Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 45 "The Rush"

Written by: TVM (



"Ya know if ya light these candles it'll make the neatest glow off the water" Steph said as Sarah lit one and stood back to look at the effect.

"Cool" She said as Steph put the other candles in place over the hammock. Lighting them, as the glow became more noticeable. "That would make a hell of a post card."

"Yeh I guess it would at that" Steph said as she picked up her back pack and pulled out a camera, a very expensive one it looked to Sarah and began snapping pictures of the water from all the different angles.

"Come on I want one of you too, I like to have pictures of my friends" Steph said as Sarah blushed and posed in front of the glowing lake. "It'll be daylight soon, so I hope Jessie and Grace get back."

"Do you think you could do me a favor?" Sarah asked moving in front of Steph and putting her hands on the camera. "Like borrow your camera?"

"I dunno this thing cost like 4 hundred bucks" Steph said as Sarah nearly fainted. "But I guess so, for some reason I trust you."

"I swear it'll never leave my side" Sarah said taking the camera carefully, and letting Steph show her the ins and outs of digital photography. Sarah snapped a few of Steph by the glowing lake as Grace and Jessie came rumbling up the path with the last load of stuff. Jessie, with a huge tent on her back and Grace lugging a small cooler, that fortunately had wheels, behind her. They practically collapsed on the ground as Sarah began snapping pictures of the two. Steph started laughing as she took a seat in the hammock and Annie jumped up to join her. Daylight slowly started to break a few long moments later, as Steph and Jessie began gathering up the stuff they planned to take on their fishing trip. Which as Steph noted, they were already late for, saying the fish wouldn't be biting if they waited much longer.

"Well that should just about do it" Steph said as she picked up her back pack and got ready to head down the trail leading to the pier, "you ready Jess?"

"No I thought we'd hang out for a while" Jessie said giving Sarah an evil smile as Sarah quickly returned it and made it clear she wasn't welcome. "Maybe do a little swimming."

"Come on" Steph said as she grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet, "Your trying to be a pest. Let's leave these two alone."

"Yeh leave us two alone" Grace said sitting down beside Sarah on the hammock as Jessie giggled and reluctantly followed Steph down the path towards the pier

"AND DON'T COME BACK" Sarah screamed as Jessie laughed out loud and her and Steph along with Annie disappeared into the distance.

"Well here we are" Grace said suddenly feeling a rush of nerves and butterflies that felt like cars banging around in her stomach. She took a deep breath and swallowed hard as she looked over at Sarah. Little did she know that Sarah was feeling the same thing. Only slightly more severe. "All alone. just us, no one else."

"Yeh that's what all alone usually means" Sarah said as Grace giggled nervously. "Sure is beautiful here and that waterfall is very cool, and the candles glowing on the lake make it so romantic. Ya think?"

"Yeh it does" Grace said just then taking the time to appreciate the beauty of the moment. Looking back at Sarah as she felt Sarah's hand touch hers. Both smiled as they leaned in and shared a soft kiss. Breaking for a second and smiling, the nerves letting up a bit Grace noticed as she kissed Sarah again. Only with a little more passion as her hand touched Sarah's cheek and her lips fell in time with her soon to be lovers lips. Both turning to face each other on the hammock. The passion increasing now seemingly with every passing moment as both got drawn more into the kiss as the seconds ticked away. Sarah cupped her hand softly around Grace's neck as she licked Grace's lips and soon found her lover returning the favor as they started to french. After a few moments both slowed and pulled apart smiling.

"You scared?" Sarah asked simply as she licked her lips and smiled sweetly, looking directly at Grace.

"To death" Grace said trying to smile as the butterflies seemingly got bigger. "Are you?"

"Nahhhh your not my first cheery" Sarah said and for a second Grace though she was serious, but finally started to laugh as she realized it was only Sarah being herself and trying to break the tension in the air. Which could probably have been cut with a knife at that moment. "And yeh of course I'm scared too."

"Why are you scared?" Grace asked smiling slightly.

"Cause I'm hoping you won't realize you made a huge mistake..." Sarah said squeezing Grace's hand tighter, " know afterwords."

"I don't think there's much of a chance of that happening" Grace said, "do you know how much you turn me on?"

"I do?" Sarah asked biting her lip.

"Uh huh like no one else ever has" Grace said putting her hands on Sarah's legs and feeling the smooth bare skin, she slid them up, over her knees and to her thighs. Feeling her own body respond to Sarah's warm skin and watching Sarah closely to see her reaction. "I wanna know what it's like to be touched by someone else. I want you..."

"Whoa" Sarah said in a stunned voice.

"Yeh whoa" Grace said, her hands reaching the bottom of Sarah's shorts as she leaned forward and slowly pressed her lips to Sarah's again. Starting another french kiss, and putting a hand on the hammock and leaning forward as she felt Sarah lay back and her lips fell in time with Grace's. Grace broke the kiss for a moment. The hammock swaying from the movement as she moved over Sarah's body and began kissing her again, more passionately and with her hands now moving slowly to Sarah's shirt. Which was tugged into her shorts. Grace pulled away for a minute and jerked at it as Sarah giggled and watched Grace struggle with her shirt.

"Here let me" Sarah said unbuttoning her jean shorts and sitting up, pulling her shirt up her stomach and over her head. Tossing it to the blanket laying below them. "Is that better?"

"Oh yeah" Grace said kissing her lips again softly before saying, "The bra too."

"Yes Ma'am" Sarah said with a seductive smile and unsnapped her red lace bra and made a small show of slipping it off and dropping it to the ground. Or maybe she made more of a show with that than she needed to, Grace found herself thinking. Sarah placed her hands behind her head and laid back relaxing as Grace's eyes roamed over her gorgeous body. Just about the perfect amount of tan Grace thought as she let her hands now do the wandering too, starting at her stomach and slowly rubbing her fingers and palm over every inch and every bump of Sarah's bare stomach. Touching her belly button and circling her finger around it. Moving a finger to her mouth she wet it, making a show out of it herself and then returning it to the warmth of Sarah's flesh, leaving a long trail of wetness as she trailed it up her body and between her breasts. Grace looked to Sarah, who knew what her eyes had landed on, "I'm thinking of having aa boob job, they're just two big."

"Your nuts" Grace said laughing out loud as Sarah quickly sat up and kissed her lips and said, "only about you Grace Manning."

"And your perfect just the way you are" Grace said returning the kiss. "And this, this is getting me really hot."

"It's suppose to....oh yeah hold that thought" Sarah said as she slid out from under Grace and rolled off the hammock. Opening the bag with Steph's camera securely tucked inside and pulling out her boom box and a hand picked CD. Putting the CD in the player and setting the boom box on the milk crate. She hit play and joined Grace as the first strands of "Amazed" by Lonestar began and then the first words and Grace knew instantly what the song was, "Every time our eyes meet. This feeling inside me. Is almost more than I can take. Baby when you touch me. I can feel how much you love me. I've never been this close to anyone or anything..."

"Oh my god" Grace said kissing Sarah's lips and smiling at her, "That's the first song we ever danced to."

"And now it'll be the first song we ever make love to, I put it on repeat" Sarah said kissing Grace once more before standing and beginning to sway to the music, slowly turning and coming to a stop in front of her as Grace looked straight ahead. Finding she was now at eye level with Sarah's now bare butt as she slipped her jeans shorts down and off. Sarah looked over her shoulder and smiled at Grace, who eyed her only remaining piece of clothing, the gold thong that read "Coming Soon."

"Go ahead I dare you" Sarah said as Grace moved closer and slid her hands up Sarah's smooth thigh's, finding it hard to control herself much longer as she pulled the thong down, slowly but surely stripping it off Sarah's butt. Sarah giggled and let it fall to the ground and stepped out of it before she turned and posed for her soon to be lover. "Your turn?"

"MMMM yes it is huh" Grace said as she stood and kissed Sarah softly and wrapping her arms around her neck for a long moment. Feeling Sarah's hands beginning to unbutton her shirt and seconds later slip it off her shoulders. A few more seconds of soft kissing and Grace's bra was the next to go as it slid off her shoulders and to the ground.

"I love you" Sarah said as Grace blushed and wrapped her arms around Sarah's neck again and said in return. "I love you to and I wanna make love to you."

"I wanna feel you inside me" Grace said as she kissed Sarah again and again, surprising her with it's intensity. "And I wanna feel me inside of you. I'm tired of waiting. I wanna do this now."

"We will..." Sarah said as Grace kissed her again in the same fashion. Sitting down in the hammock again and watching Sarah sit down beside her. Grace softly kissed her lips and slowly had her lay back in the hammock. Then moving over her body and cupping Sarah's breasts in her hands she squeezed them. Focusing a second later on her nipples, rolling them in her fingers as she heard and felt Sarah moan in her mouth, she pulled away.

"Am I going to fast?" Grace asked as she stopped.

"It's your first time..." Sarah said softly kissing her as she moved her legs to either side of Grace's thighs, "we can go as fast or as slow as you want."

"So if I went down on you right now, you wouldn't stop me?"

"No" Sarah said simply as she watched Grace back up and lower her head to her breasts, kissing each one for a moment, then sucking a nipple into her mouth. And upon hearing Sarah's slight moan and watching her show all the signs of pleasure, slowed to enjoy the moment. Fearing she would regret it, if she went to quick. Switching to her other nipple, she took time in savoring the moment and experience Sarah's rather long drawn out moaning.

"You like that?" Grace asked with a bright smile.

"God yes that makes me hot" Sarah said kissing her and letting her tongue slip inside Grace's mouth, "but I know something else I'd like a lot more."

"What?" Grace asked with a smirk.

"I want you to eat my pussy" Sarah said as Grace's eyes grew wide with excitement. Sarah thought maybe she had jumped the gun, but at this point she couldn't control herself anymore. "I wanna feel your tongue deep inside the pussy you made me shave for you. I want you to make love to me, just like I'm gonna do to you."

"MMMMMM" Grace said kissing her as they frenched passionately for a long time. Grace playfully pushed Sarah down to the hammock as they broke and Sarah giggling as she watched her back up and settle in between her spread thigh's. Grace slowly moved her tongue to one of Sarah's thighs and licked a long, long streak up it, ever so slowly. Repeating this wonderful torture to her other thigh seconds later. She kissed her stomach and slowly snaked her tongue into Sarah's belly button as Sarah wiggled and ran her fingers through Grace's hair. Then slowly making her way down the smooth bare skin and stopping barely inches away from Sarah's very sex. Placing her finger just above Sarah's slit, "Is this the place?

"Oh yeah it is" Sarah moaned as Grace's finger slid slowly and gently up and down. "Please just do it, I'm on fire."

Grace didn't respond she simply smiled and licked along Sarah's thigh again, a little faster, but in the same deliberate way as before. Up one thigh and then the other. Before moving closer to Sarah's pleasure center and hearing Sarah's urgent gasps grow louder. She decided to stop teasing her, knowing it was killing Sarah inside and how desperate she must want to be touched. Knowing also, that she was feeling the same exact emotion and one of curiously as to what it was like. Banishing these thoughts from her head she lowered her lips and gently kissed Sarah's slightly parted lips, feeling the smooth, slick flesh. Opening her mouth she could hear Sarah gasp, she tasted her for the first time with a long swipe of her tongue up Sarah's slit. Stopping at the top. Tasting the sweet, slightly musky flavor, just drove her to want more and she quickly did it again and again as Sarah started moaning intensely her legs jerking in and out, her thighs tapping Grace's ears lightly as she sped her tongue up and down. Knowing it was the most basic of technique's, wanting to give Sarah as much pleasure as she hoped to receive, she began vividly replaying the scenes from some of the X movie's her and Sarah had watched. The close-up shots being the first to come to mind, showing one girl's tongue slowly dipping inside another girl.

"OH GOD GRACE" Sarah moaned as Grace's tongue slipped between Sarah's lips and she began pumping in and out, fast at first, maybe too fast she thought as she then felt the need to slow. She pressed her lips firmly to Sarah's lips and shoved her tongue deep inside, feeling the tightness close around her tongue as Sarah's moans grew louder. Quickly finding a rhythm she thought she could sustain a moment later.

Sarah clutched at the hammock, as she moaned and her body felt sensations she hadn't felt in ages or maybe ever. She wrapped one leg around Grace's back and moved a hand to her lover's head guiding her to the right spot deep inside her. Arching her back as Grace found it and began pounding it with her tongue, Sarah screamed and arched her back, her hand going to a fist in Grace's hair. The constant pounding of Grace's now piston like tongue, pushing her ever closer to an orgasm, one which she wasn't sure she wanted, being that that would mean this had ended. But as she drew closer and closer, she let those thoughts slip completely from her mind and concentrated on the sensations, ravaging her body. Finally not able to hold out any longer, she screamed, jerking upwards, lifting her butt off the hammock slightly. Feeling Grace's fingers dig into her thighs, holding her in place, as she continued non stop with her tongue, in and out, in and out, in and out, faster and faster, and harder and harder, until Sarah's body simply EXPLODED.

Screaming one time and then again as the orgasm shot through her like lightning, she squirmed and moaned. Begging for Grace to never ever stop. The orgasm peaked, as she thought she had never cum this hard before. With one last gasp, she felt limp to the hammock and felt her cum start oozing out on to Grace's now slowing tongue.

Grace couldn't believe in her mind what she had just done. Thinking how intense it seemed from her vantage point and wondering if it was really that good or if Sarah had faked it. Almost laughing at the thought, she tasted Sarah's cum cover her tongue for the first time, and was shocked at the flavor. Knowing then without a doubt that it was a real orgasm as she tasted her cum, which was sweet as honey almost, she thought to herself as she continued licking away and got as much as she could on her tongue. Finally, figuring she had got all she was gonna, she slipped her tongue back inside and sucked hard for a second, the juice's filling her mouth once again and Sarah moaning softly.

"Was it OK?" Grace asked as she laid down beside Sarah, listening to her still panting from the effects of the orgasm and touching her chest, she could feel her heart still racing. Sarah didn't speak she just cupped Grace's chin in her hand and drew their lips together. What followed was a long, sweet, lovers french kiss, with Sarah's cum being the treat on both of their lips. Grace rolled across Sarah and had that very thought. "I love you Sarah Grasser. Do you know that?"

"UH huh, I sure do and I love you too..." Sarah said smiling as she kissed Grace again, "...more than you'll ever know."

"Music to my ears" Grace said as a silence fell over the two while they kissed softly, which was broken only for a second by a now dreamy eyed Sarah.

"Are you sure you never done that before?" Sarah asked after a few minutes of soft french kissing.

"Pretty sure" Grace said as Sarah giggled and kissed her again.

"I'll take your word for it" Sarah said, "God do you learn quick."

"So I did good?" Grace asked with an innocent expression.

"Jesus Christ girl YES" Sarah said as Grace laughed out loud. "Yes Yes Yes, god yes."

"Well if your not sure" Grace said as Sarah kissed her.

"So what did you think?" Sarah asked laying her head back down as Grace rolled over beside her.

"I dunno" Grace said, "why don't you show me what the other half is like and I'll give you a full review."

"HMMMM what are you saying?" Sarah asked raising her head and leaning on one elbow.

"I'm asking..." Grace said stopping for a dramatic pause, "...for you to make love to me."

"Those are powerful words" Sarah said sliding her hand over Grace's bare stomach and grasping the top of Grace's shorts in her hand. Grace's eyes never leaving Sarah's as she raised her hips and felt Sarah push them down slowly. Taking her time, as her arm straightened, letting it rub ever so slightly against Grace's now bare thighs. Grace kicked the shorts off her feet, leaving her now, and much to Sarah's surprise, nude.

"No underwear?"Sarah asked as she smiled. "Pretty sure of what you wanted huh?"

"Yes I was" Grace said kissing Sarah softly and Sarah knowing now with a doubt she wouldn't have to stop, unlike many moments in the past were she had felt the need to hold back. But this time, she knew Grace wanted to be here as much as she did. Maybe it was in her touch or the way she seemed to kiss her more passionately. Or maybe it could have been that Grace had just made love to her. Who knows, Sarah thought trying to stop a giggle.

Sarah lowered her head to Grace's flat lightly tanned stomach and started doing something she knew Grace loved. She kissed one spot and then drew a circle with her tongue and kissed it again, long and soft, until she moved to the next spot. Moving lower, and then higher, having no pattern in mind, trying to simply savor the moment as much as possible. Arriving underneath Grace's breasts she kissed each one, making Grace whimper quietly and squirm as Sarah's hand danced around her stomach and often down her thighs. Careful to avoid any real contact with a certain area, at least for the time being. Her hand moving to the same place her lips had just been moments before and cupping one of Grace's mounds in her hand and kissing her way to the nipple. She could hear a small gasp as she sucked it's very tip with her soft warm lips, and gently at that. Taking the entire nipple in her mouth a second later as Grace's moaning increased. Switching to the other and repeating this same method. Suddenly the unmistakable smell of female arousal filled Sarah's nose as she pulled away and looked at Grace.

Sarah smiled as she positioned herself over Grace and now sitting across her thighs was prepared to ask somethin when it got lost in the numerous thoughts surging through her mind and instead she leaned down and kissed her lover softly on the lips. Quickly kissing more passionately as they got lost in a moment and let their tongues massage each other's for the longest time. The whole time Sarah's hands working up and down Grace's now nude body and getting her, and not to mention Grace, more and more worked up. Sarah could tell by the urgency in Grace's kisses as she got closer to the point of where she simply needed to be touched and would do anything to have it. It was at this point that Sarah pulled away and before sliding down her body she asked the question that had slipped her mind earlier. "This making is you hot huh?"

"Yeh, and your are so good at it" Grace said as she spread her legs and watched Sarah closely as she smiled. Both stopping for a moment to listen as "Amazed" began playing once again on the boom box. Grace then figuring it was time for more teasing and knowing it was Sarah, she expected it from her. But something different happened, there was no teasing, Sarah simply lowered her head slowly and extending her tongue, tasting Grace for the first time. Which drew a long sustained gasping breath from her. Grace watched closely as her fingers clutched the fabric of the hammock and she felt the first sensations of Sarah's love making. Long slow strokes of her tongue, that made Grace's whole body tremble. Gliding effortlessly up and down the almost bare skin of her once virgin sex. Sarah slowly but surely increased her pace, dragging her tongue each time over the most sensitive areas of Grace's young sex. Stopping for a second as Grace's eyes opened, Sarah smiled up at her, and let her tongue slip deep inside Grace, making her again clutch at the hammock and moan in a long sustained cry of pleasure as her tongue began pistoning in and out. Almost like a french kiss, Sarah's hands holding Grace's thighs steady from the inside and quickening her pace once again. She could feel Grace's clit above her lips, being careful to rub at the underside of it on each stroke.

"OH GOD I'M GONNA CUM" Grace cried as Sarah smiled inwardly and stopped her tongue, and spreading Grace's lips, applied just the right amount of suction to her clit, and making Grace's body literally explode in a wave of volcanic orgasm, as hers had done just minutes before. Sucking softly still she let Grace ride out her first real orgasm and brought her down slowly. Knowing when she felt Grace's thigh muscles relax that she was spent. Her reward was a splattering of cum onto her lips as she tongued once again between Grace's lips. Letting it fill her mouth, she tasted the sweet nectar, almost as good as her own, but a much bigger turn on.

"Grace you taste so sweet" Sarah said before licking off the last of Grace's cum from her lips and crawling up her lovers body and kissing her skin softly a few times as Grace smiled and twirled her fingers in Sarah's hair.

"Jesus Christ girl" Grace said as Sarah joined her again at eye level, "nothing has ever felt like that."

"I know" Sarah said touching Grace's cheek and kissing her softly, letting Grace share her cum. "Now we're lovers."

"Yeh....I dunno what to say" Grace said smiling happily at Sarah, the girl who was now her lover. "You did make it special. Thank you."

"Well wasn't exactly what I planned..." Sarah said sweetly, "but who can argue with this setting."

"Not me" Grace said pulling the blanket from below them onto the hammock and covering them up. "Wanna join me for a nap?"

"A nap?" Sarah asked giggling, "I don't think so, I'm ready to go again."

"Oh god" Grace said rolling her eyes and watching Sarah move beside her. "Then you can go by yourself."

"Maybe I will" Sarah said as she giggled and felt Grace roll on to her side. Wrapping her arms around her and holding her as Grace smile happily and kissing her soft a last time before whispering, "I love you."

"I love you two" Grace said as she closed her eyes and seemed to nod off almost instantly in Sarah's arms. Sarah laid there for a long time and felt the adrenaline began pumping through her body and not able to stay still any longer she rolled of the hammock carefully and kissing Grace's cheek one more time and knowing Grace couldn't hear her she whispered, "Thank you to Grace, for healing my broken heart. You are my amazing Grace."

Sarah sat there watching her sleep for a minute or so, and reached down to hit stop on the Cd player as she then felt the adrenaline return and her body come alive again with excitement only a new love can make you feel.

Sarah stood and went running up the rocks to the waterfall, and reaching the point where she thought the water was the loudest and would probably drown out almost any sounds, she squealed excitedly and bounced around, spinning until she was dizzy from the effects. Then stepping directly into the path of the water as it cooled her body instantly. She screamed as loud as she could into the pouring water, expressing her love for Grace. Feeling the most intense rush of adrenaline of her life surge through her body and not wanting it to end. As it finally passed, she looked over the cliff in front of her, at the 10 or 15 foot straight drop in to the water filled cavern below. Deciding not to think, she closed her eyes, covered her nose and jumped. Her hole body coming alive in that second as she fell helplessly through the air. Thinking this was exactly the feeling she had every time she kissed Grace. Right before she splashed back to reality, and her whole body became engulfed in the crystal blue water. She came back to the surface and began swimming laps, until she simply lost count at the amount of times she had been around the half circle. Grabbing a towel as she got out she was startled to see Annie sitting quietly by the hammock as if watching over Grace, while she continued to sleep.

"Annie?" Sarah said as she dried off and sat down by her, "Where did you come from? Where's Steph and Jessie at girl?"

Panicking for a second she jerked the towel over her body and looked around, but saw nothing. Then thinking it was most likely Annie just out wandering around again, as Steph and Jessie had planned to go fly fishing.

"Well since you're here, you wanna keep me company?" Sarah giggled as Annie excitedly jumped up and grabbed a stick in her mouth and offering it to Sarah, as if to say, "yeh let's play."

"OK here ya go" Sarah said standing up and flinging the stick into the water as Annie went splashing after it. Sarah threw the stick until her arm felt like jelly, and still Annie wanted to play. Waving her hands to say no more, Sarah laid down on the blanket in the grass, across from Grace and the hammock and was quickly joined by Annie. Who was still panting from all the exercise, laid her head on Sarah's stomach and Sarah petted her. "Gonna have to get you back, or Steph will be worried about you."

"Hey Annie" Grace said as she joined Sarah a hour or so later on the blanket. "Where did she come from?"

"Beats me" Sarah said, "She was lieing beside you, when I got out of the water."

"Making sure no one grabbed me right girl?" Grace asked as Annie raised an eye brow in reply prompting both Sarah and Grace to laugh.

The next morning...

"Morning" Sarah said as she snuggled up to Grace, wrapping her arms around her as she laid behind her in the hammock. "The morning after..."

"Yeh and I'm still in love with you" Grace said kissing her good morning as Sarah's heart started pounding.

"Was scared you'd wake up and realize you hated me now" Sarah said with a nervous giggle.

"Oh yeah, real high possibility of that happening, blue eyes" Grace said rolling over to face Sarah. "You worry to much."

"True" Sarah said as Grace kissed her and smiled playfully.

"And to prove my point..." Grace said before being cut-off.

"I believe you" Sarah said putting her fingers over Grace's lips, "You don't have to prove anything to me."

"Oh but I want too" Grace said rolling on top of Sarah and letting their blanket fall to the ground. Talking as she kissed her softly, and repeatedly. "I want you deep inside me again...and again....and again. Until we're both exhausted."

"Yes Ma'am" Sarah said spinning Grace on to her back as both laughed.

Three hours later....

"God that walk was a bitch with all this shit" Sarah said as they reached the back of the house for the second time and piled the last of the stuff on the porch. Figuring they'd get it later. Both wondering if Annie had made it back all right, after disappearing sometime during the night.

"I'm surprised we even made it" Grace said dropping the last of the stuff, "considering what we just did."

"Shut-up" Sarah said hugging her as Grace giggled, "don't wanna let everyone know, we're a couple of nympho's."

"I'm shocked I can even control myself right now" Grace said slipping her hands in to Sarah's back pockets and playfully massaging her butt. "I mean...well you know."

"Yeh I do know" Sarah said as she kissed her, and seconds later felt Grace's tongue searching for hers. What seemed like an hour passed before either dared to break the wonderful moment. But realizing they should tell someone they were back, each snuck one more kiss, Before circling around the side of the house and coming up on a mild shock. Steph and Jessie were laying on a blanket in the front yard. Neither wearing much either, Steph was clad in a bikini top and daisy duke cut-offs, while Jessie had on a rather skimpy bikini. But the surprising part was their positions, Jessie's head lay across Steph's stomach, while she played idly with Jessie's hair.

"Check out those two" Grace said as Sarah stopped her and they listened for a moment.

"Last night was so amazing" Steph said as Jessie seemed to blush and smiled up at her, "You were so incredible thanks."

"I'm just glad you let me show you" Jessie said. "You're a brave person, you know considering."

"Well you definitely changed the way I think about certain things" Steph said. "I dunno about brave though..."

"What do you think they did last night?" Sarah asked as Grace shushed her.

"But you are..." Jessie said sitting up, "You took a huge chance...on me and well you know."

"OK as dumb as it sounds" Steph said sitting up herself, "I think you changed my life...for the better. Thank you."

"WOW" Jessie said in shock. "Your welcome."

"So how exactly did you learn that?" Steph asked.

"Hey look who's back" Jessie said as Sarah emerged from the bushes and pulled Grace along. "What did you two do?"

"None of your business" Grace said moving behind Sarah and wrapping her arms around her neck. "I don't kiss and tell."

"But I do" Sarah asked as Grace covered her mouth and Sarah bit at it playfully, "That is, if you tell me what you did."

"Why do you wanna know what we did?" Steph asked picking up the blanket and tossing it on the porch.

"It was a hot, steamy night of lesbian sex" Jessie said as Sarah's eyes widened in surprise. "Right babe?"

"I'll bet" Sarah said thinking about the over heard conversation from earlier.

"You liar" Steph said as she pushed Jessie, "you swore you wouldn't tell. God I hate you."

"Oh my god" Sarah said as she watched Steph go stomping up the steps and slam the screen door. "Jan, you slut. You seduced her."

"I did not" Jessie said with a victorious smirk, "more like she seduced me."

"But she said...." Grace started, "...last night, that....she was..."

"She was covering" Jessie said she turned and walked towards the steps, "She told me after you guys left, she wanted to get me alone, so she could get me to show her some stuff. So I did. A lot of stuff."

"But what about Katie?" Grace asked as Jessie flinched for a second, seemingly deep in thought and then replied, "She dumped me remember, so fuck her. I've moved on."

"By the way" Steph said as she reappeared at the door, "August said he'd be back as soon as he could."

"What happened?" Grace asked.

"Something about his girlfriend's car breaking down" Steph said shrugging her shoulders, "He gave me some money for Pizza and said he'd be back as soon as he could."

"What do you know about this mysterious girlfriend of his?" Grace asked as Jessie moved aside and Steph came back out the screen door and gave her a dirty look.

"Not much" Steph said, "I know she's from Chicago, and they meet every weekend at some place up north of here. And he mentioned one time, that she doesn't like to talk about herself. She's really secretive."

"That's it?" Grace asked.

"Well what's her name?" Sarah asked.

"I dunno" Steph said, "every time I asked about her, he changes the subject. But that's just August being August. He didn't even tell us about Annie, his girlfriend not my dog, until he was seeing her for like 4 months. So the way I see it, their perfect for each other. I figure if it makes him happy to keep her to himself, it's no biggie."

"Are you done being mad at me yet?" Jessie asked as she rubbed Steph's arm lightly with her fingers, and giving her a playful look.

"Maybe..." Steph said with a shy smile, "if you'll do something for me."

"And What's that?" Jessie asked leaning close and smiling seductively.

"A replay of last night?" Steph said as Grace couldn't believe her ears.

"Oh yeah, let's go" Jessie said as they opened the door and ran into the house hand in hand. Slamming the bedroom door loudly a moment later and turning some blaring rock music on after that.

"Oh god those two are unreal" Sarah said starting towards the bedroom as Grace stopped her and said, "Hold on, I got a sneaking suspicion, Jessie is playing a little trick on us."

"Ya think?" Sarah asked turning to look at Grace.

"Yep" Grace said pulling Sarah along to the kitchen and snagging one of August's knives. "Let's just pick that lock and see what their really doing."

"But what if they know" Sarah said as they reached the door to Steph's room, "I wouldn't want anyone to just walk in on me like that."

"I'll take the heat" Grace said as she lowered to her knees and started working on the lock. Sarah put her back against the wall and watched, secretly hoping Grace wouldn't be able to flip the lock. But feeling her heart drop when she did and the door flew open. Two loud screams could be heard, followed by Grace's equally loud scream and her running down the hall, blushing a million colors a minute. Sarah peaked into the room and saw Steph and Jessie covered from head to toe with a blanket. Screaming at her to close the door. Sarah fumbled with the knob and finally closed the door.

"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD" Grace kept repeating as Sarah joined her on the porch and watching her pace back and forth. Fearing that any moment now, Jessie and Steph would arrive to give them a verbal ass kicking about respect and privacy. As expected they did, not to much later. Slamming the door open as they marched out on to the porch.

"What in the hell was that?" Jessie asked, now wearing a pair of shorts over her bikini bottoms as Steph covered her mouth and nose, trying to keep from saying something rude, Sarah thought. "I would never do you that way."

"I know I'm so sorry" Grace said as her heart raced and Steph began to lose it, seriously. She fell back into the chair behind her and began laughing as loud as she could.

"GOTCHA" Steph said as Sarah's eyes bugged out and a huge victorious smile came across Jessie's face. Grace, froze in the moment, looked slowly over at the pair as Jessie joined Steph in a fit of air gasping laughter. Falling all over each other as they did.

"You mean this was some twisted practical joke?" Sarah asked as she tried to wipe the smile from her face.

"YEP....god you two are so easy" Steph said as she pushed Jessie off her to the floor and tried to stop laughing so she could tell the story. "It was Jessie's idea last night, I was telling her about some of the crazy shit I've did to poeple and she wanted to do it. So I helped her."

"YOUR DEAD" Grace said lunging at Steph and Jessie as Sarah grabbed her.

"Grace calm down" Sarah said laughing herself. "It was a joke, they got us."

"Yep" Steph said as Jessie finally sat up. "It was a plan, and you guys fell right into it."

"The conversation and all?" Sarah asked.

"Yep, we saw you coming" Steph said pointing to the large mirror hanging from the tree beside the porch, "and we just started talking, figuring you would hear us and stop to be nosey."

"So you didn't sleep together last night?" Grace asked.

"God no" Steph said, "No amount of alcohol on earth could get me that drunk. I just like yanking people's chains."

"You realize paybacks gonna be a bitch" Sarah said.

"Ohhhhhh I'm scared" Steph said shaking as Jessie laughed and a car could suddenly be heard coming up the driveway.

"That was quick" Steph said as she stood and spied August's SVU coming towards the house, pulling another car behind it.

"Maybe we'll get to finally meet his mysterious girlfriend" Jessie said as she followed Steph off the porch and with Grace and Sarah following her.

August pulled into his usual spot, just past the four girls as they stopped at the edge of the driveway. August flashed a brief, and visibly nervous smile as he circled around the front of the SVU and grabbed the handle to the passenger's side door and pulled it open. The lady stepped out and stopped dead in her tracks as she starred, open mouthed and wide eyed, at the girls, in utter shock. A look which the girls, with exception of Steph matched with one of their own, Jessie apparently being the most rattled. August noticed this rather quickly and was about to ask what was wrong. When Jessie broke the stunned silence with a simple one word question.


"Jessie?" Karen replied.

To be Continued....