Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 47 "Tempting"

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One Week Later.....

"I just don't get why she felt that way" Jessie said as Dr. Rosenfeld seem to be deep in thought. "Why she broke it off."

"Maybe on the surface, you can't see it" He said, "But if you look a little deeper I believe you'll see she is somewhat right."

"No I wanna be with her" Jessie said firmly, "I love being with her."

"From all that you've told me, I think losing your virginity changed everything for you" Dr. Rosenfeld said, "The world seems like a whole different place now, does it not?"

"Not really" Jessie said quietly.

"And you, I can see the change in you" Dr. Rosenfeld commented, "If this thing with your mom had happened a year or so ago, you'd probably be in the midst of a deep depression right now. But instead you've learned to process those feelings and deal with the trauma slowly."

"Meaning you think what?" Jessie asked, "I'm maturing?"

"I would be willing to venture that opinion" Dr. Rosenfeld replied with a smile

"But what does all this have to do with mine and Katie's break up?" Jessie asked pointedly as she folded her legs in the indian position.

"It has to do with your break up because you changed and with that came a significant change in your relationship" Dr. Rosenfeld explained, "One that may have surprised Katie, and she felt it was her fault. So she's blaming herself."

"She sorta of said that"

"And she sees it as you wanting to be free to live this new life you have" Dr. Rosenfeld said.

"But that's not true" Jessie said, "I don't wanna be free from her, I want her to be there when I need her."

"But when you don't need her, that's when she's the last thing on your mind" Dr. Rosenfeld said, "So I'm guessing subconsciously you really do wanna be free from the constraints of a relationship. Free to explore your life and as you said go goofin with Sarah."

" love Katie, I do..." Jessie said trying to convince herself as much as the doctor, that he wasn't right.

"Jessie you know I'm right" Dr. Rosenfeld said, "Just take a few days and think about it. Maybe go and talk to Katie, and see if it's really what you want. And come back and we'll talk about it. OK?"

"Ok" Jessie agreed as she took the notes from Dr. Rosenfeld and left his office a few minutes later. She smiled as she spotted Sarah in the waiting room, making faces at a baby sitting next to her in it's car seat. Finally pulling Sarah away, Grace and her joined Jessie for the walk to the car. Both questioning her non-stop about the session she just had, and Jessie feeling like that was the last thing in the world she wanted to talk about. Grace excitedly took the keys to Sarah's mustang and slipped into the car, starting it up and pulling away a few minutes later. Making plans for the night, Jessie made it clear she didn't wanna go home yet, but felt like she had to when Grace said her and Sarah were planning to go to a movie downtown.

"Look if you don't wanna go home you can stay at my place while we're gone" Sarah offered, "I trust ya Jan."

"No I need to go some where if you can drop me off" Jessie said, "But thanks anyway...Marsha."

"Where?" Grace asked.

"Katie's?" Jessie asked looking down at her hands for a moment before looking back up at the two in the front seat. "I really need to talk to her, so can you?"

"Sure I guess it is a little out of the way though" Grace said as Sarah shot her a look of surprise.

"Well if it's too much trouble" Jessie said as Sarah jumped in and replied, "She's just kidding Jess, besides she's driving my car so she has to."

"No problem" Grace said smiling, but appearing to Jessie to be a little frustrated.

"By the way we'll probably be gone for about 3 or 4 hours, maybe longer" Sarah said, "Me and Grace are going to the movies, so just call when you get ready, K?"

"Movies huh?" Jessie asked with a teasing smile. "If I know you two, you'll never make it there."

"Oh yeah we will, we're going to see this porno" Sarah said, "It's called Cumming From Behind. It's got some scenes were a girl with a strap-on does this hot young bitch in the ass, and plenty of other girl/girl stuff, ya know everything we dykes like."

"We are not" Grace said looking at her with a look of mock horror.

"Oh shut up, you'd never get Grace to go to a movie like that" Jessie said blushing as Sarah laughed.

"But I'll bet you wouldn't mind doing some of what's in that movie" Jessie said as her and Sarah started pushing and wrestling over the seats. "We both know you like it that way."

"Shut up, you slut" Sarah said as she spilled into the back seat, landing on top of Jessie as both laughed out loud.

Grace's mind began to wonder about Jessie's last comments about the movie Sarah mentioned and began to wonder if Sarah did have a dildo. The conversation with Katie earlier, suddenly coming back to her in vivid detail as she stopped a few houses away for some reason as she looked back at the pair in the back seat, who finally sat up and Jessie scrambled to get out of the backseat. Explaining she'd just get out there, so she wouldn't make them any later. Watching Jessie disappear around a huge set of bushes, not to far from Katie's driveway, Grace turned and drove back the way they had come.

"So miss Sarah..." Grace said before pausing for a dramatic effect, " got a dildo and didn't tell me about it?"

"Ummmmm yeh, I was sorta waiting for the right time" Sarah said as she looked over at Grace and asked with a look of apprehension. "Your not freaked out are you?"

"Of course not" Grace said smiling back at her, "Matter of fact, I already knew you had one."

"Snooping again?" Sarah asked, referring to the thong incident and hoping Grace would catch on.

"Nope" Grace said with a huge grin, "and I know what you like to do with it too."

"You do?" Sarah asked with touch of nervousness in her voice. "I mean ofcourse you do, it's not like it takes a rocket scientist to figure that out. Any girl with a good imagination knows that."

"Yeh but I happen to know for a fact that you like using it for other things" Grace said with a teasing smile as they stopped at a red-light.

"Like what?" Sarah asked in a shocked voice as Grace motioned with her finger to come closer. Grace leaned in and whispered in her ear in a long drawn out fashion, more of a moan than a sentence, "Butt....fuck."

"Oh god you do know" Sarah said covering her face as Grace smiled at her and after a few seconds made Sarah look at her, "Busted."

"And before you ask, Katie told me" Grace said as Sarah gasped in surprise.

"That big mouth slut" Sarah said as Grace laughed as Sarah kissed her lips softly for a second. "So what do you think? Honestly."

"Well...Katie said your really good at it" Grace said seductively, "and it made me hot listening to her describe it. So..."

"Yeh?" Sarah asked impatiently leaning across the center divide and purposely putting one hand between Grace's thighs as she gave her a sizzling kiss on the lips and raised her eyebrows suggestively as Grace blushed and giggled before she replied.

"As long as you go slow" Grace said, "I'm game."

"Yes" Sarah said as Grace laughed nervously. "And you have nothing to be nervous about, I'll take it really slow and made sure you like it. I promise I'd never hurt you."

"Can I try it on you too?" Grace asked as Sarah eyes grew wide with interest and a hint of lust.

"If you beg me" Sarah said putting her lips to Grace's ear.

"If we don't stop, we'll never make it to the movies" Grace said as Sarah smiled and asked in an innocent voice, "So?"

Meanwhile back by the bushes in Katie's front yard...

"WHO IS IT?" Katie asked loudly, as she stood on the porch and looked out on the front yard, now bathed in darkness. "LOOK I'VE GOT A GUN AND MY BROTHER IS JUST INSIDE."

"Don't shoot, don't shoot" A Voice said stepping into the light of the front porch finally, "It's just me."

"Jessie?" Katie asked walking slowly down the front steps.

"Yeh it's me" Jessie said walking the rest of the way up the path as Katie stopped at the bottom of the porch steps. "Didn't mean to scare you. Just dropped my key chain in the bushes, and I guess I paniced when I couldn't find it."

"Grace gave me a ride over" Jessie said as Katie simply looked at her for a long moment, "She said for me to call her when I was ready. So if you want me to go..."

"What are you doing here?" Katie asked softly.

"Honestly, I needed to talk you" Jessie said, "I guess I just wanted to see you."

"You been gone all weekend" Katie said.

"How did you know?"

"Lily told me you were staying at Sarah's" Katie said, "but I know you weren't there."

"You do?" Jessie asked trying to remain calm.

"Yeh I stopped by on my way to see Cori the other day" Katie said, "Some kid named Michael told me he saw you leaving and you'd been gone for like two days."

"We were at August's place in Indiana" Jessie said, "Me, Grace and Sarah I mean. I needed to get away for a few days. And you really stopped by Sarah's looking for me?"

"No ofcourse not" Katie said with a teasing smile spreading across her face, "I was there to seduce Sarah."

"Your mean" Jessie said pushing her playfully as Katie giggled, "Besides, you'd have to beat Grace to it, if you wanted to seduce Sarah."

"You mean they did it?" Katie asked as she sat down on the front steps and urged Jessie to join her.

"Well let's just say that me and Steph helped them carry a shit load of stuff into the woods" Jessie started, "so they could go camping and they reappeared the next morning with this glow about them. I'd bet money that Grace lost it."

"WOW!" Katie said and then asking in a curious voice, "Who's Steph?"

"August's niece from Omaha, who's very much straight" Jessie said. "She's really cool though, you'd love her. She just got dumped by her low-life boyfriend back home and she came down to stay a while with August."

Katie seemed to be hanging on every word, Jessie thought, as she relayed the story of the weekend. Asking a million questions and wanting to know every detail. Not quite beleiving that August was now involved with Karen, but reassuring Jessie that her mom would come around. Jessie then felt she had to break the news of her return to therapy the previous day. Katie seemed a little shocked and started rambling about it being her fault, as Jessie tried to convince it was something that she felt she needed to do, to get past some of the stuff in her life. Neither paying much attention to the clock as they chatted and Jessie began listening to stories of what Katie had been up to since they broke up.

"You know we been chatting for over an hour?" Jessie asked looking at her watch.

"Yeh I was hoping you wouldn't notice" Katie said looking down and picking up a peeble and throwing it on to the street, "I didn't want ya leave."

"I'm not planning to" Jessie said, "I was just thinking that, for the last hour, we've talked like we used to. Like old friends."

"Your right" Katie said, "We have. Seems like we never did get to do that, towards the end."

"My fault" Jessie said covering Katie's lips with her hand, "And don't deny it, I was too busy goofin with Sarah to pay attention to you, like I should. I'm sorry."

"Thank you for saying that" Katie said taking Jessie's hand with hers. "And I'm sorry for everything I said that night at the hospital."

"Me too" Jessie said linking her fingers with Katie's, "I've done some stupid things, like in Nashville and..."

"What happened in Nashville?" Katie asked dropping Jessie's hand as she trailed off, "What aren't you telling me?"

"Nothing really" Jessie lied and knew she may be about ruin the moment they were having.

"You didn't like do something with Sarah did you?" Katie asked with worried look on her face. "Please tell me you didn't."

"God NOOOOO" Jessie said and then blurting out the entire incident, "See me and Sarah had a bet about a swimming race and the loser had to strip for the winner, it was her idea. So I lost and I guess you know the rest."

"That's not so bad" Katie said softly, "Wish I could have seen it instead of Sarah."

"Me too" Jessie said nervously sliding closer, "she said I did real good."

"You like showing your body off don't you?" Katie asked with smirk, "First with Grace and now with Sarah."

"Yeh I guess so" Jessie said, "You seemed to like it, and so far I've only had compliments on it. And I think the word perfect has been passed around in reference to it."

"I would agree with that" Katie said as Jessie smiled and leaned in to kiss Katie, and felt her suddenly turn away.

"What's wrong?" Jessie asked as Katie stood and walked up the steps.

"Jessie" Katie said as Jessie followed after her, "I can't do this, cause I know your not ready."

"What do you mean?" Jessie asked confused as she sat down beside her on the swing.

"Your not ready to commit to a relationship yet" Katie said simply, "You need to figure out if us is what you want and you can't possibly know that. Not yet."

"Then when? Tell me so I'll know" Jessie said feeling Katie gently pull her hand away.

"Theirs no timetable, no set schedule" Katie said. "You'll know when you know."

"That clears things up" Jessie said setting back in the swing and folding her arms across her stomach, "Do you even know what that means?"

"It means I'm not gonna try and hold you when you wanna fly" Katie said, realizing she was most likely confusing her more than ever by that comment, "you need to go and live your life freely, and not have to worry about being loyal to me, constantly. And before you say anything Jess, listen. You kissing Grace, neglecting me, and everything else is all things you'd never have done before we slept together. That sweet innocent girl, I fell head over heals in love with is gone and in her place is a young woman who needs to experience life free from the binding commitments of a relationship. And believe me I know how that sounds, like I read it straight out of a encyclopedia. But I think it's true. I still love you, as much as I ever have..."

"I still love you too" Jessie said smiling and looking at Katie as if she finally got what Katie was saying, "I finally get what you mean....I think."

"You do?" Katie asked in shock.

"Yeh see in therapy earlier Dr. Rosenfeld said the same thing sorta" Jessie said, "He was like maybe your doing these things because subconsciously you wanna be free from the constrains of a relationship, so you can throughly explore your newly discovered sexuailty. Or some long winded excuse like that."

"Maybe I should be a shrink" Katie said as Jessie giggled.

"Maybe you should" Jessie said smiling at her. "But even if your not, I got a question for ya Doc Singer."

"Shoot, Miss Sammler" Katie said pretending to pick up her legal pad and pencil.

"Why is it, if I wanna be free so bad, that all I think about is you?" Jessie asked as Katie put her hand over her heart and looked like she were about to cry.

"Look you better go, before I change my mind and just pin you down and make love to you right here" Katie said as Jessie giggled and laid back across the swing, putting her feet in Katie's lap and saying, "Let's go....Billie."

"Don't tempt me" Katie said putting her hand on Jessie's thigh, "Cause you are."

"So are you" Jessie said smiling as the phone in the hall began ringing, breaking the moment. Grace was calling to make sure Jessie was ready before she came and picked her up. Jessie and Katie chatted for a few minutes on the porch as they waited for Grace, and as she did, Jessie leaned over and quickly kissed Katie's cheek, letting it linger for a moment before running off giggling. Katie blushed and watched as Grace drove away, feeling like a ton of bricks had been lifted off her shoulders and not to mention her stomach. Thinking now maybe she could stop crying every single night and maybe move on with her life, to what she didn't know. Heading upstairs she said goodnight to her parents as they came down the hall behind her. But as she walked through the door to her room, she noticed something was wrong, a large lump in the center of the bed. And that large lump was snoring like a wrecking train. Which could only mean one thing, she had a visitor.

"Joanna" Katie said as she pushed her door together and locked it. Walking back to her bed and jumping and crashing down, Joanna's head shot up and she looked back in shock as Katie gave her a glaring "What are you doing here?" look.

"Oh hey K" Joanna said casually as she rolled over stretched out in the bed, now yawning. Katie couldn't help but smile as she looked at her friend. And it was hard to be mad at her, being that she was the most loyal person Katie had ever known, well besides Sarah.

"What are you doing here?" Katie asked when Joanna didn't say anything else.

"Kyle let me in 'bout an hour ago, him and Kevbo were playing Bball in the back and he said go on up" She said fluffing the pillow under her head, "And you weren't here, so I thought I'd wait on you. Guess I fell asleep."

"If my Mom found you in my bed asleep she'd kill me and ream your ass" Katie said.

"Yeh right K" Joanna giggled, "You know as well as I do, you'd ream my ass, long before your mom would, I know how you like to get down."

"Pervert" Katie said blushing as Joanna laughed.

"So it is true, you gotta thang for the back door boogie" Joanna said with a widening smile as Katie blushed so bad it was even clear in the stark lighting of the bedroom, "HMMMM might be fun, course if that's what I gotta do to get you in my pants...I'm game."

"You're bad" Katie said smiling as Joanna put her feet across her lap. "And you just might be right."

"GRRRRR" Joanna growled playfully, "If you want it, you can have it."

"You'll let me do that?" Katie asked sliding her hand up Joanna's bare leg, feeling the smoothness of the skin underneath her fingers.

"If you promise to take it slow" Joanna said now appearing to be a little nervous.

"I would never hurt you" Katie said shifting and laying down beside her, wrapping her legs around Joanna's. "You know that right?"

"Yeh, besides you know I'm just a big flirt" Joanna said as Katie rolled on top of her, forcing Joanna on to her stomach, "What are you doing?"

"Giving ya a little preview" Katie said resting now across Joanna's body, her thighs in perfect alignment with Joanna's butt. Moving Joanna's hair out of the way she smiled as Joanna looked at her with a questioning expression, "tell me how this feels" Katie whispered as she drew her hips up slightly above her friends and thrust forward gently. Then doing it again and again, harder each time. Joanna's eyes grew wide as the floor play continued. Katie wrapped her arms under her friends and held her tight as she slammed into her butt. Feeling the gentle soothing sensations of the moment and hearing Joanna sigh contently, almost moaning it appeared. "You like that?"

"Oh my god that's wild" Joanna said smiling at Katie, as she went faster and harder. "MMMMMMM that actually feels nice K."

"Yeh I know" Katie said not wanting to stop.

"I bet you wanna get me off, so I'll be your slave" Joanna said as Katie smiled and began rolling her hips over Joanna, creating a new sensation for both of them. "God K your getting me hot with this shit."

"Do you think it would feel better with our clothes off?" Katie asked as Joanna's heart skipped a beat.

"Yeh it would" Joanna said grinning as Katie rubbed faster up and down her thighs. "But too bad we can't."

"Why not?" Katie asked. "You suddenly don't want me?"

"You know that's not the truth" Joanna said spnning slowly and smiling as Katie laid down behind her and held her in a bear hug. "Anyway we can't talk anymore about it right now."

"Why?" Katie asked.

"Cause we got a party to go to" Joanna said handing Katie a flier with "Party at the Palace" splashed across the top. "Come on."

"Is this Mandy's party?" Katie asked as Joanna jumped up and tossed Katie her jacket and grabbing her own.

"Yeh, it's gonna be a fuckin blast" Joanna said taking Katie's hand and pulling her off the bed, "every dyke in the tri-state area gonna be up in that mug."

"My Mom will never let me go" Katie said as Joanna opened the bedroom door and looked out, carefully checking each way down the hall before looking back at Katie and saying with a smile, "That's why were not gonna tell her."

"Joanna Christensen your gonna get me grounded for the rest of my life" Katie hissed as they snuck down the driveway and practically sprinted the next few blocks away from the house. Until Katie had to stop, out of breath. Gasping for air as Joanna waited, hands on hips with a "will you come on" look on her face. "Trying to kill me before my parents do?"

"Your such a wuss Singer" Joanna said grabbing her hand and pulling her along, at a much slower pace though. "We gotta meet my girl T.K. down on Rose and Kennedy."

"Wait...hold on girl I ain't riding with no guy I've never met" Katie said as Joanna giggled.

"He's not a he, he's really a she" Joanna said in her best shakespeare voice. "T.K. stands for Tonya Kathleen or something like that."

"You don't even know her name?"

"Don't be silly ofcourse I do" Joanna said, "Well part. Anyway she's my homey from the days when I was hanging in L.A."

"Anyone ever tell you your not black" Katie said as Joanna's eyes shot open with shock and she began inspecting her skin in the street light and in a loud slave like voice said, "MAMA YOU DONE LIED TO ME, I'LL BET I GONNA BE THIS COLOR FOR THE REST OF MY BORN DAYS."

"Shut up" Katie said covering Joanna's mouth and dragging her along, "You are such a drama queen."

"Hey slut" Joanna said as she jerked open the door to a Dodge Ram truck and climbed in, smacking a high five with the blonde behind the wheel. Turning to give a struggling Katie a hand up. "T.K. this is my girl Katie. Or at least she soon will be."

"Tonya, not T.K., I'm finally out of that palace of imitation called Los Angeles and I'll be damned if your big ass mouth is gonna remind me it " Tonya said as she shook Katie's hand, "Spend one summer in L.A. and this girl things she California born and raised."

"Straight up and chill out Homey G Dog Girl" Joanna said showing the love sign on her hand as Tonya looked at her in amazement, "I can play by yo rules my sister by twista."

"Do you even know what half of that means?" Tonya asked.

"Not really" Joanna said with a smirk as Katie laughed, "but don't I look good saying it."

"Chicago sun done fried this girls brain" Tonya said.

"Don't blame it on us" Katie said as Joanna leaned back and laid her head on Katie's shoulder and smiled up at her, "She was almost normal fore she left here."

"Whatever" Tonya said pulling out into traffic as she chuckled softly, "so are you guys friends, ex's or what?"

"Friends" Joanna said and then looking to Katie, "although I'm trying my best to convince her I'm the girl for her. She just dumped her last flame."

"We broke up" Katie said seriously as Joanna sat up and looked back at her.

"I didn't mean to rub it in about Jess" She said, "I was playing. You know I'd never try and hurt your feelings right?"

"Yeh" Katie said turning her head and looking out the window as a huge twang of loneliness filled her heart.

"So where's this big bash at you were telling me about?"

"My friend Mandy's big ass place" Joanna said, "all us call it the palace. Place is freakin huge."

"Point the way" Tonya said as Joanna began directing her to the right turns.

Meanwhile at the hospital...

"You need some help?" Joey asked as Cori stood with help and placing her hands on the brick wall, looked out over the parking lot below. Joey slipping her arms around Cori's waist and pulling her snug as she laid her head on her shoulder.

"I'm fine Froggie" Cori said, "And you don't have to hold me up, you know."

"I'm not" Joey said with a gentle smile, "I just wanted hold you. That ok?"

"Uh huh" Cori said smiling as she touched her head to Joey's, "I like it when you hold me."

"You sure you gonna be ok without me tonight?" Joey asked quietly.

"Yes I promise I'll be fine Froggie" Cori said, "You need to be with your friend, I understand."

"That's the problem you always do" Joey said kissing Cori's cheek. "You make me wanna do everything for you."

"You do, do most of it" Cori said as Joey laughed.

"Yeh I know" Joey replied smiling as Cori turned slowly and put her arms around Joey's neck. "Just keep my cell number close and if you get scared of the boogie man call me."

"You're mean" Cori said as Joey laughed. "But I still like ya."

"And your pretty" Joey said playing with Cori's hair as she giggled. "Have I ever told you that?"

"Me pretty?" Cori asked with wide eyed innocence and slight shock.

"Very pretty" Joey said as Cori's face spread with a smile and she moved her hand to Joey's cheeks. Seemingly holding Joey's face so she could look deep in her eyes.

"Can I kiss you?" Cori asked as Joey felt her heart beat faster.

"If you want, ofcourse" Joey said as Cori looked at her for a long moment and then slowly leaned closer and pressed her lips to Joey's for another long moment, hands on her cheeks the whole time. Both beaming from ear to ear as there eyes met again. "WOW."

"That was so cool" Cori said as Joey laughed and kissed her again gently.

"Yeh it was cool CoCo..." Joey said laughing, "with you it's always cool."

"You kiss really good" Cori said as Joey giggled and asked "do I really?"

"Yep" Cori said.

"You do too" Joey said in a whisper and gently kissed her again. Stairing deep into Cori's ocean green eyes and letting her mind wonder as Cori returned her smile. Thinking how much she had come to adore this girl in such a short span of time. And how much she had seen Cori grow over the last few weeks, it was almost like she was growing up all over again. Being that when she first came out of the coma she was much like a wide-eyed newborn experiencing life for the first, which in essence she was, but she had slowly grown, gaining more confidence and every day. Developing her "new" personality as the days passed. She felt so at ease around her, it was something she had never felt with anyone else, even Shady, hell especially Shady. Being shaken back to reality at the sound of Cori's voice.

"Will you still be my friend when I'm all better?"

"Ofcourse I will CoCo" Joey said rolling her eyes as if it were a silly question and watching Cori giggle. "Can't get rid of me that easy my girl."

"My legs are hurting I think I should sit down" Cori said as Joey moved her chair in place behind her and carefully guided her back to the chair. "I'm your girl?"

"Yep your my girl CoCo Tyler" Joey said as Cori laughed and felt Joey pop her chair into a wheely and go rolling towards the elevator.

Two hour later, after saying good bye to Cori and meeting Shady out front of the Doctor's building downtown, they slowly walked along the sidewalk talking, heading to the parking lot down the block and Shady's brand new Cadillac Eldorado. Having finally completed the session with Dr. Rosenfeild. Shady had her wait at the exit and ran inside to get her car. Slamming on the breaks as she came screeching out of the tunnel.

"Nice ride girl" Joey said plopping down in the passenger's seat as Shady touched her hand. Something she had noticed, had been happening often tonight. And this time it seemed to be a genuine show of effection and not Shady trying to control her. This time she smiled and laced her fingers with Joey's, something that had never happened before.

"Wanted to impress my girl" Shady said as Joey's body froze and she reflected on where else she had heard that comment tonight.

"You know money don't impress me" Joey said.

"Yep I know, one of the things that really bugs me about you" Shady said and following it by sticking out her tongue playfully. Joey grabbed at Shady's tongue and leaning in suddenly her lips being met by Shady's, in an warm kiss. "I always liked kissing you."

"When you treat me like you treated me tonight, I like kissing you too" Joey said as Shady simply nodded and pulled out into traffic.

"I'm trying..." Shady said.

"Yes you are and thank you" Joey said squeezing her hand in Shady's as she drove.

"Anyway enough of this mush talk" Shady said after a fairly long silence, "Tonight's party is gonna be mega super hype, at least that's what Mandy said. "It's like the last big blow up before school starts on monday."

"Yeh which sucks but hopefully we'll see Mandy swinging naked from something else" Joey said nudging Shady's shoulder.

"Well she sure got a round of applause last time" Shady said as they pulled up in front of her house and hollered for some couple making out to move out of the driveway. Reaching the garage, they watched the door lift and a bunch of kids scattered like roaches from a sinking ship.

"Garage is off limits guys" Shady said getting out as Joey did. "So take the party back inside."

"Hey Shady here comes Katie and Joanna" Joey said walking back to meet them at the garage door.

"Hey girl" Joanna said bumping hips with Shady as she joined the group. "You member Katie right? And this is Tonya, my homey G dog from the West side."

"I'm from L.A. nice to meet you guys" Tonya said extending her hand and shaking Shady's and then Joey's.

"Long time no see Katie" Shady said as Katie began blushing and grew quiet.

"She just dumped her little princess so now she's all ours to corrupt all over again" Joanna said hugging Katie's arm.

"Yeh baby, that's something we can handle" Mandy said popping out from the apparant hiding place in the bushes not far from the group.

"How long have you been hiding there you snoop?" Shady asked.

"Not as long as her" Mandy said with a smirk as a blushing Sam popped out, sporting a sheepish grin.

"SAM?" Shady growled as Mandy laughed and Joey grabbed Shady's arm protectively.

"Calm down" Joey said soothingly in her hear as Shady took a deep breath and tried to calm down as Sam snuck behind Mandy. She then mumbled something and went running toward's the car, and darted inside.

"Oh yeah, sis can I borrow your car..." Mandy asked as the attention shifted back to her. Joey grabbed Shady's arm, preventing her from going after her younger sister.

"Why?" Shady asked in a calmer voice than Joey expected.

"Yeh why?" Joanna asked stepping in front of Mandy with her arms folded, pretending to be a parental figure, Katie thought as she laughed.

"Shut up" Mandy said pushing Joanna away, "Me and Sam are gonna pick up some friends."

"Oh ok, just be careful" Shady said flipping her the keys. "Wait, you ain't been drinking right?"

"No Mom not yet" Mandy said turning walking back towards the car as Joanna ran after her and smacked her hard on the butt and said, "I'm going with ya, so ya don't go and pick up any male hookers."

"Fine, get in" Mandy said as Joanna flipped her off and laughed. "and quit grabbing my butt, you dyke."

"Who ya going after anyway?" Joanna asked as she opened the passenger side door.

"Oh a friend of mine" Mandy said, "Jessie Sammler."

"Who?" Katie asked in shock as all attention turned to her.

To be Continued....