Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 48 "Showtime!"

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"Jessie?" Zoe asked from the bottom of the stairs in Jessie's attic bedroom.

"Come on up" Jessie said as Zoe quickly appeared at the top of the steps. And being shocked at the way Zoe was dressed, "Zoe?"

"Can I ask you a question?" Zoe asked as Jessie's eyes roamed over Zoe's body. She was sporting a very expensive looking pair of hip huggers, a T-shirt tied just below her suddenly larger breasts, and most shockingly a thong showing prominently above her panty line. Her hair featured several beaded pony tails. Jessie found herself thinking Zoe had grow up before her very eyes and she Thinking then this was a girl she wouldn't mind being seen with, until she realized who those thoughts were about. Snapping back to reality she saw Zoe standing there impatiently waiting for an answer to a question Jessie hadn't even heard her ask.


"Can I go with you to the party?" Zoe asked biting her lip nervously.

"Nooooo" Jessie said as if it were a silly question.

"Why not?" Zoe asked calmly, something that sorta surprised Jessie, being that usually she went into whine mode almost immedaitely.

"You're too young to be at a party like that" Jessie said. "And how did you know I was going to the party anyway?"

"I was eaves dropping when Mandy called" Zoe said as Jessie's eyes went wide with anger. "I mean her sister Sam told me."

"You little sneak" Jessie said, "I'm telling Lily on your ass."

"NOOOOOO" Zoe said stepping in front of Jessie as she tried to exit down the stairs. "If you do I'll tell on you too."

"For what?" Jessie asked as Zoe smiled knowingly and raised her eyebrows. "I'll just say I wasn't going to the party."

"You know what I mean" Zoe said with devilish grin, "you and Katie doing it. Right here, on that bed."

"How the hell do you know about that?" Jessie said covering her mouth in shock.

"Let's just say I do" Zoe confidently. "So if you don't let me go with you, Mom will find out."

"You little blackmailing bitch" Jessie said with anger in her voice, her fists now clenched at her side as Zoe took a step back, not realizing the steps were as close as they were. "I oughta kick your ass."

"NooooOOOOOO" Zoe said her voice growing louder as her foot slipped and she felt herself falling backwards. Jessie lunged forward grabbing for her step-sister's arm, keeping her from falling down the rest of the steps.

"You ok?" Jessie asked joining her on the second step from the top.

"Yeh I think" Zoe said looking down and realizing how far she would have fallen if it hadn't been for Jessie. "You saved my life. Thank you."

"No I didn't..." Jessie said as Zoe hugged her tightly, her breathing returning to normal. "...come up here, sit down."

Jessie watched Zoe for a minute expecting her to say something. But she didn't for a long time. She pulled her legs up to her chest and lowered her head to her arms. Looking to be deep in thought. "So I won't say anything" Zoe finally said, breaking the long silence that had suddenly developed in the room.

"You won't?" Jessie asked as Zoe raised her head.

"No" Zoe said quietly. "I would never do that, you know that."

"Well then why did you threaten to do it?" Jessie asked as she heard her bedroom door open and Lily say from the bottom of the stairs, "Jessie is Zoe up there?"

"Yeh she's here" Jessie said moving to the top of the steps.

"Oh ok just checking" Lily said, "I'm going to bed, don't stay up to long, good night."

"Goodnight Mom" Zoe said.

"Night" Jessie said as Lily closed the door and padded off down the hall towards her and Rick's room.

"I really wanted to go to that party" Zoe said seemingly picking up on the conversation from earlier. "Sam wants me to come and she doesn't really have many friends I guess, so when she asked me to come, I said yes."

"You really wouldn't?"

"No, I would never ever do that to you" Zoe said, "Your my sister. And most of the time, you've always treated me pretty good. Unlike Grace."

"There they are" Zoe said as she heard a horn blow outside.

"Yeh I better go" Jessie said grabbing her coat and walking quietly down the steps with Zoe in close behind. Being surprised when Zoe followed her down the steps and into the front hall. Zoe took her coat off the hook and slipped it on as Jessie watched and gave her a stern look.

"Please?" Zoe asked with a pleading voice.

"Where do you think you're going young lady or should I say ladies?" Rick asked as both Jessie and Zoe nearly jumped out of there skin and turned to see Rick with a cup of coffee and the evening paper in hand.

"Hey Daddy ummmmm...." Jessie stammered as Zoe closed her coat moved beside her and touched Jessie's hand, making her go silent as she looked at her step-sister for support.

"Jennifer just called and she's home alone and wants me to come over and sit with her for a few minutes" Zoe said, "and Jessie offered to go with me, cause it's late. That ok?"

"Oh sure" Rick said moving close to the pair and kissing Jessie and then Zoe's forehead before saying, "Just don't be gone too long, it is getting late. Call if you need anything. I'm off to bed. Good night."

"Night Daddy" Jessie muttered as she looked at Zoe, who had a huge grin on her face. "You just saved my butt."

"Yep I sure did" Zoe said opening the front door and pulling Jessie by the hand onto the walk before going on. "Now you gotta take me with you. Please?"

"OK, let's go..." Jessie said as Zoe squealed with excitement and dragged her toward's the car. " drugs and no alcohol though."

"Of course, of course anything you want" Zoe said as Sam opened the passenger side door and let them climb in.

A car ride filled with Joanna, Zoe and Sam's non-stop chatter finally ended as Mandy came to a screeching halt in the garage and burst out laughing as she got a look at Jessie's white nuckle grip on the dashboard. Sam grabbed Zoe's hand and muttered something to the other three before they disappeared out the garage door and around the side.

"Did I scare ya?" Mandy asked as Jessie nodded her head and tried to regain her breath.

"You drive like a friend a mine only worse" Jessie said as Mandy laughed. "And will you tell me why you wanted me here?"

"She thinks she's Mario Andretti or something" Joanna said from the back seat.

"So I'll have someone to hang out with" Mandy said leaning over Jessie and reaching for the glove compartment. Jessie couldn't help but glance down the front of her new friend's blouse. Seeing the top of her boobs, and jerking her head away as Mandy snagged what she was looking for and sat back up. "...after Grace said you broke up with Katie, I thought you might could use a night out."

"How did you even know my number?" Jessie asked as Mandy gave her a strange look.

"Zoe, duh" Mandy said as Jessie laughed. Mandy held her hand up and suddenly Jessie knew exactly what she had been looking for. It was a short, fat doobie. "Want some?"

"You smoke that shit?" Jessie asked as Mandy lit the end and took a huge drag before shoving it forcibly into Jessie's hand and urging her to take one. "Go on, it won't kill ya. Ain't me yet."

"Ok that's my cue to exit" Joanna said opening the door and pushing Jessie forward as she climbed out. "You guys have fun frying your brain cells."

"Look pot ain't my thing" Jessie said handing it back to Mandy who shrugged and took another draw before putting it out in the dashboard.

"A girl with some brains" Joanna said grabbing Jessie's hand and pulling her to her feet. Putting her arm around Jessie's neck she giggled and said, "I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"Hey I'll catch ya in a few, guys, I gotta...ya know" Mandy said raising her eyebrows suggestively at the pair as Joanna laughed.

"What's she gonna do?"

"Get fucked up" Joanna said pulling Jessie along.

The sound of the music was deafening as they entered the front hall and Jessie barely avoided some blond haired dude running for the exit, and promptly puking his guts out as soon as he reached the outside. Joanna laughed and raised her and Jessie's hands over their heads as they made their way into the crowd. Finally finding a spot deep within, Joanna started dancing and mouthed to Jessie, "Dance with me?"

Feeling like a complete dork at the moment Jessie covered her face and blushed as Joanna started dancing wildly around her. She felt relieved and thought she could possibly escape as the blaring sound died down and a slow song came on.

"Come on dance with me just once?" Joanna asked as she wrapped an arm around Jessie's waist and pressed their bodies together. "See if we can make your ex jealous."

"Katie's here?" Jessie asked looking around as Joanna rolled her eyes and again pulled Jessie's body to hers snugly.

"Yeh she's here" Joanna said as she rolled her eyes and felt someone tap her shoulder.

"May I cut in?" Tonya asked as she starred right into Jessie's eyes. "And just how did you get so lucky?"

"This is Katie's ex" Joanna said aloud. "Before the end of the night, I bet she'll be knocking da boots wit me."

"HAAAA I will not" Jessie said in mock horror as Joanna laughed.

"I ask you does Katie know how to pick um or what?" Joanna asked Tonya.

"She's got good taste at's for sure" Tonya said as she shook Jessie's hand and formally introduced herself. Her eyes never leaving Jessie's.

"HEY THERE YOU ARE" Joey said making her way through the crowd with Shady. "You won't believe who's here."

"Yeh everyone in the surrounding three states from the way it looks" Joanna said as Jessie giggled.

"NOOOOO I'm serious" Joey said, "Jessie your brother's here."

"Your kidding?" Jessie asked as her pulse began to race and she looked around in vain trying to find him. "Over there by the steps, him and RaeAnn are having a pretty heated discussion about something."

"I'M AM SO TOTALLY FUCKED" Jessie said as Shady stepped forward and took control of the situation.

"Don't worry about it, he'll never find you in this mess" Shady said, "Or if you need a place to hide, my rooms on the third floor, at the top of the stairs. Just go on up."

"Third floor?" Jessie asked in shock as the group with exception of Tonya began laughing.

"Yeh third floor, you know the one above the second one" Shady said, "You have no idea how big this place is."

"Maybe we should give her a guided tour" Joey suggested as Jessie glanced in Eli's direction once more and said, "I think that's a really good idea."

"Meet me in the kitchen when your done" Shady said to Joey as Jessie dragged her off in the opposite direction.

"Hey I'll catch ya later Jo" Tonya said following after Jessie and Joey as they made their way through the massive crowd.

"Your friend's got the hots for Jessie you know?" Shady said looking at Joanna.

"Yeh and you got the hots for me or you used to" Joanna replied as Shady blushed.

"Who says I still don't?" Shady asked after a moment's pause in the conversation. Pulling Joanna into her arms and beginning to sway with the music and Joanna put her arms around Shady's neck and danced along.


"Look if you don't wanna be with me then fine, I can deal with that" Eli said as he turned and walked away from RaeAnn, not really wanting to hear her response after what he had just heard. He reached the end of the driveway before he heard the clip-clop of her high heels on the pavement.

"ELI, stop geez" She said finally catching up with him. "Why are you being like this?"

"I dunno Rae, maybe it's the fact that you just dumped me" He said.

"I did not" She replied in frustration, "if you would just listen to me for a second."

"I think I've heard all I need to hear" He snapped as he turned to walk away again.

"Just like every other guy, I've ever dated..." RaeAnn said in anger, "You're no different Eli Manning, you claim to be, but your not."

"I am different" Eli said from across the street.

"Then prove it..." RaeAnn said joining him at the back of her car, "...and listen to me."

"I don't wanna lose you" Eli said touching her face, "My feelings for you are...I can't put it into words."

"Same here" RaeAnn said, "but you knew when we started dating that, I didn't live in Chicago and I was only here for the summer. The summer's over and now I have to get back to my life in West Lafayette. Back to school, which starts on Monday and my parents and friends and everything else."

"So it was a nice summer fling?" Eli asked.

"UGH...NOOO" RaeAnn said feeling like she had answered that question 10 times already. "I am not dumping you. I still want there to be an US."

"Then how do you propose we do this?" Eli asked softly.

"You could move to West Lafayette with me" RaeAnn said with a flirting smile as Eli laughed. But seemed to be thinking seriously about RaeAnn's offer.

"Think you could help find me a job?" Eli asked as RaeAnn's eyes went wide with shock.

"Your not serious and that's mean to get my hopes up" RaeAnn said pushing him playfully as she turned and laid back against him. Feeling his arms wrap-around her.

"I'm...I'm serious" He said as she looked back at him.

"You wanna be with me that much?" RaeAnn asked.

"Yes" Eli said simply as she kissed him impulsively. "And I think it might be a nice change for me."

"If you really wanna do this..." RaeAnn said spinning around in front of Eli excitedly, "...I'll do everything I can."

"I know that" Eli said laughing as she danced into the streets happily.

"Would you mind working as a chip-in-dale?" RaeAnn asked as Eli laughed out loud. "Cause I know this guy who runs a male strip club and he's always looking for sexy guys."

"No thanks...not even for you" Eli said shaking his head.

"Ok what about being a clerk at my dad's law office?" RaeAnn asked rejoining him by the car. "I'll bet I can get you that job. Just a matter of giving daddy the ole puppy dog eyes and pooched lip."

"You know for some reason, I'm thinking you getting me a job will be the easy part of this whole thing" Eli said putting his arm around RaeAnn's neck as she smiled.


"Yeh, see you haven't met my mother yet" Eli said laughing, "She already thinks I'm a dope head with no ambition. Now I'm planning on moving to another city just to be with this girl I've only known for a couple of months. This should really improve my standing in her eyes."

"Now that ya put it that way..." RaeAnn said with a smirk and taking a step away, " does sound crazy, just forget it."

"What am I getting myself into?" Eli asked as RaeAnn laughed and slugged him before running off.

Meanwhile again...

"This is Shady's room" Joey said opening the door and running some other's off who were about ready, it looked, to head inside for some fun. Considering the guy was pawing the girl and her clothes where nearly half off already. "Just lock the door and I'll come and get you when the coast is clear."

"Great" Jessie said flopping down on the unmade bed. "Lotta good it did me to come to the party."

"I'll keep ya company..." Tonya said suddenly appearing in the door way.

"At least I'll have someone to talk to" Jessie said glancing out the window at the road below and seeing, to her delight, that Eli and RaeAnn had just gotten into a car and looked to be about to drive away. But unfortunately for Jessie they didn't. Her attention was snapped away from the window with the ringing of Joey's cell phone.

"Hello?" Joey asked and then with Jessie and Tonya laughing at her and the phone ringing a third time, she finally hit the right button. "Hello?"

"You gotta be smarter then what you're workin with" Tonya cracked as she sat down in the chair across from the bed.

"Bite me" Joey hissed as she covered the reciever for a moment and then went back to the call. "Cori...Cori....CORI, calm down, calm down. I'm ok, I'm fine I swear. It was a bad dream is all. I didn't get hurt I swear. Nothing's wrong with me. Just lay down and go back to sleep ok?"

"Oh my god, ok, let me find Shady and tell her I'm leaving and I'll be right there" Joey said in a panic, "Cori I don't mind, I don't mind, stop crying ok. Please stop crying for me. Your not making me mad I swear....I wanna be with you...."

"Is everything ok?" Jessie asked as Joey fumbled again with her phone.

"Cori had a horrible nightmare and now she's scared to death and Jean's off tonight and I have to go" Joey said rushing off before stopping in mid-step and turning around in shock, "There's no way I can get a ride. Mandy's prolly trashed by now and for that matter Shady too."

"I can give ya ride" Tonya offered as she stood and showed Joey her car keys. "Big truck, goes really fast."

"Ohmigod, your a life saver" Joey said hugging Tonya before going on, "Gimme me ten minutes to tell Shady and we're outta here."

"We'll be right here" Tonya said as Joey rushed off.

"Are you trying to impress me?" Jessie asked as Tonya smiled at her.

"Not yet" She said with a huge grin.

Meanwhile Again....and again.....

"SHADY...." Joey screamed across the crowded living room and amazingly got her attention. Motioning for her to meet her in the kitchen.

"So you all finished with that tour and ready for some R and R with me?" Shady asked hopefully as she gently pushed a cup of what appeared to be beer into Joey's hand. While at the same time Joey tried in vain to figure out a way to tell her she had to leave.

"I can't...I have to go" Joey said in a rush as Shady's face fell.

"Your mom and dad?" Shady asked. Joey watching her closely figuring this was the moment that all the talk about changing would go flying out the window.

"A friend, the one I been staying with at the hospital is having a really bad night and she's scared and I have to go, I'm so sorry" Joey said and braced for Shady's wrath.

"It's ok, if you gotta go, you have to go" Shady said simply as Joey's eyes went wide with surprise. "If you wanna be with her, then go, I won't stop you."

"It's not that I want too...I mean she needs...I was looking forward to this...and I dunno" Joey stammered as Shady's eyes began filling with tears. "Your crying? Oh my god, I made you cry. I'm so sorry."

"Just go" Shady said simply as she stopped Joey from hugging her. "Go be with your friend, you know where I'm at when you need me."

Joey opened her mouth to say something else, but was stopped when Shady put her fingers over her lips and telling her to go. Joey turned, stopping at the door and hoping Shady would smile before she left, but knowing she wouldn't. As her phone started ringing again she reluctantly forced herself to leave. Shady, watched through the mirror over the stove, hoping Joey's mind had changed when she spent a long moment at the kitchen door. But feeling her heart sink again when she finally left. The emotion of the moment overwhelmed her seconds later as she began sobbing loudly, sitting down at the table and kicking violently at the chairs as two girls came into the kitchen.

"GET OUT...I SAID GET OUT YOU DUMB WHORES" Shady screamed in a rage. Trying to get herself under control as the girls exited the kitchen as quickly as they had entered. She again began sobbing, the tears streaming down her face as she reached for the first thing she could find. A large expensive bottle of red wine, her mother cherished, standing up she fired it as hard as she could into the wall across from the table. Smiling with delight as it shattered against the wall. "FUCK YOU JOEY LARUE, IF YOU DON'T LOVE ME, THEN FUCK YOU. I DON'T NEED YOU, I DON'T NEED ANYONE. YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL."

Katie came into kitchen and starred in shock as Shady turned the heavy wooden table over on it's side, sending the glass center piece crashing to the tile floor. Along with the sorted ornaments that where once apart of her mother's carefully selected decor. She picked up anything that didn't break the first time and went about smashing them to, making sure they did. Katie stepped back, hoping not to be seen as Shady stood there for a long time glaring at her handiwork. Thinking it might be safe now, Katie stepped out from her hiding spot as Shady picked up the kitchen chair laying near her, holding it side ways in her arms. Thinking about what she had just done. And then suddenly screamed one last time and raised the chair over her head and sent it flying through the double glass doors in front of her. Glass flying in all directions and a collection of kids outside the doors scattering in shock. The room remained silent as Shady sunk to her knees and Katie looked on horror at the carnage. Picking a large sliver of glass and looking at it as Katie feared she might do something even crazier now and setting her drink down, slowly moved in behind her.

"Shady noooo" Katie said carefully grabbing Shady's arm as she looked up with tears still in her eyes. "It's not worth hurting yourself."

"I won't" She said simply.

"Then put the glass down" Katie said taking the sliver as Shady released it. "What happened?"

"My usual tricks" Shady said standing with Katie's help, "I didn't get my way and I go postal."

"Yeh I get that." Katie said with a smirk, "but what triggered it?"

"Joey" Shady said, "She pretty much dumped me to run off and be with her new friend."

"Life sucks sometimes" Katie said as Shady tried to smile.

"So true" Shady said, "I'm wondering something?"

"How you ever gonna explain this?" Katie asked as she moved toward's the fridge. Pulling out the first thing she saw, that being two bottles of Wine Cooler and handing one to Shady as she turned back around.

"No, that's easy I don't have too" Shady said wrapping her fingers around the wine cooler bottle and holding Katie's fingers as she went on, "Why we never hung out more?"

"Because we didn't know each other" Katie said pulling her hand away as Shady smiled. "The only time I saw you was when Joanna dragged me over here for one of your infamous parties."

"And maybe the little fact that you always had a girlfriend" Shady said sitting down as Katie did the same, on opposite ends of the island. "I didn't even know you and that bitch Sarah used to be a thang."

"She's not a bitch and if you bothered to get to know her you'd know that by now" Katie said glaringly.

"Sorry didn't mean to strike a sensitive chord" Shady said almost laughing. "Didn't know you still had a thing for your ex."

"I don't...she just happens to still be a really good friend" Katie said, "How would you feel if I called Joey a bitch?"

"I'd prolly agree with you" Shady said, "She is sometimes, like tonight, but I see your point."

Hoping she could keep Shady's mind off Joey for a little while, Katie sat for the next hour or so with her as they chatted and slowly polished off a six pack of Banana flavored wine coolers. Something Katie had never really cared much for before, but for some reason the more she drunk, the better they tasted. Something else Katie began noticing was the more Shady drunk, the more bold she became with her commentary and actions. Such as stroking Katie's hand and letting her fingers slide up and down the bare skin slowly. She seemed to be getting really turned on by this, Katie thought. And the conversation, being guided by Shady, soon turned to the topic of sex. She began questioning Katie about her past and seemed most interested in her sex life, pushing for more and more details as time rolled on. Katie was trying hard not to get to turned on, but it was useless as the alcohol began to take it's effect and before she knew it, she was giving a detailed account of her sex life, first with Sarah and then with Jessie. Shady soon returned the favor, with details of her first encounter with Joey. The conversation carried on far longer than Katie had intended too, and by the time she glanced at the clock, another half-hour had passed.

"So now you and this Jessie are an item?" Shady asked with a smile.

"Jessie Sammler?" Katie asked as she wondered if Mandy had ever gotten back from picking her up.

"Yeh duh, the same girl we been talking about for the last two hours" Shady said, "it's not like there's a line of people begging to hang out with my ditzy sister."

"Actually we just broke up..."

"AHHHH really" Shady said as Katie felt Shady's fingers walk up her hand, "So your a free girl?"

"UMMMMM...Yeh" Katie said watching Shady's fingers cross her wrist and move further up her lower arm. "Why?"

"Well since we're both free tonight, and we're both obviously in the mood by now" Shady said rubbing Katie's arm, "Why don't we spend the night getting to know each other a little better?"

"Your trying to seduce me" Katie said as her eyes opened a little wider.

"You could say that" Shady said standing and walking around the end of the isle and moving next to her. "Whatta ya say?"

"UMMM...NOOO" Katie said standing and finding her path to a quick get away was being blocked.

"Oh come on, you haven't had any in a long time and I'm betting your just about to go crazy" Shady said, her fingers sliding up Katie's bare lower arm. "I'll let you do anything to me, as long as it doesn't hurt."

"N-n-nn-ooo" Katie stammered.

"Think about it" Shady said as another girl came into the room and gave them a strange look. "Don't you have some fantasies that you'd love to live out. Tonight's your chance. Anything you want. Bondage? 69? Dildo? Three-way?"

"T-T-Three-way?" Katie asked in a stunned voice.

"Bingo, I thought that would be the magic button" Shady said cupping one of Katie's breast in her hand. "Two girls sharing you, makes you hot. From the way you described that time with those other two, I knew you liked it."

"Yeh" Katie said regaining some of her mental factions and moving Shady's hand away from her chest. "But not with you, you do have a girlfriend, well sorta."

"I don't anymore, never really did" Shady said, "She just made her fuckin choice and it wasn't me. So fuck her."

"But..." Katie said as Shady covered her mouth with her hand and said, "Just stay here and think about it, while I go find us another girl."

"Another Girl?" Katie asked as Shady smiled and tentatively leaned forward pressed her lips to Katie's. A simple, but sizzling first kiss, Katie thought. As she started to respond, Shady pulled away with a teasing look.

"You'll never be able to find another girl" Katie said confidently a second later.

"You maybe right" Shady said shrugging, "But, never underestimate a girl in need. So if I do, and she's a hottie. You will?"

"Maybe" Katie said as Shady smiled knowingly and turned to eye the girl now standing against the door a few feet away and asking, "You interested?"

"NOOO way" The Girl said putting her hands up, Katie laughed as did Shady and she turned to leave the room. Stopping at the door for an instant and spanking her ass with her hand. Katie's eyes grew wide with interest at that moment as Shady smiled seductively and disappeared into the living room.


"Here grab one of those?" Sam said in a hissed whisper as her and Zoe, snuck two beers out of the cooler sitting by the back door and took off like a couple of fleeing criminals across the back yard. Both arriving out of breath and collapsing with a fit of giggles onto the old couch in the utility shed. Sam opened hers and downed all of it in almost one drink as Zoe watched and popped the top on hers. Cringing at the first taste she spit it out and heard Sam laugh at her reaction.

"Good huh?" Sam asked.

"God no, taste like sewer water" Zoe said trying to wipe the taste out of her mouth.

"SAM, SAM, SAM, SAM" Came the voice of a girl out of view, but appearantly was fast approaching the shed and emerged a second later as she crashed down into the seat between them out of breath with laughter.

"This is Vicky Salinger" Sam said as Vicky nodded in Zoe's direction and quickly turned toward's Sam.

"Everyone's wanting to know if your gonna do it?" Vicky asked.

"Of course" Sam said as Zoe asked, "Do what?"

"Streaking across the back yard" Sam said, "we do it at almost every party."

"You guys are gonna streak?" Zoe asked slightly in shock as Sam downed the rest of her beer and said, "not me and Vicky, me and you."

"What?" Zoe asked standing up as Vicky jumped up and headed for the door and turned to say, "Ok hurry up and get your clothes off, I'll be waiting right outside."

"No way" Zoe said as Sam stood up and Vicky closed the door.

"Look Zoe, streaking is a McCree party tradition" Sam said as she slipped her top over her head, now being clad only in a bra. "Me and Vicky usually do it at every party. It's no big deal. But tonight I thought it'd be a good idea for us too."

"You do it then, why do I have to?" Zoe asked.

"Because you're my friend" Sam said quickly dropping her shorts as Zoe watched and tossing them aside. A light knocking came at the door to the utility shed as Zoe froze. "Come on let's go."

"Hey you ready?" Vicky asked sticking her head through the door.

"Yeh here" Sam said handing her shirt and shorts to the girl and both waited impatiently for Zoe to follow suit. "Either you're in with me and you know what that means by now or you're out for good. What's it gonna be?"

"Oh ok" Zoe said kicking the milk crate below her feet in frustration as she untied the not at the bottom of her belly shirt and slipped it up her chest before realizing she wasn't wearing a bra. So with one last rush of adrenaline she whipped it off, expecting some weird looks, but getting none, as she noticed Sam was busy disgarding the rest of her clothes and handed them to Vicky. Zoe kicked off her shoes and dropped her pants at light speed and then with one last look at Sam who was now waiting on her, off went her thong. Vicky took Zoe's clothes and said "When you hear the horn come out running?"

"Gotcha" Sam said as Zoe folded her arms over her chest and prayed this wouldn't gonna be as bad as she thought it would. Sam on the other hand seemed to be fairly comfortable in nothing at all, as she glanced at her watch several times and waited for the horn.

"Why did she have to take our clothes for?" Zoe asked a second later as her mind wondered from one topic to the next. Coming to rest on the potential for trouble if they were to get caught.

"Because" Sam said inspecting a bump on her thigh, "When we streak across the backyard, it might be a good idea to have something to put on once we get up to the house."

"Ahhhhh good point" Zoe as she heard the horn sound and Sam moved toward's the door.

"It's showtime" Sam said as grabbed the knob on the door and twisted, motioning for Zoe to move in behind her and as the door opened they went flying as fast as they could out of the shed and across the backyard, Zoe following as close to Sam as she could and feeling a rush of adrenaline like none she had ever known as they sprinted around the corner of the house and hearing a bunch of whistles and hollers, they disappeared behind the bushes and saw Vicky's smiling face as she tossed them their clothes.

"That was fuckin cool" Zoe said slipping back into her clothes with her back to Sam, but as she turned she could swear she saw Sam starring at her butt as she pulled her jeans up, but as she caught Sam's eyes and prepared to follow them, she snapped her head away and jerked her own up.

"ZOE" Jessie said running up with Joey and Tonya close behind her and saying "We gotta go..."

To be Continued....