

"Here Annie go get it" Steph said picking up a branch and flinging it into the water as Annie went splashing after it.

"Are you kidding I love it" Sarah said standing up, "Think me and you could get away for a little while and come out here."

"She was just talking about that" Steph said then covering her mouth.

"Then do it" Jessie said standing and watching Annie retrieve the stick and swim back.

"What about you though?" Grace asked now standing by her and laying her arm around her step-sisters neck, "we came down here for you."

"I know" Jessie said putting an arm around Grace's waist, "But I'll find something to do."

"You ever been fishing?" Steph asked as she threw the stick again and Annie went splashing after it. "There's a pier down river about two miles the other way."

"Never been" Jessie said.

"I'll show you if you want" Steph offered.

"We can borrow a couple of sleeping bags from August" Sarah said quitely to Grace, "and he's got a tent we could use."

"You wanna camp out overnight?" Grace whispered as Annie returned and Steph threw the stick again and her and Jessie made plans for their fishing trip the next morning.

"Yeh" Sarah said kissing Grace's cheek and raising her eyebrows suggestively.

"I'll ask August" Grace said squeezing Sarah's hand as they joined Steph and Jessie for a climb to the top of the rocks before they got ready to head back. Upon arriving back at the house, poor August looked more frazzled than ever and didn't really talk about it, or at least he didn't give anyone a chance to ask him, before disappearing into his office and staying there for a couple of hours. Steph and Jess seemed to be getting along fine as she showed Jessie how to cast on the front porch and Sarah played with Annie, until the poor dog was tired. Grace, meanwhile, made the rounds to all the places August had said the camping stuff was and collected two really nice, plush sleeping bags, a rather large 4 person tent and a few other essentials for her planned trip with Sarah. Grace made it a point to watch Jessie as much as she could, she noticed, overall Jessie's mood seemed to have changed, but every once in a while she would get quite and just look off into space and look as if she wanted to cry. Steph noticed this too, and feeling the same way, she knew the only way to stop hurting was to not dwell on it. So she tried to keep her new friend as interested as she could.

It was clear to Jessie she was gonna need some more practice casting, as they were aiming for a small bucket twent feet or so in front of them. Her first cast went sailing into the trees and number 2 nailed a bush behind the car and with the fourth, hitting a shingle on the roof of the house behind them and snagging, poor Steph was laying on the porch gasping for breath with laughter.

"Trying to help August do a little roofing there Jan?" Sarah asked with a smirk as the whole group broke out in laughter. Jessie pulled again at the pole, trying to dislodge the hook from the roof. Shooting Sarah a dirty look as Sarah hugged her playfully. "It's ok Jan we still love ya. Even if you do suck at casting."

"Bite me Marsha" Jessie said pushing Sarah away as she tried to hide a smile.
* * *
"Hey guys I'm gonna be in my study so unless it's an emergency I don't wanna be bothered" August said coming into the living room a couple of hours later.

"Yes Daddy" Steph said as August rolled his eyes and left the room again.

"OK now that it's just us girls..." Sarah said standing, "Whatta say we play a game or two?"

"You mean like Truth or Dare?" Steph asked as Sarah thought this girl must be reading her mind.

"Yeh exactly" Sarah said sitting down by Steph on the couch. "I think we're gonna be really good friends. We both have such great minds."

"Look what I found..." Jessie said arriving back in the living room after a short absense to visit the kitchen. "Wine coolers. August's been holding out on us."

"No he hasn't, those are mine you nosey thing" Steph said taking one from the four pack and sitting down on the love seat beside Jessie, "and no I don't mind sharing."

"Gimme, gimme, Blackberry" Sarah said snagging the last one, as Grace took a peach and Jessie took the Banana.

"Ok who's first?" Sarah asked as her and Grace took seats on the floor in front of the love seat.

"Me..." Steph said, "since you guys are drinking my booze, which I don't mind..really. But I think I should get to go first."

"Even better" Sarah said holding up her frost covered bottle, "in the spirit of sharing, you can ask each one of us a question."

"That's not fair" Jessie moaned as Steph gladly agreed.

"Yes it is" Sarah replied, "She's providing the booze, and plus that way she can get to know her new friends a little. But you gotta play when it comes your turn."

"Oh yeah of course, of course. I love this game" Steph said excitedly sitting up and scanning the other three for her first victim. "Sarah..."

"Yeh" Sarah replied in the same tone of voice, sending a fit of giggles through the room.

"You ever did it with a guy?" Steph asked, "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth" Sarah said taking a long swig of the wine cooler, "and no. Next."

"Never?" Steph asked.

"Nope" Sarah said, "never wanted too. Next."

"Ok" Steph said still wanting to grill Sarah about her sexual exploits but figuring it would be best to move on. "Grace."

"Oh boy...yeh" Grace said nervously.

"When was the last time you masterbated and where was it?" Steph asked with a devilish grin as Grace blushed a deep crimson "Truth or Dare?"

"Yeh now we getting to the good stuff" Jessie said rubbing her hands together and looking squarely at her step-sister.

"UMMM...." Grace stammered as she scanned the room and suddenly decided to play their silly game and answer the question. "Truth."

"Yes" Steph said pumping her fist, "when was it?"

"A few weeks ago, when Sarah left for Nashville" Grace said quickly in one long breath, "and it was at Sarah's place."

"AHHHHHHH" Jessie said with her mouth open in surprise.

"Couldn't get any with your girl out of town so you had to relieve the tension the old fashion way huh?" Steph asked as Grace blushed.

"Actually we've never slept together" Sarah said moving to Grace's side. "We wanna make it something special."

"Ohhhhh cool" Steph said as she turned her attention to Jessie. "Now it's your turn Jessie my friend."

"You really did that?" Sarah whispered in Grace's ear and watched Grace nod her head yes with a sly smile on her face.

"Would you....ever do it with two people at the same time?" Steph said as Jessie's eyes grew wide and she gasp for air, "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth" Jessie said, "And yes I would. Matter of fact I already have."

"Get out" Steph said shooting her eyes around to meet Jessie's, "you slut, tell me about it."

"I am not a slut, I'm just easy" Jessie said as Steph laughed and grabbed her arm and replied, "tell me about it, what was it like."
br>"It was with my girlfriend and a friend of hers" Jessie said just then noticing Sarah's shocked expression. "Two girls, and it was a lot of fun."

"Wasn't it weird having someone watch you do it with your girlfriend?" Steph asked.

"No not really" Jessie said liking for once being the center of attention. "Actually I liked it."

"I can't believe your two years younger than me and you've already done a three-way" Steph said, "That is so wild"

"Yeh me neither" Sarah said still stunned somewhat.

"Tell ya 'bout it later?" Grace asked in a whisper in Sarah's ear as she quickly agreed.

"Ok my turn" Jessie said.

"And why is it your turn?" Sarah asked moving in front of her as Jessie half smiled and pushed her away, "cause I can kick your ass."

"Ok ok just don't hurt me" Sarah said scooting back over to Grace's side as Steph laughed.

"Stephanie...." Jessie said looking at her, "...our new friend from Omaha."

"I knew you were gonna pick me" She said confidently. "So come on let me have it."

"Ok" Jessie said thinking for a long moment, trying to come up with something that was equally as good as Steph's last question.

"Tell us something you do, that might surprise us."

"LAME" Sarah said as Jessie shot her a dirty look and Steph replied, "I'll take truth and no it's not lame, it's actually a good question."

"Course you'd say that" Sarah said as Grace laughed.

"Anyway...something that might surprise you..hmmmm" Steph said, appearing to be searching her mind for something that might shock them and having a hard time finding one it looked like. "I'm a nudist?"

"You are?" Grace asked as the three suddenly perked up. "meaning you like being naked."

"Yeh" Steph said laughing, "That's what it means."

"You like get naked and walk around with other people like that?" Jessie asked touching Steph's arm to get her attention.

"Yeh we go to a resort in the South of France every summer for like a month" Steph said, "by the time we come home, I'm almost black."

"And it's an all over tan huh?" Sarah asked teasingly and for the first time making Steph blush noticably.

"Yeh you can say that" She said hiding her face for a second.

"I for one am not convinced" Sarah said standing up and grabbing Steph's hand and pulling her to her feet, "I think you should show us, that way we know your not just blowing smoke."

"No way" She said as Sarah started unbuttoning her shirt. "Stop that."

"Oh come on" Sarah said as Steph turned away and covered up her chest laughing.

"You just wanna get me naked so you can gawk at me" Steph said as she turned back around and felt a little umcomfortable suddenly.

"Yeh so" Sarah said in reply, "Your freakin gorgeous."

"Thank you" Steph said hesitantly and she sat back down, "I think."

"Ok who's ready for round two?" Jessie asked holding up her empty bottle. Her and Grace quickly got the idea to raid the icebox and got up and ran giggling from the room as Sarah moved on to the couch. Making sure the two had disappeared into the kitchen she turned to a nervous looking Steph and said, "Sorry about that whole unbuttoning thing, I was just goofin."

"Oh that's ok" Steph said casually, "I thought so, I mean me gorgeous...hard to believe."

"I wasn't kidding about that" Sarah said.

"Oh" Steph replied smiling shyly and looking at Sarah briefly, "I thought you meant...."

"Ok who wants what?" Grace asked as she sat back down and pulled Sarah down by her. Jessie followed with the second round of cold wine coolers and a huge bowl of chips and dip.

"I got what I want" Sarah said wrestling Grace to the floor and kissing her lips for a moment.

"MMM HMMM" Grace said returning her kissing.

"Ok let's play" Jessie said as Grace pushed Sarah away, and sat up.

"Your turn Grace" Steph said and then pointing at Sarah and saying, "and shut up before you start."

"Ok my question is for Sarah" Grace said as Jessie sighed loudly and said, "Figures."

"Ok go ahead" Sarah said looking at her now with interest.

"Do you love me?" Grace asked as she leaned forward, biting her lip and touching her head to Sarah's, "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth" Sarah said simply, "Yes I do love you. With all my heart."

"AWWWWWWW" Steph said as Jessie groaned and threw a chip at the two.

"Oh shut up Jan" Sarah said taking a handful of chips and realizing it was her turn.

"That was such a cop out" Jessie said, "The point of the game to ask questions you don't already know the answer to."
"Is it now?" Sarah asked with a smirk and Jessie realized she was most likely now in Sarah's line of fire.

"Ok here's something I wanna know" Sarah asked as she rose up and put her arms on Jessie's lap, "You said you did a three-way with two other girls?"

"UHHH yeh" Jessie said munching loudly on the chips now.

"What all did you do?" Sarah asked as Jessie blushed a deep crimson, Sarah took a huge swig of her second Wine Cooler as Jessie thought about the question and looked to Grace, who had a 'I dunno' kinda look on her face. "Truth or Dare?"

"UMMMMM....." Jessie said looking to Steph and then back to Grace and finally to Sarah. "...Dare."

"Figures" Sarah said sitting back down beside Grace. "Ok let me think."

"It can't be anything embarrassing" Steph said as Jessie smiled her thanks.

"Why not that's half the fun?" Sarah asked.

"Well what it's gonna be?" Jessie asked as Sarah eyed an empty wine cooler bottle on the table beside Jessie. Grabbing it, she held it up and said, "This is what I propose."


"You can spin the bottle" Sarah said handing it to Jessie and pulling her by the arm to the floor with her and Grace.


"The person it lands on..." Sarah said looking to the other's before going on, "is the person you have to kiss for 5 seconds."

"HUH?" Grace and Steph said at the exact same moment. Steph moved to the floor, joining the others as Sarah smiled almost victoriously.

"Look I'm not that way" Steph said firmly, "and I didn't...."

"Look you wanted to play" Sarah said, "I'm just making it more interesting."

"Sarah no one wants to do this" Grace said.

"Oh come on people lighten up, it's a kiss" Sarah said, "you can do the fake kiss stuff, just put your lips together if you want, I don't care. But Jessie owes me a dare."

"Then you kiss her then" Steph said challenging Sarah.

"NOOOO" Sarah said a little too quickly, "That's just no fun, now if the bottle lands on me, then ok."

"Let's just do it so we can play" Jessie said taking the bottle and laying it on the floor, before the protests started again and spun it hard. It spun around seemingly for hours as the foursome watched breathlessly for it to stop. It slowed finally and landed squarely on Steph. Sarah laughed out loud and fell to the floor as Steph started her protests and got up and started to leave when Jessie grabbed her arm gently and pressed her lips to Steph's cheek. Tightening her grip, she held her arm and Grace counted to 5 before Jessie pulled away at that exact moment. Steph turned her face, as she touched her cheek, unsure whether she wanted to get up and run screaming from the room or just act casual as if nothing had happened, "Now you can tell all your friends you been kissed by a real life lesbian." Which was followed by Steph's nervous giggling.

"I dunno know about you guys but that made me so hot" Sarah said in a sexy tone as the moment was broken with a longer fit of giggles.

"Guess what?" Jessie asked as Steph looked at her, noticing she had moved much closer suddenly. Watching her get a goofy grin on her face and say, "It's your turn."

"OK...Sarah" Steph said smiling devilishly. "Since you like knowing everything about everyone's sex life. Why not tell us a little about yours."

"Like?" Sarah asked.

"Tell us your darkest desire" Steph said with a smirk and rubbing her hands together. "Truth or Dare?"

"Ok no problem" Sarah said matching her smirk and saying, "Dare, gimme the bottle."

"Oh you wanna spin huh?" Steph asked picking it up. "I don't think so."

"Ok what?" Sarah asked, "What I gotta do?"

"I dare you to talk your girlfriend into kissing Jessie for 20 seconds" Steph said with a huge grin of victory as the air literally left the room. Sarah sat mouth open, jaw dropped and eyes wide in surprise at such a request. She looked back at Grace who had almost the same exact look on her face. The only sound in the room for that moment was the clicking of the big wall clock in the corner, ticking away the seconds. Sarah, Grace and Jessie all three jumped when the chime rung, signaling the beginning of a new hour, followed by a fit of nervous laughter. "Well Sarah, you gonna do it."

"That's her step sister" Sarah said.

"Big deal, their not blood" Steph said, "The dare stands."

"Not like we haven't kissed before" Jessie said as Steph spun her head and looked at her in surprise.

"Oh my god you did?" She asked.

"Yeh" Jessie answered simply. "A while back it was a weird night and it just happened."

"That clenches it" Steph said taking Grace's hand and pulling her over in front of Jessie. "Come on we ain't got all night."

"Jan you got a really big mouth" Sarah said.

"Sorry" Jessie said giggling.

"You don't have to do this" Sarah said to Grace and shooting Steph a dirty look.

"UMMMMM I sorta do" Grace said touching Sarah's face, "Besides I'd do anything for you."

"AWWWWW now kiss her" Steph said as Grace turned and found Jessie setting the timer on her watch and handing it to Steph. Grace took a deep breath and with one last look to Sarah, looked back to Jessie and was surprised when she felt Jessie's lips touch hers, and start to kiss her. Grace's hand shot to Jessie's cheek as her head titled and her lips began to move in time with hers. Any other thoughts soon were chased from her mind as Jessie quickened the pace and kissed her harder, her hand cupping Grace's cheek and her tongue licking her lips slowly. A brief thought crossed Grace's mind as she met Jessie's tongue with her own and they massaged the tips with the other's, lips still moving in perfect time. A second's pause as they switched sides and to Sarah's surprise they started again. She looked to Steph who's eyes were glued to the action on the floor in front of her. Grace leaned up on her hands as Jessie's head titled down. Sarah pushed Steph to get her attention as Steph giggled and looked down.

"20" She said as Grace pulled away and looked to be totally flushed as was Jessie. Who leaned back against the couch and made more of a show out of it, then she needed to, Sarah thought. "Actually it was over 20, like 25, maybe 30. I don't think they minded though."

"Nope" Jessie said giggling as Grace blushed and looked back at Sarah. Who shocked everyone when she moved her hand behind Grace's head and pulled her down so they were face to face and then kissed her passionaitely on the lips. Shoving her tongue into Grace's mouth and forcing her girlfriend to kiss her back. Grace was stunned at first but soon responded and kissed her back, meeting Sarah's probing tongue with her own. Falling back on the floor a second later, she wrapped her arms around Grace's neck and took her down with her. Steph and Jessie looked on for the next minute or so, while Sarah and Grace made out on the floor.

"Looks like you made someone a wee bit jealous" Steph said giggling.

"NAHHHH not Sarah" Jessie said, "She's just making a point."

"Like what?" Steph asked.

"That Grace is hers and no one's gonna take her away" Jessie said as Grace suddenly sat up, followed by Sarah.

"WOO HOOO Nice show" Steph said clapping her hands as Sarah bowed at the waist. "Now tell me what was that little display for? Jessie said it wasn't jealousy, so what was it?"

"Simple" Sarah said moving behind Grace and wrapping her legs around Grace's waist as Grace giggled and tickled her feet. "I was saying thanks for saving my ass."

"You sure there wasn't a little bit of jealousy in there?" Steph asked holding her fingers a inch or so apart.

"No" Sarah said firmly, "If I didn't want her to do it, I'd tell her. She knows that."

"Wish my boyfriend would have been that simple to deal with" Steph said the smile leaving her face. "After two fuckin years..."

"You wanna talk about it?" Jessie asked laying down on her stomach beside of Steph.

"God no, I've cried enough over that jerk" Steph said, "And if I start I will. I know."

"We're good listeners if you want too though" Sarah said then looking at Grace and saying, "Well except when Grace's in the room. Then I sorta have a hard time thinking straight."

"Why did you break up?" Jessie asked rather bluntly. "Can you tell me that?"

"Yeh I guess I should" She said, "He said something about losing interest in me, I just wasn't exciting enough for him anymore. I dunno I think he just wanted to be free. Free of me that is. That way he could go and screw some of the Northside whores he loves so much. Stupid bastard. Kyle Raymore thinks his shit don't stink, well I know it does and he can't kiss worth shit either."

"Fuck him" Jessie said softly as Steph looked up in surprise, and smiled a little. "I mean it fuck him. He don't deserve you."

"Yeh I get that now" She said as Jessie pulled a pillow of the couch and put it in Steph's lap and said, "I learned this in therapy. When you get mad just beat the crap out of the pillow. It helps."

"Let's take a walk" Grace said quitely standing and holding Sarah's hand as they walked outside onto the porch.

"Looks like Jess has found a new friend" Sarah said looking through the door in the living room as Steph started hitting the pillow and laughing as her and Jessie talked. Grace sat down in the porch swing and took Sarah's hand looking up at her with this goofy 'I'm in love with you' grin, Sarah noticed as she joined her.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" Sarah asked as Grace kissed her playfully and grinned.

"Yep" Grace said kissing her again. "I love you."

"I love you too" Sarah said quitely. "And I wanna ask you something."

"Yeh?" Grace asked snapping back to reality.

"Are you sure your ready for tommorrow?" Sarah asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be" Grace said looking away and up at the stars for a moment.

"I just don't want you to regret it later" Sarah said.

"I won't" Grace said simply, turning her attention back to Sarah. "I'm with you cause it feels good. And I'm ready for this."

"Well think about it some more tonight and then let me know for sure in the morning" Sarah said as she leaned back and looked up at the stars. She felt Grace's eyes on her, and then her body move across her legs. Sitting down and trapping Sarah in the swing. She looked up to see Grace with a wicked grin on her face.

"Are you saying you don't want me to go down on you?" Grace asked as Sarah's eyes shot to the living room and was relieved to see Steph and Jessie were lost in conversation. "I mean I didn't have you shave it just for looks you know."

"SHUSHHHHH" Sarah said, "someone's gonna hear you."

"Ok" Grace whispered, leaning down and asking the same question in a whisper.

"Yes ok I want you too...and really badly" Sarah said in a whispered reply as she felt an electric charge surge through her body, "Your hurt me sexy, so ofcourse I do."

"Can I do it now?" Grace asked as Sarah's whole body began tingling with anticipation.

"Are you serious?" Sarah asked, "Cause after last time, I'll kill you if you do that again."

"I'm deadly....serious" Grace said letting her hand disappear between her and Sarah's thighs and watching Sarah gasp quitely as she touched her gently. "It'll be fun...or you do you think you'd get us caught."

"Oh god" Sarah said squrming as Grace's hand made a continual path up and down her slit, through the material of her shorts. "Grace stop, your gonna make me pop, I swear."

"Huh? your gonna pop?" Grace asked pretending not to know what it meant as she increased the pace on Sarah's sex, up and down and applying more pressure as the material covering her sex became damp.

"I'm gonna cum" Sarah said through clenched teeth as she looked one more time at Jessie and Steph and closed her eyes, laying her head back and clutching at Grace's shorts as her body surprised her in the intensity and the timing of her eruption. Grace watched in shock at what she had just done, slowly as she felt the flood of cum soaking the inside of Sarah's shorts and the serene look on her girlfriend's face as she started to glow.

"WOW" Sarah said opening her eyes, "I can't believe you just did that."

"Me either" Grace giggled and lowered her head and kissed Sarah softly. Sarah's hand disappeared in her shorts for a second, Grace noticed.

"Here taste your reward" Sarah said after pulling her hand out of her shorts. Grace took her finger and pushed into Sarah's mouth and said, "I'm gonna wait, but you don't have to."

"Sweet" Sarah said sucking on her finger softly. "I promise it's really sweet."

"Yep I bet it is" Grace said kissing Sarah again and trading her tongue for Sarah's in a passionaite french kiss.

To be Continued....