Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 49 "How Sweet It Is"

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Joey nearly dove out of Tonya's truck as she stopped in front of the hospital entrance. Scrambling as she picked up the purse she'd dropped and flew through the front entrance before she stopped to scream, "MEET ME IN CORI'S ROOM."

The elevator seemed to take forever as it slowy crawled up to the floor of Cori's room. Finally the doors opened and Joey slammed straight into an elderly couple leaving the floor.

"I'm so so sorry" Joey said as the couple flashed her a pair of apologetic smiles and she handed the lady her purse before running off again. She slid straight past Cori's door in attempt to stop and had to turn and come back to reach it. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw Cori with her head down crying in the middle of the bed.

"CORI" Joey said as she came through the door and saw her friend look up, her face streaked with tears.

"I'M SO SORRY" Cori said her tears streaming down her face, "I got scared, I'm so sorry."

"It's ok, it's ok" Joey said sitting down next to her and putting an arm around her shoulder as Cori turned and hugged her. "I'm here."

"Are you mad?" She asked in a soft voice as her crying stopped slowly.

"No" Joey said softly, making Cori look at her, "Why would I be mad?"

"Cause you had to come back to baby sit me" Cori said pulling away and turning her back to Joey, "I'm sorry ok?"

"You didn't make me come back" Joey said laying down beside her and making Cori look at her. "You needed me and that's all the reason I need. And I'm not baby sitting you. Is that why you think I spend so much time here?"

"Sometimes" Cori said looking away again. "It's not is it?"

"Nope not even close" Joey said leaning over and blowing a rasberry on Cori's cheek and listening to her giggle. "Ha made ya laugh."

"I had this dream that you got hurt when you pushed me out of the way and a car hit you" Cori said, "And I woke up and you weren't here. I just paniced."

"I understand CoCo" Joey said, "You better now?"

"Now that I know you're ok" Cori said smiling as Joey wiped her tears away, "it was just scary, like it really happened or something."

"Well it's over now and I'm here" Joey said rolling over and laying down, now touching Cori's leg brace above her head. "Little old me is just fine."

"I'll agree with that" Cori said looking Joey straight in the eyes.

"Agree with what?" Joey asked noticing a twinkle she'd never seen before in Cori's eyes.

"That you are fine" Cori said blushing. It took a moment for Joey to wrap her mind around what she was referring to, but after she did, she felt herself begin blushing. Feeling a huge rush of adreanline as she watched Cori smile down at her, she moved her head a second later to Cori's thigh and asking, "Is this ok?"

"Yeh" Cori said smiling down at her for a long moment and playing with her hair. "you're my hero."

"Ditto" Joey said quietly.

"Is this what love feels like?" Cori asked with an adoring gaze, that even Joey could see.

"Why, do you think you're in love with me?" Joey asked knowing the answer coming next could change her life forever.

"I can't remember ever being in love before ya know" Cori said, "so I don't really know."

"Then tell me how you feel" Joey said moving her head so it was in Cori's lap and watching Cori's eyes never leave hers.

"About?" Cori asked as Joey knew she'd have to be more specific.

" you think about me a lot?"

"All the time" Cori said, "you're my best friend in the world. I don't know what I'd do without you. Like when you walk into the room and I ain't see you for a while my heart beats faster...stuff like that."

"Mine's beating fast right now" Joey said as Cori took her hand and put it to her chest and replied, "Mine too."

"You're my Froggie" Cori said as Joey giggled. "I think..."

"I TOLD YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY ZOE" Jessie practically screamed as she came through the door of the hospital room. Making both Joey and Cori nearly jump out of their skin. Joey sat bolt up right, hoping no one could see her blushing in the dim light of the room.

"Guys calm down, and quiet down" Tonya said seperating Zoe and Jessie as they continued bickering.

"You are never going out with me again after this shit Zoe, and I mean that" Jessie snapped and Zoe looked pleadingly for someone to take her side in this fight as Jessie refused to listen.

"Look Jessie what she did was not that bad" Tonya said as Zoe's face lit up with a smile, "all she did was take a drink of beer. Heck when I was her age I'd already tried beer and drugs, and I mean hard stuff too. So lighten up on her."

"Butt out" Jessie snapped as Tonya seemed to get a kick out of this whole thing, "I'm telling Lily about this."

"I swear if you rat me out I'll tell everything I know on you" Zoe said with a sudden burst of anger as Jessie's eyes went wide with her own bout of rage and she lunched out of the chair and crashed into Tonya. Which seemed to be the only thing stopping her from tearing her step-sister's head off. Zoe jumped and bumped into the bed as Cori and Joey watched on in shock. Zoe sat down by the two, looking to be in shock as Tonya pulled Jessie into a bear hug and forced her away.

"Calm down, geez calm down you're gonna hurt her for nothing" Tonya said as Jessie's eyes filled with rage and she struggled to get lose. Tonya opened the door to the room and pushed Jessie out into the hall and said "You either cool down or I'll fight you myself now go on."

"What was that all about?" Joey asked rolling over and looking up at Zoe.

"Jessie caught me in the pool house at this party she took me too and I had beer on my breath" Zoe said, "I swear I only took one drink and it tasted nasty and I threw it down, but she won't believe me and now she's gonna tell my mom and she'll ground me and I'll never get out anymore. No one believes me."

"It's ok Zoe" Joey said as Zoe put her face in her hands and seemed on the verge of crying when Cori hugged her and said quietly, "I believe you."

Zoe smiled as she raised her head and looked at Cori, but as she was about to reply, Tonya came back through the door and made an annoucement.

"OK, problem is under control" Tonya announced, "Jessie is cooling off in the waiting room and I took her money so she can't call your mom and rat you out. Oh yeah I'm Tonya by the way. You must be the girl who had the nightmare?"

"Ummmmm yeh...that's me" Cori said looking at Tonya in awe and wondering how she said all of that in one long breath. "It's...ummm....yeh....ummm....uh...nice to meet you too."

"Ya know you should feel special" Tonya said leaning back against the door and folding her arms across her chest as Cori asked "Why's that?"

"Cause your friend nearly ripped my driver's side door off trying to get to you when we stopped out front" Tonya said as Joey blushed and heard Cori laugh and saw her look back. Joey scrambled to sit up and explain but all she saw was Cori's adoring gaze return and she felt her friend touch her face.

"You were that worried about me?" Cori asked as Tonya sensed what was happening and motioned with her hand for Zoe to join her by the door. Zoe stood, her eyes never leaving the pair on the bed and stumbled into Tonya as she backed away.

"Yeh....I mean....Yeh I was" Joey said as Tonya put her arm around Zoe and opened the hospital room door and said quietly in her ear, "Whatta say me and you go and try to smooth things over with your sister?"

"You think you can?" Zoe asked they stepped out into the hall, and Tonya replied, "I'mma pretty shrewd negotiator."

"Thank you" Cori said quietly as neither noticed the room was now empty.

"For what?" Joey asked as she felt herself being drawn to Cori.

"For being there for me when one else would" Cori said leaning in and kissing Joey's lips gently, a kiss that took Joey by surprise in it's intensity. She soon found herself joining in on quickly. Touching Cori's cheek and letting her lips fall in time with Cori's, she couldn't stop herself from licking Cori's lips and searching for the other girls tongue as the kissed became more passioniate. Cori wasn't sure what to do as she felt Joey's tongue massage hers, but going on the instinct of knowing she trusted this girl totally she went with it and returned the favor. Melting in to Joey and not knowing at the moment that she was french kissing a girl for the first time that she could remember. Joey took the lead now and kissed Cori with reckless abandone, twirling her tongue inside the girls mouth and finding Cori trying to imitate her actions as they kissed. She started to move over Cori and she felt Cori willingly lay back on the bed and wrap her arms around around Joey's neck and Joey's brain finally kicked back online and she stopped for a moment before pulling away, but slowly as not to alarm her friend. She smiled down at she crossed her legs over Cori's stomach and sat there smiling down at her, only inches from her face, knowing she could make Cori feel alright without even saying any words.

"Now that was a kiss" Cori said glowing from ear to ear as Joey blushed and replied, "Yes it sure was. Wow."

"Can I fall in love with you?" Cori asked with the innocence of a 5 year old as she looked Joey straight in the eyes, but knowing full well what she was asking. "You don't gotta love me back, I just wanna love you that's all."

"You sure can my little CoCo" Joey said kissing Cori again and finding her smiling as she looked at her again, "Can I feel the same way about you?"

"Are you saying you do?" Cori asked. Joey froze and fought the urge to pull away and change the subject but she knew Cori was fragile and she had to proceed with caution. But then again she reasoned she was feeling exactly the same way and had been for a long time. So why not just admit it. "Joey?"

"Yes I am" Joey said softly. "I love you CoCo, I mean Cori."

"You just said you love me...Wow" Cori said as she blushed, "Me too....I mean...Ummmm...I love you too. Really I do. I love you Froggie Larue."

"Froggie Larue?" Joey asked as Cori giggled and shook her head proudly.

"Dat be you" Cori said laughing harder as Joey looked at her and couldn't help laughing herself.

"My name is Joey you silly girl" Joey said pinning Cori's arms down, "Did you hear me?"

"Ok ok...." Cori said stopping her giggling and starring deep into Joey eyes, while she laced her fingers with each of Joey's hands and saying quietly in the most honest voice Joey had ever heard, "I love you...I love you too Joey Larue."

"That's what I wanted to khear" Joey said with a huge grin as she squeezed her fingers around Cori's and kissed her softly, taking a long moment in time to just enjoy the incredible feelings she was experiencing. Cori let Joey lead her into a new french kiss and was herself feeling much the same way as her friend, only for her it was all new and so exciting. After a few long minutes of kissing Joey broke their kiss out of breath ad covered in sweat as she rose and sat up looking down at the girl she now loved. She still couldn't believe it was true.

Cori's eyes seemed to light up with the gaze of Joey on her and she began bouncing around excitedly under Joey and started singing "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By Joey Larue."

"Oh my god" Joey said laughing as Cori repeated the verse again and again and finally lost her breath in laughter.

** ** **

"Well heaven's to betsy child I ain't seen you in ages" Jean said smiling as she came across Jessie setting in the waiting room on Cori's floor.

"Jean hey" Jessie said with a smile, "you been gone for a long time."

"Yeh this is true I been off for a week" Jean said sitting down and padding Jessie's hand, "My son and me finally reconciled. So I went to spend some time with him on my vacation. Too bad he couldn't come back with me."

"That's so great, congratulations" Jessie said smiling and feeling her anger over the "Zoe" situation fade away.

"Well Cori's ok" Jessie said as Jean smiled, "I was just checkin on her and my sister, I mean step-sister is still in visiting."

"To tell you the truth I'm not sure If I can face her" Jean said mysteriously as Jessie perked up and looked at her, asking, "Why not?"

"I've made such a mess of this situation" She said as she turned and wiped away a single tear from her cheek.

"Jean, honestly what could you have possibly done to Cori?"

"I could have made her life better, but my stupid pride refused to let me" Jean said taking a deep breath and going on, "See I'm not just Cori's nurse, I'm her gramdmother..."

"What?" Jessie said in stunned disbelieve, "you're her Gran....Grandmother?"

"Yes" Jean said with tears again rolling down her cheeks, "Her father is my oldest boy."

"Oh I'm so sorry" Jessie said thinkin back and remembering that Cori's father was dead.

"Why are you sorry?"

"That he's gone" Jessie said quitely, "Cori told me before the accident that he died."

"No, no child, My god I have made this more complicated than it ever needed to be" Jean said as she turned to Jessie and said, "it's time I come clean completely."

"Ok I'm listening, just calm down and tell me" Jessie said handing her a tissue from the table in front of them.

"Cori's father isn't dead Jessie, he's very much alive and well and living in New Zealand with his wife and three daughters. Has been for going on 16 years now. See he never knew about Cori or anything until about 3 months ago when he read about her mother's death on the internet. It said she was survived by a 16 year old daughter named Cori."

"Oh my god" Jessie said again stunned to near silence.

"Yes I know" Jean said, "Anyway, we hadn't talked in many years nor had I talked to Cori's mother in the same time period. I was just upset about the way I was treated by her and refused to see her for the longest time. And I read one day that she had commited suicide, and I was desperate to see my granddaughter but I was called into work that very moment. And well that very night she was brought into the emergency room in critical condition."

"She saved my life, Cori did" Jessie said smiling as Jean returned it, "and she did it for no other reason than she was in love with me, or so I guess."

"I'll sure she was my sweet" Jean said touching Jessie's hand, "and now I must find the strength to tell that sweet child in there about all of my misgivings."

"I'll help?" Jessie asked, "If I can do anything you know I will."

"I know my child, but this is something I have to do" Jean said, "her father is on his way here on a late flight and either this morning or sometime tommorrow morning we'll have to explain everything to her. So I must be getting to work or they'll dock my pay."

"UMMM Jean..." Jessie said standing as Tonya and Zoe came around the corner wrestling like old friends. "What's his name? Cori's Dad I mean?"

"Kile Jason Molloy" Jean said as she smiled one last time and turned to head down the hall as Jessie's entire body went numb from the effect of shock.

"Did you hear what she said?" Jessie asked Tonya as her and Zoe plopped down on the couch. "Something about a guy named Kile?"

"Yeh she said Jile Kason Molloy" Zoe giggled as Tonya poked her ribs and said, "Shut up with that I wish I'd never taught it to you now."

"Kile Jason Molloy" Jessie repeated as the shock wore off and excitement of a major discovery set in. She sprung up and grabbed Tonya's arm as she got her attention and said in a pleading voice. "I need a ride, will you please take me?"

"She'll prolly take you right here" Zoe giggled as she squirmed away and went running down the hall laughing. Tonya jumped up and dragged Jessie to her feet as she went after Zoe and asked, "Where to now?"

"My best friends place" Jessie blurted out as Tonya pushed open the doors to the lobby and spotted Zoe pushing the button calling the elevator as she looked back lost in a giggling fit. "It's really important, please?"

"Ok, ok, sure" Tonya said as Jessie hugged her and then impulsively kissed her lips, Tonya's eyes showing her surprise as they pulled away. Jessie was kinda surprised she had done it herself.

"AWWWWWWWWWW" Zoe said as the elevator stopped on their floor and opened up. Jessie took Tonya's hand and pulled her into the elevator as they made their way to the ground floor and headed for the truck in the parking lot.

** ** **

"Hey baby someone's buzzing" Grace said as she tapped on the bathroom door, Sarah poked her head out of the bathroom and said with a smirk "Well answer it goof butt or should I say cute butt."

"Well it's your place" Grace said starting to walk away when she felt Sarah grab her belt loop and pull her back, wrapping her arms around Grace's waist a moment later and kissing her neck. "You know I love you and you can do anything you want here."

"Sure..." Grace said giggling, "But you just wait till I set the mattress on fire and start roasting marshmellows and then we'll see what you say."

"Go on get the door" Sarah said laughing as Grace walked to the buzzer laughing, when it rang again.


"Buzz me up Cuz" The Voice said impatiently.

"Who is this?"

"Shell!!!!" She replied as Grace rolled her eyes and laughed and said, "Sure let me and Sarah get dressed."

"Sorry if you guys are knocking da booties, me and Tad can come back later" Shell replied with a laugh.

"No we done" Grace said hitting the buzzer and letting them in the front door.

Sarah came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel as Grace took her seat back at the computer and hit the power button. Not paying much attention she suddenly felt a hand massaging her neck and then both of Sarah's arms wrap around. Reaching back she felt Sarah's thigh and stroked the soft smooth skin up until she felt the bottom of the towel, clutching her fingers into it she pulled playfully and was surprised when it came falling down over her hand. She turned in the swivel chair to see Sarah standing it front of her wearing nothing but a smile.

"WOW, you still take my breath away" Grace said as Sarah blushed, feeling Grace take her hand and pull her forward. Sitting across Grace's lap Sarah smiled down at her as she slipped her hands slip across her back. A long slow kiss followed before Sarah pulled away with a noticable twinkle in her eye.

"You still take my breath away too" Sarah said kissing her once again for a long moment, "make love to me?"

"You know I will, till we're both too tired to move" Grace said biting her lip, "Nothing I'd rather do."

"No time like the present" Sarah said as Grace stroked her inner thigh and slowly made her way up the bare skin, Sarah watched and leaned back a little to give her better access. But teasingly she totally avoided Sarah's center of pleasure as she stroked up her flat tanned stomach to her breasts and squeezing one of them as she kissed her lips softly. "Ohhhh god you are so mean to me."

"Oh my god" Grace said putting her hand to her mouth as they parted, "your cousin Shell and Tad are on their way up, that was them on the buzzer."

"No...please tell me that wasn't them" Sarah said in a whining voice as Grace laughed and kissed her again. "Yeh I'm afraid it was baby."

"FUCK" Sarah screamed in an angry voice as Grace laughed as she opend the laundry filled with clean clothes beside the computer desk, "I'm in the mood for love not slap stick. Besides she always calls me ahead of time when she's coming to Chicago."

"Guess she forgot" Grace said handing Sarah a pair of panties from the laundry as Sarah took them and started thinking as she spotted an old skirt of hers in the bag. A loud banging came at the door and the knob started twisting as Sarah felt a rush of panic flow over her when the door popped open. Sarah scrambled to grab her towel and cover herself as Shell walked in and stopped dead in her tracks, almost being knocked down by Tad as he bumped into her when she stopped short. Sarah ran back into the bathroom with her bare butt showing through the open back of the towel and slammed the door. Shell began laughing loudly as Tad whistled, prompting Grace to give them a dirty look as she followed after Sarah and pecked on the door handing her the clothes she'd picked from the laundry bag.

"Nice butt Sarah" Tad said plopping down in the chair beside the computer as Shell sat down in his lap. "Yeh Cuz you been spending some time on the naked train outdoors huh? No tan lines I could see."

"Both of you are such assholes" Grace snapped, as Shell's smile disappeared, and she shot back, "What the fuck is up up your ass Manning?"

"You don't just walk into someone's apartment without waiting for them to answer or even say come in" Grace snapped as the bathroom door opened and Sarah emerged.

"Well I think I have a right to just walk in, it is my cousin's apartment" Shell said as she rose. "All you are is a little fling she's having."

"You bitch" Grace snapped as she clenched her fists together and shot up to her feet.

"No you do not have that right" Sarah replied as she looked at her cousin, "you don't talk to my girlfriend that way. She is not just a fling, I am in love with her."

"Sure Cuz same way it was with Katie huh and we all know how that ended" Shell said with a smirk and watched as Sarah started to cry, knowing she'd went a little to far. "Cuz you know..."

"GO TO HELL YOU BITCH" Sarah snapped as she started to shake with the tears rolling down her face and Grace pulled her into her arms and held her tightly, "get out...GET OUT MY APARTMENT, GET OUT OF MY LIFE."

"Sarah I'm so....." Shell said as Tad rose and took control.

"Look let's just go" He said pulling Shell's hand as she looked back pleadingly back at Grace and Sarah as the door closed behind them.

"Hey, it's ok blue eyes" Grace said as Sarah grinned at her through the tears and said, "been a while since you called me that."

"Well they're gone and you are my blue eyes" Grace said putting her hands on Sarah's cheeks and kissing her softly. "Call her in a while and work things out."

"Fuck her" Sarah said, "She knows how much that whole Katie thing still hurts me. Let her stew for a while."

"Hey, hey, hey make love to me" Grace said smiling her best and hopeful smile, "forget about everything else just make love to me for the rest of the night, that sound good?"

"MMMMMMHMMMMMMMMM it sure does" Sarah said pulling Grace tighter and kissing her deeply. Sarah let the painful words of her cousin fade into her mind as she melted into Grace's arms, the same way she had done so many times before. A long sweet tender kiss followed as Sarah wrapped her arms around Grace's neck and kissed her with as much passion as ever before. She felt her hole body come alive in those few moments, not with lust she thought, but with the burning desire to show this girl she had fallen so deeply for, how much she truly loved her. Finally reaching her melting point she began almost groping Grace pulling her shirt up as far as she could get it, when Grace pulled away and stopped her.

"Whoa, whoa Sarah slow down" Grace said as Sarah looked her in the eyes and said, "Sorry you just make me crazy."

"It's ok baby you make me the same way" Grace replied as Sarah bit her lip and softly kissed her lover again. "We got all night, let's just go slow, ok?"

"You like this slow and easy thing huh?" Sarah asked with a grin as Grace sat down on the bed and stroked her hand up Sarah's thigh and to her flat stomach. Lifting Sarah's shirt and feeling the baby soft skin of her tummy with her hand. Sarah willingly lifted the shirt over head and tossed it aside as Grace smiled lovingly up at her. Then leaning in and kissing her stomach right above the belly button, just like Sarah did to her, softly sucking it while her tongue swirled around and after a long moment moving to another spot and repeating this. Sarah laid her head back moaned softly, loving the attention Grace paid to each little spot.

"To answer your question, yes I do like it slow and easy" Grace replied as she pulled Sarah's shorts down slowly but surely as her lover watched. Stopping at mid-thigh when she revealed Sarah's price jewel. "Oh my god!"

"You shaved it again?" Grace asked as Sarah couldn't help giggling as she replied, "yeh you made me do it, and now I love it."

"It's just something about it that really turns me on" Grace said with a sexy look up to Sarah as she wiggled and let shorts fall to her feet. Feeling Grace hold her as she stepped out of them and tossed them aside. Then looking up at Sarah playfully Grace asked with a pooched lip expression on her face, "Are you ever gonna let me live that whole, 'made you shave' thing down?"

"Oh stop with the pooched lips" Sarah said giggling and sitting down across Grace's lap as she leaned back and laid on the bed. "It's not like I had never thought about it before, and we both know you'd never have made me do it if I had asked you not to."

"That's true" Grace said smiling as she put her arms behind her head and relaxed.

"You just wanted to get me naked so you could gawk at me didn't you?" Sarah asked as Grace raised her eye brows and said "you're the single most gorgeous creature I've ever seen, so of course I wanna see you like this as often as I can."

"Yeh your not so bad yourself baby" Sarah said leaning forward and kissing her softly on the lips as Grace's hands went up Sarah's back and stroked her skin some more. Loving the touch of it under her fingers more every time. She slid slowly over Sarah's butt cheeks and down the slender curves of her hips and to her stomach. Not being able to resist anymore she slid it down a little farther and felt Sarah's smoothness on a certain area. Stroking her finger up and down the lips as Sarah kissed her with incresing passion and moaned into her mouth. Grace knew as hot as she was, it wouldn't take much to bring her off. Grace quickened her pace and felt Sarah jerk and squirm and pull away from her lips and moaned a little louder.

"Please don't stop, please Grace, please" Sarah pleaded as Grace smiled and applied more pressure to the center of her slit and amazingly brought Sarah off in a warm milky orgasm. One that swept over her quickly and left her wanting more as she looked down at the girl she loved with all her heart. "MMMMMMMMM, that was so wonderful. I love you Grace Manning. You have no idea how badly I needed that."

"Yes I do...." Grace said with loving smile, "I can tell what you need."

"MMMMMMMMM Your right, you sure can" Sarah said wrapping her arms around Grace's neck and raising her head off the mattress a bit and kissing her softly for a long time. "And I can tell what you need."

"Yeh and tell me what it is my lover" Grace said as Sarah smiled at the thought of being Grace's lover.

"Two hours of erotic passionaite love making...maybe more" Sarah said with a smile and both jumped when a loud banging came at the door and Jessie's screamed, "OPEN UP SARAH, GRACE OPEN THE DOOR. IT'S AN EMERGENCY."

** ** **

Katie waited nervously as people filed in and out of the kitchen, eahc time someone came through the door she hoped it was and wasn't Shady, mostly afraid of what would happen if she did find someone. The very thought of having two beautiful girls sharing her, made her insane with lust and with the alcohol now having taken full effect, she had reached her alarm threshold and badly needed some relief. Thinking about what could possibly happen, she slipped back a little and let one hand fall down into her pants and massaged her bare clit for a moment. Jerking it out roughly when someone came through the door, to her surprise it was a hot looking blonde girl being followed by Shady.

"Oh god I'm in so much trouble if that's her" Katie thought as Shady smiled at Katie and said "told ya babe, I found us one."

"No you didn't, at least not yet" The Blonde said to Shady as she turned to look at Katie and noticed she was quite nice looking herself.

"Ummmm...Hi I'm Riley Lohan" She said as Katie smiled her best and looked over her body. She was only wearing a Mini, black thong and spaghetti strap top that bearly held in place her firm perky titties. Katie noticed the dark rich tan all over her body and finally the tennis shoes with no socks that complmented her scorching ensemble. Shady disappeared for a second beside the fridge and opened a door and motioned for both Katie and Riley to follow. They did willingly as Shady shut the door behind them and flicked on the light, finding themselves in a downstairs bedroom.

"My names Katie, Katie Singer by the way" Katie said now standing only a couple of inches in front of this gorgeaous girl Shady had found.

"This is the maid's room but she's off this week so we can use it" Shady said as she moved in behind Riley and waisting no time began to kiss her neck, Riley moved away a little as Shady playfully pulled her back and began pawing her. Wrapping her arms around Riley's bare mid-drift and stroking the silky smooth skin while she licked across the girls neck and kissed a few spots softly.

"Ohhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhh god fuck girl you're not playing fair" Riley moaned as Shady smiled at Katie and reached for her hand, and pulled her in front of Riley. Katie smiled nervously as she met Riley's eyes. Slowly but surely she leaned in and felt Shady's fingers in her hair suddenly and that guided her to Riley's luscious lips as they started to kiss softly. Shady watched on with a smile, proud of what she had already accomplished. Katie pulled away and smiled at Riley for a second, who was no longer in any mood to question whether she wanted to do this as she rubbed slowly over Katie's body, and watched as Katie then kissed Shady over her shoulder. Unlike the first kiss this was one a deep, tongue involved lovers kiss. Riley felt Shady's hand clutch at the front of her shirt as she kissed Katie with more passion. Watching the two kiss like lovers made her as hot as anything ever had, no longer being able to control herself she grabbed Katie's shirt and pulled it out of her pants and began sliding it up her flat toned stomach. Breaking the kiss for a moment, Katie let Riley pull the shirt over her head and then pulled her into another kiss, a more passionaite kiss than the first one they shared. Katie kissed her with more passion as Shady moved behind her and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor and finally pulling Katie away from Riley and kissing the girl's lips herself, guiding Riley down to the couch and laying on top of her as they kissed hard on the lips each pawing at the other's clothes as both stripped.

By now Katie's mind was clear of all things but sex as she slipped her pants down and off and followed with her panties. Riley pulled her strap top off and let her titties bounce a little as they were freed. Then letting Shady pull off and toss aside her mini skirt and panties and soon resumed kissing as she was now nearly naked herself (only her shoes remained on). Katie moved to the floor and stroked Riley's gorgeous naked body, specially wanting to feel her firm young titties as she squeezed them and soon sucked one of her nipples. Katie also noticed their was no tan lines to be found, and Riley had the cutest bald pussy. Getting the girl's attention as Shady stood and pushed her pants down and kicked her shoes off, sending her panties with them. Katie watched and admired Shady's body as she got naked. Riley drew Katie in to another sweet kiss that lasted until had them part and suggested they move to the bed. Looking behind Shady for a moment she got a shock at what was laying on the bed side table.

"What the fuck?" Katie asked as Shady flipped her shirt aside and turned to see the strap-on laying there.

"It's for you Katie" Shady said dropping to the floor and saying, "I knew from the stories you told how much you like using a strap-on, so after I found Riley I got it from my room and layed in here just in case everything worked out."

"You have no idea how horny I am right now" Katie said as Shady gave her another sizzling kiss on the lips.

"Tonight Katie Singer all of your fantasies are gonna come true...again and again" Shady said kissing her lips hard for a moment, before Riley pulled them apaprt and kissed Katie on the lips roughly and then asked, "Are you any good with that thing?"

"Better than I should be" Katie said as Shady pulled her up to her feet and crawled on to the bed, guiding Katie on top of her as they kissed passioniately for a long time, soon being joined by a now naked Riley, only wearing her shoes now. Katie pulled away when she felt a hand on her butt and looking up saw Riley smiling handing her the strap-on. Katie nearly fainted with lust as she took it in her trembling hands and slid off of Shady who stroked her body as she slid away. Riley joined Shady, getting on top of her and kissing her deeply as Katie slipping into the strap-on and inserted the small inside cock into her own pussy. Finding the baby oil sitting on the table beside the bed and thought to herself, what would they would need that for? She watched as Shady rubbed gently at Riley's sweet spot between her legs and heard the girl moan as she kissed Shady faster.

"OK, ummmm where do you want me?" Katie asked Riley and Shady as both looked her way and she crawled on to the bed. Shady had Riley roll off as she set up and kissed her again, Shady then turned and lay down and motioned for Riley to join her. Only Riley didn't do as Katie expected, she first grabbed the baby oil and opened the top, squirting a huge glob on to Katie's chest and laughing at her reaction. She next took the fake cock hanging now from Katie's thighs and smothered it in oil before rubbing some more on to katie and then kissing her. A hard tongue rolling lovers kiss, she wrapped her arms around Katie's neck and kissed her for the longest time before pulling away and saying, "You're about to make my wildest dream come true."

Katie watched in silence as Riley scooted back and lifted her leg over Shady's nude body and positioned her pussy on the girls face in a 69. Shady didn't say a word just smiled as she rubbed the bald smooth patch of skin and extending her tongue began licking her softly up and down. Riley moaned with a smile as she reached for Katie's hand and pulled at her. Katie just then figuring out what the plan was, or so she hoped it was.

"Come on girl I'm dieing here" Riley said as Katie realized what she must mean.

"You want me to butt fuck you?" Katie asked as Riley's answer came in a long drawn out moan with a head nod, which prompted Katie to get behind her and in position in record time, following her answer, "OH yeah Shady lick my pussy, that's exactly what I want from you baby."

"Come on Katie, I heard you was good at butt fucking, show me now baby, give it to me" Riley said in a moan as Shady attached her lips to Riley's pussy and began pumping her tongue fast in and out with her hands spreading Riley's ass cheeks. Katie cupped her beautifully dark tanned cheeks and then holding her cock in hand, she began guiding it into Riley's other fuck hole. Riley smiled as her asshole spread around the plastic cock slidin into her ass.

"OHHHHHHH yeh that's a tight little asshole huh?" Katie asked as she began driving into Riley's butt slowly, holding her by the waist and pumping in longer strokes each time as Riley almost cried from the pleasure of it all. Katie put a hand on her shoulder and couldn't control herself anymore as she began pumping faster in and out, not being able to remember ever having been this turned on in her life.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my asshole is tight baby, butt fuck me Katie, give it to me, make my pussy cum in Shady's mouth" Riley moaned as Shady licked her pussy faster and faster, wrapping both arms around the girls slender waist and holding her mouth in place on Riley's pussy as she swayed forward with the pumping of Katie's dildo in her butt. Katie pumped harder, digging her fingers into Riley's shoulder muscles as she slammed her dildo home inside her puckered little asshole. Katie laid her head back and moaned loudly as the cock in her started pumping against her clit and she felt as if she was about to cum already. Shady's fingers locked together on Riley's back as she pumped her tongue furiously in and out of the tight little pussy, her bottom lip workin on Riley's clit as she licked her inner walls and suddenly found Riley's pussy sucking at her tongue hard. Riley moaned loudly almost screaming as she got sandwiched by the two girls she barely knew. She reached for the head board and clutched at the wooded peg as Katie leaned over back, her hands now by Riley's shoulders and started pounding her asshole into submission.

"OHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" She said in a long whining moan as her orgasm grew near. Katie obeyed her every wish and pounded the fuck out of her asshole now, going harder and harder. Riley nearly cried when Shady began sucking her clit hard and swirling her tongue all around it time and again. Riley could feel Katie's hard nipples grazing her back as the older girl butt fucked her harder, each shot making a loud smacking sound as Katie's thighs spanked her ass cheeks.

"OHH GOD I can't take much more" Riley moaned.

"OH YEAH BABY LOVES HER BUTT FUCKIN HUH?" Katie asked already knowing the answer and Riley was soon proved to be right as the two girls brought her off seconds later. Both girls could sense the oncoming explosion inisde Riley as Shady once again began tongue fucking her sweet pussy, and felt the walls close around the pumping little member and suck at it viciously, trying to milk the spit off it's glands. While Katie noticed something very similar, finding it harder to fuck as deep as Riley's asshole closed around the dildo and began jerking it deeper inside her.

"OH YEAH, ahhhh yeh baby here it comes huh? you gonna cum from the butt fucking and pussy licking?" Katie asked as she moaned and got near the edge herself. Riley moaned louder than she ever had before and never got to answer, cause all it took was a few more pounding shots to her asshole and an unexpected move by Shady as she twisted her lips around Riley's clit and that made her pussy explode. Katie on the other hand was on the verge herself and knowing she helped bring Riley off did the same for her as she joined her new friend in orgasm.

"OHHHHHHH MY GODDDDDDD FUCK, SHADY PLEASE SUCK ALL MY CUM OUT" Riley said as Shady did exactly as she asked and capped her mouth over Riley's smooth pussy lips and sucked hard, as Riley's orgasm finally reached it's peak and her pussy began squirting it's cum. Shady's sucking lips draining her off all the sweet cum seconds later. Katie pounded away at Riley's asshole now lost in pure heaven as her body erupted into a wonderful orgasm. She jerked and moaned, laying her head back and finally went almost limp as it broke it's incredible hold. She slammed into Riley one more time as she felt a hand on her ass holding her inside. Falling forward she laid across Riley's back panting as was Riley herself. Who moaned loudly again and squeezing her thighs around Shady's head she shuttered and said "MMMMMMMMMM god Shady suck all of it out baby yessss."

"Tell me that wasn't fun" Katie said kissing Riley's sweat covered shoulders.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM yes it was, you're so good at butt fucking god that was a good cum" Riley moaned as Shady licked her pussy lips some more, getting all of the sweet flavor off. After recovering for a few second Katie rose and pulled out of Riley's ass and unstrapped the dildo and laid it on the table where it had originally been placed. Riley rose and turned, first meeting Katie, kissing her deeply with a passionaite lovers kiss. Her tongue twirling inside Katie's mouth and Katie massging her tongue on Riley's before they parted. Shady stroked her hands up and down Riley's body slowly and obviously wanted some attention as she rose and met the girls lips softly as Katie watched. Riley tasting her cum in Shady's mouth as they frenched.

"OH MY GOD" A voice screamed as they stopped at the door and all three girls looked up in horror.

"Joanna?" Katie said grabbing at the sheet covering the bed and jerking it over her as Riley and Shady looked to see Joanna's face go from amused, thinking she'd walk into on some random sluts, to crestfallen as she recognized Katie and Shady. Her hands went to her face and her mind reeled at what was going on just seconds before.

"Joanna can we talk later?" Shady said as Riley moved behind Katie and under the sheets.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Joanna screamed as tears of pain and betrayal came rolling down her face. "FUCK BOTH OF YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING WHORES..."

To be Continued....