Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 44 "One Step at a Time"

Written by: TVM (



"CORI TYLER GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THAT CHAIR NOW" Joey said in a angry tone, meant to let Cori know she was serious. Cori's eyes shot wide with shock as she looked at Joey. She pushed herself out of her wheel chair as best she could with Henry's help and to the edge of the walk way. She clutched the rails on either side of her hands, so tightly her knuckles appeared to go white. Joey said nothing as Henry placed his arms under Cori's and incouraged her to take a few more steps. Joey looked into Cori's eyes and she could now see the hurt, thinking she had made a mistake in being too forceful; it had after all been a long day for both. First, breakfast was terrible and Cori had refused to take her medicine and now this. "Come on Cori just a few more....for me?"

"Ok" Cori said as she slowly made her way along the rails, appearing to move easier with every step. But still grimacing and biting her lip as she went along. Joey quickly moved her chair into position as she came to the end and Henry (poor exausted Henry) gladly helped her sit down.

"Good job Cori" He said simply as he helped her take her seat in the chair. Henry snatched the medical records laying on the table and plopped down a few seconds later in the office across the room.

"Are you mad at me?" Cori asked as a silence hung in the room.

"Noooooo" Joey said softly, "I'm not mad at you."


"It's just been a really long day and all" Joey said as Cori put her hand over Joey's and smiled, "I just got frustrated, I'm sorry."

"Because of me?" Cori asked, "That why your frustrated?"

"I just want ya to walk" Joey said softly looking at Cori, "so we can....ya know do some stuff. Like we talked about."

"Uh huh I want too" Cori said, "It just hurts."

"I know it does Coco" Joey said seeing the smile appear on Cori's face at the very mention of her pet-name. "Your back again?"

"And my legs" Cori said, "this new brace sucks."

"Sucks?" Joey repeated as she laughed, thinking that was the first time she had heard Cori use any word that could even remotely be considered vulgar. "Cori you dirty mouth little girl."

"Well it does" Cori said grinning sheepishly and rubbing at the new walking brace on her leg.

"Hey if you want we can head back to the room" Joey said leaning close and raising her eye brows suggestively, in the way she knew would make Cori giggle, "I'll give ya a back rub if you want."

"With that scented lotion and stuff?" Cori asked.

"Yep" Joey said, "and maybe I can rub some other parts too...."

"AHHHHHHHH" Cori said covering her mouth as Joey laughed, "You're the one with the dirty mind, Joey Larue."

"Only when I think about you" Joey said in a sultry voice, and then reverting back to giggling.

"Do you really like me in that way?" Cori asked as Joey froze, thinking how she adored Cori's honesty, but sometimes wondering if it'd be better if she wasn't so honest. "Ya know....I mean for more know....friends."

"Ya I know" Joey said sitting up and pulling Cori's chair in front of her and making Cori look at her. "Have you been wondering about it?"

"Yeh....some" Cori said and then asking impatiently, "Do you?"

"Do you?" Joey asked with a teasing smile and was shocked to silence when Cori's reply came so quickly and defintively. "Yeh I do."

"Do you know what this means?" Joey asked.

"Yeh of course I do, I'm not stupid" Cori said as Joey laughed out loud.

"I know your not CoCo" Joey said touching her face gently. "I meant.... I meant I feel the same way."

"Really you do...honest?"

"Yes I do" Joey said leaning close to Cori's face and starring into her ocean green eyes and saying in her best John Wayne voice, "I'm nuts about ya, kiddo."

"Good" Cori said smiling brightly, "But I do have a question, I mean since I can't remember doing this before."


"Do we have to start kissing now and stuff or not?" Cori asked.

"We don't have to do anything" Joey said, "There's no rules you have to follow. We can just do what feels good."

"This feels really good right here" Cori said lacing her fingers with Joey's.

"Uh huh" Joey replied matching Cori's usual tone. "I just like being your bestest friend in the whole world."

"Stop mocking me" Cori said as Joey laughed and kissed the back of her hand playfully.

"I'll mock you all I want Cori Tyler" Joey said, "Cause you can't do anything about it."

"Oh I can't huh?" Cori said pushing herself up and out of her wheel chair as Joey watched in shock. Holding tightly to the arms of the chair, she smiled at Joey.

"Oh my god Cori" Joey said moving in front of her and hugging her impulsively, and feeling Cori's arms wrap around her neck as the chair rolled backwards. "I got ya, don't worry I gotcha."

"You'd never let me fall I know" Cori said smiling with her arms around Joey's neck.

"Cori Tyler as I live and breath" Jean said coming through the door, as Joey started to blush a deep red. "Child your getting better all the time. You'll be walking in a few more days."

"She wanted to dance" Joey said as Jean smiled approvingly.

"Whatever works and gets her out of that wheelchair permanently" Jean said retrieiving the chair and moving it behind Cori.

"Hey your right Froggie" Cori said, "We could dance, I'm almost as tall as you."

"Huh you wish shrimp" Joey said to Cori with a teasing smile.

"Ok as soon as you two are done dancing you're done for the day Ms. Tyler" Henry said stuffing the medical records in the back of the wheelchair as Cori looked back and plopped down. Cori turned as Joey moved behind her chair and pushed her towards the door and waved excitedly to Jean and Henry as they exited.

"So where to now?" Joey asked as she closed the door behind her and leaned down beside Cori's chair.

"Anywhere you want" Cori said.

"How bout we go back to the room and get my boombox and go to the roof for some fresh air?" Joey suggested as Cori's eyes lit up with interest.

"Cool" Cori said as she spotted the gift shop around the corner and said, "Can we look in here first?"

"Cori Tyler your the biggest kid I know" Joey giggled as she rolled towards the door of the gift shop and Cori pushed it open with her feet.

"Oh no" Joey said stopping in the middle of the first isle as Cori looked back. "I totally forgot about calling my mom back."

"You can go and call her I'll wait here and look around" Cori said as Joey smiled and kissed her forehead before running off towards the door.

"Now don't go running off" Joey said as Cori giggled and watched her push past some guy coming in with roses in his hand. Cori didn't pay much attention to the other's as she rolled through the isle's and picked up one thing and then another, admiring the pretty stuff and laughing to herself at the ugly over priced junk. She almost screamed as she came up on the most adorable plush bear collection in the world, the bears had different people names emblazoned across the front of them. At the very bottom was the one that nearly made her faint with excitement. "I Heart Joey" read the letters across it's chest. Cori held it up and asked the attendant how much it was and for the first time she noticed the guy at the counter was stairing at her intently. He turned and asked the clerk something and she replied and his eyes seemed to light up like it was Christmas. Hand going to his mouth as Cori rolled closer to the counter and asked the girl behind the counter about the price of the bear. Cori heard the guy say "I'll pay for the bear and whatever else she wants."

"Looks like it's your lucky day Cori" Veronica, the counter clerk said smiling as she took the plush and put it in a bag and handed it back to her.

"Thank you Mister" Cori said again looking at the bear inside the bag and grinning happily. "Do I know you?"

"Ummmmmm probably not" He said as he pulled a single rose from the two or so dozen he had in his arms. "But I'd like to get to know you very much."

"Oh ok, I'm Cori Tyler" Cori said extending her hand as the man shook it gently, she could feel his hand tremble and see tears come to his eyes as he bent to one knee. "What's your name?"

"OH yes where are my manners" He said wiping away the tears, "I'm Kile."

"Nice to meet you and thank you so much for the bear, it's for my best friend Joey" Cori said, "I hope she likes it."

"I'm sure she will" Kile said stopping for a second and then placing a rose gently across Cori's legs and saying, "You are one of the most beautiful young ladies I've ever met, would you please take this rose, it would make my day."

"Oh cool thank you, thank you" Cori said sniffing the rose and enhaling the fresh scent as Kile rose from his bended and collected his things and slowly made his exit. "Bye."

"It's not bye" He said stopping at the door, and smiling back at her, "Just until we meet again."

"Looks like someone has a fan" Veronica said from the counter as Cori blushed and sniffed again at the rose. She quickly hid the bag in the side pouch as she spotted Joey coming through the door, with her boombox and CD carrier.

"And just where did that come from?" Joey asked as she sat the boombox and CD carrier on Cori's legs and placed her hands on her hips as Cori smiled and relayed the story of the "mysterious stranger".

"Ya know, you don't need to be talking to just any weirdo that walks up to you" Joey said as they neared the bank of elevators and Joey watched Cori sniff at the rose again and hold it close to her chest.

"Why not I talked to you" Cori said barely able to get it out before she started giggling out loud.

"Good point" Joey said calmly, making Cori laugh all the more harder as they reached the top floor and after a minute or so of winding hallways, exited on to the roof. Joey sat the boombox up on a table beside her and Joey watched as Cori wrestled with something in the side pouch while still trying to hold her flower. "Need some help?"

"No I'll get it" Cori said handing her the rose and successfully pulling out the bag from earlier and saying, "I'll trade ya?"

"Sure" Joey said taking the bag and handing Cori back her rose.

"It's for you open it" Cori said with a huge grin on her face, "I hope ya like it."

"I Heart Joey" Joey read aloud and almost started to cry and bit her lip. "Thank you Cori. It's the best present I've ever got."

"You really like it?" Cori asked.

"YES" Joey said throwing her arms around Cori's neck and kissing her cheek as Cori giggled. "I heart you too CoCo."

"How did you know I liked bears?" Joey asked sitting down at the bench across from Cori's chair.

"I didn't" Cori said honestly, "I just thought it was cute and wanted you to have it."

"You made my day you know that right?" Joey asked as Cori smiled.

"You make my day every day" Cori said offering Joey her rose, "I'm just glad your here with me."

"MMMMM smells nice" Joey said sniffing the rose and suddenly remembering she had something for Cori too. She reached over and grabbed her boombox sitting in on the ground beside her and took out one of the numerous cases from her CD bag and placed one carefully in the CD tray, closed the lid and selected the track she wanted. Cori watched as Joey then smiled up at her and said, "Remember the other night when we heard that song on the oldies station you liked so much? How Sweet It Is."

"Yeh I could so dance to that" Cori said as Joey pushed play on the CD player and the first chords began playing. "How sweet it is to be loved by you, How sweet it is to be loved by you."

"Cool" Cori said she started swaying to the music and singing along with the lyrics. Joey couldn't help but smile and laugh at her terrible singing. "I needed the shelter of someone's arms and there you were, I needed someone to understand my ups and downs and there you were, With sweet love and devotion, Deeply touching my emotion..."

"Come on sing with me" Cori said as Joey quickly joined on finishing the first verse.

"I want to stop and thank you baby, I just want to stop and thank you baby" Joey sang as she looked at Cori.

"How sweet it is to be loved by you, How sweet it is to be loved by you" They sang in unison as Joey got up and began dancing around Cori's wheel chair, while she began singing again. "I close my eyes at night, Wondering where would I be without you in my life, Everything I did was just a bore, Everywhere I went it seems I'd been there before."

"Sing it" Joey said swaying left to right with her arms over her head as Cori sang louder, "But you brighten up for me all of my days With a love so sweet in so many ways, I want to stop and thank you baby, I just want to stop and thank you baby."

"How sweet it is to be loved by you, How sweet it is to be loved by you" They again sang in unison as Joey dropped her knees, her eyes meeting Cori's as she sang the final verse to her. "You were better for me than I was for myself, For me, there's you and there ain't nobody else, I want to stop and thank you baby, I just want to stop and thank you baby."

"How sweet it is to be loved by you, How sweet it is to be loved by you" Joey sang as the song wound down and the next started. Cori just smiled at her for the longest time, both there eyes locked in the gaze of the other. Suddenly Cori leaned forward pressing her lips gently to Joey's nose and giggling as Joey opened her eyes and felt herself blush deeply. "Tease."

"There you are" A Voice said from behind Joey, as she turned and got a huge shock.

"Shady?" Joey asked in shock as Shady moved closer and took a deep breath. Obviously nervous, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you" Shady said softly, appearing to be choosing each word carefully. "And I wanted to meet this girl who's been taken up....I mean your new friend."

"If you say anything to her out of the way, I'll..." Joey said under her breath as she stood.

"I won't" Shady said simply as Cori smiled innocently and extended her hand, one which Shady excepted and shaking it gently said "Nice to meet you, I'm Shady Lynn McCree."

"My names, Cori, Cori Tyler" Cori said. "Are you Joey's friend?"

"Yeh something like that" Shady said, "Do you think I could borrow her for a few minutes. If I promise to bring her back."

"Only if you leave a quarter deposit" Cori said giggling and thinking about the movie she watched the night before with that very line in it.

"Can we talk?" Shady asked Joey.

"I won't be long" Joey said as Cori nodded and picked up her boombox and started playing "How Sweet It Is" again.

"Why are you being so nice?" Joey asked pointedly as soon as they were out of ear shot of Cori. "And more importantly what do you want?"

"Nothing" Shady said nervously picking at her nails and finding it hard to keep her eyes on Joey. "I'm sorry for that stupid fight with Sarah in front of the store, the other night and for calling you all those names."

"Since when do you apologize for anything Shady McCree?" Joey asked in surprise.

"Since I started therapy" Shady said handing Joey a piece of paper, that turned out to be an appointment slip. "I learned that my stupid fuck-ups cause a lot more damage than I could ever have thought."

"He must be a friggin genius if he got you to listen" Joey said laughing as Shady gave her a hurt look and turned her head away.

"I wanna ask you a couple of things" Shady asked as a silence grew over the moment and Joey started to apologize herself, but being cut-off by Shady's voice. "You don't have to say yes, and I won't get mad if you do."

"Yeh" Joey asked softly.

"Dr. Rosenfeld said I should bring you, since I talk about you so much" Shady said stuffing her hands inside her pockets. "You don't have to go though."

"When?" Joey asked pushing her arm playfully and seeing Shady smile, "I'll try and make it."

"Ummm it's on the paper" Shady said, "Can you?"

"Next friday?" Joey asked looking at the date, "at 7:00?"

"MMMM HMMMM" Shady said taking it back and stuffing inside her coat. "This means a lot to me, thanks. I am trying to change."

"I can see that" Joey said, "so what was the second thing?"

"Oh yeah" Shady said smiling again, "My little slut sister....I mean Mandy, my sister is throwing a huge ass party at the mansion tonight. I wanted to know if you could come."

"I can't" Joey said after a long moment of thinking. "Cori gets really scared at night if she's alone and I couldn't have a good time if I knew she was here, scared to death."

"Someone else can't stay with her?" Shady asked pleadingly. Joey, thinking the eruption of 'Mount Shady I don't get my way' was about to happen as it usually did, when she heard the word no.

"I really can't" Joey said, "But she's going home in a few days and then we can do something."

"I thought you'd say that" Shady said as Joey thought to herself, "Here comes the explosion."

"Just thought it would be fun" Shady said in a carefully controlled voice, "You always liked Mandy's parties before."

"I still do" Joey said laughing and thinking of the last one, which featured several memorable events. Such as; Sam, Mandy and Shady's little sister, streaking across the back yard on a dare, in nothing but her birthday suit. Mandy, not wanting to be left out, had a few too many beers and wine coolers and started swinging from the upstairs chandolier, topless. And when Shady and Joanna Christiansen tried to unsuccessfully to pull her down, in the process they stripped her shorts off. So both McCree sisters ended up naked on the same night, cause Mandy wasn't exactly sporting any underwear. "Tell her to plan one for next weekend and we'll go from the doctor's office. I'll spend the whole night with you."

"You promise?" Shady asked with a smile.

"Yes this time I know for a fact what I said" Joey stated firmly, "When you pick me up for the therapy session from then on, for the rest of the night, I'm yours."

"Ok I can deal with that" Shady said still smiling. "Can I kiss you?"

"Can you kiss me?" Joey repeated, "your asking permission?"

"Yes" Shady said moving a step closer, "I don't wanna feel like I'm controlling you anymore."

"What ever that Doctor is doing..." Joey said, "... tell him to keep it up."

"Can I?" Shady asked again.

"Yeh...but no groping" Joey said as Shady leaned forward and pulled away in a fit of giggles.

"You got me tickled" Shady said giggling, "...ruined the whole moment."

"Your loss" Joey said turning as Shady grabbed her arm and pulled her back into her's and kissed her gently on the lips. Holding it for a long moment and pulling away and releasing Joey's arm as she watched for a reaction.

"So I'll see ya next friday?" Shady asked.

"UMMMMM.... yeh you will" Joey said marveling at the way a simple kiss like that could get herjuices flowing so much.

"I'll let you get back to your friend" Shady said touching Joey's hand gently and feeling Joey clutch at it.

"Wait, don't go....ummmmm..." Joey said looking at Cori for a moment and then back to Shady, and saying in a whisper, "You wanna do something right fast?"

"That kiss got you hot huh?" Shady asked teasingly. "Yes" came Joey's slightly panicked reply.

"You're asking me and not the other way around" Shady said.

"Yeh I know" Joey replied, "well do you want too or not?"

"Where?" Shady asked.

"Good question" Joey said looking around and realizing there probably wasn't anywhere they could do it safely.

"Damn why did you have to kiss me like that" Joey said blushing as Shady smiled and kissed her again in the same manner. Letting her lips fall in time with Joey's.

"KATIE" Joey heard Cori squeal from behind her as she pulled away from Shady and looked back to see Katie bend and over and hug Cori. Somewhat to Joey's surprise she saw Joanna Christiansen standing quitely and nervously in the background. "I didn't know they were friends." Joey thought to herself. She knew for a fact that Shady and Joanna were friends or at least party buddies, but Katie and Joanna, talk about strange bedfellows, so to speak.

"What do I have a fuckin radar suddenly?" Joey asked as Shady laughed and kissed her cheek and raised her eyebrows suggestively. Joey rolled her eyes and pushed her away trying to get her mind off the current topic.

"That Katie girl is so fuckin' hot" Shady said as Joey looked at her with 'shut-up now' look on her face, "Wouldn't mind having you and her tag team me. Or maybe just her alone."

"You know she's single now" Joey said playing along as she knew Shady was just trying to get a rise out of her.

"So you do want too?" Shady asked giggling.

"Oh god will you just go" Joey said grinning and blushing as Shady replied, "Yeh I do gotta run, I'll just take the back way down. Remember me and you next friday."

"I know, I know" Joey said smiling as Shady disappeared down the backstairs as she stopped for a moment to compose herself before joining Katie and the others.

"Who said you could talk to her?" Joey asked as she plopped down on the bench seat beside Cori's chair.

"There you are, I told them you'd be right back" Cori said smiling and grabbing Joey's hand and holding up her rose, "And I was telling them about that guy that gave me a rose today."

"Me, that's who" Katie said pushing Joey playfully. "And what are you doing leaving Cori all alone on the roof?"

"I didn't exactly" Joey said, "I was talking to Shady and she was listening to the boom box."

"Sure" Katie said moving closer to Cori and saying to her, "Whatta say I just take you home with me."

"Cool" Cori said as Joey replied, "Fine as long as I can come."

"Yep" Cori said, "I only go where Froggie goes."

"You tell'em CoCo" Joey said running her fingers through Cori's mess of curls. "Hey Joanna."

"Hey" Joanna said shyly as she stepped forward, now standing behind Katie.

"Didn't know you guys were friends" Joey said, "Oh by the way Joanna this is Cori, Cori that's Joanna."

"Nice to meet you" Cori said extending her hand and shaking Joanna's gently.

"We been friends for how long now?" Joanna asked Katie.

"Too long" Katie said giggling as Joanna pushed her off the bench and took her seat.

"I was talking to K earlier and she said you been stuck in this hospital for weeks now" Joanna said looking at Cori.

"It's not so bad, Joey's here and she keeps me company" Cori said, "I kinda like it here."

"Well whatta say we take you and Froggie on a field trip, you know to the mall or some place" Joanna offered as Cori's eyes lit up.

"Really?" Cori said looking to Joey, "You wanna?"

"Of course" Joey said, "We'll have to clear it with Dr. Blacklyn first though. And get you dressed."

"Yeh I can't exactly go in my hospital gown huh?" Cori asked as Katie started laughing out loud laying down on the ground gasping for air.

Joanna hurried them up as they grabbed Joey's stuff and rode the elevator back down to Cori's floor and found Dr. Blacklyn at the nurses station and he gladly agreed to the trip as long as they where back before dark. Cori excitedly squirmed around as Joey picked out some clothes for her and helped her get dressed, while Joanna and Katie wondered the halls for a moment.

"Cori Tyler you look hot" Katie said as she came through the door and saw Cori with her hair now in a ponytail and dressed in a pair of cut-off jeans and a wife beater/tank top.

"Yeh sure" Cori said as she rolled past them and down the hall.

"You should have seen what we saw" Katie said to Joey as they neared the visitor's lounge, "Jean, that nice nurse that's always looking in on Cori was having a fit over some guy in the lounge. Acting like she hadn't seen him years or decades."

"Hey that's him" Cori said as she stopped her wheel chair at the door to the lounge and Joey quickly pulled her back out of view so they could be nosey. Jean was indeed having a fit, crying and sobbing, although it looked as if these were tears of joy and not sadness. "The guy that gave me that rose, he was so nice."

"Shush" Joey said as Cori gave a frustrated look and turned back to listen to the conversation or what they could hear of it that is.

"You saw her already?" Jean asked with a slightly shocked expression.

"Yes by accident and she's so beautiful" Kile said, "Looks just like her Mother."

"Why didn't you tell her who you were?" Jean asked now visibly holding the guys hand.

"I couldn't" Kile said.

"Well all is right with the world now" Jean said, "I'll take you right now and introduce you to her and you can spend the whole day with her."

"I wish I had more time" Kile said, "But I have to get back as soon as possible. I have a transplant first thing in the morning. So I'll have to fly out late tonight."

"Come on we've been nosey long enough" Joey said pushing Cori's wheelchair past the door as Katie and Joanna opened the big double doors at the end of the hall. Jean and Kile came out just as the doors swung shut and headed down the hall, towards the nurses desk. Most likely in search of who ever it was he was supposed to meet, Joey thought as she glanced back and the elevator arrived.

"Where to first Cori?" Katie asked 15 minutes or so later as they pulled out of the hospital parking lot.

"Something to eat I'm starved" Cori said looking wide eyed at the sights along the street. "OH OH look at the cool arch."

"That's McDonald's Cori" Katie said and then remembering her amnesia and continuing on, "you used to like eating there."

"Then that's where I wanna go" Cori said as Joey laughed. "What?"

"It's just funny hearing you tell someone what to do" Joey said as Cori looked at her and surprised everyone in the car when she said, "Bite Me."

"BITE ME?" Joey asked as she laughed and then impulsively kissed Cori's cheek. "I won't ever bite you CoCo."

"I'm sorry" Cori said softly as Joey giggled and replied, "I know I was just playing."

"You guys are a lot closer than I thought" Katie said as Joey covered her face and giggled.

"So Cori are you hot for her bones?" Joanna asked before Katie whacked her arm to shush her. Katie pulled the car into the parking lot and found a handicap space right by the front door.

"Bones?" Cori asked.

"What I mean is does she make your p....." Joanna started before Katie covered her mouth.

"You say another word and I'll rip your tongue out" Katie said as Joanna moved Katie's hand and replied, "ok miss proper. Do you like Joey?"

"Yeh she's my best friend" Cori said as Joanna groaned and Katie opened the passenger's side door to the car and climbed out. Joey followed her as they retrieved Cori's wheel chair from the trunk. Joanna crawled over the front seats and landed with a thud beside Cori. Looking back one more time she could see the other two struggling with the trunk so she decided to seize the oppurtunity.

"Now that were alone..sorta" Joanna said glancing at Katie and Joey again before going on, "tell me."


"Does Joey make your temperture rise?" Joanna asked with a raising of the eye brows as Cori giggled. "If you know what I mean."

"I may be brain damaged, but even I can figure out what you mean by that question?" Cori said as Joanna laughed.

"Well?" Joanna said impatiently as the wheel chair finally landed with a thud on the pavement behind the car. "Does she?"

"Have you looked at her?" Cori asked with a smile, "Of course she does, she's gorgeous."

"Duh huh" Joanna said with a smirk as Cori laughed and Katie opened the door on Cori's side.

"What were you guys talking about?" Joey asked as Cori scooted out into the wheel chair. She was quickly followed by Joanna, who looked straight at Joey and said, "she was telling me how gorgeous she thinks you are."

"BIG MOUTH" Cori said as Joanna walked away laughing, before Katie chased after her and both went running across the parking lot. "I don't like her anymore."

"So you think I'm gorgeous?" Joey asked as she knelt in front of Cori's wheel chair. Cori blushed and tried her best to come up with a quick response but nothing came. Being that she couldn't ever remember being in this situation before she had nothing to fall back on. Joey sensed her uneasiness and took Cori's hand in hers.

"CoCo" She said getting Cori's attention and the ever present smile that came with the mentioning of her pet name, "You make me...."

"What?" Cori asked as Joey suddenly stopped in mid-sentence and covered her face for a second. "You ok Froggie?"

"Yeh" Joey said after a deep breath, "Cori I think you're gorgeous too. Ok?"

"Sure" Cori said giggling and rolling her eyes as Joey moved behind her wheel chair and pushed her inside.

"Why does this place seem familar?" Cori asked as she looked around after reaching the table on the inside of the restaurant.

"You used to love this place" Katie said, "We'd eat here at least once a week after school."

"So we were friends? I mean good friends?" Cori asked as Joey went to order the food.

"Yeh you were hot for her body" Joanna piped in before Katie kicked her leg under the table.

"You liked me, but I had a girlfriend" Katie said shooting Joanna a stern "shut up" look.

"Oh so you didn't like me?"

"No, I liked you" Katie said, "but I had a girlfriend."

"So do you like me now?"

"Yeh but now you got it bad for Joey" Katie said teasingly as Joanna laughed and Cori looked around to see Joey standing in line.

"Do you think she really likes me?" Cori asked glancing again in Joey's direction and catching a smile as she spun around and made a goofy pained expression from having to wait in line. "Cause I really like her..."

"She's hot for your body" Joanna said with a smirk as Cori blushed, "I can tell."

"Will you shut up, she was asking me" Katie said as Joanna slammed back into the seat and pretended to be mad.

"Joey likes you....a lot" Katie said softly as she leaned forward. "You've touched her heart."

"I did?" Cori asked, "How?"

"By letting her into yours" Katie said. "Why do you think she's always at your side?"

"Cause she's lonely?"

"Partly, when she's with you though she's not alone" Katie said as Cori smiled, "This whole love thing is kinda confusing huh?"

"Yeh really" Cori said as Joanna laughed out loud. "What's so funny?"

"You are curly Q" Joanna said playfully pushing Cori's hair into her eyes.

"Hey you leave her alone" Joey said setting the food down as Cori cleared the hair from her eyes and looked up at Joey, "I'm the one who picks on her."

"Hey stop" Cori said giggling as Joey repeated the same thing Joanna had just done. Joey took her seat and pulled Cori's wheel chair beside her and moved Cori's hair back out of her eyes.

"Your much prettier like this" Joey said as Joanna looked straight ahead and watched as a group of baseball players came in and she caught one of their eyes and smiled.

"Hey check out the hard-ons" Joanna said as she waved to the guy she seemed to be making eyes at. He pushed and shoved a few teammates of his before he came over and introduced himself as Logan and offered to buy Joanna a "burger or something."

"No thanks, I'm hanging out with my friends right now, but call me later?" Joanna asked with her best smile and handed him a card with her name and number on it. Joey glanced at Cori who was staring intently at the guy Joanna was flirting with and then her eyes lit up and she nearly shouted, "hey hey dude, is your name Logan....ummm...ummm....Turn.....Turner?"

"Yeh it is why?" He asked seeming to be amused by Cori's sudden attention and then he realized soomething he recognized her.

"How did you know that?" Joey asked as Joanna piped in, "He said his name was Logan DUH."

"Yeh smarty pants but he never said what his last name was" Joey snapped as Joanna stuck her tongue out and both where cut off by Logan's voice.

"You're my sister Marissa's old friend right?" Logan asked as Cori shrugged her shoulders and said in reply, "I dunno, see I had this accident and now everything before it is kinda of a blank."

"Oh ok, that's too bad" Logan replied, "I know it's been a while since we'd seen you, see me and you used to watch movies a lot."

"Yeh?" Cori asked as she smiled up at Logan, "We were friends....."

"How did you know who he was?" Joey asked grabbing Cori's shoulder to get her attention, as Katie brushed past Logan and moved next to Cori and asked, "Yeh that's a good question."

"I don't know it just came to me" Cori said as Joey and Katie hugged her neck at the same time and Joey squealed in excitement, "you're memories coming back. I just know it..."

To be Continued....