Jessie and Katie (in Friends and Lovers) - Episode 5 "I Love That Girl"

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"No" Eli said looking away, "but people can change and realize that they missed out on something truly great you know."

"And you did?" Grace asked.

"Yeh I did" Eli said before being cutoff by Grace.

"Hard to believe" Grace said turning to walk away when Eli grabbed her arm and held her.

"Grace I swear it's true" Eli said holding her arm and going on before she could reply, "I realized after seeing you with Mr. Dmitri that I missed the boat on this one. You wanted someone who looked at you the way he did and who thought you were as amazing as you are."

"Yeh" Grace said being drawn by the look in Eli's eyes.

"I think you're amazing and I think there is something between us and I wanna see where it can go." Eli said letting of Grace's arm go and backing away. Grace stood there thinking how long she had wanted for this to happen and how, now that it finally was, she wasn't nearly as into it as she thought she would be. Had her feelings changed that much in such a short amount of time or was it just that Eli was a childhood crush, that she simply out grew? One thing was for sure though, whatever it was it certainly intrigued her enough to follow up on it.

"Maybe tonight we can go out and just have fun" Eli said as they walked back to the house. But for some reason Grace started thinking about Sarah and how much she had with her and ZoŽ earlier. It was fun and that was it she told herself. I'll have to make sure I call her in a few days and see what she's up to, Grace thought.

"Ok sounds fun" Grace said deciding to go as they walked back towards the house.

"How exactly are we gonna be able to explain this to Mom and Rick if we did hook up" Grace asked Eli, hoping he would have some sort of insight that she obviously didn't.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it ok." Eli said taking her hand and pulling her into him, so he could put his arm around her. A nice feeling Grace thought, but for some reason it wasn't like she thought it would be. It just didn't make her swoon like it used to. It's definitely different she finally agreed.

They got home just as Lily was putting dinner on the table and wondering where ZoŽ was. "She disappeared the minute you guys came home" Lily tells Grace. Grace, thinking she knows exactly what she's doing, volunteers to see what happened.

"Grace can you see if Jessie's up and tell her dinner is ready" Rick says from the bottom of the stairs.

"Yeh" Grace replied, going down the hall and stopping at Jessie's door and finding it locked. She knocked and when she received no answer decided to move on and see what ZoŽ, the little porn dealer was up to. As she expected ZoŽ's door was locked and she was inside. Dropping to her knees, first checking to if anyone was coming, she looked through the crack in the door. ZoŽ was sitting on the edge of the bed and you could hear cheesy music coming from the TV.

"I was right" Grace said smiling as ZoŽ slipped her shirt off and kicked her shoes, obviously getting very excited by what was on the screen. Grace looked straight ahead and was surprised to see that she could see the TV fairly clearly from her vantage point in the hall. On screen three girls where naked in the pool and kissing and fondling each other. Which for reasons Grace couldn't explain got her at least a little interested in what was gonna happen. ZoŽ had since moved further up on the bed, where she was no longer visible, so Grace decided to watch at least what was gonna happen next on the video.

"The music really is annoying" Grace thought to herself as one of the girls, a redheaded, got out of the pool and sat on the side as the blond began to lick her and the other watched on with intense interest. Grace wondered why ZoŽ wanted to watch it and she also wondered to herself why she was still here watching it too. Not being able to help but be curious, Grace then thought what in the world was ZoŽ up to. She could only see a stray foot and or muffled moan every few seconds as ZoŽ had moved out of sight.

Deciding that she need counseling or something, Grace finally pried herself away from the door, just as Jessie came out her door soon followed by Katie. She wasn't here when we left Grace thought.

"Hey" Grace said walking up behind them and ushering them downstairs, "your Dad say Dinner was ready and wanted me to tell you." Then turning to Katie she asked, "your staying aren't you?"

Katie quickly agreed and everyone sat down to dinner, where Eli asked Rick and Lily if he could take the car tonight.

"What do you need the car for?" Lily asked, "you gotta a date?"

"Ummm no just wanted to hangout with Grace and Jessie for a while" Eli replied looking to Grace for help.

"Can Katie come along" Jessie asked.

"No, that's ok I need to get home anyway." Katie looking at Jessie with a pained expression on her face.

"Well if she wants" Eli said thinking just then that having Katie along may distract Jessie enough so that he could have some time alone with Grace.

"Of course she does" Jessie said looking at Katie with an adoring smile.

"Didn't you just hear me" Katie said returning Jessie's smile but being very conscious of who was in the room.

"Yeh I heard it" Jessie said,"but your coming anyway."

"and I have no say so in the matter huh" Katie asked pushing Jessie's arm playfully as everyone looked on.

"No you don't" Jessie said flicking a pea at Katie.

In only a few seconds, they where both out their chairs play fighting, much like a couple Grace thought and arguing about Jessie's decision. Katie grabbed Jessie by the arm just as she let out a loud squeal and went tumbling to the floor laughing all the way as Katie was by her side in a nanosecond and, everyone being concerned for a second, went back to laughing at the two.

"You ok?" Katie asked holding Jessie hand as she laid on the floor and giggled like she was high.

"I am such a complete klutz." Jessie says laughing even harder.

"Will you two stop before someone does get hurt" Rick said interrupting.

"I swear you two act just like sisters" Lily observed, "I think it's great that Jessie has a friend like that."

"Thank you Lily" Katie said smiling.

"So do I" Jessie leaning towards Katie for a moment and then remembering where she was, snapping back to attention. When no one seeming to notice, they excused themselves from the table and told Eli they'd be outside when he was ready to go.

"You know you don't have to go if you don't wanna" Jessie said as they reached the front walk, now far enough away from the house where they wouldn't be easily seen .

"I'll go anywhere with you" Katie said kissing Jessie before pulling her behind the car.
"I'm glad to hear that" Jessie says returning the kiss.

Rick and Lily told the kids to have a good time and they'd finish clearing the table. That's when Grace and Eli came out and all four piled into the car and headed off. Eli, deciding the movie was a great place to hopefully be alone with Grace, headed down town and pulled in at the Movie Palace. All four headed inside and since Jessie and Katie wanted to see something different than Eli and Grace, they both went in separate directions. Little did either Jessie or Eli know they where both looking for the same thing on this night.

Katie and Jessie chose some foreign language arts film, while Eli, being a true guy talked Grace into seeing an action movie. Lots of explosions and loud noises as Grace observed throughout the movie, with very little plot as she expected. Eli tried to make an attempt to start a conversation or two before being shush ed by the people behind him. But Grace had to admit that it was nice spending time with him again, even if her feelings had changed some what. She still had this feeling of not knowing how she felt exactly but knowing they had changed indeed; and for some reason she couldn't shake the thought of Sarah and the fun they had earlier today.

The movie ended earlier and they decided to take a walk along the streets while they waited for Jessie and Katie.

"It's nice hanging out with you again" Eli said feeling the strange weirdness of the moment as did Grace.

"Yeh it would be a lot better if some big dumb ass could pick a decent movie" Grace said looking at Eli and starting to run as she said it. Eli quickly caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her as Grace then screamed "rape...."

"Grace" He said putting his hand over her mouth, "you gonna get me arrested"

"Yeh hopefully" Grace said laughing, "you deserve it after making me sit through that movie."

"Ok I'm sorry" Eli said pleading for forgiveness, "next time you can pick the movie."

"Oh so there's gonna be a next time huh?" Grace asked turning around in Eli's arms.

"Yeh if you want" Eli said in response as they both stared into each other's eyes and the world outside them sorta disappeared. Feeling the moment as much as Grace, Eli decided to go for it and leaned in close and pressed his lips to Grace's. Grace felt herself melting immediately, and thinking this is where she's wanted to be for so long. Finding Eli's tongue slipping into her mouth she returned the favor and the kiss turned to a french kind in seconds.

"Oops sorry buddy" A guy said a second or two later after bumping into the two of them and forcing an end to the kiss.

Both looked at each other, now at a loss for words it seemed.

Meanwhile back in the Theater.....

"This movie is so stupid" Katie said giggling to Jessie.

"Yeh if it wasn't for that girl I'd long ago walked out" Jessie said looking at Katie for her reaction.

"You're already checking out other girls" Katie said trying to act shocked.

"No, not really" Jessie said smiling at Katie, "you're the only one I want right now."

"Now that's good to know" Katie said smiling back and kissing Jessie a second later.

"So is she the one you were wanting to have a three way with?" Katie asked as they both went back to watching the movie.

"Huh" Jessie said giving Katie a strange look.

"Is it?" Katie asked.

"I've never seen this movie before how could it be?" Jessie said.

"Well then tell me who it was?" Katie said looking at Jessie,"you got me thinking about it now."

"HMM really?" Jessie asked giving Katie her sexiest look, and then going on, "It was really just an idle question. I didn't have anyone in mind."

"Oh ok" Katie said returning the look, "maybe I can find someone if you really wanted."

"Katie Singer, are you serious?" Jessie said with a questioning look in her eyes.

"I could if you wanted too" Katie said to Jessie while movie her hair out of her eyes, "cause I honestly would do anything for you....Billie."

"I like it when you call me Billie" Jessie said smiling, "it's like your pet name for me."

"It is Billie" Katie said loving the sound of it too.

"You do know I love you right?" Jessie asked.

"Yeh I do, but you can say it anytime you want" Katie replied.

"All this talk about a three-way has got me horny" Jessie giggled.

"Really?" Katie asked giving her another sexy look.

"Yes, no reason to lie, you know me to well" Jessie replied.

"Wanna see if the bathroom's empty?" Katie asked.

"I'd much rather wait till we got home and watch a movie if you know what I mean." Jessie said standing up and pulling Katie by the hand, "maybe Eli and Grace are ready to go already."

Katie tickled Jessie as they tried to make their way out of the theater and find Grace and Eli, who were just coming back in from their walk. Finding Grace and Eli, they decided to first go out for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants. Although Katie and Jessie really wanted to go straight home, they really couldn't make much of a fuss after all. Grace then retelling the whole story of how Eli talked her into watching the movie they went to.

"So did you guys enjoy your movie?" Eli asked Jessie and Katie as they sat down in the booth after choosing a restaurant, trying to shut Grace up from talking about the movie.

"Yeh it was great" Katie giggled looking at Jessie as she returned the goofy giggle, "so much better than some lame action movie."

"I swear you guys act like a couple" Eli observed and laughed at the silliness of his comment, "but as long as there's no more comments about my choice of movies, I can deal with it" Eli said going and looking directly at Katie, who acted innocent and started to laugh.

"Eli you're so pathetic" Jessie said hiding behind Katie as Eli got up and moved to the other side of the table and when, not being able to reach Jessie, dragged Katie out of the booth and held her around the waist and started tickling as Jessie and Grace laughed and tried to hide their heads.

"Ok one more comment about my choice of movies and the cute brunette gets it" Eli said as Katie fought to get away.

"Eli stop your gonna make me wizz my pants" Katie said to Eli as she still tried to get away.

"Ok Jessie now it's time you get a little of your medicine" Eli said to his sister, "if you want me to let Katie go you gotta do what I say."

"No Eli stop" Jessie said getting up from the booth and barely able to stand from laughing so hard, "what what do I have to do?"

"UMMM" Eli said looking around at the restaurant full of people and hitting up on an idea, "you gotta tell everyone here you love Katie...."

" ..please no" Jessie said panicking but still laughing, as was Katie and Grace, who by now was hiding her head pretending she didn't know these people.

"Do it little sister or I'll make her piss her pants I swear" Eli said tickling Katie and still holding her around the waist.

"Eli stop" Katie said trying to fight and laugh at the same time, "stop you big jerk."

"Say it Jessie say it" Eli told Jessie.

"OK OK" Jessie said to Eli before standing up on the booth seat and blushing a deep red, "I'll do it." She said again before going on, only this time louder and trying to get everyone's attention and giving Eli a truly evil look. "Listen everyone" Jessie started as Eli had commanded.

"I have an announcement to make" Jessie continued on as the whole restaurant turned around to look at Jessie, "I love Katie Singer" Jessie said as Eli flashed a smile of victory and finally let poor Katie go. "I really do love her." Jessie said in the end; and to Katie, Jessie and Grace's surprise everyone started cheering and clapping, forcing Jessie to stand back up and take a bow.

Jessie sat back down thinking about how incredibly alive she felt and how saying that in front of everyone felt so liberating. She looked at Katie who was already staring at her, with this amazed look on her face. Eli was far too absorbed in his own celebration to notice the smoldering look between his sister and Katie, but Grace wasn't. She thought for sure they where gonna kiss, as they leaned close together smiling, and touched foreheads.

"I hope someday I can find someone like that" Grace thought looking at Eli. But again getting that almost empty feeling.

"Hey I didn't hurt you did I" Eli asked Katie, breaking up their little moment.

"No" Katie said smiling, "made me feel like a member of the family."

"You are" Jessie said hugging Katie around the neck and kissing her cheek. Which drew a strange look from Eli.

"Well you know now" Grace said breaking the moment, "after you been picked on by dumb ass here"

"Grace your gonna get it too" Eli said poking here in the ribs.

"Ok Ok I give up" Grace said as Eli stopped for the moment and gloated, "Can we please order?"

As the waiter came over and took the order, Katie took the opportunity to lean close to Jessie and whisper in her ear, "I love you too", before she snapped back to attention like nothing happened and before either Grace or Eli could notice. Jessie smiled at Katie and began thinking seriously about coming out to everyone else.

To be Continued....